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New MM Blogs..? HELL YES!!<3 SO EXCITED! Hope everything goes well.~ Onto the Ask, How would the RFA+Searan+V(Sorry if that's a lot of people....) React to Finding out MC Is Like a Super Tall, Gorgeous, Curvy Model?~ Thanks!!=^v^=


  • Can you say “Power Couple”????
  • Because the two of you will really be unstoppable
  • For real though, when you first meet him on day 7 he thinks you’re someone from the agency
  • Nearly faints when you reveal yourself as MC
  • “No way… MC? From the chatroom??”
  • He ascends to another plane lowkey; he’s met an angel and he wants you to believe it
  • Does kinda get insecure around you sometimes but for the most part he just loves loving you
  • and so many couple photoshoots omg


  • Oh no, he’s super insecure around you
  • Seriously, constant feelings of inadequacy
  • Especially since he’s an inch or two shorter than you, more when you wear heels
  • He’s nervous when you take him to one of your photoshoots
  • All these people are so gorgeous, how could he possibly measure up??
  • You quickly put that to rest when you kiss him hard in front of everyone
  • He’s shook but he’s proud to be yours


  • He’s used to being around beautiful women, and he’s prone to ignoring them
  • So it’s not your beauty that catches his eye
  • But once he falls in love with you as a person, he can’t ever stop admiring you
  • You’re not trashy or artificial like those other women- you have this natural beauty
  • And although he can’t blame others for wanting to capture your beauty
  • He does get jealous
  • HELLA jealous


  • More than anything she’s blown away by the combination of your femininity and confidence
  • Being Jumin’s assistant taught her to suppress a lot of that and she really admires it in you
  • She’s never been one to ogle at “sexy” women in public
  • But your body is like art to her
  • Art that rivals even Zen’s
  • And as far as your business goes, she makes sure to protect your career as fiercely as she does with Zen’s
  • She’s your #1 fan now


  • Your SNS profile gave him a nosebleed
  • Like with so many other things, Seven has internet stalked you to hell and back
  • And he is counting down the days until he can meet you in person
  • He can’t concentrate on his work, trying to imagine how much of those pictures were photoshopped and how much was natural
  • So when he does meet you, OH BOY
  • Is even that 쌍꺼풀 real???
  • Admires you from afar though, just because of the circumstances of your meeting


  • He doesn’t really have a standard for traditional beauty
  • But even he can see that you’re drop-dead gorgeous
  • This man’s emotions are very complicated and so are his feelings towards you
  • On the one hand he wants to indulge in you and your beauty
  • And fuck your brains out
  • But on the other hand he feels very strongly that he doesn’t deserve you
  • The result is that he spoils you senseless


  • To him, you are a piece of fine art and you need to be treated that way
  • Holy shit does he treat you like a princess
  • He’s got the dough so he uses it you buy you nice things
  • And, of course, he is always always asking to take pictures of you
  • You’re by far his favorite model
  • And he always goes with you to other photoshoots
  • He likes chatting it up with the other photographers- a lot of them are even his friends
  • All in all a perfect couple

So I was looking through my Joon pics and I found these and they reminded me of your blog and idk I thought I’d just share because these pics are gorgeous

//ADding this to here too becau se fuck he is gorgeous LI STE N IM SO WEAK FOR THIS PHOTOSHOOT U DON T GET IT

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If you're still taking prompts I would die for a continuation of your NSFW photo shoot fic. Maybe we could see them after the article is released/dealing with being a Thing now?

Patater Photoshoot part 2

The magazine was released one month after the photoshoot. Similar to when Kent and later Alexei came out as gay and bisexual, the public seems to be in shock. The pictures went viral overnight, the most popular being the one where Alexei is holding Kent up against a wall, followed by the photo where Alexei has his hands on Kent’s ass.

Kent really hoped his mom wouldn’t see the pictures. Unfortunately at exactly 10:00 the following morning, he received an email from her. He was expecting something about her complaining about the explicit pictures of him with another man and how inappropriate it all is. Instead she wrote a short lettter:

Hi Kenny,

I saw you on the news today, your pictures are very popular! Now who on earth is the handsome man posing in them with you? I read the article, all about you and your chemistry with him. Tater? Is that his real name? Anyways I expect a phone call from you soon. And bring him over for dinner.

From your favourite mommy ❤️

Kent sighed in relief, at least she doesn’t seem to care that most of the photos looked like Alexei was fucking Kent’s brains out.

Things with Alexei have been interesting since. They tried going out for dinner to celebrate the article’s success, but as they were eating they were bombarded by hockey fans. Instead they ended up in Kent’s apartment with Chinese takeout. Alexei actually spends a lot of time in Kent’s apartment, cherishing his time off before they both have to get back to waking up early to proactive hockey. It’s all very… domestic.

Kent was expecting a lot of sex.

He expected wrong. Other than the photoshoot, they haven’t even kissed. He’s even hinted at it, but Alexei doesn’t seem to want to have any sort of romance with him. It fucking sucks for Kent. He kind of feels lead on too. Why would Alexei get him off at the photoshoot and then spend so much time with him if he just wants to be friends?

The answer hit Kent while he was putting dishes away. And by hit, I mean really hit. Alexei is using him for publicity! Why else would he stick around?! The realization causes his chest to tighten with pain and he drops the plate to the ground. Because of course Kent fell hard for Alexei, and of course Alexei is just using him. Kent doesn’t get happy endings.

Alexei entered the kitchen when he heard the plate shatter on the floor.
“What Happen, kitten?“ He asks, big brown eyes blinking curiously. “Don’t call me that!” Kent gasps, taking a step back from the man. “Be careful where you are step!“ Alexei exclaims, as Kent’s foot narrowly missed a sharp piece of the ceramic plate. Kent doesn’t seem to hear him. “I think you should go,” he hissed back. Alexei blinks down at him in confusion. “I’m do something bad?“ Gosh, his cute face is so fucking innocent and sweet. “Yes! I like you, very very much but it’s obvious you don’t feel the same. You’ve been staying with me for weeks now and honestly I thought maybe you were into me too but obviously I was wrong, so I just think you should leave.” Alexei looks dumbfounded. “But I am liking you,“ he says. “You very pretty and funny and I’m like your weird love of cell biographies!”

“Cell biology, Alexei. Not biography,“ Kent corrects him. It wasn’t a word Alexei was familiar with until Kent.
“Please, get your things and go.” Kent steps over the broken plate and heads to the living room. “What happen?! We are happy and okay and then next minute you mad at me! I’m not do anything! I am liking you!“ Alexei exclaims, eyes wide and his hands were shaking slightly. Kent has never seen him upset before, but he doesn’t like it.
“Exactly, Mashkov. You didn’t do anything. You say you like me but you haven’t kissed me, you haven’t even held my hand since that fucking photoshoot. You’re just using me for the publicity.” Kent sits down on the couch, reaching for Kit, who hops off and runs to attack Alexei’s feet. The Russian sighs and picks up the kitten, kissing her head gently. Kit purrs loudly and Alexei holds her in his arms like a baby.
“Why you call me Mashkov now? I’m Alexei and you my princess.“ He puts the cat down and sits beside Kent, who is struggling to keep tears in.
“Kenny… I’m not kiss you because I’m scared you are not wanting,” he explains. Kent scoffs. “Dude, you’re YOU of course I wanted you to kiss me.“ Alexei just nods, leaning back against the couch as sighing.

“I legit let you jerk me off at a photoshoot, why would I not want you to kiss me?” Alexei shrugs. “I forced myself on you. Not wanting you do things don’t want,“ he explains sadly. Kent rolls his eyes and moves to cuddle up against the larger man. “Lexi, I want everything from you. Like there’s literally nothing sexual you could do to me that I wouldn’t want. Just saying.”

Alexei’s arms fasten around his waist. “Whatever you are wanting, just ask me and I’m give to you,“ he says, running fingers through Kent’s hair. The smaller man smiles, kissing Alexei on the cheek softly. “Well I wouldn’t mind cuddling for awhile,” he says quietly. Tater grins before hugging him tighter.

* * *

The managers for the Aces were slightly disappointed with the photoshoot. A lot of the middle aged male fans stopped buying tickets, merchandise etc. because somehow pictures of Kent looking like he’s being fucked made them uncomfortable. Somehow. The staff quickly quickly got over it though when thousands of teens and adults who use the app “Tumblr" began investing in the aces. Something about a problematic blond and a gorgeous Russian being an “OTP", whatever that means.

The media was supportive of the photoshoot which was nice. Kent’s team was cool with it too, though the chirping never ends. Every practice in the changerooms, Kent receives half a dozen chirps about Mashkov. Alexei is in the same situation, but he doesn’t mind. He just grins proudly every time because, “Haha I’m fuck pretty captain and you have left hand. Haha.“


Hey guys!!  Just a simple look book because… I’m kind of active again! :D

Look 1: The shy sexy Schoolgirl

Shirt / Skirt / Stockings / Shoes / Earrings are base game

Look 2: The Classic Diva

Shirt / Pants/ Hat @erschsims / Chanel Bangle / Shoes

Look 3: The Retro Chic

Shirt / leggings (with personal pattern) / Shoes / Purse

Look 4: The Free Bird

Shirt / Skirt / Bracelets / Gorgeous ethnic pattern HERE


Happy Birthday to my gorgeous, dumb, stunning, and evil baby deer!

Thank you, Yoona. Thank you for ruining my life just by breathing, and making me breathless with just a flip of your hair. Thank you for blinking, because there is nobody that has perfected the art of blinking like you have. And thank you for tearing my soul apart with each photoshoot and making me want to rip out my heart with every laugh and fuck you so much because when you dance I feel like my insides are melting and I hate that you believe that you aren’t as amazing as I think you are, and yet you constantly work hard and never give up and always try your best at everything. I love you for motivating me to work harder and be a better person when all I want to do is be a lazy asshole. I love you for being such an inspiration and doing so much to help those that don’t have a nice life. Thank you so much for making me laugh when I want to cry with your wit and humor and stupid impressions and I really don’t know how I’ve made it through another year of your flawless existence, but I’m glad I have.

SEVENTEEN’s reaction to seeing their girlfriend standing close to them, half naked, for a photoshoot.

This request took me ages, ahhhhh! I’m so sorry haha.
It was fun to do though and I really hope you enjoy it! <3


DK would first be a bit shocked, his jaw hitting the floor and then he’d be all big eyes at you for a while. Though then he’d play innocent, and discreetly when there was a break, he would take his arm around your waist or maybe even put his hand on your bum if he felt brave enough at that moment. 
You’re Jeonghan.

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Dino would first be all blushy face, not being prepared for this at all. But then he’d just try not to start grinning like a fool. He wouldn’t really want anyone to look at you while looking so bare. He would do good for the photoshoot and he would be able to keep a straight face for it, but afterwards he would be all giddy. Not being sure how to act and he’d probably mutter a bit too loudly under his breath ‘damn, she’s so sexy’ and when you look at him, he’d blush a bit before just saying that he thinks you look sexy in a confident voice. 

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Hoshi would be all trying to be flirty at first, simply because you were wearing quite the flirty look. Though he definitely wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face and he would start laughing. He just wouldn’t know what to do with himself, which would just make him a bit awkward and make him laugh a bit too much. He would barely be able to to keep a straight face for the photoshoot, so the photographer would probably be rolling his eyes behind the camera. 

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Jeonghan would keep his distance a bit, out of politeness mainly, but he would also give you these intense looks - making sure you knew he enjoyed what he was seeing. If someone notices his looks though, he may get a bit flustered for a moment, since those were only for you. He would get through the photoshoot flawlessly though, but he would feel a bit nervous about how the photos will turn out. Especially since a part of him wouldn’t want the whole to see you looking like that, but he’d remind himself that he was the one being able to see that in real life more often…

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Joshua would be very polite, in general not touching you without asking if it was okay. He would seem like he didn’t think too much of it, until you look into his eyes. He would just show everything with his eyes and it would be intense, but more as a way that he just finds you so utterly beautiful. After the photoshoot he would tell you, in a soft voice, “You are so beautiful.” He would just feel blessed to have you as his.

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Jun would try to keep his cool and for those who don’t know him, he would seem like he just didn’t bother about it. But for those who know him, they’d see that look in his eyes and that little smirk that would come every now and again. Jun would be surprisingly comfortable with this situation if you’d been together for a while.

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Mingyu would feel sort of embarrassed because he would want to look at you but at the same time, it’s a photoshoot and it’s work and he just doesn’t know how to feel. He’d be acting all flustered in between the shots, not really being sure if he can actually put an arm around you or not. He would stutter out a compliment though, about how utterly gorgeous you look.

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S.coups really wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of you. Even when people start talking to him, at first he’d still be looking at you until he got to his senses and realised he’s actually still working. He wouldn’t be nervous really, he’d just feel smug to have such a gorgeous human being as his girlfriend.

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Seungkwan would be so nervous. He would try to pose but would accidentally erupt into random giggles out of nervousness. He’d be so annoyed with himself that he’d try to get his mind out of the gutter under control. He wouldn’t mind you wearing such little clothes for the photoshoot, as long as you felt comfortable doing it. 

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THE8 would be strangely happy doing this photoshoot with you. He would enjoy seeing you looking sexy and he’d almost constantly have a bit of a smile or a smirk on his face. A part of him would feel proud because of the fact his girlfriend is so gorgeous and he would feel smug that people would wish they had someone as gorgeous as you as their girlfriend. 

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Vernon can generally be a bit awkward, but since he is working I think he would be able to keep a straight face and keep it really professional. Maybe more than usual since seeing you like that, not at home but somewhere entirely different, would make him super nervous. He’d be pretty good to hide it though during the shoot, but afterwards he would have so much excess energy he would have to run around for a while or something to calm down.

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Wonwoo would be a bit giddy at first, feeling sort of nervous. The first thing he did when seeing you would be to give you a compliment. Then he’d be giggling a bit, trying not to act too nervous. Though once the photoshoot gets going the giddyness would be turned off in a heartbeat and boom - sexy Wonwoo comes out.

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Woozi is ambitious and very professional with work, so he wouldn’t have any problem with the photoshoot. He’d love to see you looking sexy of course, letting you know he likes the look but then he would simply act professional at the photoshoot. He would send you some cheeky smirks maybe but otherwise, he would simply silently enjoy the view of you and make the best of the photoshoot.

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The Right Moment ~A Joshifer One-Shot~

A/N: Well hello hello! Are you all dead yet from today? Because I know I certainly am! I’ve had this one-shot in the works for a while, but between periods of low motivation and working on TWAAL, I never had the opportunity to finish it. I actually got the inspiration forever ago after talking about Josh’s tattoo, and unfortunately it was left to sit for a bit.

But thanks to all the lovely footage we received yesterday and today, my brain fired up the writing train again, and I managed to actually finish this fluffy Joshifer story! I hope you all enjoy it.

I want to thank hijackedjabberjayy and jenniferandjoshua for cheering me on, and I also want to dedicate this story to catching-dandelions, to put a smile on her face. Hopefully lol!

Now then. I’ll stop rambling on as usual.

And without further adoooo…

The Right Moment

A long, content breath trickles from my mouth, my lips pursing slightly from the exhalation. My body practically melts into the couch beneath me, my eyelids drooping lazily and my limbs sagging at my sides.

Because finally, I don’t have anything to fret over for once in my life.

I’m not shooting a movie, the frantic pace of shooting and keeping up with schedules looming over my head.

I’m not due to travel for a project any time soon.

I’m not being pressured into photoshoots or interviews.

It’s simply me and whatever I choose to do with my days.

Which is honestly just what the doctor ordered, because I’ve chosen to center every breathing moment around my beautiful girlfriend.

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Recap of our meeting with Daniel Sharman at TFMIC.

The Full Moon Is Coming (Day 1 - 10/05/14)

So we’ll start to say that we were really nervous, and we entered in the room and sat right in front of him (while him looking at us, RIGHT IN THE FEELS, we can assure you), never had talked to him before (because our autograph and photoshoot with him were the next day), so it was really intimidating but gosh we are still fangirling about it !

He was quite a bit nervous too, he wanted to start by asking each of us our names and what we’re doing in life. Just earing Sharman repeat your french name with his gorgeous accent, and looking at you in your eyes is mindblowing ! I (Elodie) said that I was a graphic designer and he said “Cool ! What kind of design ?” but I wasn’t ready for any question and just babbled a little bit. So he talked a little bit to everyone about our work/occupation/passion, it was very lovely of him and we were really touched about what he did.

After that, no one dared to speak to him so I just lost it and asked him the first question. I asked him if he could talk a little bit about Isaac’s mother to us, because we don’t know anything about her. He hesitated, so I said “If you know !”, then he laughed and said “No I know !”. So he answered that he imagined a lot of things in his head. He said that Isaac has a very difficult history, that he’s really an orphan. According to him, the Laheys are a military family (the father, the brother…), so Isaac has a very harsh and rigid background. Daniel said that he talked about this with Jeff Davis, and apparently Jeff was at some point looking for someone to cast to be Isaac’s mother, but finally didn’t. Daniel was very pleased about that because he said he imagined that the mother, with all the weight and rigidity of this family, actually killed herself when Isaac was young. So Daniel said that’s why Isaac is attached and literally adopted by Melissa and Scott. I jumped and said “Yeah but he didn’t say goodbye in the end of Season 3…”. Daniel looked a bit sad and yes, said it was sad that we didn’t have the chance to see that… But he joked about the fact we (the French fans) shouldn’t be too sad because Isaac is supposed to be in France right now !

To go back on the story of Isaac’s mother, Daniel said that it’s quite a traumatizing story for Isaac, and maybe it explains why Isaac has some problems in his relationships with women (and self confidence). He said that all of this harsh background, it has a impact on his relationships, saying exactly that “Isaac knows it’s wrong but wants to do it… Just like for example with Allison”, how Isaac doesn’t always know the very thin line in the best friends feelings, but it actually gets a bit confusing right now to remember all the very interesting things he said about that.

Someone asked him to talk about The Originals. He said that he just started to shoot last week, but it was just for fun like “Hi ! I’m here”, but next week, he has a very long week with a lot of work. He said that he was happy to work again with Joseph Morgan, and Phoebe Tonkin (that he knows from L.A.) because they are friends and it’s always agreeable to work with people you appreciate. He said that he really likes to play something different, which is the case with this new character.

Someone asked him “What’s your favourite music/band/song ?”. He said that he loves american folk music. His favourite song is one of Bob Dylan.

Then, I said that I was a huge fan of The Fall, so could he talk about how it was to work with Tarsem. He said that Tarsem was a genius, agreed with me when I said that he’s so talented “visually speaking”. He talked about how much he loved all the Tarsem movies, like The Fall and The Cell, and he was so pleased to work with such an artist, who cares about every tiny detail, like the costumes or the sets. I said that The Fall was particulary amazing because Tarsem shooted in over 18 countries, and Daniel agreed, insisted on how far Tarsem goes for his movies and his vision, like “to move all a crew in 18 countries, and when he lost the production of the Fall, he chose to produce himself the movie half through it, it’s incredible”. He salutes the obsession of Tarsem to details, talking about the amazing costume, like his own in the Immortals and talked about the costume designer, Eiko, a 70 years old lady that died recently and he was sad about it. He said he was really proud to have worked with Tarsem, talked about how a really private person Tarsem is. He mentioned a road trip to Las Vegas that he made with him in a car. He made two cute and hilarious imitations of Tarsem with his accent and the arms, which was hilarious but quite true ^^. So yeah, he said that Tarsem was a private person, a genius, but really “BANANAS !”. During a panel, someone asked how did he train for The Immortals, he said that there were a lot of trainings with all the cast, lots of testosterone. He repeated that he is still very friends with some of the cast, and that Tarsem was a genius.

When someone asked him if he could speak French, he answered No, even if he lived 4 months in France a few years ago. He spent his time in Bordeaux aka “in the middle of nowhere” and he was so bored because all his friends were having fun in Paris. He also told us a very funny story about Disneyland, at this point everyone in the room was laughing.

To the question “What’s your favourite character on Teen Wolf ?”, he said that he liked some crazy yet interesting characters. He really loved Oliver, Stiles’s friend in the Echo House episode, and he also LOOOVED the other banshee, Meredith, saying that the actress was so cool and incredible. He said also that we will see more of Meredith in season 4.

I asked him “If he was planning to make others movies”, he said that he did a lot of acting on stage a few years ago, and shooting/acting in front of a camera is a very different thing and he still has to grow on that. But he said that he would like to make something in England/London.

I asked him “What was your favourite thing to shoot in all the 3 series ?”, he said that he particulary liked the closet scene in 3x04. He said while laughing at the same time that he hurt himself at the hand because he punched too hard on the door, said that the crew replaced the door by a bigger one that hurt even more. He also talked about shooting the 3x03 car scene with Tyler Hoechlin in the middle of the night. He said they started improvising for like 25 minutes, it was just crazy and babbling.

Our friend asked him “What female character would you have loved to play ?” and he said the other banshee, Meredith, because she’s awesome.

To the question “What was his favourite role in all his career ?”, he talked about when he played a soldier from Afghanistan, with some trauma, which was very interesting.

He said that he hopes we will like the next season, even if he’s not in it (he said that by fake crying with his head on the table).

When the meeting finished, he said that we were all so lovely (he even said “so fucking lovely”), he wanted each of us to draw something on a board in the room, but there wasn’t enough time. So I jumped on the occasion to say that he should draw something because his drawings are amazing and he’s such a great drawer. He smiled and said that he can’t because it takes him a lot of time to draw something. He’s a little shy about it, but he did show us the paper on which he drew many scratches during the entire meeting.

There are so many memories and details in our heads about this epic meeting, but this recap is what we wanted to share with you. Anyway he was very lovely. Even if I (Elodie) asked most of the questions, he didn’t talk just to me but included everybody, looking at each person, trying to make everyone feel comfortable and calling us by our names. And when he looks at you in the eye, you just stop breathing.

Feel free to use our Ask Box if you have some more questions ! If you want to share this, reblog of course and/or link us !

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What are your favorite MJ hairstyles and why? :D

LONG POST (I guess)

*cracks knuckles* Alright here we go:


Because of my MASSIVE love for Remember The Time and because he looks so gorgeous in it. Hair was laid by the gods tbh. And did I mention he looks so GOOD in it? It’s so silky, bouncy and shiny I just want to touch it one good time *__* Seriously the only reason I watch Whatzupwitu is because of how good he looks, hairstyle included (and while we’re on the subject, how he looked in Whatzupwithu is my FAVORITE Dangerous era look of all time!)


afsgdhfgjgjgkhl. I LOVE THIS HAIRSTYLE because he looks incredibly sexy! ALL of In The Closet is mouthwatering for me (on another level tbh) and this hairstyle (along with the rest of the video) drives me insane. I just love the side-burns, baby hairs and everything! Just like the RTT one, it looks so silky and smooth except it’s slicked back! And MJ with slicked-back hair is a gift from above, I mean really. I will fight someone about this hairstyle and about In The Closet in general

DEFLATED, 1978-79 FRO!

I know some fans who find this fro to be atrocious and flat but for some reason I LOVE it! I dunno man, I just really, really love this fro. I love it more than I love his huge Jackson’s era fro (fight me lmao). He’s so pretty with this fro *____*


This hairstyle is legendary, man. Just Legendary. Bad will always hold a special place in my heart (and just so happens to be my favorite MJ video of all time) so of course I love it. I just think there’s something so bad ass about it, really. And I love everything about the video anyway so of course I love the hairstyle. He looks very handsome


I love how soft and fluffy it looks! And I bet it was bouncy too! And if you notice, I seem to have more of a love for MJ’s wavy, light and bouncy afros than I do for his normal, perfectly picked out ones ^_^ which brings me to…


Half of it is straight/wavy, the other half is wavy/fluffy and you know what? I love, love, LOVE it. I told you I have an immense love for all his unpicked out ‘fros (and I heard a rumor that his perfectly picked out ‘fros weren’t all his hair or something but I don’t know the validity of that lol. Maybe the difference is those were picked out and these weren’t)


I really don’t even know how to explain how much I fucking love this hairstyle without going insane. It’s like his Bad Tour mullet but longer, curlier and stringier. I find this hairstyle to be so, so sexy on him and I just..I don’t even know, man. He looks like a LITERAL pretty boy; the type of dudes I trip over my own feet for lol. Pretty boys (like MJ) are a serious weakness for me, especially if they have long hair (and do you see that damn chain on his neck? ahsjhjggl). And that brings me to my next fave hairstyle


I love it because he looks so. damn. BEAUTIFUL *__* I mean look at him though. He looks like the definition of a Pretty Boy…the definition of a PRINCE…A PRINCE I’d like to marry lmfao! (I’m getting in my feels about this hairstyle, sorry lmao)


How I feel about this one is the same way I feel about the previous one, tbh. Only difference is some of his curls are parted to the side. He looks so gorgeous. Also I’d like to add that I adore this hairstyle straight too (as seen in some parts of Black or White)


How I felt about the dangerous tour mullet is pretty much how I feel about this mullet lol. It’s such a noticeable hairstyle from the bad era and the Bad Tour is my favorite tour of his so yeah. This hairstyle is heaven. And whenever he does the HEAD ROLL

in this hairstyle, I seriously lose my shit! (See the video for “Another Part of Me” and you’ll know see it drives me mad)


This is my favorite MJ photoshoot ever. Like seriously. I love it so much that I put it above In The Closet *gasp* lmao. He looked like a sexy, sensual angel in this entire photoshoot, I don’t even care what anyone else says. And the fact that his curls were long and not held into a ponytail makes me love it anymore. It drives me crazy *___*

THRILLER CURLS (specifically the style he had during the Bonnie Schiffman shoot)

He just looked really cute and pretty with this hairstyle *___* It’s perfect. The most perfect curls for that entire era

STRAIGHT-N-SHORT HAIR (Invincible era)

Man, let me tell you about this hairstyle…Every time I see it, I laugh. Not because he looks bad (he looks gorgeous) But because it reminds me of my FAVORITE Invincible era thing: The Avram court case. I love the shit out of that and there’s not even video footage of it. His facial expressions are priceless and he looks like he wasn’t taking anything or anyone seriously. Also his makeup was ON POINT and no one can tell me otherwise. So when other fans have You Rock My World or the 30th Anniversary Concert as their fave thing from that era, THIS is my favorite thing. This and the Bambi Awards (*praises god for both*). So yeah I just really love this hairstyle.


This one-of-a-kind gem that is yet another gift from above is just so ridiculously perfect. I ADORE Blood on the Dance Floor (the song and the video..but MOSTLY the video) and this hair style was one of Michael’s best, though he only rocked it once. He looked like a sex god…a pimp…he looked so handsome and gorgeous okay?? The suit was divine and so was that braid

I know this post was long but I can’t help it. And you did ask why so…there you go LOL! These are my favorite MJ styles. And I think I love his ITC and RTT hairstyles the most *__*

“You look at Meryl Streep, who is so phenomenally, freakishly gorgeous, and in some ways it’s just bizarre that she was never a sex symbol. But it was always about her - and now it doesn’t matter that she’s getting older, because we just want to continue watching her be an interesting person.” - Natalie Portman

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How'd you meet your new gf? Was it hard to get into a new relationship?

Funny story, actually!

We have a mutual friend who I met because they loved my videos. They INSISTED that Darby find me at Connecticon and say hello. Meanwhile I had found her on social media and followed her because I thought she was gorgeous without really realizing she was said instagram hottie. Mutual friend tells me about how excited Darby is and how Darby can’t wait to meet me, etc. I’m thinking “oh no, this girl is an excited fan better be neutral.”

We meet for the first time, its all pleasantries, she’s super sweet.

We start chatting online and we hung out a lot at Otakon. We skyped a lot as well.

But here’s the kicker. She gave ZERO FUCKS about who I was, had never watched a video, was not excited to meet me AT ALL because said mutual friend had just annoyed her because he wouldn’t stop talking about me. So I was LIED TO. I was expecting a fan, I got a cute girl who didn’t even want to say hello to me but was doing it out of obligation. I on the other hand, immediately forgot her name and thought she was said mutual friends girlfriend (who I also met that day) and didn’t think anything of it. We took a dorky photo together to prove we met and moved on. We had a 3 way skype call with the mutual friend like a month or two later, but he bailed after about 5 minutes so I was just kinda left skyping with this cute girl I barely knew. We ended up talking for like 6 hours lmao. Obviously I figured it out and realized she was the gorgeous girl from instagram and she confessed to me that she had never watched a video of mine. We bonded pretty quickly after that. But yeah. First meeting wasn’t the best lmfao.

It wasn’t really hard? I’ve liked Darby for a while, it was just the sudden realization that “Oh no these super protective feelings aren’t that of a good friend” and “OH MAN wanting to do a shippy photoshoot and kiss her PROBABLY isn’t just casual friend feelings” and also “Oh man if anyone ruins the katsucon formal for me tHERE WILL BE BLOOD BECAUSE I JUST WANT HER TO BE HAPPY AND MAYBE DANCE WITH HER OH GOSH SHES REALLY PRETTY” proooooobably isn’t just being a great friend.

The hardest part was her trying to be “subtle” and me understanding exactly ZERO of her signs because I’m oblivious. So lots of internal panicking and hoping I didn’t scare off the cute girl before I finally manned up and told her haha. Once we both confessed it’s been pretty smooth sailing. There will always be rough spots in any new relationship, but we happily survived five days in the same hotel room plus TWO 5 hours drives and a crazy con without any issues so I’d say we’re doing pretty damn well. <3

She’s also hella fucking cute like goddamn have you seen her

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You don't like Kendall because you claim she's not good at her chosen profession yet you like Selena Gomez who cannot sing a note in tune but claims to be a musician ? Laughable

I don’t dislike Kendall because I don’t think she’s a good model (although she objectively isn’t and anyone who thinks she is is just a dumb teenager who likes her because she’s pretty and has no idea how the fashion world works), I dislike her because she hasn’t worked AT ALL to get to where she is. She had EVERYTHING handed to her all because of her trash family’s reality show. She’s literally famous because of a sextape. It’s that simple. She’s gorgeous as hell but there’s no way she would have made it as a model without her family. No fucking way. Her walk is so stiff and she looks emotionless and dead in photoshoots. She doesn’t have to go to auditions most of the time and she gets given deals with brands like l’Oreal and Balmain simply because of who she is while real models who have been in the industry for YEARS and actually work hard miss out. Look at the VS fashion show, Jourdan Dunn, who has been modelling since the age of 14 and does the VSFS every year, got kicked out because of Kendall who didn’t even have to fucking audition. EVERY SINGLE OTHER ANGEL had to audition, even people like Candice who have been doing it for years, but Kendall didn’t. And you really think that’s okay? Selena on the other hand, came from NOTHING, her mom had her at 16 and they had no money, and she’s worked her way up to the top. That’s what’s really admirable, not having things handed to you because your sister had sex on camera 20 years ago and it went viral and Ryan Seacrest gave your family a TV show.

You say Selena can’t sing “a note in tune” but if you’ve actually listened to any of Selena’s recent performances you would be able to tell that her vocals have improved DRASTICALLY. Google her Jimmy Fallon one for example. Selena has a good voice, she’s not the strongest singer but her voice is nice and has a unique tone to it and her MUSIC IS GOOD. 90% of the artists in the charts these days “cannot sing a note in tune” but their songs do well bc they’re catchy and make people feel good and that’s exactly what Selena’s do, although she can actually sing way better than people like Nicki and and Katy Perry who are more successful than she is. Yet I don’t see you picking on them bc they didn’t fuck Justin for 4 years :// yikes. And besides being a singer, Selena is an incredible Emmy winning actress and a philanthropist. She does SO much charity work and has been doing so ever since she was like 16 and what has Kendall ever done to give back? Oh wait nothing. All I’ve ever heard about her is stories about what a brat and a diva she is, whereas the people who work with Selena never have anything but nice things to say about her. And that’s the reason above everything as to why I like Selena, because she’s actually a good person who cares about others, is loving towards everyone even those who did her wrong, and has drive and ambition, unlike your precious Kendall.

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Hey carrie just wondering why you werent smiling in most photos for the TenEighty shoot? You still looked gorgeous thought xxxxx

I’m always smiling and I thought it’d be nice to show a different side of me. The majority of my audience have been fooled into thinking in happy 100% of the time because they only see videos of me when I’m in a good mood. I’m still a person with a big range of emotions and expressions that are sometimes there instead of the smile so it was nice to have a photoshoot where I wasn’t encouraged to smile. It was nice to relax and look natural. Like how my face looks when in reading a book and waiting for a train!


Interview: Leonardo Taiwo (D1 Models / Heffner Models)

Pre interview side note - Don’t ask me why it takes me bloody months to type up and upload an interview, it just does okay! My new years resolution is to get better at this posting regularly malarky. Anywho, I really enjoyed interviewing Leonardo. Usually when I interview people I have my set questions, and if its via email there’s no way to deviate from them, but I prefer it when these interactions are conversational which is what interviewing Leonardo was like. Ya know just having a really great chat with someone (who’s drop dead gorgeous) about life and random things. He was really open and receptive to my questions, and it all just flowed along nicely.  Anyway enough gushing! Read the interview below:

First photoshoot/runway experience

My first catwalk show was Astrid Andersson and Sibling, and that was amazing. I got to work with some of the guys that I used to look up to and be like wow. My first photoshoot was with ASOS, a commerical that was filmed in Southend with an amazing cast. It was quite nerve-racking because it was my first job, and I was thinking “oh my God I’m with these guys that have done thousands of other jobs” but yeh it was great.

What were the other models like behind the scenes

Oh they were really really nice, really humble. When I first started out I expected models to be really arrogant and have a cocky attitude but no these guys were lovely. There are some amazing people in this industry

So that whole arrogant model stereotype exists?! Explain! You don’t have to name names!

Oh yeh definitely, it exists. But you can’t really blame them, it can happen to the best of us. It all just goes to their head and you don’t even know it. I think its always best to have great friends or great family who knock you down every time you accomplish something and it gets to your head.

Do you have a core group of model friends that you always hang out with

Surprisingly no, my closest friends are not models at all. They are the most amazing people in my life. One’s a dj, another one is a chef, another one is an actor. I mean nothing against chilling with other models, but I think its more likely to get to your head hanging with people who are the same are you. 

Are they friends that you’ve had for a long time?

Yes definitely, they’re friends for life.

What is the weirdest, craziest, creepiest thing you’ve ever been asked to do as a model?

Last year at grad fashion week I had to wear this lingerie head to toe. and the other was the cock in sock campaign for cancer research for Schon magazine. Yeh that’s one I wouldn’t show my mother!


How are your parent’s with you modelling? Are they supportive?

My mum is absolutely supportive. She’s always been a dreamer and she appreciates the fact that I dream and my ultimate dream is still to be an actor. Its something I’ve grown up always wanting to be and its fantastic to have a mother that always dreams with you. I come from a Nigerian household and nobody really dreams there, its a land of money or realism. I have such an incredible relationship with my mum, we’re really close friends, and its amazing that I have her full support.**spends a few more minutes gushing about his mum….it’s adorable**

Have you had any embarrassing model related experiences?

There was one casting for a brand, and I was in a queue full of loads of models and the casting agents were selecting the boys that they wanted but I thought they were going to tell those guys to go, I had no idea and I was looking at them like “haha you got’s ta go”, but yeh sadly they told my line to go and that was pretty embarrassing for me. That’s actually happened quite a few times.

What’s the general nature of castings?

You go there with your book, your z card, they look at your book, take a z card, they take your pictures and then you leave.

How many do you go to in a week?

It depends. Sometimes in a busy period like during fashion week, I can go to 7 a day, and in a slow period maybe about 4 a week.

Outside of castings and model jobs what do you do?

I’m pretty much a child! I skate, chill out with my friends etc. I’m quite an indoorsy person, I don’t really rave or go clubbing. I’m pretty chilled. I can spend a day on my laptop doing f-all.

Do you model full-time?

Now yes, but a few months ago I worked in retail in places like Hollister, Abercrombie etc.

Are there any models that you’d really love to work with?

There’s a few but I’m not going to name them in case they think I’m licking their arses or something haha. But it’s a small world especially with black male models. They would probably be surprised that someone like me is looking up to them inspired by their work, but yeh there’s definitely a few.

Okay what about photographers or designers?

Okay photographers - Tom Luke, Tim Walker. Designers - Ozwald Boateng. 

Have you ever experiences racism or prejudice because you’re a black model?

Yep I’ve been approached by a few agencies in Paris, but when it comes to them taking me on, I’ve gotten responses like “there’s no market for black boys here, we can’t do any work for you because you’re black” London and NYC is the best for ethnic models. I don’t think its racism to a personal level, but it’s just how the industry is. I’ve never experienced any personal negative incident.

What do you think about models like Jourdan Dunn or Naomi Campbell that have been really vocal against the racist incidents they've experienced?

I think it’s great that they haven’t let those experiences crush them because its quite easy to let those kind of experiences overwhelm you. They are very powerful women.

Have you spoken to other black male models about their experiences, not just with racism but with modelling as a whole?

Yeh, I mean that’s the best part of modelling -  you met the most amazing people and share experiences. Every casting you met someone new, you let them in, they let you in and that’s how your friendship builds.

Do you guys all recognise each other?

Yeh. It’s very cliché but its just such a small world. I mean if someone does a specific campaign you’re like “oh that’s that guy from so and so’s campaign”

Obviously you’re hugely popular on social media, how has that been?

It’s been amazing. It’s such a privilege. Every time I get posted or get a lot of attention and positivity I’m like why? Is it because I’m topless?! it’s a real confidence boost. Everyone has their insecurities. I definitely don’t look in the mirror and think I’m the shit. So it’s a huge confidence boost to get so much love from everyone.

When did you find out that you had such a huge Tumblr following?

It’s weird, from my friends. Everything you post one of my pictures, one of my friends would message me and I’d be like when was this posted? But its amazing, thank you.

Skincare/workout routine?

Not really. I run a lot. Although not gonna lie I eat a lot of junk. I live next to a chicken and chips shop and they KNOW me! Like sometimes I get freebies that’s how often I’m in there! But for the most part I keep my carb intake to a low. In terms of skin, I can’t sit here and be like “oh I use Olay and it makes my skin amazing”, I take acne medication. My mum has always been like eat your veggies, drink water, etc but I don’t eat my veggies, I eat chicken instead!

What’s your favourite thing about being a model?

The people. You meet some amazing people, that you would expect to be cocky or stereotypical models but they’re just so great like, Kim Sang Woo, he’s an amazing model and his personality is awesome. Mac Phiri, Emmanuel Lawal, Jourdan and Troy Copeland. I can keep going, but these guys are just awesome guys.

You said earlier that your ultimate dream is to be an actor, how are you going about that now?

Honestly I’m kind of lost at the minute. I went to school for 6 years to be an actor before I started modelling, and was actually represented by an talent agency, but unfortunately they let me go, and it crushed me. It really knocked my confidence. I definitely don’t want to go back to drama school, but I’m not really sure where to start now. I’m hoping that I met someone who has faith in me and gives me a shot. It will happen, I have faith in myself and I know it will happen.

Aside from acting, what else you like to do after modelling?

I would love to buy my mum a shop. 5 years ago, she had her own shop that sold african food, and I would love to buy it for her again to have her own shop

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so imagine you and michael were expected to attend and arrive at an awards show together because you’re hollywoods #1 atm but you’re photoshoot ran later than you thought so you texted mikey that you were just going to meet him there and he’s kinda upset because he wanted to see you get ready and look all amazing before he had to share you with the paparazzi but he knew your job was important to you and he didn’t want to make you feel badly for disappointing him so he just texts back, “okay babe! miss you, can’t wait to see my girl look so beautiful! see you soon x” and so you get all dressed up in your gorgeous dark red, a line dress with a sweetheart neckline. you make your way to the awards a little late, and the minute you step out of your car, cameras are already on you because you look bOMB. you make your way down the carpet, posing for pictures here and there until you finally find mikey and the boys. michael’s laughing at god knows what until his eyes land on you. his cheeky grin immediately fades into a look of pure awe and amazement. he speed walks over to you and you can see his cute little grin creep back on his face as he puts his arm around your waist and whispers, “i guess my princess was worth waiting for” I LOVE MICHAEL :(