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What are your thoughts on breed faults you see on a dog's standard? Do you find them reasonable or too picky (i.e. coat color).

unless it is on the grounds of health (ie double merle, albino) i find color disqualifications to be entirely ridiculous, particularly if they are a color that is known to occur in the dogs but has been disqualified because some dweeb had nothing better to do 100 years ago (like every color in labs that is not yellow/black/brown!!!). dont even get me started on white spot faults or having a pattern be “too heavy”.

honestly while i understand why breed standards are a thing, i think it is too abstract a concept for me to totally get behind LOL. like, dogs are dogs and breeds are made up, you know? they only exist because we say it does and make it so. its like, i will never understand why outcrossing is not allowed in kennel clubs. the movement where they are attempting to outcross boxers to get natural bobtails and then people say “they are not true boxers” and its like, why? they look like boxers, act like boxers, do all the things boxers are supposed to do, but because six generations ago they were mixed with corgi, they are no longer a boxer? it is such a bizarre thing to me. like if you want to classify what breed a dog is based on appearance and temperament and ability, there is no reason outcrossing shouldn’t be allowed because you can get all those things back, just how we got them in the first place. its not like one day a purebred boxer crawled out of an alien spaceship and befriended our nomadic ancestors and here they are to this day, the boxer, unchanged since the dawn of their extraterrestrial arrival.

so when you give me something like a conformation fault that is this dog has a 3 millimeter white fleck on their chest, invisible to the naked eye but seen through the microscope computer eyes of the judge or whatever i just think it is kind of hilarious. harmless, but hilarious.

I’m going to be meeting Eliza Dushku at AwesomeCon this weekend but I’m basically just dreading it because I want to tell her how important Faith is to me but I also am extremely worried that I won’t be able to do that without coming off as Dude Who Just Thinks She’s Hot and that I should therefore maybe just not, to prevent my own dysphoria but mostly to not make her uncomfortable

This is exacerbated by the fact that my family is going to be there too and they are the ones who coined the “The only people who like Faith are men and it’s because they think she’s hot” trash. I’m 99% sure they have more tact than this but I’m worried they’ll make some joke or comment insinuating something?? And it doesn’t help that my parents are getting an autograph for my brother-in-law who does find her very attractive bc they think it’s funny to stoke my sister’s jealousy of his attraction to her

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Kill yourself, het whore.

I don’t know if I should feel special for getting my very first anon hate, or if I should laugh at how you POSSIBLY could’ve gotten the impression that I’m straight?

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For every ✍ I get in my inbox, I will reveal a pet peeve I have about rp. ( and other shit ) / accepting / @ersene

When rp blogs are ship thirsty and you can just fucking tell from general OOC posts, tags, and memes sent in that they want to smut. Lmao bitch your overt thirst is a huge turn off and idc how enthusiastic you’ll be about it, I’m not here to rp ships for the smut. No my muses will not make out with yours, no my muses will not fall in love or become attracted with yours because you keep pushing this ‘my muse is so fascinated and understanding of yours.’ I know what you’re doing, and guess what? My muse will continue to reject yours regardless of how many memes you send in.

Best Friends Forever

Summary: John Noble and Rose Tyler have been best friends since birth. This is their story. Ten x Rose AU

Rating: Teen

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John Noble is four years old when he holds the three days old Rose Tyler for the very first time.

He looks up from the tiny pink bundle at the beaming faces of her parents.

“She’s so small!” he squeals in awe.

It is then and there that John knows that he has never seen something more perfect.

His young mind is flooded with a future of tag and playing in the treehouse and pretending to be space explorers and fun and Rose, Rose, Rose.

“You and me are going to be best friends, Rose,” he whispers as her chubby little hands fist the air and she smiles a toothless smile.

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