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okay like where are the info about this man. i found him out yesterday and i need more juice!

Hwiyoung as a boyfriend. [SF9]
  • Super cool
  • Yet shy, shy, shy
  • Tries hard to do aegyo when he is feeling bold
  • Ends up dying because it’s not “cool”
  • Would be your rock
  • Quiet
  • Great listener
  • Thoughtful
  • Would always consider your feelings
  • Super reliable
  • Always follows through with whatever he says
  • Will do whatever you ask
  • A tad inexperienced
  • Takes direction well
  • Very possessive of you
  • Super protective
  • Lowkey jealous of everyone
  • Likes to be close to you
  • Lacks some communication skills
  • Yet always knows what you need
  • He would give you tons of attention
  • And affection
  • Lots of hand holding and hugs and cuddles
  • MOST of it would be in private though
  • Maybe some in public
  • He just always has to be around you
  • Like.. SUPER close to you when you’re out
  • Would be the type to discreetly hold onto your shirt or something if out in a crowd.
  • He would be a steady presence in your life
  • Your relationship would progress slowly
  • He would take his time
  • He would feel the need to seek your approval on everything
  • But may not always make it highly known
  • He would be the slowest to introduce you to the other members.
  • And his family
  • Not that he would be embarrassed or anything
  • He would just need to feel secure in your relationship
  • Your dates would normally be pretty quiet
  • Lots of movie dates
  • Lots of time at home
  • Listening to music
  • He would practice his raps for you all the time
  • Write lyrics about you
  • Reads with you
  • Overall just loves being your shadow


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is anyone else both happy and annoyed people are finally getting it that kylo is a protagonist along with the others?

im annoyed that its taken this long but im also happy to see people appreciating him as the skywalker important to the film. they’re finally getting that he’s not going to be a static villain for 3 films and him teaming up with the good guys is more obvious than his new scar

i wanna drag them but I also want to high-five them

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Jessie and Ivor?

(( uhhh i’m uncomfortable thinking of them as a couple, ‘especially when Ivor is way older than Jessie, and Jessie’s into girls, so uh, I’m going to turn this into father/daughter relationship. Which works. I hope that’s ok! ;v; ))

curses like a sailor

”Watch your language, Jessie!”
”Ivor, you’re not my dad!”

But for real, Ivor curses a lot but it only happened during stressful situations. 

does the chores voluntarily

“Ivor, why didn’t you clean your lab!?”
“…Jessie, as your father, I do what I want.”

wants to marry their bed

“Jessie! –and hello there, Petra. You guys need to get out of that bed.”
“What– Why??”
“There’s artifact I want you guys to check out!”
“Right now?”

gets awkward about romantic family gestures

“Jessie, you don’t need to do that for me.”
“Come on Ivor, this is your present for helping us over the years!”
“I know…but why…this cup with ‘No.1 Dad in the World’?”
“Because you’re the father we never thought to have, Ivor.”

stays in the shower for what seems like hours

Ivor. Because, Jessie would barge into his lab and exclaims, “WHY IS THERE SNAKES IN THE SHOWER ROOMS!?” 

would adopt a million cats if given the chance

“Jessie, I swear if a stray pet come into my lab–”
“Geez, dad don’t worry. They wouldn’t go in, they’re staying here only for a few weeks.”
“F-Few weeks!? In The Order Hall!? With all of the trophies!” 

fixes stuff around the house / apartment

Ivor does it, althrough it was subtle and no one wouldn’t even notice something was fixed. 

watches too many Disney movies

Since Jessie watch these, Ivor do get dragged into it, only once. 

gets drunk off of champagne

Ivor held his drink better than everyone. 

cries when the ASPCA commercials come on

Jessie cries, obiviously. But for Ivor, he sighs and just leaves only because he doesn’t like showing emotions easily.