just because people with power feared him

Marty and Jack

I’ve been thinking a lot about Jack coming out to Marty and just, we know it was meaningful for Jack, obviously, but it must have meant a hell of a lot to Marty, too.

-just think about how hard Marty was obviously working to reach out to Jack: Jack had cancelled on/declined dinner at Marty’s *multiple* times

-we know how introverted Jack is, and how he can have a hard time warming up to people

-the fact that he’s hiding not only his sexuality but a relationship that is very central to how he lives his life means Jack probably avoids a lot of social situations for fear of giving himself away, even moreso than he might have done otherwise

- Marty sees this social reticence, but he’s at least willing to give Jack the benefit of the doubt because he keeps trying. He is both friendly and persistent.

So how powerful must it have been for Marty to have Jack trust him in this huge way? Marty could easily have just decided that Jack was great on the ice and a Good Dude to have on your team, but not worth the effort socially. Instead he just keeps trying. It must have been so validating for all that patience and kindness to lead to this moment of “Here is my truth. You could use it to hurt me, but I trust that you won’t.” Then he gets to see Jack with Bitty and see that he CAN be so much more uninhibited and just joyful, and it’s all just so fucking beautiful.

Your wife is hot part 2 - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : The Justice League is coming over at Wayne’s mansion for a barbecue…

Someone asked for a part two, so here’s a part two …Hope you’ll enjoy :s

Part one


You didn’t really expect the Leaguers to take you up on your barbecue offer…but they did. And this times, they were all here. Fortunately, Wayne mansion’s garden was massive. And with multiple trips to shops, Alfred you and your boys were able to bring enough food of all kind that it was all good. 

Except that you were stressed, yet again. So many superheroes in the same place, wasn’t it a bit of bad luck ? Like asking for a catastrophe to happen ? Oh my God, what if a major world threat arrived in your garden and started to destroy everything ?

You felt an arm go around your shoulder, and, instantly recognizing it, you wrapped your own arm around his waist. 

Bruce. Your Bruce. You snuggle into his side. 

-Are you nervous again ? 

-Is that this obvious ? 

-Only to me, I know you darling. 

You smiled to him and went on your tip toe to kiss him. Even on your tippy toes though, you were too short and he bent forward to meet your lips. Fucking giant man. 

-It’s going to be alright. They know they should leave you alone, they might be all more powerful than me physically, but they know better than to actually piss me off. You know, I got plans to take them down.

You laughed, and he smiled at you. He loved your laugh. 

-Alright mister I’m-smarter-than-everyone-and-I-always-have-a-plan, alright. I’ll try to relax, and if anyone bothers me, I’ll just point at you and take a menacing look. 

-Atta girl. 

You both laughed, and he squeezed you a bit closer to him. You two watched your sons help Alfred settings tables full of food and such as you waited for your first guests. 


Of course, Flash arrived first. All of the flashes. The original, Jay Garrick, the current Flash, Barry Allen, and his sidekick (also best friends with your eldest son), Wally West, aka Kid Flash. 

You hugged Wally, he was a lot around the mansion. And you shook Jay’s and Barry’s hand. The latter was avoiding your gaze, remembering the punch he received from your husband, and you gave a scolding look to Bruce. He just shrugged and gave you the “bat smirk”. You couldn’t help but smile too. Especially since, once again, you felt Barry shiver as you shook his hand. 

Slowly but surely, all of the leaguers arrived…it was time. 


You thought your organization of the barbecue wasn’t half bad. Everyone had food and drinks, and talked to each other, just happy to have a day off with friends without having to save the World and almost dying. You prayed nothing would happen today that required the Justice League assistance…

You met so many people that your head was starting to spin. You knew them all, and were quite proud when you could call all of them by their given names. They all had heard of you from the few leaguers who came to visit the mansion a few months ago, and were so damn curious. Especially since you were the one that made Batman jealous of Flash, going to the extent of him getting punch in the face by Bruce because he kept insisting on the fact that you were hot. 

It wasn’t as bad as you thought it was gonna be. Your husband did gave the “bat glare” to a lot of his partners, both men and women, because they had “the spark” in their eyes when they looked at you, but it was fine, because none of them actually dared to flirt the slightest bit with you. But your natural aura was shining so brightly that a lot couldn’t help but have “the spark”. 

It had been like that all your life, and you were used to it. Even though you probably would never be too fond of the attention. You never wanted to be the center of attention, or to be envied because you often were. You just wanted to be you. But no matter what, it seemed people just wanted to talk to you, to be around you. You were so damn likable. And though you weren’t the most beautiful women in the World, hell, the most beautiful women present at this barbecue, your charming ways were just freaking hot. 

But again, fearing the wrath of the Batman, even though most people here were more powerful than him, no one dared to say anything. They still asked questions about your relationship though, it was too interesting to pass on it.

You had told the story of your meeting with Bruce about ten times when your eldest son, Dick, went to your rescue. 

-I’m sorry everyone, I’d like my mom to meet my friends.

And without waiting for their response, he took you away. 

-Thank you honey. 

Dick smiled at you and gave you a knowing look. 

Your sons’ friends were all so sweet, you kinda wanted to adopt them all. You discovered you enjoyed their conversation even better than the one you had with adults, and they made you laugh quite a bit. They didn’t ask about you and Bruce, though you were pretty sure it was because your sons told them everything already. 

You thought it was extremely cute how Damian glared at some of his friends for looking at you with a bit too much insistence. He was like a tiny Bruce, cute cute cute. He made Conner (Superboy) and Kaldur (Aqualad) uneasy by staring at them until they’d quit looking at you. You didn’t say anything though, they were teenagers, their hormones were probably going haywire. You felt a bit awkward though when Shazam kinda hit on you…Because he looked like a grown man, but you knew he was just about Damian’s age, and it made you feel highly uncomfortable. Your youngest son punched him in the face (not really hurting him) and warned him to never EVER flirt again with you…You didn’t know if you should thanks your son because really, it was awfully cute how he protected you while his father was elsewhere, or if you should explain to him that hitting someone right in the face wasn’t exactly a good way to resolve conflict…You were about to say something but Dick was faster. He praised Damian for wanting to protect you, adding that you were perfectly able to defend yourself, and also scolded him for the punch. Perfect. A rush of pride washed over you as you looked at your sons talking, taking care of each other, and teaching lessons to one another…And it didn’t even turn into a full on war as Tim and Jason joined. Win. Such a win. 

At some point, Bruce came to take you away from the kids, and you went to sit down with him, Clark, Diana and J’onn at a table to eat a bit. The day was going pretty well…


You couldn’t remember who suggested it. Maybe one of the Young Justice kids ? Or was it Flash ? You didn’t know, but what you knew, is that you were in front of Arthur Curry (Aquaman), bat in hand, ready to hit the ball he was gonna throw to you, and run home. 

Baseball. You guys decided to play baseball. Of course, there was too many people, and some were forbidden to play anyway (like all of the Flash, they wouldn’t resist running fast around the field) because of their powers. And somehow, you found yourself in one of the teams. 

You shredded them. Destroyed them. Surprised all of them by your catching and batting skills. Whenever someone from the other team had a good hit, you’d get them out of the game either by catching the ball before it hit the ground, eliminating them right away, or either by throwing the ball to one of your teammates so fast that they’d touch the “enemy” before he or she could reach a base. And when you had a bat in hand, you only hit home runs. You were good. 

Bruce knew you were a boss at baseball, but of course didn’t tell anyone. He liked showing you off. Making others jealous because you were his. 

Flash was standing next to him, mouth opened, and Bruce couldn’t help but smile. He disliked the way Barry was staring at you, but it kinda felt good to know he didn’t stand a chance…Yeah,  maybe sometimes Bruce was a little bit of a prick. 

The game was over, and your team won, by far. Everyone cheered you, and congratulated Batman for being so lucky. He just smirked, and glared some more at some of his friends. And then you facepalmed, because of course Flash wasn’t going to stay quiet. As you came towards him and Bruce (and some others) that were standing on the side of your makeshift baseball field, not far from the swimming pool, you saw Bruce’s face drop. You never knew what Barry said, all you saw was Bruce preparing a mighty punch for the Flash…


A few seconds earlier : 

Barry Allen was never the kind of man to learn from his mistakes…Or rather, sometimes he forgot he already made a mistake, and so would do it again without really thinking. Like right now. 

-Wow, that was impressive. She’s good.

-I know. 

-Ok but Bruce, let’s all be honest for a second here. 

Bruce Looked at Flash suspiciously. He kinda felt like he knew what was gonna happen. With a serious look on his face, Barry got in trouble : 

-If you don’t want us to say your wife is hot, then maybe don’t let her do that kind of things. Cause seeing her win that game like that…that was damn hot

Long after, The Justice League would talk about that time they went to eat a barbecue at Batman’s house, and the Flash got hit so hard in the guts he fell in the pool with his clothes still on. 

lfcoffee  asked:

I feel like so many people are missing the underlying psychological point. He didnt realize he liked killing until that moment. It wasn't like a secret and he walked about thinking: "I can't let anyone know." He didn't know- and it probably isnt true; just a fear he has that Adrian manipulated him into feeling. But even if it is his ultimate buried truth: I keep reading people saying that they retconned his character and motivation, but that isn't right. He believed he did it to honor his dad

Agreed, agreed, agreed! 

This was a very subtle episode in that it required a lot of introspection not only on Oliver’s part but our part as the viewer. This wasn’t a surface episode, despite what it contained, despite the very outward torture happening. This was a callback episode to the entire series, to everything Oliver went through, to everything he’s built his life on. 

Despite the changes in his life, the people who have entered it and changed it, there was always this base belief inside him that something was wrong. We saw that last night. I think some part of him knew it, which is part of why he wanted to separate himself, why Talia was able to have him separate it. His immediate denial to Anatoly came from a place of fear, because he knows there’s something “wrong” with him, and that something is that he wants to kill people. If we think about everything he’s gone through, everything that was done to him, killing someone is a way to regain that control in his life, to pull himself back from the brink. He knows it’s wrong, but he can’t deny the power it gives him, he just can’t, because for so long he was so powerless in so many ways. 

And he honestly did believe he did those things to honor his father, absolutely! It was something he told himself, something he used to build his crusade on. Oliver’s journey is a series of very fine threads, all coming together to create the tapestry that is Oliver Queen. He is the small moments and the big moments and the bumps in the road along the way. (What a casual way to talk about the scarring mental and emotional trauma (and physical) that Oliver went through all these years.) It’s always, always going to be apart of him, but part of healing is ripping the scabs off those infected wounds and letting them heal properly. That’s what he did last night. 

Now Oliver has to step back and reevaluate his life, his motivation, his choices, and decide who he’s going to be. He can no longer tell himself he’s separating himself from the darkness because he is the darkness… except he doesn’t have to be. The last five years have been a lesson to him, teaching him that he has a choice. The Oliver we met in Season 1 felt like he didn’t have a choice - he had to separate or it would destroy him, and it would have then. But now, now he has the power and ability to wield it, to accept and make the choice to be better, to not kill, to not be the monster he spent all these years trying to keep in his cage.

In a lot of ways, Adrian helped Oliver. He just doesn’t realize it yet, and neither does Oliver. But he will.

I loved last night’s episode so much. I love Oliver Queen and last night simply cemented it all over again.

(I’m still so emotionally scattered after this episode, I’m still reeling from how powerful it was for me. It might have cemented my love for Oliver, but it also made me realize all over again just how emotionally tied to this goddamn character I am. So I’ve decided all of those feelings will be funneled back into Blood Hands, where I do all my proper over-thinking.)

When I wake up, I’m afraid...

Headcanon inspired by Afraid - The Neighbourhood. High school JiKook. Little angsty. I was convinced that this will take me like 1 - 2 pages. Nope. 5. Anyway. Here it is. Excuse any mistakes, will correct once again later (I always manage to miss something, somehow :<)

• Jungkook is the unofficial king of his high school. Sometimes he wonders how he even became one. He’s not mad rich, he doesn’t possess mind-blowing qualities, even his grades are just average.

• Nevertheless, there’s this thing about him that makes everyone fall into him; into his voice, his moves and even orders.

• Orders – that’s something he doesn’t like to give. But his group of friends, or, to use a better word, companions, are not letting him to just live without a single care. And he has a reputation to keep. That’s why everyone knows him – because they either respect him or fear him. There were people who didn’t belong in the first or the second group. Simply put, they ended badly.

• At first, Jungkook cared about other people, but as time passed he became immune. He wasn’t always a bad person, but he enjoyed power too much to just let it go, just so his weak heart would beat peacefully.

• He had everything he wanted at this point of teenage life. Still, there was something missing within him. It made Jungkook mad. He hated when he felt weak and now it’s been weeks he felt like there’s a wound in him, deep, bloody, getting wider every day. He felt unsatisfied.

• He never let himself to think about it for longer than just a glimpse of a moment, but under his demeanor of a leader dwells a universe full of insecurities. Aggression, sadness, anxiety – emotional cocktail of confused growing up man.

• With every day he starts to become more and more paranoid, clinging into high school like it was his whole world. But he realizes that this will end one day and he will be nothing again. Powerless. Loser.

• Maybe it’s karma, punishing him for all the people he ever bullied and humiliated. But on that Tuesday he suddenly breaks down. He and few of his classmates cornered this guy and beat him up really badly. Over the blood flowing from his nose, he just smiled. “You think this is real life? Wake up you prick. Once high school ends you’ll probably lose your mind, huh?” Jungkook flinches, but keeps his face stern. It was like this guy was reading out loud his recent fears. “And a little fun fact: no one likes you, anyway. I know you probably think they do. But everyone despise you. Even your friends.”

• Jungkook kicks the guy in his knee, causing him to drop down on the floor. He sees his classmates finishing him off as he turns over and with quick, large steps walks towards one of the less used bathrooms.

• He knocks the door to the stall open and throws up. He feels almost insane as he starts shaking, bile stinging on his tongue.

• He tries to recollect himself, but as he sees his pathetic face in the mirror, chopped lips, red teary eyes caused by all the vomiting and pale cheeks, he simply can’t. His hands turn into fists and he clenches them hard before punching dirty tiles on his left. Pain shots up his arm, knuckles protesting, but he doesn’t stop.

• All he sees is red and black, falling in and out of consciousness as he repeatedly hits those tiles with both hands. He doesn’t know how, but suddenly he lets his body slide by one of the stalls. Jungkook realizes he’s sobbing.

• God, if someone walked in right now, he would be so done. So, so done. But no one does, just…

• “Ehmm, sorry?” soft quiet voice suddenly enters Jungkook’s ears and he jolts. What the fuck? He was just looking at the door, nobody entered, so…

• “Are you ‘kay?” Jungkook looks over the second stall, the one that was closed when he stormed in. The voice is coming from there. Oh Jesus, how could he be so fucking stupid to not check it before all of this?

• “Looks like I’m okay?” He growls. “Did you enjoy all of this without saying a shit?”

• There’s shuffling in that stall and the person is quiet for a while before he responds.

• “Sorry. I didn’t want to interrupt you and then I was going to wait until you leave, but now I have a class and I should really go.”

• Jungkook can’t believe it. He’s angry, and at the same time exhausted. “Do you know who I am?” Maybe the person didn’t look or something, he hopes.

• Person in the stall coughs. “I think so, yeah.”

• “Well then fucking keep your mouth shout about this if you want to live.” Those words sound much stronger than Jungkook feels. As he hears the stall opening, he drops his head low, so he wouldn’t have to see stranger’s, probably amused, face. He hears footsteps and door opening. Jungkook sighs.

• Suddenly, he hears door closing and footsteps coming towards him. Before he realizes it, hands are cupping his cheeks and someone crouches in front of him. He flinches, trying to get away, but the person won’t let go. His touch is soft but steady. “What the fuck?!”

• Jungkook blinks and looks at the person in front of him. Kind, curious eyes are staring back at him, full lips glued together in worried expression. “What are you doing?” Jungkook’s voice is suddenly a whisper.

• That boy in front of him speaks with the same soft voice as before, when he talked to him out of the stall. “I think I can skip that class…” Jungkook stares at those brown eyes, trying to find sign of mockery in them. But he can’t find anything like that there. The boy in front of him frowns. “Or I don’t have to… I just thought you needed someone.”

• Jungkook doesn’t say a thing; he just closes his eyes and leans into the gentle touch of the other one’s palms and the unknown boy stays silent, too. After few minutes he pulls Jungkook into a hug, brushing his hair with his fingers. Jungkook just lets him, feeling his eyes getting wet again.

• When they say their goodbye hours later, Jungkook feels uneasy. “How can I trust you?” Other one just shrugs. “You can’t, probably. You just need to wait and see. Call me, if you want to talk.”

• Jungkook is a mess the few next days, just waiting to be publicly humiliated. Nothing like that happens, though.

• He never really trusted somebody, never believed that someone could be able to not betray him. But now, Jungkook finds himself trusting Jimin – that’s the name of the boy – more and more each day. He feels his guts shaking when he thinks about it – what if Jimin just waits for the right moment? He has no reason to be like this towards him.

• But Jungkook just cannot help himself. He started to trust Jimin the second he closed his eyes and held Jimin’s hand that rested on his face, in fear that he might let go (his hand was tender, warm and very calming).

• More trust was wrenching his insides just moments later – when Jimin went through his bag and found tissues, then soaked them in water and without a word gently cleared Jungkook’s wounded knuckles.

• And when Jimin hugged him, Jungkook almost lost his mind. Even days later he could smell scent of Jimin’s hair; he could feel Jimin’s warmth on his body. And every day, when he realized how vulnerable he is for Jimin, his chest threatened to burst.

• Jimin was always too understanding for his own good. He knew it. But when it came to Jungkook, he felt something radiating out of the younger boy. He could never explain it, he just felt Jungkook isn’t a bad kid and he needs him. Honestly, he had no idea why he reacted like that when he was supposed to leave those toilets with Jungkook sitting on the floor, looking desperate. Fear rushed through his body as he held Jungkook’s face, but it was quickly altered with calmness after Jungkook’s movements made it clear it’s okay.

• So Jimin never expected Jungkook to acknowledge him at the school halls. He knew Jungkook is not really confident about their friendship and fears any interaction with anyone outside his group. When they pass by each other, they just look briefly at each other and process in their ways.

• Jungkook reached out to Jimin on the second day after their bathroom encounter. He just wanted a friend. Despite his uneasiness, he wanted to trust someone so badly.

• Jimin always took Jungkook’s hand when he reached it towards him, pleading, yet without any expectations.

• They start to share things about their lives with each other. Little things at first, but as days pass, once Jungkook, once Jimin share their deeper thoughts.

• After just three weeks Jungkook knows more about Jimin than about anyone, besides his family members. And even when it wasn’t easy for Jungkook, he opened up to Jimin as he never did to anyone, before.

• They call, they text and hang out when they can. Jimin sometimes wondered about Jungkook, hurting him, too. What if one day Jungkook will be fed up with him and uses all of those things he knows against him?

• These doubts are definitely answered by Jungkook on one day. Jimin just told him he feels shitty after fighting both with his mother and brother, and he’d rather not talk with Jungkook now. An hour later Jungkook calls him from under Jimin’s window, holding some junk food and waving at Jimin.

• “How did you even know where I live?” Jungkook looks at him like he’s an idiot. “You told me once, don’t you remember?”

• They spend next five hours watching movies and eating. Meanwhile, Jimin tells Jungkook all about that fight. Jungkook doesn’t say anything; he just reaches out and hugs Jimin. Jimin never thought about it, but now he’s getting lost in scent of Jungkook’s hair the same way Jungkook did in his those months ago.

• They stay like that for the rest of night, too comfortable to let go.

• Jungkook realizes that his imaginary wound is almost gone, no more emptiness in his chest. He feels satisfied ever since he befriended Jimin.

• Slowly, he starts to drift away from his classmates and – so called – friends. Nobody understands what’s happening with him, but now, for change, Jungkook doesn’t care. He completely stops ignoring Jimin in school; now it’s almost impossible for Jimin to move without Jungkook by his side.

• Jimin’s not complaining. He introduced Jungkook to few of his senior friends and they slowly started to accept him.

• Towards the end of school year and Jimin’s graduation, Jungkook has real friends for a first time. They were skeptical at first, but after all, they trusted Jimin more than mistrusted Jungkook. Exceptionally Taehyung fell in love with Jungkook’s nature – his real nature, that kind one. As Jungkook lies in bed one night, he realizes he’s happy.

• Jimin’s graduation is coming in two weeks and he’s gonna leave for college after a month.

• Not only him, but all of his and now Jungkook’s friends, too. But they aren’t the problem. Jimin is.

• Jungkook starts to be anxious and nervous again. No longer was he calm when they ate ice cream with Jimin, watching some stupid anime. No longer had he let himself to smell Jimin’s hair when they hugged. He couldn’t. This will be gone, and while Jimin didn’t betray him, his heart feels terribly hurt.

• For whole three days he avoids Jimin. It’s honestly almost ridiculous. On top of this all, Jungkook was confused as fuck when he realized how different those feels towards Jimin are from those towards rest of their friends.

• He tried to reason with himself that it’s just the fact that Jimin didn’t give up on him on that Tuesday six months ago. “Jimin is just your first real friend after years, that’s it. Calm down.”  

• But, despite the fact he never loved someone in that way, he knows that’s not the reason he acts and feels like this. He’s in love with Jimin. That’s why this all hurts so much.

• Jimin’s not okay with all this, either. After Jungkook ignored him for days, he starts to wonder if he did something wrong. Maybe it was something he said? He hurts a little, too. Maybe Jungkook realized how much Jimin likes him and that’s the reason he avoids him? Jimin made sure to never reveal that he likes the younger one more than just a used-to-be-a-jerk friend. But…

• On fifth day Jimin has just enough and storms in Jungkook’s apartment after calling his brother to make sure someone will open him, because Jungkook probably wouldn’t.

• “What the fuck is going on, now?” Jimin stands in Jungkook’s door, staring down at Jungkook. He was laying in bed and something, really sounding like after break-up ballads, was playing in the background. When Jungkook notices Jimin, he sits straight up.

• “Who let you in?!” He demands, turning off the music.

• “Your brother. I called him because I knew you wouldn’t open. What the fuck, Jungkook?“

• “You can leave now. I’m not in a mood for this shit,” Jungkook almost pouts. Jimin’s having none of it. With two steps he’s near Jungkook, sitting down next to him on the bed.

• “Don’t you dare to be an ass to me now.” Jimin grabs Jungkook’s hand and he doesn’t pull away. “Kook… can you tell me what’s going on? Did I do something?”

• Jungkook shakes his head in disbelief. Of course Jimin didn’t do anything, how can he think something like that? It was all him, not being capable to control his freaking feelings and hurt.

• “It’s just that this ends… you know, you’ll leave. You will meet new people at college. And I… I’m gonna stay.” Not even for a second he looks over at Jimin. He just doesn’t want to see his reaction after this embarrassing and childish confession.

• Jimin’s grip on his hand strengthens. “This was it? This whole time?” He chuckles, but falls silent very quick after noticing Jungkook’s serious expression. With his free hand he makes Jungkook look at him. Younger one still tries to avoid his gaze. “We have another month. And my new college is just an hour by train or car. Not even mentioning you’ll be joining me in just a year.”

• “But…” Jungkook now looks Jimin in the eye. His cheeks are pink now, but Jimin thinks he’s probably just imagining it. “You won’t be at school. It won’t be the same. I… over those months,” Jungkook averts his gaze again, pink in his cheeks intensifying, “I changed. I owe you so much and… I’ve never met a person like you. I’ve never had a friend… well…”

• Jimin feels his heart beating a little faster, unsure. But, same way as he knew Jungkook is not a bad person, he somehow senses there’s more. He just needs to ask.  

• “Jungkook,” he stares in Jungkook’s eyes which are now locked with his. “I’m sorry if this is uncomfortable for you, but… is there a chance you like me?” Jungkook blinks and now Jimin’s almost sure he’s not imagining the redness in younger’s face. “You know… maybe, more than just a friend?”

• Jungkook focuses his gaze behind Jimin with shocked expression. That confuses Jimin. He looks over his shoulder to see what captured Jungkook’s attention, and just as he’s turning his head around, he feels touch of Jungkook’s lips on his. Jimin closes his eyes and lets his heart to try and burst out of his ribs. It’s a sweet kiss, gentle, almost shy. After a while, Jungkook pulls away.

• “Yes, there might be a chance. A huge one, actually,” he has no idea where he got the confidence to do and say this, but he doesn’t have a chance to feel nervous about it, because Jimin smiles with the most beautiful smile of his and his eyes are staring at Jungkook with the same amount of softness they did on the first day they met.

• “You have no idea how happy you just made me,” murmurs Jimin and tugs Jungkook in a tight hug at first, quickly pulling away and kissing him again. This time it’s not a shy kiss at all.

Just a Girl-Part Two

Originally posted by thecworiginals

Summary: Klaus is the original hybrid and (Y/N) is a normal human being. He’ll do anything for power but she’ll do anything to save the man and the city she loves.

Klaus Mikaelson x Reader

(Y/N)= Your Name
(Y/L/N)= Your Last Name
(Y/S/N)= Your Sisters Name

Requested: IDK

Part One


Characters: Reader, Klaus Mikaelson, Rebecca Mikaelson, Marcel, and Sophie Deveraux

Characters thoughts

Next: Me, You, Us-Part Two
Readers POV:
Klaus Mikaelson, the name people dared to say. The hybrid that could empty out a whole room with just the look in his eyes. People say he’s a ruthless killer only looking for power but they didn’t know him like I did.

I knew there was more to him then the guy that people feared and hated. I knew that deep down he wasn’t the killer Hybrid that people thought he was, but Klaus being Klaus wanted to prove that he was what everyone expected him to be. A killer…

I knew Klaus wasn’t like that, not because he would talk to me but because he showed me who he really was. Yes he was a killer at times but when you actually look deeper he was only trying to protect his family…

So is protecting the people you love, good or bad?
He was always there looking off into the distance, drowning his sorrows, having the time of his life with Marcel. I don’t know why but he intrigued me in ways I can’t explain.

But from what I heard from Soph I knew I had to stay far away from him. But that was kind of impossible when you work at the only bar in the French quarter and when you couldn’t stop thinking about him.

I finish my last set of rounds and walk into the staff room to collect my gear. I open the door and walk to my locker grabbing my handbag and coat. I look for my phone and check to see if I have any messages from my sister or anyone that I know.

To: (Y/N)
From: (Y/S/N)
I’ll be coming home later than I expected. Just get you something for dinner.

To: (Y/S/N)
From: (Y/N)
Okay. Well, I’ll see you in the morning.

I place my phone into my back pocket and walk towards the door. I shut the door once I exit the staff room and make my way into the bar.

“Bye Soph, I’ll see you tomorrow” I say and wave at her. I look around the bar to see if Klaus was still there but when I continued to look around he was nowhere in sight. I sigh in relief and look at Soph waiting for a reply.

“Bye, (Y/N). Get home safe okay” She replies and waves back at me before going back to what she was doing.

“Will do” I reply and before walking towards the door and then proceeding to walk towards my car. I search my bag to look for my car keys but as I continue to look I couldn’t find them. I look through my bag once more but they were nowhere in sight. I groan in annoyance and turn around to walk to the bar to see if I left them there.

“You know, love. You should be more careful with your keys” I hear a familiar voice say behind me.

I jump and place my hand onto my chest checking if my heart was still pumping. I turn around to see Klaus behind me with my car keys. I sigh in relief and fold my arms in front of my chest.

“It’s not nice to sneak up on someone. How’d you get my keys anyway?” I say and try to grab them back. But each time I tried he would always move his hand or he would move away from me.

“Like I said you should be more careful with them” He replies and starts walking around me. I look at him weirdly and start to walk away. But when I look up he was right in front of me, with that devilish smirk of his.

“How’d you do that?” I ask and look at him utterly confused. He looks into my eyes and I feel this sudden feeling take over my entire body.

“I want you to forgive Marcel for what he done to you. You will go back to him and act like nothing happened” he says, I could feel his breathe against my skin as he continued to look into my eyes. I nod in response and continue to look into those brown cold eyes.

“Why should I forgive him? Wouldn’t you be angry at the girl you loved so much, the girl you told everything to, the girl you poured your heart and soul to. Just rip everything apart for someone else. Wouldn’t you feel somewhat angry and broken for that” I ask and continue to look into those cold brown eyes.

“Oh love, now this is not about me but about you” he says with that devilish smirk of his. He starts to walk around me in a circle, hands placed behind his back.

“Why me? I’m just a normal girl” I ask and stand there confused. He walks around me once more and suddenly stops.  

“That’s just it, love. You’re just a girl, a human. He wouldn’t expect something from you now would he” he says. He turns on his heels and like a flash of lightning he stands right in front of me.

“Leave, your keys will be in your bag and you didn’t see me” he says and with that he was nowhere in sight. I felt this slight bit of pain and place my fingertips on my temples, massaging them to ease the pain.

I look into my bag for my car keys and found them next to my purse. I sigh in relief and continue to walk towards my car.  
*The next day*

I woke up to the sound of my alarm, the feeling of regret takes over my body. I turn off my alarm and lay there looking at the white ceiling, contemplating my life for about five to ten minutes. I get up my feet hit the cold wooden floor brining chills to my body. I grab my coat and put on my slippers before walking to the kitchen to make me some breakfast.

I finally make it to the kitchen and make my way over to the cupboard to grab some cereal. I then proceed to grab a bowl, a spoon and some milk from the refrigerator. I pour in some of my lucky charms and milk into my bowl and place the spoon in. I walk to the sofa and turn on the T.V so I could entertain myself while I was eating.  

After I had finished my bowl of cereal, I place the bowl and spoon into the sink and walk to my room to get ready for the day.

I finally find an appropriate outfit for the day and walk to the bathroom to have a shower. I then change in some clothes, put on some make-up, brush my teeth and put my hair into a ponytail once I finished showering. I pick up my dirty clothes and towel and place them in the laundry basket.

I then grab my phone, charger and hand bag from my room and proceed to the front door. I grab my car keys and walk out the front door, closing it as I go.
*Skip car ride. Because it’s boring to write about*

I walk into the bar and make my way to the staff room. I place my bag into my locker and shut the door. I walk to where Sophie was supposedly working, but seemed to be the worst decision of my life as I started to walk through I saw Sophie and some guy making out onto the kitchen counter.

“Oh god, seriously Soph. I feel like I’m about to puke” I say and fake gage. She throws a towel at me, I laugh and throw it back at her.

“Hahaha, very funny (Y/N)” she says and jumps off of the kitchen counter. The guy looks at me and kisses Sophie once more. I throw his shirt at him and look at him disgusted.

“Seriously stop, I eat in here. I don’t want to think about it anymore” I say and walk out before it goes too far.

I walk behind the bar and start cleaning up before any costumers come in. I heard someone approach me and look up thinking it was Sophie but it was someone else. When I saw who it was I sigh in relief.

“What are you doing here?” I ask and make my way towards Rebecca. I give her a big hug, happy to see my best friend after two years.

“Oh how I’ve missed you” Rebecca says into the hug. I pull away and look at her strangely, wondering why she was here.

“Actually why are you here? I thought you were staying in Mystic Falls” I ask and step away from her looking at her weirdly.

“I need to find my brother, I think something bad has happened to him” Rebecca explains and walks around the bar frantically.

“Well I pretty sure he’s not in here” I say and watch her closely.

“Have you seen anyone come in here with a suit on?” she asks and stands in front of me.

“He was in here three or five days ago. I haven’t seen him since” I explain and start wiping down some tables.

“What the bloody hell have you gotten yourself into” she says. I heard a gush of wind and look up seeing that there was no one there.

‘That’s strange, where is she’

I continue wiping down some more tables and then proceed to wipe the bar down. I hear a door open and ignore it thinking it was Rebecca.

“Well that was fast. Where wa-“I start to say but I shut up because it was Marcel.

“Oh sorry about that, I thought you were someone else. Anyway the usual or do you want something different?” I say. I pull out my pen and paper from my back pocket and wait for an answer.

“Usual” he says and takes a seat in front of the bar. I pour in his drink and place in front of him one I finished.

“What’s up?” I ask and start drying some cups waiting for a response from him.

“Camille broke things off, Klaus has been a big pain in the ass and I could just go on and on” Marcel explains. I stand in front of him listening quietly, nodding my head once he finishes.

“A little trouble in paradise, guess thing don’t always stay the way they were. But if you want some advice I say own it. Who cares if she left you, got out there and be yourself. Well for Klaus I don’t know him well enough and I in tend to make it stay that way” I say, I look at him for a few seconds and send him a small smile.

As he starts to say something more costumers start to stroll into the bar. I stand up and walk away, leaving Marcel by himself. After a few hours I have a lunch break, I grab my wallet out of my bag and walk towards the front exit so I could get me some lunch. I see Sophie behind the bar and I proceed to walk towards her.  

“I’ll be back soon, just getting me some food from the café down the road” I say and sit on the stool conveniently placed in front of her.

“Okay, be safe. You don’t know what kind of danger will be out there” She says. I look at her strangely and give her a nod before standing up and walking out of the bar.

As I walk out I hear someone yell my name from behind me. I turn around to see Marcel jogging towards me, I wait for him to approach. Once he’s beside me we walk down the street in silence, then I start to wonder why he wanted me.

“What’s up?” I ask. I continue to look in front of me not daring to look at him.

“Why are you so nice to me? I’ve put you through hell” He says. I look at my shoes and start to ask myself the same question.

“Well I needed to get over it sooner or later. Otherwise I’d probably regret it in the future” I explain, I take a deep breathe in and turn around to face him.

“Are you sure, Klaus hasn’t done anything to you has he?” He says.

“I haven’t seen him since yesterday morning. I was with Sophie so I’m pretty sure he’s done nothing to me. What can Klaus do to me anyway, hypnotise me” I say jokingly.

“Okay, that’s good. Just wondering that’s all” He says. We both continue to walk down the French quarter, laughing, talking just having a great time with each other. We walk back to the bar, I give him a small hug and say goodbye before walking back inside.

“Why are you so happy? Did you make out with some hot guy while you were ‘getting’ some food” Sophie says jokingly, laughing as she continue to pour in some drinks. I poke my tongue out and walk up to her, with the biggest smile on my face.

“I don’t know why but I think I’m just happy because Marcel and Cami broke up. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it. It’s like somethings telling me that I should get over the fact that he completely broke my heart” I explain. I look at her to see what her reaction was and from the look of it she wasn’t happy or angry, she just looked at me speechless.

“Ahhhh, that’s bad isn’t it. I knew I should have stayed away from him. I’m a slut, I’m-I’m a freaking slut” I say freaking out. I pace back and forth, hands placed onto my head. I was so angry with myself that I could just scream in frustration.

“Shush, don’t say that. You’re not a slut, (Y/N). It’s just me and Marcel go way back and there are things that he’s done I can’t forgive him for. I know you’re happy and this is the happiest I’ve ever seen you but I can’t approve of your relationship. I’m sorry” Sophie explains. She places her hands onto my shoulder and look me in the eye. I take a deep breathe in and look at her.

“Me and Marcel will never get back together and I’m so sorry for what he done to you. Even though I have no idea what he done, if you can’t forgive him for it then I know it’s something serious. I can’t be mad at you for that, all I can do is understand where you’re coming from, okay. I’m so sorry, Soph” I say and give her a big hug, trying to comfort her.

“Thanks, (Y/N). You’re probably the greatest friend a girl could ask for” Sophie says into the hug. She breaks the hug and sends me smile before going back to work.

“I know” I say jokingly and walk into the kitchen to eat my cold food.

You appear to have completely missed the point that is pretty heavily stated in the movie, that Batman has only just started being so brutal.
Remember when Alfred sees the Bat-branding article and says “New rules?”
Well. That’s pretty safe to assume that he’s just started acting this way.
Also remember when Alfred says “That’s how it starts, the fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel.” Because Batman’s fear of what Superman could do to the world makes him feel powerless, which is why he’s lost his patience, and stopped regarding the lives of the criminals he faces.
His newfound brutality starts and ends in this movie, that’s why Clark is all of a sudden paying attention to his actions.
And the Bat-Brand? Maybe he just intends to humiliate the thugs, but due to Lex’s power and manipulation tactics, the people are assassinated in prison. Obviously, Lex’s part in that was cut out of the theatrical cut, but it’s still worth noting that Batman wasn’t necessarily branding them for death, but Lex made damn sure they’d die so as to further enrage Superman and further tarnish Batman’s reputation.
Not to mention that Batman never commits murder during this story, nor do any of his rogues gallery cross his path (except KGBeast), so, since he’s not murdering anybody, but committing manslaughter in the heat of the moment, why would any of his rogues gallery die as a result of his actions (like we assume KGBeast did when Batman shot the fuel tank on his bank).
Because murder is premeditated, and the only death we see him premeditate is Superman’s, which he doesn’t go through with.
And why doesn’t he go through with it? Well, because he sees the humanity in this man when the man utters the name of an innocent person, favouring their safety over his own. The name Martha, which funnily enough was the name his dying father uttered, worrying about his wife before himself. And what actually stops Batman? Another innocent running in to protect this man at his feet. The innocent that fits the pieces together. The key that unlocks the door to his redemption, Lois.
So, he sees himself as no better than the man that killed his parents, and decides not to go down that path.

So tell me, after all that, with a straight face, that it makes sense for Batman to kill the Joker and his other villains? Should he have took some time out during his crusade to kill Superman to hunt down and kill his formidable rogues gallery? Should he just shrug off the journey and lesson of the events of this story and then say “Fuck it.” and go on a murder spree of his villains?
Because Batman’s mental breakdown happens between the start of this movie and the end, and since he had a single goal throughout the story until the third act, there’s no logical reason that he would have murdered his other villains. The black zero event was the catalyst of him beginning to let criminals die as a result of his actions, and made him plan to eliminate a threat.
Because that’s what this was to him, eliminating a threat. And the moment he sees Clark as a human, he’s no longer eliminating a threat, he’s murdering a person. His redemption doesn’t excuse the deaths of the criminals that died as a result of his actions, but there’s a pretty big gap between a violent act of self preservation that may or may not kill a person in the heat of the moment and planning to commit a murder.

@catscanmiracle when people like me get mad that you didn’t pay attention, it’s because all of the above information is in the movie. We’re not making this up, we’re not speculating, it’s right there.
Joker didn’t push Batman to murder, because these events don’t have anything to do with the Joker directly, and again, he didn’t even commit murder.
But you’re right when you say he lost. He lost his way, and he lost himself because he fell so far. But what is lost can be found, and what falls is not necessarily just fallen.



  • King of the earth tribe/crow king

  • Widely respected and well known for his sacrifices

  • pET CROW 

  • The kind of king that visits his people and causally has parties with them.




  • Devoted to his partner, and protects them whenever he can

  • Clan colors: Black, Orange, Beige, White.


  • King of the fire tribe/panther king
  • Feared, and respected, loved by many
  • Very protective of legit everyone.
  • Clan Colors: Red, Black, White, Salmon.


  • King of the wind tribe/stallion king
  • Okay but dual bLADES 
  • The kind of king to shower his people with love and affection, but then turns around and raises hell to all enemies.
  • Iwaizumi, Hanamaki, and Matsukawa are his hOMIES
  • Kindaichi, Kunimi, Watari, Yahaba, and Mad Dog all protect the king and serve at the castle!
  • WRAPPED AROUND HIS S/O’S FINGER. tHEY ARE LITTERally the sweetest thing to him and love him no matter what and he spoils the shIT OUT OF THEM.
  • I love hiM
  • Clan Colors: Mint, White, Pale Blue, Gold.


  • King of the water tribe/shark king
  • It’s Aone’s personal job to feed the fishies
  • He uses throwing knives and smaller blades!
  • Futakuchi is his right hand man and keeps everyone in order whenever he’s out or patrolling the city.
  • His s/o literally gives him all of the love he deserves, he can let down his walls around them and be at ease and he really really loves them
  • Clan Colors: Forest Green, Black, Gold, Mint.


  • King of the moon tribe/eagle king
  • Most people think of America because of how many eagles he has as pets ya feel
  • Feared. Definitely, but he’s also respected greatly for his confidence and his strength.
  • All of his younger subordinates follow his rules at will, but he always treat them carefully because he does care about them.
  • His partner is just as feared as he is, and together they make a powerful couple.
  • Loves being in his partner’s arms after a long day okay
  • Clan Colors: Mauve, Fuchsia, Black, Gold.


  • King of the sky tribe/owl king
  • He’s so kind and energetic you can’t help but love him!
  • Someone tried their hardest to hate him while being captured and serving time in his jail, but he would constantly visit them and make them smile, knowing that there was hope for them.
  • Akashi is definitely his adviser and right hand man ya feel, and he makes sure that Bokuto doesn’t get carried away with anything.
  • Uses the finest bow and arrow!
  • He and his partner are so lovey dovey that even his subordinates tell them to get a room whenever they publicly display their affection
  • Hella hard to get him pissed but once he’s there, you’re in trouble.
  • Clan Colors: Beige, Black, White, Grey.

rainbow-squirrels-7  asked:

I want Luke to have turned the entire Jedi order (at least in terms of what it believes and what it teaches) on its head. He does it after he figures out exactly why his father turned to the dark side, which was for love and being told not to love or to have emotion and Luke's just like to heck with all those rules you can love you can have emotions (just don't let either control you, that is what the Jedi missed)

Hahaha yes. Luke Skywalker is not, and will never, be a Jedi Classique ™ because his attachments do not make him weak. They give him strength. And no matter what a bullshit space frog taught him in a swamp somewhere, he knows that ‘having friends leads to fear of losing friends leads to abandoning everything you value and hold dear, killing a bunch of babbies and choosing a really emo new name for yourself and also getting better fashion sense’ isn’t the best way of raising a new generation of people powerful enough to shape the galaxy.

Balance he says and then, again (because Yoda’s force ghost just tried to say something). Balance. And he says these a lot, and sometimes – when he’s feeling a bit frustrated – he will embellish: balance doesn’t mean a rigid commitment to not having emotions. No one can do that. What cannot bend will break. What cannot love will die. No man is an island, and we are not gods. 

(occasionally, when a bit drunk, he’ll just say: fucking balance you Jedi fuckers.)

And that makes Kylo’s betrayal all the worse, doesn’t it? Because Luke did everything right; Luke was so kind, and so good, and it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough. 

anonymous asked:

Just marathoned the prequels; why is Anakin such a whiny little bitch?

Possibly you meant this in nothing but a derogatory way, not wanting any kind of serious answer, but HA HA I AM THE WRONG PERSON TO POSE SUCH A QUESTION TO THEN.

I mean, aside from objecting to the phrasing, Anakin is the way he is because he’s not emotionally stable and he was never meant to be.  He’s constantly anxious and fearful and doesn’t know how to deal with his constant, 24/7 boil of sheer amount of feelings, he’s living with this pressure of not feeling like he’s the person he’s supposed to be (he’s not the Jedi he’s supposed to be, he’s not the husband he’s supposed to be, he’s not the friend he’s supposed to be) and forget being the Chosen One, just feeling like you’re failing as a person is enough to fuck anyone over.

Anakin Skywalker was never meant to be a masculine power fantasy, he was never meant to be a cool badass who went dark side just because he had anger issues.

Anakin Skywalker is an actual emotional mess.

He doesn’t know how to talk to anyone about it (see: all the times Obi-Wan offered to talk about things with him, but Anakin could never bring himself to do it, it was too hard, too much, too complicated, he was too afraid of rejection, too afraid of losing people he loved), he lives with the absolutely constant fear of the unknown, the anxiety of “What if things went wrong??  What if I lose this person??” in a way that screams to me of mental health issues.  And I relate to that–no matter how illogical it is, sometimes there are brain weasels in my head who will not stop squirming around in there, who will not stop wiggling and writhing and whirling, until that puts a tremendous amount of stress on me emotionally.

He’s someone who has been actively preyed on by Palpatine since he was a child, who constantly fed all the worst impulses and fears Anakin had, who made him think he was the most special ever and that the people who genuinely cared for him were holding him back, that the Jedi never appreciated him and that everything they were trying to do was because they couldn’t see his worth.

Anakin Skywalker hates himself more than anyone else ever could, he has so little sense of self and he tries to force himself to be the person he thinks he’s supposed to be.  He idealizes certain things and people and methods, but when they don’t go the way he imagines them, he doesn’t know how to cope with that loss or how to be emotionally stable enough to handle it.

Those scenes he has with Padme in Episode II are so deeply emotional, because Anakin is 100% made of emotions that he doesn’t know how to handle, they are dialed up to 11 in him and he doesn’t know how to turn them back down.  And they’re cringe-worthy because he is so very desperate and so very awkward and he doesn’t really know how to handle any of this, but he can’t not reach out to her, he can’t not spill his feelings everywhere.

Anakin Skywalker is someone who is emotions turned way the fuck up and then left at that level–when you want so many things so desperately, when you know you shouldn’t be like this, but you can’t stop yourself, when you have those brain weasels in your head, yeah, you get pretty “whiny” because you’re struggling to stay afloat and it just doesn’t fucking work, but you’re still full of all these feelings and they gotta go somewhere, so they burst out of you and blind you, because they’re just so intense you can’t see past them.  They consume you.

And, honestly, I wouldn’t change him.  Anakin Skywalker being an actual goddamned emotional mess is what made me understand him and come to love him!

The Gods as Quotes from Books I've Read

Because I’m a book person and have recently returned to my hobby of binge reading. I also included why I feel each quote suits them because it looked short with just the quotes. IDK. I don’t really think any of these are spoilers for the book or the route, but I’m probably wrong.

Leon: “Those who truly love you will only ever see you for what you really are.” – Sara B. Larson, Defy
Because Leon is the most powerful, the other gods either envy or fear him. Leon feels that they only see his power and not the person behind the power, thus distancing himself from others.

Scorpio: “People in brightly it places cannot see into the dark.” – Marie Rutkoski, The Winner’s Curse
Scorpio’s past isn’t that great, and he was stuck in the dark, forced to do things that he despised. A lot of the other gods also have mixed feelings about him because even though the king favors him, he was once human, and they are unable to comprehend the horrors that he endured. The character who says this is not in an identical situation to Scorpio’s but I still kind of see a similarity between the two of them.

Teorus: “Sometimes you have to give the hurt a noise and let it out. If you don’t, it fills you up with its emptiness.” – Kierra Cass, The Siren
Teorus’s childhood isn’t that great either. His father was a notorious womanizer and eventually, Teorus was left to fend for himself. He surrounds himself with women partly because his father is the only role model he’s ever had, but also because he’s seeking the love he so desperately wanted as a child. Even though he’s looking for love, he closes himself off from others and guards his heart, keeping all the hurt that has built up over the years inside.

Dui: “This is what happens when you try to help people. You get screwed.“ – Lauren Oliver, Before I fall
Because of somewhat questionable decisions made by his best friend, he ends up taking the fall for his friend. Even though he was helping his friend and saving his friend’s reputation, in the eyes of the other gods, he was seen as a monster and a murderer, and is essentially shunned.

Huedhaut: “Everything I love has always had a tendency to be taken from me.” – Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Thorns and Roses
The Goddess of Fate, Huedhaut’s previous love sacrificed herself for the sake of the humans. This quote is really only significant to one part of him, but I thought that he had some similarities with the character who said this because they have both closed themselves off from others in an effort to protect something near and dear to their heart, even if the context is different. Also it’s not like their personalities are polar opposites. I mean they aren’t identical, but like idk man my brain works in weird ways.

Ichthys: “Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live.” – Natalie Babbit, Tuck Everlasting
I feel like Ichthys’s quote is fairly self explanatory. Like, I don’t know if there’s anything I could add on to this. I don’t really want to spoil the story if you haven’t read it so like ???
A Study in Adaptation and Empowerment
  • Book!Sansa: Often spouts off random historical and literary trivia, referencing various Westeros myths, historical events, and figures such as Queen Naerys, Aemon the Dragonknight, the twin knights Ser Arryk and Ser Erryk, Baelor the Blessed and his trials walking through the snake pit, the lineage of House Tyrell and how it traces back to Garth Greenhand, the Arryn family tree, Florian and Jonquil, and Jenny of the Oldstones and Prince Duncan. Has an encyclopedic knowledge of every house and sigil in Westeros. Can also read and write better than her much older brothers, play two instruments, and eventually gets to the point where she can sniff out little plots of Littlefinger's.
  • Show!Sansa: Thinks "shift" is the rude word for dung. Doesn't appear to have any actual interests or skills beyond sewing (sometimes), eating lemoncakes, and fawning over boys.
  • Book!Sansa: Is such a suave motherfucker that even Tyrion Lannister is like, "Daaaaamn" while observing her at the purple wedding.
  • Show!Sansa: Says jack shit. I'm sorry, "jack shift" and Tyrion's all just like, "Aw, look at the sad little woobie dumbass."
  • Book!Sansa: Can identify Barristan Selmy and Renly Baratheon on sight, even when she's never met them before.
  • Show!Sansa: Doesn't even recognize the man whose life she saved, and doesn't pick up on the fact that Tyrion and Shae know each other despite their obvious signals.
  • Book!Sansa: Carefully inspects a secret message she gets for signs of a trap, carries a knife with her to a clandestine meeting and threatens the person there just in case it is. Spends months plotting a potential escape, even trying a different route independent of her former plans when her co-conspirator is evasive and slow to act. Also refuses to speak to any of her maids, who she knows to be spies immediately. By Joffrey's wedding, though she doesn't know about the poison, she does know she's meant to escape and already has things packed. She immediately realizes who was behind the poison and how it was transmitted through her hairnet, which she knew would play a part in her escape without being aware of the poison plot. Does not trust her "rescuer" at all, refusing the food he offers her and confronting him on his lies, constantly trying to work out what he's up to.
  • Show!Sansa: Just sort of sits around and cries a lot without any sort of active involvement in insuring her escape. Trusts Littlefinger even though there's no reason to because he says he's her friend. Just sort of randomly gets accosted by Dontos months later in a garden and accepts his random and suspicious gift without any hesitation or questions asked. Later happily walks into the home of the family that killed hers for "revenge" without any knowledge of what the actual plan is, what the situation is, or means to protect herself or take action in case things go wrong. Is eager to bond with Tyrion at first because he promised he would never hurt her (a promise Joffrey made her before almost verbatim), even kneeling to him at once with little prompting. Also blindly trusts this random maid for no reason. And is totally okay with believing Ramsay has "already fallen for her" with no question as to how she's supposed to handle things if he hasn't. Also trusts the broken down Theon (whom she has already verbally abused) with an errand integral to her escape from Winterfell. And just blindly offers up her secret identity (while being wanted for regicide) to a bunch of strangers after having been betrayed repeatedly.
  • Book!Sansa: Sees Lancel Lannister, a young man who taunted her and took active part in her abuse, bleeding on the floor from a terrible wound, and makes sure he sees a maester, just in time to save his life.
  • Show!Sansa: Looks at the physically and psychologically tortured and mutilated Theon Greyjoy, who can barely walk or speak properly anymore, and tells him that she doesn't care what Ramsay does to him and later tells him that she'd do everything Ramsay did to him if she could.
  • Book!Sansa: Fights off Lysa Arryn when she tries to kill her by grabbing her by the hair and pulling herself from her mad aunt's grip.
  • Show!Sansa: Just cries and fidgets helplessly as she is abused even more and is utterly helpless until Petyr comes to save her.
  • Book!Sansa: Risks herself to save Dontos, talks Joffrey out of running down a beggar woman and instead convinces him to throw her a coin because she knows it would be better if he appeared gentler. Listens to Cersei preach about how fear is the only way to rule and, even after all the terror she's experienced and all the awful people she's seen rise to power through violence and fear, reflects internally that love is definitely, surely the better path to loyalty and devotion and vows that if/when she is queen, she will make the people love her.
  • Show!Sansa: Is so oblivious that she doesn't understand what poverty is and has to have it explained to her. Upon learning that Theon didn't kill her brothers and instead killed two farm boys, doesn't seem to give a shit that two other innocent children were still fucking murdered.
  • Book!Sansa: Is often threatened and taunted by Sandor Clegane The Hound and always responds with kindness, courtesy, and sympathy. When he responds to a compliment upon their first private interaction by taunting her, telling her a violent story, and belittling her, she is sweet and kind. She stays this way even after he threatens her life. Then she includes him in her prayers. When he breaks into her room, forces her onto a bed, holds a knife to her throat, and demands a "song", she responds with a kind and soothing hymn that calms him, reminds him that there is goodness in the world, and gets him to back off. Eventually this helps inspire him to change his life entirely and pursue a path of peace and public service.
  • Show!Sansa: Just acts generally freaked out by the Hound, even though his threats are FAR less explicit and only ever accompanied by well-meaning advice. Is not sexually assaulted by him the night of the Blackwater, just sort of talks to him and rejects his offer to help her escape. There is no sign that she thinks of him again.
  • Book!Sansa: Is offered a marriage to Willas Tyrell, heir to Highgarden. While she is attracted to Loras and has a sort of schoolgirl crush, she notes that he doesn't care for her too much. Upon being told Loras is off the table, accepts this without a second thought and turns her thoughts to the scholarly, disabled, older Willas, whom she has never met. She eagerly awaits and fantasizes about him because it is her path out of King's Landing and her new friend Margaery assures her that he is kind and intelligent. Knows him to be disabled, and actively thinks about how she won't care if he's fat or unattractive like his father. She still sees him as her rescuer, a man she is eager to marry despite his disability, and decides she'll make him love her and give him sons. Upon having the marriage to Tyrion sprung on her (after she's in the damn dress, when she is dragged to the sept and told she's going to get married and raped whether she likes it or not), she looks at his disfigurements and acknowledges that he is not so bad as the rest, and notes that he was kind to her once, even while actively insisting she just doesn't want to marry a Lannister (any Lannister, regardless of appearance). Still manages to hold back her tears for fucking HOURS and hold her resolve through numerous threats, sexual assaults, and humiliations that happen throughout the day. Refuses to kneel at first because she's just so fucking sick of being expected to just take the cavalcade of abuse, but eventually does kneel and kiss her husband because she feels bad about people laughing at him. Feels active pity for him (even after he molests her, even after she finds out her mother and brother were killed by one of his family's plots, even though she doesn't trust him), despite her constant fear of him raping her and her ongoing trauma, all while withholding her secrets and still pursuing escape.
  • Show!Sansa: Is totally into marrying Loras, constantly waxing on about how hot he is even after she's alerted to the Tyrion marriage weeks ahead of time. Seems far more interested in his pretty hair and nice ass than his personality or getting the fuck out of King's Landing (something that only occurs to her when Margaery brings it up weeks later. It never occurs to Sansa because she's too busy staring longingly at Loras's pretty hair to consider this). Mulls on about the contrast in her suitors' physical appearance, despite Loras's repeat displays of a complete lack of interest (which she never seems to recognize). Upon learning of the new marriage arrangement, spends hours crying as she gazes at Loras. Kneels immediately at the wedding when prompted, then later totally starts confiding in and bonding with Tyrion (even after learning of the Red Wedding, she tells him the real reason she goes to the Godswood for no fucking reason).
  • Book!Sansa: Notices hostilities from Loras at once. Upon learning the Tyrells want her for political purposes, just accepts this and decides to make the most of it. Highgarden is still a lovely place, she'd be safe, and she can make Willas love her even if he only cares about her claim right now.
  • Show!Sansa: Never notices how uninterested Loras is and talks about how she "feels like she is in a dream" even as Loras is looking around with an "EWWWW! GIRLS!!!" face.
  • Book!Sansa: Cares for the sickly, disabled Robin Arryn all while firmly instilling some (grievously needed) boundaries upon him, managing at thirteen to be twenty times the mother thirty-something Lysa Arryn was. Even manages to get the epileptic, panic-attack prone kid across a narrow mountain path a mile into the air beset by winds as she talks him down from an attack. Is the only one who can control him, and is adored by everyone in the Vale for it.
  • Show!Sansa: Never takes responsibility for anyone, never really charms anyone, is totally content to just leave her cousin with some people she doesn't trust to set off to wherever the man in her life wants her to go (even without knowing where that is).
  • Book!Sansa: Manages to get some of Littlefinger's plans out of him, and learns of his means of accomplishing his goals. Keeps all of these things in mind constantly and notes subtle facial ticks and movements he makes when he is wearing his "Littlefinger" mask and playing people.
  • Show!Sansa: Just sort of takes his word for it when he says she should marry Ramsay for "vengeance" without asking for specifications as to how. Later is willing to accept the plan B of just "making Ramsay hers" even though he's a fucking Bolton and that doesn't really clear up how this is supposed to lead to vengeance. She takes Littlefinger's word for it that Ramsay has fallen for her. Is totally okay with being left in the den of her enemies without any means of protection.
  • Book!Sansa: Charms and manipulates people she needs with subtle hints of snark. Uses this to not only occasionally talk Joffrey out of violence, but later starts seducing Harry the Heir, acknowledging that she needs him to like her even if she doesn't like him.
  • Show!Sansa: Openly antagonizes Ramsay when she even bothers to interact with him, showing no sign of trying to "make him hers" or confirm that he's fallen for her. Continues to taunt her rapist and abuser even after he's revealed how dangerous and temperamental he is.
  • Book!Sansa: Knows immediately that Marillion is a creep, that Lyn Corbray is a fucking scumbag, that Harry the heir is a douche.
  • Show!Sansa: Can't even realize how much of a psycho Ramsay is even after he parades his torture victim around, doesn't realize Loras isn't into her, doesn't realize that maybe the mutilated, brainwashed, obsessively obedient and cowed Theon might not be the best person to trust with her one means of escape from his master.
  • Book!Sansa: Actively forces herself to think as her alternate identity "Alayne", purposely picks clothes that will disguise her better, thinks up little details to add to her character, and tries to be careful around people who might recognize her, like Bronze Yohn Royce.
  • Show!Sansa: Can't even think to cover her distinctive red hair when walking out in the open. Later just decides a dye job is enough to hide herself even after she's dispensed with the false identity. Travels out in the open and greets people as Sansa Stark even though SHE IS STILL WANTED FOR FUCKING REGICIDE.
  • Book!Sansa: Doesn't really trust anyone. The last person she trusts is a man whose life she saves (who turns out to just be acting on Littlefinger's orders). After that, no one, though she still tries to reach out and make friends.
  • Show!Sansa: Randomly trusts this random old lady with a dumb plan, walks into the dark Bolton kennels at Myranda's bidding, then lets her bathe her, reveals her secret identity to strangers in the Vale, trusts Theon with the candle plot. But either dismisses or insults almost everyone she encounters.
  • Book!Sansa: Intends to go into the North with an army and proclaim her rights to Winterfell.
  • Show!Sansa: Let's Littlefinger lead her all the way to Moat Caillin without a word about where they're heading. When she finds out they're heading to the Bolton-controlled Winterfell, agrees to go with only a small group of guards (despite the price on her head and the war torn area), and is later way too cool with letting Littlefinger ditch her for King's Landing without even leaving the guards. Is ready to just rely on Stannis winning and just handing over Wardenship of the North, even though none of these things are assured.
  • Book!Sansa: Doesn't voice all of her thoughts to anyone, particularly regarding her loyalties. Twice she tries to warn Margaery away from marrying him. The first time when there is a cover of singing and tons of pressure. A second time without prompting or pressure, purely out of the goodness of her heart, and only when she is riding out in the middle of the Kingswood with Margaery, where she is far more assured of privacy. Takes a similar route with Dontos, only meeting him in the godswood.
  • Show!Sansa: Will openly talk about hating Joffrey to a maid hired by the Lannisters right smack dab in the middle of the Red Keep.
  • Book!Sansa: Carries a dinner knife with her to a clandestine meeting just in case it is a trap, even threatening to stab a potential attacker. Makes frequent trips at night to meet with her ally, using religious fervor and prayer as an alibi to the point where she spends hours upon hours during the day praying in the sept to reinforce this show of piety. It fools everyone, including her usually perceptive husband who expresses an interest in getting to know her. Even after she's escaped and she's accused of regicide, people talk about how pious she was.
  • Show!Sansa: Grabs a corkscrew and instead of using it as a weapon (or grabbing a knife from her food tray) against her rapist (who likely sleeps next to her after he's done raping her), uses it to.... pick a lock? And then just walks out in broad daylight in front of her rapist's men, expecting not to be caught. This works until it doesn't.
  • Book!Sansa: As of the latest installment, is making close friends, has figured out a way to draw all the power players in the Vale to the same location, is charming Harry the Heir and all the Vale lords, eating lemon cakes, dancing, eavesdropping on Littlefinger's conversations, and caring for a sick kid.
  • Show!Sansa: As of the latest installment, is (kind of?) rescued by a man when he kills her husband's mistress, grabs her, and they jump off a wall. This is after weeks of being locked in a room where she is raped and beaten nightly and spending some time in a tower.
  • Book!Sansa: All this happens ages 11-13
  • Show!Sansa: All this happens ages 13-15.
  • Game of Thrones defenders and creators: The Sansa of the show is smarter, stronger, more likable, and more active. She's actually started to play the game. We wanted to make her more empowered. This seasons especially was all about her taking action and putting the skills she's learned to good use, no longer being a bystander who sits around and weeps but actually being a player. This Sansa is no weak little girl!
  • Me: Yeah, I can totally see how people think this is a progressive show that makes the "weak, passive, stupid, mean-spirited, shallow" Sansa of the books a more likable, resourceful, intelligent, empowered, and stronger character. Look how much better she plays the game! Look how likable they've made her! Look at that black dress! Yes, this show DEFINITELY improved upon the source material and gave us a far more feminist and empowering storyline. The show gives us a Sansa who can FINALLY play the game! This is the Sansa who knows what she's doing, who is a REAL player, who isn't some weak, shallow, stupid damsel in distress. I'm so glad they went in this direction, it's so much more empowering! Yay! A Sansa who is finally learning and taking on a cool and active story!
Talking bodies/Victor Zsasz

Name: Talking bodies.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Victor Zsasz x Reader

Warning: Smut and everything that goes with it. Lots of smut. You’ve been warned.

Summary: Victor has always been the one. Teasing your love was just too much fun.

First of all, i want to dedicate this one for @under-oswalds-umbrella, because i promised her a gift for her birthday and i do feel like this one would be good for it. So Honey, one more time - happy birthday.
Second. I want to thank @gotham-city-tales, because if it wasn’t for our conversation with her, i would not write this one.
Third, but nonetheless importand is i want to Thank my lovely @queencobblefreezestuff and @mistressofcobblepot, @rawrcoptergaming because really, you make me so happy and your comments give me life and inspiration. I love you all and so happy i’ve met you.

I also wanna thank my dearest ​ @myregardstothereader @jokesterwrites @minpov  @luciebell-writes @just-a-little-crazy @taintedmarker @thequeenofgothamxo @emberandshadow @cobblehearts for being there for me.

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Scorpio Gay men

October 23-November 21

Element: Water
Mode: Fixed
Ruling Planets: Pluto, Mars
Erogenous Zone: Genitalia
Best Traits: Emotional depth, charismatic, driven
Worst Traits: Domineering, secretive, extreme mood swings

In Life:
Mr. Scorpio is intense and driven and there’s no in-between with him. He knew from an early age that sex could be used as a weapon. Probably it was used on him in a threatening way. As a boy, he developed a sense of his own power and a fear of it, too. He can’t help but suspect danger all around him because he knows just how dangerous people can be, especially people like him! Generally, gay male Scorpios come in two varieties: those who strive for truth and pure goodness (with a lot of pleasurable and sexy escapades thrown in, too!) and those who move primally from person to person, draining the power from others to enhance their own sense of power. In short, they are either good or evil. In the case of Mr. Scorpio I will not include my usual condition of “depending upon his other planets… ” No. In this case, he’s either one kind of animal or the other.

Ruled by Pluto, the violent planet of transformation, every Scorpio man will at one time or another battle with himself and come out on one side or the other. This battle will probably take place over time. This man invented the concept of “the dark journey of the soul.” And it is a journey, baby. If he makes it to the good side, he’s quite a force to be reckoned with, in the best possible sense. He’s loyal to those he loves and fiercely protective. He’s driven, funny, sexy, and confident with a strong and deep sense of intuition. If he doesn’t war with himself and come out on the evolved side, he can be a most dangerous man to deal with, one who will destroy himself and others, without even fully understanding why he is compelled to be so violent.

If he has a purpose in life (and he almost certainly does), he will strive to achieve his goal, no matter how long it takes. Even the most evolved Scorpio men do have to wrestle with their dark side, though. He has a naturally addictive personality. At times he may turn to sex or drugs to soothe his hurts. But he is just as capable of purifying himself to the extreme. He may kick all his bad habits at once: from promiscuity to pot. That’s just his way. So what does he do when he’s not swinging on a pendulum between the forces of life and earth?

Well, he’s probably having fun somewhere, enjoying some verbal repartee with a challenging naysayer and a roomful of fans. Or he may be out taking classes, working out, or researching a pet obsession. The man knows how to live life to the fullest. And he is never at a loss for energy, enthusiasm, and emotion.

From Queer Astrology for Men

By Jill Dearman

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you don't care about Ichigo's state after the war. IchiHime fans only care about the pairing and not the fact he's broken. He lost his hollow/quincy powers and is stuck at Karakura with nothing to look forward to and had to accept his circumstances. Wake up! Even non pairing fans can see this but all you care about is Inoue. Never Ichigo and his dreams.





MY FIRST REAL HATEFUL ANON ! All I got since the end of bleach was trolls and answering to trolls is no fun BUT HERE YOU ARE SALTY ICHIRUKI ANON . You’re my first and therefore me owning you on this one will always represent something special to me . 

Sooooo where do I begin ? 

Ichigo is broken after the war ? BITCH WHERE DO YOU FIND IDEAS LIKE THAT ? 

A little tip for your comprehension of Bleach : it’s not because a lot of Ichiruki shippers repeat something all day long that it means it’s true in the manga . 

Ichigo did not loose his hollow powers because ( and you’d know it if you had read bleach and not only ichiruki fanfictions  ) his hollow powers are ACTUALLY his shinigami powers . Zangetsu was his hollow all along and the man he called Old man Zangetsu is actually the embodiment of his quincy powers that were dormant inside of him all along . 

But in this last arc Ichigo learnt to accept his heritage . Both his shinigami powers ( that he got from his dad ) and his quincy powers ( that he got from his mom ) . And most of all he accepted that the hollow that was inside of him was not an antagonist to him but part of his very self , a representation of his shinigami powers . His hollow was his powers , a part of him , he had to understand and accept that to finally be able to accept himself . 

THIS moment is maybe the biggest character development ichigo had to went through . Since the beginning of the Vizards arc ichigo’s main struggle was his hollow . 

One of the many many many many times ichigo struggled with his hollow : 

( also with a little bit of ichihime since I guess you’re one of those people that like to argue against logic that ichigo and orihime got no development )  . 

Ichigo thought his hollow was something exterior to him , a parasite that had to be tamed . Something that would always try to take over , making him lose control and in the process make him lose his humanity . And that’s what happened during the lust arc  . Ichigo went to terrible length to protect Orihime , length nobody should go to let alone a 16 year old boy . He died to protect her . And he believes this happened because he was too weak and that after that his hollow took over because he let himself be defeated by Ulquiorra . His hollow did exactly what ichigo feared he would do if he ever took over : he became a mindless beast . And doing that he hurt one of his nakamas . This is the most unacceptable of all for ichigo . 

But when he understood that his hollow was born because of what happened to his mother and that in the end his hollow was actually his powers that’s when he finally learnt to accept himself . He was finally able to have total control over his powers . He is able to fight and to live freely without the constant fear that something inside him would one day wake up and hurt the people he cares for . 

I talk a little more about it here

But in the end Kubo had ichigo made peace with himself , accept himself , love himself . 

I mean just compare those two moments ( that are coincidentally also ichihime moments because Orihime was here all along with ichigo’s struggle with his hollow ) . 

Look at that , in the bottom panel it’s clearly self loathing you can see in ichigo’s eyes . He hates himself because he thinks orihime fears / is disgusted with him . Thankfully at the end of the fight when he understand orihime will always accept him no matter what he overcomes this feeling ( giving us the infamous “ sorry grimmjow it looks like I’m not allowed to get hurt anymore” ) 

And looks at this ! Look at how proud he stands . He is no longer ashamed of his hollow . THE VERY CONTRARY he is actually proud to show it to Orihime . This is a smile of pride because ichigo is proud of who he is at that point , he is proud of his heritage , he is proud of his hollow powers that are part of soul . 

He made peace with himself , he is happy . 

After Ywach’s kicked his ass , he takes back ichigo’s powers from him . But which power exactly ? 

He was able to defeat Ywach’s with his zanpakuto so obviously both his hollow and shinigami powers . I personally think only his quincys powers were lost ( and even of that we can’t be sure because it seems that some of the stern ritters still got their quincy powers even after Ywach used the holy light thingy on them that is supposed to remove them their powers . See : Bazz B , giselle and Liltotto ) . Sadly because of the cancellation we won’t have the answers . 

Of course not having his quincy powers is a hard blow for ichigo but only in the sense that they were a part of his mom that survived in him . I made this edit because I was sad . Feel free to reblog it my lovely salty ichiruki anon ( yeah it’s not because you leave anon hate on my inbox that it’s a reason for me not to shamelessly promote my bleach edits ) . 

But in the end ichigo still got his powers . His powers are not important to him because they are his powers . They’re important to him because they give him the power to protect those he cares for . If you’re not convinced by that please read the fullbring arc . Kubo made it so clear that ichigo seeking to regain his power was not to gain power for the sake of it but to have the ability to protect . 

Ichigo wanted to regain strength in order to protect those he loves . Shinigami powers , fullbring powers HE DIDN’T CARE . All he wanted was to protect them . 

And in Bleach 686 he is now at peace with the two things he’s been struggling with during all of bleach : his hollow and his powerlessness . 

Funnily enough the hollow was a problem because he was not powerful enough to control it but I separate these two things because his hollow represented his struggle with understanding who he was exactly which was also a main theme concerning Ichigo . AND EVEN MORE FUNNILY ENOUGH his powerlessness at the beginning of the fullbringer arc was also linked to him not knowing who he was and what he would do if he was not a protector ( who said Kubo couldn’t write I’ll fucking fight you with my bare arms )  . 

Ichigo’s ambitions and dreams were ALWAYS , ALWAYS , ALWAYS about him being able to protect people . And in the end of Bleach he is able to do that . 

Ichigo happy and fulfilled when the people he loves are happy and fullfilled . That’s who he is . His bond with his friends and family are what are most important to him . Career , power , fame , glory  … Ichigo never cared about any of that . Ichigo cared about the people he loves being safe and happy . 

The bonds he has with the people he loves are what ichigo’s lives for . And look at him in the last chapter . He is surrounded by all the people he loves ( except isshin but that’s another story but it’s weird he isn’t here when it would have been so easy to put him somewhere in the background and actually it worries me a little it goes along with my headcanon that if Kubo had the time to finish bleach he would have killed isshin in the last arc but i disgress) . 

Ichigo is truly happy in the last chapter . He is at peace with himself , he is strong enough to protect the people he loves , he has a family of his own ( a family he must put above everything else ) , a wife he probably consider as the most wonderful person he ever had a chance to meet , a son he must love so deeply and unconditionally  , he is still close to his sisters , he still is close to the people he cares for ( tatsuki , keigo , mizuiro ) , he has still an unbreakable bond with his nakamas ( chad , ishida ,renji and of course rukia )  he made peace with his powers , he let go of the guilt he held over his mother’s death  . 


Look at him here . He is oozing with hapiness and feeling good with ones skin . He is smiling , he does not have his scowl anymore , his shoulder are relaxed . This is a happy person . This is a fulfilled person .

Just compare it to his very first apparition in Bleach :

Scowling , tense shoulder , harsh attitude and yada yada . Ichigo went through so much , we’ve seen him grown , we’ve seen him struggling , we’ve seen him fight and fail and win and at the end Kubo choose to make him happy . Kubo choose to give him the life he would have chosen for himself if he ever had to choose . 

And if , in your delusion YOU choose to say ichigo is unhappy just because your ship did not happen then you have no right to consider yourself an Ichigo fan . 

If you want ichigo to be broken and miserable just because YOU were broken and miserable with this ending then you do not have the right to claim you love ichigo . 

If you continue to mischarectize ichigo , twisting him , bending him , changing him so that he could fit better the ‘ half of ichiruki’ mold you people tried so hard to shove him into then you do not deserve ichigo . You do not deserve Bleach . You do not deserve Kubo and his talented ( also it has flaws I’m the first to admit it ) writing . 

Ichigo is happy . Ichigo is exactly where he wants to be  . Ichigo HIMSELF choose where he is in the ending . You’all acting as if he is struck in Karakura town ,as if he is struck with orihime . 

But no , if ichigo wanted to live in soul society he would have been able to do so . If ichigo wanted to be with rukia he would have never choose anybody else . 

But that’s not what ichigo wanted . That’s never what he chose  . He chose to live in Karakura because that’s what he wants . He chose to marry Orihime because she is the woman he is in love with . 

Ichigo at the end of the manga had no restrictions at all . He could decide where to go , which live to live , which person to marry . 

And that’s exactly what he did . 

He chose Karakura town . 

He chose his family . 

He chose his Nakamas . 

And he chose Orihime . Because she was what he always wanted for himself.

Aries and Libra

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It is customary for people ever so familiar with zodical symbols to  speak of the fine social feelings of the Libra type of individuals. We should nevertheless realise that these feelings are in many cases attempts to hide fear. Deep inside of himself, the Libra type could often find (if only he dared to investigate) an unconscious, subtle, but often most powerful resistance against total relatedness.

This resistance exists just because total relatedness is the step ahead of him. He senses subconsciously that is so; and sensing it, fights it. If he attains social ease, it is essentially by overcoming this resistance and a sense of social inferiority - just as the impulsive bravado of the Aries type is usually an over-compensation for a gnawing sense of personal insecurity 

Dane Rudhyar 

America, you failed.

You failed your history, your people, your reputation.

You failed your women, the daughters of those who bled and fought for their right to voice their opinion, who have now been stripped of the right to make choices about their own bodies. You elected a man who has bragged about sexually assaulting women because of his fame. You elected a predator and gave him the most powerful position in the world.

You failed your POC, who much now continue to fear violence in their day to day activities. How many more hashtags must we witness under a president who continues to deny that they’re not just “lazy”?

You failed your Latinx, who probably care more about the USA than you - their home that used to provide hope, now provides a constant fear that they will be snatched out of it without saying goodbye.

You failed your poor, who will be strangled to death and starved by the luxurious treatment that will be provided to the 1% elite, paid for by what used to cover welfare.

You failed your ill, with a promise that healthcare would no longer be given to those who need it. People will die on your watch, so be prepared to look it straight in the face.

You failed your Muslims, and told them they are nothing but dirty terrorists who are not, nor will be, welcome on the soil that your ancestors stole. Soil where a country was founded on religious freedom now has a leader who shuns one of the world’s largest out of misplaced fear.

You failed your LGBTQIA+, whose identities and choices and LIVES no longer seem to mean anything. A movement and civil rights argument that has worked so hard to progress passed the starting line has now been pushed back all the way to the beginning. You spit in their face and told them too bad.

You failed all of us.

America, you failed. Not just yourself, but the world. More than you can ever imagine.

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more on priest!ishi and spirit!mondo; mondo was an outlaw that was hung for a crime he didn't commit and only Ishi could tame him because Ishi believed his story. Ishi is also feared by a lot of other priests in his faith because he's super powerful; but Ishi doesn't know that and thinks he's just a normal person who listens to the dead. Mondo now tries and protect Ishi because it was the church Ishi works for that killed him and now tries to take out Ishi because Ishi is in line for the top

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LIKE THIS A LOT, and maybe thats why mondos spririt is so restless, why hes kinda EH about helping save people and stuff like that because they all betrayed him but with ishimaru its like– dang it i have to help because he asked me to it not fair

u all wanna hear my headcanon on terus weird fashion sense and that fucking wig

well here the fuck it is:

teru, while in bed with a high fever, gets several calls from various people who heard about what happened. teru expects to be made fun of and braces himself but all that he gets in return is concern.

“What happened?” “Are you okay” “Was he really that strong?”

hell even when calling edano to say “yeah im leaving the gang i dont need this anymore” edano fuckin. protested agaisnt that and was actually scared to contact teru because he didnt want him to be mad at him for just flat out abandoning him. HELL HE APOLOGIZES. and thats when teru realizes two very important things:

  1. people, generally, are nice. even the meanest people in the world have people they care about and want to protect and be nice to
  2. teru, in general, is feared by people. being beaten by someone else doesnt erase the fact that hes powerful. his psychic powers got him popular. they’ll probably keep him popular. teru can do whatever the hell he fucking wants

AND SO: upon realizing that he can do whatever he wants, teru decides that he’ll just do whatever the fuck he wants. and he does. because even after that embarrassing show, he remaied popular and feared. and even with that monster wig, he remains popular and feared. and even while wearing the worst most terrible clothes in the world, he remains popular and feared.

this is the ultimate realization. teru is literally free to do anything ever and people will still worship him anyway. how far can this fucking go. who cares hes having fun and doing what he wants and nobody is making a single comment on it