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Random 5am thought I had instead of sleeping last night…er, morning. I’ve been in this fandom 2 years and somehow this never occurred to me:

Did anyone ever think about the logistics of having that many puppies in one room when they keep the recruits in the same dorm? They are tiny puppies. A bunch of tiny puppies who haven’t been trained yet. Was part of Kingsman training seeing how they survive sleep deprivation? Did the recruits take shifts to try and get at least some sleep, leaving someone awake to deal with tiny puppy bladders and accidents and any other assorted chaos at 4am?

I’m now imagining a bunch of crying and sleep deprived recruits in the dorm just begging the puppies to let them sleep. Just one hour, please for the love of god.

The puppies just blink up at them with their big innocent eyes. The puppies are the real test to see who the strongest are.

Far Across the Land

Title: Far Across the Land

 Prompt: @deepestfirefun : Hi there sweetheart! 😘Can I request Thorin x reader story? They are stuck in the cells of mirkwood, she and Thorin are in the same cell. Ori askes if she could sing something to lift their spirit and she sings far across the land - eurielle. Thorin is affected by the lyrics of the song. Lots of fluff.

 Summary: You sing a song to comfort the now imprisoned company, but it hits a little too close to home for Thorin.

 Warnings: Slight Angst.  Fluff.

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“We’re never going to make it to the mountain, are we?”  Ori’s voice sounded so broken, so sad.  It made your heart ache.  But what did it more was to see Thorin sitting in the corner, just staring at the stone wall in front of him.  

You had been thrown in with the fallen king when the elves locked you away.  You had tried multiple times to reach out to him, to get him to talk with you, but he would just blink and stare on.  Everyone else was feeling the helplessness in their situation, you could only imagine what was going through his mind.

Had he failed? Had he led this brave group to their doom?  

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Like a Sloth

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Craig Cody x Reader

Prompt: Can you write with #99, and include any or all the Cody boys? thank you!

99. If he does that one more time, you’re cleaning it up!

Requests are open!

“Oh my god, he’s drunk.” Y/N sighed at the two men at the door.

“No I’m not. You’re drunk,” J slurred back. Y/N just blinked at him, then turned her eyes to Craig.

“Why is the kid drunk?”

“We just had some fun,” He shrugged, but made sure to turn the charm all the way up with his best smile.

“And you’re here…why?” As if on queue, J threw himself away from Craig and immediately started puking into the rose bushes that lined each side of her doorway. Y/N’s jaw dropped.

“My JFK’s!” She tried to get past Craig, but he held her by the shoulders.

“I can’t take him back like this to Smurf’s. She’ll kill him and then crucify me with his bones,”

“So you want me to harbor an intoxicated 16 year old from Smurf?”

“I’m 17!” Y/N rolled her eyes, then opened the door all the way for the two to step in. Craig pulled a stumbling J behind him.

“Put him in the guest bedroom!” Y/N called out to Craig. “If he does that one more time, you’re cleaning it up!” He grunted in response and led the boy down the hallway.


Craig threw himself on the sofa next to Y/N. She threw some of her blankets to him, but he instead picked her up, laid on the sofa, and placed her on top of him, then wrapped them both in the blanket.

“I feel like a sloth,”

“You look like a sloth,” Y/N’s jaw dropped as Craig laughed. She smacked his chest.

“Next time I’ll just leave you to face Smurf,”

“Don’t be mean, babe,”

yoongi-centricanon  asked:

Were these ids taken w/ flash photography cos' I just imagine one of the boys being constantly blinded and throughout the takes their face just becomes progressively sour because they just know they've blinked the whole time Eventually the photographer sifts through to pinpoint the nicest photo but all of them have both eyes closed w either his eyebrows raised of furrowed, mouth upturned or frowning lmao

yes!! actually i was thinking about doing that to someone lol

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are known for their extremely dry humor, and they are almost always the ones that crack the extremely sarcastic jokes and everyone around them stops and stares at them for a moment to try and figure out if they were serious or not.

And in just
one blink
all of your plans
but you never

when it comes
to your dreams,
you never

—  ma.c.a // Dreamer and Believer