just because we're seeing this in four days

I can’t stop thinking about ‘it’s quite surreal’, and 'amazing, yeah. This is incredible, isn’t it?’ Because that’s how Sam and Anthony were last year. And they lost it so fast because people are awful.

With Theo and Samuel we have two young men, at the start of their career, and I just think that as a fandom we should be respectful of them and not invasive or over-excitable or rude or any of the other countless things we could do to them.

They’re human beings, doing a job that should probably be the most amazing, fun job in the world. And it looks like they’re going to be spectacular at it. But can we remember that they are just that? Human beings doing a job. They’re not toys. They’re not play things. They’re not characters. They’re not for us to speculate over or ship. They’re people with lives and families and friendships.

So can we please be kind to them and show them we care about them and value them, and not drive them away and make them jaded? Let them have this amazing experience without us ruining it for them.

They’re so young. And they deserve to enjoy themselves and keep the wonder we saw in the video today. Is that so much to ask? Can people please be nice?

I didn’t see this process play out from the beginning last time, but I know it’s coming this time and it’s horrible. It’s beginning already, and I hate everything about it.

levihan high school (typical shoujo manga ver) au headcanon: where levi is a school delinquent who rarely comes to school and hange is the widely talked about manic genius of the school. levi is in his 3rd year while hange is in her 2nd year and he had definitely heard about her once in a while when he came to school like “have you heard about the girl that almost blew up the lab yesterday”, “i heard that she screamed her ass off while dissecting frog and it’s not because she’s scared” and levi vaguely remembers that he snickered when he heard that because of some lame poop jokes came across his head.

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