just boggles my mind

Sometimes I do take time to read the Karamel hate just to somewhat understand where they are coming from, see things from their perspective.. But honestly it is like we are watching two very different shows.. 

It is amazing to me how we can all watch the exact same show but interpret completely different views of what is going on in that scene/character/couple.

captainhouliouniverse  asked:

I had a question regarding the mixtape. When I saw the scene my brain didn't go to the Dean MADE Cas a mixtape scenerio. It went to Dean GAVE Cas one of his mixtapes. And I can't decide if the latter holds the same value. I saw it as it was a tape that Dean made for himself many many years ago, and it has been in the Impala with him on every adventure, and through everything, and its part of him. I wondered what your thoughts were on that secenerio and if it still holds the same weight?

Hi! Since the show does not explicitly tell us which it is, we can only speculate. I’m personally really on the fence about it, because honestly if he actually painstakingly made a mixtape for Cas…I mean it just boggles my mind. I just can’t believe how overtly romantic a gesture that is. I want to believe, sure, but at the same time I’m so used to SPN keeping us on our toes, keeping everything between Cas and Dean juuuuuuust enough in the subtext so that we can’t truly point at any moment and have everyone agree that it’s romantic (I mean, there have been plenty of romantic moments, but a casual viewer won’t be convinced because they are (or in Cas’s case his body is male at least)  two dudes *shrugs*).

But if Dean made this mixtape from scratch just for Cas? And wrote tracks as tra xx? Yeah I have no idea how you can explain the gay away there.

But I guess that’s partly the reason why they left the origin of the tape vague. They could’ve had Dean say “I made it for you - it’s a gift. You keep those” and we would’ve 100% known for sure. But they didn’t so we can only guess.

That being said, if this is actually a tape that Dean had made ages ago for himself, that still doesn’t diminish the romantic and deeply personal nature of the gesture. As @mittensmorgul points out in this post:

And someone like Dean who has a shoebox full of his favorite tapes in the car, and who has lived on the road most of his life, would get that. Those tapes are HIS ENTIRE LIFE.

Can you see the symbolic weight of him just ~giving~ one of those to Cas?

Like some metaphorical piece of himself?

Because that’s the narrative weight that tape carried. No matter how you try to explain it away, there’s no reading of the symbolism of that tape that isn’t coded romantic. Period.

I agree 100% with this :) Therefore it kinda doesn’t even matter all that much which one of the two scenario’s it is. End result is the same.

Dean gave his heart to Cas. And refused to take it back.

It just boggles my mind that a random collection of RP blogs about omnipotent talking animals has a fandom, an established canon, and published in-depth analyses of its ongoing storyline. People like to joke that we got the dystopian cyberpunk future we asked for, but what prescient wordsmith predicted this?

Read at your own risk.

I can’t believe there is always BS that pops up in the Scorbus tag from people that just don’t get it. It boggles my mind how low people can sink especially now when someone said only straight people refer to Scorbus as queerbaiting. Are you fucking kidding me? I feel like I am watching comedy become less funny. By the logic only straight people believe Cursed Child is queerbaiting,that’s basically stating JKR could have ended the book with Albus and Scorpius together and straight people wouldn’t mind. It’s nice to know queerbaiting thinkers are limited to straight people. You can have your own opinions about the play but when it comes down to stereotyping people, that’s not okay and never will be in any way, shape or form. 

Why are the hater’s so adamant on saying male friendships can be as deep as Albus and Scorpius? I like to ask you this, why does every male dynamic in Harry Potter have to be friendly? Why isn’t that question being raised? Why can’t we have one male relationship be gay where the two boys (Albus and Scorpius) love each other wholeheartedly and literally can’t live without each other? Why is same gender relationships always a problem? Why not pose the same questions for opposite genders? It seems to me like if people support two people of opposite genders as a couple, no one complains but the moment a gay pair is shipped, there is a sudden outburst. 

Whether you choose to believe it or not, no matter what the sexuality you are, Cursed Child is QUEERBAITING. Pretending it never happened or being completely blindsided to the reality of the problem doesn’t mean it’s not there. I would really appreciate if those who want other’s to think there wasn’t queerbaiting to stop forcing their views on others. That’s not going to happen. Each person is entitled to their own freedom of speech. Everyone has a different perspective.

You are trying to tell me, Albus and Scorpius separating and having an entire staircase sequence dedicated to them is a friendly moment, where they are broken beyond repair. They mean the world to each other and neither is stable without the other to a point Scorpius is depressed and Albus telling Delphi he is destroyed by Scorpius;s absence . Let’s not forget the line, ‘Both full of unhappiness.’ The separation was meant to make these two realize there is no life for them unless they are together.

What about the moment when Scorpius saw Albus talking to Delphi and a part of him not liking it? That’s also friendly? Right? If it was truly about the fact he doesn’t want to be replaced as a best friend, he wouldn’t have shut her down into coming with them. He doesn’t want her around. He feels something for Albus otherwise the part of him not liking it would have not been scripted. Each line is for a reason. 

Not only was Scorbus beautifully built as a gay love romance, they were set up from the very beginning with smiles toward one another before Albus even approached him. After finally meeting, thing’s would be the same anymore for either one. Explain to me why Scorpius wanted to go on adventures with him while knowing the decision’s weren’t positive but regardless, following him everywhere anyway. 

Moving on to the hug on the train. Albus initiated this particular hug and considering it’s their first hug, Albus hugged him with fierceness and it was held for a beat. Also keep in mind, they awkwardly dislocated. If the hug was so friendly, why would they awkwardly end it unless it had another meaning? Friends do hug each other. It’s normal. Apparently, not for Albus and Scorpius because it wasn’t an ordinary hug. 

Albus threatens his dad about what would happen if he doesn’t stay away from Scorpius followed by tears at the thought of not having Scorpius by his side. That’s intense for a father/son relationship. Albus can’t stand not having Scorpius in his life which is why telling him they have to separate ways was the most painful thing. Even Scorpius didn’t take the news very well. He was crying his heart out because of the forced distance between him and Albus.

At the library, Albus gave Scorpius a speech about he makes him stronger and toward the end he says, “when my dad forced us apart-without you- he clearly had more to say here. However, he cut the sentence short. That’s when Albus realized he has a special place for Scorpius in his heart. Scorpius responds with, “I didn’t much like my life without you in it either.” They are complete when together and incomplete when they are not. It’s in canon.

Delphi told Scorpius, him and Albus belong together and that’s the honest thing anyone has ever said in the entire play because it’s the truth. Albus and Scorpius do belong together and both know it. Albus realized it at the library, a little sooner then Scorpius. They hugged and Scorpius remembered it was the second hug Albus gave him. He keep’s tracks of his supposed friend’s hugs. So friendly, not……..

Scorpius was heartbroken when Albus left him. Why would the script say heartbroken? Surely, other words could have been the choices like devastated, sad, broken, etc…..heartbroken is typically used for couples once a relationship has ran it’s course. Interesting enough, the word was given to Scorpius in a scene where Albus had to let him go. In no way is that coincidental. Again, there is a purpose.

Who can forget the scene with Scorpius and Snape? Snape tells him, “You’re giving up your kingdom for Albus, right?” He even tells him to think about Albus because all it takes is one person and then Lily was brought up into the equation to describe the concept of Scorbus and we know Snape loved her and Lily loved him at one point. That was done on purpose. 

Albus told his dad, Scorpius is all he needs and when Harry attempts to encourage him to talk to other people, all Albus needs is Scorpius. That’s another thing. Neither Albus or Scorpius want to interact with others expect each other. If you’ve paid close attention, they are inseparable and are constantly together. They are joined by the hips.

Scorpius was the one that went to the library to see Albus and in doing so made Albus say, “If she finds us, we will be forced apart forever.” He begged Scorpius to hide inside the invisibility cloak with him to not be caught. I can’t imagine what would have happened if Scorpius didn’t oblige. Professor McGonagall saw them on the map and instead of busting them, she smiled to herself and said, “Well if you are not here, you are not here.” She walked off leaving them there. 

The third hug was in the water, a difficult task and Scorpius still managed to hug Albus. He delivers this line, “You have no idea how glad I am to see you.” He is way too happy to see Albus and was happy. He just went for the hug because he needed it and after such a long time, this is the first time Scorpius initiated a hug which shows they have come a long way. 

Delphi pointed the wand at Albus and he didn’t care whether he lived or died. He told her to do her worse and she pointed the wand at Scorpius to kill him and that’s what frightened Albus the most. She went crucio on Scorpius and Albus begged her to stop and that he will commit to whatever it is she needs him to do because seeing Scorpius at the verge of death and in pain bothered him. It also makes you think. Of all people and everything in his life, Scorpius dying is the worst thing that can happen to Albus.

Finally, we get a fourth hug (second hug initiate by Scorpius) and when Albus said, “What’s this? I thought you said we don’t hug.” And while hugging him, Scorpius says, “I wasn’t sure. Whether we should. In this new version of us I had inside my head.” Well, they are best friends now. So what new version can he possibly mean other then the inevitable boyfriends version? They can only go beyond friendship and not as anything less then a friendship. There you have it. He see’s Albus as boyfriend material.

The play was queerbaiting to the max because after all was said and done, Rose popped in Scorpius’s mind out of nowhere and he formed a fantasy of her even though they only spoke once, had no build up, and were basically dead. She even rejected him and yet we are supposed to believe they are the love story. It was unnecessary. The worst part is, she was only around to force heteronormativity which was beyond abnormal. Albus and Scorpius are the victims. Plain and simple.

There are enough male friendships in Harry Potter and the one and only time two males were undeniably gay based on the evidence in text (far from a friendship) they had to be stripped away from their will to be boyfriends. It was forced upon them. Albus and Scorpius didn’t ask hetero BS to come in between their non friendly love. 

The play should be called: The cursed child, the victims of heteronormativity. I haven’t seen worse queerbaiting in my life. Not making Scorbus canon is despicable, disturbing, disrespectful, homophobic, and horrifying behavior from the writer’s part. 

If the writer’s didn’t want a gay couple and were afraid if they took the risk, no one would watch the live show let alone buy the book, Albus and Scorpius shouldn’t have been written so gay and approved by JKR as such only to be played in the end for no reason at all. The queerbaiting was intentional.

Cursed Child writers reeled the Scorbus fanbase along for the ride in false hope they would become more then a friendship because everything was leading up to that climax and pretend Albus and Scorpius weren’t in love with each other. You can’t erase their history just because your (everyone involved with cursed child) biased writing’s attempt to brainwash us into falling for Albus and Scorpius being straight failed. None of you could have done a worse job. 

In conclusion, the play received backlash because of the writer’s poor decisions, as it should because the stunt that was pulled against Scorbus getting their right ending was cruel and deceitful. Next time if you don’t want gay characters, don’t sink so low to lead the reader’s on and instead, try writing the friendship properly without gay undertones if that was your intention.


Okay I get why most rpiers are not fond of personal blogs that reblog roleplays, muse status posts and such..

But.. why do people get so bent out of shape for a personal just following your blog or asking your muse questions and doing little generally harmless things like that?

Jashi and the Antis

Okay, so since this is apparently still a problem within part of the Samurai Jack fandom, I feel the need to speak out about this again. First of all, for the love of God, PLEASE stop arguing over the damn ship! It’s just a small part of a much bigger story that is amazing and all of you need to stop fighting and harassing each other over it!

Lately I’ve been seeing a few posts talking about how anti-Jashi shippers are getting sick of seeing Jashi everywhere, as in like they’re going to have a mental breakdown if they see it again and saying that they’re being tormented by Jashi shippers. And at that all I can do is give a blank look at my screen and go… “Really?” You’re really going to let a fictional pairing that has nothing to do with you at all in real life affect you THAT much? You people do realize that the show is Genndy’s vision and whatever happens in it doesn’t pertain to real life situations? It just completely boggles my mind that some people on this site can’t distinguish reality from fiction. I mean really just block the Jashi tag if you feel that strongly about it, no one’s forcing you to look at the Jashi content (though it feels like some of you are just to spew hate at us).

Also on the “JaSHi SHipPErs aRe bEiNg BULLIES aND TheY NeVEr sHUt uP!!1!” things I’ve been seeing around… Okay first of all, if this is about the Phil Lamarr thing, he even said that he wasn’t confirming anything, just correcting people on the internet (that Ashi wasn’t a minor and that Jack isn’t an old man, FYI, so please, antis, stop using those BS excuses), but shippers are still allowed to get excited about it and share that if they want, you would definitely do the same if it was your OTP. And for the next thing, literally the only time I’ve seen Jashi shippers argue against antis was when the antis insulted them on a post the shippers made, or on their own post insulting the shippers, which in my opinion gives them the right to stand up for themselves.

Just, please, PLEASE enough with the fighting. We all enjoy the show, and I truly believe that most Jashi shippers are okay if it doesn’t become canon, it’s just another bonus for us in a show we all love. If it does become canon, though, that’s Genndy’s decision and he felt it was what was best for both Jack and Ashi (who are both clearly their own, well-developed characters who would do just fine on their own,  but have shown to positively affect each other and benefit their own lives by being around each other, which is how a good relationship should be). So again, please no more fighting. If you don’t like Jashi then fine, but please don’t go around saying that the people who do are terrible human beings just because they happen to like a fictional pairing that you don’t, because they have their own, completely valid reasons for shipping it and you have your own, completely valid reasons for not shipping it, and what they ship isn’t a reflection of them as a person, but how you react to others who disagree with you is. You wouldn’t want someone attacking you for liking a pairing that they don’t, so please, enough with the ship wars, let’s just enjoy the show and ship and let ship like rational human beings. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

And to all of the antis who still insist on bullying others for a ship they try to say is morally wrong, please direct your attention to this.


(…) When we got the news that we were nominated, I just got a text .. hm.. saying “You’re nominated for a Grammy”, and, in Sweden, we have another prize called “GRAMMIS”, which, internationally, is referred to, as “the Swedish Grammy”. So.. When I got the text, I told my friend next to me that we were nominated for a GRAMMIS.. (giggles).. So, it took like, an hour later until I, I actually got it confirmed that we, they, they were actually talking about a Grammy, not a GRAMMIS… hmm.. Which was a … a very… mind-boggling…. experience. -  Special Ghoul on Ghost’s first Grammy nomination

onxykaizoku  asked:

Some time ago I wondered why this ship was so small. and I think I have an answer(aside from the "It's boring" excuse: I think that most(or at least a sizable amount) new BNHA fans are anime only watchers or jumped into the series via the anime and up to this point, the anime is just now on the sports festival arc. They haven't seen the signs of Uraraka's feelings for Deku(bar her brief jealousy of Mei). At least that's what I think. What do you think?

Hmm, that’s quite possible actually… The anime doesn’t really feature the development of Ochako’s feelings toward Deku simply because it hasn’t reached that part of the manga just yet, so that could be one thing! But you have to keep in mind that BNHA isn’t focused on romance or anything related to that, so in a way there’s really no…–how do I say this…– enforcement of certain ships..? I think I might have stated it wrong, but what I’m trying to say is that romance between certain characters aren’t really that important in comparison to the whole theme of the manga which is a “what is a hero”/”what makes a hero” kind of thing. I mean, I know there are quite a few hints that are dropped at various times in terms of Izuocha interactions, but it’s not so drastic that it draws a lot of attention. It’s very low key and it progresses very naturally!

In my opinion, I really do think it’s due to the idea that “it’s boring” or how it’s becoming very predictable. Some might say that it’s “forced” too, but if anything, I seriously don’t think that’s the case. Horikoshi is quite known for “twisting” cliché tropes and plots, and because of that I think he’s handling Ochako and Deku’s relationship really well, and I trust that he will continue to do so (seriously, I cannot tell you how content I was when Ochako realized her feelings for Deku and decided to keep them under control because she knew that stuff like that would get in the way of her and Deku’s objective of becoming heroes… Moments like that aren’t shown very often in comics, movies, shows, etc., so it’s like…wow, thank you so much for providing that little “twist” Horikoshi). Honestly, this has got to be the first ship I came across where I support it whole-heartedly and completely. I’m not one who likes to ship a lot, but wow, these two had me hooked instantly. It’s the fact that their relationship is based on mutual, friendly respect for each other, but eventually it grew out of that and now they’ve become each other’s inspiration to be better heroes! And I think it’s super awesome… Not to mention that their interactions with each other are pretty sweet too! Even @c-jay321 made a post about it in regards to every moment they had together and how much of a significance it puts on either of them! Just by looking at that sometimes I really do think they have a soft spot for one another (more on Ochako’s side though) haha… It just really boggles my mind as to how others view their relationship as something that’s forced…, especially with the fact that they have naturally been giving each other a positive influence… I think it’s progressing very nicely if anything, and just seeing how Horikoshi handles it makes me really happy… And also, in my perspective, their relationship can be viewed as platonic or romantic (or both if that’s possible– I don’t know how to explain it), and I really love that ambiguity they have there! I could say a lot more about their relationship, but I don’t want to ramble more than I have already or get off topic like I feel like I might’ve done. 

Like I said, I think the reason why they aren’t so popular as a ship is for the reason that people might tend to view it as a typical “girl meets boy/boy meets girl and boom they fall in love with each other” which ultimately gives them the “boring” ship label. But seeing how they interact, I think it’s far from that trope…. Then again, people ship what they like, so I can’t really argue there! I just kinda wish that they aren’t brushed aside so often as they are now, but… idk….

Wow… i actually made it to 40k before my one year anniversary…. hehe…

I cant believe ive almost been doing this a whole year… and to get to this?

Thank you.

the 28th is gonna be a year for me. Thats when i posted my first Dub on my channel…

I know others have grown more than i have. But, the fact that i made it this far makes me smile. I know with some of my dubs ive made a difference in people’s lives… *sigh* Thank you for letting me do that. For giving me the chance.

alot of times i dont think i deserve it cause, i just do voices. how am i special… then i look at this… and 40,000 people have chosen to watch my silly videos….

it boggles my mind…


Thank you… All of you. I hope Next year is just as eventfull is this past year has been

What We Know

The Manchester bomber was known to anti-terrorism police intelligence, multiple times he was reported to police for radicalization including declaring he wants to be a suicide bomber, the Imam at his mosque was aware of his ISIS sympathies but failed to report it, he displayed ISIS flags on the front of his house, his brothers and father are in Lybia working with ISIS, he traveled to be with them in Lybia, he was welcomed back to Britain with no questions asked and just days later he blew up 22 people and injured 59 others. 

You must be wondering how no action was taken against him before he was able to carry out terror against children? Well it’s an easy answer. If police intervened, if they even followed up on the radicalization reports or tried to stop him at the airport, there would be outrage and protests about Islamophobia, #notallMuslims and the British police force are racist, anti-Muslim and guilty of profiling and singling out innocent Muslims. This is what is happening all throughout Europe and the United States. 

Now, police are trying to enact a “prevent” policy which encourages people to report any suspicious activity or signs of radicalization, exactly what we need, you’d think? Well, no. It’s being protested and it’s being called racist. Reporting radicalization and extremism is being called racist, let that sink in. Political party leaders are opposing it, Muslim communities are opposing it and leftist activists are opposing it. Then they want to pretend they care when terror strikes. In fact, they don’t even bother to pretend to care, they just tell us to move on like nothing happened. It boggles my fucking mind. 

just a heads up

hey guys so I made a post awhile ago about how my blog is discourse free and a safe space no matter what you ship - all ships are tagged, no hate on either side will be tolerated, etc. But I wanted to add onto that bc lately I’ve been double-checking who I reblog from.

i want to preface this by saying it is absolutely ok if you don’t ship/aren’t comfortable with shaladin ships. That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, you’re also entitled to blacklisting such content so that you don’t have to see it, and focusing on the ships/fandom content you do care about. That’s what fandom is for - enjoying content, not bashing it. I don’t like most ships involving Pidge, so I avoid them. It’s literally THAT simple. 

That being said, recently I have been making sure I do not reblog content from blogs that go out of their way to say they are anti in their descriptions (especially if they say so in a rude way). It just boggles my mind that you would use that space to broadcast something you apparently hate so much. Like just…why? It’s so passive aggressive and tells me right off the bat that you don’t respect my opinions or content, so why should I give attention to yours by reblogging it? 

So I’m not. By putting anti in your description (or “no shaladins allowed” or “filthy anti” or any variation of that), you’re telling me that you don’t want me there, and I am more than happy to comply. I have zero desire to share anything created by people who shut others out, perpetuate a toxic community (because it is toxic af, I was part of it once upon a time), gaslight, infantilize, isolate, and throw around harmful terms they’re using incorrectly with little to no thought about how that could affect actual victims.

tldr; all the content reblogged here will, more or less, be content from people who don’t eagerly label themselves as antis, bc i’m not about that life

Jesus take the wheel because I'm about to slap a hoe.

It truly boggles my mind that some people just don’t know how to FUCKING stay in their goddamn lane. Like if you don’t like Jonerys that is fine whatever do you boo but do it on your own fucking turf. Now I’m not a person that likes to cause drama but JESUS CHRIST I swear some of the J–sa shippers are really starting to get on my nerves. Like we try to nicely tell them to remove Jonerys off the tags so we don’t have to see them and they end up calling us babies UGH. Like really?!?!?! That fandom is truly something else smh. I guess you can’t win with rude and childish people. Now I’m not saying it’s all of them there are that way there some good shippers out there and I’m not saying that all Jonerys shippers are innocent in the matter. I just wish people would be considerate of other shippers tag. It’s not rocket science just don’t put in your tag don’t even put it in a post come up with another name for it or something when you wanna talk shit. We just don’t want to see it so goodbye and happy shipping to you. Okay I’m done ranting I just had to get that off my chest before I exploded sorry y'all.

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200th Post!

This is a special picture that I commissioned from the awesome comickergirl.  The drawing depicts badass Elsa at the climactic battle in my Frozen fanfiction story, Verðug dróttning stór which can be found on fanfiction.net if you click on the story title.

The story, of course, was inspired by this amazing drawing by A-KA, which can be found HERE.  Amazing that 40,000 words of story can be evoked by one picture, but there it is.

The number of incredibly talented artists that can be found here just boggles my mind, and I thank them for sharing that talent with us all.

ADDENDUM 12/19/2014

I added a crop that has a lightened version, so the fine detail that shows where Elsa had been pinned to the door by that sword.  She then reached up, created an icy coating so she could grab it, then PULLED THE SWORD OUT!  And now she’s going to freeze the jackass that did that to her!

is she sick in the head or am i just dreaming of a romance?
these are the questions boggling my mind, yet i can’t grasp the reality of anything
everything is too slippery & i’m falling for an epitome of illusions
i loved & i loved hard & i was taken for granted
stars never flickered in the windows anymore
not even vanilla candles lit up the never-ending void
i missed the sun & the way her teeth illuminated against my neck
patches of grass shriveled & wheat fields dried out
no more sun & no more life
romance was dead & overrated, but i craved every inch of it, every steamy moment, every hungry kiss & desperate clinging
once she shut her bedroom door, she shut out the rest of the world, excluded me from her isolation & let herself fall into a mattress of death
i missed her, oh i missed her beauty & kind eyes, wicked mind & hearty laugh
my ears rang & rang but i never picked up [oh, the bittersweet sound of unwanted calls, unwanted news, unwanted–]
i beat myself up & i left the house she buried me in to start anew
constant reminders welted on my skin of those years we spent underground
i yearned for my skin to be healed & my hand to be guided towards intimacy
i loved & i loved hard, but i still managed to crumble under pressure–
—  unwanted illusions