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got7 as boyfriends

- the shy squish who’s not so shy around you.
- “are you alright babe?”
- he would make sure you’re eating well and that you’re always positive
- he would offer you his oversized shirts (it was big on him too) and would somehow never get it back
- kisses on the lips & hugs from behind
- sudden “I love you’s”
- driving you around while playing his kind of music (hip hop)
- always smiling because of you
- feeds you ramen
- intense eye contact


- the clingy and jealous boyfriend
- he forces you to eat organic foods only and peers at you when he notices something unhealthy
- grabs your butt & boobs jokingly
- literally always following behind you never shutting up
- massages after a stressful long day
- the best of the best dates
- cringey aegyo which you find adorable sometimes
- takes care of you like a baby & spoils you in unnecessary gifts
- doesn’t like other men talking to you
- never fails to make you laugh


- the intelligently sexy boyfriend
- offers you to read like he does to expand the mind
- shares his coffee with you
- always teasing and being mean to you as a joke
- stares with a death glare at other men who dare to look in your direction
- neck kisses that drives you insane
- showers together
- takes you on classy dates
- sips wine proudly while watching you open your tons of gifts from the shopping mall (get it)
- “I’m so glad you’re mine.”


- the hot boyfriend that has other girls’ boyfriends questioning themselves
- cooks for you all the time
- corners you or grips you when you do something he doesn’t approve of
- dominant
- always smirking and admiring you
- though you’re his, he still doesn’t like when you eat his fried chicken
- picks you up
- doesn’t allow you to talk to other men
- “you’re mine and mine only.”
- butt grabs


- the adorable cutie pie boyfriend
- short but innocent pecks all over your face
- always laughing loudly which makes you laugh
- pinches your face constantly as he showers you in compliments
- attempts English
- aegyo which is always cute
- always snuggling or holding you
- “we’re together forever!”
- both lovers & best friends
- dates to theme parks


- the fancy pimp boyfriend
- always showing off his long legs to you
- inhumane screaming at random times
- makes you wonder why you’re with this dork
- buys you a 60,000 dollar watch
- your wardrobe is full of things you’re too broke to afford
- drinks wine with you at the Eiffel Tower
- cringey as ever
- always being sexual like a middle schooler
- dirty jokes & inside jokes you both only get


- the giant cute boyfriend
- always praising you
- smiles and blushes just at the sight of you
- his clothes looks like dresses when he lets you wear them
- major height difference (depending)
- gives you things you can’t reach
- lap dances
- always teasing you
- “I’m always yours”

My absolute highlight of this new chapter:

All Might not only shown as a real, full-time teacher, but also the other teachers being completely casual with him. Look at them in the background - they’re not listening in or pretending not to hear anything out of respect. They’re just being normal about it and comment to their leisure. Toshinori is their colleague - he doesn’t get some sort of special treatment for being the former Number One, he gets teased like the others as we can see here:

Also, Toshi, are you talking about your sidekick or your ex-boyfriend, you utter dork.

Look at Mic. He doesn’t freaking care one bit that this is All Might himself. He just pops up in the background and is he usual loud and funny self.

 "Ha, All Might is being sensitive!“ and Toshinori’s sweatdrop makes me think that this is not the first time this happens.

Also, Bonus:

Somebody please go to karaoke with Ectoplasm. I call teacher’s night out with Karaoke and lots of funny photos and stuff.

lukestarrunner  asked:

Choosing a new stuffed animal for their soon to be arriving child. Zimbits please!

(Hope this is okay! I haven’t written zimbits in awhile. Keep the prompts coming if ya feel it pals.)

“I just want you to know that I think you’re being ridiculous,” Bitty began, putting his hands on his hips in mock anger.

Jack Zimmermann, his perfect dork of a husband, blinked at him and looked down at the shopping cart full of stuffed animals and assorted baby toys that filled it to the brim. “We have to be prepared,” he said, entirely serious.

“Honey, she’s not even born yet and you want to buy her a small army?”

They had stopped in Toys R Us on a whim. Jack had a little time before practice and Bitty was off at the bakery today so he was going to come watch. They had a batch of mini pies in the car for the rest of the team. There was a small baby and toddler section in which Bitty had found some nice baby clothes and rattles but Jack had gone overboard, branching out into the other aisles.

Their baby hadn’t even been born yet. Her biological mother was a teen who was making the brave choice to give her child better, (though they’d agreed on an open adoption. Bitty knew it’d be complicated but didn’t mind if it meant his little girl would have more love in her life.) Jack spent his limited free time absorbed in a variety of baby books, convinced that he needed to study for the arrival of their kid the same way he did for tests at Samwell. Bitty had taken a more practical approach: baby proofing the house and trying out recipes for baby food.

“This one is cute,” Jack said, holding up a stuffed lion with tiny yarn braids for a mane.

“You can choose one Jack Zimmermann. I don’t care if you’re a NHL star who can buy the whole store. We are not taking this many toys home.”

He grinned, that rare, untamed sort of smile that seemed like it was just for him. “Okay, I choose this one. Is that good for you Bits?”

He nodded.

Later, at home, Jack was curled up on the couch reading a book while the history channel blared in the background.

“Hey honey? Maria just sent me a picture of her latest ultrasound. Ain’t she just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen already?”

Bitty handed Jack his phone for him to see. He examined it with interest. “She’s going to give us the hard copy tomorrow.”

Jack hadn’t taken his eyes from the screen. In fact he was gripping the phone more tightly than was strictly necessary and Bitty noticed the slight shaking of his hands.

“You okay?” Jack didn’t say anything. “Jack?”

He nodded hesitantly, but when he looked up at Bitty he broke. “What if I’m no good at it?” He asked, voice breaking. “What if I can’t be a dad?”

“Hey, hey…” Bitty sat down across from him and took his hands, still gripping the phone. “You’re going to be great. You’re so prepared honey. I believe in you.”

Jack nodded again. “I’m just…I don’t want her to feel all the pressure I did when I was a kid Bits. I just want her to feel loved and accepted for who she is. I don’t want her to feel like she has to hide anything about herself or be anything she doesn’t want to be.”

“I want that too,” Bitty said. He kissed him. “You’re forgetting that you aren’t doing this alone. You’ve got me.”

He smiled. “You’re going to be a great dad Bits.”

“So are you.”

“Chowder’s going to be sad I didn’t choose the shark toy isn’t he?”

“Oh you’re getting the puppy dog eyes alright.”

chairman-meowth  asked:

What if the mysmes bunch +Saeran +V find out MC has an illness (can't think of a specific example) that meant they were constantly at a hospital (also MC is terrified of hospitals)

A/N: im afraid of hospitals until im actually admitted then im like yeah okay im here, /fantastic/. Also, I tried to be kind of broad and diverse? But I only know like one of these on a personal level so i hope nothing is completely off the wall ~Admin 404


           -I think he’d be afraid of hospitals as well

           -I mean pet hospitals are different!! That’s for pets! Hospitals deal with people! And he’S A PERSON!

           -He COMPLETELY gets your fear, but he’s gotta be tough for you!!! Gotta be the man!!


           -“MC don’t move, ill get it!” “I’ll fluff your pillow!” “Want a different tv channel?? IVE GOT IT”

           -You’ve been going through chemotherapy but that doesn’t mean you can’t moVE YOOSUNG PLEASE

           -If you cry because you’re scared, he’s there crying with you

           -But!!! He surrounds you with TONS of plush toys, and brings you food his mum he’s made


           -And honestly his innocence is so cute? And gets your mind off of the fear? He’s always making some cute craft thing with you, or telling you all about his LOLOL game (even brings a laptop for you to play with him when he has to go home!!) He isn’t very good at the whole comforting aspect but he loves you and tries so hard for you!! ;A;


           -He heals quickly and strong

           -You….do not…do that

           -You get an infection and it’s SO HARD for your body to fight it

           -Which often leaves you in the hospital over something like the flu

           -And that makes him SO SAD like omg MC i’d give you some of my healing power if I could

           -You are very vocal about your dislike for the hospital, so he doesn’t have to guess or pick up on subtle hints

           -But he treats you like ROYALTY he refuses to let you do anything for yourself when you’re in there because he just wants to make up for not being able to stop you from getting sick ;A;

           -He sings for you almost constantly because??? You can’t be afraid of anything in this building if all you can focus on is him??

           -He brings his scripts with him all the time so the two of you can waste the day and practice together!!

           -HAVE NO FEARS MC, FOR ZENNY IS HERE. Always watching the doctors and nurses like a hawk, always tries to get you to focus on him instead of anything they’re doing (obviously not if it’s important, then he lets you pay attention). Otherwise there’s a lot of cheek kisses, hand kisses, and just like…kisses everywhere come on it’s zen we’re talking about


           -You’re in the hospital often for breathing problems

           -“Jaehee, it’s because you take my breath away,” you wheeze as she’s rushing you to the hospital

           - mc shut the fuCK UP NOW ISNT THE TIME

           -She loves that you’re able to make light of the situation though

           -That is until you actually get to the hospital, then she’s practically dragging you through the doors because you’re too afraid to go in

           -Too much sadness, too many machines that you aren’t familiar with, the weird feeling of being in a strange place, you don’T LIKE IT

           -But she’s always there to read you a book at the end of the day, with a cozy throw blanket from home, and she’ll bring you some coffee from your favourite shop!

           -She also studies what all the machines and medications do so she can explain them to you and hopefully ease your anxiety!

           -When she can’t be there because of work, she leaves you a stack of books to get lost in so that you won’t even notice you’re there. She’ll text you throughout the day as well to check up on ya

           -She’s small enough to cuddle up in bed with you which is GREAT the two of you watch zen’s dvd’s on her laptop all the time


           -???? Why go to hospital when hospital can come to you

           - jumin no i appreciate the gesture but no

           -You’re a regular there because of your heart problems and it breAKS HIS HEART

           - he’s threatened saeyoung a few times because he keeps making jokes like “your heart must of stopped because you saw jumins face” and things of the sort like stOP

           -The first time you had a problem with your heart when you were with him it scared the sHIT OUT OF HIM MC WHAT’S WRONG

           -But he noticed the whole time you were there, you were anxious and always on the verge of tears and Juju will not have that

           -Literally had a room made just for you for whenever you need to be admitted and it looks just like home

           -“It’s your home away from home. Funny, right? MC why are you crying it was supposed to be funny” no its because you’re so swEET JUMIN WHAT THE FUCK STOP

           -He’s sad he can’t bring Elizabeth to console you but he does his best. Always sits with you, petting your hair and kissing you softly

           -His tall ass crawls into your bed at night too so he can hold you like duDE WATCH OUT FOR THE IV YOU’RE TOO TALL YOU DON’T FIT PLS YOUR KNEE IS DIGGING INTO ME


           -He knew your medical history, he did do a background check on you after all

           -So he knew that you’ve had frequent trips to the hospital your whole life

           -He did not realize, however, that you’d be this terrified of just visiting the hospital to see Saeran (after the whole mint eye thing of course)

           -It wasn’t very obvious to anyone else how afraid you were, but he could tell

           -You were in a lot of danger when the two of you were saving Saeran and you didn’t bat an eye

           -But the moment you stepped foot in the hospital, you got quiet. When you did talk, you started to stutter and trip over your words. You had a lot of trouble looking around or at anyone  and that wasn’t the MC he knew

           -You explained that due to your weak immune system, you’re a frequent in the hospital. You get sick easily and it hits you hard. But being surrounded by the multitudes of machines, hearing the sad sounds of people losing loved ones, you just couldn’t handle it

           -From then on, every time you’re admitted to the hospital, he brings a back full of different outfits so he can entertain you, and get your mind off of everything that was happening around you

           - mc i’m your doctor im gonna have to give you an exam wink wonk

           -Full of stupid jokes, hand holding, and kisses to the cheek. He is the deFENDER OF JUSTICE and he will DEFEND YOU FROM ALL OF YOUR FEARS. He’s such a dork??? How can you even think about what’s happening around the hospital to freak you out. It was practically like being at home with him around


           -You immediately told him about your health conditions when the two of you met

           -You unfortunately had to stay in the hospital frequently because of bad epileptic episodes

           -Well, you would go home of course, but some episodes were too risky to go immediately home, so you’d have to stay

           -And you HATED it, like, THIS PLACE ISN’T HOME

           -So every time it happens, he makes it home for you

           -Always bringing you favourite blankets and pillows from home

           -He even tries to bring calming candles so you won’t be as afraid you cant really…light those in here v

           -He’s always talking in such a calming tone that you’re just kind of….relaxed. Please tell me some stories V, lull me to sleep and ease my nerves . He’s always reading fairytale stories to you

           -On days that you’re extra anxious, he shows you videos he’s taken of you, of the RFA, and of random things you love the ones he takes of dogs and you know he does it just for you

           -Overall, he’s just always there to listen to you. You can rant and rave and cry angry tears because you’re so afraid and just want to go home, but he’s there to wipe your tears away and the only home that matters is the one you have with him <3


           -He knows what it’s like to be in the hospital for a long time

           -I mean, right after Saeyoung took him from Mint Eye, he was in there a long time to get all of that shit out of his blood stream and all of that, so he kind of gets it

           -When you have to go to the hospital pretty often because your kidneys were weak and almost always on the verge of failing, he freAKS OUT


           -Pulls it together (well on the outside at least) fairly quickly when he notices how nervous you are every time, no matter how often you have to go

           -You’re almost on the verge of tears every time because?? Every time you’re here you’re fairly close to dying and WOW that’s scary as fuck this place sucks

           -But he’s always there for you, no matter what. He might not say much (and nO ITS NOT BECAUSE HIS VOICE WILL GIVE AWAY HIS FEAR SHUT UP MC) but he’s there to hold your hand through it all, and tries to act like wiping your tears is an inconvenience though you know it’s not and that hes just trying to be tough

           -Actually stays up for days at a time to watch over you and make sure everything is alright which makes you feel bad but also really puts you at ease??

           -Like nothing bad is gonna happen because Saeran will pUNCH IT IN THE FACE. That fear? PUNCH IN THE FACE. All the beeping machines? PUNCH IN THE FACE. Doctor comes in the room in the middle of the night and scares the shit out of you? saERAN ITS THE DOCTOR PLEASE DON’T PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE

           -He buys a bunch of sweets- like cake, cookies, ice cream, things of the sort- and pretends it’s all because he wanted it himself but he guesses he can share with you, if it’ll help lift your spirits and take your mind off of the fact you’re in here

Love Is Gross and You Disgust Me

Love Is Gross and You Disgust Me

Summary: or the five times Phil tries to get Dan to go out with him, and the one time he gets it right.

A/N: waaaaayyyy late valentines day fic but shshhshshshhh and enjoy some way sappy dorks being in love (it’s also teen!phan bc there just isn’t enough in the world tbh)

Word Count: 3333 

Disclaimer: I own nothing or no one; this is all fiction.

TW: none i think


“Daniel!” Phil practically sings the boy’s name and plops himself in the seat next to him, smiling so wide, his eyes are nearly closed behind his thick framed glasses.

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It’s been almost three years since I posted any photos of just myself on this blog, so hi, hello and everything in between! 👋🏻 If you don’t know, my name is Jakiya, I’m 19 and a full time artist and crystal jeweller from Australia. I’m so excited to start sharing a little bit more about my life with those who will have me! ✨So, here’s me being a dork in the car this afternoon, enjoying the sun on the way to beach.

he senses something, call it desperation || kidge week day 2

A/N: this takes place immediately after this fic. title derived from the ballad of mona lisa by p!atd. enjoy!

Prompt: Secret

Summary: Where in which Keith is sure that he wants to throw Lance into an airlock and hit eject if he opens his stupid mouth one more time. Or maybe just thrown himself in. That works too.

It was common knowledge that Keith had always been on the temperamental side. Always diving headfirst into danger, face in a constant state of scowling, yelling just about every damn day…He was the paladin of the Red Lion for crying out loud, the literal embodiment of impatience, so of course it was expected that he had a short fuse too.

Never did Keith expect that his fuse can get even shorter.

Until now, that is.

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Modern AU where Bilbo is a grumpy bookshop owner and Thorin stumbles upon his store one day, cause he’s trying to hide from his nephews or Dis or someone, and uses Bilbo’s shop (Bag End) to hide. But when he looks around he finds a grumpy Bilbo looking at him with almost irritation. So Thorin, being the shy dork he is, blushes and goes to the other end of the shop which is where Bilbo coincidentally has his own works (that he’s written under a fake name). Thorin, who already feels Bilbo’s stare and feels awkward, grabs the first book he sees and takes it to the counter and buys it, Bilbo more grumbling at him than talking. While Bilbo rings up the book Thorin finally gets a good look at his face, and damn is he cute. Thorin stutters out a thanks and all but flees from the shop. Thorin doesn’t think about the book until he gets home later that night and so decides that since he’s bought it he might as well read it before bed. So when Thorin begins reading, he can’t stop. He finishes the book at 5:36am, ten minutes before he has to get up for work.

Thorin finds himself in a bit of the problem, not only does he have to go to work, but the book is part of a series. Balin nearly sends him home when he sees him, but Thorin ignores his worries and gets to work, but when his lunch break comes around (and no Balin, I did not take a nap on the tax returns) Thorin is out the door and towards Bag End. Bilbo is surprised to see him again, but still keeps his grumpy demeanor, but is surprised again when the stranger brings the second book the counter. Thorin, pent up with nervous energy (and maybe a bit of a crush)begins to babble at Bilbo about the book and how much he enjoyed it and about the cliffhanger and the character and everything. Bilbo, who wrote the series, is a little taken aback but nods and offers a few words of his own. Later that night, when Thorin returns home, he immediately cracks the book open and begins to read. He falls asleep on the couch with the book on his face. 

It becomes nearly an everyday thing, Grumpy Bilbo becoming less grumpy and Thorin less shy. By the time Thorin finishes the series he has a full blown crush on Bilbo, but still doesn’t know Bilbo is the author of the books. Thorin begins to spend more and more time at the shop and with Bilbo (who has become less grumpy to him). After finishing a second series Thorin gathers his nerves and asks Bilbo out (Dis may have yelled at Thorin to get his act together and ask the man out, but he’s not saying anything). Bilbo says yes. 

On their third date Bilbo tells Thorin that he’s the author. Thorin does not faint.    

MHA dub commentary ep 6

  • it’s been a week or so since i watched the dub and i’m remembering how much i loved Izuku’s dub voice
  • and how much i loved Aizawa’s voice
  • last time on MHA: Izuku only broke one finger this time
  • Uraraka’s voice i’m still kinda getting used to
  • lmao Aoyama what would a pretty throw look like??
  • meanwhile Bakugou is having an existential crisis
  • Bakugou. attacking a fellow student in the middle of class with the teacher right there isn’t exactly the smartest……
  • ………………… then again it seems like none of his teachers prior to this ever tried to stop him so i can’t exactly. blame him for trying. since there doesn’t seem to be any sort of precedent against it before now
  • either way that was dumb and you should really stop that, my child
  • thank god Aizawa is an actual competent adult and teacher, probably the first Izuku and Bakugou have had in their lives
  • thank god
  • i’m starting to really love Mic’s dub voice
  • it’s so dorky
  • oooohh gosh little Izuku sounds so cute ohhhhh my sweet child
  • it’s kinda funny how deep Bakugou’s kid voice sounds in comparison to Izuku’s
  • Izuku collapses from basic physical fitness tests
  • same
  • tho he also has a broken finger, so… not same, i guess
  • ok during the crowd scene where Aizawa is pulling up the test results, Bakugou is making this really hilariously petulant look at Izuku who’s in the back an cradling his poor broken finger
  • he’s just pouting so hard i’m skag;ashk
  • also what the fuck kinda fancy-ass hologram tech is that
  • Izuku’s having a mini breakdown and Aizawa’s like ‘lol just kidding’
  • Aizawa no
  • “That was just a rational deception to make sure you gave it all on your tests.”
  • Aizawa you liar
  • Iida freaks out so hard from this that his glasses break
  • Izuku is no longer in this plain of existence
  • holy shit Momo is Riza
  • oh Momo you think it was just a joke but it wasn’t. it wasn’t. he really was gonna send one of y’all home oh my sweet child you have so much faith and trust
  • i like Sero and Kirishima’s voices
  • Momo sounds a bit old but i’m sure i’ll get used to her voice
  • “And go have the old lady fix you up.” 
  • Aizawa
  • Aizawa at least call her Recovery Girl omfg
  • how rude
  • Dad Might’s pride in his son gave away their connection to Aizawa
  • oh he’s so proud. and sucks at subtly
  • Aizawa just. fucking messes with him. he’s like “Oooh, it’s almost like you’ve been in his corner this whole time, huh?” and All Might is like “…FUCK”
  • what a dork
  • “It’s cruel to let a kid keep dreaming of something that’ll never come true.” i always found this aspect of Aizawa’s character super fascinating
  • “In your own strange way, you’re a kind man, Aizawa.” yes, yes he is Toshi
  • Recovery Girl’s office: *gross kissing sound* *horrified screeching*
  • i love the little Kamui Woods pez dispenser 
  • “YOU MEAN THIS COULD KILL ME?!” i just enjoy how horrified Izuku sounds here
  • oh Iida you think a bit of white lying is immoral. you pure soul you
  • “And yours is…. Deku Midoriya?” “DEKU?!”
  • i enjoy Uraraka’s nonchalantly cute mental image of Bakugou screaming “DEKU, YOU BASTARD!!!” as he prepares to run and blow Izuku up
  • “Plus, I think it sounds kinda cute!!”
  • oh Izuku my boy
  • Iida is so confused as to why Izuku would suddenly accept an insulting nickname b/c a cute girl called it cute
  • i love my square son
  • Uraraka is so confused right now
  • “I survived my first day at UA… even tho I kinda failed.” college in a nutshell 
  • i’m remembering how much i enjoyed All Might’s dub voice
  • oh my god wha ta d or k
  • Izuku’s gonna cry just from getting lunch from that one chef hero lmao what an adorable nerd
  • “I. AM. HEEEEEREE!!!! ….. COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A HERO!!” wha t a f ucking dork 
  • Kaminari has a pretty good voice
  • i enjoy how Tsuyu noticed that All Might was wearing his old costume
  • “I’m getting goosebumps, it’s so retro!!” omfg Ojirou you dork
  • i also like his voice
  • also what the fuck All Might why are you walking like that. why. just. just walk normally. are you trying to strut your stuff or what
  • jksa;ghka; All Might is so hammy i have a hard time not just. bursting into laughter with every scene he’s in
  • “Clothes make the pros!!”
  • he is just. so full of hammy lines
  • “THIS IS GETTING ME ALL RAMPED UP!! YOU ALL LOOK SO COOL!!” god he reminds me so much of those teachers who try so hard to relate to their students but just come off as really dorky and kinda desperate
  • please pause at the moment where they show the kid’s sketches and bask in Bakugou’s amazingly average drawing skills. also Iida’s really good sketches
  • i enjoy Toshi’s casual voice. i just. really enjoy it, especially compared to his over-the-top hammy All Might hero voice
  • Inko for best mom
  •  o h gm yd o they ga ve Mineta a l is p
  • he sounds like one of those creepy pervy nerds
  • All Might is struggling not to combust from noticing the similarities between Izuku’s costume and him
  • Tsuyu’s voice reminds me of something
  • i think i like it tho
  • “How much can we hurt the other team?” Bakugou no
  • everyone has actual questions relating to the situation at hand and Aoyama only cares about how awesome his cape looks
  • “NNGH…. I… WASN’T FINISHED TALKING!!!” same All Might i hate when people interrupt me before i finish talking
  • All Might’s reading from a fucking script b/c he’s such a newbie at being a teacher what a dork
  • also that fucking script is tiny in his hands. it looks like it was made for children. lmao
  • i enjoy the obvious video game style and references here
  • Izuku is freaking out so much at the idea of working with a cute girl what a dork
  • ohhh poor Izuku. Bakugou is just itching to kick his ass and he knows it
  • i like this scene. Izuku feels anxious but steadies himself and meets Bakugou’s glare and it surprises/pisses off Bakugou
  • the nerd is fighting back
  • the perspective of the top of the buildings seems off to me somehow
  • it’s kinda funny how All Might tells them that the success for this trial is to embody villainy, and (spoiler) Bakugou fails
  • hah, foreshadowing
  • “Was he seriously just tricking me all these years?” aaannnd here comes the first inkling of Bakugou’s superiority/inferiority complex when it comes to Izuku
  • Iida is curious and kinda concerned about Bakugou, it seems
  • Bakugou why do you care about being rich
  • i always found it interesting how, despite Bakugou’s shitty behavior, his positive points inspire Izuku to do his best
  • “So it’s a fated battle between rivals?” Uraraka knows her shit. also i enjoy her just. randomly understanding MANLINESS stuff that shows up from time to time
  • Aaaaaand here comes Bakugou. boy has no chill
  • “Sneak attack, Bakugou? What kinda man pulls cheap crap like that?” Oh Kirishima if only you knew
  • whoa Mina’s voice is. weird
  • she’s like. not hyper-peppy enough for me
  • awww Izuku taking agency over the insult he’d been called for most of his life
  • it’s kinda funny looking back on these eps b/c i remember just how little sympathy i had for Bakugou when i first saw them
  • how the times have changed
  • ugh i love this music
  • so much about these two in that sentence 
  • oh these children
  • every time i see this ending theme i think ‘just grab a fucking bike Izuku”
  • “Hold on, I didn’t know Uraraka was a baseball player?!” i’m sorry but this like out of context is hilarious

aaannnnd that’s episode 6!!

Sleepovers and Truth or Dare - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Sleepovers and Truth or Dare – TW Imagine

Prompt: You have a massive crush on Stiles, and he likes you too. But you don’t know that and he doesn’t know you like him either. Everyone knows that you both like each other, but you kept denying that he likes you back. So one night at Lydia’s small sleepover, the pack is invited and you all play truth or dare, and Isaac has a pretty interesting dare prepared for you..

A/N: Yay, a long imagine! I’m actually pretty proud of this one so I hope you guys enjoy this! I took in your votes and Stiles was the most voted, so you’ll be seeing much more of him! (Not that you don’t already) ;). PS, I’m sorry there weren’t many characters included, I wanted to keep this story very minimalistic from the pack and more focused on Stiles and the Reader!

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 2453

Originally posted by stvlinski

Your POV

“Okay, so what are we going to do today?” You asked as you sat down on the lunch bench with Lydia, waiting for the arrival of the rest of the pack. “Well,” Lydia bit into her apple. “I was hoping that the pack could come over to my place tomorrow and sleep over. We haven’t done that in a while.” She took another bite, munching on the juicy fruit. “Ooo, sounds fun!” You exclaimed. You looked at Lydia and saw that she had a devilish smirk on her face, flickering her eyes from your shoulder to your eyes again. You frowned, looking behind you.

There, you saw Stiles along with Malia walking towards your bench. You quickly turned back, keeping your head down. “I-is he going to be there?” You mumbled, feeling your cheek flush into a crimson color. “Is who going to be there?” Lydia teased. You knew Lydia was grinning, even when you weren’t looking at her. “Stiles..” You murmured again, but loud enough for Lydia to hear. And apparently Stiles and Malia too.

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Wolfstar headcanon’s

- Late night wolfstar cuddles because neither of them can sleep and it’s a full-moon the next night and they just need each other 
- Sirius letting Remus wear his leather jacket and it being a little tight on him but honestly Sirius doesn’t mind at all, in fact, he encourages it
Sirius wearing one of Remus’ hand knit sweaters and it being too big on him but Remus just thinks Sirius looks adorable 
- Remus getting excited over fancy hotels putting little pieces of chocolates on the pillows because “look look look look Pads, Pads look! its chocolate! on a pillow!” 
- Remus’ eyes looking a bit wolf-like when he’s angry 
- which scares him. a lot. 
- Sirius cutting his hair for the first time and being nervous because “what if Moony doesn’t like it?” 
- Moony loves it 
- in fact, Remus can’t keep his hands off of Sirius’ new hair 
- which is a problem because their Owl’s are coming up and they really need to study 
- Sirius being an exceptionally good dancer (thanks to his family) which he doesn’t particularly like 
- but it means that he gets to dance with Remus so he lets it slide 
- Sirius hates being shorter than Remus because it means that he can’t always kiss Remus when he wants 
- Remus knows this and uses it to his advantage 
- wolfstar christmas mistletoe kisses 
- wolfstar snuggled up in a blanket by the Gryffindor common-room fire 
- double-dates with James and Lily 
- Sirius taking Remus to every.single.one of his quidditch games 
- Remus being the loudest cheerer in the stands 
- Remus staying up late to help Sirius study even though it’s the week heading up to the full-moon and he really needs his rest 
- Don’t think about Remus curled up on a sofa in the Gryffindor common-room reading a book, sipping tea. 
- Remus being self-conscious of his scars
- Sirius kissing every damn one of his scars, mumbling “you’re so beautiful” every time  

and I’m so sorry these are terrible but I could go on forever these dorks are my everything, i just have a lot of wolfstar feels

I’m so amazed that Mark Ruffalo exists okay like there’s someone out there who’s an absolute dork who advocates for climate change and supports women’s rights and knows how to give to his fans without being unprofessional and who loves his family beyond belief and pranks his kids by telling them he ate all their candy and just looks like a giant teddy bear full of a desire for equality and the safety of our planet. and out of all of the time of history I could’ve been alive I am alive in the time of Mark Ruffalo and like thank god

So everybody is hyping up over Steven Universe and Gravity Falls and stuff, but there’s another cartoon show that I feel is pretty fun to watch too.

That’s right Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero.

At first, I was a little skeptical of this show, thinking it wouldn’t be all that entertaining and the characters would be boring and be like cardboard. However after watching a few episodes I find it pretty good!

First let’s start with the basic plot of the show.

It centers around a team of 3 high-school kids who are Part-Time Heroes. What does this mean? Well basically when a hero in another dimension screws up, Penn and his friends come in to save the day in their place. Fighting the Part-Time Heroes is the Part-Time Villains. Basically it’s both teams traveling to different dimensions to complete their respected missions.

Sounds pretty cool on it’s own, the idea is definitely fun, but I find the amazingness of the show in it’s characters.

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We were in pre-production for STC Ep4 and I got tired of making Star Trek stuff and needed a break, so I made Vic the Rin hoodie from the manga for Christmas, (BECAUSE I AM AN AWESOME FRIEND OKAY) and then on the shoot when I gave it to him, we were like ‘lol we should take pics because pool.’ (The pool has Haru dolphins in it HOLLA) So I borrowed a wig from somebody in the next town over and this happened. We were literally just playing around with a 5 minute cosplay shoot at like 1 am, in the middle of a super-pro Star Trek shoot for fun because we are otaku trash dork-nerds. I take full responsibility, and I regret nothing. :) 

HOWEVER. Now I’m hearing that people are actually bitching about this?? To those people I would love to extend an extremely genuine go-screw-yourself. This was not some professional attempt at turning Vic into Rin in real life. This was me and my friend being dorks because we felt like having some fun. Which last time I checked, oh online community of mine, was what cosplay is all about. 

So instead of harassing/sending hate mail/saying someone is too old to be cosplaying (WTF) because you don’t like a thing, how about DON’T do that? And if you have an issue with these photos, come at me bro, because I made them happen and I took them and I’m not even remotely sorry.

Besides, screw you guys, this hoodie is adorable. ^^


i got all excited about the gender shirt and decided steve needed MORE shirts. so. this might end up being a thing idk.

ALSO this is an actual t-shirt!! you can find & reblog it on tumblr here and buy it over on redbubble here. i rly want one oh man.

justakansasboy  asked:


Where do I even begin???? This is going to be so long… so I’ll continue it under a cut.

Okay well, let’s start with an issue of contention (for some ungodly reason). Clark’s amazing intelligence. 

Even as a kid, Clark knows his science. So much so that even a young Lex Luthor is impressed.

And Clark, despite not being very wealthy, is eventually accepted into the Ivy League College (at least in the DC Universe) of Metropolis University solely on his grades, and not on a sports scholarship. He graduates in two years, much to everyone’s disbelief. His professors adore him, and figure (not incorrectly) that he is a genius. 

Which is why, in All-Star Superman, you have him solving some of the biggest riddles (literal and scientific) in the universe. Such as “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?”

That’s the right answer, by the way. Plus, throughout that particular comic, he pretty much discovers tons of amazing things, just using his intellect. (I mean, he’s the son of Krypton’s greatest scientist, so why wouldn’t he be a genius??). 

This sort of intelligence is crucial in his victories over many villains. 

Take this example from the Smallville comics. Hades, the villain here, is a Greek God – all powerful, and attempting to take over the world. Supes gives him the threat shown above. Whether it’s a bluff or not, the risk for Hades ends up being too great. So Hades threw up the white flag and took off – no fuss, no further destruction. Very effective. And Clark didn’t even threaten to kill him, because Hades, as an immortal, would survive in space. But he knew exactly what would get under Hades’s skin, and exploited it. 

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Prom- Luke Smut (3000+ Follower Special)

(Wrote this at like 4 am bc I had an idea, please excuse my typos. Hope you enjoy)~S (warning:sexual content)

It was prom night. You’d tried on tons of dresses, watched countless hair and makeup tutorials, blown up several group chats trying to make plans, and it was finally here. Your senior prom with your amazing boyfriend Luke and all of your friends. You and Luke had been dating for two years. Every time you saw him, you fell in love again and couldn’t help but smile. There’s nobody you’d rather spend your senior prom with. And this night was even more special because you and Luke were finally gonna go all the way. You’d done everything else, but he wanted your first time together to be special, the dork.

You were dancing with Luke and your friends when the dj announced that he was going to play the last slow song. You felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and kiss pressed to your shoulder.
“Baby follow me,” Luke whispered into your ear, kissing just below it as the song began to play. He grabbed your hand gently and pulled you along out of the gym and down the hallway to a room marked ‘maintenance’.
“Babe!” you whispered as he put his hand on the knob.
“Yes my love?” he paused, looking concerned and pulling you to him.
“The janitor’s closet?” you smiled and giggled at your boyfriend.
“Wait and see baby,” he whispered, kissing your cheek before opening the door and pulling you in behind him.
As soon as you saw the inside of the tiny space, your eyes went wide. Luke had decorated the inside with twinkle lights covered with purple and dark blue tulle, giving the room an enchanted glow. On the ground he’d set up a few blankets and pillows.
“Luke it’s……” you started, shocked at how beautiful he’d made the closet full of chemicals and mops.
“Baby sshh don’t say anything,” he soothed, running his hands down your arms before he sat on the blankets. He looked amazing, sitting in front of you, starting up at you in anticipation, the soft lights illuminating his face gently. You say down next to him and he finally pressed a kiss to your lips. It wasn’t rushed or forced or harsh, but you could feel the love and care he had for you. You lie back until your head hit one of the pillows as Luke crawled over you, kissing down your neck and reaching around your back to unzip your dress. It was strapless so you didn’t wear a bra, so once your dress was off you were left staring up at Luke in just your panties. He quickly removed his pants and jacket and shirt so that he was kneeling between your legs in just his boxers.
“Babe it’s….” you laughed, shivering,“ it’s kinda cold,” you finished, knowing it was typical of the two of you to make things awkward. He simply handed you his jacket and watched as you slipped it on.
“Damn you look so sexy right now,” he hummed, crawling back over you and bracing himself on his arms. “Too bad you won’t need that jacket in a minute. My beautiful girl, you look so amazing tonight, I can’t believe how lucky I got,” he praised, running his fingers down your torso, circling your navel, and rubbing your hip bones. He traced the hem of your underwear, sending more shivers running up your spine.
“Luke,” you whimpered “damn I’ve been waiting so long to say this,” you coaxed, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling your lips to his ear.
“Babe…..just do me already,” you whispered, attacking the soft skin just below his ear with soft kisses, sucking a hickey or to onto his collar bones. His fingers worked at your panties, pulling them down while you tugged at his boxers. The only piece of clothing either of you had on was his jacket.
“You ready baby girl?” he asked carefully, his gentleness, and the nickname, turning you on even more.
“Yes Luke please we don’t have all night,” you smiled up at him, faking impatience.
With that, you felt his tip at your entrance and he gave you one last questioning look, earning a nod from you, before he pushed himself into you. Both of you let out long moans as he filled you up. You’d both had sex before this, but nothing like this before. Nothing so caring and careful and full of love. He set a slow pace, looking into your eyes and leaning down to kiss your neck now and again. Your fingers were wrapped into the hair at the nape of his neck, both of you letting strings of whimpers and groans and swears tumble from your lips as he moved inside you.
“Baby girl you, you feel so……fuck,” Luke tried to form a sentence. He picked up one of your legs and pressed your thing against your chest, hitting a new angle, causing you to nearly scream before he caught your lips in another kiss.
“Luke….g….go faster,” you managed as you felt your high coming closer. He picked up his pace, still hitting your g-spot every time. Your walls began to clench around him, causing him to hum and groan in pleasure.
“Baby girl I’m…” he started. “Me too,” you cut him off, bucking your hips up to meet his rhythm. Luke trailed his fingers down your body again, finding your clit and rubbing it in soft circles, still moving at a good pace inside you.
“You first love,” you mumbled into your neck as the two of you but back moans. You felt your high come on and Luke pushed you straight over the edge. As your walls began to clench around him, he reached his high. The two of you came down together, him still sliding in and out of you to drag out your orgasms. Both of you were breathing heavily as he pulled out of you and reached for a rag that he’d conveniently placed beside the makeshift bed and proceeded to clean the both of you up. You were still wrapped in his jacket as you both pulled on your underwear and stood up. He placed his hands on your waist and you tangled yours back into his hair.
“I love you so much baby,” Luke whispered against your lips.
“I love you too Lukey. Tonight has been more than amazing,” you smiled again before he kissed you, the kiss being deeper and closer now, but just as full of love.
“And you do look really good naked in my jacket, but maybe we should get redressed and head back out yeah?” he smirked, being the cheeky little dork you fell in love with every time you saw him.

High school doesn’t mean a thing.

This was a request! So here I go! I’m back and ready to party! 

Written by: redlittlefox

Dean X reader

Word count: 1.5k

sum: You and Dean have been friends for a long time, but he never seems to have noticed that you had a crush on him.

Warnings:None! Teen Dean and reader 

People: @brokenaria @aprofoundbondwithdean @latinenglishfandomblog @is-this-you-manning-up-sammy @winchesterenthusiast @winchester-writes @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @letsgetoutalive @spnfanficpond @sufu21 @but-deans-back-tho @mrs-squirrel-chester @mrswhozeewhatsis @mamapeterson @the-mrs-deanwinchester

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Fanfic Author Self-care

In the last few months, I’ve seen a trend in the Doctor/Rose fandom of authors feeling under-appreciated. Several posts have gone around, discussing ways to encourage readers to interact with fic. I’ve gotten private messages from authors, asking if I’ve ever been discouraged enough to consider taking my work down. 

All of that makes my heart hurt. Not because I’m upset with people for not commenting more on fanfic (though it’s pretty obvious looking at my blog that I will always encourage people to leave feedback), but because I see authors who are hurting themselves and don’t realise it. 

Let’s start with the question I got  a few weeks ago–have I ever been tempted to take my fic down? No, because even if no one else is reading it, my stories are there for me to go back to. I’ve probably reread my stories more than anyone else. I love my work. I’m my best shot at finding a fic author whose headcanons align perfectly with my own.

I know that, “Write for yourself,” sounds trite when it feels like you really are writing just for yourself. But you have to start there, or you will never get enough feedback from anyone to be satisfied. If you don’t love your own work–really, really love it–no matter what anyone else says, part of you won’t believe them. 

The other thing I’ve seen is a general disregard for likes. Yesterday morning, a post crossed my dash asking what a like meant to me, as a reader. The OP also said likes left them feeling dissatisfied. Again, that makes my heart hurt. So I answered the question, but I also addressed the deeper issue of feeling that likes aren’t really feedback. 

Full disclosure, before I go any further: I have done this. I have looked at the notes on my stories and wondered why this person only liked the story this time when last time they reblogged. I’ve seen other stories get reblogged over and over and wondered why mine didn’t get that level of interaction. I get it.

But I finally had to realise that I was only hurting myself by always needing a little bit more. Deciding that positive feedback isn’t enough is a pattern of thought that will only lead to me feeling worse about myself as an author, when I want to be building my confidence. 

It’s true that a like can mean different things to different people. But I can’t think of a negative reason people might like a post. At most, it’s a neutral comment–a bookmark so they can come back to it later. (And that in itself is a compliment. It means they want to read your story!) So if the meanings given to likes range from neutral to positive, why do we–and yes, I’m including myself–assign them a negative value instead of positive?

If my first piece of advice can be summed up as, “Love your own stories,” I guess this one amounts to, “Assume any feedback given is positive, unless the person is being a jerk.” 

And just to forestall any rebuttals, the most recent chapter of Time is Still A-Flying has 12 notes, one of which is from me accidentally liking it on mobile because I am a dork and one that’s my evening reblog. Of the remaining 10, only two are reblogs and only one had tags. And that’s about the average for chapters of that story lately. I’m not talking from a throne made of golden reblogs. 

Plus… gosh, I’m really going full disclosure here, but if you’ve followed me for a while, this isn’t news anyway. I have depression. I really do understand how hard it is sometimes to change your thought patterns from the negative ruts our brains can get in. That’s why it concerns me so much when I see a large group in our community repeating a negative thought over and over. The more you say it, the more you hear it, the harder it will be to believe anything else. 

Take care of yourself, fanfic authors. You’re important to our community.