just because of something as silly as that

Since the start of Arrival era, Youngjae has just been so comfortable and outgoing. When you compare him from before, he would just stay in the back or edge and be quiet, keep neutral. And seeing him now, he is talking when they accept trophies, he is talking when they are interviewing them on Mcountdown or The Show, something he rarely did because it was either the other members but unusually him. He also is so comfortable being there, before he would just stay neutral, do nothing, and now you see him making cute smiles, peace signs, silly faces, throwing hearts and camera bombing the mcs. I really enjoy seeing Youngjae like this. It makes me want to cry because back then i was sad because it seemed he was never talked to or noticed and it makes me happy seeing him now being more open and happy and goofing around. I’m glad his confidence has gone up, it’s all I want, for him to be comfortable and happy.
And I hope one day he will be confident enough to be able to say confidently that he is the Nich.In.Bi.

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Girl your fics are the greatest,please give us some beauty and the beast goodness !

Awwwww, thank you anon! You are sweet. And wellll, I was in a mood so here you go. It is just silly fluff, they are probably OOC.

When Belle suggested it, he took it as a joke. But on second thought, it wasn’t such a bad idea. And he honestly looked really good in it.

(That’s what Belle was saying anyway.)

But he felt something weird about it that day and he wasn’t sure what. Then again, it was a day full of oddities. It began in the morning when the servants who helped him dress won’t look him in the eye. He honestly hoped it wasn’t because of something he had said or done. Then at breakfast, Belle was giving him funny looks, trying to hide her amusement behind a book.

(She was reading Rousseau today and her concentrated face when she was reading was adorable and he loved it.)

Then when he was busy in his study, Lumière brought him some letters and tried to hide a chuckle. Adam noticed it, thank you very much. Honestly, he couldn’t understand what was so funny. Even Cogsworth was trying to hide his laugh! Something was very, very wrong here. If only he could find out why. Did he walk funny? He knew he had problems readjusting to a human body, but so did everybody else, so that was no reason to make fun. Did he have something on his face? He didn’t shove his face into his breakfast so he couldn’t have food on his face. Where his trousers ripped?

When the afternoon tea rolled around, he was about to burst. They were in the gardens, enjoying the sunny day as Mrs. Potts was serving the tea. And when not even she could hide her giggles, Adam gave up. As she walked away, the prince pouted, scrunching up his nose in an annoyed manner. Belle put her book down and took out her fan (since when was she carrying one anyway?) pretending to use it to cool down, but given the way her shoulders were shaking, she was obviously just trying to hide her laugh. He hunched back in his chair.

“Can you tell me just what is it that everybody is laughing?”

Giving p on her pretend game, Belle got up and joined him on his side of the table. Then she lifted the teacup enough for him to see his reflection.

“Really, love? Really?” he whined, entirely unamused by the little bow that his beard was tied with.

“I’d say I’m sorry, but it would be a lie.” Belle stated before having another fit of giggles. “You sleep like a log and I couldn’t resist.”

Adam stuck out his tongue at her.

“Orange isn’t even my colour.”

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Hey! It's ukelelerapgirl here, sorry I'm on anon. I was just wondering earlier, do you think of all your comics as happening in the same universe/timeline? Or do you think of them as kind of happening in a void of sorts, just standalone..I just wondered because sometimes characters and context seem like they are a little different from one comic to the next. I might be seeing things in a silly way. And it might just be how you write, of course. just wonderin if you thought about that at all! :)

Hello there!

Hmm. Legit question, I think.

I have to apologize for not mentioning this earlier, but I thought it was like obvious that each comic/story stands on its own, especially when the ship is different. My fault.

I know that some of my personal headcanons about a character might figure in more than just a single comic because, you know, I try to be coherent in something, sometimes, eheh! But still…

Ok. Let’s make it simple: no, they’re not connected. Think of them like… on-shot fan fictions? Is that the correct definition?

If you were wondering specifically about my R76 comics, like Reaper’s New Toy and the Powerless Series, they’re definitely NOT connected.

Mercy76 Week’s Comics, otherwise, yeah, they might be a little connected in time and universe, because  I thought of them as a big, single thing.

The Mercykill series stands on its own as for this new title-less comic about the dads and the cowboy.

Btw, some time ago I created a page in which you can find a list of all my comics and they’re labeled as One-Shots, Series Finished and Series In Progress.

I hope I managed to answer your question! Thanks for asking!

I grew up with the 4kids YuGiOh series, and it was on Netflix so Mike decided to watch it with me and …

he loves it. I have never seen him get so invested and laugh enjoy something so much as this goofy censored anime about card games. It’s beautiful. 

Dear Future Girlfriend,

Hi. Told you I’d be back :) I finished all of my homework in time and I think I aced my music business test today! I hope you’re proud of me!

I should probably tell you now that I’m studying to be a sound engineer/producer, it took major balls to switch from a major that my parents wanted me to pursue to go after something I was really passionate about. Get yourself ready for in depth talks about music and for late nights when I’m tweaking on my guitar or my keyboard because I have a melody in my head that I can’t ignore. Hopefully we can write silly songs together OOH or better yet let me take you to the studio with me and actually sing/play on a track that would be super cool and the best part is I get to show you off to my friends yay! If not, just tell me to shut up and I will because you have me wrapped around your little finger oh god the things I would do for you *wapoosh* (if you couldn’t tell, that was a whipping sound). 

Sometimes I would have really long days when I have to leave you at before the ass crack of dawn and won’t come home until you’re ready to go to bed. (here comes the mushball I told you to get used to it goofball) I hope to god you’ll stay because you’re my home and the thought of just being in your arms at the end of the day is literally the reason why I made it through the day in one piece. You bring out the best in me and motivate me to do my best everyday. And I’m working hard now so I can make sure that I have the means to give you the world because you deserve it. You’re my princess after all.

So I had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep last night, (I took a gnarly nap because it was so hot outside) but I was consumed with thoughts of you and what you could be doing at the moment… I hope you’re happy, and that you’re safe, and that you’re living life to the fullest and working hard to make your dreams come true just like I am. But if you’re struggling at the moment, I want you to know that you’re bigger and stronger than your worst thoughts and fears, you are not a fickle house of cards that could easily blow away in the wind… no you’re so much more because you’re you, and I have every faith in the world that you will overcome this mountain in front of you. I’m with you every step of the way, rooting for you so fucking hard and helping to keep you moving forward. Keep that pretty head held high, my lil nugget. It always gets better. 

Hey dork, stop distracting me will ya?! I’m supposed to be at the gym right now but instead I’m writing another letter to you. I swear you’ll be the death of me. Rest in peace me cause of death: my fucking amazeballs girlfriend (still feels so good to say that). 

Okay I’m really going now. *violently grabs you by the face and kisses you gently* 



me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]

First year Scorpius and Albus having a midnight sweets party in Scorpius’ bed! (I blame @torestoreamends for planting the acorn that grew into this eventual painting :p)

dating advice: the “captain america” rule

Context: I grew up in a family of nerds, and superheroes were always a really big part of my childhood. Captain America was a favorite, and he kind of became my family’s standard for good behavior and just generally being a Nice Person. (If one of the kids started a fight they’d get hit with, “What would Captain America think of how you’re acting?”, stuff like that.)

So when I got to high school and started dating, my mom told me something that sounds funny but in retrospect actually turned out to be really good advice:

“Date someone who treats you the way Captain America would. Never settle for less.” 

And this has actually helped me so much in my dating life, through high school and into my adult years, because even if it’s a little silly, it’s been really helpful to have that standard in the back of my mind when I’m first going into a relationship. 

Would Captain America ignore my calls? Would Captain America forget my birthday? Would Captain America get mad at me for cancelling a date because a family emergency came up? If the answer is no, then I know that the person I’m currently dating does not meet my standards, and that I need to break things off before they get too serious.

And your standard absolutely does not have to be Captain America, specifically. It can be any person, male or female, real or fictional, who is known for being respectful and considerate. It can even be an imaginary “soulmate” that you make up yourself. The point is to have a specific idea of how you expect to be treated by your romantic partners, and to refuse to compromise or settle for less. (Just make sure you’re holding yourself to the same standards – you can’t expect to date superheroes if you’re going to treat your partners the way a supervillain would.) This is a really good way to keep yourself from falling into bad relationships where you aren’t treated with the respect and care you deserve.

TL;DR: You deserve to date people who are respectful and considerate of you. You deserve a Captain America. Don’t settle for less. 

Time Out.

Hi. Jakei here. The real one.

I’m gonna delete the latest posts because this silly game is over. I learned something about this…”kind” of excersise. It was funny, but very serious as well..

Let’s get straight to the point.

In three days Underverse will have one year since I created the first animation, the pilot showing my favorite Sanses from de AUs. 

When I had the chance I tried to said all time this project started as a mistake, like a lucky moment to show people my love for art and videogames. But I learned to stop calling this story like that. Is just something that came up to my mind and made me feel more confident to do something I love with the chance to earn money with this to accomplish my goal to have my own house where I can live in peace with my only family that is my mother.

That’s my main goal. So, don’t think the rushers and haters are making me feel bad and forcing me to quit. I had to deal with real rude and evil people before, getting paid for being humillated from Mondays to Saturdays and coming back home crying because of a real stressing and miserable situation. I don’t think this is the same case here. I’m not receiving money from them. I keep with this because is a way when I can reach my goal giving love to my current job as a independent artist.

The latest posts were just for joking but I realized that some people was taking it too seriously. I’m very, very sorry for worrying you, but also I want to thank you for supporting me. Please don’t hate people who was involved into that shitpost, and don’t hate people who are really trying to hurt me. I don’t want you get hurt or having a bad time trying to defend me. 

Unlike other cases similar to this one. I learned to stop worrying about this. I prefer ignore this or even taking this with humor like I did this week for distract myself in some way due the delay of Underverse 0.3 has been a bit stressful to me because I’ll continue animating until the video is released. Stereohead Studios has also many important things to do so blaming someone is just useless and unfair.

Something that I’ve learned from other big artists that I admire with all my soul like Crayon Queen and Myebi/ Comyet… is that we have enough living hard situations in this world, in our personal lives, and the less thing we can do as recognized artists in this fandom is trying to make our blogs a nice place and spread positive feelings despite hatred and the amount of terrible asks people make to them, because we’re motivating people and teaching kindness and respect to each other.  Not for nothing exists options on this platforms to avoid those bad comments. Is a waste of time crying and messing up your entire day because two or three guys said something that could hurt you. 

Is not that hard when you’re used to it.

Those guys don’t even know you and You don’t know them. So… man… why even waste your thoughts and feelings when you can keep working on your own stuff and improving your skills? Making a space for you and your fans to laugh, to smile, to show you how far have you came because of their support.

You’re doing something you love and that matter. Probably others not, probably they won’t have to deal with this style of life. And I’m sure many of us started to be recognized thanks to this fandom. Everyone started with a little level or we was too shy to show our stuff. 

Drawing well, animating well, telling amazing stories won’t decide your happiness if you’re not happy, if you don’t try to trust happiness and show them that you’re really fighting for that.

If you feel your blogs or another places with things like “uuh I don’t like this thing i made” “I suck” “this person told me that and i’m so upset i hate them” “that person made something terrible go and hurt them because them deserve it” “i love what i do but my life is hell” “i’m tired of x and y because they want z” … things can’t change in your life if you don’t start by yourself.

I thought many times about cancel Underverse and leave this fandom, not only because of haters and stuff. It was because I was judged by many of other big artists that doesn’t like this kind of fandoms and are working in their own projects. I thought it was unfair because I was getting recognition because something that I didn’t create. I just created a fan story. 

I’m pretty sure when I post the next animation the chaos will be back again but I don’t even care. I don’t have 100k yet so I don’t have a multitude telling me what to do and asking me when. Anyway, if I had them, I wouldn’t still care. Because I have clear what to do and how to make it works. I’m not here just for teaching people how to draw or animate. I’m here too for showing them how to be nice and patient and how those two things can bring you to a better way to see the world. 

That we are real, nice people and we’re having fun, putting effort and love when we’re making something for you. Fandom or not fandom content.

Have a nice day.

And XGaster.

To the corner. Right nao.

listen i’m not saying that in this moment here right after even joked about what the ‘love exercise’ had consisted of and he quickly leaned against isak, isak felt a little something. but maybe just maybe when even leaned against him like that for barely half a second, arm and shoulder against his, isak felt his heart beat just a little faster (faster than it already was since the moment he joined even outside on that bench). because you don’t lean against someone you’ve just met like this, you do this with someone you’re closed to, someone you’re comfortable with. or maybe, someone you’re flirting with 

and maybe just maybe isak felt something in the pit of his stomach, like a thousand butterflies or whatever it is people say to describe that nervous feeling you get when you feel yourself being so drawn to someone. maybe just maybe there was that little smile on his face because of even’s silly joke, but maybe his heart was also smiling a little, a small and timid smile, because this was the first time he heard even laugh like that, the first time he saw him smile like that. and although he couldn’t see him properly because it was so dark outside, although he didn’t know his name yet and probably simply called him this boy in his head, although he didn’t dare let himself look at him for too long, he probably thought that he’d like to see that smile again, hear that laugh again, feel that slight touch again

Brought my trenchcoat to camp because I figured it’d be good for the angled rainfall and determined dampness of the PNW. I haven’t worn it ‘cause I just look silly and assumed people would make fun of me. Today I finally got tired of the rain and wet benches and said “fuck it”.

I haven’t gone ten feet without someone saying something along the lines of “Hey babe, does this make me your femme fatale?” I’ve never had so many men and women jokingly hit on me at one time.

I was right… everyone is making fun of me. But it’s hilarious, and we’ve decided to have a ‘nature noir’ week.

i get so????? when people complain about the characters that the admins of a roleplay play being central to the plot (in bio and skeleton rps, obvi)????? like, it just makes sense????? central characters require a good af understanding of the plot and who better than the admins to play that????? and also it gives applicants a chance to develop their own characters without having EVERYTHING about them being already decided???? just????? the admins created the rp lmao they could play all the damn characters if they wanted!!!!!!

Kent has routines. He’s naturally a superstitious guy, but nowhere close to being excessive by hockey standards, but something changed after the incident with Jack. He starts to have these little routines. His therapist said it was probably because he’s seeking some semblance of balance, which Kent thinks is a load of shit. So he cuts his peanut butter-Nutella sandwiches diagonally and never horizontally (who the hell cuts sandwiches horizontally?) So maybe he pets Kit no less than ten times before a game. So maybe when he wakes from another nightmare about finding Jack on the bathroom floor, he doesn’t go to sleep until he’s counted to ninety. It’s not a big deal.

He still waits for the fallout when Tater starts sleeping over more often, when he tries to find his sweatpants but all he finds, to his annoyance, are Tater’s socks and jeans made for giants. He wait for Tater to abandon him, or maybe not abandon him but still for the impending freak out looming like an eternal storm because Tater is not part of his routine.

But it doesn’t happen.

They make peanut butter Nutella sandwiches together, licking chocolate off their fingers and cutting their sandwiches diagonally. Kit curls into a ball and rests on Kent’s stomach while Kent uses Tater’s lap as a pillow while he reads some Russian classic, Dostoyevsky, probably, or one of those dead Russian literary greats whose names remind Kent of keyboard smashing (“Kenny, this is Eat, Pray, Love.” “Oh.”) on their couch like he’s lived there for ages, and not only every so often when their schedule happens to match up. And when Kent shoots up in bed, shaking from another bad dream, he feels Tater reach for him from his left, blindly, tiredly, and say “Shh, is dream. Shh.” And Tater kisses him on the jawline, alternating between sides, exactly 7 times, because “is lucky number. No more bad dreams.” Like it’s a routine.

When he kisses Kent tonight, he’s visibly tired, so he ends up mouthing at Kent’s jaw like he’s a fish gaping for water.

“What the hell are you doing?” Kent says. Tater’s lips are moving very gently along his skin, and it’s getting ticklish.

“Tired,” he says, and finishes his kisses with a real one, complete with an obnoxious smack. “There. 7 kisses. Eh. More or less. Good enough.”

“90’s a luckier number.”


“Got me pretty far, you know. Have the trophies to prove it.”

“7 is better. More lucky.” Tater saves this into Kent’s hair. “90 I think is little bit ok.”

“Oh yeah? What do you know about luck?”

“Lots,” Tater says, rubbing Kent’s arm gently. “I’m lucky man.”

“How so?” Kent says quietly, his eyes nearly sliding shut again. “You don’t–“ He yawns. “You don’t have a Cup.”

“Not yet,” Tater agrees. “But have hockey. And Kent Parson. And Kit. And sandwiches cut in…” He gestures vaguely, his hands flapping gently like birds, like he can’t quite grasp the word, then says something in Russian, a slow, full rumble that Kent adores. “You know.” He waves his fingers again, mimicking a shape.

“Triangles?” Kent prompts, huffing a laugh in Tater’s throat.

“Hah! Yes. Triangle sandwiches. Most lucky shape, I think.”

“Okay,” Kent says, his heart so, so full, and snuggles back in to Tater’s arms. “If you’re so sure.”

“Always sure.”

I think something a lot of people dont realize is that you can be intelligent and stupid at the same time. You can understand complex quantum physics and conduct wickedly difficult experiments and understand them but like. You can also say things like “what if the sky was the ground? thatd be fuckin weird, right?”
An issue it seems like the RT/AH community has had for ages is that people compare Slo Mo Guys Gavin to Achievement Hunter Gavin and they think one is a facade. But like. Just because you ask silly questions or you confuse yourself doesnt automatically mean youre a complete idiot. The smartest of people can have dumb moments. You cant expect someone to be a perfect genius 24/7, you really cant.
So instead of saying like “is Gavin secretly a moron?”, just realize that he’s a fucking human being, he’s more complex than a one dimensional personality. He can easily be crazy smart and also ask some of the most ridiculous questions and still be 1000% valid, jesus Christ


Hm, yes hi, i wanted to release this when i had more pages finished but people are behaving badly in and outside the fandom and i want to bring positive vibes to the rest of the people who dont give a shit about some random anime popularity contest and how badly it was administrated, thank u vry mch .

I’m doing a little enchanted AU comic because i saw this movie some days ago and goddam its really cheesy and silly and lighthearted i just felt it needed to be a yoi au fjdkgh, i haven’t though much about it so that’s why the comic seems really weird and rushed hahaaha, also im not a native english speaker so if you find something gramatically wrong please tell me! ok that’s all hope you like it!!

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One of the things I liked in Doctor Strange was how “Shamballa” was their Wifi password. “We’re not savages,”

This is a group who practice magic. Not fancy super-advanced Asgardian science under a different name, actual magic. And they embrace technology.

Because the idea of rejecting modern technology just because you happen to practice something beyond scientific comprehension is silly.


I just wanted to do something silly and it ended up becoming more of a project than I intended

Idk why Kuro has to hold everyone but please ignore that in favor of trendy sneakers and bowties

First base by @mapleleauf, second base by @mugges

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Different anon, I still don't understand the difference between silly and dumb :/

“silly” implies that something is misguided whilst “dumb” implies that something is unintelligent. i personally think people should stop using intelligence as an insult because i thought we’d come further than that as a society than to make fun of people who genuinely don’t know things.

it’s like… people are like “racists are stupid”. no, they’re not. they’re not unintelligent. they’re assholes, and we shouldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt by assuming that they just don’t know any better.