just best scene in cinematography ever for me

My Sherlock Ranking

1. The Reichenbach Fall (S2, E3) (just amazing, don’t know what else to say. also A+ for the Sinner Man newspaper montage. gave me all the feels back in 2012.)

2. A Scandal in Belgravia (S2, E1) (a little cheesy at times, but excellent cinematography and perfect non-slapsticky comedy)

3. The Great Game (S1, E3) (amazing, first time Sherlock has to cope with the reality of people dying as a result of his failures, pool scene is SO good, Moriarty is SO good)

4. A Study in Pink (S1, E1) (best series opener ever, also lmao I played the cabbie in a stage adaptation at my high school 4 years ago. doesn’t change the ranking but it’s a fun fact)

5. His Last Vow (S3, E3) (over-the-top, but not nearly as much as S4 episodes. mind palace business is great and the Mary-John reveal worked well, even though I didn’t really like the choice to make her a superspy assassin)

6. The Abominable Bride (Special) (lots of people don’t like this one but the fact that the whole case, which I found interesting in itself, was Sherlock’s attempt to comprehend the Moriarty message is cool. bummer they didn’t really do good shit with Moriarty in S4. anyway, it’s also just a fun one.)

7. The Hounds of Baskerville (S2, E2) (eh, it’s cool, and the change of setting is nice, but it’s just not all that interesting. again, lots of people don’t like this one, but I thought it was really successful in showing tension between John and Sherlock and I still really like Sherlock’s angry deductions in the restaurant pub thing.)

8. The Blind Banker (S1, E2) (forgettable, but decent considering how new the show was. again, not a fan favorite, but at least the writing is clean and the characters stay in character. that bumps it up on my list for sure.)

9. The Empty Hearse (S3, E1) (fan-service-y, annoying, eh. it’s been a long time since I’ve watched it but I know I didn’t like it and I’ve seen it prob like 3 times.)

10. The Sign of Three (S3, E2) (so much screentime wasted on Sherlock standing there with his mouth agape, and the case wasn’t all that interesting either. idk why this is ranked highly a lot.)

11. The Lying Detective (S4, E2) (the cleanest S4 episode for sure, but the story was still super contrived. Mary’s message is stupidly over-complicated, as is Sherlock’s attempt to get John to forgive him. why did ALL the kids in the children’s hospital scene look perfectly fine and healthy…? small thing i noticed but idk it was bad extras casting, details matter)

12. The Six Thatchers (S4, E1) (weak. I was bored the whole time. weird James-Bond-esque fight scene between Sherlock and some baddie. weird chasing Mary to Morocco business. where’s Rosie? lol)

13. The Final Problem (S4, E3) (excellent acting, interesting villain, entertaining, but horribly sloppy writing and numerous plot inconsistencies make it unredeemable. I still can’t believe how much the writers fucked up on this one. pretty close with The Six Thatchers, I can’t decide whether or not to bump this one up simply because I wasn’t bored. Sherlock apparently forgot what glass looks like? bummer if this is the finale of a show that was once so great, but then again, if more Sherlock means more of this shit, then maybe they ought to let it die. they could have led up to this weirdness and made it work with idk, a lil editing, some better planning comme Moriarty in S1 and S2, but they botched it. grrr.)

so there you go. I plan on doing a rewatch eventually, but not right now because every episode is a movie. so these are subject to change i guess. they’re just immediate reactions after finishing S4 last night. i only really like 1-8, sadly. remember when i was addicted to this show and thought about it and johnlock 24/7 like 5 years ago and it was my entire blog? The Final Problem though. what the fuck.