just bits and pieces soooo if there was a complete post forgive me


I’m so overwhelmed right now with all your passion for Home, Raising Home, and chapter 16!! That said, I’m drowning in AO3/tumblr messages so forgive me for taking a while to answer, but you are all SO SWEET!

Some news/notes:

  • Thank you @ianshanart and all who have done fanart for Home, I will post links to your works at the end of the fic once it’s finished! Please tag me or send me a message if you have any artwork you’d like to share :)
  • Home is closing in on 300k hits and today I reached 12k followers. Please excuse me while I go melt into an incredulous screaming puddle on the floor~
  • The remaining ch16 art (the spoilery drawings, you know which ones!) will be posted in a couple days so no one get spoiled!
  • I have some extra art pieces I’m finishing up too, which you’ll see soon.
  • I usually take a 24-hour break after posting a chapter, but I can’t find Modern Family for free online anywhere since my go-to sketchy website was taken down, so I’m back writing chapter 17 already. It’s about halfway complete, probably will finish at around 13k, and I am SO exited for it! It’s full of SURPRISES - in the best way.
  • I’m looking to set up a little donation page? Just something to help me raise money to take some publishing/screenwriting classes, since I’m almost done with Home and will be turning it + RH into a book. Any artists know of a good site?
  • I LOVE YOU ALL and THANK YOU for supporting my work <3