just because this was my favorite era of him

[FANCAM] Mark is so sweet TT_TT He just let Youngjae into his arms to comfort him. What makes this 1000 X sweeter is because of the fact that Mark knew Youngjae so well by now when three years ago they were so awkward with each other. I’m just so grateful for Mark who always looks after Youngjae. Thank you Mark. {{ (>_<) }}

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Don’t you think he looks tired?

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(or, why anna is super fucking excited that chris chibnall is the new show runner of doctor who)

Preemptive warning that this is a huge fandom switch, guys. I know, I know, I’m a Star Trek blog, but Anna was a Doctor fan first, and the Whovian blood runs deep. Point being, if you’re here for McCoy, skip this one. If you’re a fan of Anna’s Overanalyzing, Doctor Who, Chris Chibnall, RTD, or even The Moff, stick around, because this is the post for you. 

Below the cut, Anna discusses the merits of the Russel T. Davies era, the strengths and shortcomings of Steven Moffat’s vision of the Doctor, the many shining qualities of BBC’s Broadchurch, and her hype for Chris Chibnall as the new Doctor Who show runner.

(holy hot damn, I’ve outdone myself this time)

I am getting really fucking sick of the Doctor, guys.

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James Potter x Reader

The Marauders Era It´s Just My Favorite Thing In The World

Words: 2,650

A/N: Just read a time turner fic, and I´m feeling quite anxious so I needed to write this

He suppressed a growl, silently reminding himself that the dog was Sirius and the werewolf Remus (what left him like the only graceful animagus). And that he should act as a proper human in the common room, because Lily hated when he acted childishly. (She hated almost everything he did.) Still, James cursed under his breath. The very idea of you two being together irked him.

It was utmost betrayal! How could you?!

His pretty chubby, second favorite bookworm that liked sweet chocolate frogs and acid pops couldn’t possibly fancy a mad wizard with a strange fascination of dark magic. James could tolerate Lily awkwardly chatting with the snake, but you were part of the Marauders, something so…so…hideous wasn´t about to happen in front of his eyes.

“I believe you both are being overly dramatic, Whiskers is kind with everyone when we aren’t around.”

“So you mean she really doesn’t like us?  Is she faking because I always buy her treats at Honeydukes?” Remus gave James a disbelieving look while Sirius crossed his arms. Without a word, Peter blushed while you embraced Severus warmly one more time.

“How come she never actually hugged me before!?” The seventeen year old prat with the longest hair wiggled around with a scowl, leaving James with a bitter expression. “I mean, yeah, I know we actually don’t treat her so much like a beautiful woman and all that shit, but even she could have given me a squish or two.”

“You are being awfully stupid, Padfoot.” Remus sighed in exasperation, passing a tired hand through his sandy hair before placing his hands in Sirius´s shoulders. “Whiskers is a beautiful lady. You are a dirty dog. She isn’t going to hug you.”

“Then I don’t get why she is passionately hugging the life out of Snivellus!”

“Love can get us blind…W-We should admit that Whiskers is old enough to get a…hum…love interest.” Peter mutely offered, earning a gasp from each one of the present marauders. When the words left the air completely, the boys changed their stunned expressions. James went paper sheet pale suddenly feeling really sick, Remus simply nodded to himself in astonishment and Sirius got that knowing glint on his bright eyes.

“Even if it is Snivellus?” James tried to discard the mere idea of you actually being in love, frowning at his group of friends.

“Well, Whiskers doesn’t have a lot of options. I mean we are out of her league, you know, with all the let´s vow for our friendship and all that bloody oaths.” With trembling hands, Black rambled a few more words that Potter didn’t get. Sirius easily read the painfully obvious disdain of his best mate at his not correctly phrased comment, however he lacked self-control when it came to reassuring people, so he just continued pointlessly speaking.

In love? Like in the real thing? Weren’t you still too young for it? James couldn’t even know how he felt about Lily –the girl he had fancied since his first year at Hogwarts- and you suddenly loved a snake?

“Please don’t pass out.” Tough hands clasped James arms, keeping him in a standing position. “Thanks for breaking Prongs, Wormtail.”

“Moony, do something!” Pleaded Peter with a scared grimace.

“Something? Why are you two pushing Remus?” A friendly voice interrupted the sullen atmosphere and all the four boys turned to face the young woman who talked. Full soft cheeks and warm eyes met with the suffering forced smile of the boy who couldn’t contain himself anymore.


“Umm, yeah? So, no one is going to answer my question?”

“Sniv-”A hard blow in the stomach left Sirius mute.

“He meant to say snitch, we thought about going to practice Quidditch a little, see you at dinner!” Dragging away to the outside an almost knocked out Sirius, James waved a quick goodbye without looking back.

“That means I´m not invited?” Remus shrugged not giving a trace of an apology, nodding before turning around and walking in the same direction as the other boys. (Peter followed him closely, not that you actually cared –since Wormtail used to ignore you most of the time-.)

“Are we going to Hogsmeade this weekend? I mean, last time we stayed here to pull pranks at professor Slughorn. I´m running out of sugar quills.” Munching a piece of chocolate cake, you asked the abnormally quiet marauders. All of them were odd –Remus acted the same as always but his eyes were fixed to his plate and nothing else-. James seemed out of place, skin to pale and sickly looking, his hair was glued to his face, due to a tiresome rough time practicing or a lot of slick substance that could have been shower gel. Sirius was certainly pissed off, however you didn’t know at whom. “Did you have a fight? Where is Wormtail?” You continued when your first attempt of conversation was plainly avoided.

“He´s going to change his name to Lovegood, he´s going insane.” Remus joked, or kind of tried to make it sound as a joke.

“I hope he doesn’t dare to sit with us tonight.” Muttered Sirius, giving his pumpkin juice a long gulp. “How could he said it? Now our Prongs it´s like a hollow puppet.”

“Can someone inform me of the situation? I kind of feel left out.” Brown vivid eyes gazed at your for a couple of seconds, leaving you waiting. “So?” You insisted forcefully.

James managed to look quite dashing even with an ill expression and oily skin. That type of grace was something that made you wonder how he could get to actually fall for someone like you.

(Not that you were too ugly or anything, it was just the mere fact that he was absolutely stunning.)

“Peter just screwed me.” James finally said, smiling at you, absent mindedly playing with the spoon that his fingers held. The slice of apple pie on his plate was untouched and a growing desire of tasting it clouded your thoughts. Why the heck were you such a guzzler?

“Are you going to eat that?” Now you questioned with a light hint of hopefulness, knowing that interrogating him wouldn’t help but your sweet tooth would make him chuckle. What happened next made wasn’t what you expected. James sighed, softly caressing his right wrist before standing up and rolling the plate to your side.


“Sadly, I will be leaving too.” The black haired boy said with a grin. “You screwed him more, and Padfoot is going to fix him for you, love.”

“Don’t miss me too much, Sirius.” A soft hand messed with your hair before pressing hard on your skull. “Moony, I don’t like that.”

“I´m just trying to accommodate your brains, they seem to be in a difficult situation-” You gaped at him, jokingly scowling.

“Why do you all seem eager to mess with my life today?”

“Don´t think about it too much, lovely bee. The boys are just being idiots. Like always.” Lily said calmly, sipping her tea despite the fact that Remus glared at her.

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Where there's tears, there's hope

So I loved this quote, not just because of the recall to the Third Doctor (one of my favorites) but also because it is so true to the Moffat era. Yes, often characters cry when they are sad or have gone through something horrible, just like real life. But more often than not in Doctor Who these past few years, tears have absolutely been the symbol of hope.

Amy crying though she doesn’t know why? Because she still, deep down, remembers Rory and that is what allows him to return as the Last Centurion.

The Doctor’s crying at his reunion with the Ponds in the series six Christmas special? Happy tears, a very human and very wonderful thing that shouldn’t be a cause for shame at all.

Clara crying in Day of The Doctor? The catalyst for him to change his mind and save Gallifrey instead of burning it.

Missy’s crying all throughout series ten? The proof we all needed to believe in her changing, becoming a good person, was there all along.

Bill’s crying? Heather’s tears which allow her to return and save her, and Bill in turn to save the Doctor.

“So this is how it works, Doctor? You never interfere in the affairs of other peoples or planets, unless there’s children crying?”

Because where there’s tears, there’s hope.

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do you have a favourite hair colour on all of them?

*do you really want to hurt me plays in the background* how dare you do this to me

  • taehyung:

is this his natural hair color? because i love it the most, he looks great with it, it’s my favorite by far

Originally posted by taetaehyungs

this is my second favorite because it fit his skin tone so well and he was feeling himself when he was a redhead and i’m down for that

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  • jimin

black all the way!! he looks too good with black hair

Originally posted by bubbleflexe

but i loved this color too it was so cute

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also the blonde and the silver… he can pull anything off, even the pink :(

  • jungkook

all time fave !! also all time fave outfit this was just his era i need to see this look again on him now that he’s buff af

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  • namjoon

this look was everything i love it so much it just fit him so well, the hair and the hairstyle and everything 10/10 would thirst over the reason why i got into kpop and bts

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  • jin

i like his natural hair color a lot more than the blonde look, i’m glad he’s done with that, imo he looks much better natural i mean

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  • hoseok

i mean without a doubt it just suited him so well and screw him for this gif honestly

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also he can pull anything off i didn’t like the new color and then i saw him in that robe rapping and i changed my mind

  • yoongi

i saved him for last because ???? when has a hair color looked bad on him ??? never. but my all time faves are black with that undercut, you know the one !! 

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and blonde!!

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ok but srsly, “don’t wanna cry” is literally so beautiful in a musical sense, and then the choreography is stunning. but when i tell y'all that when seventeen hit that swift lean at the beginning, i was ready to tell the Lord to leave the gates open because i knew i was finna be on my way to see Him.

and the mv is so pretty and so aesthetically pleasing. it’s honestly my favorite seventeen mv, like this “Al1” era is beautiful and it just started. and maybe this is me being extra biased, but y'all know i love seventeen and they’ve come so far and they’ve done an amazing work, like wow im in love with stanning talent.

y'all just need to go watch it on your way, but make sure them edges is glued down because they will snatch them.

Some (hopefully brief) thoughts about Godzilla's symbolism

So a lot of people have been saying that “What Americans don’t get is that Godzilla is a metaphor for the atomic bomb.”

While this is technically true, I take issue with it as a statement because they often make it out as though Godzilla is only a metaphor for the atomic bomb, which is not true.

I mean, yes, Godzilla’s creators did say they were basically making a movie about the horrors of atomic warfare.  They were explicitly making a movie about that particular fear.  And Godzilla is excellent at representing it - he rains death from above, he’s unstoppable, he ruins cities, he kills countless people in a single stroke, etc.  Hell, one piece of concept art that was mercifully vetoed even gave him a head shaped like a mushroom cloud.


Godzilla is MORE than his metaphor.  He is a character, and that’s not just my personal nostalgia speaking.

In many American monster movies, the monster isn’t a true character - it’s just the conflict.  They’re not true characters because they lack motivation.  My favorite example of this comes from the movie Them!, which is another really good example of a film that works off of those atomic era fears.  In it a bunch of ants are turned into giant monsters through nuclear shenanigans and cause quite the ruckus.  It’s spooky, it’s well written, it’s a good movie.

But the monster ants in Them! aren’t really characters.  They don’t act because of any internal motivation, but rather as the plot needs them to.  They pop up when a character needs to be menaced or eaten, they die when it’s time for the heroes to win, they fail to kill when an important character is threatened, etc.  They’re just the conflict of the movie, not characters.

Godzilla, by contrast, was always crafted with motivation in the writing room.  This isn’t just a big monster that will attack when the script needs something to happen - this is a big monster that is pissed.  This is a monster with a vendetta.

Godzilla was designed to have warped scales - as if his flesh had been melted and scarred by nuclear fire, because it was.  Godzilla was design to be perpetually snarling in anger.  Godzilla’s eyes were painted looking down - specifically down at the puny creatures that had hurt him, because Godzilla knows that we, the human race, are responsible for his misery, and Godzilla is going to make us pay.

An atom bomb doesn’t have a goddamn vendetta, so stop saying Godzilla is (just) a metaphor for the atom bomb.  He’s actually a character that extends beyond the metaphor.  That’s why, in the twenty + movies after the first, Godzilla started dealing with other issues.  He extended beyond the metaphor, and his story extended beyond just atomic warfare and into other societal ills.  Godzilla is the victim of a larger problem that’s at the root of things like atomic warfare, and that problem is what he eventually tackled: the violent and self centered nature of man. 

Or, as the Blue Oyster Cult summed it up: “[Godzilla] shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man.”

Godzilla isn’t just a metaphor for the atomic bomb, so stop claiming that’s what he has to be and nothing more.  It’s like saying Spider-Man is just a metaphor for teen angst and thus can never be involved in non-teen-angst related problems, or Superman is just a metaphor for the American way and thus can’t be involved in non-American problems.  It’s asinine.

Characters have facets outside their symbolism.

Top 25 Favorite Composers

No.8: Sergei Rachmaninoff (1 April 1873 - 28 March 1948)

People like to nickname him one of the “Last of the Romantics” which in itself is such a Romanticizing gesture. It’s easy to get caught up in the pretty melodies that get stuck in your head, music that was beloved by the Golden Age of Hollywood and was used as a model for dramatic and gorgeous scores. But this association with the popular crowd was enough for critics to shrug him off as being too “easy”, “too many melodies” [whatever *that* means], saccharine and popular for the “wrong” reasons. It’s unfortunate that this was the kind of attitude that he was shown in his life, because it wasn’t until after his death that his music was judged more fairly, and it’s greatness, craftsmanship, musicality, honesty were recognized. That seems to be the case for many composers. I don’t consider Rachmaninoff to be born in the wrong era. I think his music is an extension of Russian Romantic aesthetics commenting on current trends. There is jazz, there is rhythmic displacement, there are unique harmonic progressions, there is attention to detail and architecture. Of course the melodies and the sentimentality is great too, but it’s wrong to reduce this composer to *just* those melodies. My favorite works by him are his piano concertos, his symphonies, his piano sonatas, the cello sonata, and the Orthodox mass “All Night Vigil”.

A Flea in Her Ear (aka the hilarious old movie with YOUNG EDWARD HARDWICKE)

So I’ve talked about how there’s hardly anything I’ve seen online where Edward Hardwicke is younger, but because of lovelies @tremendousdetectivetheorist and @granada-brett-crumbs, I was given a link to this movie from 1968 starring Rex Harrison, and my heart almost stopped when, within the first 10 minutes of the movie, I saw this:

Edward is practically a baby; I’m screaming.  And the movie is brilliant too; it’s absurd and funny and just, here’s the link to the best quality version I can find: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gobmDl8h998&feature=youtu.be

Minor spoilers and more gushing below the cut:

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Yoonkook Week Day 1: Favorite Moments

I really love them together, Yoongi smiles really beautiful and Jungkook smiles widely for him. When Yoongi tickles him, they at the fansign on BST era, INU MV and RUN MV moments. When Yoongi praises Jungkook because of his talent, at Jungkook’s birthday celebration and one of my most favorite moments: ‘Just one day’ MV when Jungkook calls him.

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What's your favorite hair color/ hairstyle on taehyung?

is this his natural hair color? because this is my favorite, he looks great with this hair color and without makeup, i love this look so much, nothing can beat it! 

Originally posted by chimtae

red hair will always get me because it looks so good with his skin tone and i loved it :)

Originally posted by pjxmin

i’m not a fan of the bleached blonde hair he had during wings era, just no, even though he managed to look hot with it, so props to him. but i liked this color a lot :)

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purequeenoftheimpure  asked:

Hi! I really like your analysis of the lords, and I just wanted to ask if you had done one on Ieyasu? I've read fics about him, but really don't know much about him as I haven't done his MS, but I'm kinda curious as fics make him out to be kinda complex. What was he like in the sengoku era? What would he be like in modern times? What would his occupation in modern times be? Sorry if it's too long or bothersome :)

 THANK U I APPRECIATE… though sometimes i’m just rambling like no other out here LMFAOOO

Hm… Y’know, I mention Ieyasu a whole lot, but I don’t think I’ve actually done a proper analysis on him before–which is kind of a bummer, because he’s actually one of my favorites! The fics you’re reading have it right, and I’d argue he’s one of the most complex and layered characters in the game. He’s got quite a bit going on in that past of his and it shows really well that he’s basically a product of his experiences–cruel and distrusting because of the things he has gone through. Of course, that doesn’t excuse all of the horrible things that he does, but it does put a different perspective on the way he is and how that manifests in his personality as of now. He plays a very good villain, too, I’ll tell you that. I also think he’s one of the most consistently written characters, which I can appreciate like no other thank god.

Though while I’ll say he’s one of my favorites, and can also easily admit that he’s also a super polarizing character, too. People either really love him or really hate him, and I get both sides of that–so I think enjoyment of his route and character will really depend on your taste, too.

In terms of what he’s like in the Sengoku era… well, in real life, I’ve seen that he’s been said to have been bold and calculating, and was fairly well-known and respected for those traits. From what I know, he seems like a great warlord and politician–or well, he knew what he was doing, anyway LOL. Knew how to be loyal when necessary and very much waited to come into power… also could be cruel and merciless when he felt like it. A lot of fiction has habit of making him very kind and humble, though I have a feeling that stems from some Edo fanfiction too… (but don’t quote me on that LMAO). 

In the SLBP universe, Ieyasu’s… pretty nasty LMFAO. Easily takes on those cruel and merciless traits mentioned above, and he’s very two-faced all together. His cunning is pretty much unmatched, and he’ll smile his way through everything with every ounce of coldness you could possibly imagine–they even call him a “Lord with a Poison Smile” in game. Almost is as good with keeping up his sadistic streak as he is as kissing ass, and the ruse works well for him. And of course, he doesn’t trust anyone but his retainer, Sakai Tadatsugu, because the world has taught him it’s absolutely foolish. He’s bratty, intelligent, resourceful, and has the worst mouth on him, but you’ll quickly see more sides to him in his own route that execute his loyalty and desires for the softer things in life. MC, as per otome formula, will bring those things out herself LOL. 

Modern times I feel would depend on his upbringing, but since I think he’s more likely to have a more stable life with the average kind of home in modern society, he’d be a lot more toned down. Probably still A Huge Dick, but like… not outright cruel or, y’know, threatening your life all the time LMFAO. I also like to imagine Ieyasu having a better sense of humor here (since he can afford to have one) and though he doesn’t trust easily, he more so has this small, tight knit group of friends than anything else. Still ridiculously smart and resourceful–he would get into trouble all the time if anyone ever believed his Angel Face could cause any harm. I’d call it like… a much more lighthearted version of himself LOL. He’s still mean, though, because who would Ieyasu be at heart, otherwise?

I’ve said once before I could see him as a politician, but… I kind of think he’d be some kind of nerd in the science field. Probably chemistry. LOL

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Hello! I love your blog so much, your posts never fail to brighten up my day. I was wondering if you had any pictures of JK that you liked the most? Like your absolute favorites? I know it's hard because he's so pretty haha but I'm just curious! Thanks so much for such a great blog!

anon adjflasgridfjk this is so late im so sorry!! but thank you so much,, it makes me so so so happy to hear that my blog brightens your day. i honestly can’t pick my absolute favourite pictures of him bc i have a lot… and this post will get super long so i’ll just put a few that i really like from bst era!

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I have a friend who just recently got outta prison after being locked up since 2010. And one of the most amusing things about him nowadays is seeing how he treats facebook as a whole. Not in like a disrespectful but it’s really interesting because it’s such a throwback to an era that’s passed us by. My favorite is when he posts statuses that are like “lms if fuck wit me” and then he likes his own status. That’s a real ass motherfucker right there. He fucks with himself so heavily. 

New Rusame Fic Idea: Alfred grows up in a small town which houses an abandoned clock tower. He has always had a strange fascination with it since he was small, often dreaming about it and getting weird flashes of nostalgia, with the clock tower and a strange tall man. Upon reaching his adult years Alfred sneaks into it and reaches the top to find a very tall Russian who welcomes him. Though weirded out at first, Alfred asks questions here and there hes always had about the tower that his parent’s couldn’t answer, and the Russian whose name he’s learned is Ivan answers them in rather vivid detail. Alfred starts visiting Ivan regularly, learning more about the tower and Ivan himself. Ivan states that he’s lived here for a long time, not wanting to leave because he has been waiting for someone. When Alfred asks who Ivan’s been waiting for Ivan just smiles and tells him its a secret. Oddly enough, Ivan seems to know quite a bit about Alfred, like his favorite foods and other things. One day Alfred sneaks in to find Ivan out for a bit, and snoops around until he finds a series of photos. Very old photos. World War era photos. Depicting Ivan and…

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there are a lot of hunter stans which i don't understand. i'm not a huge fan of him and his guy friends. and tbh yael deserves better

The interesting thing for me about Hunter is that his entire “uncontrollable anger” storyline is not even why I dislike him. That was actually my favorite Hunter arc, because I thought him responding to his brother reaching out to him when he had a gun at school, etc was really nice development for him. And in the earlier seasons I was on the fence about him and Yael, because even though he treated her poorly at times, it was mostly due to his mental illness and it was canonically shown time and time again that he really did care about her in his own way. 

Right when he got out of therapy and went back to Degrassi was my favorite “Hunter era” because it seemed like he had found a really nice balance in his life, he had grown, accepted his MI, etc. But then the writers just..kinda reverted him back and he became this pretty terrible boyfriend to Yael on a multitude of levels. I just can’t get behind him. Especially after how he handled Yael’s gender identity. 

As far as his friends…they are legit awful.

Bad Faith in Name, But Gracious in Nature
By Organization for Transformative Works

Oneshot | R | 13.200

Fluff | Romance | Post-Hogwarts

Wizarding children have developed a life-threatening condition caused by an old curse. The cure is to be found in the Malfoy Library; surprisingly, Malfoy is willing to help, but only if Harry helps improve his standing in the Wizarding community.


Well, first of all PRETEND BOYFRIENDS. Yep, so really what are you waiting for??? Oh yeah and Teddy! Sweet little Teddy, who of course adores Draco, because how could you not!?!

Well if that didn’t help then try to imagine Draco, stiff, posh, total snob, Draco at a 6-year-old’s birthday party with a bouncy castle. It’s super fun. Okay but really, Draco is close to perfect, knows what he wants, goes after it and of course gets it. Harry, dear sweet little Harry, protective and smart, just like we want him. Uhh and my favorite Ron, just like he’s supposed to be, awesome, supportive and hilarious. I love him. I love this, thank you author for sharing this with us. 

Lovers in the Night

can I just say this is one of my favorite eras? oh, and this is a mob! draco x reader story, which is probably one of my favorites, if I’m entirely honest. 

Smoke. Liquor. Jazz. Platinum.
The thump of the club bumped along with his heart, erasing the day’s troubles and drowning him in amber. Crystal eyes scanned the room, spotting the only woman among a sea of suits. 
They called her ‘Wolfie.’ It was mainly because she worked alone. Well, alone, or with a pack. Born into the mafia scene, she worked her way to the top, learning how to clean a house quicker than ‘Four-Eyed Harry.’ From day one, she sat on the boss’ lap, memorizing each street and gang until she could recognize a fed from his eyes, alone. She was perfect. 
Malfoy took a drag from his cigar, turning to Blaise Zabini, who was carelessly stalking the interaction, as well. They made eye contact with Wolfie, who smirked, turning back to the Irish henchman. ‘So, Mr. Finnigan, what’s a gal gotta do for a drink around here?’ Seamus, also known as ‘Freckle-Face Finnigan,’ was flagging down a bartender, ordering some frivolous, fruity cocktail for the lady in green. She sipped, luxuriously, at the sustenance, trying not to wince at the cheap alcohol. She made eye contact once more with Malfoy, before leaning over the table, giving Finnigan a quick glance at her breasts. ‘I hear you’re selling magic downtown.’ He sucked in a breath, eying her, carefully. ‘Four-Eyed Harry’s got a lead, down there. Apparently, the Mafia is selling all kinds of angel dust, angel face.’ She giggled, popping out a cigarette. A quick match was struck before she slipped the lighter back into her purse. ‘Well, is that Potter man going to stop it?’ He chuckled, ‘I don’t know, sweetheart.’ She sighed, gently bringing the smoke into her fingertips. ‘That’s funny. You should know.’ She looked up, sneering while pressing the tobacco to his arm. ‘You work for him.’ He gasped, attempting to retract his hand, while Y/n clawed at his wrist, keeping him in place. She plastered a plastic grin, keeping eye contact like a hawk. ‘Listen to me carefully, Finnigan. I know you’re working for Potter, and frankly, I don’t like rats.’ He teared, his arms beginning to burn. ‘So, listen to me, and don’t forget one detail. The Riddler doesn’t like to be tricked, Seamus,’ his eyes widened at the use of his name, ‘so I’ll give you one chance. Do you see my buddies over there?’ Seamus turned his head to find Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini sitting in their signature booth, amusement hinted in each stare. ‘They are going to walk out of this club in exactly ninety seconds. You are going to follow them into that alley, and peacefully get into the car parked outside. If you try to escape, or contact any one of your friends, I will personally pop you in the forehead, and leave your remains on your wife’s bed.’ He shivered as she feigned laughing, to not alert anyone’s attention. ‘In thirty seconds you are going to stand up, invite me outside for some fun, and we’re going to walk out of here, pretending I don’t have a gun to your stomach.’ He flinched as he felt the cool metal through his dress shirt. 
Shifting through dancers and flirts, the two met blondie and chocolate in the alley outside, Y/n’s heels adjusting to the pavement. Draco smiled, snapping his fingers as the Model 18 Ford rolled up to the sidewalk. Draco whistled at the driver, urging him to pop the trunk. ‘Crabbe, did you get the stains out?’ He shook his head, ‘Sorry, boss, I had to meet with Goyle and Greengrass to talk about the meeting next week.’ Draco sighed, gripping Finnigan’s collar and stuffing a tube sock down his throat. ‘I guess you’ll have to accommodate the smell.’ He shoved the Irishman into the compartment, the stench of day-old blood filling his nose. He began to wretch when Blaise strolled up, a knife pressing to Seamus’ neck. ‘You throw up in the car, and I skin you alive.’ He slammed the trunk, walking up to the shotgun seat, leaving Malfoy and L/n to the back. The Ford drove onto the road, solitude passing in the silence. Draco reached a hand over, gripping Y/n’s with silent comfort. No one said a word as they drove to the city canal, ready for another night of jazz and blues.
‘What are you saying?’ Officer Weasley placed his hands on his head, gripping his apricot locks as if it were a life line. ‘Finnigan’s body washed up this morning! That’s what I’m saying!’ The detective leaned back in his chair, a breath of shock leaving him. ‘We’ll have to send someone else undercover.’ He thought for a moment, before a thought struck. He reached to the telephone on his desk, twisting his secretary’s number. ‘Yes, um, Ginerva? Could you get Officer Granger into my office?’ Weasley spun around, gasping. ‘No…no, you can’t send her-’ ‘Yes, have her here as soon as possible-’ ‘No, please, sir, you can’t-’ ‘Well, get her here, now-’ ‘I SAID NO!’ He looked up through his wiry glasses, a huffing Weasley present. ‘You’ll be sending her into the lion’s den. No one, I mean no one, survives them! Finnigan, Creavey, Thomas, Jordan, they’ve all been shot, drowned, MURDERED! You are not sending Hermione in there!’ He sat in the burgundy chair across from his chief, folding his hands like a prayer. ‘Harry…’ Detective Potter looked up, pain across his face. ‘I have no choice, Ronald. How else are we going to catch them? Look, we’ve been sending all men in there, but we’ve never sent a woman, and no one as smart as Hermione-’ ‘But that will just make it worse!’ Harry squinted his eyes, calculating. ‘Why is that?’ Ronald stood up, pointing to their cork board of evidence. ‘Wolves are protective. Wolves are jealous. Wolves are vicious. A female wolf will always feel threatened if someone tries to steal, or harm, the alpha. We’ve profiled that the alpha to Wolfie is The Riddler, since he raised her, right?’ ‘Right.’ ‘Well, what we haven’t connected are Wolfie and-’ ‘The Cobra.’ They both looked toward a mug shot of the platinum gangster, a smug snarl in his eyes. Harry stood up, matching Ron’s stance, a shocked expression across his face. ‘They’re lovers.’
Draco sat in front of the fire, his legs crossed with laziness. His burnt out cigar was spiraling smoke into the atmosphere, mixing with the flames. His ears turned up at the sound of heels clicking, soon stopping in front of him. His eyes glittered, looking at her hourglass. ‘You know it drives me wild when you wear that.’ She smirked, admiring her lingerie. ‘I’ll never take it off.’ She sat on his lap, twirling his golden silk while sucking on her cherry stained lips. He shifted, gripping her waist and leaning his head on her shoulder. ‘Have you considered my offer?’ Her e/c eyes fell, a sad frown disgracing her pout. ‘You know it would never work, Draco.’ She was the only one who called him that. ‘They would find us in a heartbeat, darling.’ He leaned his head back, neck stretching to watch the shadows chase her cheekbones. ‘I’d love you dead, or alive.’ She grinned, nibbling on the tip of his ear. ‘I can’t fuck you if you’re dead.’ A deep chuckle rang through the empty study, the sounds of kisses and breath occupying their time. They wouldn’t escape the mafia tonight. In fact, they might never escape. In the mean time, they’d kiss and make love in the midnight, forgetting the days ahead.