just because it's from the same makers


This one shot is dedicated to @ottottatertots I hope you enjoy!

He hated chocolate. Despised it. He hated its texture, the smell, the taste, the horrible varieties it came in and just the even sight of it. And yet, here he was for the third week in a row at the same damn chocolate store because the chocolatier who owned the place managed to somehow steal his heart.

 Oh but she would never know that. Never. He’d rather eat the Mavis forsaken brown lump of candy than admit that. No, he was content with just admiring her from afar and wasting his money buying the useless bar of confection.

 It wasn’t that the adorable blue-haired candy maker made disgusting candy, she was well known and the shop was always busy, people from all over came to enjoy her chocolaty treats, he just didn’t particularly care for the stuff; he was convinced iron would taste better. But here he was in line to pay for the damn thing.

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