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15 Day Ninjago Challenge

idk what this is, all i know is that I am extremely bored and hungry. So I’ll be doing this for the next 10-15 days or so. Also i’m doing gif sets but if y'all want to write, draw or whatever that’s a-okay lol

1. Favorite Season

2. Favorite Episode

3. Favorite Quote

4. Favorite Ship

5. Favorite Villain

6. Favorite Character

7. Least Favorite Character

8. Skylor or Nya

9. Jay or Cole

10. Kai or Zane

11. Lloyd or Morro

12. Wu or Garmadon

13. Movie or TV Series

14. Least Favorite Episode

15. Most Relatable Character

Bonus!: Favorite Song From the OST

Signs as iconic EXO lyrics

Aries: shawty imma party til the sun down

Taurus: that’s right my type

Gemini: i hate you ooohOOOHHHHooh

Cancer: careless, careless. shoot anonymous, anonymous. heartless, mindless, no one who care about me

Leo: yeah, babe. my queen

Virgo: E.X.O.

Libra: lipstick, chateau wainbit keolleo

Scorpio: chogiwa

Sagittarius: yo, nice skirt

Capricorn: never don’t mind about a thing

Aquarius: roll like a buffalo

Pisces: shimmy shimmy kokobop i think i like it

“what’s your favorite moment?”
“what’s your favorite moment?”
“…in life?”
“can it be in the future?”
Jongin, who was completely covering himself up with the blanket, got his face out and looked at Kyungsoo weirdly before shrugging, “yeah, whatever”
“It’s when we’re all happy and confident enough to do whatever we want without being afraid of what people will think of us. It’s when all of our group members will get themselves a nice partner to spend their life with and we’ll get to attend each one of their weddings, and we’ll also get to make our own wedding and live in our own house with puppies or even children if we wanted. It’s when we’ll get to go out holding each other’s hand without being afraid of the backlash of the people that follow us. It’s when we’ll get to live freely, just the two of us. You and me. Jongin and Kyungsoo. Together and happy. That is my favorite moment”
Jongin got silence for awhile looking at Kyungsoo with soft and warm eyes and then said “but that’s more than just one moment hyung”
Kyungsoo, who was sitting beside him on the bed, jumped on jongin while pulling his hair, which got the later screaming in pain, “I just can’t believe you sometimes, you stupid brat”
“but you still love this stupid brat” said jongin while wincing in pain
“and I don’t even know why I do” said Kyungsoo while dropping his hands from jongin’s hair and holding his face instead and giving him a small peck on the nose, which made jongin giggle and hug Kyungsoo tightly
“I love you, soo”
“I love you too, idiot”

kaisoo shippers' song for kaisoo tbvh

but you guys might wanna change it to a ‘boy’ instead of a ‘girl’






the boy


look at

that boy too shy

now’s your moment~~~~~~

(gifs, pictures, and audio arent mine. credits to the original owners)


had some fun bargain hunting for my pups……. got these fleece jammies for Corvus ‘cause he’s a tiny bald-bellied baby boy who shivers in the winter. and a fancy leather collar for princess Callista

i don’t usually like rhinestones but the scalloped edges caught my eye. doubt it’s very sturdy but it’ll just be for special outings–so much mud on the farm that it’d be ruined in seconds. 

$2.77 for the onesie and $1.54 for the collar! i love Aliexpress! the only downside is that free shipping from China takes a month :x 

KanColle Asks!

1. Did you like the anime? Why or why not?
2. Do you know about the desktop game?
3. Did you know about the anime or game first?
4. Is Fubuki a good main protagonist choice?
5. Was the anime too short?
6. Who did you want to see in the first season?
7. Who do you want to see in the second season?
8. Favorite destroyer?
9. Favorite light cruiser?
10. Favorite heavy cruiser?
11. Favorite light carrier or seaplane tender?
12. Favorite aircraft carrier?
13. Favorite battleship?
14. If you had to create a fleet, name your top 6!
15. Dismantle, yasen, marry? (Asker chooses three)
16. Fave abyssal?
17. Do you play the game?
18. Who is your flagship?
19. Highest level ship?
20. Most annoying ship?
21. Most overpowered ship?
22. Lowest resource of the four?
23. Current world you are working to clear?
24. First event?
25. Fave event?
26. Worst event?
27. Have you ever said ‘poi’ in context IRL?
28. Do you collect anything KanColle?
29. Fave verbal tick from the game/anime?
30. Going to see the movie when released?
31. Cosplay a ship/admiral? Have you?
32. Most ‘moe’ ship?
33. Fave loli?
34. HQ Level?
35. Most overrated ship?
36. Bring one shipgirl to life, who and why?
37. Hot or not? (Asker chooses one ship)
38. Who is the most ‘top heavy’?
39. Do you play World of Warships?
40. Do you use the KanColle skins created for the game?
41. How many buckets have you burned in a single event?
42. Most desired LSC ship?
43. How many times have you tried LSC for said ship?
44. What LSC ships do you have currently?
45. Rarest ship you have?
46. Have you leveled a ship past 100?
47. Ship you are farming for?
48. You hear a knock at your door, you open it and find your flagship there. What do you do?
49. Who do you wish was in-game, who currently isn’t yet?
50. Picture of your most valued KanColle item/screenshot of your fleet.