just blinding excitement

He loves me, He loves me not Pt.2

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

A/N: Enjoy! (y/f/n - ‘your full name)

Part 1

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The only difference between Yuuri and I is that I have the flexibility of someone 5 hours into rigor mortis

anonymous asked:

why do you think the new twin peaks eps will get booed???

i’m not sure… i think it’s possible? i have a feeling this new season of twin peaks is gonna be much more divisive than expected. i mean, no one really has any idea what it’s gonna be like. i’m not sure people are gonna know how to feel about it right away. that could possibly illicit some boos. or, of course (and probably more likely), everyone will just be blinded with excitement + hype and love it no matter what and tbh i am okay with that!


There was a cloudy day last weekend, perfect for photos, so I got to take some cute shots of my pony figures in the backyard! I was kind of inspired by pastel stuff, so I wanted to play with the colors a little. I also recently got a lil Fluttershy! Only one more left to get the whole Mane Six!