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An Inconvenient Circumstance

Word count: 4890
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Rough sex, slight domination, slight choking/breath play.
Summary: When you’re stuck in an elevator that’s stopped working, what else is there to do to pass the time?

You stood awkwardly in the elevator, stealing glances at the man beside you, his intimidating features making you look back almost every seconds. How long does it take to get to the ground floor??? You looked upwards, still on one of the highest floors, so you would have to stand here awkwardly a while longer.

The men beside you looked very handsome, intimidatingly handsome and it appealed to you so much and you didn’t understand quite why. He had snakebite piercings, and another piercing at his eyebrow, his hair was slicked backwards and black, his shoulders broad, he wore a tight black tank top with a leather jacket and jeans. His expression sported a resting bitch face, but a fucking hot one. You were completely opposite to him, you wore a blazer with a fancy top with skinny black jeans and black heels as you were leaving from a late interview you just had, you gave a slight wave to your hair, making sure you looked formal enough to please your interviewer.  

You would have been shocked if he couldn’t tell how much you were staring at him. You kept to one side of the elevator, while he kept to his. Not looking each other in the eye to avoid anymore tension in the elevator, there was already so much that you could cut it with a butter knife. You watched the floors slowly change. Was the elevator going in slow motion or something? You sighed as you checked the time on your watch and then suddenly you flung from the wall as the elevator came to a sudden stop, the elevator flung you to the floor and you gasped, but two arms caught you right before impact, the man lifted you back up and allowed you to regain your balance before removing his arms from your body.

“Thank you” you said to him, locking eyes with him for the first time and seeing how beautifully brown they were, you couldn’t help but stare down when his intense gazed locked on you for too long.

“You’re welcome” he said to you, staring up at the elevator, which was no longer moving. Once he realised it wasn’t about to keep going he started to get impatient.

“What the fuck” he said, as the lights flickered every now and then. The elevator was officially stuck, just fucking great. He attempted to press the emergency button but it gave him an electric shock back and he cursed in response.

“I guess it’s not working…” you sighed.

“No shit” You stared at him as his anger started to boil and the elevator started to get hotter every second.

“HEY!” he shouted out repeatedly.

“No one is going to hear you”

He ignored you, his anger rising as he started to bang on the elevator doors, punching them with enough strength that you actually saw a small dent left in the door.

“Hey! Can you calm down!” he ignored you again, ready to punch the door again so you quickly grabbed him arm, pulling him back.

“No! Who knows how fucking long we are going to be stuck in here”

“Yeah it sucks! but leaving dents in the door isn’t going to help either of us so stop!” He focused his glare on you, his angry gaze once again melting you and you had to stare away.

“Whatever” he said in defeat.

You both stood there in silence and frustration as ages past and it felt like forever each second you were stuck in there.

“There’s barely anyone in the building its night time do they even know we are here???” You broke the silence finally, expressing your worries.

He ignored you once again, his ignorance starting to frustrate you and you scoffed.

“We are both stuck here the least you could do is fucking talk” This caught his attention.

“What do you want me to say!?” he asked back, his tone filled with annoyance.

“Anything!” you waved your hands around in frustration, just signalling for him to do anything,
“Whats your name!” you asked him, trying to initiate any conversation, hoping he would take part.


“He speaks! I’m y/n”

“We’ll I might have said its nice to meet you but under the circumstances, it’s not.” His blunt honesty kind of made you laugh.

“That’s fair enough, ditto” He smirked back at you, the mostly friendly thing he has done this whole time.

You two finally started to make some small talk and he opened up, he asked about your interview and you asked him questions too, the time passing a bit quicker, but the elevator was heating up which was making the situation more unbearable.
You stared at the time on your watch and you were shocked.

“We have been in here for almost 2 hours! It’s almost midnight!” He just looked at you and shook his head, he didn’t bother trying to reassure you about getting out or anything like that because he knew it was useless, you two could be in there all night.

You started to fan your face and you noticed tiny sweat beads on his face across you, glistening on his forehead.

“Fuck its getting to hot, how you’re still wearing that leather jacket is beyond me” you said, you took of your blazer, you tight formal top showing underneath, and he stared at you as you took it off, your chest glistening with tiny dots of sweat and he couldn’t help but stare as you chest moved up and down from the rising heat. Watching you just made him sweat and get even more hotter so in response he decided to take off his jacket too. You watched him as he did so, his muscles flexing, and his arms toned and gorgeous as you stared at them, silently thanking for his choice in a black singlet. But you shook your head and discarded any inappropriate thoughts away.

The heat was getting to you both, your cheeks flushing, both of you breathing heavier, trying to keep up small talk but you were both just concentrated on fanning yourself. Sweat was glistening down the both of you and you both leaned on the walls off the elevator.

“Fuck I can’t do this anymore” He said, leaning his head up and you watched his neck as he swallowed, his adams apple moving up and down as he did so, his movements flustering you. He put his face back down and stared at you, catching you stare at him and you quickly turned away but he shot a smirk at you, such a cocky smirk that it sent a tingle down your back. You kept your place against the wall but he pushed himself off it it, moving towards you, his hands in his pockets. You looked up at his eyes, his pupils dilated so suddenly.

“What are you doing?” you asked him as he moved dangerously close to you.

“I can think of something to pass the time” he said, his deadly smirk making your face flush bright pink.

“Don’t be silly” you attempted to move away from him but his arms leaned on the wall, encasing your body and trapping you in the corner of the elevator.

“I see the way you have been staring at me, it’s not exactly subtle” you shied at his words, trying to stare at anything but his face. His hand came down to your chin, pulling your face upwards to look at him.

“We are going to be in here a while” was the last thing he said to you, you gulped as his lips came closer and closer to yours, but you weren’t moving away, you wanted this, you didn’t know what it was about him that made you want this so much but the urge was impossible to resist, so when his lips finally reached yours, you let him kiss you. You kissed him back immediately, his lips molding into your own and you felt his shit eating grin in the kiss.

“Knew you couldn’t resist”

“Just shut up” you said, bringing his face back down to yours. You both melted into each others lips. His tongue pushed into your mouth, and he dominated over you, licking around and nibbling on your bottom lip whenever he had to pull away to breathe. The hotness of the elevator made you two breathe even heavier, your chests rising up and down very fast as sweat trickled down your foreheads. His hands grabbed at your sides, pushing you back roughly against the elevator wall as his deep kisses became rougher, your hands grabbed at his hair and tugged roughly as your tongues battled together. You moaned into the kiss, the roughness overwhelming you and arousing you all at the same tie and he was definitely living up to his intimidating appearance as he pressed you against the wall with his hips. You were trapped in him and you loved it. His hands dug into your hips, grabbing roughly at the hem off you shirt and pulling it above your head and throwing it behind him. You continued kissing and you grabbed at his shirt, discarding it from his body. You ogled at him for the shortest moment, taking in his broad shoulders and toned chest while he unclipped your bra, pulling it off your chest.

His lips moved to your neck, biting harshly and roughly while his hands grabbed onto your breasts, rubbing them roughly at the same time.

“Fuck Jaebum” you moaned as his teeth dug into your skin and your nipples hardened against his touch.  He bit down harder in response to hearing his name, groaning against your skin and you gasped as he left numerous marks and deep bruises all over your neck, the feeling so painfully pleasurable and you couldn’t describe it. The rising heat of the elevator just amplified the feeling of the situation and you could feel your arousal in your panties getting wetter and wetter by each second as his hands explored your body, squeezing on your hips, your breasts and tugging you into whatever place he wanted you to be and you let him have complete control over your body. Your hands grabbed at his hair tightly as his lips moved to your breasts, sucking on your breasts and leaving wet spots as he spread out his rough kisses, your breath hitched in your throat as he bit down onto your breasts, turning them into a perfect shade of purple and blue as he left bruises and marks on you.

You moaned and moaned as he returned the pleasure to the other breast while licking and rubbing at the same time. Your breasts perked for him and boosted his ego as he hardened his treatment, rubbing both of your breasts roughly in his hands while licking in between.

“Fuck they’re so perfect” he said to you and you moaned at his words, his face came back to yours as he started kissing you again. He grabbed both of your hands with just one of his, pinning them above your head and against the wall as he nibbled on your bottom lip. His other hand came up to your neck, squeezing very lightly lifting your head up to face him. His lips crashed onto yours as the grip on your neck didn’t loosen, making it harder for you to breath but the feeling excited you and you wanted more. Your tongue explored his mouth as his did the same and you both groaned into the kiss, his grip on your neck getting the littlest bit tighter, your hands struggled in his, wanted to touch him and run them through his hair but he didn’t let you, keeping your hands above you.

His hands finally let go of your neck and your own hands, moving down your body on to the floor, looking up at you as he took your shoes off, sliding them behind him, he moved back up, towering in front of you and staring straight into your eyes as his hands slid down the zipper of your jeans but not sliding them down your legs just yet. One of his hands gripped your hips, making sure you were pushed into the wall while the other slowly slid into your pants, your head rolled back as he rubbed you tormentingly over your panties, allowing you to acknowledge just how wet you have become and you sighed at the feeling.

“Already so wet for me” His hand on your waist grabbed your chin, lowering your face down to look at him and you kept your eyes on each other as he rubbed you slowly and deeply over and over again.

“Keep looking at me y/n, don’t look away, I want to see your face as I pleasure you…” you did as he told, keeping your gazes on each other and trying your best not to look away when his thumb ran rougher over you. You chest breathed heavy, your breasts bumping into his own toned chest every time you breathed. He moved his hand into your panties, rubbing his thumb slowly but deeply over your clit and you hissed at the feeling, cursing under your breath as you continued to stare at him, yours and his eyes dilated with lust, the mirrors in the elevator officially steaming up.

As his thumb rounded your clit his fingers rubbed you up and down, coating your wetness all over you before sliding two fingers inside of you.

“FucK!” you almost tore you gaze away as he started pumping inside of you, sticking with a slow pace that roamed around inside you, feeling your walls from side to side as his fingers moved round and round inside you and all you wanted to do was roll your head back, but instead, you settled with gripping his shoulders for dear life.

“Good girl, keep it up” he said to you as you continued to follow his instruction. As he pushed his fingers in as deep as possible he continued to roam your insides, fingers slightly curling inside you which made you writhe in response to him, barely being able to stand still from all the pleasure. You could feel his ring as he pushed his fingers in and out of you and it just amplified your pleasure by a million. More and more curses started to leave your mouth until Jaebum came to a halt, removing his hand from your clit and you inside, bringing his fingers up to your lips and you took them in your mouth straight away, sucking and licking his fingers as you tasted yourself on him, keeping your eyes on him as you did so, the look you’re giving him making him groan and the bulge in his pants starting to grow.

You released his fingers from your mouth with a lewd pop and licked around your lips. You both stared at each other deeply as he started dragging your pants and panties down you legs, as they reach the floor you kicked out of them and he pushed them behind him. You reached for his jeans, undoing the button and zip and dragging his jeans and boxers down to the floor, discarding them also. His erection sprang free and you only tore your eyes away for a second to glance at the impressive length before concentrating your look back onto him. As you were about to get down onto your knees he stopped you.

“Not yet baby” he said as he kept you trapped against the elevator wall. The small space in the elevator was heated up and the mirror was officially steamed out, sweat was running down both of your skin and you couldn’t help but admire the way it made him glisten. Jaebum dropped onto his knees, looking up at you as his hand returned to your core, pushing three fingers now inside you and you almost screamed as he immediately settled for full speed, the coarse feeling of his ring making your walls clench around his fingers. As his fingers continued their sins his face moved to your clit, and his tongue started to lick you, at a complete opposite speed from his fingers. His tongue slowly lapped at your clit, little kitten licks that were driving you absolutely insane and you wanted more but you couldn’t say the words. You kept your stare at him, trying your very best not to look away, but it was getting harder each second.

“OhHH ~ Fu-ck!” his licks on your clit started to get deeper and you felt your legs starting to tremble and shake, I guess Jaebum felt it too, so he used his spare hand to hold you up. His fingers curled inside you and he started to nibble and suck on your clit and you couldn’t stare at him any longer, your head rolled back in pleasure hitting the elevator wall and you moaned and groaned and cursed, lewd noises spilling from your mouth and if no one knew you two were stuck here, they probably know now…

Your hands tugged at his hair roughly, pushing his face further into you. You rolled your hips back and forth for more friction but he stopped you immediately, firmly placing his arm across you to keep you still on the wall when all you wanted to do was move. He nibbled and sucked at your clit roughly while his fingers continued their ministrations, curling and pumping in and out of you. His licks became long and his sucks rougher and the sounds coming from his tongue and his finger fucking filled up the elevator. He licked up and down your clit and you screamed in pleasure, the pleasure knot in your stomach starting to tighten and you couldn’t hold your orgasm much longer.

“Im– so close- Fuck!” Jaebum quickened his speed, his muscles tensing and going into overdrive as he pushed you towards your orgasm, but he decided to change it up, removing his fingers from you and replacing them with his tongue as his thumb now roughly traced deep circles around your clit and you mewled in delight, his tongue licking around your entrance before sliding inside you, licking around your walls, pushing in and out of you and licking up and down, the feelings making you see stars, your breath started to get hitched and you were almost choking from barely being able to take a deep breath.  With a few more clean licks and rubs and tugs at your clit, your orgasm hit you like no other and you screamed his name over and over as your back arched off the wall, your body shaking as you orgasm ripped through your, your eyes clenched shut and your mouth wide open, not able to release a noise. Jaebum continued his actions as you rode out you high, and when you finally started to relax against him he removed his tongue and his fingers from you, licking his lips and his fingers as he lifted himself off the floor. You opened your eyes and he was staring down at you, a smirk planted across his face at your messy state.

As your breath started to become even again he placed a gentle kiss on your lips.

“Ready for round 2 princess?” You didn’t have the strength to reply so you nodded weakly at him. Ready for a fuck you knew you were going to remember.

He placed his hands underneath your thighs before lifting you up, you cradled you legs around him as your arms held tightly around his neck, he left soft kisses to your breasts before aligning himself with your entrance and sliding into you, the feeling causing an immediate response to you as your head tilted back in a deep groan.

“Fuck you’re so tight and wet-” he groaned as he entered you to the brim, giving you only seconds to adjust to his length as he started slowly pulling all the way back out. You cursed under you breath as he slowly pulled in and out of you, setting a tormentingly slow pace and you just wanted more from him. Your hands tightly gripped the nape of his neck.
Jaebum continued his torments, pulling out all the way to the tip and then slamming back into you hard, filling you to the brim and deep throaty groans fell from your plump lips.

As he continued his slow but hard pace it was starting to get to much for you and you needed him to go faster, but the pleasure he was giving you was stopping you from formulating any kind of english word.

“please–UGH” was all you could muster out. Somehow he knew what you meant and started to increase his speed, slamming his dick in and out of you, the faster pace making your back scrape against the elevator wall. His hands grabbed your hips, lifting them up and down rapidly to match the movement of his thrusts and you knew you would have bruises on your hips tomorrow from his tight grip. Your fingernails dug into his shoulder blades and you almost drew blood from digging so much.

“FUCK! Jaebum!” you writhed against him, his thrusts so powerful. He thrust harder and deeper and started to hit your g-spot every time and your body shook and trembled from his merciless thrusts.

“Keep moaning my name baby-” Jaebum’s face in front of you was scrunched up in concentration and pleasure from his thrusts, sweat running down his forward, his teeth clenched and his eyebrows furrowed together. You knew your face was just as sweaty as your hair stuck to your forehead. As his thrusts started to become more powerful by the second he sunk his head into the crook of your neck, biting down as he thrusted up into you, you could feel the pressure of his teeth in your neck and it just amplified your pleasure as you groaned his name again, over and over. With each passing thrust he hit you in all the right spots and your walls clenched around him making him curse under his breath.

You could feel scratches forming on your back from being shoved into the elevator wall with each of his thrusts but feeling was nothing compared to the pleasure he was giving you and you couldn’t care less. He removed his hands from your hip, placing them on your ass and lifting you higher to try and reach deeper in you, and he did, making you cry in pleasure, tears starting to form in your eyes as the knot in your stomach started to reappear, he squeezed and messaged your cheeks in his hands and his lips went back to your breasts, kissing and tugging on your nipples roughly.

“Fuck I’m so close!” you mewled in delight, your walls continued to clench around him and he increased his speed to get you closer to your high.

You removed one of your hands from his neck, your hand was in between the two of you, moving down to your core and you rubbed fast circles around your clit, moans and curses spilled from your mouth as you received pleasure from yourself and Jaebum.
“Fuck that’s so hot y/n” he said, seeing you pleasure yourself and seeing you face so concentrated on reaching your high turned him on so fucking much he almost reached his own then and there. You started to see stars and you orgasm was inches away, so you roughened your hands to match the rhythm of Jaebum’s powerful thrusts. Seconds later you felt your orgasm wash over your body and you screamed as your back arched off the wall, your other hand slamming onto the mirror of the elevator, leaving a nice big hand print in the steam. He continued to thrust into you as you rode out your high, leaving more marks on your breasts as his hands dug into your ass, squeezing tightly. All your muscles tensed as the pleasure came through your body, your whole body shaking, your chest heaved up and down rapidly and you soon started to relax from your high, removing your hand from your core and relaxing your back onto the wall. You took heavy breaths as you tried to re-catch your breath. When you finally relaxed, Jaebum dropped your feet back to the floor and you almost lost balance as your legs felt like jelly.

He removed himself from inside you, and you grabbed him, pushing him and shoving him into the wall as you dropped to your knees, immediately taking his length into your mouth, sucking around his tip as your hand rubbed and pumped the rest of his length.

“Fuck!” he groaned as his head tilted back to lean on the wall, his hands grabbing your hair, keeping a tight grip on it.

Your tongue lapped around his length, flat tonguing him from bottom to top, and releasing his dick with a lewd popping noise every time. You hollowed your cheeks around him when you sucked deeply. As you brought your mouth back up to hip tip, you licked around his tip. You could feel his dick pulsating and his hands started gripping your hair more tightly.

He started to thrust in and out of your mouth, the feeling of his going at the back of your throat making you gag on his dick, the vibrations from your mouth sending waves of pleasure through him. You rested your hands on his thighs for support, feeling them tense every time he fucked your mouth. You tried your best to keep up with his rhythm, licking around him best you could whenever he thrusted back into your mouth, but he chased his high and took control, he bragged all your hair into his hands, bobbing your head back and forth to match his thrusts.
He moaned repeatedly and numerous swears fell from his lips each second as he came closer to his high. You could feel his cock throbbing inside your lips and knew he was close.

The lewd sound of sex filled the elevator and you eyes teared from the intensity of him filling up your mouth. Your groans and gagging getting him close to his orgasm so you continued to moan against his dick, the vibrations running through his body, his face was scrunched up in pleasure and his head rolled back as he moaned your name.

“Fuck y/n!” he groaned as his orgasm crashed through him, his warm seed filling your mouth, spilling from your lips as he continued to thrust, riding out his high. His heavy breaths filled the room and his chest was going up and down at a fast rate as he was trying to catch his breath, his thrusts becoming sloppy as his body started to relax. He let go of your hair and removed his dick from your mouth, he opened his eyes and looked at you as you swallowed his seed, licking around your mouth to taste him around your lips. When he finally relaxed he bent down and grabbed your arms, pulling you back up with him to lift your off the floor, he gave you a small kiss on the forehead as he moved aside to gather his clothes and re dress himself. Once he did he started to gather yours one at a time, your panties first. He smiled up at you and you returned the gesture as he slowly slid the panties back up your legs, he did the same with your jeans.

He grabbed your bra, letting you do that once yourself before placing your top back over your arms for it to rest on your body.

“Thank you” you said smiling up at him.

“You’re welcome” he replied as he pushed aside the hair on your face, tucking it behind your ear. You looked at the elevator mirror, no bodies could be seen through any of the steam besides where you had left your messy had prints.

A few short minutes past and then suddenly the elevator doors opened up and three men were outside the elevator.

“Are you guys okay!?” they asked with concern.

“About fucking time, do you know how hot it is in here??? How long we have been in here!?” Jaebum answered, his frustration evident.

As the youngest man looked around the elevator his eyes settled on the messy prints in the mirror.

“I guess you guys found a way to pass the time at least” you stared away, not wanting to look the man in the eye to confirm his accusation.

Jaebum grabbed your hand, rushing you to walk out of the elevator.

“Thank you for finally getting us out” you said as you both walked past. Ready for you and Jaebum to go you separate ways, but he walked you to your car, making sure you were safe before making your way home.

You entered your car and opened the window to say bye to him. You didn’t expect such a gentlemen like behaviour from him as he grabbed your hand and placed a gentle kiss on it. As he was starting to turn away you rushed to speak.

“Wait!–” he cut you off before you could speak further.

“Don’t worry y/n, we will see each other again”. He smirked back up at you, before disappearing into the early morning, and as you made your way home, all you could think about is the next time you would see him, and you hoped it would be soon.

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It’s All Fun & Games (pt. 1)

( ‘till somebody loses their mind )

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Drabbles

Summary: In which you and Jungkook attempt to fake a relationship for revenge and end up with a lot more than either of you expected.
Genre: Angst/Fluff, Fake Dating!AU
Word Count: 4,072
Author’s Note: 12 fucking pages of notes and outlines and ideas have led to this. Please enjoy. Title taken from Taylor Swift’s Wonderland. I’ll try to upload part 2 within the next few days depending on the response.


To say you are completely floored would be an understatement as you unconsciously curl your fingers tighter around the phone pressed against your ear, confusion and questions settling itself across your features as you try to put a rational thought into this situation only to come up completely short because—!

“What do you mean you’re going to be late?” You demand, trying to keep the nervous touch out your tone, but it’s hard to sound casual when your heart starts to pound a little quicker at the thought of plans not going the way you had once envisioned it to go. “You realize the only reason I’m here is because you insisted that I had to come with you!”

“I’m really sorry (Y/N)-ah!” Hoseok says from the other side of the line, at least trying to make an effort to sound apologetic. “Class ran really really late, and there’s traffic. There must have been an accident or something.”

“I knew we should have just gone together,” You huff out, high heels tapping loudly against the sidewalk pavement as you continue making your way to the restaurant. As much as you would rather simply wait around for Hoseok to arrive to the scene, the idea of just sitting in your car makes you feel slightly congested. While you would be slightly uncomfortable in the restaurant given the company you are about to surround yourself with, it’s better than sitting in the dark.

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: none

Words: 892

Warning: none

Tags: none

Request: none

Notes: this is my first Barry imagine (or maybe drabble) so I really hope you like it!

Originally posted by wells-bennett

It was your second cup of coffee that morning and you still were asleep as fuck. Last night was a rough one. It had been your first day at the Central City Police Department and you had seen your first murder. Of course, you couldn’t close your eyes during the night without seeing it over and over again in your head. The result was being exhausted on your second day and considering to inject the coffee straight into the vein.

You were supposed to be at the police station in half hour so you got up from your seat at Jitters and went to the bar to order another one to take away. While you waiting in line you looked around. That was the first time you saw him.

He was sitting at a table, in front of another guy with dark medium length hair. He was thin but you could see he was fit as well, he had green bright eyes and short brown hair. But that wasn’t what caught your attention. It was his smile. The most genuine smile you had seen in a long time. Somehow it made your heart race and smile. Just then, he looked around and spotted you so you quickly looked away, biting your lip and feeling your cheeks getting red. You were always so obvious with this kind of things.

After a few moments, you looked back to where he was just to see that he was looking at you, but the moment your eyes met he looked at his friend. Yet, you could see a smile forming on his lips. You chuckled a little but the barista took you out of your thoughts.

“A coffee. Take away, please”, you smiled as you put the money on the bar.

While you waited for your coffee you looked back the table where that guy was. He was talking to his friend which gave you time to take in more of him. He was wearing some jeans, a white t-shirt and a blazer, along with some black Convers. It made him look so good. Of course, just then he looked back at you so you looked back away, pretending to be focused on the muffins next to you.

“Here you go. Thank you”, the barista said.

You smiled at her and took your coffee. Then, you walked to the table where you were before and took your things. You were going to be late already and it was just your second day so you hurried out of the coffee house and ran to your car. Your boss was going to kill you.

When you got to the Police Station, you walked to your desk, putting your stuff on the top of it and letting you fall on the chair with a sigh. You weren’t that late, but you could feel the eyes of your boss on your back so you just started working. The next hour was stressful since you had to fill in so much paperwork due to the murder of the day before.

“Eh…excuse me, are you (Y/N)? I’ve been told to give you this evidence from the…” you looked up and dropped your pen the moment you saw the guy from Jitters in front of your desk. He was tall. “Oh…hi”, he said smiling immediately, making you smile as well.

“H-Hi…” you chuckled, feeling heat on your cheeks.

“What a small world”, he said putting the file he was holding under his arm.

“And yet I never ran into Beyoncé”, you replied quoting Chandler Bing from Friends. He laughed at your response and you swore it was one of the most beautiful sounds you had ever heard.

“I do like Friends as always”, he nodded.

“Then you can talk to me” you joked. “You are…?”

“Barry, Barry Allen. I’m the forensic scientist”, he said stretching out his hand.

“I’m (Y/F/N). Nice to meet you”, you replied shaking his hand. “So…you have something for me?” You asked with a sigh looking at the file.

“Oh yeah! I’m really sorry for giving you more work since…you look pretty busy but…these are the reports from the evidence of the murder we had yesterday”, he said handing you the brown file.

“Great” you smiled taking it. “Thank you”, you thanked him with a smile. “I…gotta get back to work” you said biting your lip.

“Me too” he nodded.

He put his hands into his pockets and walked away, so you forced yourself to focus back on the work. But a minute later, someone distracted you again, making you look up to see Barry standing in front of you.

“Sorry again” he smiled. “I was wondering if…” he looked around and chuckled, looking nervous, as he ran a hand through his hair.  “Would you like to…grab a coffee sometime? With me?”

The proposal took you totally off guard but it still made you smile at the same time you got nervous.

“Sure. I… would love to”, you smiled at him. “Maybe tomorrow? Breakfast at Jitters? Maybe 9 a.m.? It takes me a while to get out of bed” You suggested. He laughed a little and nodded.

“Looking forward to it”, he said walking away again.

This time, before leaving the office, he turned to look at you once again, smiling as he saw you looking back at him.

The Real Man of Steel

Pairing: Clark/Superman x Reader

Request:  Hi, Could you write a Superman smut? Like have it really fluffy at the start. Maybe that Clark is really awkward, so is reader. maybe that reader finds out that he is Superman in this? Maybe while they are having sex and his grip is too strong

Smut: Yes

Words: 2673

Requests are open!


Originally posted by sir-henry-cavill

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Before I start this, I just wanna say a huge huge thank you for 4,200 followers!!! That’s so crazy to think about, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it but thank you all so much for all the support and love, it means a lot to me!! Onto the post, it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, another member of the hyung line, my highkey spirit animal whose English is so fucking adorable like it’s a bit more rare to hear him speak it but when he does, it’s so cute, his accent is 10/10 I love accents so much and he always tries his best and I love him for that, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • This post is written in the college AU, it just helps set the scene a bit but there are two versions of college!yoon, photographer!Yoongi (here) and music major!Yoongi that was featured in a scenario I did ages ago (here)
  • Visuals are up first bc I love me some visuals 
  • There are so many looks to choose from oh my lord, it’s so hard to choose for him bc he looks so good in all of them but I gotta go with Run era!Yoon
  • The outfits, the hair, the entire overall vibe was just so nice, the performances were great, the song is iconic, Run was just a really really good era for everyone involved
  • Player!Yoongi also does the black hair of course bc yoon with black hair is just so amazing, he looks breathtaking with the black hair, he does the pink hair, he does the orange, the blonde, all the good shit
  • Yoongi’s style just screams boyfriend, he’s always in such comfy looking clothes and when he wears his scarves !!!!!!!
  • He most often wears jeans but the top does change, typically it’s just a casual t-shirt but sometimes he goes for a button up and he loves a good jacket I wanna see him in a cardigan tbh has he ever worn one I can’t remember if he has, tag mE IF HE HAS
  • There are a couple of outfits that fit this AU so well like when he wore these leather pants and a white t-shirt and a black blazer and the snapback and glasses and bag and he looked so good, it’s a bit more of a date outfit bc I can’t imagine that wearing leather pants around a campus when you have classes and have to walk all around campus is the most comfortable thing in the world
  • The second outfit is more of an everyday type of look and it’s every single time he’s ever worn flannel bc that is such an underappreciated look, I want it to be a comeback look bc that’s so nice to think about, I love flannel!Yoongi so much I can’t choose just one look for it
  • Snapback!Yoongi makes frequent appearances, if it’s not a snapback, it’s a beanie bc either one of those is a good deal
  • Okay so here’s the thing about Yoongi, he’s not emotionless, he’s got a soft heart and a really sweet, caring side to him so I don’t think he would lead anyone on about the relationship
  • He’s a really blunt person in general so he would just be straight up with them and say hey this is all casual, I’m probably not gonna call back after a couple of dates, etc.
  • He doesn’t sleep with a whole lot of people tbh, I know that for some people that’s one of the qualities of a player but to me, he seems like he needs to be in love to be able to share that part of him with someone bc I think he takes a while to open up to people and fully trust them
  • If he ever does, he would have to know them really well, it wouldn’t be a first date type of thing, it would be someone he was close friends with, it doesn’t really happen with him
  • He does do make outs though, that’s pretty common
  • He kinda attracts people without meaning to, he has that bad boy vibe and a lot of people are into that edgy look where it’s like ooh I’m dating a bad boy
  • So nearly all of his dates approach him first but he does like flirting with them and spending time with them bc it helps clear his mind and he also likes having different “models” to take pictures of
  • He’s such a gentleman to his dates and he makes them laugh a lot bc he’s a really funny person with his dry humor and the sarcasm and the -_- face he makes, plus his comedic timing is !!!
  • He would arrange the cutest lil dates ever, they’re always really personal and private
  • He does a lot of park dates, picnics, ice cream, if his date is another photographer or willing to be his model, he’ll take pictures of them
  • By the end of the date, they’re heart eyes bc he can be really really kind and thoughtful
  • He’s never really had a serious relationship but he has been called boyfriend a few times, it doesn’t last long though bc he’s really busy and he never wanted anything serious with them to begin with
  • The “breaking up” part is of course never fun but he knows that if he doesn’t do it, they’ll think he’s got feelings he doesn’t and like I said earlier, he’s not the type to lead people on
  • Most, if not all, of his dates know that he’s not gonna be sticking around for long so it’s not a huge shocker when he does it
  • You two are roommates 
  • He can get really stressed bc he’s juggling photography, which already takes up so much of his time (he’s not complaining, he loves it) but then he’s also doing music on the side and working at this local cafe to help pay rent and he’s also got the general classes he has to take so he can get stressed sometimes and you of course, have your stressed days as well
  • The relationship happens pretty naturally, one night, you two had been up late studying for finals and started to argue out of stress and when you went to leave, he kissed you
  • The two of you hadn’t really spoken much for the rest of the finals week bc now you were trying to reason it all bc there so many things it could’ve meant, it could’ve been pure stress, he could’ve just wanted to get some of those pent up feelings out, he could’ve been trying to confess
  • You both get so busy with finals and rarely see each other but then after that week, you two have to face each other and deal with the situation bc you know that Yoongi has other people he’s seeing and you’d started flirting with someone as well
  • He’s not sure if he’s ready to confess bc there’s a chance you won’t like him back and he already feels like he’s ruining the friendship by making you feel awkward with the kiss so he’s worried that if he does confess and you don’t return the feelings, he’ll have blown it and would lose you so he just blames it on stress
  • It takes a while for the two of you to confess bc both of you feel like you’re walking on thin ice at this point bc of the kiss thing, you didn’t exactly pull away from the kiss so he feels like there should be something there but it’s all too risky
  • It’s not until the term starts up again and you see Yoongi going on more dates and this one time, one of his dates come to pick him up and you see them together and that’s what gets you to snap
  • When he comes home that night and you see them kiss goodnight, it’s too much so you have Yoongi come sit with you to talk again
  • This time, you let him know all about how you actually feel about him and you’re kinda rambling a bit bc you’re a bit nervous to see his reaction so you just keep talking and he just starts to smile and it’s this really soft smile and then he kisses you again
  • “I love you too”
  • “What about the others?”
  • “I’d rather be your boyfriend, if you’ll have me”
  • “Of course I will”
Those who are Broken | Chapter Two

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

↬ Word count: 2213

↬ The weekend is here, and I have a lot of homework. Where is the freedom?

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You sat on the metal chair in a circle with several other students. You had therapy in the gym. There wasn’t even a classroom—that’s how much they cared. And to top it all off, this really wasn’t therapy, it was more like an intervention. An intervention for the Broken.

A sort of fucked up intervention.

“This is fucking stupid. Is this some sort of helping mechanism for us to cope with our planned deaths?” one of the students asked, leaning forward in his seat.

“This is to help you better yourself, and for you to express your feelings,” the therapist said from the opposite side of the circle, pushing her spectacles back up.

“Express our feelings? That’s fucking great. Good to know that this academy takes Broken, but they want us to express the reasons we act like a bunch of rebels. Also, they want us to come to terms with the fact that we’re Broken—the most frowned upon group of people who don’t have soulmates,” another student said, voice getting louder with each new sentence.

Everyone was getting riled up, and from behind the circle, you could see security take several steps towards you. They were ready for whatever you guys might do.

“Y/N,” the therapist said, turning your attention away from security and towards her. “You’ve been quiet this whole session. How are you feeling about this?”

The entire group was quiet, their eyes on you expectantly. You sighed, hoping to not be called on, but that was false hope. “I feel like the rest of these people. Pissed.” Several nodded in agreement. “You don’t understand how we feel, and you never will.” The therapist adjusted in her seat. “You can go home today to your loving husband or wife, or whoever. You don’t even have to be with your soulmate because it really isn’t mandatory. They give you a fucking name of the person you are meant to be with, but you could sleep around with the rest of the world and be perfectly fine while the Broken go home wondering if they’re time will begin to countdown. We’re the ones who have every right to be pissed, scared, sad and every other feeling in the fucking book—except being in love. You non-Broken don’t have a right to look down on us, criticize us for being Broken because we didn’t ask for this.

“This whole therapy session is fucking stupid. Having us in this fucking academy is beyond fucking stupid. Why? Because we’re on a death sentence, so we’ll be dead before you can fix us. What’s the oldest age a Broken has died? I know the youngest was five years old. Five. We don’t live long enough to grow old, and we sure as hell don’t have any children because people despise us.” You hadn’t realized you gotten to your feet. “So do us a favor and quit trying to make us see the bright side because you and I both know there is none.” The bell rung loudly in the now silent gym. You smiled. “Guess session is over.”

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Happy Birthday ?

Originally posted by leader-jb

Genre: Fluff + Angst ( like a sprinkle ) 

Warning : cursing 

Word Count : 3572

A/N : Another scenario for one of my friends … again … nothing new lol. this one is actually related to my ‘Reassurance’ scenario so read that one first here or you could just read this one first then Reassurance :) i hope you guys enjoy + pls give me feedback on my writings ; - ; it means a lot.  

“Babe can you help me with my tie?” Jaebum yells from the bathroom.

“Just a second,” you yell back as you put on your earrings, scurrying off to the bathroom. He’s buttoning his cuffs when you get there, hair styled up and exposing his forehead.

He notices you in the corner of his eye before turning towards you. “How much time do we have left?” he asks as he leans against the sink. “An hour.” you answer, as you attempt to fix his tie. Jaebum places his hands around your hips and pulls you against him, hands just above your bottom.

“You look gorgeous babe.” He whispers against your ear, before giving you peck on the nape of your neck.

“No Jae, not right now.” You giggle, “We have a birthday party to go to.” Mark being the sweetheart he is, had planned a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend. He’d manage to send her off for a couple of hours and you had to get your butts down to their apartment to help Mark set up.

“Come on, we gotta get going. Marks shitting bricks as we speak.”

“What took you guys so long?” Mark screeches.

His hair was sticking out in different directions and sweat had formed around his neck. “Her best friend came into town so I managed to get her to distract Linda for us!” he shoves a box full of balloons into Jaebum’s hands and grabs a hold of yours, dragging you inside of the house.
“Jinyoung and Youngjae are decorating the cake, I need those balloons blown up Jae, and I need help with putting these up!” He gestures towards the box of decorations.

“Say no more,” you respond as you help Mark set up streamers, among the decorations were photos of the couple; mostly off guard photos and you know all too well that these were taken by Mark himself, he always enjoyed taking these kinds of shots.

“Y/n, you’re finally here!” you hear a screech and you don’t even need to turn around to see who it is, he already has his arms around your waist “Hi to you too” you laugh, patting his arm to let go but he only tightens his hold on you. “Yah Yugyeom, you mind getting this child off of me?”

He only shrugs, “Sorry noona —”

“I’m only holding onto you so you won’t fall!”

“Yah Jackson, get your hands off of my girlfriend!” Jaebum spats as he’s pulling him off of you. You watch as Yugyeom holds back Jackson whilst Jaebum tries lecturing the boy on how he shouldn’t be so touchy with other men girlfriends, but all you see is Jackson struggling to get out of Yugyeom’s hold.

“Mark I just finished, did you need help with anything else — hey isn’t that Jaebum’s sweater?” Jinyoung asks as he points towards your outfit.

You let out a smile, “I didn’t own anything burgundy so I borrowed it, I mean it passes as a dress on me.”

“Yah I bought that for your birthday and you’re gonna just let your girlfriend wear it?” Jackson comments.

“Your point is?” Jaebum says as he just stares at him blankly.

“It’s totally inappropriate, I mean it barley reaches her knees! There’s too much skin showing, noona here wear my jacket —” And Jaebum is face palming Jackson away as he wraps his blazer around you.

“I just told you to stop touching my girlfriend.” He spats as he wraps his arms around you, head nuzzling into your neck. You giggle and continue to attempt to set the decorations, dragging Jaebum around as he glued himself to you.

 “How do I look?” Mark asks. He’s decked out in black, the only sign of burgundy on him is his bow tie, and his brown locks are natural as his bangs are parted to where only a small portion of his forehead is shown.

“How come you can wear jeans and we can’t?” Jackson sputters, gesturing to Marks ripped jeans.

“Jackson I even said it was a casual party, it’s not my fault you decided to go all Bambam on us.”

“Hey, I’ll have you know my mom bought me these slacks.” The doorbell rings and everyone freezes, eyes moving left and right from fear. Jinyoung eyes are widened as he turns his head towards Mark, “I thought Breanna was supposed to call you!” he whispers.

“I didn’t get anything—” Mark whispers back when the doorbell rings again.

Youngjae is tip toeing towards the door and he carefully leans his body against the door as he looks through the peep hole before he lets out a sigh. He’s unlocking the handles and bursting them open, only to be greeted by a bunch of squeals and laughter. “Finally we were freezing out there— I brought the food!”

A blonde girl yells as she’s approaching him, Jinyoung lightly smacks the top of her head. “Why didn’t you text me? We thought you were Linda!”

“I forgot,” she smiles as three other girls follow in after her. “Is Bam here yet?”

“No, I haven’t gotten a text from him all day either.” Youngjae says as he helps the other girls with the groceries. The blonde girl sighs as she takes a seat across from you and Jaebum, “He must be getting ready, I don’t understand what’s taking him so long. It’s just a casual party— oh hello.” She says as she makes eye contact with you, “Sorry didn’t see you there,” she shyly says as she rubs the back of her head. “I’m Lisa.” She smiles holding her hand out.

“Y/n.” You shyly respond back. Compared to the rest of the girls that arrived, Lisa was the only one in jeans and a t-shirt.

“Jaebum’s girlfriend right? He literally talks about you all the time— ah, yah what was that for?” She yelled at your boyfriend, who had just thrown a pillow straight to her face.

“Shouldn’t you be helping the rest of your members set up?” He spats. She sticks out her tongue at him before jumping off the couch and helping the rest of the girls with the belongings.

Another ring resonates through the apartment and everyone freezes up once again. “Who else did you invite?” Jackson mouths.

“How should I know; I gave you my phone.” Mark whispers back. This time it’s one of the girls who makes their way towards the door. She tiptoes to the peep hole, hands against the door to keep her balanced.

“Jisoo who is it?” Jinyoung whispers, she’s turning her head to the side and shrugs. “It’s a boy, he’s really tall and looks awfully familiar too.”

Jackson’s sliding towards her, tip toeing to the peep hole as well and lets out a gasp. “Yifan my brother what’s up!” He yells as he opens the door, nearly hitting Jisoo in the face. The name catches the attention of both you and Jaebum along with Jinyoung.

It could be another Yifan right? You thought to yourself and Jaebum brings you closer into him, hands tightened around your waist.

“Yifan came!” Jackson yells, arms around the man as he’s jumping in joy but you’re frozen, and you feel your heart dropping to the pit of your stomach the minute he makes eye contact with you. “Long time no see Y/n.” you feel your blood running cold despite the heat coming from Jaebum and chills down your spine. Jinyoung’s grabbing Mark by the ear and out onto the balcony, feeling a hand grasping yours, both you and Jaebum are following the two out as well. 

“How could you invite him?” Jinyoung seethes.

“Look I said I was sorry— and you’re supposed to be yelling at Jackson not me he’s the one who called—.”

“I know I should be but we all know how much he’ll cause a scene—"

“I get it okay I, just get off my back Jinyoung. I have enough on my plate already.” He sighs as he tries to maneuver around him but Jinyoung stops him.

“No you don’t get it mark—”

“Stop!” you yelled causing the two to go quiet. “what’s done is done. I’ll be fine as long as Jaebum is with me,” you sigh as you run your hands through your hair.

Yifan, or what he’s known as now, Kris was your first love and also your ex-boyfriend. You’ve dated for quite some time, 3 years to be exact, but along the way you began to notice that he was drifting away from you. It turns out that he had been cheating on you with his co-star from his movie, Never Gone, Liu Yifei.

He admitted that they’ve been seeing each other two weeks into filming.

It hadn’t hit you until all of his belongings were gone from your apartment and every time you came home from work; you came home to an empty apartment.

You should’ve known, should’ve known something was up when he started coming home later than usual, eyes never on yours but on his phone, and a scent of a woman that wasn’t yours but another.

You should’ve known—you did know but, you didn’t want to believe. You loved him and you can’t help but think, even till this day, what had gone wrong.

If it hadn’t been for Jackson, God knows where you’d be right now. When he heard news of your breakup with Kris, he’d had come storming to your apartment. The first few days he had knocked on your door and when you wouldn’t open he’d quietly leave. But as the days went by, without you returning his calls or text and not even seeing you at the company, he began banging on the door and even managed to get a copy of your key.
He had dragged you out of bed, literally, and had taken you out to eat with the rest of the boys, where you had met Jaebum for the first time. You had met the rest of the members but surprisingly Jaebum was always absent whenever you had visited Jackson. He approached you first, placing kimchi and meat into your bowl, and even feeding you his wraps from time to time. He’d managed to turn one conversation into a huge one and despite the maknaes cries of Jackson hogging all of the meat, it seemed as if it was just the two of you there. You’ve managed to exchange numbers and ever since then, Jaebum had managed to creep himself inside of your heart.

Marks phone vibrates, eyes widening as he read the text. “Look we have to get our asses back inside and light that cake up, they’re in the lobby right now.” Mark spats, dashing back inside and screaming at everyone to get ready. Everyone’s frozen, shocked at the sudden outburst that they weren’t used to seeing Mark have and was taken out of their shocked state when Mark had yelled once more.

“They’re on the floor!” Mark yells and you see the panic in his eyes. “Places everyone!”

Everyone’s huddling up together and you see Kris closing in on you but before he can even come in contact with you both Jackson and Jaebum are standing beside you. Hearts thumping from the anticipation, nerves jitter along with the lock on the door. “Look, Breanna I just want to sleep—why is it so dark—”

“Happy Birthday!” you all screech and there’s a surprised Linda standing at the hallway, her mouth is wide opened and shoulders curled up from the shock. Marks walking out the kitchen with the cake in his hands, “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…” and everyone’s joining in on the song. Tears are filling up her eyes and her lips quiver as she tries to smile through them.

“Happy birthday to you. Make a wish love,” she sighs as she looks around the room, a smile adorning her face before pulling her hands together and she closes her eyes. Tears are still falling from her eyes as she makes her wish. Flashes going off from both Youngjae and Rosé before she’s blowing out her candles and Mark pulls her into a hug. Yugyeom’s taking the cake away from him and Mark lets out a giggle as Linda is balling into his chest, mumbling incoherently causing him to laugh more.

“Y-you did all of th-this?” She hiccups, a snot had managed to escape her nostril causing Jackson to let out a screech of disgust and Mark can only laugh as he wipes it away. “I’m sorry I pretended to forget your birthday.” she slaps him in the chest and she continues to wipe at her eyes.

“Let’s get this party started!” Lisa yells and music begins to blare throughout the house. Jennie is passing around glasses of wine as everyone begins dispersing.

“Happy birthday hun!” You sing, pulling her into a hug and Jaebum does the same, teasing her for her booger incident. “Gosh I look like a mess,” she sighs as you take in her figure. She’s still in her pajamas and hair tied into a messy bun, something that must’ve caught the eyes of citizens.

“Jinyoung, I’m leaving you on house watch for a few minutes.” Mark says as he takes Linda’s hand and disappears down the hallway.

“Are they really going to do a quickie when we’re all here?” Jackson asks earning him a smack behind the head.

“It’s something way better than a quickie,” he smirks and Jackson’s gasping “He’s gonna give her he—” and Jackson’s getting smacked again.

“You’ll see.” Is all Jinyoung says as he leads everyone back into the living room.

Jaebum hands you a glass of wine before leading you to the couch. He snuggles up into your side, arms around your waist and head on your shoulder as he listens to both you and Jinyoung’s conversation about your latest runway project. The conversation continues until he gets a phone call in which he excuses himself and minutes later Jaebum gets one from the manager as well.

“Babe, will you be okay by yourself?” his eyes are filled with worry and You nod your head, “Yeah go before he gets mad.” You say as you wave him off, you wondered why he had looked so troubled. You pull your attention onto your phone as you wait for either Jinyoung or Jaebum to come back.

You feel the seat next to you get taken up, “You’re back already—” it wasn’t Jaebum and neither was it Jinyoung but the last person you had wanted to be with. You’d forgotten he was here and your questions about Jaebum had been answered, Kris.

“Hey, it’s been a while…” and your darting from your seat but your being pulled back down. “We can’t talk—”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” You seethe as you try to get out of his grip.

“Please love, listen to me.” You freeze, love, you haven’t heard that nickname in forever. Having it banned from Jaebum’s vocabulary because it brought back to many memories. “Love, I’m sorry—I’ve missed you so much…” his hand caresses your cheek as it wipes away the tears that you didn’t noticed had fallen. You know you should pull away but your body isn’t moving, it’s as if it’s paralyzed.

Kris is being yanked away from you and vice versa. Jaebum’s grabbing him by the shirt and punches him across the face. Kris is falling onto the floor and Jaebum takes the chance to get on top of him as He continuously sock him.

Your shaking and the tears continue to fall, Jinyoung’s attempting to calm you down, hands against your cheeks pulling your face up to meet eyes with him. “Y/n! Honey you have to calm down! You’re going to give yourself an anxiety attack. Breathe in and out!” He says as he’s showing you.

Jacksons trying to pull Jaebum off and it takes another pair of hands, Mark, to do so. “You need to leave, now!” Mark yells as he struggles to keep Jaebum from attacking him again.

“DON’T FUCKIN TOUCH MY GIRLFRIEND AGAIN YOU HEAR ME FUCK—LET ME GO!” Jaebum yells. By this time, you’re in Jinyoung’s arms, hands running through your hair to calm you.

“Jaebum snap out of it!” Mark yells as he’s shaking him. “Your girlfriend fucking needs you!”

That manages to shake him out of his rage, his features soften for a bit before he’s tugging you out of room and onto the balcony.

Jaebum’s leaning against the railing and away from you, hands coming up to his hair, and he’s trying to calm down his breathing. You’re hugging yourself, both of comfort and from the wind as you wait for him to calm down. “Why were you with him?” the sudden question had caught you off guard along with the tone he used.


“Why was he touching you?” His voice is rising with each question and it’s scaring you, “Jae listen—”

“Why didn’t you move away!”

“I couldn’t okay! I was scared—I’m scared; I was so scared Jae I didn’t know what to do!” You sobbed again and Jaebum breaks, he hated seeing you cry and he always blamed himself because he didn’t know how to comfort you. It was always Jinyoung who comforted the members whenever they were crying.

He pulls you into a hug, tears falling from his eyes from frustration. “I’m sorry, I-I’m just frustrated that I couldn’t protect you and that-that asshole got to touch you!” he sniffles pulling you into his embrace tighter as he hears you sob a bit louder. “I’m so sorry I lashed out on you.” He kisses the top of your head multiples of time before pulling out of the embrace to wipe away at your tears and some snot that had managed to escape. “I think we should call it a night.” He suggests as he smooths out the hair strands that stuck out from your head. You feel bad for leaving but all you want to do is just cuddle up and sleep, so you meekly nod your head and Jaebum’s giving you a smile before he intertwines his fingers with yours.

“y/n are you okay? Did he hurt you? Do I have to hurt him? I’m so gonna hurt him for hurting you no one hurts my y/n!”

“Jack—Jackson it’s okay, I’m okay now. Thank you for worrying.” You sigh.

“Mark if you don’t mind, we’re going to take our leave.”

“No not at all,” Linda waves off before pulling you into a hug. “Take care of her for me.” Jaebum nods before turning towards Jinyoung, eyebrows raising from the bright pink spot on his button down.

“You just missed Judy and Bam. Long story short, Judy had one too many and had to be taken home.” Jaebum nods his head before bidding everyone else Goodbye and you following behind.

He hasn’t let your hand go, only when the two of you had to get in the car, but he was quick to intertwine them again after buckling in.

The minute you’re in your apartment you let out a sigh, kicking off your heels and throwing your purse onto the couch before heading off into the bathroom to take off your makeup, or what’s left of it. “Jae,” you whine seeing the disaster on your face; your eyeliner was smeared across your face along with your eye shadow, you barley had any foundation left on, and your lipstick had managed to get smeared across your cheek.

“yes babe?” He coos, arms wrapping around your waist. He’s already in his pajamas, which only consisted of his bottoms. He insists on sleeping shirtless no matter what the weather was, ‘it’s good for my skin’ he says.

“Why didn’t you tell me my makeup was ruined—why didn’t anyone tell me?”

“That’s not the only thing that’ll get ruined tonight.”

You scoff, “Ugh, you’re such a seducer.”

“Only for you.” He smiles, giving you a kiss on the cheek as he helps you with your skin routine; pumping some cleanser onto the palm of his hand as he rubs them together to create a foam, before rubbing it on your face. The massage feels nice, until you can feel the cleanser dripping down your neck and into your chest, is where you had to stop Jaebum from doing any more.
He holds your hair back as you splash water onto your face, purposely splashing a little too hard so that it’ll hit him. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” he coos. You stick out your tongue as he reaches for the towel and helps you wipe off the water.
Once you’re finished you head out into your shared bedroom and surprisingly you’re not tired from all the events that had happened today, maybe a movie will put me to sleep, you thought.

“Hey Jae, are you up for—” but as you turn around your interrupted by a kiss, hands on either side of your cheeks. Your taken by surprise but manage to melt into it seconds after, hands coming up to run through his already disheveled hair. He tugs at your bottom lip before moving to your neck and tugging at the skin there.

“Didn’t I tell you your makeup wasn’t the only thing that’s going to get ruined tonight?”

Baby Don't Like it-

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I hope you like it even though I think it’s shit!

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You wore your tight fitted dress, Black Heels and let your silky hair loose. You touched up your make up before you decided to go. You had a high status party to attend. You had your eyes on one man and one man only, unfortunately for you, he already had a woman he was with, they weren’t really official but everyone knew they had something going on. His Name was Johnny, Johnny from NCT.

Naturally you attracted other men, but you only cared about Johnny’s attention. Of course you have met him a few times, at his place for lunch, met at cafés, but nothing much happened but flirting.

As you went in the massive hall, you flicked your silky hair to the side exposing your left side of your neck and your shoulder. You clearly got most of the attention and you swayed your hips from side to side. You had an obvious smirk, some woman scolded their boyfriends for looking at you. You went to greet the NCT members.
“Hello Boys” you smile
“You look beautiful Y/N” Taeyong said smiling…
“Thank you…” you smiled back
“Wow, that dress looks beautiful on you” Taeil complimented you
Then Johnny came with his Lady next to him, you could tell just by his eyes how he admired you.
“Wow” he said and his what you thought was his girlfriend raised an eyebrow.
“Hello” You lightly bowed at the two
They said hello back…

The party lasted with small talks and with obvious flirting with Johnny which his girlfriend didn’t like. The NCT boys noticed, they didn’t really say anything but laugh at the obvious flirting and Johnny furious girlfriend.
It was time to go home, since it was a little late…
Johnny decided to take you to your car “You must be cold” He said
“Ohh, a little but it’s okay” you smiled
“Here, take this Y/N” he gave you his blazer
“No it’s okay” you insisted
“No, I can see your goose bumps! You can give it back to me the next time you see me” he said
“Are you sure?” You asked
“Yes” he smiled
“See you” you said while biting your lip
“Bye” he winked at you.
You drove off and you could smell his scent on his blazer, it did keep you warm.
“Why is he so sweet to me, when he has a girlfriend?” You said to yourself as you sighed after.
You finally made it home and rested.

A week went by and you still haven’t returned johnny his blazer and you thought it was just right to visit his place and give it to him.

You wore Black Skinny jeans and a nude silky top…
You texted him in advance and Johnny said it was okay for you to come over.
You finally made it to his place and you waited as you rang the door bell.

“Hello Y/N…” he smiled “I was just waiting for you” he said
“Hey…” you smiled “Oh, here! Thank you so much” you said
“I even took it to the dry cleaners for you” you smiled
“How thoughtful” he said, as he looked at the neatly packed bag.
“Please… come inside” Johnny said
“Wow, you’re place is nice” you said as he went into his kitchen to pour you a glass of wine.
“It’s big right” he laughed “yes, massive” you said
“Where’s your girlfriend?” you asked
“Girlfriend” Johnny laughed
“Why are you laughing?” You asked
“Because I’m not sure if she holds that status anymore?” Johnny sighed
“What why?” You asked
“reasons” he said
“Oh…” you said and then he came closer to you and rubbed your cheek with his thumb.
“Baby… is it me? Or are you doing something to me?” Johnny asked
“It’s not just you johnny” you said nervous
He kissed you, you were shocked.
After processing what happened you kissed him back. It was a long heated kiss.
“Johnny stop she’s going to come back any time soon” You said
“I like it when we get closer and when it gets risky” he smirked and continued to kiss you
“Johnny” you moaned his name as he started to rub your sweet spot. He kissed your kneck and made it down to your chest, from this point he took off your top and bra and sucked on your breasts and played with them. He took off your jeans and continued to rub you…
“Johnny stop this…” you continued moaning…
“When I’m with you…. danger seems like a good thing” he said as he kissed your body…
“Johnny she could come here any moment” you couldn’t help but moan in pleasure…
“The truth is…” Johnny said and then paused and made it to your sweet spot…
He looked at you and smirked
“My baby don’t like it when you come around” he laughed
“Then stop this Johnny” you rolled your eyes back in pleasure as he stuck one finger in you and slowly pumped it in and out…
“You’ve been in my fantasies” Johnny said as he put in another finger and continued to pump inside your sweet spot making it more heated.
You couldn’t help but moan in pleasure, your body also stared twitching.
“I love the…” he didn’t let you finish your sentence off… but he knew what you meant…
“I love it, love it love it too” he said and then started licking your sweet spot making you even more wet.
“Baby…” you moan.
“But you know…” Johnny pauses and then licked you up again and then said
“My baby don’t like it when you come around…” he said
“I … I know but I’m about to cu…” he didn’t let you finish your sentence and grabbed you to his bed room.
“I’m not finished baby girl…” he said as he continued to eat you out… he pumped his fingers even faster and you finally came. You finally got your breath.
“My turn” you said as you laid him on his head.

You took off his boxers to reveal his erected member, “I’m going to be friking honest” Johnny said as you pumped his member… “I’ve always wanted to be inside of you” you looked at him and licked your lips “I’ve always liked you baby girl” he said
“Shut up and let me pleasure you” you said as you started to lick the tip of his member and then put the rest of it in your mouth.
You bobbed your head up and down on his member making him moan your name “Y/N, I’m about to…” you continued to go faster and faster till he couldn’t hold it in anymore and came in your mouth.
“Baby…” he moaned…
Then he pushed you down on his bed and put his thick member in you, you let out a light moan.

He went in slow and then increased his speed “fas… faster” you moan
“What baby girl?” He asked
“Faster johnny” he went in faster, making the beds creak, making you two sweaty! You could hear the skin slap on each other
“I’m about to cum…” you told johnny
“Me… too” the bed creaked even louder. The faster johnny went the louder your moans got.
“Mmmm, Johnny I’m … cumming” you couldn’t hold in longer…
you both came, Johnny kissed you and laid next to you on his bed.

“I’m going to text my ex” he said
“What?” You ask
“I mean, what will be my ex” he laughed

He texted her a break up text, she called him a dick and now you and Johnny are dating.

I guess you’re his new baby.


Hey guys sorry for the wait, I’ve had school stuff and my wrist is in pain cuz all the typing and texting and writing I do! So I need to give it a break sometimes!

Btw plz ignore the spelling mistakes cuz I’m too tired to edit!
But I hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for requesting…

Addiction (Jiyong-4)

Genre: Smut

Part One  Part Two Part Three Part Five

Mino carressed the soft skin on your belly while planting tender kisses on your neck. The action making you melt into complete oblivion. Every problem, every thought, every memory drifted for you mind. His touch even made you forget your name.Every move that he made was to make sure that you knew he loved you. He touched your body like it was a delicate masterpiece. He looked at you like you were a goddess that a mortal like him was lucky to have. He saw no one but you. 

You responded to his touches and laced your fingers through his silky hair, pulling his face towards yours. The sweet taste of his lips made your eyes roll back and made your grip on his hair tighten. You felt the corners of his lips quirk up at the way just a kiss could get you riled up. His tongue swiped your bottom lip asking a silent question which you said yes to. He skillfully deepened the kiss giving you full access to the wonders of his mouth. Although your tongues danced against eachothers it wasn’t sloppy or rough or messy, or anything like that. The kiss wasn’t dirty and expecting something more, your kiss was gentle and passionate. 

Mino pulled away but kept his forehead pressed against yours. The two of you tried to catch your breath. 

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It’s Okay

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader based on the movie P.S. I Love You. Instead of the woman receiving the letters, it’s Spencer, after his wife died in the field. She wrote letters to him in the event that she died so that he would be able to move on with his life. @coveofmemories


“Kid,” Morgan said as he knocked on the door. “I know how you feel, but you have to let us in some time. We’re here when you need us.” Two weeks ago, just weeks before her 34th birthday and his 37th, Spencer’s wife, Y/N had been shot and killed in the field. He hadn’t left the apartment since.

Since that night in the hospital, when he’d seen the light leave her eyes, his life hadn’t returned. Ever since, he felt numb. Walking around the apartment in a daze. The first night, he’d cried his eyes out, and since, he couldn’t cry anymore. It had been days since he showered - his hair greasy and falling over in his face. He knew he couldn’t stay in his apartment forever, but he still couldn’t get himself to leave. Instead, he clutched their wedding picture in his hands. In however many years he had left on this earth, he’d never forget how beautiful she looked that day, and every day since. As he went to lie down, a drop of water fell on the frame - he thought he couldn’t cry anymore.


Ten days later, it was Y/N’s birthday. The day before, Spencer had been feeling like he might want to get outside, but when he remembered it was Y/N’s birthday, he collapsed in the middle of the floor and sobbed for hours, ending any possibility of him going out that day. 

Only four days later, it was Spencer’s birthday.

Knock. Knock.

“Kid,” Morgan said from outside the door, “Everyone is here and we wanna take you out for your birthday. Open up.” Thankfully, Spencer had showered that morning, which was a good thing because he had absolutely no desire to do it right now. Without saying a word, he let everyone into the apartment and went to his room to get changed, coming out in a pair of jeans, muted red t-shirt and a black blazer. 

After they sat down at the table, the team attempted to get Spencer to talk. He said a few words here and there, but not much else. When the employees at the restaurant came over, cake in hand and singing happy birthday, Spencer began to cry. Along with Todd, one of his and Y/N’s friends at the restaurant, came a letter from him to Spencer.

“What is this?” Spencer asked, confused at the piece of paper in Todd’s hand.

“Just take it,” he replied. “I was supposed to give it to you if Y/N ever passed away.”

A tear slipped from his eye onto the paper in his hand as he opened it. “What does it say?” Garcia asked misty-eyed. He read aloud.

My dearest Spencer,

We’ve been together since we were kids. Started as best friends, awkwardly got together at 16, joined the Bureau and started a beautiful life together. If you’re reading this, it’s because I’m no longer there. That’s what this letter, and future ones, will be for - to help you move on in the wake of my passing. I know you, and I know that you’ll be devastated over my loss. I am pretty awesome, so I understand, but you’re too young to let my loss derail your entire life. Tonight, I imagine you’re out with everyone. Send them my love. Anyway, I want you to enjoy a piece of that cake we had when we first moved to DC - you know, the unbelievably decadent chocolate layer cake that gave me a foodgasm a la When Harry Met Sally? I want you to eat that. If not for you, then for me. Damn I want that cake now. After that, I want you and everyone else to go to the park a take a walk around the lake. Look around, take some solace under one of the big oak trees, and know I’m right there with you. 

I know your brain and I know you’re going to try and figure out when your next letter is coming, but don’t. It will ruin the spontaneity and that’s the point of this - get you out of that beautiful head of yours. Not in it.

It’s okay to grieve, and it’s okay to move on.

I love you, 


Folding the letter carefully so as not to damage it, Spencer put it in his pocket, but not before quite a few tears fell onto the worn parchment. Without ordering, Todd brought him a piece of cake, and with the slightest smile, he took a bite, bringing to mind the way Y/N’s eyes rolled into the back of her head when she’d taken her first taste.

“Ready to go to the park?” Hotch asked, after they paid the bill. Spencer looked at his friends with guilt, like they didn’t need to go with him, but Hotch read his mind. “Of course we’re going with you.” As they stood up from the table, Hotch clapped him on the back. “We’ll always be with you.”


A month later, Spencer had been back to work, but he was by no means okay. Every day, he woke up and for a split second, he felt that she wasn’t gone; he felt like he could breathe again. It would always feel like she was right next to him, but when he’d turn to the side, she wouldn’t be there.

It was the weekend. The team wanted him to go out, get out of the apartment. For the past week or so he’d been isolating himself again, but he had no desire to get out. All of a sudden, he heard a knock at the door.

“Spencer,” he heard from outside the door. It sounded a lot like Y/N, just older. His mother-in-law?

“Mom?” he called as he opened the door. “What are you doing here?” 

“I’m here to give you this,” she said, handing him an envelope. “Call me after you read it, okay? I love you.”

“I love you, too, Mom,” he cracked. “I’ll talk to you later.”

As he returned to the couch, he opened the envelope. 

My forever love,

My second letter. Brought to you by my mother. Since we were kids, she hoped we’d be together. Well, she got her wish. Although she didn’t want to think about the possibility, I insisted she hold my second letter for you. Remember how we always talked about going to Italy one day? I wanted to get in touch with my roots? Well, you’re going. With my mom and dad. They’re going to introduce you to the land of my relatives and because I’m always with you, I’ll be able to go there too. If you haven’t seen it already, inside the envelope is a plane ticket. My mom actually put it there, probably recently, but you know what I mean. I need you to go. I need you to realize that it is okay to do things that remind you of me without feeling guilty about it. I want you to go. Take some time off. Tell Hotch the order was from me, I don’t think he’ll disobey my wishes lest I haunt him from beyond the grave. When you get over there, have some lemon gelato for me. I’ve always wanted to try it. Remember, no matter where you go, I’ll be there and my parents will always love you. Have fun and remember…

It’s okay to grieve and it’s okay to move on.

I love you,


At Y/N’s behest, Spencer walked into work the next day and asked for two weeks off. When he asked why, Spencer showed him the letter. “She’s right,” he said, “I wouldn’t want her to haunt me from the grave - and I know she would.”

That Friday, he was on the plane to Italy with his mother and father-in-law, and as soon as they touched the ground, the headed to the gelato shop next to the hotel. The fresh, cold lemon taste coated his tongue, bringing a smile to his face as he thought of what Y/N would’ve thought. Foodgasm came to mind.


Upon his return home, Spencer returned to work with pictures and stories of his late wife’s homeland. “So how are you feeling?” Morgan asked as he rifled through the pictures. “How’re you in-laws?”

“They’re pretty okay actually. They miss her, as we all do, but they also know she wouldn’t want anyone wallowing in sadness, so they do their best to move past it. Frankly, they are better at it than I am,” Spencer replied. “As for me…I still need time. I don’t know how long it’s going to be before I can look at her picture without my heart dropping. Maybe it never will, but I need time.”


Week after week went by until it had been almost three months since his last letter, when all of a sudden it came to him. This time, courtesy of JJ. “Hey, Spence. This is from Y/N. I have no idea what it says, but she told me, you might need us after this one, so do you want me to stay while you read it?” He shook his head, inviting her into the apartment as he unfolded the letter, staring at his love’s familiar handwriting. Again, he read it aloud for JJ to hear.

Hi honey,

If I know you, and after nearly 30 years together, as friends and lovers, I think I do, your spirits picked up a bit after the last letter, but our anniversary is in a few weeks and I wanted this to be done before then, when your mood will undoubtedly dip down again…

For a second, he turned away from the letter, laughing at how well his wife knew him. 

That’s why this letter came now. I know you. You know sitting around my things isn’t healthy for you. Sure, there are things you’ll always want to keep, but my clothes? My crap jewelry? The painting on the wall that I love and you hate? There’s no need for these things to remain holding you down. I’m gone. Keep my wedding dress. Keep our childhood pictures together. Keep my good jewelry (if for no other reason than to hock that shit if you ever need money), but don’t keep the unnecessary garbage, just because it’s mine. That’s why I asked JJ to stay - and to have everyone else on call. I know it’s going to be difficult to throw out my things, but they’ll be there to help you, and it needs to be done. I’ll always be with you, whenever you need me. 

Remember…It’s okay to grieve and it’s okay to move on.

I love you,


“Tomorrow?” Spence asked as he turned to JJ.

She got up from the couch, kissing his forehead. “I’ll see you tomorrow. With everyone else in tow.”


The next day, JJ, Morgan, Garcia, Emily, Hotch and Rossi all showed up at Spencer’s door, ready to help in any way they could. When he agreed to this, it was because he had just read the letter and wanted to do what she’d asked of him, but now, seeing them in his apartment, Spencer nearly broke down. He couldn’t do this, could he? Get rid of the remnants of the life they once lived?

However, silently, they made their way into the apartment and over the next couple of hours, they put her clothes into donation bags, her fake jewelry in the garbage, and that painting he hated off the wall. As they were saying goodbye, Spencer panicked, unable (or so he thought) to let go of the past. He collapsed into Morgan’s shoulder, sobbing, but no one left - and no one said a word. After the tears had dried, they took her things with them and when the door closed, somehow, he felt lighter.


In less than a month, it would be a year since she’d passed. Every day was a little bit better than the last. He still saw his in-laws all the time - and every day he still grieved, but it was getting better. Months upon months had passed between the letters this time, but this time, he found the letter himself.

My Predictable Husband,

You’re looking in the wedding album, aren’t you? Haven’t been able to since my funeral? This will be my last letter. My first memory of you was when we were four and you were pushing me on the swing. In my own four-year-old way, I knew I loved you then. Over the next 30 years, you were my best friend, my confidant and the absolute love of my life. It was an honor to have been your wife - to spend what little time I had with you. I was who I was because you loved me and for that I will always love you. My last wish for you is this…don’t close yourself off to the idea of love again. One day, some lucky lady will come across the beautiful BAU doctor and fall in love with his smiling eyes and fluffy hair. Let her in. I want you to be happy and if you find someone else that makes you happy, take that chance and run with it - and know I’ll be there cheering you on.

Keep these letters. Re-read them occasionally, but don’t let our memories hold you down - let them lift you up to higher places. Remember…

It’s okay to grieve, even years down the road, and it’s okay that you’re moving on.

I love you always,


As he turned the paper over, reading the last words she’d ever say to him, he sobbed, crying out in the middle of the room and looking up to the ceiling. Instead of talking to her, he picked up a pen, writing back.

My beautiful, perfect, forever love,

One day, I may fall in love again, but not now. For now, I’ll focus on other kinds of love. Familial, platonic, love of nature. I’ll take in the beauty of the world because you’d want me to and eventually I’ll start to see it again. I was a better man because of you and I have been honored to be your husband. When you died, a piece of me died too, but you brought me back from the brink of insanity and for that I will always love you. You took the time to write to me, so I’ll keep you updated. No matter where I go, who I’m with…just please don’t leave. I hope to feel your presence around me until my dying breath. I’ll write soon.

I’m starting to move passed it, however I’m not quite there yet. Thank you for convincing me it’ll be okay.

I’ll always love you,


Date Night

Request: Could you do an imagine where your Izzy’s Parabati and best friend and in order to help Simon and Clary,you agree to go a date with Raphael since it’s what he wants out of the deal and after the date Izzy makes fun of you because she knows you secretly had a good time as much as you deny it?? 

Pairing: ReaderXRaphael // ReaderXIzzy 

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: I had a great time writing this for you and I hope its what you had in mind! Thank you so much for your request I loved the concept and overall idea! Hope you enjoy :D

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*GIF is not mine*

Y/n’s POV

“ I will only co-operate if Y/N….. will go on a date with me…” Raphael said confidently whilst holding Simon at the throat. Clary yelped when he tightened his grip round her best friends neck.

You quickly glanced to the rest of our group, Izzy was smirking to herself obviously enjoying the fact her best friend had basically just been asked out.

“ No way! Just give us Simon!” Jace screamed . The vampire just rolled his eyes at him and carried on staring at me with his coal black eyes, and it was sort of intimidating.

“Look, I will do it” you say calmly, walking towards Simon and keeping eye contact with Raphael. You grabbed Simon’s arm and directed him towards the group and stood near the Downworlder.

“ I will catch you guys up” you say to the group. Eventually, after all of the worried looks the group, they all nodded and headed back to the Institute.

Finally turning to Raphael and give him a bored expression, crossing your arms over my chest.

“ So, what time does this ‘date’ start” you say sarcastically using air quotes on the word date.

He looked nervous, after what seemed like an eternity of looking at the ground he finally looked you in the eye.

“ Well, I was thinking maybe a dinner and a movie? At.. lets say 7 pm ” he says quietly, just loud enough for me to hear.

“ Sounds good, see you then” you smile genuinely. His face light up at your words, he was adorable. You eventually started to head back to the Institute when your phone beeped. Quickly you pull it out of your pocket and check who the text was from.

Izzy ;)

Heyyyy where are you????

You quickly tell her “I’m on my way”, but then realize you were actually here.

As soon as you walk into the hallway you see Clary running towards you, suddenly it was a struggle to breath in her tight hug.

“ Thank you so much for saving Simon! I owe you one!” She rambled at you so quick you almost didn’t understand.

“ Its fine…” You try to catch your breath “ Clary… Please… can you let go now..” You whisper, she suddenly let go and smiles weakly before returning to Simon. Who was currently laying down in the infirmary, poor kid.

Heading straight to Izzy’s room, you needed her expertise on fashion to get ready for this date.

Knocking gently as you open your Parabati’s door. You enter the room only to be greeted with Izzy smirking.

“ Well, well, well its about time you got here!” She states running to her closet, pulling out different items of clothing, which you knew you would never choose to wear.

“ What are you doing?” You ask sitting on her bed with your legs crossed.

“ I’m looking for an outfit for you to wear tonight silly” she giggles shaking her head. You just sigh and pull your phone out. It was 5:45 pm already! You jump up and run to your room. You needed to shower.

After showering you walked back to Izzy’s room in just a towel.

“ Right i have laid out you clothes, so go put them on. Then we can get started on your hair and make up!” She squealed like a child, someone was excited.

“ Thanks Mom ” you laugh, she was treating you like her child that was about to go on their first date.

“ You’re welcome, now go get dressed!” She whined, sitting on her bed.

You headed to her bathroom and pulled the clothes on. You could tell Izzy had really tried to find clothes you would wear and to be perfectly honest you loved the out fit.

When you finished you looked into her long mirror on the far wall of the bathroom. She had chose black skinny jeans, a cream over sized jumper and a pair of black lace up wedge boots. It looked really cute.

You walked back out into the bedroom and smiled at your best friend.

“ I love the outfit Iz!” You beamed.

She sighed with relief, and gestured for you to sit down on the bed too. She had all her make up out and her hair curlers were on the nightstand.

“ So what are you doing on the date then?” She asked curiously as she applied some liquid eyeliner, doing a cat eye.

You open one eye and look at her, concentration was plastered all over it. It took all your might not to giggle.

“ Dinner and a movie, I don’t even want to go” you sigh closing your eye again.

“ Of course you do! Raphael is hot” she states. She did have a point, Raphael was completely gorgeous. His dark hair and eyes added fear but mystery to his personality. You had bumped into him a couple of times when vampires were involved in missions. He seemed nice enough, even though he had just kidnapped Simon.

“ Y/N?!” Izzy shouts, snapping you out of your daydream. Opening your eyes, to see Izzy staring at you with an impatient look in her face.

“ Yeah?” You say quietly.

“ I said I’m finished” she sighs “ time to do your hair but first… Here put this on” she says handing you a necklace. You slipped it over your head before she started to do your hair.

15 minuets later and you were ready, and you still had 5 minuets left to spare. You pulled on your black Parka coat, it was freezing outside, and slipped on a cream bobble hat. You were finally ready. Clary, Jace and Alec all waved to you and Izzy as you passed the infirmary.

When you reached the doors of the Institute Izzy pulled you into a hug.

“If he tries any funny business that your not up for just kick him where the sun don’t shine” Izzy whispers

“ You do realize he’s a vampire and he doesn’t have a place on his body where the sun shines ” you giggle, pulling away from the hug.

“ Oh! I totally forgot! I sounded so mean!” She panicked. You just grinned at your best friend’s cuteness.

“ I will see you later” you smiled at her and walked out, only to be greeted with a handsome Raphael holding red roses.

“ Good evening” he says calmly with a slight smirk, handing you the flowers.

“ Good evening Raphael, thank you for the roses” you smiled taking the flowers. You glanced at him and saw he was wearing dark washed jeans, a white shirt and a black blazer.

“ Anything for you, Y/N” he grinned and held his hand out for you to hold. You smiled shyly and breathed “ one moment” and hurried back inside to place the flowers on the passageway table.

You hurry back outside and join Raphael, taking his hand. It was very cold and you internally cursed yourself for not wearing gloves.

“ What do you fancy having for dinner? Italian? Sushi?” He questions as you start to walk down the street hand in hand. Weirdly you were enjoying yourself even though the night had only just began.

“ Italian sounds great” you say giving him a sideways glance with a small smile.

“ I know just the place” he sounded really excited.

You eventually arrived at a small restaurant that was tucked away down a small side street. You and Raphael entered and were surprised by how cozy the place was. A tall gentleman, which was dressed in a suit showed you to a table.

After being handed a menu the waiter scurried off to serve other customers that were arriving.

“ So, what are you thinking about having” Raphael says and you glance over your menu at him, you noticed he didn’t have a menu in front of him, then it hit you what was he going to eat?

“ Emm… I’m not sure, what do you suggest?” You ask politely whilst smiling.

He returned your smile with a grin before telling you that the pepperoni pizza was to die for here.

“ Great, I will get that” you hesitated before asking “ What are you going to have?” You give him a worried glance.

“ Well, luckily this is a downworlder restaurant and they have a special menu for vampires, I’m going to get a pasta dish i think ” he says giving you a slight smile. Before you could reply, the waiter was back.

“ May i take your orders?” He says casually whilst looking at the wall.

“ Can I have the pepperoni pizza please with a diet coke?” You say politely looking at the waiter as he jots down your order.

“ And can I have the vampire pesto pasta please, with a glass of water” he says looking at you.

“ No problem, I will be over with your drinks in a minuet” as he hurried off again.

“ So, Y/N tell me about yourself” Raphael says kindly as he places his hands on the table.

You told him about your interests and hobbies and then he told you about him. You guys joked around and just talked about life, and what you planned to do in the future. Eventually your food arrived.

After you ate you guys headed to the movies. You never really went to the cinema so you had no idea what was showing. When you finally reached the entrance Raphael bought two tickets to Batman Vs Superman.

“ I love Batman” you say happily to Raphael.

“ I love Superman” he says with a smirk, which made you roll your eyes playfully. You had noticed back at the restaurant that Raphael was actually really funny and caring, he had told you about how much he missed his family but joked about how bad it was to be a vampire. You were having a great time with him.

You both found a seat next to each other, before siting down you took your coat off. And placed it on your lap. You were genuinely excited to see the film.

As the opening credits start you feel Raphael touch your hand which makes you quickly glance at him. And without thinking about it you grabbed , and held his hand. You glanced at him again only to see the biggest smile ever plastered across his face, smiling to yourself you put your focus back to the screen to enjoy the film.

As the rolling credits appeared on the screen, everyone started to head out of the large room. You stood up and grabbed your coat, your hand still intertwined with Raphael’s. You guys made it to the doorway, when you stopped to put you coat and hat on.

After a long, great walk back to Institute you finally made it back. You and Raphael had talk about the movie on the way and got into a heated debate on who was better Batman or Superman which just ended up in laughter.

“ I had an amazing time” you say shyly as you look to the ground and then back up to the boy stood in front of you.

“ I had an amazing time too” he says with a boyish smile.

“ We should do this again” you say with a smile “ Only if you want to” you rushed the last part, making him laugh.

“ Of course, I would love to. I totally forgot to tell you how beautiful you look tonight” he says looking at our intertwined hands.

“ Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself” you say jokingly. He grinned at your words, looking to the ground.

“ It was a pleasure Y/N” he says bringing your hand up to his mouth. His cool lips softly kiss your hand, which makes you blush but it was hidden under the rosiness of your cheeks from the bitterly cold weather.

You smile as you make your way up the steps of the Institute, turning and waving as you reach the door.

You sigh with a grin on your face as you lean against the door, after entering.

“ I’m guessing you had a good time?” Izzy said with a sly smirk on her face.

“ It was terrible” you lie.

“ Yeah, yeah so… When’s the wedding?” She teased.

“ What?! We’ve only been on one date!” You stutter out, taking your coat and hat off, as well as your shoes.

“ So there’s going to be a second date ?!” She squealed, clapping her hands happily.

“ No!” You say quickly.

“ You are lying to me, I can tell! You have totally fallen for him!” She says bringing you into a hug. Maybe she was right you had an amazing time with Raphael, he was sweet and charming but also really funny.

“ Okay…. Maybe there will be a second date…” You mutter just loud enough for your best friend to hear.

“ I cant wait… I gave him your number by the way ” she says, pulling out the hug saying she was going to bed, quickly running off before you could say anything. Shaking your your head at how strange your best friend was you head back to your own room and get ready for bed.

After putting your pajamas on and taking the make up Izzy had applied off, you headed over to your bed. Diving under the covers, and grabbing your phone. You unlock it to see you have a text message from an unknown number.

Unknown: Goodnight beautiful xx - Raphael

You smiled at the message and sent one saying goodnight. You lock your phone and placed it on the nightstand before turning your light off. You smiled yourself to sleep, dreaming of the perfect night you had just had.

Delicate Part 4/9

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name,

A/N: Reader is brilliantly smart but has spent her life being exploited by anyone who finds out about it. She is recruited by Fury to come to the Avengers facility, but it may not be for the reason she thinks.

Not going to lie, I listened to the song Delicate by Damien Rice about a million times while writing this. Also the trailer for Gifted not only left me an emotional mess it also seems to have seeped it’s way a little into this story.

This part is a little long and oh so fluffy. Also please be kind, I have never been to New York before in my life so all of my information is from google maps and virtual tours. 

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9

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Fat fingers part 2: Coffee date, or?

Note: Sorry that this took so long. I will start working on the TJeff request that I promised to work on earlier this week tonight and hopefully finish it tomorrow. For now, I hope you enjoy part 2 of Fat Fingers though. c:

Word count: 3168

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: Mentions of racism, homophobia and neo nazis. Do not read if Trump supporter, I guess??? Also a bit of swearing.

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You had been unable to go to sleep that night, even if you tried really hard to do so. It had been a horrible day and you wanted nothing but to tell your family how much you hated their influence on your life. But, if you did it would mean that you would never see them again and they were definitely someone you did not want to make your enemy, as they could make your life a living hell. You had no choice but to try and live at least a little bit by their rules.

At some point, you found yourself deciding to message Daveed on Facebook. At first, you had no idea what to write, but you just really felt like you owed him an apology and if he did not accept it, you sure would be embarrassed. But, you would have tried. At least the likelihood of you two ever meeting again was pretty much to zero.

“Hey, I don’t know if you remember me, but I was the girl who ran into you this morning. I just really wanted to apologize for the way my ‘friend’ acted. Anyway, that’s probably all. Bye” You typed awkwardly and send it to him. You were not sure whether he would reply or not, but just as you had put your phone down on your bedside table again, your phone buzzed. When you checked, you had not expected to see Daveed’s name on the display, but were unable to help the grin that spread across your lips. He really did respond.

“Hey Y/N, I remember you. No need to apologize though, it’s not your fault. I hope that you still want to take me up on that coffee soon. I’m heading to bed now, but feel free to call me at some point. Number is 510-555-0150. Hope to see you soon”

Had Daveed Diggs just given you his number? You blinked a couple of times and checked the display another time just to make sure that he had indeed given you his number. He definitely had. You could not help but wonder why, but it made you smile like an idiot. And blush a tiny bit too.

You saved his number in your phone and contemplated on whether you should text him or not. You decided on the later, as he had told you that he was going to bed. So, yet again you placed your phone on the nightstand and as you were about to fall asleep, finally being able to after you had gotten the apology off your chest, you received another message. Surprisingly enough, it was from Daveed as well.

“If it’s not too much to ask, could you send me a text?” He asked and you chuckled softly.

“Sure” You replied, before finding his name in your contacts. You were unsure about what to write. You could just send him a hi with your name, but that seemed sort of boring. “I think I am the one who owes you coffee. Goodnight, Diggs” You texted and finally went to sleep after sending it.

You woke up to a text from Daveed next morning. You had not expected it, but it honestly made you happy. Getting a response from him last night had saved your night and getting a text from him now definitely was a great start on an otherwise probably stressful day.

“Mornin. I don’t think so, Y/LN. I’ll buy coffee tonight, if you’re up for it? Have a great day.” The text said. You giggled softly and shook your head. You honestly still found yourself doubting that this was indeed real.

“Good morning Diggs. Only if I get to pay? You too” You replied as you got out of bed. You knew that you would be off late, it would probably be around 6 before you finally finished work, so you had to bring spare clothes because there was no way in hell you were going back to your apartment before going for coffee with Daveed. First, you changed into a pair of jeans, a white chiffon dress shirt and a blue blazer. It was nothing special, but it was suited for work. For the coffee trip you settled on a cute, wine red dress that reached to just above your knee, a lemon curry knitted cardigan and a pair of black heels. It was nothing special, but you wanted to at least do a little bit to look presentable.

When you were heading out the door, you received another text from Daveed. “Guess we’ll see about that. How does 7 sound? It’s a date” You read with a smile.

“7 sounds good. Noted. Where are we going?” You asked. So, it was actually a date. You were going on a date with Daveed freaking Diggs. You hoped that you could make it there in time. Otherwise, you could probably just tell him whatever time you needed.

“I don’t know yet. I can pick you up at work at 6:45, if that’s cool?” You didn’t get to reply for a while, since you were in a bit of a rush to get to the subway, so it wasn’t until you stepped out of the subway again, that you got to actually text him back.

“Sure. I’ll see you at 6:45 then” You texted and added your work address as you made your way to your office. It luckily was not a long walk and you made it there in about 5 minutes. You were later than usual, but still made it on time.

The day went by way too slowly. You wanted nothing else but to get out of there and go on that coffee date with Daveed. You were really looking forward to it, but had to push it to the back of your mind to get some work done. It worked for the most part, but you were not surprised when some of your co-workers noticed how happy you seemed, which had become pretty rare those days.

“Why are you so happy Y/N?” Your friend Emma had asked while you were sat at a table with her, along with two other friends from work at lunch.

You froze, not really knowing what to say. You looked up at her with a nervous chuckle and looked at the two others as well. They had definitely noticed your significantly happier mood too, so there was no way you were getting around this one. “I… Uhm. I’m going on a date.” You murmured and stared into your food. You filled your mouth with food so you were unable to answer any other questions for now.

“What? Seriously? Are you really going on a date? That’s so exciting. Who’s the lucky one?” She asked, a bit too loud. A few of your other co-workers turned to your table to look at you. You felt your mouth go dry as you felt very exposed under everyone’s gaze.

“It’s no big deal…” You trailed off. You bit your lower lip as you wondered whether or not you should tell them. You had bonded over your mutual fondness for clipping. after all. “Daveed Diggs.” You finally blurted under your breath. They were going to figure it out anyway when he picked you up later.

“What?!” She almost shouted and you felt yourself slide further into the comfort of your chair. You sensed that she was about to scold you. She was head over heels for the guy after all. “Fuck you, Y/N. You knew that I had a crush on him.” She added.

You snorted lightly at her. “Please, Emma. I will set you two up if it’s that big of a deal.” You answered ironically as you rolled your eyes.

Her expression softened at that and she shook her head softly. “No. God no. You two suit each other much better. Besides, I’m an even crazier fan than you. How did you two even meet?” She rambled. The rest of your friends sat staring at you in silence and you began to grow uncomfortable.

“It’s no big deal… I just spilled my coffee on him.” You replied as you quickly filled your mouth with more food to stop the endless row of questions. Luckily, Emma seemed to get the hint and the 4 of you fell into your usual, cosy conversations while you finished lunch.

The last hours felt more like years. You kept looking at the clock every 5 minutes or so and you were always disappointed. You worked hard to finish what you needed before 6 pm. You knew that there was no way in hell you were finishing up until at least 30 minutes later, but you hoped that you would at least be ready then. Luckily, you managed to finish what you were working on in the half an hour you had left and once the time showed 6:30pm, you finally closed your computer.

You left your station, bringing your bag with you to the ladies’ room. Once inside one of the booths, you quickly changed into the clothes you had prepared from home and fixed your make up in front of the mirror. You did not feel as confident as you had hoped, but you knew that you just had to roll with it. You were not going to wear your work clothes out for a date, so this had to do.

With a soft sigh you left the bathroom. It would only be a couple of minutes until Daveed was picking you up outside. So, you bid Emma goodnight and headed down the stairs. Once outside, people started to spill out of the building as they had just finished as well. You texted him, just to make sure that he knew that you were ready. “I’m outside now” you wrote.

You did not receive a text from him, which was probably due to the fact that he was just around the corner. You were pretty happy when you saw him walking once he turned the corner of the street, as driving around LA at this time of the day was really hard.

Once he spotted you in the crowd of people leaving your office, his face lit up in a smile. “Y/N. Hey.” He smiled as he made his way to you and once in front of you, he gently took your hand and pressed a soft kiss to the back of it, his beard tickling your skin lightly. A pinkish blush spread across your cheeks.

“Wow. Such a gentleman.” You teased with a soft smile. There was no real fire behind it though. You were just really relieved that he actually wanted to drink coffee with you.

“Well, you do learn something from playing a Frenchman in a Broadway musical, I guess.” He joked, which made you chuckle softly.

“Guess so.” You smiled. You felt very comfortable in his presence. He was nice, sweet. You really hoped that this would not be the last time the two of you went out for coffee, even if it would just be as friends in the future. He had this personality that you just could not help but love.

“So… I was thinking. Can I ask you out for dinner instead? Nothing fancy, but I never got around to eat anything and since you just finished work, I figured you didn’t either.” He asked.

You nodded softly. “Yeah. That would be great, honestly. I’m starving.” You admitted, which made him chuckle softly. “So, where do you want to go?” You asked.

“There’s this great café not too far from here where they sell food too. How does that sound?” He suggested.

“Coffee and food. Classy.” You joked, before you nodded. “Sounds great. Lead the way?” You questioned. You probably did not know the place he was talking about anyway.

Daveed gently took your hand, holding onto it loosely as he led the way down the street. You thought that perhaps this would be a great night out with him without your family or any of their friends figuring out what you were doing.

You still feared that they would figure out what was going on, so you were pretty grateful once you got to the café and headed inside. Luckily, no one seemed to have noticed you and if they did, you were done defending your choices in men to them. If you wanted to date someone who they did not like, they would just have to deal with that.

Daveed lead you to a small table in the back of the café, pulling a chair out for you to sit in. You giggled softly at the gesture and said down. “Thank you, Monsieur.” You joked., which made him snort, even if he was unable to hide the smirk tugging at the corners of his lips.

“So, Y/N. You already know what I do. So, what do you do?” He asked. You bit your bottom lip lightly at his question. You really did not think your life was that interesting, but you knew that telling him about yourself was inevitable.

“I just do office work. Nothing interesting.” You said, as you lowered your gaze with a slight shrug. You could definitely find better things to do, but your mum had gotten you this job a while ago, so you felt like you were unable to just quit.  

“Oh, well. What if I think it’s interesting?” He challenged with an arched eyebrow. He obviously was not going to let you off that easily.

You shrugged. “I honestly don’t think you do.” You answered with a shy smile. Your work was nothing interesting. It barely even payed your bills, but it was better than letting your parents pay for some expensive life style that you did not want.

Most of your evening was spent like that, asking each other questions about your lives. You found his to be much more interesting than yours, even though Daveed kept telling you that he thought your life was pretty interesting. However, at the subject of family your mood seemed to do a complete 1-80. You truly wanted nothing to do with them. If anything, you wanted them out of your life, but it was an impossible task.

“I… Like I said, my family is very… Republican. Racists, homophobes, neo Nazis. Stuff like that.” You explained as you lowered your gaze. People often thought that you were the same. But, you had very different believes compared to the rest of your family.

Daveed could obviously see that the topic of family bothered you a lot and you were quite surprised when you felt a pair of soft, warm hands wrap around yours. “Well, at least you aren’t like them, Y/N.” He smiled softly, trying to cheer you up. It did not work however, and actually made things a bit worse. You did not dare to tell him, though.

“No, I know. They let me know every day…. Things would be so much easier if I could just live by their rules.” Your murmured, looking down at your hands. You hated that you had to at least try and live the way they wanted you to, but you had no other options.

“I know, but I am glad that you are different. You deserve better than a family who is against all your believes.” He sighed.

You simply nodded, as you had no idea what to say. “I just really want to not have to be viewed as one of them.” You blurted, biting your lower lip slightly.

“Who do you think views you as the same as them? You seemed to make your opinion on the election very clear, at least from what I could tell.” He seemed really surprised at what you had said. He definitely did not think that you were like them in anyway.

“I don’t know… Just. People. Everyone I meet seem to know my parents.” You shrugged, before shaking your head. “Anyway. Let’s talk about something else.” You added. You just did not know what. You wanted to change the subject though, as you felt tears starting to sting your eyes as the topic of conversation fell on your family.

Daveed luckily seemed to pick up on it and quickly changed the subject. “So, was spilling your coffee on me really an accident or did you do it intentionally to get to talk to me?” He teased, instantly lifting your mood.

“I wish it was on purpose, but it honestly wasn’t.” You giggled softly. It would have been a smart move, but it was honestly an accident.

As Daveed waved at a waiter to pay for the food and coffee the two of you had finished a while ago, he chuckled lightly at your response. “You could have fooled me.” He winked. You immediately felt a blush creep up your neck and heat up your cheeks.

“Maybe next time it won’t be an accident, D. It did gain your attention after all. Or was it my dashing looks?” You sassed him. You too could play that game.

You were about to protest when Daveed handed the waiter his credit card and he held his hand up to cut you off. “I’m buying, my treat. You can pay next time.” He said.

You knew you were not going to win this one, so you simply nodded with a soft sigh. “If there’s going to be a next time.” You teased.

“Oh, there definitely is.” He said. The two of you got up once the waiter had returned to your table with Daveed’s credit card.

The two of you left the restaurant together and once outside, you finally turned to him to answer. “What makes you so sure that I want to see you again, Diggs?” You challenged with an arched eyebrow. You definitely did, though. And as soon as possible.

“Because you think I’m hot.” He winked at you, which made your mouth fall open slightly.

“Fuck you, Daveed.” Your blurted as a blush spread across your cheeks. He was not wrong, though. You definitely thought he was hot and he had a great personality too, which made it even worse. You knew that your family would in no way approve of any form of relationship with a person of colour, let alone a rapper who wrote a song about how much he hates Donald Trump. Also, you thought that Daveed could do a lot better than someone like you and it honestly scared and confused you a bit, that he wanted to see you again.

“Gladly. Though, for tonight I just want to say thank you.” He grinned, which made you laugh.

“Goodnight, D. Tonight was great.” You smiled, as you tiptoed to place a light kiss against his cheek, his stubble tickling your chin lightly. You then flagged down a cab and waved goodbye. It had been an absolutely amazing evening and you were honestly really looking forward to seeing him again.

ok losers it’s your girl polcry here to run you through the basics of what the darn heck to bring with you to university to cover your naked body 

B A S I C S 

If you’re edgy and ~minimalist~ these’ll probably comprise the majority of your wardrobe. Regardless, you’re going to want to bring at least a few each of these.

LEGGINGS: at least one black pair, possibly more if you’ve accepted the inevitability of not giving a shit how you look at for 9ams. You can also get funky and bring patterned ones if you so desire, you maverick.

JEANS: I prefer jeggings for the comfort feel and ability to do spontaneous high kicks, but if you’re a fashionista boyfriend or bootcut jeans are cool too. Trust me, the freshman fifteen is real and if you have to choose between a lil’ too big and a lil’ too small, go big. Belts exist for a reason.

T-SHIRTS: you can get a wide array of fits of tees, so bring a few of your favourite style in simple colours like white/black/grey/striped. I find slightly wearing a slightly oversized tee gives off a certain effortless vibe, especially if you tuck the front in to the waistband of jeans to give it an IDGAF drape and pair with cute AF shoes. Hella cute with no effort. 

SWEATSHIRTS/JUMPERS/SWEATERS: I live in jumpers. I’m not going to lie. Go oversized with leggings or skinny jeans, maybe add a layer underneath if it’s a lil’ chilly. If you live somewhere that feels like the depths of Antartica, you might want to go with a finer knit and layer under and above. The struggle of getting a thick coat over a chunky jumper is real, guys. Turtlenecks, crew necks, V-necks. They’re all good. Avoid collecting too many sweatshirts with your university’s name on it, though - you will look over-enthusiastic. 

SHOES: one word: COMFORT. Campuses are big places. Chances are, you’ll be walking a fair bit. I love trainers - I have a pair of black Nikes, a pair of white Reeboks and a black slip-on pair. Converse, Adidas, New Balance are all popular. They crop up on the feet of almost everyone. Look down, and I guarantee the vast majority of any university class are wearing trainers. 

If you’re like me and enjoy torturing yourself, you can also wear heeled boots. I find them weirdly comfortable, probably due to my excessively hyperextended knees. Pointy ankle boots always look chic, but frankly people will be so surprised that you’ve made an effort that any type will impress. Zara’s always a good choice for cute boots. 

I’d avoid opened-toed or flats that expose a lot of your foot during autumn/winter/spring. It’ll probably rain, and then you’ll be cold and miserable and have soggy feet. Wellies (or rainboots for you strange Yanks) are a good choice if you’ll be in a wet climate (hello England), but they can be a bit cumbersome. Try and get some lower-cut ones to reduce the weight and to stop you from stomping excessively. 

COATS: this is pretty personal. Again, if it’s wet, I’d recommend something at least water-resistant. I have a North Face windbreaker that I keep in my car in case it starts tipping it down, but it’s not particularly warm. Leather/suede jackets look cute but are not a good choice if it looks like it might rain. Other than that, anything goes. I have a cute beige pea coat from ASOS that I love, and a shearling jacket from Bershka which is far too cool for a dork like me.

L O U N G E W E A R 

PJs: buy yourself some new ones. Please. Your flatmates don’t want to see your lady parts through that ever-expanding hole in the crotch. Some university flats feel like the pits of hell, so it might be a good idea to bring a few pair of short PJs too. You can always swap them out for joggers or leggings when you’re not snoozin’. I can always find cute pyjamas in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Primark. 

SWEATPANTS: as comfy as PJs but with the added bonus of being socially acceptable. Whether you prefer a tapered, slim fit or big ‘n’ baggy, make sure they’re stain-free and don’t smell funky. Bring a couple of pairs and rotate through as necessary. 

BRAS: regardless of whether you have the athletic capabilities of a sloth or Michael Phelps, you will want to bring sports bras. Hides the nips with basically no discomfort. Bralettes are cute too, but I’m an advocate of sports bras if you’re just slugging out in front of Netflix and nobody is going to see it. Forever 21 do a massive selection of surprisingly pretty sports bras with all sorts of fancy backs. Not so good for exercising, but really the majority of people don’t wear sports bras to exercise. 

F A N C Y 

PARTYING: this will depend a little on where you attend university. For me, going out outfits are high-waisted jeans, a fancy-ish crop top and flat shoes of some description. Club floors get hella slippery. More casual dresses are fine too, but make sure you gauge what your friends are going to be wearing so you don’t look too overdressed.

EVENTS: bring a nice dress or trousers/shirt. There will be fancier events (sports balls, end of term balls, society balls). They don’t always require black tie, so a cocktail dress is a good choice. Boys, bring a suit jacket. It doesn’t have to be tails or a tux, but bringing a tailored blazer that’ll match or compliment a pair of trousers you own will come in handy. And absolutely NO JEANS. Along the same lines, bring at least one pair of smart shoes/heels. Ladies, flats are more than acceptable for fancy events. Just make sure they’re cute. 

BUSINESSWEAR: “But Isabelle!” I hear you cry, “I’m in college! I don’t need businesswear!” Yes, my friend, yes you do. Interviews happen. You might need a part-time job, or get a spontaneous interview for an internship. Bring an office-appropriate skirt/trousers and a blouse/shirt, and some simple, smart shoes. You don’t have to go full-on Olivia Pope, but make sure you have one suitable outfit in your repertoire. 

Q U I C K   T I P S 

Accessories make an outfit: bring a choice of belts, scarves and miscellaneous wraps or shawls. By throwing on a buckled belt and a cute layered necklace, you can go from meh to a-meh-zing. 

Sign up for student discounts: British students, that means unidays. Register with your university email for discounts ranging from 10-25%. They’ll notify you when retailers that don’t have a permanent discount (like H&M) run promotions as well. Make sure you use your discount for eating out and going to the cinema, too!

Quality > quantity: the capsule wardrobe trend is real, folks. I’m an advocate of having a smaller, but better-made and better-fitting, wardrobe over one that’s overflowing and filled with cheap, low-quality clothing that’ll last a couple of wears. If you’re wearing pieces day-in day-out, make sure they’re flattering and of good quality. Having a smaller wardrobe makes moving in and out easier, too, and you’ll spend less time staring at all your clothes trying to mentally piece together something cute. 

Expensive =/= good quality: along the same lines, just because something is pricy doesn’t automatically make it of good quality. You can get really good basics at affordable shops. Feel the material (and make sure it’s relatively opaque), make sure the stitching is solid, and that it doesn’t have pulls or piling or holes. I like New Look and ASOS for simple pieces. 

Make an effort: it sounds silly, but lecturers and tutors do appreciate it when you don’t turn up looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Looking presentable makes them feel like you want to be there, which can make them a) like you more and b) more inclined to want to help you out if you need it. It isn’t that hard to put a pair of jeans and a blouse on instead of throwing a pair of joggers on under the T-shirt with ramen stains on that you slept in the night before, is it?

That’s pretty much it. University is a place to explore your own personal style, and you’ll see a massive variety in how people dress. Express yourself, learn what you like on, and don’t feel under pressure to dress a certain way! Style is definitely a creative outlet, so if you want to - use it and enjoy yourself!!

Jinyoung Imagine - Celebrity Crush

You were lounging around at home, mindlessly scrolling through your phone until you saw numerous twitter notifications saying you should watch Got7 on a show called After School Club. You clicked the links people had sent you and skipped to the times they all said to watch from. You were met with a closeup of Jinyoung’s face. He was talking about you! You almost dropped the phone in excitement at the idea that your bias knew who you were.
“Yes, I really like (Y/N). Her music is great and I love her voice,” he said to the MCs.
“He also thinks she’s really pretty!” Jackson said, teasing him and making him blush.
“Ohhh, do you have a little crush?!” One of the MCs, Jimin, joked. The look of embarrassment on his face suggested his protests that he was simply a fan were false. As they continued to watch the show, you found yourself looking at Jinyoung more closely. When your phone rang, it took a moment for the fact to register and you had to shake yourself out of your trance. It was your manager.
“Hi, (Y/N)! So, I’ve got some good news for you,” she said to you.
“Ooh, do tell.”
“I was able to get you on a talk show to promote your new movie and, guess who will be on there with you!”
“Got7! I know how much you like them, especially Jinyoung,” she teased you, knowing you’d be blushing at your crush.
“Yes I do like them, their music is good.”
“Don’t try and pretend that you don’t think he’s cute. I know you too well. Anyway, I’ve got to go now but you’ll be on the show tomorrow night so make sure you’re there in plenty of time. Bye!” You said your goodbyes and hung up. You were going to meet your bias tomorrow and needed as much sleep to look as good as possible.

It was mid-afternoon and you had arrived at the studio where the talk show was being filmed. You were wearing fairly casual clothes since you knew you would be given a nicer outfit by the stylists on the show. There were lots of people bustling about but you managed to find the dressing room quickly enough. As you walked in, Got7 were already there and choosing what clothing they all wanted to wear that tied in nicely with their most recent comeback. Before greeting them, the stylists rushed over to you and got you to pick out an outfit. It only took you a few minutes to find the items you wanted; black skinny jeans, a white top that showed off your bellybutton, a black blazer and some heeled boots to match. A few of the Got7 members were still deciding what to wear, making you giggle at how seriously they took their fashion.

Once you had gotten changed and had finished getting your hair and makeup done, you were able to chat with Got7 before the talk show started. 
“Hi!” You said, waving as you walked over to them all, “I’m (Y/N). It’s so nice to meet you guys.” They all greeted you with big smiles and seemed just as excited to meet you. The only member who wasn’t overly loud or excitable was Jinyoung. You held eye contact with him, smiling at him in an attempt to get him to talk more. After talking with them for a bit they were all called to get their makeup done except Jinyoung, who had been finished long before the others. You took the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with him, knowing it’d be unlikely to happen again anytime soon. 
“Hi, Jinyoung. It’s great to meet you, I’m a big fan.”
“Me too, I loved your last album,” he smiled shyly, seeming nervous to talk to you. 
“Thank you! I’m glad you liked it, I’m excited to do more acting though. Oh, and I loved Got7′s latest comeback too!” He chuckled at your hurried response, sensing your nerves. 
“Thanks, I saw a trailer for your movie and I’m excited to see it. I’ve been doing more acting recently as well.”
“Oh yeah, I heard. I’m also excited to see your movie,” you laughed lightly before continuing, “the premiere for this movie is soon, any chance you’d like to go?”
“Only if we can get dinner beforehand.” He gave you a flirty wink, making your knees go a little weak. Composing yourself, you responded, “Of course. I’ll make sure I’m dressed nicely, even underneath the dress.” You winked at him before walking towards your manager. As you reached her, you looked over your shoulder at Jinyoung and blew him a kiss before biting your lip and watching him swoon.

Fire and Ice (Part Four)

Pairning: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Language, Violence

Summary: You have been recruited by Fury to help Tony with some work in the compound. At first you’re closed of from the group, especially with your secret powers. But as time goes by you feel yourself being attracted to the mysterious man called Bucky Barnes. Will you let Bucky in and show him your true self or will you push everything away you come to love?

Word Count: 1.204

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You stretched you arms above your head as you sorted the last of the paperwork. It had been a long night and you longed for your warm bed.

Tony patted your shoulder as he walked past you. He too had been in the lab the whole night. ‘See you tomorrow, sweetheart.’

‘Bye’ you said as he left the lab, leaving you all alone.

Bruce had decided to call it a night a couple of hours ago. He wanted to sleep next to Natasha tonight, especially since he wasn’t able to with all the other long nights.

One thing we did tonight was inject Bruce with the serum that kept me under control. He told us that he already felt a difference. We did some tests on him and concluded that the serum had worked.

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I’m In Love With Your Best Friend // Caspar Lee

​Can you write a caspar imagine where y/n and caspar and secretly dating because she’s joe’s sister. And joe finds out? Your imagines are so cute by the way<3 xoxo

“I want to take you out on a date”, Caspar said suddenly. I lifted up my head from his shoulders and paused Stranger Things.

“Caspar, what are you — “, he cut me off.

“We’ll be careful, I promise. I really feel like taking you out, we haven’t been able to do that yet”, he sighed.

“You know why, we can easily be spotted by a fan, or run into someone we know. I know it’s tough but you know how Joe’s like. I need to tell him first”.

“We’ve been secretly dating for three months now. Come on Y/N, having dinner at my place isn’t a proper date. I want to take you out, let me plan something please”, he pulled a cute puppy dog face. How can I resist that? I kissed his lips and sighed.

“Okay my love”, I got back into a comfortable position, laying my head on his shoulders and resuming the Netflix show.


Caspar wouldn’t tell me at all what he’s decided on doing. He wanted to surprise me. Even though I don’t like the idea of not knowing what’s happening, I rolled with it since I can tell it made Caspar so happy and excited. After I left his apartment that night, he texted me telling me to get ready by tomorrow at 6pm. That morning, all I felt was butterflies in my stomach. This was the first time Caspar and I would officially go on a date. Well, in public. We’ve had heaps of ‘dates’ in his apartment, having a candle lit dinners. This was brand new to me, doing my makeup and getting all dressed up, ready to go out on a date. Sure I’ve been on dates before, but never with a boy I truly loved. And the problem is, he’s my brother’s best friend. The reason why we’ve kept it a secret for so long, is Joe. We just aren’t ready to come out and tell him, ‘hey your younger sister is with your best mate’. Every time I come close to telling him, I feel really nauseous and quickly back out. It won’t make things any easier knowing I’ve delayed telling him for so long. But being in love with Caspar makes it all worth it.

By 6pm, my makeup was done and I was dressed in a long sleeved tight black dress that sat above my knees with skin coloured stockings underneath. I wore heels that weren’t too high, and threw on my favourite Burberry coat my sister Zoe got me as a present, knowing it would be freezing tonight. I sat on the couch in my living room waiting for Caspar.

“Don’t be so nervous, you look absolutely beautiful. Everything will be fine”, my best friend who I also shared my apartment with said. She and Josh Pieters are only people who know about my relationship with Caspar.

“I just hope nothing goes wrong”, I sighed. The doorbell then rang.

“Oh, he’s here!”, she whispered.

“Thanks so much for doing my makeup tonight”, I said hugging her before she went to her room.

“No need to thank me again. Good luck babe, hope you have an amazing night!” she said before leaving to her room and closing the door behind her.

I breathed in, then out before I opened the door. There, Caspar was holding a bouquet of roses and his hair slicked to the side. He looked very handsome in his black skinny jeans, white shirt and a black blazer. “Hello there handsome.”

“You look so breathtaking”, he said grinning.  

“You too.” He handed me the flowers and I kissed him. I put the roses on the kitchen table, grabbed my handbag and keys then left.

We went to a quiet restaurant and had dinner. We laughed nearly the entire time, having an amazing time. Once we were done, Caspar and I walked around hand in hand just admiring the beauty of the night.

“It’s so cold”, I said, breathing out seeing my cool dragon breath. Caspar then started shrugging off his jacket.  

“Caspar… I’m literally wearing a coat”, I said.  

“But in the movies, the guy always gives the girl his jacket when she’s cold”, he said.

“That’s because she’s never wearing a jacket”, I laughed. “But thank you my love”.

We went into the main streets of London and waited for our uber to come. I felt like I was floating on cloud 9 that I totally didn’t notice the group of girls taking photos of us. 


The following day, I was hanging out at Joe’s place. He said he’d wanted to cook lunch and catch up with me. We ate in silence, which is strange since he’s very talkative.

“Why so quiet?” I said, my eyes focused on the TV playing Suits.

“Are you dating Caspar?”, he asked.

I coughed out my food, his words taking me by surprise. “Wha— “

“Don’t play stupid, Y/N. There’s photos floating around of you and Caspar together. Are you dating him or not, please tell me the truth”.

I looked into his eyes, looks like our secret is coming to an end. “Yes”, I whispered. “For three months now.”

“What the fuck! Why didn’t you not tell me? Did it not occur to you, or to even that bloody stupid boy that you’re dating my best friend?! How could you guys just stab me in the back like this?” Oh boy…

“Joe, please it’s not like that. I’ve been meaning to tell you but I’ve been so terrified. Please calm down” I begged.

“Y/N, how can you tell me to calm down, do you not understand my one of my best mates that I lived with has been seeing my sister behind my back!?” He yelled.

I felt my eyes beginning to water up. “It just happened Joe, I can’t control who I fall in love with.”

“You two are in love?” he stopped pacing up and down. “You know Y/N, if you were just honest from the start then I probably would’ve been more accepting. Still angry, but more accepting. I don’t know if I can trust you anymore.” He said sadly. He put on his shoes. “I need to clear my head” he then left and closed the door behind him.

I called up Caspar and told him everything, it’s a wonder how he understood me whilst I was sobbing. He immediately came to Joe’s place.

“I feel so guilty, but I deserve it. Why wasn’t I just honest from the start?” I sighed. Caspar played with my hair and kept whispering comforting things.

I then heard the front door open. I stood up from the couch and walked to Joe. “Joe, please listen. I know you don’t trust me, and I know I don’t deserve your trust, but please know how truly sorry I am, for keeping this away from you.” His eyes then darted behind me. He glared at Caspar then looked at me. “But I’m not sorry I’m in love with him. I’m not going to be sorry for who I love”.

“I don’t like the idea of you two dating, but I can’t stop either of you. I’m not going to stand in the way of your relationship. Just keep in mind, it might take me a while to adjust to this”. He waved his hands around. “I’m sorry you felt terrified to tell me, Y/N.” 

“I’m so sorry Joe”. I said.

“Just, whatever happens in the future, just please be honest from the start. I don’t want to ever find out news like this from photos online and lose my shit,” he forced a smile.

I squeezed Joe into a tight hug. “I love you”, I told him and he replied back with an ‘I love you too’.

“I know where you live, I’ll break the shit out of you if you hurt her. And I mean it”, Joe said to Caspar and Caspar nodded. I smiled to Caspar, feeling relieved this is finally out into the open. I just hope this doesn’t greatly impact their friendship. 

hope you guys enjoyed it! its like 2am now and im so tired. but i really wanted to put this one up, i really liked the idea. thank you to the person who requested this! i couldnt resist the date idea. i just love caspar. i’ve got more than a few requests in my ask rn so ill try and finish them as soon as i can. for now… goodnight! 

Already Seen

CH1: Weird But Definitely Not Boring

This is great, just great. You think to yourself. It’s the middle of a harsh winter in someplace in New York. Hell’s Kitchen or something? It was a weird name but boring looking place. A passing taxi cab soaked you in the cold night air, which only just avoided running you over, probably isn’t a good first sign for what’s to come. You curse at it as it speeds off. You watch its lights fade away down the road. Your loose fitting, grey, tshirt framed a black paisley print of an elephant. The drenched material clung to your abdomen. You flapped it out to stop it doing that but it was no use. The moistness soaked through to your dark purple bra that could now be seen underneath and your khaki skinny jeans became skinnier jeans from that flying puddle too. You look down and exhale sharply. The smoke from your breath floats away and you hate yourself for not zipping up your long black coat before this soggy occurrence. It was sort of your fault anyway for not looking whilst crossing the road. You had your freckled nose in a map and stuffed a crumpled piece of paper with a scribbling of this address into your pocket. You picked up your aquamarine backpack and black duffle bag and began to walk up to the building whilst squinting up at the block of flats. As you get to the door and climb the stairs to your number, because of course the lift is “out of order". Remaining positive whilst shivering is unsurprisingly difficult. At least my socks aren’t wet. That’s a plus, no one likes wet socks.

Apartment 151. The door creaked open and you dump your heavy duffel bag inside causing it to sag on impact, and stepped into your apartment closing the door behind you. You stood in the small square hallway that leads into the lounge/kitchen/dining room. It’s just one room with wood flooring, but carpet in the living area and tile in the kitchen area. It was cozy. The lights of the city twinkled in the distance through the large windows opposite you.  Something about street lights in the black of night relaxed you. Those huge windows are why you couldn’t say no to this place. You could picture them with long, grey curtains that touched the floor. You smiled and turned to your left to the bedroom door and swung it open, hung your coat by the hood on the door and tossed your backpack onto your double bed. You kick your brown boots causing them to fly off and lazily slid your duffle bag with your foot into the bedroom. You then made your way to the door opposite, the bathroom. A bath was the first thing on your to-do list. You could hear a noise but couldn’t quite make it out over the running water. You turn the tap off focus on some muffled shouting you hear from down the hall, and then you jump from the loud smashing noise. Was that glass breaking? You leave the half filled tub and head out the door down the corridor and see a lanky man on the floor covered in glass. You watch him brush it out of his thick chocolaty hair and dust off his eggplant coloured blazer. You’re about to ask if he’s alright before being startled by a voice.

“Hey, wet-tshirt-girl. He’s fine. Go away.” This voice came from a rather beautiful dark haired woman. She brought a large glass of golden liquid to her full red lips and her arm made a shooing motion toward you. She was wearing a plain white tshirt, dark grey skinny jeans ripped at the knee, and black boots.  The man hadn’t noticed you were there until he held out his hand to you and you gazed down at it confused.

“Don’t just stand there. Help me up then.” He was rude but you did so nonetheless and frowned at him while he brushed off the rest of the glass and wiped his bleeding lip. His English accent was nice to hear at least.

“Leave. Now.” The woman was watching the man’s every move. She approached him ready to show him she was deadly serious. The glass she held before had disappeared.

“Jessica. Please. I’m the one who commands people. Remember?”

“Do you want me to throw you through my door again asshole?” Jessica was grinding her teeth her eyes locked on the man in the tattered suit.

“Hold on, you threw him through that?” You pipe up. Wishing you hadn’t said a word.

“What’s it to you? I said go away. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll listen.” Jessica is looking at you now waiting for a response. But you couldn’t think of one. Her tone confused you. It wasn’t all angry or rude it was more of a plea. The man is also waiting for your response. Both their eyes on you make you self conscious and you become very aware of your damp clothes.

“No she can stay. She kind of looks like you don’t you think Jessica? Same dreadful style and all that.” He says whilst ignoring your obvious trembling. His eyes examine you as he circles you. Suddenly you’re very conscious of how tight your clothes are, sticking to your body.

“Tell us your name.” He commands.

“_____. My name’s ____.” You cross your arms.

“Ah, lovely name. I’m Kilgrave. Very nice to meet you.”  He nods at you with a grin. The way he said it sounded sincere and friendly but you were cautiously sceptical. You force a smile back and broke eye contact. He seemed to only be asking more and more questions to get under the skin of this Jessica woman. Her large hazel eyes widened with fury and she tightened her fists.

“Where’you from? I can’t place your accent. You don’t sound like you’re from here.” He stared at you intensely. You watched him uncomfortably. His dark coffee coloured eyes slowly looked you up and down. You were very confused by his change in attitude and looked to Jessica for some explanation, then back at the strange man.

“Kevin…” Jessica’s tone was a warning. She looked like she was about to rip his head off. Kilgrave’s jaw shifted at the new name Jessica used.

“I’m going alright” He remarked and held his hands up. Whilst turning to walk away, he briefly glanced back at your soaked tshirt. He’d noticed the colour of your bra. He chuckled and you saw him smile only for a moment. It began and ended on one side of his mouth. You tried to ignore your increased heartbeat. Kilgrave strolled down the corridor. The two of you watched him until he was out of sight. Then Jessica turned and walked back to her broken door.

“Hey. Erm… are you ok? Do you want me to call the police?” You ask naively.

“Go home and dry off kid.” Jessica replied and stepped carefully through what was left of her door frame and disappeared into her dark apartment.

“Kid”? We’re like the same age. You rub your temple and head back to continue your bath.
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Working Legs (Pt. 5) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: You should do a part 5 for working legs the last part was so cute


| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

Ever since his date with you, Barry has been…happier. Today, instead of waking up with a frown, he woke up with a smile that could make even the Joker jealous. He likes a lot of things about you; one thing that really sticks to his ribs though is how you text him every morning. It’s nothing big, yet, those texts help him get through the day.

He props the glass CCPD door open with his wheelchair, grinning to himself. When he manages to get into the building, he almost runs over Eddie’s foot by accident. Luckily, Eddie jumps out of the way, hoisting his cup of coffee up to his cheek. “Barry!” he screams in shock, cloudy blue eyes wide; his green aztec tie flaps against his white button down.

Barry cringes, clutching his iphone5 to his chest like it’s a newborn baby. Okay, maybe there is a reason why there’s a law about texting while driving. He didn’t think it counted because he’s in a wheelchair. “Sorry…” he squints up at the young detective, shoulders rising up to his ears. “I just -” His phone makes a popping sound, causing him to remove it from his plum colored sweater, peering at the screen.

A giggle, a giggle, explodes from the forensic scientist; Eddie arches one of his blonde eyebrows. Barry’s thumbs tap the screen rapidly, hitting the lime green ‘SEND’ button before locking his phone, beaming. “Y/N.” he tilts his head to the side, nodding, “So, anything new today? Metahumans? Other criminal things?” he asks, thrusting the joystick forward.

The detective follows suit, scrunching his eyebrows together, “Um, no, not anything involving forensics. But -” Barry stops suddenly, causing one of the handlebars to connect with Eddie’s gut in a new, personal way. “Oof! Barr, a little warning next time, please?” Barry winces. “Anyway, like I was saying, but -”

“BARRY!” Iris interrupts her fiance, scurrying over to the two men. Her pink tank top flows underneath the black blazer, barely gracing her high waisted dark blue jeans. She smiles at her foster brother before punching his shoulder; he mutters an ‘ow’, hand touching the spot. “That was for not telling me that you got a date!” she grumbles, crossing her arms, “I had to hear about it from this doofus.” she nods to Eddie, who looks generally insulted.

Barry chuckles, flashing her an awkward smile. Okay, so it slipped his mind to mention it to Iris, but, in his defence, there was more pressing issues. “Sorry, I kinda… I just… erm, hmm….” He doesn’t have a good answer to that. His phone makes the same noise as before and he blushes to the tips of his ears. Iris opens her mouth in disbelief. “Hold that thought!” He raises his index finger, unlocking his phone.

Gawking at Eddie, who’s guzzling his coffee, Iris blinks. Snatching the phone, she smirks at her brother, “Are you texting her?! At work?!” she teases, fingers tapping on the screen, “Y/N? Hmm…sounds pretty.” she grins wickedly, clicking the messages from you.

Oh my god, does she have no boundaries?! “IRIS!” he screeches, pine tree colored eyes blown wide. She just cackles, dancing around his wheelchair as he reaches out for her. His face is stark white, kind of resembling a ghost in a horror movie that came out in the early eighties. Eddie finishes his coffee with a satisfied ‘ah’.

Iris fake gasps, chin pressed to her shoulder while she smirks, eyes squinted at the brown haired man. A warning look flashes on Barry’s face. “Are these text inappropriate for the workplace?” she asks, trying to be seductive, eyebrows wiggling, milk chocolate fingers rapping against the back of the phone while it bings with another text.

His eyes nearly pop out of his head; Eddie chokes on air. Why on earth would she say something like that?! “NO!” Barry resorts, causing a few of the police’s heads to whip in the trios direction, including Joe. Iris giggles, scrolling through the conversation and cooing at the selfie you sent him; the one where you have an art apron on. “Yes, yes, I know, she’s adorable. Believe me, I know…” he sighs.

“And apparently so does your little friend…”

His… little fri- oh no. Not now. He nonchalantly peers down at his lap, and, sure enough, he has a full on boner. What the f- “Iris!” he seethes, covering his lap the best he can. She laughs, bending over, holding his phone to her chest; black waves falling in front of her face. “You know I can’t control it sometimes!” he fumes, gritting his teeth.

Breathless and gasping for air, she stands up straight, wiping the tears from her delicate light brown cheeks. “I know, I know, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” she snorts, handing Barry his phone, sighing happily. He glares at her checking the new message…what did she do to my phone… “Um, Barr…” she whispers, pointing to the door.

Barry frowns at his phone, trying to unfreeze the screen. “Not now, Iris…” he mutters, tone frosty, tapping the frozen home page.

“No, Barr, I really think you sh-”

“Eddie, don’t you have something to - GAH!” He nearly jumps out of his chair when the familiar feeling of your arms cross his chest, wrinkling his dark purple sweater. “Hey…you…” he says awkwardly, silently pleading to the duo because - oh no - the dick… “Y/N? Why - ha - why are you here? I thought - you have - the - I -… School.” he sputters, blinking at the last word.

You release his sweater, standing up straighter; your pale yellow flower print romper swaying at your thighs. “Oh! The grade went on a field trip today, so, it’s kinda my day off?” you shrug, wrapping your thin gray cardigan around your waist. “And, um, I thought I’d be a nice gi-person, a nice person, and grab you some coffee, since, you know, you have work and….” you blush, holding the cup of Jitter’s coffee out.

His mouth hangs open, hands grabbing the cup. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Iris cover her mouth with her hands, dark brown orbs shimmering in excitement. “Oh, um, thank you! This is - you… you’re so sweet.” he smiles with a deep red blush, leaning up to peck your cheek. “I kinda needed yo-this. Oh, hey, look they put caramel in this - Hey, Iris, have you met-”

That’s her queue! “I’m Iris, Barry’s foster sister!” she beams, shaking your hand. Her eyes rake down your outfit, nodding, “Cute clothes!” she compliments.

You grin, “Nice to meet you! I’m Y/N.” You glance down, “Thanks, I just threw it on…” you admit, tucking your hair behind your ear nervously.

“You always look cute though…” Barry mutters in the palm of his hand, elbow resting on the armrest. You blush. This is not helping his dick problem! “I, um, need to - to work! Yeah, yeah, very important things.” he lies, grabbing your hand, “I’ll see you this weekend?” he says awkwardly; you nod, kissing his cheek, like always. “Great! I l- I…yeah.” he blushes, rolling to the elevator, peering at his lap. Yup, it’s still there.

Iris snorts, leaning close to you, “He’s having, um, a little problem…”

“Oh, um…”

Barry breathes heavily, forcing the joystick forward, pressing the basement floor. The silver doors shut and he sighs. Iris really needs a filter.

Just Tomarry Things

Tom Riddle is plain vanilla ice cream sandwiches.

Harry Potter is strawberry scooped ice cream on a cone.

Tom Riddle is forest green blazers and black dress trousers.

Harry Potter is an oversized, red Canadian maple leaf hoodie with jeans.

But they both go together so well.