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I really wish Dragon Age fans would understand that “Moral Greyness” can be JUST as contrived and convoluted as regular “Black and White” and “Happy Ending.”

Just look at the Mage/Templar Conflict. The devs have tried their darnedest across three and a half games to present the conflict as 100% balanced with both sides equally sympathetic, and they’ve failed each time. The devs have said they felt they made the mages look “too sympathetic” in the first game. For the second game they realized too late that making the player character come from a family of apostates and have two mage companions but no Templars made Templars look bad; and they fully admitted that Leandra getting killed by a crazy blood mage serial killer was an attempt to vindicate a pro-Templar playthrough. DAI? Well, we all know about THAT… (Retconning the Dalish to have a “three mages max” rule just to make Circles look better by comparison?) All to make a flimsy, “See? Both sides are equally flawed” argument that’s as sturdy as cardboard; blow on it, and it falls over.

Just look at The Masked Empire verses Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts. In the book, the human nobles are all completely despicable, racist, genocidal asses, while Briala (and Felassan to a lesser extent) is the most sympathetic and likable character. Briala is a straight-up hero who struggles to help her people despite knowing they won’t thank her for it, and being shit on by everyone she meets right and left.

In DAI, the devs flat-out hid the many crimes and character flaws of Celene and Gaspard, and hid many of the virtues and character strengths of Briala. Why? To create a flimsy and false “All three choices are equally morally gray!” so-called “choice.”

Just look at the Qunari. You can tell the devs have been trying their damnedest from game one to depict Qunari culture as rather alien and incomprehensible to outsiders and vice-versa, but still a good system with its balances of virtues and flaws like any other. And it never works.

And any time players complain about an aspect of their culture, they try to fix it next game. Sten said “women don’t fight”? In DA2 they’re like, “JK! Since the Priesthood allows both genders, we just made up this secret spy division of the Ben’Hassrath that allows female assassins. Please love our Qunari.“ When that didn’t work, in DAI they went overtime trying to make Iron Bull THE most likable character they could, then had him lend his charisma to explain away Qunari societal faults. Plus the whole “transgender acceptance” and “free love” and “Tamassran are still like family” thing, and the sudden, “Oh, the Qunari don’t REALLY keep women from fighting. If a woman is discovered to be good in combat, they just decide he’s a man who happens to look like a woman and let “him” fight. Please love our Qunari!”

And it’s NEVER WORKED. I mean, some small minority of weirdos like Qunari despite their flaws (myself included), but MOST players just find these flimsy attempts at “MORAL GREYNESS!!!” to be just that: flimsy.

So whenever I talk about a plot hole or character failing in the series, I’m so sick to death of seeing that go-to, knee-jerk, catch-all “moral grayness” excuse.

Yes. Sometimes, when written well, a morally grey conflict can be very engaging. But sometimes some characters or divisions naturally come across as more sympathetic than another. I’m not saying “one side is innocent and perfect and other other guilty and evil,” but sometimes one side comes across as a lighter shade of grey than another; it happens. If the devs would just embrace that and run with it and tell emotionally engaging stories, instead of spending so much time and energy trying to constantly backpedal or force a square peg in a round hole just for the sake of that original vision that just isn’t coming through.

- You can’t make a conflict where one heavily tyrannical and abusive faction holds complete power over another as a perfectly 50/50 “morally grey conflict” where “both sides are equally at fault.”

- You can’t take the freedom-fighting victim of horrific systematic abuse by two perpetrators of that horrific system and try to act like she’s “just as bad” or “on the same footing” as those abusers.

You can’t take a culture that thrives on robbing individuality, stripping free will, brainwashing resisters, and severely limiting the roles of its citizens based on their gender, magical ability, etc. and expect our modern freedom- and individuality-loving society to find them anything but restrictive and tyrannical.

“Moral Grey” can be just as CONTRIVED as any attempt at “black and white” or “happily-ever-after.” Because they’re still trying to force something that doesn’t fit.

i’m in UCF & there were a bunch of frat dudes & girls sitting on a police officer’s quad bike taking pictures & laughing with the police dude and i happened to meet eyes with a cute black guy and we just gave each other that why are white people like this look…. solidarity & support

Dark tumblr give me gay history. Like not the same 5 stories that you get when you look “historical gays” up on the internet. I want “beauty and the beast was written by a gay man dying of aids” level shit. That post had me cryin son. I want hidden gay figures. And not just like all the whites. Give me black gays, Hispanic gay, white gays, Asian gays, all gays

  • Sheriff Stilinski: You're the third person this week to report this. Can you describe the animal.
  • Person on phone: Black with white tips on its feet. It just came in through the door, it pushed the door open as if it was trained.
  • Sheriff: And you say it ran in, came around the counter and ran off with the sandwhiches, the pies, and meat? ... I will get a deputy to come round. See if we can ID this dog on your cameras.
  • Sheriff: *Puts the phone down and rings Liam*
  • Sheriff: He's did it again! If I see him I will shoot him myself
  • Liam: Don't please, I am trying to get him to come to my house, I will get him food.
Get Out

This is a spoiler-free review. I’ll just summarize the plot real quick: Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) goes with his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to meet her parents (Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener) at their lake house, where everything is super awkward – especially when a bunch of their older white friends show up. But is it just the regular awkwardness of being black among white people? Are the good white liberal parents acting a little strained because their white daughter is dating a black man, or is it something more?

As you all know, I’ve seen a lot of horror movies. This means that it’s difficult to scare me, and it’s even more difficult to surprise me. I can see a plot twist coming from a mile away. From the trailer for this movie, I guessed two possibilities, and one turned out to be the case. That is not the fault of the movie (or the trailer) – that’s just me.

However, the movie did add an extra layer of horror that I wasn’t expecting, and it made me feel downright sick. I mean, of course I knew that Chris was in danger, but his potential fate was even worse than I was expecting. I was terrified for him. This is partly down to Daniel Kaluuya’s performance, which is incredible and has you sympathizing with him in a way that’s actually kind of rare for horror protagonists, but also down to the deep fundamental horror of what he’s facing.

All the performances in this are rock-solid. I want particularly to highlight Betty Gabriel as Georgina, the family’s cook, who takes what could be a rather boring “okay, just act really creepy” role and elevates it to something truly chilling.

There are just a few little criticisms. I’m not a big fan of using corny old songs in incongruous situations to up the creep factor. It’s old, it’s done, whatever. They didn’t overdo this. They did use a musical-sting jump scare once or twice, which I’m really tired of (can’t you do the jump without that?) but at least it wasn’t that awful “everybody in the string section gets electrocuted at once” sting. And there’s a bit of a lag in the third act, but it’s not bad. The pacing otherwise is fantastic.

I was prepared to come back here and say “I wasn’t really scared, but that’s not the movie’s fault, because I don’t scare easily.” It’s true, I don’t. But I was scared. If you like horror movies at all, you will definitely want to see this.

when will people realize that not every lesbian is a white blonde girl with super long hair who has a “nice” body with tattoos and resides in california

black lesbians exist (incl. dark skins)
brown lesbians exist
east asian lesbians exist
indigenous lesbians exist
islander lesbians exist
latinx lesbians exist
jewish lesbians exist
muslim lesbians exist
fat lesbians exist
nb lesbians exist
lesbians who aren’t able bodied exist
trans lesbians exist
mentally ill lesbians exist
lesbians who don’t fit eurocentric beauty standards exist

and we’re not just here to be a token post on your blog. we exist and we’re real and we’re just as valid.

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie 


Allura’s Moving Castle AU

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