just because these things are important part of arthur's life. just like merlin is

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Ficlet prompt: Modern AU. Closeted corporate scion Arthur finally defies Uther and comes out to him when Uther is casually arranging another date for him (Sophia, Mithian, etc.). Arthur is quiet, terrified, shaking, but absolutely unyielding, because he's ALREADY dating someone he loves... Merlin.

I loved this prompt and wanted to do something a little different, so here’s an Outside POV for ya. 

#Yikes this turned out longer than planned.


Gwen was the personal assistant to the CEO of Camelot Industries, Uther Pendragon.  She did like her job, but in her opinion, Mr. Pendragon himself was a god awful man. She planned to stay for a few years and then give over her two weeks’ notice because despite her boss, the position itself was well-paying, had great benefits, and the company itself was well managed.

She put that down to the COO and company VP, Arthur Pendragon. The younger Pendragon was not like his father. The thirty-three year old corporate scion managed the every day-to-day events inside Camelot Industries, and frankly Gwen wasn’t sure how he did it. She jotted it down to the extensive team of employees under his direct jurisdiction.

Arthur did things differently than his father. Although Gwen thought this was a good thing, she knew that it caused more than a few arguments between father and son. Gwen had overheard a lot of these arguments. Scratch ‘overheard.’ Uther Pendragon had never cared much if he reprimanded his son in front of anyone, especially not his PA who he thought not important enough for it to matter. So despite the fact that Gwen didn’t know Arthur that well, she happened to know a lot about his professional strifes.

Like today, Uther had called in his son to discuss the introduction and marketing of a new product. Arthur had wanted to start a new marketing scheme. Uther wanted to keep it the original way. Gwen tried to stay out of the way, but Uther kept her at his side, asking her to bring this file and that document and those references. So despite ‘not being important enough to matter’ she did overhear far more about the company than probably anyone else at Camelot Industries.

But this conversation? She wasn’t sure she should have been privy to.

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Also if you want to you could do number 12. I think that's pretty cute for merthur in like a modern setting. I just started following your blog and it's pretty cool. Sorry if this is a hassle. Xoxo

Love it! You’re never a hassle, my friend. 

Merthur in #12 situation from this list: Character A hadn’t noticed but their sweet, funny, goofy best friend,Character B, was kind of hot, especially since they’ve been on this fitness kick.

(This became ridiculously long. Enjoy! High School AU)

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okay but have you ever thought about a teacher!percy/teacher!oliver hogwarts au? because merlin knows i have.

a lot. like, 3.8k a lot. which is why i’m putting this under a read more.

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The Tears of Uther Pendragon part 1

Episode: 3x01
Commentary curtesy of Bradley James (who plays Arthur) and Katie McGrath (who plays Morgana)

Highlights/my commentary of the comme
- “Hi Merlin fans. This is the first commentary of series 3, and the dudes at the lab need to sinc up the title for us,” Bradley
- *giggles* Katie
- (Lol Bradley)
- “I’m Bradley James,” Bradley
“I’m Katie McGrath,” Katie
[scene of dead soldiers on battlefield]
“And this is Brecon Beacons, and the coldest I’ve been in my entire life,” Bradley
- “I heard about this. Those poor extras lying there all day in Wales in the middle of March,” Katie
- “Yes. It’s early March. In Wales. Colin can’t use his mouth properly. We had to do a load of takes because no one could understand what Colin was saying,” Bradley
- *Katie laughing*
- (Aww poor Colin)
- [Merlin & Arthur banter, riding on horseback with knights behind them]
- “Slow mo, something’s going to happen!” Katie
- (That’s always the cue)
- [Morgana appears]
- “I look a bit rough,” Katie
“I think you look better like that,” Bradley
“So many people said that! A distressing amount,” Katie
“It looks more natural,” Bradley
*Katie laughing*
“Apparently everyone in Merlin thinks so!” Katie
“Not everyone can pull it off,” Bradley
(Katie can pull everything off tbh)
- [Morgana back in her room]
- “I didn’t know the episode was called ‘The Tears of Uther Pendragon’ until recently because they never give us the title on the script,” Bradley
“It’s more fun that way though,” Katie
“It could be called ‘Evil Returns’ or 'Evil Begins,’” Katie
“Or Arthur gets knocked unconscious, again,” Bradley
“Part 7,” Katie
“Part 7,” Bradley

- (more like part 100)
- “I was dragged out of bed very early this morning to do this,” Bradley
“And it’s our last week of filming after eight months, so we might not be as perky as usual. But we’re doing it because we love you guys. And I want some one-on-one time with Bradley. We haven’t gotten much scenes together, have we?” Katie
“No, and I hope this doesn’t give anything away, but we won’t be doing much scenes together next year either,” Bradley
- (cause that’s when Morgana moves into her hovel)
- [Arthur and Morgana talking. Merlin lurking] [“Everything’s going to be alright,” Arthur]
- “Aww,” Katie
- “It’s not you’re lying,” Katie
- [“You’re safe now,” Arthur]
“No I’m not,” Katie
- (Lol Katie)
- [Merlin cleaning Arthur’s chamber, smiling. Arthur asks what he’s smiling about.]
- “Why are you so mean to Merlin?” Katie
- “I think it’s just one of those things that worked, um, early on, and they’ve stuck with it. If you notice I’m less and less mean to him,” Bradley
- [Arthur takes his shirt off]
- (oooooh)
- “This is pretty new what you do here though. Topless!” Katie
- “Yeah,” Bradley
- “Nice hair,” Katie
- “The best hair in Camelot. All the ladies love it,” Bradley
- “Hey mine is good too don’t take that away from me!” Katie
- “Have you seen Gwaine’s hair though?” Bradley
- “Yah it’s like a Pantene commercial! So swishy,” Katie
- (Gwaine won the hair competition)
- [Morgana makes an evil look after hugging Uther]
- “Do you think I might be evil?” Katie asks sarcastically
- “You’ve got a few of those looks,” Bradley
- *laughing*
- (the famous evil smirk)
- [Morgause and Morgana making the mandrake root]
- “We named this Manny,” Katie
- “You named a rubber prop Manny..?” Bradley
- “Yah, because it’s a mandrake root,” Katie
- *in a mocking and odd voice* “On set were you like 'how’s Manny? How’s he going?” Bradley
- (Bradley’s voice impressions are hilarious seriously his voice XD)

- [Blindfolded Arthur fighting. Goes up to Merlin and asks Merlin what he thought. Merlin says he was alright]
[Arthurs upset. He makes fun of Merlin by saying he’s going to fight like him then, and mocks him by whimpering]
*Bradley laughing*
- “That’s just cruel,” Katie
- “That was so much fun,” Bradley
- “You were just enjoying doing that to Colin,” Katie
- *Bradley giggling*
- “I didn’t realize we were filming,” Bradley
- (Bradley bullying Colin again smh :P)
- [Morgause riding into Cenred’s palace]
- “This is a great shot,” Bradley
- “Is this the one with Milly going up the steps?” Katie
- “Yah it’s good. She looks hot,” Katie
- (Agreed)
- [Morgause walking up steps]
- “There we go,” Katie
- (Yas Katie unleash the gay)
- [In Cenred’s throne room. Cenred turns around]
- “Here’s Mr. Ellis,” Bradley
- “Head to toe in skin tight leather,” Katie
- “Yah,” Bradley
- “Yah there was a collective gasp when he turned up in costume from all the women,” Katie
- “I like the two swords crossing over his back,” Bradley
- *Katie laughing*
- “He actually couldn’t reach the swords because the costume was so tight. So what we had to do was set them up half way through the shot of him taking them off,” Katie
- [Camelot throne room]
- “The biggest cheer when we were watching this for the first time was not for any of us, but for an out of focus shot of Rupert sending a message to Uther,” Bradley
- (Woooooo Sir Leon!!!!)
- [Merlin following Morgana. Music starts]
- “Oooooh. The music is great,” Katie
- “Colin kept nudging me the entire time saying 'isn’t this great, isn’t this great,” Bradley
- “The music is great!” Katie
- “The whole way through I was like 'yes it is mate I heard you the first six times.’ He was really excited,” Bradley
- “Aww come on look at his little face,” Katie
- (Colin is adorable)
- *Bradley stretches and makes loud noise*
- “Good stretch,” Katie
- “Well I didn’t have one of those this morning because I was woken up so early,” Bradley
- (you should take a nap after this commentary, Bradley. Sleep is important…not counting my own sleep..)
- [Arthur and Gaius talking. Arthur has ring on his thumb]
- “Is that a ring?” Katie
- “Ygraines ring,” Bradley
- “Was that your idea?” Katie
- “It was, yah,” Bradley
- “Nice idea. I like that Arthur wears something of his mums,” Katie
- (I agree. It shows that Arthur’s emotional that he tries so hard to hide on the outside.)
- [final shot of Merlin and the great dragon]
- “I believe this is our final shot,” Katie
- *in narrator voice* “Merlin,” Bradley
- “There’s gonna be a next time…” Katie
- *next time on Merlin starts playing* “Dun dun dun dun dun dun,” Katie and Bradley
- “Thanks for listening, sorry,” Bradley
- *laughing*
- “We want to apologize for our talking. Sorry if it didn’t make sense, or didn’t have anything to do with the show,” Katie
- (aww don’t apologize I loved you guys!)
- “Bye!”

Final thoughts:
That was so fun and entertaining! I love Bradley. I love Katie. I love the entire cast. Everyone is attractive. Everyone is amazing. Oh my gosh. I love them.

Some ramblings about Arthur Pendragon and Theon Greyjoy...

I’ve been thinking about writing about it for a while now but I couldn’t find the time and I wasn’t sure but anyway, here I am. Sorry if this is boring or anything, but, well, I don’t force anyone to read lol. I’m just rambling you know, as always ;)

So. I watched BBC Merlin for the first time last summer. Yeah, I know, I’m 9 years late, but you know I’m always late for this kind of stuff lol. Anyway, I’m very happy I watched it only now because it would definitely not have had the same impact if I had watched it at any other time of my life, and it actually came at the exact moment I needed it and, without exaggerating, I think it kind of save my life so I’m very grateful. But never mind, I won’t discuss it here, because it very personal and not interesting and this is not the point of this post.

But what is the point of this post ? I’m not even sure. Showinf how obsessed I am with Theon Greyjoy even when I Watch another great show such as Merlin ? Explain how I got the idea of my latest fanfic “Blossom” ? Rambling about guilt and forgiveness and reprisentation of guilt and forgiveness in fiction ? Maybe a bit of all of it and to discuss Something I have in mind for month without really daring talk about it… 

So, I actually wanted to talk specifically about an episode of Merlin which actually moved me a lot and made me think of Theon a lot. I’m talking about s4e10 “A Herald of the New Age”. It is a quite intense episode and the end is just so moving and heart-breaking to me, when Arthur is confronted to the soul of this boy he had wronged in the past… In this episode we learn that many years ago Arthur lead an Attack on a druids’  village and that everyone - men, women and children - were butchered. If I remember well it’s the first raid Arthur took part of as a leader. During the episode the soul of a boy who died that day comes back and seek revenge… So Arthur decides to confront him and tell him how sorry he is about that day. Arthur is full of guilt and he is ready to die if necessary to make amend. He says he never wanted that to happen, that he just froze and couldn’t do anything to control his men. And he also says this : “I was Young and unexperienced. I was desperate to prove myself to my men, to my father.” 

Does it sound familiar ? Doesn’t it remind you of someone ? 

I couldn’t help but think about Theon during this scene. All the guilt Arthur shows in this scene echoed Theon’s (and mine but that’s another story). There are many similarities between Arthur and Theon there, I think. Two boys who did terrible things because of their insecurities, because they felt lost somehow, and who are both tortured by their remorse and guilt since then. Of course, the situations are different, I know that, but the result is quite the same…

Arthur is haunted by that day, as the leader he takes all the responsibility of what happened and he feels guilty and ashamed. Just as Theon about Winterfell, about the miller’s sons… But in this episode Arthur gets Something Theon never had : forgiveness. The dead boy’s soul forgives him. And by forgiving Arthur he finds peace. And that’s just so beautiful. I can’t express how much it moves me. This is probably one of my favourite episode - favourite scene- of the show, and I cried so hard the first time I watched it. 

That’s why I wrote “Blossom”. I thought that Theon AND the miller’s sons deserved what Arthur and this druid boy gets in the show. Just as Arthur, Theon takes the blame for what he did, even if he tries to justify his actions at first, he feels guilty almost immediately and he knows he did wrong. So I wrote “Blossom” to give him the opportunity to talk to the boys, and to give the boys the opportunity to forgive him… Not only for Theon but for themselves. Because forgiving is liberating, maybe more for those who forgive that for those who are forgiven…

I’m not sure where I’m going with that, I’m not sure I’m making myself clear and if I express correctly what I wanted to say… But here it is. I will just add that BBC Merlin is such a good show because there are those amazing characters (not only for that but, you know, they all are so well-written, so human and all, I love them all so much). I don’t think there is a single character I can’t realte to at some point (yes, yes, even Uther haha). I love that Arthur is not that noble, perfect prince from fairy tales. He is flawed, he makes mistakes, he doesn’t know what to do most of the time (he’s a prat with a golden heart lol) but he tries, and he learns… Just as any other characters in the show, and such as everyone of us in our lives, I guess… And well, that is the case with Theon, too… isn’t it ? 

Now, I’ll stop there, I didn’t thought I would have talked for so long lol. I could ramble like that about how much that show and Theon are important to me but I will spare you that haha ! Thanks for reading, sorry for rambling, I love you all, take care <3 

Killian, Percival, the Fisher King, the Grail, Excalibur, the Savior

This post is an offshoot from the one I made earlier about the Savior’s birthplace being Agrabah.

Just as a disclaimer, I’m not a religious person, I’m not religiously inclined in the least, I don’t believe in a lot much to my parents’ dismay, and my answer to everything is the Big Bang, because the Big Bang, and also pragmatism. But I do know enough to recognize symbolism when I see it, so of course, research time, and down the rabbit hole.

If you’re not into the religious connotations from season 5 with regard to Killian’s death and subsequent resurrection, which is a word I’ve been impossibly gun shy about using, even though that’s exactly what happened in episode 5x21, if you’re not into the Arthurian Legends and anything to do with religious symbolism/imagery then this post isn’t for you.

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I love your headcanons! Arthur- 19, 20, 48, 50


19. What do they think about before falling asleep at night?

So like a lot of us, Arthur fantasizes as he falls asleep. (Get your mind outta the gutter. I’m trying real hard to keep this sfw.) After Merlin leaves Arthur for the evening, and Arthur’s tucked into bed with nothing but his mind to keep him company, there’s a lot to think about. I’ve said this before, but Arthur’s kind of repressed (omg shocking lol). As Arthur lies there, his mind thinks of all the things that he rather not remember, and to distract himself he wonders. What it’ll be like when he’s king. What his next adventure will entail. What it’s like to live a normal life (eh, ever wonder where that farmer-dream came from?)

20. Childhood illnesses? Any interesting stories behind them?

I actually want to take part of this headcanon from Gentle, Gentle by polomonkey (see tags for warnings). Arthur was not very big or strong as a child. I think he hit his growth spurt later in life and gained muscle only once he became a squire (teenager). He also was one of those kids that tended to get sick often. He grew out of it, but he remembers those days of head-colds and always getting a fever during flu-season. He saw a lot of Gaius during his childhood. Partially because of his colds and for his scrapes/bruises, but also because Uther wasn’t much of a parent and Gaius filled in as figure. Perhaps not a father, but a figure of sorts. Gaius was always there in his childhood, especially during the early years of Arthur’s life when Uther was consumed with grief and The Purge.

48. How do they express love?

Love language is important to understand. Some people show their love with their words or with physical touch, etc. Well. Arthur’s not the best with words. And although he’s the type to punch a knight to comfort them, he’s not actually Mr. Hug. He’s more of an action-over-speaking type of person. So his romantic gestures are in the form of service or gifts to his partner. Examples? Arthur is going to give them breakfast in bed. He’s going to be at their service. His love is in the form of complete and utter dedication. He’s not sure how else to show his love. He can’t articulate it, but he can show it with his actions.

50. Is this person afraid of dying? Why or why not?

Absolutely not. Arthur is not afraid of dying. He can’t afford to fear death when he encounters it on a daily basis. He has other things to worry about. He has to act first, think later, especially on the battlefield. When he was younger death seemed to be far away, like something he would never need to worry about. As he grew up, it just became a fact that one day he would die, probably in battle. That was that. I don’t even think he’s worried about his friends moving on after his death. He thinks they’ll live on without him just fine. What I do think terrifies Arthur is his friends dying. I don’t think anything strikes him to the core more than the thought of losing someone in his life and how he’ll cope without them. Even after years and years of loss, it always hurts just as much as it did the first time.

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Hi, i am the kingsman anon. Ty you (and the other lovely people) for your kind welcome and sorry to bother you again, but can you reccomend me some eggys\harry fanfiction or author? (If you can, if you can't is fine really). Plus i love that gif *-* Thank you again!

  • Kingmaker by manic_intent (E, 49k) “Eggsy, I really don’t think-“ Merlin began, and stopped, because at that very moment, Eggsy walked right into a lamp post.Across the street, at a sidewalk corner cafe, reading a paper, sandwich part-eaten on a plate, sleek, long legs crossed neatly under the table, was Harry Hart.
  • stand back on the edge of your voice by fideliant (T, 8k) After getting injured on a joint mission with Harry, Eggsy wakes up. Only he doesn’t. Not exactly.
  • The Things Gentlemen Don’t Do by Della19 (E, 7k) First rule of action movie logic; check the body. Because if you don’t check the body to make sure they’re really dead, then the rules of movie logic says you deserve the knife that ends up in your back when you turn around. A villain who was a little less squeamish of blood would have known that.Valentine doesn’t check the body, and Harry lives. This, perhaps unsurprisingly, creates a whole new set of problems for Eggsy, whose got a few…ungentleman-like urges when it comes to his mentor.  Or, the one where Eggsy doesn’t get to watch Pretty Woman until after he realizes he’s living it. 
  • Squeeze by rageprufrock (E, 6k)  From the start, Harry’s read Eggsy all over, seen right through him, so Eggsy’s not surprised that he’s barely had time to think about how he wants to feel ruined that Harry gives it to him — just like that.

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“OUAT used to be about family, then Hook and Captain Swan ruined it and made it all about shipping! Hook isn’t family, quit focusing on him and get back to the family dynamic the show used to have! Stop Once Upon a Hook!”

It’s a go-to criticism for the anti-Hook/anti-CS crowd, one they use over and over and over again, particularly throughout this season of the show which is very CS-focused.  And every time I see this come up, I want to ask these people the question: “Just what is your definition of family?”

The dictionary definition is: “a group of people who are related to each other”, or alternatively “a social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for”.  Note that it says “related to each other” and makes no mention whatsoever of biology. Members of a family can be related through emotional ties just as much as it can legal ties or blood ties.

To almost every anti-Hook fan, the family on this show consists definitively of Emma, Snow, Charming, Henry, and Regina (or the “SwanMills Family”, as it has become trendy to call them.)  To a good many of them, it also consists of Rumple, Neal, and even Belle.  Even Zelena makes the cut for some.  But Hook?  And Robin Hood, for that matter? They’re just “love interests” (or “beards”, as the SQ shippers insist despite all evidence to the contrary) and don’t qualify.  So any focus on them (not much of an issue in Robin’s case) is bad and only drags the show down, especially when it’s perceived to be stealing focus and importance away from the “family”.

“Things were better before Hook became a big part of the show, it was about family back then!”, they say.  But wait, let’s actually look at that.  Hook became a big part of the show in Season 3, since he wasn’t present in Season 1 and was just a secondary recurring antagonist in Season 2. But in Season 1, the focus on family was strictly between two interactions: Emma/Henry and Emma/Mary Margaret who was actually her mother Snow.  Regina was not portrayed as family, she was portrayed as an evil stepmother to Snow and evil adoptive mother to Henry, an enemy of the family who was keeping them apart. And Rumple?  Not even close.  Aside from Emma/Henry and Emma/MM, the third most focused on relationship was Snow/Charming (in both its fairy tale form and as their David/MM selves)…a romantic one, much like CS is currently, and in either incarnation it had nothing to do with the rest of their family, it was purely a “ship”.

In Season 2, the Charming family came together, and Rumple, Neal and ultimately Regina were added to the lineup.  But when people say that Belle counts as “family” too, there appears to be a double-standard at play here. They say “Rumple is Henry’s grandfather with Neal being his father, and Belle is Rumple’s love interest thus Henry’s potential grandmother, this makes her family!”  But the development of Rumbelle in Season 2, like Snowing in Season 1, had nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of the family and was just the two of them, yet just because Belle is in a relationship with a family member, this automatically makes her family even before he proposed to her. Well, why does this same standard not apply to Hook since he’s dating Emma, or Robin since he’s dating Regina?  Belle was considered family before she became Rumple’s wife, so why do Hook and Robin have to wait before they can be considered such?

When we hit Season 3, that’s when Hook officially joined the family on the show (Robin had to wait until the end of Season 4 to finally get to that point, given all the complications he and Regina were faced with).  His initial ties to it were a period of being a father figure to Neal (which caused him to care about the wellbeing of Neal’s son, Henry) and a romantic attraction to Emma. People tend to disregard the first point (choosing to focus on that relationship’s downturn rather than its positive aspects), and insist that being “a love interest” doesn’t qualify Hook as “family”.

But what has Hook done for the rest of the family since he joined up with them?  Well, he:

- Offered up his ship and services and risked his life to help save Henry, a boy he hardly knew.

- Saved David’s life from poisoning so that Emma wouldn’t have to lose her father (if he just wanted to do it to impress her or get a kiss from her, he would’ve boasted about it to her, but he was going to keep it a secret and David instead told a half-truth about it all on his own.)

- Gave up his ship so that he could reunite Emma with her family, who needed her help (again, if he just wanted to get into Emma’s pants, he would have tried to in New York and not given her memories back, leaving her family to their fate.)

- Remember when he was constantly pestering Emma in 3B, which all the fans who don’t actually listen to what he’s saying take as him trying to push her into a relationship with him despite her disinterest?  Yeah, he was actually always pressing her about her intended choice to leave her family and return to New York after the conflict was over, as he wanted her to stay with her family instead because he knew that was what would truly make her happy.)

- Taught Henry how to sail and told him more about his father Neal when he couldn’t remember.

- Asked Rumple that he spare everyone in Storybrooke, including Emma’s family, once Rumple killed him in order to become untethered to the dagger.

- Helped assist in Operation Mongoose despite not even agreeing with its premise.

- Persuaded Emma to forgive her parents after she learned a dark secret from their past, because he didn’t want her relationship with them to be shattered.

- Helped Henry in the AU despite not knowing him, and even DIED to save him and Emma.

- DIED again saving Snow’s life when Arthur used Excalibur to control Merlin into choking her.

- DIED again after coming to his senses as Dark Hook and stopping what he’d set in motion.

- Recently thanked David and the rest of the family by extension for risking themselves to save him from the Underworld even when he didn’t think he was worth it, and later helping David save Emma, Robin and Baby Hood from James and Cruella.

And yet, after all this, these fans claim that “Hook isn’t family”, and that the family going to the Underworld to save him makes no sense since they don’t/shouldn’t care about him, only Emma loves him and they don’t feel the same way.  This ignores Henry’s obvious bond with him in the 4B finale and during 5A, plus his devastation at his death (he later brings it up as something he was powerless to stop that traumatized him: “I watched my mother become the Dark One!  I watched Hook die!  And I couldn’t do anything!”)  This ignores Snow and especially David coming to like and appreciate him overtime (as per David’s own admission, he came to the Underworld for both Emma’s sake and because Hook’s “kinda grown on him”.)  If Robin is being counted as family and not Hook for some reason, then it ignores his friendship with Hook shown in 5A and per his own referring to Hook as a “friend” in 5x16.  

Only Regina doesn’t have the personal bond with Hook to warrant her going to the Underworld for him, and is mainly doing it because she feels indebted to Emma, who she was a lousy friend to in 5A and she finally wants to rectify that. Plus, like with Belle, counting Regina as family while not doing the same for Hook is hypocritical as Regina has no blood relations to the rest of them nor legal relations (her legal status as Snow’s stepmother was revoked a long time ago, and her adoption of Henry was illegal); like Hook, the family ties she has are purely emotional.

Finally, let’s look at Hook’s own family background for a moment.  His mother is dead.  His asshole of a father abandoned him and his older brother when they were children, selling them into slavery in the process.  His older brother died in his arms…essentially twice.  The first woman he fell in love with was murdered and also died in his arms.  And her son, whom he bonded with, also died.  Hook, much like Emma, was an orphan who suffered from having no family for a long time.  And now, he finally has one.  The anti-Hook/anti-CS fans will almost always say that Regina’s similar situation of finding love and a family with these people is beautiful and touching and completely disregard the pain she caused them in the past and the times she tried to kill them, which is perfectly fine, it’s good to forgive…but then they won’t extend the same courtesy to Hook, they won’t see his story as beautiful and touching, and they harp on and on about his crimes against them in Season 2 or as Dark Hook in 5A (apparently letting everyone except one die from the Dark Ones’ marks while freshly crazy under the influence of a dark force is so much worse than actively trying to kill everyone except one with a failsafe diamond without any external influence….or for that matter, letting everyone except two die from the Shattered Sight spell after having had centuries to achieve total symbiotic synchronization with the dark force within you. Or risking everyone’s lives by taking that dark force back later on.)

Tl;dr?  HOOK. IS. PART. OF. THE. FAMILY.  The focus on him and CS is just as much part of the family focus of this show as Snow/Charming’s love story was in Season 1, or as Rumple/Belle’s was in Seasons 2 and 3 before Rumple willfully cut all ties with the family thus Belle losing her status within it along with him.  Romantic love and family love are not mutually exclusive, Emma and Hook not only love each other romantically but consider each other family, and Hook sees her family as his own, and by this point they have clearly come around to seeing him as family too (Henry was helping Hook pick out a house for him and Emma, for Pete’s sake!)  

This show never stopped being about family.  Certain fans’ definition of family is just too narrow.

OUAT and Non-Consensual Stuff

Prompt: (Anon)– What is your opinion on OUaT and rape culture. It’s seems as though the creators actively ignore the fact that many of their story lines overlook and/or romanticize rape and other matters of forced consent. Examples include: Regina’s arranged marriage to the king, Regina taking Graham’s heart and having a sexual relationship with him, Zelena impersonating Robin’s wife in order to get pregnant, Arthur magically controlling Guinevere, and Emma turning Hook into a dark one. Your thoughts?

I disagree– I think the show has done a good job consistently and explicitly showing that anything non-consensual is wrong; to argue that OUAT “romanticizes” abuse is like saying Requiem for a Dream “romanticizes” drug use or Road Runner cartoons “promote” ACME products. Showing something on-screen does not mean promoting it, and I think we can acquit OUAT of this charge because the show:

  • Shows abusive and non-consensual actions on-screen
  • Shows the bad consequences for the victims
  • Shows the effect of abusive actions on the abusers
  • Punishes villains for non-consensual actions/attitudes within the context of the show
  • Calls out problematic aspects of ships, no matter how popular

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Do something against someone’s will, get a dose of dark magic

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The Kids are Countries during World War 2 (and possibly for the rest of history)

Maya: Matthews, we know everything you teach is about us, but this is just lazy.

Cory: I don’t have the time. I’m going right for it. You don’t think I can mash this up with the end of World War 2 if I wanted to? America loves Russia. Then America doesn’t love Russia. Japan loves France now. Japan asks France to go bowling. So they go on a couple of dates. But then Japan says to France “I just want to be friends.” So France says “I got enough friends.” So they try to be civil with each other, but there’s a certain chill while they’re hanging out by the lockers. There’s a chill! You don’t think everyone in this room is going bowling with everybody else at some point? Riley, Maya, and Lucas is all about everybody in this room in every room in the whole world and the universe. They just got there first! The jerks!

- Girl Meets Texas Part 3

Riley: There are no coincidences, Maya. A coincidence is just the universe’s way of saying “Hi!”

- Girl Meets Belief

Each of the kids represents two countries in World War 2 having both good and bad connections. Because they are fighting a war against themselves as well, or to put it another way: a civil war. (GMW Pilot) Now, I know this is a lot to go on, and it requires work and effort to see everything, but remember Michael Jacobs said the biggest clue is in the pilot. He could have said there was a clue in the pilot, but he said ‘biggest’ which implies there are more clues throughout the show. I believe I’ve found some of them. The show has been telling us to look closer and don’t assume. It did so all throughout season 1. Here is a picture from GM Popular:

“Study can help you put it all together.” Study the show, and you will find clues. By the way, some of those pieces in the puzzle are pentominoes. Pentominoes were important to a subplot in Arthur C. Clarke’s novel Imperial Earth. (I’m not entirely sure that’s important, but it was interesting to discover so yay for knowledge!)

References to wars have been throughout the show in almost every episode. From GM Game Night.

Lucas: It’s amazing that people so close can go to war.

Farkle: Luckily, it’s all history and not our real lives. 

That’s a huge anvil wanting you to know that these friends are about to go to war. Keep reading to find out which kid is which country if you believe I may have a point, and be aware it could be telling you how the story will go if you know your history & believe Cory’s above quote is foretelling. I know some of these things you may know on your own, but I’ve explained them anyway to illustrate my point.

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hilary’s smartass guide to the episode: 5x06

right, well. i can safely presume i will never be watching that one again. ouat is usually a highlight of my day to watch – that was a chore. i kept checking to see how much time was left because really. eck.

that said, important stuff (including some VERY important stuff) did happen among the vomitus, so there you go. also if you’re a belle or rumple fan, you might want to stop reading now, because i can assure you this is not going to be kind to them.

  • because literally belle. “emma and rumple are the same!!! totally the same!!! i don’t want to help emma if it might hurt poor rumple! who has totally not hurt everyone in this town a thousand times!!!” thank you, killian, for putting “ur wrong bitch” in about the most diplomatic terms imaginable. also important to remind us: rumple has had many, many chances, and he has failed at each of them. he failed at this one too, but in a more complicated way than before. we’ll get to that.
  • belle flounces off, nobody misses her. lol.
  • awww regina you’re being downright nice to killian this episode. the worst thing she called him was “pirate” and never with a snappy tone. you like him. i know you like him. it’s cool.
  • surprisingly poignant scene between emma and zelena. emma brings up the fact that she knows what it’s like to be pregnant and alone in jail; zelena warns her of the dangers of alienating your own child and what it does to you (speaking from experience re: cora). emma tries to offer her a deal: wield merlin’s wand and she’ll let her go free.  i have a strong hunch as to what emma wanted zelena to DO with the wand, but we’ll get there in a second. also, zelena had the DING DING DING ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION line in the episode: “the difference between me and you, emma, is that i don’t mind being alone.”
  • that right there is what this is going to come down to. zelena likes being by herself. emma hates it. emma hates being apart from her family and friends and loved ones, and it ultimately is going to be what pulls her back from the brink. emma doesn’t deny it; she can’t. she didn’t set out to be DO to be alone; quite the opposite. she was trying to KEEP her family and friends, and it isn’t working.
  • merida’s hot ginger brothers: definite highlight of the episode. yeah, it was one of those where standards were low.
  • king arthur was shady as per usual, everyone FINALLY twigged on that he’s a pretty asshole, and henry had a good line about recognizing that the DO is NOT emma, and that his real mother is in there somewhere. so he has perspective on it, and also proves that zelena is wrong (ding ding ding). zelena says some things can’t be forgiven, but henry is ready to show that even these kind of deeds CAN. not in a “you never did them lalala” kind of way, but in using love and compassion to help emma overcome the demon.

now, onto the rumple/merida/belle stuff because that really needs its own section and because this is the part of the episode that needed paying attention to, or at least some of it:

  • sorry, but not even for analysis purposes can i sit through RB and rumple weeping about how he’s a terrible person who made terrible choices (but you know, he ain’t wrong). plus belle is so wildly contradictory within the same episode; her writing is as shit as usual. at the start she won’t help the heroes if it threatens rumple; in the car with rumple trying to book the fuck out, she won’t stay with him because “there are people we care about still in this town.” lol what people????? the ones who you just ditched because everything they’ve gone through at rumple’s hands wasn’t enough to make you stick with them?? belle you give me headaches. i was actively rooting for merida to eat your ass when she turned into a bear, and/or shoot you in the face. this is not how i am supposed to feel but YOU’RE JUST SO INFURIATING.
  • okay so. MOST IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY FROM THIS EPISODE IS THIS. THE DARK ONE/EMMA KNEW THAT RUMPLE COULD PULL THE SWORD OUT. remember, a) rumple is neither hero nor villain, he is nothing. he has no moral effect one way or another. we had it established again last episode that excalibur’s power depends on its wielder. otherwise, it’s just a “broken sword” that can’t hurt anyone.
  • so the reason emma gave merida’s heart back and said “i’m done with this” is because she had successfully forced rumple to make the absolute minimum amount of effort (lying on his back blindly throwing sand at merida, to which belle of course was like “you saved meeeeee!” LITERALLY BELLE SHUT UP anyway i am getting distracted). the whole point of this is that RUMPLE IS A FAKE HERO. nothing he did in the entire episode was by his choice. it was him being pinned with his back against the wall blindly flailing to do just enough to pull the sword out without turning to ash. it doesn’t have his name on it; he has no effect. excalibur is out, but it is useless. it has no power to destroy light or dark. rumple, the pawn, did his job.
  • THIS IS WHY EMMA WANTS ZELENA TO WIELD THE WAND! SHE WANTS ZELENA TO PUT MERLIN’S MAGIC BACK INTO THE BROKEN SWORD! emma knows that all she needed to do was to force rumple to be just good enough to get the sword out. now she wants to put the magic in it with the wand. SHE IS DOING ALL THIS TO TRY TO AVOID PAYING THE REAL PRICE (A LIFE… COUGH COUGH KILLIAN’S LIFE) AND IT’S GONNA BACKFIRE!
  • if excalibur is going to DO anything, whether destroy the light or the darkness alike, it needs real power. (aka killian). killian is the one who has already been drawn to it; we saw regina stopping him from grabbing it last episode. we saw rumple grabbing it this episode. THEY ARE FAKING YOU OUT.  THAT’S BECAUSE NOTHING IMPORTANT HAPPENED WHEN RUMPLE GRABBED IT AND SOMETHING IMPORTANT WILL HAPPEN WHEN KILLIAN DOES. remember, THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY APPEAR. this is continuing the idea that rumple is going to be the one to wield it: he’s not. he has done what he needed to do. REMEMBER, EXCALIBUR SUPPOSEDLY THOUGHT ARTHUR WAS A HERO! ARTHUR! ARTHUR IS NOT A HERO! SO THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO GO BY!
  • once again: excalibur is just a broken sword, except now it’s out of the stone. that is the only thing that changed. emma can use it as a nice paperweight; that’s all about it’s currently good for. she wants zelena to use merlin’s magic to put the sword halves together. she wants to do all this trying to cheat the price.
  • that’s why they brought up merlin’s warning/had emma remember it. trying to use lies and dark magic to trick her way into reuniting excalibur is going to have the gravest of consequences. she has to lose her TL ahem.
  • speaking of which: i am increasingly convinced that nimue is indeed the caster of the dark curse, and she used merlin’s heart (noooo). when merlin was talking about “the dark one” finding him, everyone thought it meant emma. killian says “what the hell did emma do to him.” but methinks this doesn’t mean emma, it means nimue herself, the original DO. remember, henry was just there to make the separation between the person who ripped out violet’s heart (the dark one) and emma herself, who he knows would never have hurt him like that.
  • (BROCH)
  • (oh merida i’m so sorry you deserve better than that dishrag)
  • (no but belle put my teeth on edge this entire episode SHE’S SUCH A WASTE OF A GOOD WARDROBE, WHYYYYYYY)
  • just…. go away belle, please
  • preferably forever
“Family isn’t about blood ... it is a bond far stronger than mere genetics”- Ingrid (04x07)

Recently in the OUAT fandom there’s been a lot of discussion about OUAT losing it’s focus - that it once was a family show and now it’s all about romance.

But family on OUAT - at least according to the fandom - isn’t about blood. It’s about choice.  On OUAT being a family is about choosing to love someone, choosing to make them a permanent part of your life. On OUAT family always saves one another; family always finds one another. 

These themes have been echoed throughout the series as we have seen Emma’s family grow via familial, platonic, and romantic love:

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Bullet Points: Leap of Faith

Birth–part 3 (part 1-2 here and here)

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

1. So the establishing shot of this act is a picture of Gold’s sign from above, which gives it an air of overseeing. And the final shot of the first short scene is Killian asking what Emma wants from him with Gold’s sign framed perfectly over and above his shoulder. And it was Gold who set him off on a mission to find out what Emma is atoning for.

But  there are people still willing to believe Gold isn’t in this up to his eyeballs?? Ummmm…..ok.

As for me I say … BOING!!!!!!

2. I’m guessing the full moon behind Killian is gonna come into play again over the next few eps. “This will all be over tomorrow.” Has to have something to do with the phase of the moon.

3. In a very real way the exchange Emma has with RumpleDarkness! outside Granny’s mirrors the exchange she had with Merlin there last episode. 

Merlin told Emma that his life depended on her successfully recovering the spark and reforging Excalibur. RumpleDarkness! tells her his life (”Bad news for those of us that live in your head”) depends on her NOT succeeding in raising a flame and reforging Excalibur.

Merlin takes a laid back approach (No pressure) while RumpleDarkness! unsurprisingly uses the opposite method (just light it!) 

Their actions in the two scenes are completely opposite except for one thing … both are trying hard to influence Emma and get her to act in the way they want.


4. RumpleDarkness! and his imitation of Merlin. Heh. Just in case anyone wasn’t making the connection. Very subtle, show. BOING!!!!

5. It’s very interesting that Emma goes into soft focus twice in this scene. First when RumpleDarkness! references Arthur killing her and then when she talks about not wanting to risk the lives of her family. 

When it comes to issues of death and protecting her loved ones that’s where Emma feels the pull of the darkness.

Beautifully shot. And breathtaking foreshadowing. 

6. So let me get this straight–Henry believes that a home and a future with Hook will be all the motivation Emma needs to drive her to willingly rid herself of the darkness. To overcome the voices in her head telling her to embrace the darkness and to instead embrace the exact opposite.

And he’s so on board with the idea of Hook and Emma together that he’s all about helping find a house for them to share where they can build their future. A future he has clearly discussed with Hook. 

And he gave the project a name which we know he only does with the ones that are especially important to him. The ones that have to do with finding a happy ending.

Man is it dusty in here, or what?

7. It’s the knowledge that Killian is actively planning their future together, that he has faith they’ll get back to the white picket fence life, that gives Emma the strength and determination she needs to head for the forest to take on Arthur/Regina/Merlin. 

Before she found out about the house fighting didn’t seem to even be an option. She was all about raising the flame. But once she sees how hard Killian is still fighting for their future she decides to fight for it as well. 

Of course as has been the theme for this whole arc, her intentions are good but her decision sets off a domino effect that threatens to destroy the very thing she’s fighting to save. 

Still it’s important to note how his faith in her drives her to action. (Psssst…that’s gonna come up again later.)

8. Snow’s reaction to Emma’s arrival is fascinating. I wish we still had a town shrink because man I would love to know what’s going on in her head. Hopefully it becomes a little more clear over the next two eps and then into 5b.

9. “You will hand it over now or I unleash Merlin.” THIS is the exact moment Dark Swan is recalling when she hurls Arthur into a tree in the Teaser telling him Excalibur doesn’t control anyone now.

The important point here is we can begin to see what’s driving Emma’s anger and resentment in Storybrooke. We can draw a direct line from SB to Camelot. Dark Swan is lashing out at those people she feels caused her current predicament. 

At some point though, she’ll have to face the reality that part of the blame, certainly not all but part, lies in the fact that she thought she could control the darkness enough to use it “one last time”.

Welcome to the slippery slope, Emma. 

There’s no question her intentions and motivations were good, but by trying to achieve her ends by embracing the darkness, even temporarily (or so she thought) she’s headed down a dangerous path. Which is of course the larger point the show has been making through this entire arc–bad decisions made for good reasons are still bad decisions.

10. Zelena is feeling her oats now that she has her magic back and the first thing she decides to do is take on the Dark One?? Emma’s side eye makes it pretty clear Zelena just joined Arthur at the top of the list. Again, a direct line from Camelot to SB. Dark Swan is fine with the idea of sacrificing Zelena because of the role Zelena played in everything that comes after in Camelot.

11. I adore the glee with which Zelena reads Hansel and Gretel. She is wicked in the best possible way.

12. Thank heavens for the magical onion rings because I am so ready for this baby to be born. Pregnancy storylines have never been my thing.

13. Nurse Ratchett cracks me up EVERY TIME but maybe that’s just because I’ve seen Cuckoo’s Nest like 20 times.

14. “Whose dark magic?” Ok I get that this is shocking Regina but the choices are pretty limited at this point, no?? 

15. Killian’s desperation to know the truth ultimately drives him to step off the roof. His faith in Emma is so strong that not only does he know she’ll save him but he believes it can withstand whatever she tells him about what happened in Camelot.

And this is really the crux of the matter going forward. Faith so strong it allows you to step off the roof of a building doesn’t just disappear in a puff of smoke. It is too strong a force to be destroyed by one act. Faith like that can be shaken but ultimately given time to find its feet it will come back stronger than ever.

Killian has tried “tough love” as it were and the success hasn’t been what he hoped for. He needs his Emma back on a level so primal he believes there is nothing she could say to him that can’t be overcome. 

This scene matters for a couple of VERY important reasons. First and foremost of course it sets up the emotional gut punch to come. But more than that it clearly establishes where Killian’s heart and soul stand. They stand firmly with Emma. His love for her is the thing of … oh let’s just say perfect fairytale true love. 

Anyone concerned that’s going to disappear is worrying for no reason at all.

16. Killian telling her he already forgives her for whatever happened in Camelot and her insistence she doesn’t need forgiveness sets up the emotional maelstrom to come beautifully. He can’t imagine anything as big as what’s coming at him and she is resolute she’d do the same thing again. 

There’s been a point in every one of the last few eps when I wanted to start watching between my fingers because the sense of something really bad coming down the pike was built so beautifully and so seamlessly into every aspect of the story from dialogue to writing to blocking to shot framing that I knew a gut punch was inevitable.

THAT was the exchange that did it in this ep. Because it was clear it would come back and be pretty much the opposite of what was stated.   

17. “I was a pirate for hundreds of years.” Interesting when viewed against the background of the somewhat fluid Camelot timeline. 

18. It’s not accidental that when Killian is telling Emma the stories of Barnaby and Edgar he looks her right in the eye but he can’t do the same when he’s talking about Liam’s ring. Clearly there’s more to the story. We definitely haven’t seen the end of the ring.

19. “All sins can be forgiven when someone loves you.” Killian needed to learn to forgive himself and Emma’s love helped him achieve that. BOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20. Killian telling her he was wrong and he does love her isn’t about him giving up on the idea of ridding her of the darkness. Of course he still wants to do that. But by examining the role love played in helping him overcome his own darkness he now understands it’s the most powerful weapon in helping Emma. 

Letting himself love her completely, the light and the dark, is showing her the depth of his faith in her and their love. It is a SPECTACULAR moment.

21. “There’s something I need to show you.” Once again his faith in her, his willingness to open up about his past and trust she’ll understand and accept it, gives her the strength to do what she needs to do. 

22. Let’s just tally up the leaps of faith in this act shall we? Killian picks out a white picket fence house to share with Emma in a leap of faith they can get back there, Henry takes a leap of faith that Killian’s actions will motivate Emma, Emma takes a leap of faith that she can control the darkness enough to use it one more time, Hook takes a literal leap of faith off the roof, He also takes a leap of faith in telling Emma the story behind the rings, and Emma takes a leap of faith he means what he says about loving her no matter what and agrees to reveal what happened in Camelot. BOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23. Just like Emma isn’t revealing the entire truth at this point I think Killian’s inability to meet her eyes when talking about Liam indicates he isn’t either. And it’s something more than just guilt over Liam’s death or the pain of a sad memory. I’m guessing Emma isn’t the only one with a skeleton about to come dancing out of the closet.