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Kai - I'll Be There

The only thing getting you through the day was the photo beside your computer of yourself and Kai. There was only one more week to go before Kai returned home from a business trip to America. He’s already been away for three weeks and it was stressful and saddening before away from him for so long.

You were working at the city’s central bank, one of the busiest banks in your country. You were a teller and your job consisted of assisting people who wanted to deposit or withdrawal money. The job was easy but also quite frustrating at times when the odd few people would come in and begin complaining over something extremely pointless.

The day was dragging on and it was just past 1pm, almost your break time; the only time during work where you could give Kai a call before he went off to sleep; his night time was your earlier afternoon.

Before making final decisions and assisting the person before you, you noticed your phone vibrating in silence in your bag below you. It’s Kai. You smiled to yourself, unable to take the call.

“Okay, everything is fixed up; here is your fifty dollars. Have a nice day.” You smiled at the lady before you as you passed the money to her. You were trying to work as quick an efficiently as you could as there were plenty of people who needed help with as it came to their lunchbreak; the busiest time of the day besides after work.

“Next please.” You let the next person know that you were available and watched the man make his was towards you.

“Hi can I-.” And for the moment, everything stood still. Everything in peace went silence as the first gunshot was shot from the back of the bank. Several shots were shot at the teller’s office and along the glass pane you were standing behind.

You had no idea who the culprit was or what he looked like for that matter, you just ducked under your desk and hid away from all the glass that shattered before you. There were a few small pieces of glass on the crown of your head, pieces you were fearful of raking out of your hair.

You took your phone out quickly and saw the missed calls and a text from Kai. You took out your phone and quickly started typing, your fingers shaking and your heart beating loud and hard it’d ring in your ear.

Do not call me anymore, not a good time. I love you so so much Kai. Never ever forget that.

“Put the phone down.” You looked up at you jumped out of your skin. A man with a clown mask covering his face was holding you at gun point for that very short moment. You shook hard, anxiety killing you at the moment. You slide your finger across the keypad and hit send almost unnoticeably. You put the phone down on the ground, sliding it into the wall opposite you.

“Thanks. Now move to here.” You crawled out quickly to where he was pointing his gun and sat in the centre of the office beside two other Teller’s Sunjong and Lola. They were both sweating and shaking heavily too. As a teller, you knew you should of been aware and prepared for this kind of stuff, but you truly weren’t.

The clown was holding money bags he’d obviously taken from the office to the right of you. A voice you’d noticed from the very beginning was walking around the bank, demanding everybody to drop to the ground immediately. He must have been wearing some kind of masks as well. There was probably several of these clowns stealing money and terrorising all the innocent people.

The clown in the teller’s office was banging on the registers trying to open them up.

“You.” He demanded, pointing the gun back at you. “Open them.” You pulled off your lanyard that had your company card that allowed you to access all security parts with a password across the entire bank and walked slowly over to him, scanning your card and entering your password to access the till. You were shaking evidently as you opened all of the tills as the man scurried to plot all the money into the bags.

As you were opening all the tills, you glared over at the main showman, dressed into all black and the scariest mask of all, yelling, kicking and observing everything as it happened for him.

“Sit down.” The main collecting the money demanded before you dropped to the ground at the very words.

You worried about Kai, wondering if he was ever going to see you again; wondering what the urgency was all about as it was odd of him to be calling you multiple times before your break.

Kai sat in his apartment as he stared at the text that appeared on his phone from you. He continued to call you, your phone consistently vibrating over and over again. Where is she? He was becoming aggressive due to the anxiety and worry in his stomach. Nothing made sense in his mind, he was confused with the entire situation.

“And now to Breaking News. There has been a hold up in (your main city) central bank by a group of clowns with machinery.” Kai turned to the TV immediately, his eyes wide and his body breathless. The anxiety grew in his stomach fearful for your welfare. “Police arrived at the scene almost immediately, trapping them inside with roughly over a hundred hostages.” He dropped his phone down onto the ground resembling exactly how his heart felt at the very moment. The thought of you in danger whilst Kai was miles away made him restless. He ran to open his laptop as quick as possible to do whatever he could to get on the next available flight home.

The man collecting all the money had disappeared from the teller’s office but had ordered you out of the room and into the massive space where everybody was lying or sitting on the ground. You could see all the police cars surrounding the place, sirens going and spooked people all praying for their lives. There was no bulletproof plan now. They have every cent the bank owns but don’t know where to go next will police surrounding the joint.

“Rooftop.” The main intruder barked at the three men with money bags. They went bolting for the elevator leaving four men; three with guns and the showman of it all.

“Releasing you all would create chaos and leave some nasty scars. Just what I wanted.” He looked down into a young girls eyes, smiling through his clown mask evilly. You wanted to spit and curse at the bastard, for scaring everybody and being so unworthy and selfish. But that would only lead to one thing; death.

Suddenly, a large van come crashing through the glass doors, luckily nobody was hurt but the manic driving. Everyone ran to the closest wall, screaming in fear. The three men shot up at the ceiling, silencing everyone as they covered their ears. The men all ran to the back van, hoping into their getaway just before police warrants came crashing through after the truck, all armed with guns and bulletproof vests.

“Adios!” The showman tipped his hat and laughed before closing the doors to the van watching bullets dent into the back of the van. The driver’s foot hit the floor and the van went flying as fast as it could out the other end of the bank. The warrants fired shots at the van; doing everything they could to stop the bastards in pursuit.

Everybody stood still, hands over their heads as they waiting for everything to stop and become peaceful once more.

“We are going to have to evacuate the bank immediately.” Everybody slowly stood up, helping one another. “Please use the main door.” One of the warrants called out to everybody, pointing towards to door on the other side of the room. People ran and scurried as quickly as they could to get out of the life threatening situation. Before moving, you quickly ran into your office and gathered your bag and phone before moving out with the other tellers.

Once you were outside of the bank, you looked at your phone and realized that Kai knew about the situation by the texts he’d been sending. The first thing you did was dial his number into your phone as you continued to shake.

“____. Are you okay?” You were silent, tears falling from your eyes as soon as you heard Kai’s voice. “_____? I’m on my way home now.” You sniffled, crying out loud as you dropped to the ground, your other had covering your eyes.

“Don’t cry ____. Please don’t cry. I’m coming home to you as we speak.”

“Don’t come home. I’ll be fine.” You sobbed into the fine as you shook and cried until you heard Kai say, “I love you and I’m always here for you. Always. I need to be there for you. I’m coming home now.” You sobbed and nodded, in mind that Kai couldn’t see you.

“Hang up when you want. I’m on my way.” You sat there for the moment and sighed, trying to calm yourself.

“I love you.” You whispered before pulling your phone away and hanging it up. You continued to cry and cry in the middle of the street where everyone was crowded, also crying and whimpering around. The traumatic experience was going to stick with you forever. Another thing that was going to stick with you forever was Kai’s words.

I love you and I’m always here for you. Always.

ChanKaiSoo in a nutshell
  • Kai: *breathes*
  • Kyungsoo: Chanyeol will you shut the fuck up omg
  • Chanyeol: but it wasn't me--
  • Kyungsoo: Wow there you go again
  • Kai: but it's not Chany--
KanColle Asks!

1. Did you like the anime? Why or why not?
2. Do you know about the desktop game?
3. Did you know about the anime or game first?
4. Is Fubuki a good main protagonist choice?
5. Was the anime too short?
6. Who did you want to see in the first season?
7. Who do you want to see in the second season?
8. Favorite destroyer?
9. Favorite light cruiser?
10. Favorite heavy cruiser?
11. Favorite light carrier or seaplane tender?
12. Favorite aircraft carrier?
13. Favorite battleship?
14. If you had to create a fleet, name your top 6!
15. Dismantle, yasen, marry? (Asker chooses three)
16. Fave abyssal?
17. Do you play the game?
18. Who is your flagship?
19. Highest level ship?
20. Most annoying ship?
21. Most overpowered ship?
22. Lowest resource of the four?
23. Current world you are working to clear?
24. First event?
25. Fave event?
26. Worst event?
27. Have you ever said ‘poi’ in context IRL?
28. Do you collect anything KanColle?
29. Fave verbal tick from the game/anime?
30. Going to see the movie when released?
31. Cosplay a ship/admiral? Have you?
32. Most ‘moe’ ship?
33. Fave loli?
34. HQ Level?
35. Most overrated ship?
36. Bring one shipgirl to life, who and why?
37. Hot or not? (Asker chooses one ship)
38. Who is the most ‘top heavy’?
39. Do you play World of Warships?
40. Do you use the KanColle skins created for the game?
41. How many buckets have you burned in a single event?
42. Most desired LSC ship?
43. How many times have you tried LSC for said ship?
44. What LSC ships do you have currently?
45. Rarest ship you have?
46. Have you leveled a ship past 100?
47. Ship you are farming for?
48. You hear a knock at your door, you open it and find your flagship there. What do you do?
49. Who do you wish was in-game, who currently isn’t yet?
50. Picture of your most valued KanColle item/screenshot of your fleet.