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the dreamy town of delalie by @delaleaf

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ways in which i was literally taemin during swc v usa week:

  • my suitcase disappeared
  • got lost in a wal-mart for three hours (& didn’t hear the page)
  • missed the bus boarding right in front of me

there are more but i think my point has been made.

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But why "white guy"? Why is it becoming more and more necessary to add "white guy" in there? Just a little racism and sexism just to be cute, because literally 100% of white guys are shitty gross neckbeards or evil corporation CEOs, definitely. And then you'll make a reply to this pointing out how we're all so sensitive and need to get over it or some shit. Maybe I'm just getting tired of this shitty normalization of racism toward whites and sexism toward males. it's fucking awful.

because I was making fun of papatalus, who is a white guy, you loon

im laughing so hard because i just remembered simon was with maia at the bar being all cute and she touched his lips and out of context jace literally left the three girls he was with to go ““give simon smooth advices to flirt with a girl”” and ending up giving him the worst ones. also when simon asked him why does it matter to him anyways how he flirts with anyone im 👀

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Okay but can you imagine tyler bate eating you out.... like his scruff scraping your thighs, the kisses he leaves around the lips and how he would tease.....

Can I imagine??? CAN I?

The answer, sweet anon, is I imagine it all too much. Literally it is pretty much a constant thing in the back of my head because now? He doesn’t just have his cute mustache, he’s also growing the scruffy scruff. And well. I’m all for the scruffiness scratching against my thighs and.. Really everywhere tbh, I’m good with it everywhere.

And Tyler, he’s not the ‘you lay down and I’ll just go down,’ type okay. He’s the ‘sit on my face and if you try to squirm away, I’m only going to hold you tighter,’ type. Like, he’s a huge tease okay, that’s just the kind of person he is. Y'ALL THINK HE IS THIS SWEET LITTLE GOOBER, TRUST ME I DID TOO, but he’s not. HE KNOWS EXACTLY HOW HOT HE IS AND he knows exactly what he’s doing, and he’s a god damn tease and I hate him.

And he wouldn’t just leave it at eating you out, oh no. HE’S GOnnA BE AN ASSHOLE ANd the dirty talk, oh my gooooooddddd, the dirty talk. So it would start with him kissing your thighs like while you’re already embarrassed and dying and he would nibble on them and like “you gotta tell me what you want love,” and like??? THIS WAS HIS IDEA WHAT, so you would just. “Tyler,” and he would probs be like “as much as I love you whimpering out my name like that, that isn’t what I asked for,” AND MY h e a r t i s m e l t i n g. And so you would squirm a little bit when he bite down on your thigh again, his scruff rubbing a bit as he did. “Please,” “Please what love,” AND THSI BOY “Eat me out,” AND THEN HE WOULD SMIRK A LITTLE AND one last kiss to your thigh before HE JUST GOES FOR THE GOLD. AND YOU WOULD BE SO SHOCKED BY HOW FAST HE JUST WENT FOR IT, You would falter a little bit, his grip would just tighten and you would have to hold onto the headboard because damn.

And after a lil bit he would move away, teasing licks to your clit all while he’s muttering about how sweet you taste which is making my heart hurt. And you’re just like a moaning mess above him, one hand on the headboard to hold yourself up, the other on your breast and you’re just immersed in the way his tongue is pleasuring you all while his scruff is leaving burns and he’s like hornier than he was before because the sight of you. And that’s when he focuses because he needs to make sure you get off to his tongue before he even thinks about fucking you and?

Basically he would probs make you cum twice with his tongue because he’s a cheeky bastard and then WOULD COME THE SWEET, SWEET LOVE MAKING, I NEED TO STOP BEFORE MY HEART EXPLODES KAY THANKS FOR PLAYING, BYE.

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You know what I really don't understand? Why Karahell shippers love Mon-el so much. Really, since he showed up he haven't done anything right AND he is a horrible "person". If it's just because he is "cute" then they are really superficial, aren't them? He didn't even have a redemption arc, sorry a redemption arc takes time, it's not something that happens in 4/5 episodes. God I hate supergirl right now, it emotionally hurts me to watch something I used to love with all my heart


I just keep picturing the Yiga trying to fuck shit up by kidnapping Mipha (she’s the smollest, youngest champion besides Zelda and Link and trying to get Zelda worked so SWIMMINGLY last time), but then like. He goes to rescue her, but she’s befriended the Yiga and they’re all sitting around having a chat

And the Yiga just let her go and one of them go, “Okay, this is a one off and next time we are definitely going to kill you.”

And Link is just like “????” the entire way back with Mipha because her cuteness  is just too powerful

Draft: FellJudgeSans and Papyrus

Papyrus: What do I need to do in order for you to believe my sincerest desire to be your friend?

Sans: Stop spying on me. You’ve already gathered that I keep everyone at arm’s length. There is nothing else I need from the Underground but its continued semblance of peace.

Papyrus: I will prove to you that I am the greatest ally (friend) you will ever need!

Sans: Good luck with that. I hope you deal well with d i s a p p o i n t m e n t.

Papyrus: You will find that the Great and Terrible Papyrus does not fail to impress. You will see just what I am capable of achieving!

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I am working on neallen!married!au now.I like that idea but I have no fantasy to invent some small details like Road's/Katherine's/Mana's reaction to their relationship.I don't wanna use Nea's death,Mana's madness and Pasta's fall(what do you think about that decision?)bc I want them to be happy at least in fic.So can you offer funny situations in their family life?I ask for your help, I'm sorry, I just want to create a perfect au consisting of your theories, because I love you and your ideas🔥

You’re just so cute ;;;;;;; Don’t worry, I suck at writing fluff as well.

I think they’d all be happy and supportive. Road might be a bit sad in the begining because she might harbour a crush on Allen, but isn’t angry and doesn’t try breaking them up; family always comes first for her and Allen was too old for her (I hc she was 12 then) and Allen was already in love with someone else.

Well, we don’t know a thing about the Noah’s motivations so it’s a bit hard to build a pacifism au… But if you make Allen synchronise with the Innocence early, he might motivate Neah and Mana to seek out a peaceful end for the war. Maybe the marriage itself could be the basis of the pact.

Funny stuff could be the Noah family dubbing Allen as their mother, because he’s “the adult” in relationships and a perfectionist, seeing a hair out of place bothers him and his keen eye so he fusses a lot about others. That can be a good gag. He and Neah would probably help the Noahs (you can either invent OCs or “import” the Noahs we know and love) find jobs.

I don’t know where you intent do take the story, but these can be easily integrated. Don’t forget to have fun >vo)/

hobi was wearing today the shoes jin got him for his birthday!


hey @eightmonkeys , y’know that au where laurens lives??? i can totally dig that :^^)))

lil usnavi is a very good helper