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Kim Jongdae//Impetuous

Summary: A chance encounter in the shared laundry room lets you get to know Kim Jongdae, but he’s not all you thought he would be.
Scenario: swimmer!au
Word Count: 6,998

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The Gap

Summary: You are a morning person and Yoongi is definitely not—so for better or worse, something is going to change when fate places your windows less than three meters away from each other.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff, Neighbors AU
Word Count: 2,603
Author’s Note: Inspired by that Friends episode “The One With All The Haste” and the singing man across the way who sang “Morning’s here, sunshine’s here” like clockwork at the crack of dawn.


Most people would describe the morning sunlight as bright, cheerful, endearing, warm, and peaceful, the rays like a stretch of encouragement from the sky. The promise of a new day, a brand new 24 hours to start fresh, make better choices, take initiation, try new thing or explore vast places, go on adventures or be in good company. The options were limitless, as high as the sky that shone above.

Yoongi, however, would describe the morning sunlight like a bucket of ice cold water, a bitter cup of coffee—too sharp, too sudden, ripping him apart from joyous things like sleep or dreams or a warm bed. It jolts him awake, clouds his mind more than clears it. More often than not, he finds himself burying his face into his pillow to muffle his groans, clearly hoping that if he groans loud enough it could turn back time.

But alas, that is not how the universe was created—so it doesn’t do much.

Yoongi supposes that a small percentage of this mindset should be his own fault, his own lack of aspirations making the 24 hours appear so much slower than they are to other people. He has dreams of course, passions that could challenge any other visionary on the street. But the weight of life has caught Yoongi in the stream, dragging him down the current and away from his desire, leaving him on the shore that takes the form of a coffee shop across the way. Albeit, it’s not an entirely bad gig—the tip is good and some of his best friends also work in the corner shop and his boss doesn’t actually treat him like shit. It just doesn’t leave Yoongi satisfied. It eats into his already very thinly veiled patience for the morning.

See the light where the sky meets the sea, and it calls me,” A clear voice rings through the thin window in Yoongi’s bedroom, the consistency and deja vu of the noise leaving a painful reminder in Yoongi’s mind about the time as it groans and throws the blankets over his head.

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Hard Feelings

After this concept being stuck in my mind and not have the words written in the way I wanted it to be not until now; the very pieces that kept me up thinking and possibly have made my vision detoriate more.

Inspired by Lorde’s song, ‘Hard Feelings / Loveless’, I present to you this mini-series.

  “Harry — smile.”


  Your shot went through unfortunately after Harry purposely moved a split second before you were actually going to take it just because he already promised he’s going to cooperate this time.

  This time, he decided to playfully piss you off by moving excessively every time you point your canera at him and knows he succeeded when he saw your annoyed but amused look with your lips pursed, your eyebrows furrowing and your eyes narrowing.

  You heavily sighed, hand going through your hair before resting it on your hip, slightly getting irritated at the moment since the pressure’s on again, the nervousness rising in your stomach since it’s mere minutes away before Harry goes on stage and you would too in a way.

  “I presume you haven’t told anyone then, Y/N?”

  Jeff asked, smiling courteously as he looked up from the papers in his desk and to you, obviously referring to the non-disclosure agreement you’ve signed in the last meeting.

  “Not a single soul.”

  He chuckled, mumbling something in reply as he digged through his pocket for the letter Harry wrote himself in a hurry that morning for him to read even though they’re headed to the same studio.

  “So about last week’s meeting. Well, obviously, you’re here because you’re the one who got the job.”

  Your mouth slightly fell agape since there was an instinct in your gut that you were called yesterday to come here today because you’re the one who’s chosen but refused to not hope too much because it may be jinxed, thinking of other factors such as they needed a clarification of your resume.

  “Oh my god. Thank you so much, sir. Th-…”

  “Call me Jeff,” he waved off, a little smile as his eyes were fixed on Harry’s writing that was messy, squinting his eyes as is if it would help.

  “Any questions?”

  You straightened, flattening the pencil skirt you’re wearing to look professional before opening your mouth from the numerous questions lingering in your mind.

  “Who are the others that are picked?”

  Jeff looked up, chuckling before shaking his head and pointing a finger at you, making you nervous of the possible answer.

  “See, this is where this comes in,” he stated, slightly waving the piece of paper he’s holdig with his hand that looked like it was teared off even the page itself was perforated.

  “You, Miss Y/N, will be working solo.”

  An inaudible sound came out of your lips, Jeff taking this as as sign before talking ahead of you for you to know he understood.

  “Harry’s seen your videos — the SDEs, the pre-nups, the wedding shots. Celebrity or not, he’s been watching them.”

  He paused to make sure you caught on, a slight nod coming from you for him to continue since you’re still confusion and surprise-stricken.

  “Harry hand-picked the tour details. He’s the one who told me to send you an e-mail since you were his first choice. Told me he adores your work. That it wasn’t all that fancy but it was simple yet elegant, and you know, personal instead.”

  He stopped, knowing this was hassling for him to go with Harry’s specific requests since he wanted to be hands-on with how the tour will go.

  “Correct the both of us if we’re wrong but you’re a photographer, a videographer and an editor, right?”

  “Right. But-…”

  “How about when it comes to the coverage for the whole concert?” Jeff finished for you, snatching the words right out of your mouth that made you nod eagerly.

  “When it comes to the concerts, we’re gonna book some photographers and all the people that would capture the crowd and all that. But as per you,” he drawled out, sucking in a breath before putting the paper down.

  Your heart skipped a bear, feeling the pressure now from the things you’ll be doing.

  “You’re gonna be his companion, almost. Where he goes, you go. He said you could take some of the videos of him with your phone like what you did on this one video. He thought you’d be best since the both of you would click with all his persona. Then again, that lad isn’t a fan of those extravagant things sometimes.”

  You silently nodded, hard on thinking as you thought of it over and over again.

  “It would be two things. First thing’s a short tour diary per country — we’ll give you the passowrd of the Youtube channel and all and added benefits. Then, second’s a documentary — would be released in Netflix.”

  You rubbed your knees with your hands tentatively, shakily exhaling from all the sudden information you were sure wasn’t all said in the e-mail nor the first meeting.

  “Sounds good.”

  Jeff grinned, clapping his hands up as he averted his eyes to the backpack and the camera bag that’s on the chair across yoy which he told you to bring.


  The door clicked, a figure emerging from it who you used to see in pictures and in your timeline now at the past, dressed in nothing but a black shirt tucked into his dress pants and a smile, standing sheepishly on the doorway.

  “Because Harry’s here and the both of you will be starting now.”

  The sudden flashback stopped in queue just as Harry slightly shook you since you weren’t paying attention when the tour manager popped in the dressing room then left, slightly chuckling to himself since this is now one of the numerous times he’s caught you in a daze.

  “It’s time.”

  He clicked his tongue from the roof of his mouth, already discarding his gum on the trash can beside the couch and going ahead of you to open the door for you from what his mum taught.

  “How do you remain so calm?”

  You asked silently as he walked ahead of you, laughing from the question since he hasn’t been asked that surprisingly ever, his hand going over his nose before gliding through his hair.

  “Time, maybe. Got used to this. But it’s still overwhelming at the end of the day.”

  You hummed in response, trying not to take notice of your shaking hands to make them stop even if you did this multiple times, still not being able to get over the facts.

  “Good luck, love. Ya could do it good like you always do.”

  Harry said, ruffling your hair as he smiled, already climbing up the steps that made you remember you took a clip of that yesterday and would again for the next few days, giving you a grin as he put his ear pieces in.

  You yelled a ‘thank you’ as response, going over to the entrance to near the stage that you mapped out awhile ago, security letting you pass through with a nod because of your ID and that they knew you.

  Screams immediately rose up when the stage was adorned with a bright spotlight that sounded mellow because of what Harry gave to you which were earplugs, not kidding the slightest bit that the screams could be a little too much to handle.

  You paused for a moment since you’re still caught in reality that was going along well, wanting to be in the moment being higher compared to capturing it.


  You paused and looked at the picture displayed in your camera in black and white since Harry requested it to be, a figure you love more than ever on the side of it, a smile on his face with his eyes squinting.

  Your thumb glided over the screen, a smile on your face as you felt the little drop of your heart to your stomach since this is reality, knowing that the thing happening between the two of you was unofficial and unnamed and would stay that way which he somehow made clear.

  You looked up, Harry’s eyes passing over yours with a little smirk, going back to the crowd once again, whispering to yourself something you’ve noticed and adore.

  “You smile so good, love.”

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"You love me, right?" maybe where Harry is asking the question after a fight or something...

This isn’t the best I have to admit, but I wanted to try and write some thing and kind of help get my mind of my pain from the surgery for a bit. Sorry for taking ages and Thank you for leaving a suggestion! Also wittle vulnerable harry melts my heart. Under the cut cause it went on for ages for which i apologise profusely.

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More | Stiles Stilinski

From: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x reader
Word count: 2,819
Warnings: fluff x

A/N: Yep, yet another one. Apparently, inspiration hasn’t abandoned me, so, until then, imma keep writing, whether you guys like it or not. And a special thanks to @ombralievedineve who helped me and proofread this for me! Enjoy! xo 

Beacon Hills. Same old Beacon Hills.

Nothing was really happening here lately so I thought it was the perfect day to spend the afternoon outside and enjoy the last few days before having to pack everything up for college. The sky was kind of cloudy so taking a sweater with me would probably be a good idea.

I headed outside, stuck my headphones in my ears and right before leaving the house I spotted my old black skateboard leaning on the fence. Oh, my God, I haven’t been on that in so long… I thought about it for a bit, shrugged my shoulders, smiled and picked it up.

Damn, I love this thing. I’ve always loved riding the skateboard. I remember when I used it everyday when I had to go to school in the morning: walking wasn’t really my thing and I didn’t want my parents to bring me because I didn’t want to disturb them, so, for my 13th birthday, right before high school started, I asked if they could buy me one, and they did, which made me the happiest person in the world. 

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hey! i was just thinking, that i've been listening to the songs harry requested on radio 1 and they've been stuck in my head for so long omg. and like, i'm not connecting the songs he requested to larry, but with each song a little scenario ab them plays in my head! was wondering if you could write little snippets based on a couple of the songs? sweetest devotion by adele and issues by julia michaels!

I got really carried away with this; I combined both of these songs and very subtly put a few of the lyrics into a mess of 3k. I hope this works for you xx

Louis watches the build up and break over a period of months. Years, even. Harry’s tired. They both are, but Harry’s exceptionally so. He’s been working nonstop on his album, his photography, himself, and now that he’s back in the limelight all day, everyday, it’s taking a serious toll. Louis doesn’t say anything or imply that Harry needs to slow down, but he wants to, just isn’t quite sure how. Harry’s been a little moodier, a little more on edge, and the whole time Louis is trying to figure out a way to approach the subject lightly, it seems that Harry has already given it just as much thought as Louis has, if not more.

“I think I wanna take some time off,” he says one night just before bed. He’s in the middle of changing his pants, tripping into them like he always does. “Like, hide, maybe?” The way he says it makes it sound like he’s asking for permission from Louis, just to make sure they’re currently at the same level.

Louis raises a brow from his position in bed and looks up, relieved, worried. “Yeah? Like go on an extended holiday?”

“Mmm, something like that.”

“Care to elaborate?”

Harry crawls into bed beside him, shirtless and shoulders pink from his sunburn. The weather was mild and about 10 degrees today - typical for January - but they spent the majority of the day outside, anyway, Harry lounging in the backyard, ignoring Louis’ request to venture out. Paps, he said simply, going back to shielding his eyes from the LA sun.

“I rented out a place in Maine,” he says, reaching for his reading glasses on the bedside table. He doesn’t really need them, but no matter how much Louis teases him about it, he continues to wear them, squinting without them. Dramatic. “I’m not even really sure where it is, but I know it’s right on a lake, it’s in the woods, it’s secluded, it’s…” He sighs. “Not here.”

Louis’ stomach tightens. “You trying to get away from me, Styles?”

“No, God no.” Harry shakes his head, curls finally grown back in and bouncing. “I’m trying to take a break from everything, but that doesn’t include you. You can come with me, if you want. But don’t feel obligated to. I know how much you love it here. And that you like writing here best.”

I love it here because you’re here. “I’m comin’ with,” he replies eventually.

“You want to?”

“Yes. You’re a bit strange for wanting to fuck off to the middle of nowhere but. I’m used to your weirdness by this point. No judgement here. I’ll come with.”

Harry smirks, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose like Louis always does. Copy cat. “Good.”

“So, when’re we leaving?”

“Thursday morning.”

“Christ, you’re an impulsive lad, aren’t you?”

“I suppose.”

“Makes life interesting.”

Harry nods, reaching for the remote for the telly, then setting it back down. “I’m very happy. I really am. I just need a change, yeah?”

“It’s okay to, like, want to step back,” Louis says softly. “You don’t have to be grateful and positive every second of the day. Wanting to escape is probably the most normal thing I can think of.”

He’s quiet for a moment, probably thinking. He purses his lips when he looks at Louis. “Thank you.”


“And you’re gonna escape with me? Until you’re tired of me?”

Louis smiles, turning off his bedside light. “Absolutely.”

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Scared of losing you

Hello, lovelies! It’s been a while. Hope you guys like this one, I’ve tried my best, of course, with @punkcupcakestyles help! Go over there say hello, cause she has tons of Harry stories (they’re very lovely).

P.S.: This was not proof read. xx

Originally posted by harry-the-stripper

- This one is about Harry’s girl feeling a little threatened and scared of losing him. Plus, Harry’s an art student.


I was sitting on his couch, hugging my legs as my head rested against my knees. The studio apartment was filled with the smell of something spicy and cheesy and I could hear Harry rummaging through the kitchen while I lounged around in his living room.

The place was warm, his soft blankets wrapped around me making me feel cozy as the rain fell outside, patting against the big windows and making the city lights even prettier than they were in the summer. There was something about cold rainy days, the smell of a freshly cooked meal and the assortment of candles Harry always lit ‘round the house that made me feel right at home.

This was my favorite place on earth. It was definitely better than my home during the holidays or the cute little flat I shared with Bruce, my best friend from Uni, and it was because of Harry. From day one, I had felt like something pulled us together, an invisible cord that guided us through life. Wherever he was, that’s where I belonged. The reason was simple, if you ask why, he was the most thriving person I had ever met, there was a never a dull moment, I was alive when I was with him. I was still happy to be by his side.

I couldn’t help but smile when the memories started flooding in, the familiar flat and weather making it too easy to just let my mind wonder down memory lane without much effort.


The first time we kissed, it was winter and I was half naked. Classes were almost over, we just needed to hand in one more project before the winter holidays and we were going to be free for almost a month. I was already done with all of my papers, I had presented my monologue the day before and I could practically call myself an officially free elf, if not for Harry’s project.

The task was easy: he had to turn in a portrait of someone, one that would show his full progress in the semester. I wasn’t really sure of all the techniques he had to apply in the damn thing, I just knew I had agreed to be his muse a month ago and now he needed me for the last part of the project.

It implied us meeting almost every day, which did not bother me at all. It turned out Harry was a perfectionist and he would not settle with anything other than the perfect painting.

That night when I entered his apartment, Harry was already waiting for me and the canvas propped up on a trestle, near the big window that overlooked the city - one of the reasons I loved coming to his flat. All the paint pots and brushes were set up right next to him, as well as the little scenario he had built up a month ago, when we started on the project.

The white chase lounge and the cozy grey blanket were waiting for me by the window and I smiled at him as I took off my shoes by the door and dropped my bag on his couch, standing in front of him as he greeted me.

“I was wondering when you’d get here,” Harry said, and as always his deep voice made chills run down my spine. His eyes were puffy and there were red little creases on his cheek, telling he me hadn’t woken up a long while ago, which of course, made my tummy do back flips.

“I figured you wouldn’t have had dinner yet, so I brought you something to eat,” I shrugged, showing him the little bag from the Japanese restaurant around the corner.

“You’re the best, babe,” he smiled and walked up to me, taking the bag from my hands and hugging me with one arm, a gentle kiss pressed to my temple. My eyes fluttered closed, the smell of his freshly showered skin making me inhale a bit too deeply. I loved the smell of him, ever since the day we met at one of our shared classes, when he approached me to say how much he liked my acting. I had blushed at his compliments and smiled when he said he wanted to see me on stage again. That night, while we all hung out at the bar, I couldn’t keep away from him, diving into an endless conversation that led us to my flat, where we stayed up talking until the early hours of the morning. We were surprised when the sun started shining through my curtains and Bruce, my flat mate and best friend, popped out of nowhere and told Harry to “shut the fuck up and kiss her already, before she starts begging”. It was quite embarrassing to be honest since all his words did was cause me to burn up but Harry brushed it off, pretending it was just morning bad mood. Little did he know I was ready to beg him, on my knees if need be.

If it wasn’t clear before, I’ll tell you now: I had the biggest crush on him, since day one. His goofy smile, paired with his long hair and the greenest eyes I had ever seen, got me down on my knees for him, butterflies and all.

When he asked me to be his muse for a project, I almost choked on my spit with how fast I said yes, just so I could spend some time with him outside of Uni. Was I too obvious? Maybe. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him no.
“So, do you have any wine? I think I’m in the mood for a drink,” I said, setting our plates and chopsticks all around his coffee table, the soft music playing in the background getting my attention. My favorite Coldplay song, Us Against The World, made me smile and shake my head. Wasn’t he perfect enough? Did he also have to like one of my favorite bands?

“Here’s your wine, love,” Harry said with his lanky limbs dropping down in front of me and setting two glasses and a bottle of red in front of me. “This one’s a bit sweet, but I think you’ll like it,” He shrugged and poured me a drink.

“It’s ok, anything it’s fine,” I whispered, following his languid movements as he finished pouring himself a bit of the dark red liquid.

We ate in silence; his sporadic moans and the clink of the wine glasses against the glass table the only noises beside the background music and our breathings. I watched him, a bit fascinated with the way the moved, the cute little way he stuck out his tongue before every bite making me swell with fondness over this giant dork. Scared of being caught, I looked away before he could look up, focusing on my sushi when I heard him sigh.

“You’re awfully quiet today, poppet,” he said, his voice low and a bit raspy. We were quiet for a long time now and I just didn’t want to burst the little bubble we were in. Sometimes, being quiet was enough.

“Just enjoying your company. Rainy days always make me a bit contemplative,” I explained, having a sip of the wine and frowning when it was over too soon.

“I like rainy days. They’re perfect for staying at home and watching some movies,” He said and I nodded.

“Let’s get this crackin’ then. I don’t want to be in the way of your plans for too long,” I said, slapping my hands against my thighs and getting up to grab the plates and glasses before I headed to his kitchen.

“I didn’t mean it like that. You cou- you could stay. Keep me company, it’s supposed to get worse outside,” He said, hands hiding in the pockets of his grey sweatpants, the sweater he was wearing hanging loosely against his lean body. I stopped in my tracks, trying to pretend my breath didn’t hitch when he suggested I stayed, and holding my victory dance for later, I nodded slowly.

“I- I’d like that very much, Harry,” I said as I turned to him, a shy smile taking over my lips.

“Well! Let’s get started then!” He clapped his hands, the loud noise making me jump, which caused a giggle to come out of his lips. I slapped his arm and pushed him towards his canvas.

“You’re such a dick,” I huffed. “I’m gonna change, be right back,” I excused myself, going to the back of the flat, his bathroom hidden behind a weird and out of place wall that just didn’t seem supposed to be there.

I loved everything about his flat. How cozy it was, the artsy vibes it had to it and the pretty paintings scattered around his walls. He had an old bathtub, white with golden little details that looked like the ones princesses had in their quarters. I always teased him about it, saying it was too girly for a boy’s flat and he’d roll his eyes, telling me it gave the place “character”.

After I changed into the little set he’d decided he wanted me in, a soft pink lace bodysuit, with a deep v cut neckline, I took a deep breath, letting my hair down and going out again. His place was warm but I still had shivers prickling my skin as I walked back to the living room and set myself on the chase, waiting for him to direct me.

Harry came over and his hands went to my arms, setting me back in the position he’d started painting, with me kneeling in the middle of the little sofa, the blanket strewn around me and my hands resting on my knees while my hair cascaded down my back. I knew it was a simple, almost obligatory touch, but I still had to hold my breath for a while, afraid I was going to squeal or giggle. I looked at him, noticing the seriousness and focus that had taken over his expression and knew it was going to be a boring session, like it was every time he was moody and quiet.

“Are you in the mood to talk today?” I tried, while he fixed a strand of my hair back behind my ear and smiled down at me. He had changed into his painting clothes: an old, soft cotton shirt, with paint stains all over the front and a few holes, but still as cozy as ever and his grey sweatpants.

“With you, I am,” he exclaimed, my tummy filling with wild butterflies that seemed to be battling, while he went back to his stool and I struggled to remain serious as I set my eyes to the view of his window. Damn you, butterflies.

Even though he said he wanted to talk, we stayed in silence for a while. Not talking with Harry was never awkward, because he always made you feel at ease and comfortable around him. It didn’t matter if we talked for hours or if were dead silent all day, it was always great. It was just comfortable, never feeling forced to fill in the silence with weird conversations about the weather or some cousin that was going to get married soon, just to make small talk. It was easy, like waking up on a Sunday morning, with the sun shining through the windows and the tranquility of knowing you don’t have to get up any time soon.

“Did you purposely choose the window ‘cause you know how much I love your view?” I questioned after a while, my eyes roaming over the city lights that flickered outside the big window. It was raining and I knew it was about to get worse outside, but I didn’t care.

“Yeah. I noticed the way you looked at it the first time you came here. I knew you’d have to look at the same spot for a while, so I figured I’d chose something you’d enjoy,” he shrugged in response and I sighed, wanting to get up and hug him. He was so thoughtful sometimes, it made me all gushy about it, the heat finding my cheeks and making it difficult to hold back the smile.

I stopped talking again, the easiness taking over me. A long while went by before I started feeling bored, my eyes a bit heavy with sleep from being silent for so long. I started fidgeting, my fingers reaching for the blanket to play with it as I threw my head back and took a deep breath, moving my shoulders so they wouldn’t be so tense.

“Babe, don’t move, please,” Harry whispered, his green eyes fixing on me from above the canvas, the sound of the strokes of his brush stopping for a moment as he checked my pose.

“I’m sorry, it’s just… I’m bored!” I exclaimed and my hands went to my face as I threw myself back in the little couch. I heard Harry sigh, the little stool he was on scrapping the floor and making a noise as he came to me.

“Kitten, I promise if you stand still for just a bit more, you won’t have to deal with me for much longer,” He said, offering me his hands to pull me up into my position again. I huffed, my shoulders slumping as I sat up and went back to my pose.

My eyes roamed his figure, his hair tied in a bun that was about to fall out, the paint stains all over his hands and his forearm, the shirt ruined and a brush tucked into his pocket, a drop of paint almost falling on his pants and ruining them forever. I acted before I could stop myself, my hands reaching for the brush and then up, a soft strip of baby pink being sloshed across Harry’s cheek, his wide eyes boring into me as I leaned back down, and my hand going to my mouth to cover my laughter. He was so shocked, it was impossible not to laugh.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he let out with a serious tone on his voice that made me freeze in my spot.

“I- I’m sorry!” I breathed out, my hands going up to his face to clean it, but before I could reach it, he stopped me, his big hands wrapping around my wrists. “Harry, I-” I started but he shook his head no, making me swallow my words.

“You think you’re quite funny. Don’t you, love?” He arched an eyebrow, a mean expression taking over his usually soft features and making me shake a little. “You think you can ruin my work and try to be funny…Well, let’s see if you think this is funny!” Before I could register what was happening, he had me flush against him and his fingers went to my sides so he could start to tickle and pinch me,which made me squeal and laugh, pressing my hands to his chest to try to push him away with little to no success.

“Harry, PLEASE!” I exclaimed and he laughed, his green eyes sparkling as he kept torturing me with his hands.

“Not so funny now, is it?” He asked, smiling and making jump when he tickled me harder.

“Stop, stop, STOP PLEASE!” I screamed and I lunched forward and held on to him, catching my breath when he stopped.

“Only ‘cause you said please,” he laughed and I looked up at him, breathless and with my hair wild, my hands scrunching on his shirt. I didn’t know what came over me in that moment, didn’t know if it was the wine I had earlier or the rush of adrenaline running through my veins, but I leaned in, brushing my lips against his for a second, before pulling away in shame, my face burning.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-” I started, frenetically trying to get away from him, but he only pulled me closer, his big hands cupping my face and his soft lips brushing mine, our noses touching before I closed my eyes and melted into him, his lips pressing in an urgent kiss. The tip of his tongue roamed my lips, making me open up to him and letting our tongues play in a languid pace, tasting each other slowly. He bit my bottom lip softly, my breath hitching and my hands running up his shoulders to his hair, as I pulled him closer. His hands were hot on my skin, the strong hold he had on my waist making me feel safe. We kissed like we had all the time in the world, taking a while to pull away. Every time he tried to lean back, I followed, not caring about breathing. I just needed more of him, of his smell, of his taste overwhelming my senses and making me dizzy on him.

“Babe, baby, we need to breathe.” He whispered against my lips, pushing me away lightly. I nodded, my swollen lips open in a harsh breathe and I had a hard time looking at him, embarrassed with how needy I knew I looked. “I’ve been meaning to do that for a long time…” He whispered in my ear, kisses being left on the side of my neck and my shoulder. I gasped when he nibbled on my skin and pulled him closer, turning my head to find his lips again.

“I wish you had done it sooner.” I said, pulling him on top of me, the painting long forgotten.


It was weird, thinking about the early days now that we were a year ahead. We had dated for a few months before he asked me to be his girlfriend and now here we were, 8 months later and I was still as, if not more whipped, than the day I met him.

I listened closely to him on the kitchen and a sigh came out of my lips. Who would’ve thought that, even after a connection like ours, we would be slowly drifting apart? The thought alone made me sniff and close my eyes to stop the swelling tears from spilling out. I didn’t need him to see me crying.

It had started a month or so ago, when Harry showed up with this girl at his place, showing her around as I looked at him stunned.

“Babe, this is Kacey,” he had said cheerfully, with a friendly smile on his face as he introduced me to her. It was one of the things he did, he just had to be nice and make people feel welcome. “She’s my partner for the final project this year!”

I gulped, forcing a smile out and saying a tiny hello. I was definitely jealous, yes, which I hated, it wasn’t a feeling I was even used to, but there was something about the way she looked at him that rubbed me the wrong way.

I noticed the way her face lighted up at the sight of him, it was as if she was staring at the face of the sun. I didn’t blame her, though, I was used to seeing girls swooning over Harry, and usually I didn’t care. At the end of the day, he was with me, in my bed, with my arms wrapped tightly around him and our lips pressed into a warm kiss. He was with me after all and that meant I didn’t have to worry.

That was until she got around. I knew projects took time and effort and sometimes you had to spend hours on end working through the night for it to be finished, but it was so clear that for her, this project was just an opportunity to get closer to him. Harry started drifting away, always too tired, always too busy and that’s how I ended up curled up on his sofa, the fear of him not wanting me anymore weighing heavy in my heart, my stomach in knots as I tried to find a way to put an end to the distance that had placed itself between us.

The storm was brewing up outside, the droplets of water hitting hard against the windows when Harry came to the living room. His eyes were heavy with worry and there was a little line across his forehead as he scrunched up his brows, making me want to smooth my finger over it and wash his worries away. Even with the crushing fear of losing him, I was still head over heels for him.

“What’s gotten into you, baby? You’re so quiet,” he asked, the green of his eyes dulled from his deep thoughts.

“Just thinking,” I murmured and he shook his head, throwing the little towel he had in his hands to the side and kneeling in front of me. For the first time I noticed what he was wearing: the same sweater he was wearing the night we met, the checkered pattern and deep colors, big enough so it would swallow him, his broad shoulders looking even better and some black pants, white socks on his feet and his chocolate curls in a lose bun at the top of his head.

“Doesn’t look like just thinking.” He retorted and I sighed, my eyes drifting away from his face before he could read it all. I was an actress, a good actress but I couldn’t pretend around Harry. I could never fake around him because he always saw right through me.

“I just- I have a lot on my mind.” He let out a breath in defeat, head hanging limply on his shoulders and I felt like crying. I knew he was frustrated with me, I knew I was acting like a child but I just couldn’t avoid the anger, the fear and the jealousy that clouded my judgement.

She had given me a reason to feel like this. It wasn’t unjustified hatred or power play, it wasn’t like I was trying to play the victim. I remembered that night clearly, like it was yesterday because it was still so fresh in my memories.


“H, have you seen my jump-“ I started, entering the flat and finding a mess of paint pots and brushes, Harry sleeping soundly on the couch and Kacey perched up next to him, her head turned to his and her eyes locked on his face. “Hi, what are you still doing here Kacey?” I asked, as casually as possible, not wanting to assume anything.

“Just hanging out, Harry ended up falling asleep and I didn’t have the guts to wake him up. Ended up falling asleep myself.” She shrugged, the dark hair falling from her shoulders as she turned to me.

“Would you like me to call you a cab? It’s late and the streets are dangerous.” I asked, smiling at her and pretending the thought of them alone all this time didn’t bother me one bit.

“I’d like that, thank you.” She said and I nodded, reaching for my phone as I gathered the mess on the coffee table. “You know… you’re really lucky to have him.” She started and I could already feel nothing good would come out of this.

“Yes, I am aware. He’s very good to me.” I said, my voice getting a bit dry as the tension grew thicker on the space around us.

“I always had a crush on him, we went on a date once.” The blood on my veins was boiling before I could realize. “I’ll wait for my chance though, don’t wanna be a homewrecker.”

She was out of the flat before I could react, my face livid with the realization of what she had just confessed, my hands shaking a bit and tears welling up on my eyes.

“Hey love, s’good to see you here.” Harry’s raspy voice made me come back from my state of shock. “What’s with the tears?” He asked, getting up from the couch and coming up to me, his hands cupping my face as a worried look took over his features.

“Just hit my toe on the coffee table, no big deal…” I lied, hiding my face in the crook of his neck and inhaling, my arms wrapping around his torso and pulling him closer to me.

“Baby, are you sure everything is ok?” Harry asked again, trying to pull away to look at me but I held him tighter, the hot tears soaking his shirt.

“I’m ok, just hold me, please.”

That was the moment I realized how scared of losing him, how attached I had grown to him, how deeply in love I was with that boy, that man with the boyish smile and eyes as green as the first traces of nature coming back to life after a rough winter, a green so pure and so bright as the hopes of the new season coming. My heart churned with affection and my tummy swirled with butterflies, my hands tightening around his neck. Oh, I was so screwed.


“I know what will cheer you up, babe. How ‘bout a bath?” Harry asked, his eyes hopeful and a gentle smile on his lips. “Know how much you like baths. I even have some of the bath bombs we bought a while ago.” He offered.

The butterflies in my stomach fluttered with the possibility of being so close to him. We hadn’t been intimate for a while now and I felt scared he wouldn’t see me as he used to, but the prospect of having him close again made me nod my head in agreement. The boyish smile I loved so much graced his face and he leaned in, pecking my nose and getting up, disappearing in the hallway that led to his room and bathroom.

I could hear the water running as he filled the bathtub, his raspy voice humming an old Rolling Stones song, the one he always sang when he was about to get in the shower. It was a habit of his I had picked up on it soon and ended up making a habit of my own. I stayed silent, listening to him belting out the lyrics to Loving Cup. I loved when Harry would sing, his voice making me feel all tingly inside and making a warm feeling pool in my center. Couldn’t deny he sounded sexy and he had the right looks of an old 70’s rock star, the perfect mixture of Mick Jagger’s sexiness with Paul McCartney’s romantic heart. I was a sucker for both, which maybe was why I was so attracted to Harry in the first place. The fact that he was a fan of them himself helped us bond and throughout our relationship, we had many moments that were graced by one of the old rock classics. That was something so us, it made me smile, remembering all of the good times we had together while listening to those songs.

He appeared again, offering me his hand and pulling me up, hugging my waist as I stood up. Harry towered over me, his broad shoulders becoming a support as I wrapped myself around him. I knew I looked like a needy little adolescent but I just missed him. I missed the warmth of his hands on my body, I missed his languid and sweet kisses and his raspy voice in the morning. I missed him.

As we entered the bathroom, Harry closed the door behind us and turned to me. I looked at the steaming water, that looked pink and sparkly and smelled like roses.

“I used that lush bath bomb I know you like. Hope that’s ok.” He whispered in my ear as he hugged me from behind.

“That’s ok, thank you.” I whispered back, turning to give him a peck on the cheek. I could see the little shadow that ran through his eyes when I didn’t reach for his lips, but I chose to ignore it. I didn’t feel close enough to kiss him now, my mind too focused on the words that damn girl had said, nearly a month ago.

We were quiet for a few seconds before his hands reached for the hem of my jumper, pulling it up and making me stretch my arms above my head so he could pull it off. Next was the little white top I had underneath, before he reached for the clasp of my bra, pulling the straps down with a light hand and making me breathe in before he took it off. Harry took a step forward, his hands running down my arms before they reached for my leggings as he planted a soft kiss to my shoulder. I smiled, loving the way he invaded my space and made me feel like I was drowning on him, his smell, his warmth.

He pulled the leggings down, kneeling as he pulled on the fabric, my panties coming down as well. He was being very affectionate, the sweetness in his gestures letting me know he was completely unaware of why I was feeling so down. I could see he was trying to make me feel better, he was making an effort and that meant so much, it made my heart flutter and beat harder on my chest. Harry kissed up my thigh, his hands running up my legs, my stomach, brushing my breasts before he wrapped them around my face and made me look up at him. A shiver ran down my spine, the look in his eyes making me want to run and hide. He looked at me like he did the first time we were together, a certain fascination burning in the emerald green of his orbs, the intensity of it making me shiver all over.

“I missed you,” Harry whispered, his eyes heavy with want and I gasped, feeling my eyes swell with tears. Closing them in order to hide my minor break down, I reached for his sweatpants, taking his focus away from my face and to my hands, that pushed down the black fabric as well as his white boxers. After, I grasped his shirt, pulling it up over his head and letting fall to the floor as I looked at his chest, the ink on his skin even more beautiful now that I hadn’t seen it in a while.

“Miss you too.” I could hear the catch in his breath when he heard me and it made something in my heart hurt. This wasn’t just about me. He was affected by our distance too, I just didn’t realize it before, my jealousy clouding my vision and my thoughts.

Harry didn’t say anything after that. He just moved to the bathtub, getting in first, the scolding water making his pale skin redden immediately. He offered me his hand and helped me get in, pulling me to sit between his legs before I could move away. I relaxed into him, my head leaning back on his shoulder, his arms wrapping around my middle as we settled in. I could feel him kissing up my shoulder, my neck, the scorching heat of the water being nothing compared to the heat of his lips on my skin after so long. He ran his hands over my legs, before he reached for the liquid soap on the side of the tub and squirted a bit on his hand, rubbing them together and started roaming them up my arms, my stomach, cupping my breasts and running up the inside of my thighs. I reached up, my hand going to his neck, under his hair and rubbing the tender skin there, feeling Harry relax against me.

“What’s gotten into you, kitten?” He questioned, worry tainting his voice. “You’re so quiet, so… distant.” He acknowledged and it made me sigh. “Did I do something?”

“It wasn’t you, it’s never you.” I said, before he could think otherwise. I swallowed, the tears already pooling in eyes again before I could even get a word out. “Don’t want you to be mad and to think I’m a jealous bitch or something-“ I started, swallowing a sob and scooting away from him, sitting on the other side of the tub and hiding my face in my hands.

“Kitten, did something happen? I need you t- I need you to talk to me. I’m worried.” He said, his voice sounding hurt and scared.

“It’s jus- that damn girl!” I exclaimed, tired of keeping it to myself, the tears flowing freely now that I started talking. “She told me about how you guys went on a date and how she met you first and it makes me so mad!” Now that I had started, it was like I couldn’t stop. All the built up anger and frustration and jealousy pouring out in waves. “She got to spend time with you, all this months while you two worked in your project and all the while I knew she was just waiting for her chance to be with you again..”

“Kacey?” Harry asked, after a minute of stunned silence. “I had… no idea, she bothered you that much.” He admitted, looking distressed. “If I had known… I wouldn’t have let you distance yourself like this. I just figured you needed some space.”

“She said she’d wait for her chance, to my face. How did you expect me to react?!” I blurted out, my face feeling hot and red with the tears. “All those late nights and jokes you two had, I thought I w-“ I started but a sob rocked my body, making me hide my face before I could continue. “I thought I was losing you. I know you wouldn’t do anything but, God, I was so scared you didn’t want me anymore.”

“Kitten, c’mon. Please, stop crying.” He whispered, his hand wrapping around my wrist and pulling me closer to him. The water sloshed around us, making a mess on the floor but he didn’t seem to care. He pulled me up on his lap, a strong arm around me as the other reached to cup my face. “Kitten, it was one date, ages ago. I never even begin to like her and it was just a coincidence that we got paired up in class. If I had known it bothered you that much, I would’ve done something about it.”

“It wasn’t your fault.” I shook my head, leaning into his touch.

“But at least I could’ve put your worries to rest.” He sounded sad and tired. His eyes looked intently at mine, regret stamped onto his expression. “I need you to know something and-“ He started, pulling me even closer. “I don’t want you think I’m saying this because of all of this, ok?”

I nodded, my stomach doing back flips and my head hurting from all the crying.

“I love you.” Harry said and I felt like all the air had been punched out of my lungs. “I love you and I was waiting because that’s not how I wanted to tell you this but I do and it’s been driving me crazy for months and I-“ I couldn’t wait for him to finish, my hands wrapping around his neck as I pulled him to me, our lips connecting in a harsh kiss. I felt pins prickling my skin, his taste overwhelming my senses and making me dizzy. Kissing him again, for real, after being left with quick pecks and forehead goodbye kisses was like breathing again after being stuck under water for too long.

“I love you too.” I breathed out, breathing in bullets as I tried to recover from the shock.

“Thank God, I was starting to think you didn’t want me anymore, you were so distant.” Harry said, his eyes a bit panicked as he looked at me and pulled me tighter in his embrace.

“Never, no! I could never, I love you, God damn it, I love you!” I whimpered out and leaned in again, catching his lips in another hungry kiss. My hands roamed his chest, tangling in his hair as I pulled on it, my leg hitching over his hip and making us fit together, his hands grabbing me by my hips as tight as he could, sure to leave marks.

It felt like a new fire was started inside me, like I was burning from the inside, the flames consuming my being every time he touched me in a new part of my body or his tongue flicked against mine. I was losing all of my sanity, letting myself be consumed by his taste and his kisses, his hands becoming my personal heaven as they roamed my skin.

“I need you.” I moaned out, the desperate need in my voice enough to make Harry lift up, taking me up with him. We went out of the bathtub, careful not to slip and fall because we could be a bit clumsy when in a hurry. Not caring about the water or the floors, or the sheets, Harry took me in his arms, the feeling of our skin touching without any barrier making me breathe in and smile.

As he laid me down and hovered over me, I looked up into his eyes. After everything we had been through, being like this with him again was like having come back to life, a glass of water after being thirsty in the desert for days on end. I looked at him, taking in his nakedness and the way the ink looked even harsher against his pale skin now that he was wet. My hands roamed the cut of his hips and the soft pudginess of his sides, nails racking the sensitive skin as he took a deep breathe in. Pulling him down by his necklaces that dangled in between us, I wrapped my arms around his body as he bear hugged me, his face hiding on my neck as he breathed me in.

“I missed your smell and your lips,” He whispered to my ear, a sweet kiss being planted on top of my chest, where my heart was beating hard against my ribcage. “I missed you. Don’t ever do this again, Kitten. I can’t be without you.”

I nodded feverishly, running my hands up his arms, to take them around his shoulders and to his neck, and finally tangling my fingers on his hair where I was able to play with the strands, the smell of him clouding my senses.

“I promise I won’t. I was blind and I didn’t want to lose you to h-“ I started, but before I could finish, Harry was cutting me off with a kiss, his tongue dipping in and touching mine softly.

“No more about her,” he whispered against my lips, and I could feel every one of his words as they crashed against my skin. “It doesn’t matter, it was never did and never will,” his words were vehement, and just what I needed to ease up the knot that had formed in my tummy and that was threatening to eat me up. “I want you, I love you.”

With that, he pulled away from me and knelt in front of me, settling between my legs, which went to either side of his body. I looked at him as he took me in, wandering his body over my body and taking his time to look at every corner, nook and cranny of my body, every curve, scar and birth mark. He was learning my body again and I felt like I was on fire. The heat of his gaze was enough to burn down cities and forests and it felt like we were connecting again, after so much time apart. With every second, I felt closer to him, with every brush of his fingers against my thighs, my tummy, I felt as if he was bringing back the intimacy we were lacking before.

“You’re so beautiful. My pretty girl,” he croaked out, his voice burning with want and raspy with arousal and it made the butterflies in my stomach do backflips.

“I’m yours.” I whispered and he nodded, breathing in as he leaned down to hover over me.

“You are. Just mine. My girl.” He whispered in my ear and pressed a kiss to my jaw, going down my neck and stopping at my collarbones, where he sucked harder, making me sigh. I knew he was leaving his mark, just the way he liked it.

His kisses didn’t stop, in fact, they became more frequent and I felt like he was trying to map out my body with his lips. Not a bit of skin was left untouched and as he reached my center, I felt like I was ready to melt. He kissed my hips, down my navel until he reached my slit.

With his hands on both of my thighs, he opened me up slowly and eyed between my legs. The look on his eyes, as he scooted down and leveled with my center made me shudder, preparing myself for whatever he wanted to do. Kissing both of my thighs, Harry leaned in, his tongue running up my slit in a slow motion, from top to bottom then up again before he closed his lips around my clit, sucking lightly and making me breathe out a moan.

“I missed your taste…” He moaned out, opening me up with two fingers and circling my entrance with his tongue. I gasped at the feeling of it as it dipped in, clutching the sheets between my fingers as he moved it slowly, almost in circular motions that pressed to my walls, to quickly pull it out as his eyes glinted mischievously.

I looked at him, unable to tear my eyes from the dark green of his eyes, where the pupil had blown out in pure lust. I saw him rubbing circles on my clit and moving his tongue slowly from my entrance, steady little movements that would reached up to my clit and press to it in a kiss before he was going down again. I mewled, asking for more before I could stop myself and he chuckled in response, adding the cold feeling of his fingers as a single one entered me, at the same time his lips finally wrapped around my clit, sucking lightly on it as I felt the sharp thrust of his hand exploring me.

“Harry, pl-please” I begged, rolling my hips up so I could meet his mouth.

“Please what, kitten?” He asked, his green eyes locked into mine, the intensity of his gaze letting me know I’d have to say whatever it was he had on his mind.

“Please, pl-please. I need more.” I asked, letting out a strangled and frustrated huff when he pulled his finger out and looked at me with more than satisfaction. He was enjoying it, every bit of it, every beg and every shallow breath, he loved it was because of him.

“More of what?” he asked. “This?” His tongue pressed flat to my slit and I arch my back as I felt every ridge and bump of it going slowly up, plump wet lips pulling on my clit as the vibration of his voice set on. “Or is it this?” he asked curiously, letting his tongue curled around the little bud before he drew a simple and perfect 8 figure on it with his tip, the movement sending shivers up my spine and causing a stifled moan to burst out as he did it once more, playing slowly with it until it throbbed and he trapped it again between his lips.

“Yes, yes, this. All of it.” I moaned loud when two of his fingers once again pressed to my entrance, the palm of his hand facing up as he slowly let them in and he started to thrust them, making me squirm as his tongue lapped quickly on my clit.

“You’re so wet for me, kitten. Such a good girl for me,” he whispered in a hoarse, the warmth of his breath making the little hairs on the nape of my neck raise up, and my skin burn as he pressed his lips to the inner of one of my thighs, where he sucked and nipped until I couldn’t hold it anymore and I found myself pushing my hips down for him to pay attention to them. “You taste so sweet…” It was all I could hear before he dipped back in. This time, there was no mercy, he licked and sucked, every one of his movements sending a wave of currents up to my tummy, where they pooled in a heated tension that made my whole body quiver. His hands went to the back of my thighs, pressing his fingers to my skin to push me closer to him.

“Harry, I’m- baby, I’m gonna-“ I didn’t know it would happen so fast, but my body was already in flames. His lips closed around my clit and sucking hard, he looked up at me as I succumbed to the fire that ran up my skin, moving his fingers even faster as I screamed out his name. I curled my fingers around his hair and pulled on it while I felt control slip down my fingers. My hips rocked up and down, and with every movement, I felt Harry’s tongue sliding down, grunting as he threw his arm around my waist and pulled me down to the bed. As if to show me who was the boss, he went even harder and his fingers became sharper, rubbing on my spongy walls after every thrust. It was all too much, deliriously good and I couldn’t handle it. Before I could even realize, my legs were shutting around his head, keeping him against me. “Oh, damn, Harry, aah!” I exclaimed when he pumped harder, going for all I had.

I felt like I could breathe again when he stopped, his hands pressing to my legs to push them apart and allow him to sit up between them. I saw him take his fingers to him mouth and pop them in, so he could lick them clean like they were a dessert. The vision too much for me to handle, it got my legs shaking again and my poor mouth watering, so I sat up and crawled to him, locking our lips in a kiss that had me in shambles. Having him tasting like me, as he licked into my mouth like he was hungry and couldn’t get enough, was enough to make me moan or maybe the almost animalistic sound was because his fingers were running down to my center again to let him play around with my clit.

“You, I wanna taste you…” I breathed out, rolling my hips against his hand and pulling his hair. I’d never get enough of his lips and his kisses. They were slow but strong, sensual but sweet, like he was drinking me in and hypnotizing me.

“Later, Baby. I want you now,” He shook his head and I whined, begging before I could stop myself.

“Please, I miss it. Let me just have a taste,” I asked and he groaned, pulling me to his lap in a swift movement. I smiled at this, crawling up on the bed until I was settled on my knees and was able to grab him in my trembling fingers. I held him up, licking up my lips before I brushed them over his glistening tip. It tasted just a bit salty and a lot sweeter than I remembered and I let my tongue rub over it before I let them in, lips sucking on it like a lollipop, while I looked at him. I was being deliberately slow, letting him enjoy it the way I licked and taste, kissed and sucked on him. I knew it drove him crazy and I wanted him to be crazy about me.  

“Fuck, kitten.” He let out, his hands going to his face to rub at it. He did that when he wanted to reign himself in, control the need that burned on his belly. He was hard, the head pink, pre-come dripping from the tip and I deep hiss echoed in the rooms when my fingers grazed over the balls, carefully moving up his shaft until it met my lips and I pulled away to stroke him completely. It wasn’t supposed to be pretty or nice, but Harry had the most perfect cock I had ever seen. The smooth skin, the pink and shiny head, long and thick, just thinking about it made my mouth water. “I love your pretty little mouth, f-fuck me.” He moaned, breathing out harshly.

Leaning in again, I took him in my mouth, pressing my tongue flat against his shaft as I let him slide all the way in and then, pulling him slowly and sucking on his tip before I did it all over again. My hand never stopped moving, pumping his fast as I focused on the tip and teased his slit to then run down my tongue down his shaft and sucked on his balls. His taste was heavy and overwhelming and I sighed deeply as I went a little faster, letting my tongue swirl against his skin. I was about to begin all over again when he sat up and he tangled his fingers on my hair, pulling me up carefully to look at me with a deep frown set between his brows.

“That’s enough, love.”

My knees were wobbly went I got up and I was almost thankful when Harry made me lie down again. Planting a kiss on both my knees, he smiled. “Open up for me, kitten. Need to see you.”

I groaned as I spread my legs further, looking at him as he smiled, lining himself to my entrance and pressing in. The feeling of his cock stretching me up, the pain and the pleasure made a shiver run down my body, making me shake and whine his name, clutching the sheets on my sides.

“God damn it, you’re so tight…” Harry groaned, his eyes closing around the feeling as he leaned forward and thrust deeper, a gasp catching in my throat. “So warm and wet for me, you’re perfect for me kitten, perfect- fuck, fuck me.” He moaned, teeth biting onto my shoulder lightly.

“Harry, move, please move, I need you t-“ I let out and he thrust once, a grunt coming out of his lips in time with mine.

He moved slow as he kissed my lips, swallowing the noises we both made and connecting every broken piece of me back together again. It felt like we were the same person, glued together and connected, the same breath and heartbeat.

I opened my mouth without making any sound, looking at him as that feeling settled again in my tummy, wanting his closer, deeper, harder. I pressed my legs around him and I pushed him down to me, so I could kiss him and feel him completely. I loved that he was making love to me, showing me just how much he missed me, missed us, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more, I needed all of him.

“Harry, more. I need more.” I whispered to his ear, biting his lobe softly and he shuddered and leaned, kneeling between my legs. Without saying a word, he pushed my legs up towards my chest, using one hand to hold them still and the other to line himself to me, and thrust down and straight to my spot, hitting it once, twice, over and over, his speed building up with time. “Fuck baby, fucking hell, I can feel you everywhere, damn it.” I exclaimed, my voice hoarse with the moans and the grunts. The feeling was almost unbelievable, he filled me up and I was almost delirious for him, letting my hands roll to the back of my head.

My legs were trembling as he continued and all I could hear were the worked up moans he was letting out. I pressed my hand to his chest and I scratched on his skin, taking my opportunity as he slowed down to push him off to the bed and roll over him.

I sat astride him, I smirked, letting my hand run down his bare skin before I wrapped my fingers around his cock and lined him up to sink down on it. Harry groaned, his hands grasping my hips with force. When he was fully in, I could feel my walls throbbing around him as I clenched, feeling completely full and out of my mind, drunk on him.

I moved in wave like motions, rubbing my clit against his pelvic bone and supporting myself on his chest, my nails scratching the skin. I was feeling dizzy and weak but the coil in my belly swelled up and burned, the need to let go too strong but I didn’t want to stop just yet. I needed to see him lose his mind because of me, just like I did for him every time. Harry sat up, his arms wrapping around my body, lips sucking one of my nipples into his warm mouth before he cupped the other, pinching the hardened nub and making me roll my hips faster and harder against him.

“Look at you, so good for me. So pretty sitting on my cock, kitten.” He whispered against my skin, biting on my neck and sucking another mark, his hands rolling my hips faster.

I was already shaking, out of breath and with tears swelling in my eyes, the balloon inside me ready to pop and too strong to ignore. I knew he could feel it, the way he looked at me told me he knew I was about to crash and burn within him. He reached down, thumb pressing to my clit, and he pulled me to a kiss, his tongue licking into my mouth as I chanted his name, mixed with pleas and moans.

“You’re gonna cum for me, baby girl?” He asked and I wrapped my arms around his neck, hiding my face on the crook of his neck and breathing out a cry.

“Not yet.” I denied, but it was futile to fight against my body. I knew it was coming, but I was trying my hardest to hold it in.

“C’mon kitten, I wanna see you cum on my cock.” He asked and I shook my head no, moving faster and clenching around him. “Fuck, that’s it baby. I can feel how full you are, ready to burst…”

Without letting me say as much as word in, he turned us around, plunging down and pumping, hitting my spot precisely with every thrust and making me scream out, the balloon bursting and making me see white, as I shook on his arms. He was shaking, his breathing harsh and his grunts louder as he kept going, before I felt him fill me up, coming in hot spurts and coating my insides, making me shake again.

My thighs were trembling, my vision blurry and my lungs aching for air as Harry kissed up my torso, pulling out and making me whine, missing the feeling of him. He kissed my lips, pink lips and all, teeth biting my bottom lip and pulling, eyes lulled with tiredness and a flush to his cheeks and chest.

“I love you.” He said it again, the feeling burning in his eyes and making me tear up.

“I love you too.” I nodded, cuddling up to his side, kissing his chest and hiding my face on the crook of his neck.

“I think” He was panting, but kept talking anyway. “In light of this events, it’s time you move in with me. Don’t you?” He asked.

My heart almost jumped out my throat but I kept still, by his side, my hand going up his neck and tangling in his sweaty curls. I leaned up, locking my eyes with his and smiled, kissing the tip of his nose before licking our lips.

“Anything you want…”


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»  “I heard you singing Taylor Swift in the shower this morning, are you okay?”

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1900

A/N : This isn’t that much long but it’s the longer imagine I’ve done yet lmao. I hope you like it, don’t hesitate to tell me what you thought of it under anon or even in private, I’d be happy to taaalk ! Don’t forget my requests are open, so… GO FOR IT BABES

Oh please, May ! It’d be the best present ever ! I’m a big guy now.”

Peter had been begging May for 2 weeks now, and the aunt was still reflecting either or not it was a good idea. For his 16th birthday, his nephew wanted his girlfriend to sleep with him, but May thought he was too young for that, she didn’t want to be a grand-mother right now, she was even quite young when she had to become Peter’s mother. All was going too fast, and she wished Ben was still there to say no. Ben would have said no. They both knew it, that’s why Pete would have asked May if his uncle was still alive. But she had to say no by herself now, take all the responsabilites.

Stop harrassing me, I can take you to some restaurants or cinema, but you’re too young to sleep with a girl.”

Peter crossed his arms on his chest and sighed. He hated when May treated him like a child, and she recurrently did. “C'mon, many boys sleep with their girlfriends at my age. I won’t do sh- stupid things. May, you know the feeling. You know what it’s like, wanting to wake up to the love of your life.”

It was May’s turn to sigh. Obviously, she knew, it was a feeling she was used to, a feeling she would never get rid of. Someone was missing in her bed just like someone was missing in Peter’s. If one human on Earth knew that you needed to enjoy someone’s presence before it was too late, it was her.

Door open, and if I hear something weird you a dead man, Peter Benjamin Parker.”

He instantly jumped, doing some dance of joy. His heart was beating faster as he ever did. This was it, it was happiness, true happiness. This news had him reaching the nirvana, this estate of maximal pleasure, the plenitude. He kissed his aunt’s cheek, thanking her a good million times. You soon was informed and you both fangirled. Your first night together. This was a brand new step, but everything with Peter seemed natural anyways. You could do everything.

I’m taking your present ! And a toothbrush of course, I can’t wait to sleep in your arms oh my god. I’m taking movies, can I borrow you a new shirt to sleep ? What should I take beside all of this.” Peter could tell over the phone how happy and stressed you were, you barely allowed yourself to breathe while talking. “Happy birthday, love.”

He smiled, the sound of your voice was a music to him, a melody he could never get bored of. “Come here quick to tell me in person.”

Peter !” May called him back to have a quick chat with him. There was no way he could sleep with you before she’d have gave him the talk. He soon hung up, excited as never.

Peter smiled as soon as he woke up, you were still in his arms, your head on his chest, sleeping like an angel. His heart started beating fast again. He had thought right, this was the best morning of his life, this was the way he wanted to wake up everyday, with his love right next to him, stuck to his body like the world out there was spinning and the only thing letting her be safe was his touch. He was his remedy to any problem. Both your bodies were hot, the night had been so soft.

Peter kissed your forehead, pulling you closer to him which woke you up. There was no way you’d feel happier any day, you put your head on his neck and kissed his perfect jawline. “Hello pretty boy.” You whispered in a rough matinal voice before kissing his jawline again. “I’ve never slept that good in my entire life before.”

“Me neither.” He whispered at his turn, and his rugged voice had you shook. You’ve never heard him talking with such a deep tone and it was exciting to discover new things about your dedicated one.

Minutes passed by without doing nothing, just hugging and kissing. You wanted to spend the entire day there, in this bed, wrapped around Peter’s warm arms. But May would have never let you, plus it seemed like the super-hero had a project for the day.

It was super late when you got up, 2pm actually. Peter tried to make you a breakfast as a lunch, but his pancakes were terrible and he had burnt the bacon. His secret talent was surely not cooking. You ended eating ice cream before he went take a shower. You came back in his room, watching the wall where he put some pictures. One particularly kept your attention. This picture was one Peter had taken of you two during your first date. It was all awkward and sweet, and you were glad he had taken pictures of it.

Is it weird if I take photos ? I know it’s the first time we… we… This is a date, right ?” Peter had is cheeks all red from asking this, and you found it super cute. You liked him since you started talking, he was the kindest boy you’ve ever met, way different than all of the others. The day you met was the day your ex dumped you because you didn’t want to have sex with him, but what the fuck you was having sex at 15 anyways ? So not you. Peter found you crying in the school’s hallways and tried to cheer you up, then he asked you everyday how you were feeling, and soon you became friends. But there always were that extra something, this little sprinkle in your eyes telling you he was a man who would change your life. And he really did change you, he made you a better person, he built you.

This first date had been really different than what you already had experienced with other boys. You knew you loved him, you knew he wasn’t some jerk trying to use you. “Of course this is a date.” You held his hand with a big smile on your face. “And take photos, I want to have souvenirs of this evening !”

It wasn’t some fancy going out in a restaurant or cinema, it was just a chill walk, all was about talking and being happy to be together, it was all fluff and natural, it was just all love. Peter took as many photos of you as he could, not afraid anymore to look like some kind of a creep. “I love taking photos, and you’re so beautiful, you… The camera loves you.”

A little smirk took place on your face as you turned to him. “Only the camera, not you ?” He instantly blushed, panicking. Was it a bad thing, were you making fun of him ? His hands started shaking and he shook his head, his mouth wide open just as his eyes. “You don’t need to respond.” You laughed. “I was kidding, this is too soon for all of this.” But deep inside, Peter knew he loved you.

“I shake it oooooff, I shake it oooooff !” Peter’s singing got you out of your memories and you gigled listening to this song. He might be… Really excited for today. “Haters gonna haaate, haaate, haaate !” Well, this was for sure the best shower he had taken in while.

He came back right after his song, his hair damp and curlier than you’d ever seen before. He was so handsome, you were so screwed.

“Look, this is the camera I told you about ! The one May offered me yesterday ! She did such a great job, I missed photography.” He said as he was taking his new camera out of his backpack. You soon took his treasure in your hands with a look of admiration. It was a vintage Leica, and you wished you knew more about photography to understand how awesome it was for Peter to have it. “It has a lil defect on its lens but you know how I love things when they have something unique.” You nodded, and gave the camera back to him. “Okay, now that I can take pictures again, go against this tree and be my model.”

Your nose creased. Be his model ? What ? “No, no Pete there’s nooooo way. I’m not.. I’m so ugly today, I hadn’t brought my makeup to your place, my skin is awfully oily.” You soon pouted, Peter’s eyes wide open.

“You kidding, right ?!” He literally seemed attacked. “You the most beautiful girl I’ll ever get to see, Y/N ! I just want memories, you’re a real muse for me. Please, as a birthday gift, love !”

“I love you, thank you, but it’s still a no.”

Peter rolled his eyes, he for sure needed you to be okay with his idea of taking pictures of you, because it made a long time since the last time he did. “I’ll buy you japanese food.”

And suddenly you chaned your mind, you looked excited and even jumped a little when you heard ‘japanese food’. “Ok, well, Why are we still here ?! C'mon Parker, let’s take photos !” He laughed, fuck he knew you so well, he was sure japanese food was a good compromise. It always had been. Photoshoot session started right away. “You know, I heard you singing Taylor Swift in the shower this morning, are you okay?

Peter rolled his eyes, happy Taylor Swift’s songs was his guilty pleasure and no one was supposed to know. He blushed a little. “Don’t be a jerk honey, be beautiful and pose for me, that’s all I’m asking !”

“This is some kind of song you should be singing to Flash.” You giggled. And Peter blushed even more. He always had that thought that Flash was better than him, he was popular even if he was an asshole. You saw Peter getting lost in his thoughts and grimaced. “Babe, focuse on me !” His eyes immediately met yours and he couldn’t help but laugh. You were ugly, but in a beautiful way, weird. I guess it was just love. He took a picture, and you frowned. “I don’t want this on facebook or I’ll kill you !”

“Love, you know I don’t have a facebook.” He creased his eyes. You harrassed him to do one, but he never understood the utility. He had no friends. “I’ll download them in my phone, so I can show people how pretty my girlfriend is !”

“I’m not, Peter !” You shouted, leaving the tree to get back to him.

“You’re not my girlfriend ?!”

“I’m not pretty you idiot !” You hit his shoulder.

“People don’t believe me when I say I have a girlfriend.” He shrugged while a sad smile took place on his face.

You pouted, a little embarrassed. Yeah, Peter wasn’t popular and all, people thought he was a fucking loser, but they were missing it. “We don’t need people, Peter Parker.”


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Sweet Dreams (Chapter One)

He sat cradled by two loving arms, his head on her chest listening to the soft thrum of her heartbeat. The first woman he’d ever loved. She sang a soft, gentle song. He never knew of the meaning but it was their song. The one she’d sing to him when he was feeling discouraged. His hands wrapped tight under his body as his mother patted his back and soothed him with her soft voice.

She bathed him in love and the song went in time with her heartbeat. The one he’d connected to in the womb with his sister. There was something about sleeping on his mother’s chest that calmed him and put him right to sleep. It was there he’d like to stay for the rest of his life.

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“The tattoo of the anchor with a compass” soulmate AU

SOULMATE AU SERIES // Title: “The tattoo of the anchor with a compass”
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Prompts: SOULMATE AU Colorless tattoos that get color when you meet your soulmate AND Soulmates where you can communicate via thoughts.

Requested by: @coldplaylover2009 (gave me the idea of making my soulmate Bucky thing into a Series thing so here it is, thanks love!)

Word count: 1695 (I’m not even sorry because i’m not doing a second part)

Warnings: Some language as usual and hey it’s fluff a warning? I always ask that.

A/N: I’m 100% Steve Rogers trash after writing this piece. Also, remember that feedback is always appreciated. Smooches to you all 

Bucky’s Part.  || Pietro’s Part ||  MASTERLIST

|| I don’t own Steve Rogers AKA Captain America or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

Back in the 40’s Steve Rogers never, not even once felt that voice in his head, that one that everyone was talking about. His best friend Bucky Barnes was just like him so he thought that maybe they weren’t destined to have a soulmate, like if that was even possible.

When he met Peggy Carter he felt love, but it wasn’t the same. They did have similar tattoos but never colored, and the voice in his head was nowhere to be heard.

By the time he woke up from the ice the first thing that he noticed was that his anchor with a compass tattoo was still uncolored.

But when he started to go out for a run to be able to be back on the field he felt something different, a low humming on the back of his mind. A melody that he never heard before, and a female voice that made him stop his run and he just stood there, listening to his mind.

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CeCi Korea June 2017 Issue: Boys, be the ASTRO!

Summer’s coming and you’re making a comeback. What comes to your mind when I say ‘summer’?
What comes to mind when you say ‘summer’ would be freedom? I want to light a bonfire at a campsite and spend an enjoyable time. My hometown’s in Cheongju so a lot of times I’d have fun like that when it’s summer.
JinJin: If you’re talking about summer, then of course it’s the sea. I used to enjoy fishing with my family when I was younger. The image of someone fishing paints itself like a memory.
Sanha: I’ve only been to a waterpark once since I was born but it was a lot of fun. I want to go again.
Eunwoo: The sun’s up longer during the summer. It makes me remember how it would still be sunny out even though school has ended and I’m playing soccer. My dad’s really been into hiking lately and I want to tag along too.
MJ: A weather where you have to avoid the sun!  Doesn’t it totally seem like a song title to you? I want to eat watermelon underneath a shady tree.
Rocky: Maybe because I’d sweat more than I usually do but diet is what comes to mind first. Rather than hitting the gym, I want to try a sport that I can enjoy doing so I’m thinking of starting swimming this summer.

Is dieting important even to male idols? Do you regulate your meals as well?
I usually dance intensely so I don’t see the need to purposely go on a diet. When we finish filming for our music videos, I would hear that I’ve unknowingly lost weight.
Moonbin: Before debuting, my diet meals were personally planned and I would have chicken breast and eggs in the mornings. If I’m busy, then it’s one apple. I would eat like that. We’ve decided that we’ll now manage our own selves.
Eunwoo: We don’t pay as much attention to it as girl groups. But even so, we would each put in some care when there’s an important filming and if the other seems like he’s gained weight then we would tell him.

Is there anything after debuting that you want to be better at or something that has attracted your interest?
I think I need to continue studying up foreign languages. When we perform overseas, I think it’s polite that we learn their trendy words, dances, etc.. Because we have to do even better.
Moonbin: Me too! And having stamina is more important that I thought. We were always overflowing with energy pre-debut so I didn’t think there was a need to worry about our stamina but as we continuously carried out promotions, I can feel that my stamina’s deteriorating.
JinJin: I’ve recently developed an interest in fashion. If previously I only stuck to the hip-hop style that I like, then now I’m finding ways to wear clothes that fit my body and physical frame.
MJ: I think managing my stamina and just generally taking care of myself is necessary. I try to eat some nutritional supplements too.
Rocky: Seeing as how I’m a rapper, I’ve been thinking lately about how I should read more books. There’s a limit to how much I can write just using my own experiences. I’m reading and not too long ago, I asked Eunwoo hyung to loan me one of his books. It’s a book called but I’ve yet to start on it.
Sanha: I’m relearning the basics of guitar (playing). I want to be better at it. I also want to show acoustic versions of our songs.

That reminds me, aren’t you having your first solo concert in July? Is there a stage that each of you are dreaming of?
I want to put smile on the faces of fans who are coming to watch our concert. I’m thinking of having a stage with JinJin.
JinJin: I’m going to do it with you (laughs). After debuting, I don’t think I’ve had the chance to really show my rap so I want to show off a dark rap that matches with original hip-hop.
Rocky: I want to show off a dance stage that’s worthy of hearing comments like “legendary” and “the best”. We don’t have that kind of image yet.
Eunwoo: Shall I go home today and upload one? With a title that says “ASTRO’s Legend.”

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Pairing: Seth Rollins/You

Warnings: Sex. Unsafe sex at that. Shower sex.

Summary: Sooo we all know that seth is dating that sarah girl ? so how about the reader is seth best friend for a long time since he debuted on nxt .. One night at the club she made tbe decision to tell him how she felt but he rejected her nicely and they decided to stay friends .. One night since they rooming together in the hotel she walked on sarah and seth having sex (that sucks) ? and then she walked out and decided to go to one her fellow coworker and best friend bayley to spend the ni.ght there and ignoring Seth’s pleads to apologize .. Then the next day after her workout she went to the same room to take a shower and check out before to avoid seth but while she’s in the shower, seth was watching her there crying and found himself in there with her making love
You can come up with ending ? 

Notes: It’s taken a little while but finally here it is. I hope it turned out how you imagined it. Personally i’m still unsure of my smut writing but i did my level best for you - Dani. @rebelfleur22

You’ve been hiding out in Bayley’s room for days. It’s not the most mature way to deal with your problems but when have you ever claimed to act like the grown woman you are ? Bayley hasn’t said anything as of yet. Either because you told her you’d had a fight with Seth, which was in a way true, or she was just too nice to pry.  If you were a betting woman you’d put your money on the latter.

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JB Imagine - College AU (Part 2)

A/N - Here’s part two! Apologies for the later upload, just had no time to write these past two days but I hope you enjoy regardless~ Let me know what you think of the series so far too. Also, for any of you reading this that live in the London area of the UK, I hope you’re okay and that neither you nor friends & family were injured in the attack. My heart goes out to you all - stay safe!

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Hours later and here you were getting ready to go out with Jackson, JB and their friends. You hadn’t expected to be doing any of the social stuff so early on in university. But it’d be fun to hang out with Jackson again and meet some of his friends. In fact, you were rather excited to see JB again. The two of you had barely talked yet you were so extremely intrigued by him. He just radiated mystery and exuded such a cool but interesting personality. His apparent flirting also had you interested in him. Tonight would help you figure things out with him and might even earn you a few new friends. It’d be nice to get closer to Jackson again and maybe even crash his friendship circle. Although you weren’t overly excited with the idea of Jackson getting completely wasted. Knowing him, the night would probably end in him throwing it all up somewhere in a gutter while he staggered home. Lovely.

Your phone buzzed as Jackson rang and you picked it up, greeting him cheerfully.
“Hello, miss (Y/N). Ready for me to come pick you up?”
“Yep, all ready, Jackson. You know where my flat is, right?”
“Pretty sure I do. Near the Maths building?”
“That’s the one. I’ll wait for you just outside the block so you don’t have to try and navigate the building.”
“Okay, great. We should be there in about 10 minutes so I’ll see you soon, yeah?”
“See you in a bit, Jackson.” Hanging up the phone, you grabbed some heels to go with your outfit. You hadn’t wanted to dress up too much just in case it was more of a casual outing but you still wanted to look good. Finding a purse to match your clothes, you shouted a goodbye to your flatmates and walked down the stairs towards the front of the building. A car pulled up and Jackson rolled the window down to say hi.
“Look at you! Showing us all up here, (Y/N).”
“Well someone’s got to look good so I took it upon myself to be that someone.”
“I can tell. Now get in and meet everyone.”

Climbing into the car, you were saw Jackson sitting in the passenger seat next to JB, who was driving. In the backseats were two boys you hadn’t seen before. They were all smiles as you sat down and said hi.
“I’m Jinyoung, business student.”
“And I’m Bambam, a photography student.”
“Nice to meet you boys. I’m (Y/N) and an English student.”
“Oh we know all about that, JB couldn’t stop talking about you.”
“You trying to ruin my reputation or something, Bambam? Anyway I only mentioned we had a seminar together earlier.”
“You also said that you were sat next to her and thought she was cute,” Jackson teased, laughing at JB. You giggled and pulled your phone out, getting everyone’s numbers so you could all talk again. By the time you had arrived at the club, excitement filled you and your previous apprehension was gone. Tonight was going to be a fun night.

A couple of hours and a few shots later, the fun really began to start. The 5 of you were all dancing together and laughing over the sound of the music. Jackson was already drunk and going crazy while everyone else was just buzzed. You found yourself chatting with Jinyoung the most, already sensing that you’d made a good friend out of him. He had similar interests to you and the both of you had just clicked right from the minute you got into the car. As you both sang together while dancing to the song in the background, you caught eyes with JB who was stood at the bar getting himself another drink. He was staring at you intently, a look of annoyance on his face. ‘Does he not like me or something?’ You thought to yourself, looking away and focusing on dancing. His expression stayed with you though and you couldn’t forget how angry he had looked. His jaw was tight and his eyes were burning holes. It made you a little uncomfortable but also made you really want to walk over to him and just let everything go. Opting to stay put, you carried on dancing with Jinyoung, Bambam lost in the crowd with some girls who thought he was cute. Tonight you were letting your hair down and having fun with no worries or cares about how much you might regret it in the morning. You didn’t have a lecture until the afternoon so who cares, right?

As the night passed and morning came, you woke up feeling a lot better than expected. The predicted headache was nothing more than a slight throbbing in the back of your head but apart from that, you felt great. Because of how late it was, you had ended up crashing at Jackson and Jinyoung’s flat that they shared with one other guy, Mark who you had met briefly the night before. He’d had dark circles under his eyes and a large mug of coffee in hand when the three of you arrived home, Jackson relying on you and Jinyoung to carry him. Mark had been kind enough to lend you some clothes so you wouldn’t be stuck in your outfit all night. Jackson had apparently told him about you and the two of you had stayed up a bit chatting before he went back to his essay that desperately needed writing. Now it was morning and the flat was silent. Getting up, you crept in the direction of Jackson’s room and softly knocked on the door. The sounds of groaning came from inside and you took that as your cue to go in.
“How are you feeling?”
“Awful. I don’t even want to acknowledge that it’s morning.”
“Wow, that bad? Want me to get you some water and pills?”
“More than anything in this world.”
“Coming right up. I can even nip out and grab you the perfect hangover breakfast too, a huge meal from McDonalds.”
“That sounds good. Get whatever as long as it distracts me from the guilt of drinking so much.”
“Sure thing, Jackson,” you said, leaving his room to see Mark now awake.
“Morning, I’m getting Jackson some hangover food from McDonalds, want anything?”
“Just get me the strongest coffee they sell. I’ll need it if I want to stay awake the whole day.”
“Manage to finish the essay?”
“Yeah, it might have been 3am when I finally typed the last word but it’s done and ready to be printed off for my professor today.”
“Good to hear. Although I will admit you don’t look your best.”
“I don’t feel it either. I won’t feel alive until I’ve got coffee running through my veins.”
“Then I better get going. Could you get Jackson some water and pills? I said I’d do it but since I’m popping out, would you mind?”
“Not a problem. Even though I have no sympathy for his hungover ass.”
“Nice to see you care.”
“I’m a very caring person, as you can tell.”
“I can. Back later.”
“See you,” Mark said as you walked out to get the food.

While you were driving, it gave you time to contemplate JB and his actions the previous night. Ever since you had noticed him staring at you when you were dancing with Jinyoung, you had felt like he hated you. He seemed to be ignoring you and doing everything he could to not talk to you which didn’t bode well considering he was in at least one of your seminars. Possibly more since there wasn’t a huge amount of new English students this year. Sighing to yourself, you decided to just let it be. There was no forcing him to like you. There was just hoping he didn’t hate you THAT much.

Tennessee Whiskey

Originally posted by kareligomleeek

Requested @mckaylaxdirk2000: If you can, can you please make a plus size reader oneshot with Brett…

A/N: This so happened to be one of my favorite teen wolf imagines/oneshots that I’ve written. I’m so glad I was asked to do this, it was certainly an honor. You should definitely listen to this song while reading

Warnings: Smut, unclear timeline, cute reader, curse words, weight shaming

Song Inspiration: Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

I used to spend my nights out in a barroom

Liquor was the only love I’ve known

But you rescued me from reachin’ for the bottom

And brought me back from being too far gone

You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey

You’re as sweet as strawberry wine

You’re as warm as a glass of brandy

And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time

Teen Wolf Masterlist

This was his eighth shot in the last three hours. Most of the bar was cleared out but he was one of the only ones drinking away. The other three guys were finishing up a game of pool. Brett could barely sit on the stool without leaning on the counter. He was falling into a deep pit of depression. His alpha dying made a huge impact. She was the only one who truly cared for him.

Brett was never bathed in his parents’ love. They were too busy worrying about work that he had nannies all his life. The bartender was cleaning the glasses with a rag. She assumed the blond wasn’t leaving until the sun was up. Unfortunately, the bar was closing in five minutes. She maneuvered from behind the counter and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“We’re closing soon, sweetheart”

Brett nodded and threw back his drink.

“One more”

The bartender gave him a sweet smile, “okay, but only one then you have to promise to leave”

He drunkenly rose a pinky and laughed. The three guys paid for their drinks and made their way out. She tidied up the place and gave him his last drink. She took the glass and bottle away so he wouldn’t be tempted to ask for more. Brett slid off the stool and reached in his pockets to place money on the counter. He frantically searched for his wallet but couldn’t find it. His blood began to boil as he grew frustrated. The bartender put her hand on top of his, making him relax.

“It’s okay. I’ll put it on your tab”

“B-But I don’t have money to pay you”

“You’ll pay me back one day. Just promise me you’ll get home safely”

Brett nodded and walked away three steps before walking into a stool the falling head first on the corner of a table.

The Next Day

Soft music flooded Brett’s ears. He remembered drinking and walking out of the bar then darkness. His eyes fluttered opened. He looked around to find himself in a dimly lit room, twinkling lights around the ceiling, a sheer beige curtain and a thick blanket covering his torso. The bed was so soft that it felt like he was sinking in a cloud. It was safe to say that he didn’t know where he was. Brett swung his legs over the edge only to feel fur cushioning his toes. Clearly, this was a girl’s room. He got up and carefully opened the door.

On the other side, was a girl swaying from left to right while over the stove. It was faint but he could hear her voice over the music as she sang.

“If I risk it all, would you break my fall?”

She turned around to catch Brett leaning against the doorframe with his eyes closed.

“Thank goodness you’re alive”

He opened his eyes to look at her. It was the bartender from last night. Aside from the overbearing liquor, she had a nice face—that’s all he could come up with at the moment.

“I figured you might want some food after that nasty fall plus the really bad hangover you must be having right now”

When the blond didn’t respond, she fixed him a plate and turned off the stove.

“You know what? This music is probably too much—”


“Why what?”

“Why did you bring me here?”

“I couldn’t just leave you out on the street,” she nervously chuckled.

“Yes, you could’ve. I deserve it anyway”

The bartender crossed her arms and shook her head.

“Why can’t you just say thank? It’s not that hard. You’re right, I didn’t have to have a nurse check you out or give you a warm bed or offer you a hot meal. Quit being such a dick”

Brett, although he didn’t show it, was stunned by her response. He loved it when people were feisty toward him and didn’t walk around him like he was made of glass. He sniffled and took a seat at the little table. They ate in silence, the music playing in the background.

Two Nights Later

Brett walked into the bar when the sun was out. As usual, he was one of the only ones left. He only ordered dark liquor so it could burn through him. The bartender tonight was way slimmer than the other one and got the attention of a lot of guys in the bar. Y/N was her name. She was also nicer than this one. Brett downed his last drink and tossed the money on the counter. While he walked down the street, he saw someone familiar. Y/N was walking side by side with a guy. A strange feeling of emptiness widened inside of him. She was laughing when she saw Brett.

“Hey there stranger”

“Hi,” he grumpily muttered.

“Samuel this is Brett, Brett this is my trainer, Samuel. We just came back from the gym”

For some reason, Brett felt better knowing that this guy wasn’t her significant other. It’s not like he liked Y/N.

“Nice meeting you Brett. Y/N, see you on Thursday. Today was a good workout, keep up the nice work”

Y/N waved him goodbye then looked at Brett.

“Need a ride home?”

The car ride was silent. Brett stared at the blurry lights passing by. Being a werewolf was tough. He would be drunk for an hour until his liver healed and the intoxicated feeling was gone. That’s why he drank so much. It was a few hours of peace in his mind. His trick was a few drops of pure wolfsbane every four drinks so he could weaken the healing process. Being so caught up in his thought, Brett fell asleep to the sound of Y/N’s soft voice singing along to the radio.

A light shake stirred him awake.

“We’re here”

Brett sat up in the passenger seat and fumbled for the door. Remembering her words, Brett looked to the side, “thanks”

Y/N smiled, “if you ever need me, you know where to find me. I’ll always be there”

He closed the door and walked up to the front door, trying not to take her words to heart. People always say they’ll be there but it’s not true.

Two Weeks Later

That wasn’t the case.

Brett was so trashed that he got into a fight and nearly killed the kid he was fighting. The cops took hold of him and threw him in the backseat of a squad car. His life was officially in shambles. Because he was drunk they set the bail to $800. Brett was too proud to let his parents know about his arrest. He stared up at the little window in the stone wall. It was his third day there when a song came into his head.

“How do I live? How do I breathe? When you’re not here I’m suffocating…the writings on the wall”

He laid his head on the futon of a bed and tried to sleep through the moans and groans of the other jail mates. The next morning, the door buzzed, a key turned into a lock, the metal gate creaked as it slid open.
“Talbot, you’re free to go”

Brett opened his eyes and jumped down from the top bunk.

He was given a fresh pair of clothes. Who would bail him out? His question was answered when he saw her radiant and beautiful skin.

“You didn’t have to do that”

Y/N scoffed and shook her head.

“I know I didn’t. I figured you couldn’t exactly pay me back behind bars”

“Fine, how much money do I—”

“That’s not how you’re going to pay me back”

“Then how?”

“By getting your shit together”

Y/N reached in her drawer and handed him a brochure.

“Honor your promise. I told you I’d always be here for you so now it’s your part of the deal”

Four Months After

Brett had a rocky start but he did his best to go to meetings. He still drank but it wasn’t as much as before. He would occasionally drop by the bar to see Y/N. They didn’t talk much but after she closed shop they would have a glass of wine then part ways. She helped him get a job so he wouldn’t dwell on the next time he could get his hands on the next drink that came his way.

As he predicted, Y/N started dating some guy she met at the gym. His name was Tyler and Brett hated his guts. Every time he was around, he got a bad taste in his mouth. One night when she got stuck working a shift, Brett sat a few stools away, reading a book to calm his mind. Tyler and his friends were being obnoxiously loud and downright rude. Maybe they thought they weren’t being loud but one of them made a nasty comment.

“Yo, you’re dating that?”

“I thought you went for total babes, not cookie dough”

“She’s not even that attractive, maybe a few salads and she could be cute”

Brett homed in on Y/N’s heart. She was angry but she did her absolute best of holding it in.

“Excuse me, miss, may I have olives?”

“I’m sorry, hun. We ran out”

This is what brought the wolf out in Brett.

Tyler had the audacity to laugh with his friend as he said, “they didn’t run out, I bet you she got hungry and ate them all”

Brett hopped off his stool, walking over to the disrespectful bunch with clenched fists.

“I think you assholes need to apologize to my friend here”

“Or what? She knows we’re just joking, calm down guy,” Tyler scoffed.

Brett snatched him by the shirt and dragged him toward the exit. His friends tried to back him up but were held by the regulars playing pool. They too like Y/N and were ready to defend her. Since Brett started talking to them, he was on their good side. The whole bar cheered when the trio was kicked out for good.

The next week on his day off, Brett dropped by her apartment to check up on her. He made his way toward the kitchen with a bag of groceries. He suggested they make dinner and hang out for the night.

“I’ll be back, I need to pee”

Brett zipped up his pants and washed his hands in the sink. It wasn’t until he noticed he had something in his teeth that he opened the medicine cabinet for a toothpick. Inside was a brand new bottle of weight-loss pills. He shook his head and ran his hand through his hair.

After dinner, Y/N got up to wash the plates. Brett pulled out the bottle of pills, giving it a shake.

“What’s this?”

Y/N turned around and reached for the bottle but he pulled them back away from her.

“That’s none of your business”

“You don’t need this shit”

“Yes I do!”

Tears streamed down her smooth face.

“Didn’t you hear the other night? I’m fat”

Brett came up and grasped her face in his hands.

“You don’t need to lose weight, Y/N. You’re already beautiful, why mess that up?”

She pushed him away and said what she thought was the truth.

“Because no one wants to love a fat girl”

The silence between them was unnerving, she wiped her tears and prepared to leave the kitchen when Brett’s hand closed around her wrist. He pulled her in for a long, deserving kiss. He panted slightly as he pulled back to meet her eyes.

“I didn’t think someone would love me but here we are”

“What are you saying?”

“I’d rather show you”

Brett kissed her again but this time, it was intense and passionate. His tongue explored the corners of her mouth in a way that Y/N never experienced. She wasn’t a virgin but she felt like it was her first time. His hand slid past her curves and tightened around her love handles. Y/N let out a moan of appreciation. Brett led her back to the room so she could push her on the bed and worship her body.

He left nothing untouched or kissed. She had an impulse to turn the lights off but Brett insisted on having them on.

“I want to see everything”

He removed the last pieces of clothing on her body and dipped his head in-between her thick thighs. He loved how soft her flesh was. Brett would honestly trade all the skinny girls he ever boned for Y/N. She had this tenderness about her nature. In fact, he generally hated cunnilingus because of the taste but right here, in her deep pool, Brett felt like he could drink her precious nectar forever.

Y/N tasted how sweet she was on his velvety tongue. Now that he was done preparing her body for him, he slid on a condom and eased his way in.

The whole night was filled with the sound of her moans, his satisfaction, and the headboard hitting the wall, pissing off the neighbors.

Two Years and a Half

The dining knife tapped on the glass. Everyone perked up and withdrew from their conversations. It wasn’t huge, maybe a party of one hundred. Brett stood up with a wide smile on his face.

“I want to thank everyone for coming out here on this wonderful day. Three years ago, I was a complete mess. I would waltz into the bar during the day and leave stinking drunk. This beautiful woman that you see next to me, stuck by my side through the bad and the ugly. Surely, as time passed I fell for her and I fell hard. I knew the day she confessed that no one would love a fat girl, I was deeply in love. So, imagine my surprise when my gorgeous queen told me she was pregnant. Not only am I a father, I get to wake up to the woman I love”

Everyone cheered as he pulled Y/N for a kiss. Fireworks went off overhead. He interlaced his arm with hers and they both sipped sparkling apple cider.

Three Months Before

Brett hung his head in shame. He was prepared for Y/N to scream or run away. He didn’t expect her to kiss him with a smile on her face.

“If you can love me for me then this is no different”

“What are you saying?”

“I love you, Brett”

“I love you too”

He attacked her neck and ripped off her shirt, fondling with her chest. Y/N giggled and moaned at the same. That night they made love and would be surprised in the next three months.

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Number 18 for the soulmate AUs please :)

[the one where whenever you get a song stuck in your head, it’s because your soulmate is singing it.]

Of all the insubordinate habits Eleven displayed, by far the most difficult to break was the humming. Like most children, she would improvise and hum little tunes under her breath. That alone would be grounds for discouragement as it was a distraction from her tasks. However, when she started humming songs it would be impossible for her to know, popular songs on the radio and traditional children’s songs, the first assumption was that supervisors were careless and exposing her to them, but increased surveillance proved it false. Perhaps it was a demonstration of a new ability to pick up radio waves. Such a capability could prove useful, yet investigations of local radio stations were inconclusive; the songs she hummed were never being played at the same time. Since they could not control the habit, it had to be terminated.
However, despite their most concentrated efforts, Eleven continued to hum.
They tried rebukes and scolding.
They tried withholding privileges, such as recreational time or mealtimes.
They even tried locking her in the detention room.
Questions could be ignored and silenced. Disobedience could be punished.
But humming?
Naturally, after so many punishments, it was quieter, but not nonexistent. Eleven would only hum when she was completely alone, in her sleeping area or even the detention room.
The punishments continued, for surveillance never left her truly alone. But her humming continued until the day she disappeared.

Mike had always been a singer. He never sang in public, was never in the choir or Glee club at school, and rarely even sang in church. But in moments when he thought he was by himself, he would sing quietly under his breath, usually songs from the radio or, when he was younger, nursery rhymes. But there were other times when Karen would happen to walk in on him singing a new song, one without words. When she’d ask him what it was, he would shrug and say it just came to him. For a while, she’d hoped that meant he was a musician, but piano lessons crashed and burned, guitar lessons lasted barely a month, and the only writing he seemed interested in was writing campaigns, not compositions.
But his singing continued. She’d catch him in little moments, doing his homework, cleaning his room, all the while a song under his breath. She supposed it comforted him. He often came home from school discouraged, but always explained it as just being tired, although she noticed any exhaustion disappeared when the boys arrived for another campaign. She didn’t ask. He needed his space and if music gave him some comfort, she wasn’t going to discourage it.

For a long time, it hadn’t seemed like things would ever go back to normal. Everyone knew it was impossible after everything that had happened over the past two years, but there was still that lingering hope and yearning for calm and comfort. And it came. Eventually. There were days of tears and pain that would never completely leave, but there were also days of peace, where the pain wasn’t quite so sharp. It was on those days that Joyce would notice a faint melody coming from El’s room at the end of the hallway and she’d turn the television or radio down a few notches just to take that breath of relief because today was a good day. It was on these days that Karen would smile quietly to herself as Mike swung downstairs into the basement, another song on his lips, the days of dark circles and sleepless red eyes over.
It was on one of these days that Mike woke up with a song stuck in his head. It happened to everybody from time to time. His grandma used to joke that it meant his soulmate was actually singing it, that they were connected by the beauty of music blah blah blah. He thought it was corny, since most of the time it was just a song from the radio or a crummy commercial jingle. But some days, like today, it was a song he’d never heard before but couldn’t seem to shake. He didn’t know if it was his soulmate (and he couldn’t help how his mind went directly to El on that point) or if he was secretly a musician, like his mom had thought for the first ten years of his life. Either way, it stayed with him all morning, through lunch, and was still repeating in his head when the bell rang for the end of the school day. He raced Lucas home and then kept on riding all the way out to the Byers’, since it was his day to see El. When he got there, Jonathan answered the door.
“Hey Jonathan. Hey Mrs. By-”
“Shh!” she pushed herself up out of her chair just enough to poke her head over the top and wave her hand to quiet them, simultaneously pointing down the hall toward El’s room. Mike strained to hear and when he could finally make it out, he could swear his heart stopped.
She was singing the song.
There weren’t any words, but she was humming it all the same. He felt the familiar warmth of a blush creeping up his neck and ducked his head, faking a cough to hide it.
“Can I go-?” he mouthed, pointing down the hall toward El’s room and after she nodded, he stepped quietly down the hall and poked his head in the doorway. El was sitting cross-legged on her bed, a textbook on one knee and a notebook on the other in which she was calmly penciling in an answer. He was now even more sure that the song she was humming was the one that had been stuck in his head all day and suddenly he wondered if all those other unexplained ones had stuck with him for the same reason. He gently cleared his throat and El looked up.
“Mike!” she said with a smile.
“What were you singing?”
For a millisecond, her smile faltered, a tiny fracture, and she looked down and shrugged.
“It was nice,” he offered, hoping she knew that the lopsided smile on his face was proof that he meant it. She looked back up and the fracture was gone.
He stood awkwardly in the doorway for a moment before he remembered she had no idea what he was thinking and was probably wondering why he was just standing there staring at her. He sat on the foot of her bed and chuckled.
“Okay, so this is going to sound really weird, but that song you were just humming? It’s been stuck in my head all day.”
Mike nodded. “Yeah. It happens a lot,” he shrugged, smiling at her thoughtful expression.
“Me too,” she smiled.
“You too?”
El nodded, a sparkle in her warm brown eyes. “You were singing that song yesterday. It was…” she paused, trying out the expression. “Stuck in my head, too.”
His stomach flipped and he had a crazy thought about telling her what his grandma said. No, he thought, it’s too corny. But the words were already out of his mouth:
“My grandma used to say that’s what happens when people are soulmates.”
He watched El raise her eyebrows and inwardly groaned. The words had come bubbling out, like when someone shook a bottle of soda and took off the lid before the carbonation had settled so that a stream of foam and soda spurted out of the bottle, covering the counter and floor in a wet sticky mess.
“Soulmates?” El repeated.
“Yeah, I know, it- it’s corny,” he said, sighing and running a hand over the back of his neck.
El shook her head, smiling in that heartmeltingly gentle way of hers. “It’s not corny.”
Mike looked down, struggling to keep the smile off his face. “Okay.”
“I like being your soulmate.”
He looked back up and didn’t even try to stop smiling, especially since seeing El’s smile and not smiling was pretty much impossible.
“Me too.”

Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Summary:  Y/N passed away, and Luke can’t cope with the loss of the love of his life.  But there was this saying Y/N would say “The rain will make the flowers grow” from her favorite show Les Miserables.  Luke never got the meaning of it until she was gone.

Requested: no

Warnings: grieving, death, loss, depression

A/N:  I’ve been listening to the Les Miserables soundtrack the past few days and I can not stop listening to “Little Fall of Rain”.  It’s so beautiful and heart breaking, and I just fell in love with the words Eponine would use “The rain will make the flowers grow.”    This is not edited, I apologize! I hope you enjoy.  Requests are open on my blog!  Also feel free to stop by and talk to me if you’d like! :)

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

“The Rain Will Make the Flowers Grow”

Luke’s POV

It has been one year, 3 months, and nine days since the worst day of my life.  I remember getting a call from Y/N’s mother saying she collapsed and died unexpectedly and there was nothing anyone could do.  The hours before getting the phone call had been normal.  Y/N would always wake up before me, shower, prepare breakfast, make coffee, and I would always wake up around the time she was getting ready to leave.  

It was a routine.  I loved that routine.  I would sit down at the counter while she sat across from me and we would eat a quick breakfast together before she had to go.  We would talk about what was happening in the day ahead, and when we would both would get home, what was for dinner that night, you know, that normal stuff.  You never realize how amazing the “normal stuff” can be until it’s gone.  Something so simple as a cup coffee every morning, or little conversations.

She left for classes, and she kissed me before she left.  She texted me after her first class telling me she was heading to the gym then, and that she would meet me for lunch at the café close to campus.  I remember waiting there, and getting an uneasy feeling when she was late.  She was never late.  And then, I got the call.  In the very moment, it felt as if someone had ripped my heart out and stomped on my chest.  I couldn’t breathe,  I couldn’t cry, I was just frozen.

When the funeral came around, everyone kept telling me that time will heal the wounds.  Time has done nothing for me.  I still feel pain, everyday.  I wake up alone, I eat breakfast alone, I am alone all the time.  My whole life has changed.  She was my life.  

As I was cleaning out our apartment I was going through all of her stuff.  My family and hers thought it would be healthy for me to move back home, and not be surrounded by things that will remind me of her everyday.  As I was cleaning out, I was going through all of her old magazine she would read.  I remember she would put mini sticky notes on certain pages.  And that was when I remembered her dream for us.  She wanted us to live in a small, quaint house with a white fence on the outside of it, with a garden.  She loved flowers.

When I told my parents of me planning on buying a house exactly like that, they thought I was crazy.  Maybe I was, but I was determined to find it.  It felt like decades, but I found a house that she would have loved.  I painted the house white, and painted the door red, just like she wanted.  I built a fence on the outside of the house, and painted it white also.

I went to the local stores and showed the workers there the magazine pages with the flowers that she wanted, bought the seeds, and went home and started planting.  I put the seeds in a pattern so that they were in the color order like she wanted them.  Then it was waiting time.  I went out everyday and watered them.  I planted them so they would be in the direction of the sun, but nothing seemed to work, the flowers just wouldn’t grow.

“I was so frustrated, so I came here to relax and talk to you.”  I say to her gravestone.  “You’d love the house.  The kitchen is big enough to bake all the cookies and cupcakes you want.”  I say laughing.  I then start to laugh really hard, so hard, that I begin crying.  I start crying so hard that I can’t stop.  

I sit on the bench with my head in my hands, and just have a long cry.  As my head is down, I feel prickles of rain drops hit my back.  I didn’t even care at that point.  

“I miss you so much.”  I choke out.  “They say time heals, but you have not left my mind since the day I met you.  How can I forget the love of my life?”

“I should stop crying.”  I say rubbing my eyes. “Because we both know that if I am crying, then you are crying, and we don’t want that.”  

I stand up from the bench, and place the flowers on her gravestone, and I drive back to the apartment.  When I am back at the apartment, I play guitar lightly to the sound of the rain outside.  After strumming random chords for about a half an hour, I decide that it’s been a long day and I head off to bed.

When I wake up, I don’t have the feeling of loneliness that I have woken up to feel everyday.  I make a cup of coffee, and eat a proper breakfast, which I haven’t had in a long time.  I turn on a playlist that I made for Y/N a few years ago for her birthday, and decide to eat breakfast outside on the porch, because the sun is shining, and it looks beautiful.  When I step outside, I see the flowers starting to bloom in the garden.  I almost cry with happiness, “Rain will make the flowers grow”  I hear in the background.  That was Y/N’s favorite line of the song.  It always stuck with her, she was the most optimistic person I knew.  I never had understood that line, until today.  

A/N:  I know this is short, but I just thought of it and thought I’d post it, it may not be my best work, but I just liked the idea, and thought to just get it down.  Requests are open on my blog!

Breakfast Special

Summary: Reader reminisces on their first meeting with Negan and everything that happened after that as Negan makes breakfast for a special occasion.

Pairing: Negan x Male Reader

Words: 3003

Warnings: nsfw, swearing, implied smut, slight violence, mentions of blood

Author’s Note: this is for Ash’s third round of Negan writing challenges but it is my first fic being published onto this site. i’m completely comfortable with male on male but I usually do roleplay, not fanfic writing so I hope it’s at least somewhat enjoyable to you!! I ended it where there could be a part two so let me know if you want that, I may write it anyway; I’m not sure. Part two would be mostly smut based, just a warning. ;) let me know what you think and if anyone is interested in being a beta for future fics, please message me because I really need one!! big thank you to @swinging-with-negan and @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff for keeping me on my shit so I could get this done and huge thanks to @pan-and-proud-writes for beta reading this and helping me out with my mistakes!! Enjoy! :)

Playlist: musical inspiration for writing this fic & good songs for you to listen to while reading it ;)
Gangsta - Kehlani
Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran
Don’t Leave - Snakehips & MØ

Tags: @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @negans-network @jdms-network @neganscorner

You wake up just as the sun starts to shine through the curtains, a small groan leaving your lips as you stretch across the bed, noticing the absence of your husband as your hand moves across the empty sheets next to you. Suddenly, your hand hits a rough piece of paper and you pick it up, a grin spreading across your face as you read the sprawled-out words that looked like they were written quickly. Come eat with me. Not many people knew how kind the man could be; he preferred it that way so he could have more power. You didn’t mind either way; you had seen him at his best and at his worst and you still stuck by him. Standing from the bed slowly, you slipped on the pair of bright neon pink boxers that Simon had brought back from a run as a joke but had happened to be the most comfortable pair of boxers you owned. Grabbing a plain white t-shirt from the floor, you slipped it over your head and pushed your hands through your hair, smoothing it down slightly. As soon as you exited the bedroom, the aroma of eggs and bacon filled your nostrils and you practically ran down the steps and into the kitchen, almost bumping into the man you called your husband. His laughed echoed through the room and he wrapped his arms around your waist, a grin pulling at his lips; the same grin that made you fall for him to begin with. “Well good morning to you too, peaches.” He teased, knowing how much you despised that nickname, even though it had begun to grow on you. “Good morning, Negan.” You greeted him quietly, pressing a small kiss to his lips before pulling back and wrapping your arms around his neck.

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Just Another Day in Paradise

PAIRING: Phan (Phil / Dan)
GENRE: fluff
WARNINGS: pre-smut, mentions of sex, but no sex, cute parent!phan stuffs, mpreg 
SUMMARY: songfic based off of Just Another Day in Paradise by Phil Vassar
AUTHORS NOTE: I thought dan and phil having their own kids instead of adoption would be cool. Also yes this is a country song.


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dachi-chan25  asked:

Hi! Fellow Bughead shipper here, is it okay to send a quote as a prompt?? If So here's my prompt “And she finds it difficult to believe — that a person would love her even when she isn’t trying. Trying to figure out what other people need, trying to be worthy.”— Margaret Atwood (OMG Bughead is taking over my life too!!!)

Yes! Thank you! Oh my god this ship is too much for me, and there’s only been two episodes! This quote is perfect, I sort of turned this into a situation where Betty is doing everything for everyone else other than herself and Jughead is the only one who notices.

Also, I am apparently incapable of writing anything short…so here it is!

“Hey Betty” Jughead greeted her as she walked past his locker. Betty paused just long enough to throw him a brilliant smile over her shoulder.

“Hey Juggie! Sorry I’ve got to go, I promised Archie that I’d listen to his new song before school.” She was already halfway down the hall before she had finished speaking. Jughead smiled to himself and shook his head, that girl was always moving, always doing things for others. Jughead wondered if she ever did anything for herself.

Jughead made his way to the table where Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin were sitting for lunch. He plopped down next to Archie who looked up from his guitar and gave Jughead a smile.

“Sounds good man” Jughead said, returning the smile.

“Thanks, Betty gave me some really good advice about the lyrics this morning.” Archie smiled and turned back to his guitar. Jughead shifted his attention to Betty. She and Veronica were sitting with their heads bent over a history textbook. Betty seemed to be explaining something to Veronica.

“What are you two up to?” Jughead asked

“Betty’s helping me review for this history test I have last period. I was freaking out about it and she offered to help me. Thank god I have this girl in my life.”

“It’s no problem really.” Betty said blushing “I’m good at history”. The two went back to their studying and Jughead dug into his food. When the period ended, Betty and Veronica were the first ones to leave. Jughead noticed that Betty had barely touched her food, she had been so dedicated to reviewing with Ronnie.

“Hey, Betts, you wanna go to Pop’s? Get a couple burgers and shakes?” Jughead asked when he caught up to Betty after school. He figured she must be hungry since she had nothing to eat at lunch.

“Oh, Jughead I wish I could. Kevin just texted me, he is having difficulty figuring out what is going on with Moose so I said I’d come over and talk it out with him. But rain check okay?” Betty sqeezed his arm and started to walk away, but Jughead caught up to her and hooked her arm in his.

“Let me walk you there” He said, he wanted time to talk about Betty. He was worried about her. He was worried that she was doing too much for everyone else and not enough for her.

“Jughead that’s so sweet of you. You don’t need to do that.” Betty said, but made no attempt to remove her arm from his as they walked.

“Oh it’s purely selfish. There is a killer on the lose and I want you to protect me.” Jughead said with a smile and was rewarded by her laugh. “Betty, can I ask you something?”

“Of course Juggie.”

“What do you like to do for fun. I mean what do you enjoying doing for yourself?” Jughead mentally kicked himself for his lack of tact. Betty stopped walking to look up at him.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you are always doing things for other people. What do you do for yourself?”

“I joined cheerleading…” Betty said and resumed walking

“Anything else?” Jughead’s question was met by silence. He didn’t want to push her, so he questioned no further. When they reached Kevin’s house Betty turned to face him.

“I like helping my friends. I enjoy being there for them. That is what I do for myself.”

“Okay Betty” Jughead said with a nod. Betty leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks for walking with me”

It was late. Jughead was just about to pack it in and head home when the door of Pop’s burst open. A very upset Betty stormed in and made her way over to Jughead. She sat across from him and leaned back, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Jughead knew she would talk when she wanted to, so he went back to writing, or at least pretended to.

“You’re right” Betty huffed, breaking the silence

“I’m right about a great many things, you’re going to have to be a bit more specific.” Jughead closed his laptop and looked curiously at Betty.

“I am a people pleaser, I always have been. I enjoy helping people, I really do, but sometimes I end up bending over backward trying to help them. I guess I’m just afraid that if I stop being so nice all the time then…” Betty cut off, biting her lip.

“You’re afraid that if you put yourself first every once in a while than people will stop liking you?” Jughead guessed, raising his eyebrows. 

“It sounds silly when you say it, especially since you could give a damn about what people think of you.” Betty’s voice was light, showing him that she was kidding, but there was a hint of jealousy that was real.

“What happened?”

“My mom, she doesn’t like my friends, she doesn’t like my extracurriculars, I can’t seem to do anything right. What you said to me earlier today stuck in my head and I realized that I’ve been trying so hard to please her, but nothing ever does. So maybe I should just focus on what pleases me.” Betty spoke the words firmly, but there was a fear in her eyes.

“I think you should”

“But what if she never forgives me. Or what if Archie or Veronica or Kevin get mad at me for not helping them? I can’t stand for them to be upset with me.” Betty’s green eyes filled with tears.

“Hey, hey, none of that now.” Jughead said alarmed. “Look, the people who really care about you, they aren’t going to mind if you take some time to yourself. They won’t blame you, they won’t be mad at you, they will keep on loving you. Look at me, I have never once asked you for anything, because I don’t need you helping me or always putting me first for me to love you. Archie and Veronica and everyone else will feel the same way.”

“Juggie…” Betty was looking at him intently

“I’m serious Betts, you don’t need to bend over backward for people to love you.”

“Jughead…did you just say that you love me?” Betty asked with wide eyes

“I did, and I do Betty, I love you just the way you are. And so does everyone else.”

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