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All right so in the wake of that new KH3 trailer I’m seeing an increase in confusion among fans re: how it’s possible for Sora and Roxas (and, by extension, Ventus) to exist at the same time. Because I just love tl;dring more than anything - plus helping people out is nice too - let’s review:

  • Roxas was born during KH1 when Sora turned the Keyblade on himself and removed his heart. Unlike most Nobodies, Sora himself didn’t become a Nobody, but produced a separate, physical individual entirely different from himself. Roxas, at the time of his creation, was an empty body with no heart.
  • At the end of Chain of Memories, Namine has to take Sora’s memories apart and put them back together, a process that takes months to complete. As explained by Namine during 358/2 Days, some of these memories find their way into Roxas, presumably having naturally gravitated to him since he’s a part of Sora. (Note that this, going by the calendar in Days, occurs after Roxas comes out of Zombie Mode and starts developing a personality. Sora’s memories are extra, not a core piece of his personality/existence.) 
  • From Roxas, some of Sora’s memories find their way into Xion because of her ability to copy Roxas.
  • As also explained by Namine and Riku, Xion contains Sora’s most precious memories: Kairi. Without them, he can’t wake up. Namine says that the “best” solution is for both Roxas and Xion to die since they’re “fighting so hard to be their own people” and the memories can’t be taken back from them any other way. (And this is just my speculation here, but I imagine Roxas needed to go primarily because he could continue to threaten Sora as an unintentional conduit for those memories to escape into someone else again - a second Xion, so to speak, if Xemnas went that far.)
  • After Xion and Roxas return to Sora, his memory is completed and he wakes.

Prior to Sora’s memory being scrambled by Namine, Roxas was no “threat” to him. He was his own separate person. It was because he was unfortunately caught up in the middle of everything that he had to return to Sora, in order to complete the latter’s memory. Thus, if Roxas were recreated (by whatever means), he shouldn’t take any of Sora’s memory because Sora’s memory is intact now. And since Roxas grew his own heart, he’s now a heart inside of Sora’s with his own emotions and memories; recreating him isn’t necessarily a matter of creating an entirely new person again, but freeing his heart (and giving him a body, however that’s going to work, which also applies to Xion and Namine and presumably Terra and Eraqus, as well, if you want to get into all that).

So, really, there should be no co-existence issues between Roxas and Sora in the future - or, better put, there’s definitely room in the established lore for the possibility of their co-existence. Granted, I’m sure it won’t be a simple matter (hence Xemnas’ suggestion) but when thought out alongside all the past indications that Roxas will be saved, it’s definitely likely.

As for Ven: for some reason there’s even more skepticism that Ven and Roxas could co-exist than there is for Sora and Roxas. Roxas is arguably more Sora than he is Ven; Roxas shared a lot of Sora’s memories, rejoined with him directly, and even told Sora in DDD “You’re me.” …And yet it’s now entirely plausible that they can co-exist. There’s no more of a connection between Roxas and Ven than there is Roxas and Sora - except that they share the same face, which really means nothing - so if Roxas and Sora can exist at the same time, Roxas and Ven most certainly can, as well.

so shhh sshhhhh enough of this “Ven and Roxas will merge into one person” nonsense we will have both precious children alive and awake and safe or so help me

You know, as much as I adore that we’re getting all this great information about season 3, with new female characters directly from the Supergirl comics and Kara’s mother becoming recurring (which indicates that the focus is possibly going to be on Kara again) I feel like we’re getting all this information right before sdcc because they want us to focus on this and forget about an awful season 2. They’re trying to protect themselves and their terrible decisions and hope that by the time sdcc comes, we’ll be so happy with all the recent news we’ve gotten that we won’t bother reminding them about what a terrible season they just had. And with Krei*berg not in attendance? They clearly know they’ve messed up and want to minimize the backlash.

But I’m still pissed. Because as good as season 3 looks, it doesn’t erase the hurtful/offensive message they sent out in season 2. And why should we just shut up and let them get away with it?


Timeless || S1:02

↳  The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln


all of u out here with ‘yeah bts did well but let’s not forget that without tvxq, big bang, etc etc they wouldn’t be here’

guess what?????? no one’s forgetting them. we all know that the reason any of the groups now are known outside of korea is because shinhwa, h.o.t, sj, tvxq, big bang, wonder girls and psy invented the hallyu wave, as it’s called. bts (and other groups) grew up with these idols as their inspiration, so yes, we can’t forget them. no one’s forgetting that super junior went big in china, or that tvxq went big in japan and that’s how the newer groups have it easier in these markets. 


let’s be real. what bts has achieved is something no group has done before. please stop trying to take credit for what they have done just because you think your group or fandom is superior. fact: everyone thinks their fandom is the best. bts’ marketing strategy to have an active twt account and youtube channel since before debut is one thing that worked out extremely well for them. couple that with other things such as writing socially-aware lyrics, producing and composing their own songs, having kick-ass choreographies and showing off their dorky sides on social media, you can’t say that they didn’t deserve to go to the bbmas just because your faves couldn’t. 

bts broke boundaries that weren’t broken before, just like YOUR FAVES broke boundaries that weren’t broken before. older idols didn’t even have the full use of social media to promote themselves, and YET they broke into the asian market. bts had it, and they broke into the global market. just because they had the advantage of a better technological era doesn’t mean that they didn’t deserve the win. it just means that they used their assets very well, and deserved it even more. 

moreover, as the rolling stones said, bts write lyrics about loneliness (whalien 52), having a difficult time in life (lost), female empowerment (21st century girl), being confident in yourself (cypher pt 4) and so many other songs. this makes them relatable to not just a teenage fanbase (although yes, that is the majority), but an older fanbase as well. the catchiness of their songs makes them popular amongst the pre-teens. so you see, they have their reasons and validity for being where they are now. they deserve their fans, wins, and attention. 

therefore, before you go around saying that fans of bts need to respect what older idols have done, know that we do. we appreciate everything that has been done in the past that has made bts the successful band that they are today. but also know that we are proud of our boys, and that we will celebrate and rejoice. so for some reason, if that makes you bitter, by all means use the advanced technology we have today and mute us. 

because no, we’re not discrediting your faves. but we’re asking you to credit our faves when they deserve it. 


I know that like, technically they’re fighting in this scene… but look how patiently he’s listening to her in that first gif and how he makes her smile in the last one. and like, look at how they’re sitting. LOOK. SHE IS PRACTICALLY SITTING ON HIS LAP IF NOT ACTUALLY ON HIS LAP. WHAT IS GOING ON.

it always confuses me when superman gets drawn burlier than batman. i mean we dance around it but superman is basically super strong due to space magic. he could be a weedy lil string bean and he’d still be able to lift a bus. i’m not saying the muscles don’t help, or that he doesn’t probably have magic space muscles. i’m just saying, all of batman’s strength is muscle-dependant. he has no space magics. in my head he is the more burly of the two just out of necessity. i know he’s kind of got the gymnast thing going on but like. i imagine bruce wayne as more barrel-y and clark kent as more dorito-y. i don’t know why i’m telling you this except that i’m dealing with the realization that this is not the standard assumption.

Unpopular opinion: the concept of ‘bathroom passes’ in schools is dehumanizing in itself, but making kids move around the halls carrying large flamboyant objects just to use the bathroom is especially humiliating.

A few favourites from my colection: Hercule Poirot mystery paperbacks + contemporary guides

I love vintage 40s, 50s and 60s American editions of Agatha Christie books so much, they’re worth the expensive international shipping costs ($20 shipping for a single paperback)! Can’t buy them as often as I’d like but I enjoy collecting them. The gloves and stiletto-like corn knife on the 1944 edition of 13 at dinner (UK title: Lord Edgware Dies) are simple yet amazingly creepy. ♥


Sam/Jack + similarities | part 1 of 2

Let Keith display anger, frustration and/or irritation at Shiro 2k17

Even the neutral ghosts that make up the majority seem to have a different sense of morality and priorities than most humans do. Sidney Poindexter is mostly well-meaning, but he still threw the whole school into chaos to attack Danny, resulting in even innocent people being affected. Kitty clearly stated that she wasn’t looking to cause trouble, but she didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with using Paulina’s body as a tool in her plot to make her boyfriend jealous, and Johnny only saw Kitty in that situation. It didn’t seem to cross either of their minds that this was a girl with her own will.

I’m willing to go so far as to say even Walker, who’s clearly portrayed as a villain, doesn’t see anything wrong with what he does. He’s trying to keep order and enforce the rules, after all.

That said, there are instances where ghosts will generally agree that something is wrong, and those are the few times that most of them will band together. Things like fighting against Pariah Dark and the Christmas truce are enough to get even some of the ghosts who hate Danny the most to fight on his side.

Given that the majority of ghosts are mostly focused on their obsessions, they probably don’t consider things like “right and wrong” in the same way humans do. They just do what they feel they should or want to do based on their emotions and obsessions. Overshadowing isn’t inherently wrong. Fighting isn’t inherently wrong. Terrorizing humans isn’t inherently wrong. There are just some ghosts who don’t care to do those things and some who do.

There are most definitely some taboos among ghosts, though. For example, it’s probably considered bad form to prevent a ghost from indulging their obsession unless you need to in order to indulge yours. This extends to things like destroying lairs or trying to control other ghosts. “Killing” a ghost is most certainly considered wrong in most cases, too. And then there are probably some ghosts who are just not considered welcome among other ghosts.

Personally, when I try to imagine which ghosts those would be, I ask myself “would this ghost honor the Christmas truce?” If the answer is “no,” they’re probably not liked in the ghost zone.

I will never hurt her. I will never hurt anybody intentionally, especially not you… anymore than I already have. And in return I ask: never take your eyes off me. Never trust me, and that is the best friend that you can be. You can like me, I would love that, but… and in fact, I hope that I can earn your like. I just never want to earn your trust.

opens mouth to yell, does not stop

Do You Remember?

Quick A/N: So this is the song I wrote yesterday when I was listening to Writer in the Dark. For the first time in a really long time, I not only felt inspired to write lyrics, but I felt empowered by what I was writing. This is a first draft of what came of that.  It’s definitely about Peyton and how things are going.

Look back to when we met,

Remember how the sparks flew?

Look back to our first date

Remember when skin touched skin?

Do you remember how sick I was from nerves?

Do you remember how hard I fell for you?

Bet you didn’t know

I’d go and write a song or two

Bet you didn’t know

My love would linger like the flu

Bet you didn’t know

Bet you didn’t care

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anonymous asked:

I'm a new person to the doctor who fandom (and show) (I'm on Smith and Jones where you meet Martha?) but I was wondering (if you don't mind, I just can't find an answer anywhere) why do people ship rose with other doctors other than the ones she interacted with.

hi there! i hope you’re enjoying DW (and i hope you love martha. i love martha ♥)

okay the short answer here is a “because we can”

the longer answer is that we see rose interact with two doctors in canon and the chemistry is palpable in both pairings. so it’s easy to extend that same sense of chemistry to other doctors if you’re inclined to do so. it’s a feeling of oh these two are soulmates and therefore we want to ship them in all possible iterations. there’s just a lot of stuff showing how important rose was in the doctor’s life (not all of which you’ve gotten to yet) so it’s easy to expand on that. not everyone does though. just like some people only ship nine/rose or only ship ten/rose, some people only ship rose with the doctors she canonically met. it’s just a personal preference :) (and boils down to the “because we can and it’s fun” answer)

i’m afraid this was probably not an informative answer. i was literally about to turn out the lights to go to sleep when i saw this message pop in and got my laptop back out to answer it! enjoy watching DW! Please feel free to ask me any other questions you may have :)

Frederick: Alright team, we’re going to go in and…Niles please. Leave Donnel alone.
Niles: -staring at Frederick- Very well. Haha. Yours until I break master. -still hovering around Donnel-
Donnel: -raises hand- Uh, Frederick…I feel mighty uncomfortable.
Frederick: Niles! Remove yourself from Donnel’s vicinity! -moves him beside Laslow- THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER. WE ARE HEADING INTO BATTLE NILES!
Laslow: Haha, but Frederick. Laughter is the best medicine. Hahaha.
Donnel: …Ya sure this group is gonna be a good idea Frederick?
Frederick: Donnel…this group was the best I COULD WORK WITH ON SUCH SHORT NOTICE!
Niles: -hovering behind Donnel- Let’s take a stroll Donnel~
Donnel: -hiding under Frederick’s horse-
Laslow: -flat on the ground laughing- M-My Niles…what a strong gaze.
Frederick: …
Summoner: …Frederick…I’ll try harder I promise! Just wait on the sidelines and I’ll find the perfect candidates for you!
Frederick: …
Donnel: Frederick! Git him off Laslow!!!!
Laslow: Oh my!!! This isn’t how it was supposed to go Niles! Odin! Get him away!
Odin: I’m not on this team, but I’m sure it’ll be a FUN EXPERIENCE!
Summoner: Niles! NO!!!!
Niles: …I don’t play by your rules master~
Summoner: …please?
Niles: Well since you asked nicely…-drags Odin off-
Odin: So excited!!!
Donnel: Shouldn’t we… go and git ‘em?
Frederick: They will be fine Donnel. =__=;;
Summoner: I’M SORRY!!!!
Laslow: Don’t be sorry Summoner~ <3
Summoner: …
Frederick: -face palms-

Differences between queerplatonic relationships and friendships
  • Friendships/best friends: A bond between two (usually unrelated) people that enjoy being in each other's presence in certain intervals. The bond between two friends can shift into/coexist with other relationships, such as adopted siblings, romance, etc. Friendship is a widely flexible thing that tends to remain casually intimate between the people involved reguardless of whatever else is going on in the sidelines
  • Queerplatonic relationships: Literally romantic dating without romance-specific/heavy courting. Queerplatonic partnerships are a heavily aromantic-specific relationship dynamic, and have a higher intimacy level than any friendship. Queerplatonic partners oftentimes exhibit interest in activities usually reserved for couples, such as dating, living together as a married pair, raising children together, etc. Siblings in qprs have a high chance of being considered softcore incest due to this. While two people in a qpr may be best friends, friendship in the beginning is not essential and can be established later on. Qprs are, in essence, the closest an aromantic person can ever get to a romantic partner, and thus, while platonic, is not the same as being best friends with someone