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Alright, so I got chewed out the last time I made a post about my life, but I’m feeling low and… I just wanna talk to someone.

So, remember that post about me being an “awkward potato”? (Which I am) Well, turns out everything I said about myself is true.

A couple nights ago, during my evening job at a restaurant- (I’m sorta like a waitress. I wait on tables and do dishes, clean, stuff like that) And my boss has two sons, one that’s two years older then me and one a year younger then me. Let’s call the older kid Tom and the younger one Jon.

Well, I was working with a couple other teen girls who were also waitresses like myself. I was up front in the kitchen, we were just finishing cleaning up, and my Boss and another employee were talking while I was finishing cleaning. The other gals were in the other room cleaning.

Well, the Boss’ sons are leaving, and they automatically say goodbye to the others, and even pop their heads in the the room I’m in to say goodbye to their Mom. I’m ignored entirely.

My Boss calls out to them as they leave, in a scolding manner and in that don’t-be-so-rude tone, “Goodbye, Kat?”

Tom and Jon shuffle nervously and mutter a goodbye to me as they walk out the door. My Boss turns to me and apologizes. “They’re just kinda shy around you, since you don’t go to the same school as them…”

I’m homeschooled.

So, even though what I always feared was true, and what was keeping me from being socially accepted in my area, I guess it’s the truth. And I say this, because two of those other girls I worked with and they said goodbye to no problemo didn’t even go to Jon and Tom’s school. But they did go to a Public School.

Alright, rant over. Sorry for all of… *gestures above me* …that. I’ll try not to post anything like this again. God bless, have a good night/day. ❤

[Context - My friend and I sometimes wrestle, because I’m a little shit and antagonize him.]

Me, absolutely bluffing: I bet you can’t pin me down, you’re not *THAT* strong.

Him, absolutely that strong and knows it: Yeah?

Me, increasingly nervous: …Yeah.

Him: Wanna bet?

Me: … Not anymore really, n-

[Before the sentence is even finished, I’m being tackled and straddled and piNNED TO THE GROUND.]

Me, realizing my mistake as a kinky gay man:

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Hitman 47 Ultimate Assassin Challenge

Best Friends Forever

Summary: John Noble and Rose Tyler have been best friends since birth. This is their story. Ten x Rose AU

Rating: Teen

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John Noble is four years old when he holds the three days old Rose Tyler for the very first time.

He looks up from the tiny pink bundle at the beaming faces of her parents.

“She’s so small!” he squeals in awe.

It is then and there that John knows that he has never seen something more perfect.

His young mind is flooded with a future of tag and playing in the treehouse and pretending to be space explorers and fun and Rose, Rose, Rose.

“You and me are going to be best friends, Rose,” he whispers as her chubby little hands fist the air and she smiles a toothless smile.

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