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Playing With Flames

part one | part two

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader
Genre: Smut, Incubus!AU
Word Count: 3,711K
Summary: Summoning an incubus in your bedroom at the middle of the night was probably the best decision your curiosity ever led you to.
A/n: Oral, light spanking, a very detailed Jungkook smut scenario because I was thirsty | Non-requested

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loyaltrencher  asked:

Could you do any aus/prompts on angels and demons interacting (the good, the bad, the funny, the romantic... Anything!) Thanks! 😄

Sorry this took a while!
Person B is a demon who is actually a cinnamon roll and is low key helping person A keep their job as Person C is a corrupt angel who is trying to get all competition for a new open job out of the way, by any means possible.

Person A being a demon with a hellhound and B, a naive angel, not realising its a hellhound or that B is a demon.

Fallen angel person A being protected by B who pretends they are also a fallen angel when they are actually a powerful demon whose high up in the hireachy but doesnt want to intimidate A.

A getting a dog and finding out its a Black shuck (Black demon dog) that has lost its owner and now being conflicted on finding B the owner (a demon) or sending this dog to a place where they can not harm anyone


C:Hey A whats the most embaressing thing you’ve ever done-
A: Im not comfortable with-
B: *Explodes in* THEY-

Demon prison for particularly annoying low level demons- like B- problem is B is very good at escaping and so A has to watch them constantly.

Do you like my wings-
They’d look better splayed out on my bed-

B a shadow manipulating demon keeping A, a demon safe from hunters/harm with their abilities and A completely misinterpretting what B was trying to do, thinking B was trying to harm them.

Person A being a demon with a hellhound and B, a naive angel, not realising its a hellhound or that B is a demon.

A a demon works in IKEA which is a prime place to make individuals distorted and confused-

“Just because I am a demon does not mean I am going to shop lift!”

Angel accidently summoning a demon.

“Love your wings, dear.”
“Oh, thanks I got them done at- Hang on a minute your that demon who graffitied on my hous- GET BACK HERE-”

One twin is a demon the other an angel.

A wanting a break from being a general nuiscance to people but B won’t get off their back about it.


Dean has suffered more than Sam?

And does it actually matter/is it something we can even measure?

I take issue with many of the points OP brought up. I would never criticize the person who made this post, but I do strongly disagree with the content, and I’ll try to address the reasons why below. Thanks to the fantastic @eruthiawenluin, who brought the post to my attention. 

It’s near-impossible to quantify suffering. Both brothers have suffered; suffering is not a badge of honor but a fact of their lives. I’m not going to try to measure the levels of suffering each character has endured, because suffering can only be accurately measured by the person experiencing it.  We can only present facts, so I’m going to address the points of OP’s argument and why I disagree.

Beware: Potential fandom- and Dean-criticism.

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8x17 ”Goodbye Stranger”
The Unicorn

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

“I laughed, I cried, I threw up in my mouth a little…” - say what you want about Meg. Of course she has done incredibly horrible horrible things, but this moment here is one of my favourite Meg moments, because I feel for the first time she is completely real. Not wearing any mask, but showing her true self. And also showing that she may be a demon, but that it doesn’t need a cure to remind a demon of its humanity. I truly think this is is one of the strongest scenes of Meg. And the small but important word about “her unicorn” - something commonly associated with something pure and innocent (therefore also the unicorn in S11 in the episode “Just My Imagination”) really kind of drives that home. Because while Castiel of course is far from a saint and also did horrible messy things, I suppose in comparison to something like Meg, for her Castiel, a fallen angel of the lord would have to count as one of the purest and most innocent beings she ever met and on top also was taken care of. I suppose in a way and even though of course Meg did what she did in S7 to save her own hide, she looked after Cas and Castiel when tending to her wounds earlier in the episode repays the favour.

anonymous asked:

Angelkin anon again. So you don't think it cringeworthy that they literally think they are gods or angels or demons? I mean even from an atheist perspective its pretty blasphemous and disrespectful.

It’s literal for them? I thought the kin terminology was implying familial relationship, not literal roles. I honestly don’t know how to feel about that, but again, just because I don’t understand why they feel the need to believe that, they’re still under the mantle of my protection. I’d encourage them the same as I do others, to be virtuous and be their best selves. Not sure how that’ll work with the demon folk, but hey! Before you raise a hand, offer it first. That’s the Code.

anonymous asked:

well, what are your top five media that portray the jesus story correctly then? (sorry, i just really respect your opinion! :P)

…you guys are really not getting how impossibly high my standards are for this.

#none     #the answer is none     #there are too many moving parts you need a jesus who is human and warm but also impossible; untouchable; divine     #you need disciples who are /people/ not naive sheep or ignoramus interlocuters–give them histories and families and reasons and personaliti     #have a real sense of camraderie among the disciples; an atmosphere of excitement and radicalism that comes from following a prophet     #don’t have jesus in love with mary magdalene     #don’t have jesus in love with judas     #don’t have any one disciple be privileged over the others     #historical accuracy is a must     #female disciples are a must     #be respectful of the story but don’t buy into its propaganda     #(it doesn’t have to be The Greatest Story Ever Told but if you’re trying to make it about Shocking The Christins!!! like     #I don’t even care at that point)     #I’m not particularly picky about which gospel(s) it’s based off of     #I have favorite stories of course but     #that’s not as important as nailing all the characters and the dynamic and what jesus is like     #I’d prefer a kind of…magical realism to it?     #like     #have angels and satan and demons and stuff wandering around as just…the imaginal landscape of this world     #did I mention historical accuracy? because historical accuracy     #these jewish communities and their interactions with the romans and other ethnic/religious groups of the period     #don’t make anyone a bad guy     #no one is a bad guy in jesus’ story it’s literally just a lot of people making bad decisions because they’re angry or afraid or weak     #no one’s evil     #not the jewish priests not pilate not judas     #I want a lot of jesus talking to people–having to be pulled away by the disciples who are like “we promised we’d be at so-and-so’s house f     #for dinner stop healing lepers we have to go”     #I want jesus to laugh a lot     #I want jesus to look at the people who follow him like they’re his reason for breathing     #no story is ever going to make me happy /never/    

Reflection on Aziraphale

Personally, I think Aziraphale has the same problem as Pearl: in the fandom, he’s portrayed as either a perfectly sweet cherubim-faced cinnamon roll, OR as a self-centered and ignorant hypocrite.

We can probably agree that Aziraphale has issues… but, he does not mean ill (unless it has to do with selling books, of course). Similar to Crowley, living among humanity didn’t turn him from Good to Evil as much as it allowed him to grow into a more complex person. His flaws - like his selfishness, his reclusiveness, his Opinions of good and evil and his determination to do the Right Thing by most means necessary (the last two being Heaven’s influence and which, interestingly, change by the end) - they all stand out because he’s supposed to be an angel, a beacon of goodwill and an endless pit of patience and kindness. But he’s not. He’s just a bloke who loves books more than is strictly necessary. His moral difficulties are not to be excused, but nobody would be judging him as harshly if he were a demon or a human instead.

My absolute favorite theme in Good Omens is how ordinary it is. The unrealistic part about this fantasy is its realism. Adam the Antichrist is a normal kid who spends his days playing in the dirt with his friends, Anathema is an occultist but isn’t particularly magical or awe-inspiring… and Crowley isn’t a horned, winged monstrosity or a Fallen woobie but just a dude with a job to do and a good head on his shoulders. Crowley has six millenia under his belt, and he still doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing, he still hasn’t figured the universe out, and he can still feel helpless and lost, just like us.

Similarly, Aziraphale isn’t an average angel… which is to say, he’s average. He makes mistakes. He thinks tartan is fashionable. Aziraphale has come a long way, but he still has a long way to go. And you can see him growing as a person, through the millenia and through the eleven years of the the book. He’s not stagnant, he doesn’t exist solely to be Crowley’s foil; he learns, he doesn’t stop being himself, but he does change. At the start, “ineffable” is just code-word for “it’s His will, don’t question it.” But by the end, he’s using it to question the freaking Plan. He turned the word into an expression of free will - something, by Heaven’s definition, he isn’t supposed to have. And it came off as dickish, but by the end, he’s beginning to admit that he thinks Crowley could possibly have a “spark of good” inside of him, which totally contrasts what he said to Crowley’s face in Eden: “You’re a demon, I don’t think it’s possible for you to do good.”

It may not seem like much, but you have to understand that Aziraphale is not as self-aware of his real feelings as Crowley. Crowley doesn’t like Hell, and clings to his ability to tell right from wrong. Aziraphale is truly loyal to Heaven, and thinks that he already knows what’s right. Coming to the realization that you (and all of Heaven) aren’t right is hard, but ultimately, he stood right beside Crowley when he chose humanity over Heaven or Hell.

TL;DR Appreciate Aziraphale more as the somewhat ignorant but well-meaning old angel nerd he is please. He has done good too.

Castie X Reader

Request: Request: Could you do one where the reader is saved by Cas and brought to the bunker. Then when tfw begin explaining all the supetnatural she gets like a flashback and it turns out shes an angel who fell then she and cas fall in love. Sorry its a lot

Request: Can you write a fic about Castiel cast down on earth to capture a demon but was injured during the fight. The demon take the reader as hostage btw. The reader was grateful for him to save her but soon found out Castiel is an angel and was his soulmate. Sorry for my poor English.

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Flower Crowns For The King Of Hell

Summery: Kidnapped by the Winchesters, the reader tries to warn them about who she is associated with but they don’t listen, its only when Crowley bursts in with hellhounds that they decide to listen, and when Cas is thrown into the mix? The Winchesters don’t know what to think anymore. 

Castiel x Reader

Warnings: mentions of torture but only briefly

Word count: 1458

A/N: anonymous asked: Can I request one where the reader is Crowley’s daughter. He use to take her to a flower field when she was little and she would make flower crowns with him and he would call her his little princess. Sam and Dean find her when she’s older and take her captive and Crowley is pissed and Cas is too but they don’t know why. Turns out Castiel has developed feelings for the heir to Hell’s throne. I didn’t see anything for requirements on my mobile so I hope this request is ok I think it would be cute!

“That’s beautiful darling, is it for me?”

You nodded holding up your tiny hands, waiting for your dad, Crowley, to take it.

“Why thank you, it is beautiful, just like my beautiful little princess.”

Crowley placed the crown on his head, it was too small but he kept it on, placing the flower crown he made for you onto your head, laughing as he watched it slipped and fall around your neck.

“Daddy its too big!” you laughed grabbing the crown and trying to balance it on your head.

“Well we can fix that.” Crowley went to grab for the flower crown but you pulled away.
‘Noooo, I love it!”

Crowley laughed and scooped you up in his arms, hoisting you until you were seated on his shoulders.

“Shall we go home now princess?”

You woke with a start, arms immediately jolting to your side only to be stopped by chains.

“What the fuck?” you mumbled looking around you, still slightly groggy from the random flashback you had just experienced. You hadn’t had a dream like that in years.

You were chained and sitting on a chair, a devils trap beneath you.

“Well, well, princess finally wakes.” a low voice grumbled from behind you.
“Don’t call me that.” you growled, pulling at your restraints.

“Dean I don’t think this is a good idea-”

“You got a better idea? No? alright then.”

Dean? Dean Winchester? The Winchesters? Oh great.

“What the hell do you want with me? I’ve haven’t done anything.”

“Oh we know… princess, but that doesn’t mean you wont.”

“Dean, we are currently in a crappy motel and we just stained the carpets with paint, couldn’t we have went to the bunker?” Sam questioned as he and Dean stepped in front of you.

“I haven’t even done anything let me go!”

“You’re a demon why the hell would we let you go?” Dean spat.

You rolled your eyes.

“You Winchesters are so prejudice.”

“You’re a demon.”

“And you’re really rude.”

“I’m rude? What kinda demon are you?”

“I’m not a demon I’m the demon. The demon that you should not be messing with, I suggest you let me go.”
Dean snorted and crossed his arms.

“Oh yeah? And whys that-?”

Suddenly, as if on cue, you heard a loud crash and the snarling of hellhounds causing both Winchesters to jump back.

“Moose, squirrel,” Crowley greeted as he stepped into the motel, seemingly calm “I see you’ve met my daughter.”

“You have a daughter?” Dean scoffed once more.

“Well yes, and I sugGEST YOU LET HER GO!” Crowley shouted startling the two hunters at his sudden change in tone.

“Um, I don’t think so.” 

“Oh? You don’t think so?” Crowley laughed.

“Well, how about I just let Juliet here rip you apart limb from limb?”

“Hey dad? Do you know where Lady went? I couldn’t find her yesterday?” you said cutting in.

“Princess not really the time to be talking about your hellhound-”

“Yeah I know, its just she wont come when I call her-”

“Wait, wait, wait-” Dean cut in shaking his head and turning towards you “You have a hellhound… named lady?” 

“What was I suppose to call her you nitwit.”

“Language.” Your dad scowled.

“I don’t know, killer or shredder or anything else except the names you two pick! Lady, Juliet? What are they? hellpoodles?”

You rolled your eyes once more.

“Killer? Shredder? How original.”

“Y/N, princess?” Crowley called from the other side of the room.

“Yeah dad?”

“Really not the time to be arguing about this.”

“Right sorry.” you mumbled, ducking your head.

“Let my princess go, and we’ll leave.” Crowley offered as he leaned against the doorframe, arms crossed.

“I don’t think so.” Sam chimed in.

“Fine, don’t. I’ll be happy to let Juliet rip you to shreds, its been ages.” Crowley almost growled.

“Do it and we’ll kill Y/N!” Dean yelled hopping behind you with a knife to your throat. Ruby’s knife to be exact.

“Don’t you DARE lay a finger on her!”

“Then get rid of your hellhound!” Sam yelled, stepping behind his brother.

“You two are so bloody stupid-” Crowley muttered, snapping his fingers the two hellhounds disappeared.

“Good, now-” Sam started but was cut off.

“Let. Her. Go.”

“She’s a demon!”

“She’s my princess and if you don’t let her go I will be happy to carve out both of your hearts and give them to Juliet as her midnight snack.”

It was unsettling how Crowley said it so calmly, as if he was use to it. He was, but that was besides the point.

Suddenly there was the sound of wings flapping, both of the Winchesters breathed out a shaky breath as Castiel appeared to save the day… or not.

“Sam! Dean! What do you think you’re doing!” he yelled as he ran to you, grabbing for the restraints.

“Hey Cas.” you greeted softly which earned you a small smile in return.

“Cas! She’s a demon!?” Dean yelled back confused as he pushed Castiel away from you.

“Untie her!” Castiel bellowed causing the lighting to flicker at his sudden temper.

Sam and Dean both untied you, then broke the devils trap. You instantly ran into Castiel’s arms, feeling his grip tighten as you pressed your face into his chest.

Sure you were a demon, but it wasn’t like you were a bad demon, the worse thing you‘d done was forget to feed Lady, sure she happened to go out and kill a few people, but lesson learned. Plus, Castiel seemed to be able to look past the demon side of you, you were after all, only part demon. Yes you could flick your eyes black, but no smoking out of a meat suit, and you could felt human emotions to much of your fathers protest.

“Oh my devil this is the man you’ve been canoodling with isn’t it?” Crowley muttered and shook his head “Princess you could have any demon in hell and you choose an angel!”


“What a little rebel, very hellish, I like it.”

Your head whipped up as you looked at your father.

“I said I liked it I didn’t say I approved.”

Dean and Sam stood with their jaws hanging open in disbelief.

“Cas?!? You cant date Crowley’s daughter! She’s a demon!” Dean yelled as he punched at the air for emphasis.

“She’s the prettiest demon I’ve ever seen.” Castiel said matter-of-factly causing you to blush, not that anyone could see.

“Better close your mouth squirrel or you’ll be catching flies.” Crowley laughed

Dean and Sam were speechless as they watched with wide eyes, mouths opening and closing as if they were about to say something.

“Cas you cant- you seriously cant be- you’re dating a demon.”

“She’s only half demon Dean… and we’re not dating, although I’d like to be-”

“Really?” you smiled as you looked up.

“Really…-and to be honest Dean you’ve commit much worse crimes than she ever has.”

“Did you just say I was worse than a demon?” Dean questioned in disbelief.

“Y/N has never killed or tortured anyone, she volunteers at homeless shelters Dean-”

“What kind of demon are you?” Dean muttered in disgust.
“I would watch your tone Winchester.” Crowley said standing up and walking over to where your group stood.

“How can you be okay with this?” Sam questioned to Crowley, now standing beside Castiel.

“Who said I was okay with this? I don’t want my daughter tainted with angel cooties.”

“Cooties dad? Really?”

Crowley just shrugged, hands in his pocket.

“Anyway, just because she’s a demon doesn’t mean I’m automatically going to make her into something she doesn’t want to be, who am I my mother?”

“But- but she’s a demon!” Dean practically whined, throwing the knife on the bed and running his hands down his face in frustration.

“And you’re very mean, now if you don’t mind I would like to go now.”

“Come on princess, its about time we got dinner and talk about our little… predicament.” Crowley said as he looked at the angel who was still holding you into his chest.

“Can Cas come?”


“Dad, he‘s kinda part of the predicament-”

Crowley thought for a moment, weighing his options.


“You’re gonna have to accept it.” you said in a singsong voice as you stepped away from Castiel and towards your father.

“I don’t think so.”

“I’ll make you a flower crown.”

“You cant barging with flower crowns-”

“Fine two flower crowns.”


“Three, that’s my final offer!”

“Fine, but they better fit my head this time.”

You giggled as you grabbed Castiel’s hand and dragged him out of the shitty motel room with the wooden chain and devils trap painted on the floor, leaving the Winchesters in utter confusion.

Flower Crowns For The King Of Hell Part 2

I’ve updated the Persona Compendium
It currently holds 80 Personas, and this week is the Mascot Week featuring Jack Frost and its variants. There will be a Angels & Demons Week sometime later and I’m considering doing a “Protagonists Week” featuring the Persona series protagonists’ Personae. Who knows?

I also accept requests by arcana and mythology, and I also do research about specific myths. Because of the ‘special week’ instead of queueing I’m posting the requests as soon as I’m done. (perhaps I should just do that instead of having people waiting…)

If you got a more specific request, like researching for a suitable arcana or would like to send the details of your muse so I can make a more focused research, you can use the submit form. I won’t post the details, but I’ll publish the reply unless you request for a private answer.

we all went swiming and we all drown// tie me up and then just leave// do you take sugar in your coffe at 3:46 am??// i dont know the colour of your eyes but i hope they’re blue// did you mean what you said last night?// we talked last night??//the drugs sometimes kick in weeks later// like when i close my eyes and i see a faceless smile// sometimes i laugh at things that make me want to cry// sometimes i appericate the things that destory me// scratch that.. i always appericate the things that destroy me// run until my lungs catch fire and my whole body burns// i like kissing people that i would never fuck// i always say I’m not going to get that drunk right before i black out// and i always say it wont bother me but it still wil// break my bones to see if i have any// break my heart to see if its still beating// i should call my doctor// call me later // sometimes i wish i didnt care about anything so i could become a druggie and live with purpose// getting high is a purpose// its like falling in love with a feeling// i do that a lot// there is good in everyone// hell isn’t below the earth, its stuttley mixed into everthing you love the most// if you love things after their expiry date you will get sick// best before… yesterday// best before… last week// best before… last year// my trash can is empty because i dont use things just to throw them away// yours is full// angels and demons fuck a lot its just sience// i dont want to be someone else i just want to change everything about myself//weed left me confused so i started popping pills// i lost 4 hours yesterday// must have misplaced them// i wanna sell my soul but the devil wont buy it??// does anyone have a used phone case that will protect me from seeing things i dont want to see// like how lonely i am// did you do the math homework?// i dont really want to stop being 16// mom please dont touch me right now//i like noises that make it impossible to hear anything// i like pain that distracts me from other pain//i like songs that have feelings attached// i like ugly people// i like faceless people// i like people who dont like themselves// i like people who dont know how to like// i don’t know how to like// I’m not going to fuck you//… right now// why do people say goodbye BEFORE they leave// why didn’t you say goodbye before you left?// Why did you leave?// what do you want to do after high school?// not this// throw me a shovel because I’m so fucking stuck// light a match and drop it on a pile of everything i used to be// add gasoline //
—  Not everything
Warning: Season 9 spoilers

Combined Demon!Dean requests

Request: Can you write one about the reader being very upset about Deans passing (the season 9 finale) and the having Cas appear and comfort her? :)

Request: Can you do a imagine thing where the reader is a angel, cas’s sister and she falls in love with demon dean and cas is all worried and stuff. Add some kissy kissy kisses and super fluff. I LOVE YOU BY THE WAY and its my birthday today :) thanks love.

(So, quick warning. I refuse to believe that Dean will be a jerk demon, and I think he’ll basically be all cool and normal, just a demon (especially because that’s kind of how Cain was). So…. yeah.)

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Do The Right Thing

Characters: Cas x Reader, Ruby
Words: 1023
Requested by @sammys-angel ( Okay! Because we never get enough Ruby I would love a Ruby one-shot! If that is okay. 2.0 and relationship would be cool. I was thinking one where it takes place in season 4 and Ruby knows what she is doing is wrong with Sam and somehow Cas wants to stop whats going on so he goes to the reader because he knows Ruby would listen to the reader and she does. Its that to much?)

Originally posted by myrazorbladeromance

          “You’re thinking too hard,” you laughed, looking over at your angel boyfriend who had a very intense thinking face going on.

           “I just . . . I’m worried.”

           “Could’ve fooled me, Angel Boy,” you teased, “What are you worried about?” you asked him.


           You nodded, understanding immediately, “Yeah, I’m worried about him too, Cas. I’m just not sure what to do about it.”

           “Ruby trusts you,” Cas said.

           You stared at him, “Well, as much as a demon can trust someone, yeah, I guess. What are you getting at?”

           Cas sighed, “I think you should talk to her. Try to get her to stop. Sam can’t keep drinking demon blood.”

           “I know. But I don’t know if she’ll listen to me.”

           “It’s worth a shot, right?” he asked, “If it helps Sam, it could be the best thing you’ve ever done.”

           “You’re right,” you sighed, “Fine.”

           “Just do it for Sam,” Cas said, leaning over and kissing you.

           “For Sam.”

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Waiting for the second chapter, I continue to look at the official arts and generate more and more questions. The fandom has already paid attention to the hourglass earrings of Vanitas.

About the symbolism of an hourglass:
“Hourglass is a symbol of the impermanence of life and the passage of time, about the « memento mori »  principle, irresistibly approaching the hour of death.”
Main meanings: mortality, death, inexorable passage of time, the cycles of creation and destruction, the relationship of Upper and Lower Worlds.

And now I want to share with you about what attracts me in the following art.

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so here we are: little concept sheets for angel marco and demon jean from my au that you guys appear to be enjoying a bit >:3 THANK YOU FOR LIKING IT!!!

i focused mainly on just them when they were an angel/a demon, but there’s also a little drawing of what they look like when living on earth simply because


The library was once stacked with books of lore and stacks of notebooks Dean and Sam used to write down facts on certain creatures. However for the past few months the only thing on the tables was stacks of books on raising a child, and how to take care of a new born. You have read a few but Sam, the baby’s godfather, and Dean, the baby’s father, had managed to read every single one of them. They both think they can never be too prepared for the baby you’re about to bring into the world.

When they found out you were pregnant Dean did everything in his power to make sure you were okay. Luckily Castiel was able to easily check you and your baby’s vitals, but there was so much more to protect you from. Once the word got out that you were pregnant hunters came out of the wood works to congratulate Dean. He didn’t mind it that much because the new made everyone happy, and good news was hard to come by if you’re a hunter.

Unfortunately, that meant everyone who wants nothing but to destroy the Winchester’s knew about the pregnancy too. In the past few months alone, you have been attacked five times. Luckily you only got a couple of bumps and bruises but you and the baby have managed to stay alive. With the help of Jody Mills who immediately moved into the bunker to help the boys with the pregnancy. They knew it wasn’t safe for you to have the child in the hospital, so they had to make due in the bunker.

They already had the doctor lined up who owed the Winchesters a favor after they saved his family from a nest of vampires. Jody knew enough to be able to assist when it was time, but Dean was still scared that something would happen.

The bunker had every trap and protection that was possible, hell he even managed to get Crowley’s mother to help, but he still was nervous. There were still too many people who would love to destroy his life, and he knew that even if nothing happened during the birth, the child wouldn’t have much of a childhood. The poor kid would be stuck in a bunker, and possibly being home schooled. With the mark of Cain still being attached to him, it just wasn’t safe for the kid to go anywhere without someone protecting him.

Dean sighed and ran his fingers through his hair and tugged slightly. In front of him was some boy clothes Jody dropped on the table after Castiel found out that he was going to have a boy.

“Am I terrible person to let a kid into this world? Considering all the bullshit going on?” He mumbled out loud. He knew his brother was in the room, but didn’t bother looking up.

He could hear his brother sigh as the chair in front of him glided across the floor. Sam sat down and picked up the small sock that had blue lace at the top.

“No it’s not Dean. I know our father wasn’t exactly a great role model, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to end up like him. Hell you did a pretty good job with me?” Sam said trying to get his brother to at least look at him.

Dean slowly looked up and nodded his head, “Yeah I guess I didn’t do too bad.”

Sam smiled, “Besides you have [y/n] who is going to be an absolutely amazing mother. Jody will be around when she can, and the kid already has several angels on its side. I mean the kid has it better off than we did when we were born.”

“Yeah but we had a few demons who apparently wanted to ruin our lives when we were born. My son has damn near half of hell, and heaven after him just because his dad took his this stupid thing.” He said motioning towards the mark.

“Yeah, well if it wasn’t for that stupid thing you would be dead. Don’t get me wrong I hate that you have it but we’ll get it removed, but for now let’s just worry about your son. We’ll worry about everything else when that time comes.” He said seriously.

“Yeah you’re right. Thanks for the pep talk,” Dean said before standing up and moving to go towards the bedroom.

“Anytime,” Sam said over his shoulder before bring his laptop towards him and opening it up.

Dean walked into your shared bedroom to see you reading the latest Star Wars book, “You’re such a nerd.” Dean joked before plopping down on the bed beside you.

“Yeah I know, it’s one of the reason’s you love me,” You said softly while turning the page.

He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer to him, “How are you feeling baby?”

“Like your son is going to be the next Olympic soccer player,” You said before flinching in pain.

“Did he kick again?” Dean asked before playing a hand on your stomach.

“No, I’ve had a few sharp pains today is all,” You flinched and groaned in pain.

“Baby when was the last time you were in pain?” He said seriously.

“15 minutes ago I think,” You mumbled but this time you practically screamed in pain.

“Baby I need you to take deep breathes okay,” He said while moving to call the doctor on his phone. It didn’t take long for Jody and Sam to rush to the door to see if you were okay. Once they saw you flinching in pain they knew what was about to happen.

“Move out of the way Dean,” Jody pushed Dean aside so you could be propped up on the bed. “Alright I’m going to have to take these up to see if you’ve dilated yet.”

You lifted your hips up to allow her to take your sweatpants, and underwear off. In just a few seconds a towel was laid over your lap by Sam. He sat down on the bed beside you and took your hand into his. “Squeeze if the pain gets too much okay?”

You nodded your head and groaned again in pain. “Dean you need to get Castiel now!”

“What why? The doctor is about to get into his car now.” Dean said with the phone still against his ear. The angel however immediately came when he heard his name. “Shall I be getting the doctor?” He asked seriously. Jody didn’t question how he knew what she needed but nodded her head before turning back to you. “Alright sweetie, when the doctor gets here, you’re going to have to start pushing okay? It doesn’t seem like the baby wants to wait much longer, but considering who the father is, that doesn’t surprise me.”

“Hey!” Dean said before sitting on the other side of the bed to hold your other hand.

“Just speaking the truth sweetheart, you’re both extremely impatient,” She said while standing up to go grab a bowl of water and towels. The plan on what to do when it was time was already told to everyone. Hell they’ve had it memorized the first time the doctor arrived. You weren’t surprised how on how prepared they were. Hunters had no choice but to always be prepared. It was the only way for them to survive, so you knew you were in good hands.

“Oh where is that damn doctor,” You squeeze both Dean and Sam’s hand tightly which made both of them flinch. Jody couldn’t help but to laugh to herself.

The sound of ruffled feathers could be heard across the room and there stood your now frazzled doctor with Castiel behind him.

“Alright, how far along is she?” He quickly dropped his things and stood at the end of the bed and pulled a chair up so he could easily help the baby along. “Oh well isn’t he anxious to get out.”

Jody laughed again, which earned her a death glare from Dean, and a confused look from Castiel.

“Trust me I want him out,” You yelled while squeezing even hard.

“Babe I think you just broke my hand,” He said with a look of pain on his face.

“Well you don’t have a huge baby coming out of you!” You yelled while you tried to breathe.

“Fair enough,” He said before helping you keep a steady breathing pattern.

“Alright when I say push, you push. Understand?” The doctor said. “Now, push!”

You pushed as hard as you could until you couldn’t anymore. Everyone was trying to keep you calm but this was harder then you thought it would be. You closed your eyes for a few minutes until you heard the doctor tell you that you had just one more push left until it was over. On the count of three you pushed even harder then before until finally you heard him cry.

The pain was still there but you could now hear your son crying, and taking in his first breathe. Everything happened so fast but luckily they were able to clean your son off quickly so you could finally hold him.

“He looks so much like you,” You whispered when you held your son. Dean leaned over and kissed your forehead. “Yeah, well hopefully he’ll grow out of that.”

“I can’t believe we made this,” You whispered softly.

“I’m pretty sure you did most of the work baby. I love you so much,” He said softly.

“I love you too. So have we decided on the name?” You said while looking to him.

“Yeah, how about Robert?” He said with a smile.

“Yeah Robert it is,” You said before looking back at the baby. This baby was the one good thing in so many people’s lives now. The news of the birth brought many people to the bunker, and even ‘Uncle’ Crowley brought the boy a gift.

A few days after the birth you were able to finally walk around with no pain so Dean took you out to have a picnic. The baby was already fast asleep, which left you two alone for just a few moments.

“Do you think we’ll be able to do this?” You said seriously.

“I know we’ll do everything in our power to do right by him. We already know who will take him if anything happens to us. We have ever back up plan memorized, and now we just have to do our best. We just have to learn from our parent’s mistakes, and pray everything works out,” He said before taking a sip of his beer.

He kissed your forehead gently and then your lips slowly. The kiss depended slightly until your heard a small cry coming from Robert. “Ah saved by the baby.” You said before moving to the baby to see if he was okay.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dean asked with a smile on his face.

“I don’t need you knocking me up again. That’s what.” You teased. Dean laughed even louder and shook his head.

“Don’t worry. Robert will get a brother eventually,” He winked at you before moving to pick up Roberts carrier.

“Let’s go home,” He said before motioning towards the car.

“Yeah let’s go home,” You said before picking up the cooler and blanket. You knew that raising Robert won’t be easy but with Dean by your side, you knew things will all work out in the end.


We Happy Few/Cas (and Dean)

I know many people are upset about what’s going on with Cas, and I understand that - Cas is probably my favourite character, and the reason I fell in love with this show for good, and I feel so sorry for him it hurts. But I have to say - it’s a good kind of hurt. I think the story so far is making narrative sense, and if it’s sad and tragic - well, that’s the kind of story they’re telling: a story of sadness and tragedy.

And also - yes, Cas has been gone a long time now, but, in a way, he was never as present as he was in this season, both in our hearts and minds and in Dean’s heart and mind. Which I count as a win.

And now Cas is back. Sort of. I have to say - after so much Lucifer, I had sort of forgotten how different they actually are, and to see Misha shifting between them was a real gift.

That scene in Heaven was nowhere near enough, and also rather sudden - unless, of course, it wasn’t. For me, it sort of made sense that Cas was his usual self - a bit mournful and a bit doubtful, but perfectly rational and willing to fight -

- because, as I wrote five months ago, I want to think Cas was never broken to begin with. Sure, he did spend a lot of time just staring at stupid stuff on TV, and he did seem unwilling to leave the (relative) safety of the Bunker, but I never liked to see him as a victim of depression or PTSD, because, after all, Cas - Cas is not human. From a narrative point of view, they have to make him human enough for Misha to have something to work with and for us to understand what’s going on, but the real Cas - that is something else.

Which means his choice to give himself up to Lucifer - I used to think that was a sound strategic choice and I stand by that idea. Lucifer was needed - God himself has now confirmed it - and by taking on this burden - this thing which is destroying both him and his vessel - Cas spared Dean and Sam from having to make a choice. He spared Sam from saying yes one more time and disappear into himself again, and he spared Dean from this agony he’s experienced way too many times before - that of choosing his brother over the world, knowing full well he’s wrong.

Of course, Supernatural is Supernatural, which means that even the best plan - hell, even having the literal God on your side - is no guarantee of success - but still, the idea was good. It was brave and reckless and borderline suicidal, but, like all the other plans Cas set in motion, it worked. I never understood why Cas is seen as a master of bad choices - the only flaw in his plans is that he’s never all that interested in making it out alive. Which is a big flaw in our books (in Dean’s book) but a matter of logic and strategy for Cas (because, again, Cas is not human: when asked to define the nature of angels, soldier is the first thing out of his mouth, and soldiers are bred for victory, not survival).

As for Cas hiding in the Bunker’s kitchen - that was an elegant touch, but a sign of depression? I’m not sure. We know Cas considers the Bunker his home, and it’s telling he chose the kitchen: his room, he associates with being alone, left behind while Dean and Sam go hunting; and the map room, well, that’s the place where Dean very nealry killed him before walking away (for good). The kitchen, though - a place of friends and food - a place of coming together and smiling at each other. A place only humans need, a symbol of our complicated vulnerability; the place, therefore, with the best reception (I’m guessing the best reception means the place where Cas can be truest to himself and what he values the most).

And I’m not surprised Cas spent his time watching TV in there, either - what else would he do? The old Cas, perhaps, would have prayed, but this new Cas knows the deeper meaning of the universe can be found just as easily in a child’s crooked smile - or in a puppy on a skateboard. Because in any case, until Lucifer had a plan or a weapon, there was nothing Cas could do (or so he thought). Again, I don’t think this caused him pain - it’s simply a fact. As I said, Cas is first and foremost a soldier, and he recognized a long time ago that an archangel is so much more than he will ever be. They’re going to war here, and this is a war that will define everything, because that’s what’s at stake - literally everything - and it doesn’t matter if Lucifer is the most unreliable of the archangels. He is all they can have, and Cas will take it. He knows Lucifer is so powerful as to be almost another class of being, and this is precisely what they need against Amara: a nuclear warhead. The only question here is whether Lucifer can defeat Amara -

- nothing else matters.

(“Archangels are fierce. They’re absolute - they’re Heaven’s most terrifying weapon.”)

And if Cas dies with Lucifer - because Lucifer is defeated or because he chooses to kill Cas or simply because his presence is too much for Cas to bear - well, Cas didn’t look particularly perturbed when that other angel told him them they were both expendable. Cas knows this. He accepts it.

No, if anything, what Cas has been lacking for a while are a purpose and a sense of self. I don’t find it particularly sudden, therefore, that - when given back both of these things (he’s now firmly an angel again, and he has access to Heaven and he has a message for his brothers and sisters - like the Gospels themselves, Cas’ message is perhaps not all that uplifiting but it’s still Good News) - Cas would more or less go back to what the was at the end of Season 10. Because the Cas we’ve seen in Heaven? Weary and full of doubt, yes, but also our Cas.

As for Cas deserving more, as for Dean not being concerned enough - Dean is so concerned about Cas his love for Cas basically shaped the whole season. And if Cas doesn’t see this, it’s because all he knows about free will, he learned through Dean - Dean never expects to be loved or to be saved or to matter to anyone, and therefore neither does Cas. But, again - in a human, those feelings can easily lead to depression, but in a celestial wave of whatever - who knows? Not the same breed of beings. Not the same, period. Not the same at all.

We’ve seen in the past that Cas never goes to Dean for help. He tried it once, after all, and Dean shut him down -

- and since then Cas has dealt with stuff on his own and - unpopular opinion, but there you go - he’s done an okay job. He killed an archangel by himself, which should have been impossible. He atoned for his mistakes by taking Lucifer inside his own mind, betting he could bear it better than Sam - and he was right. He was instrumental in helping to take the Leviathans down, and once in Purgatory, he succeeded in keeping them away from Dean and in pushing Dean to safety. Cas’ only big miscalculation was trusting  Metatron, but we sort of know why he did that - because what Metatron (allegedly) wanted to do was what Dean wanted to do as well - to separate these worlds once and for all, and since the very  beginning, Cas has been moulding himself on Dean. The difference between their plans, of course, was that in shutting down Hell Dean had nothing  to lose (he didn’t know, did he, that Sam would have died? - and he stayed his brother’s hand as soon as he figured it out) whereas in  shutting down Heaven Cas knew he would remain trapped inside and very likely be killed (and thereby lose his place on the Earth, and lose Dean - and we know how much Cas values both). Dean’s plan was risky, but Cas’ was suicidal.

But, well, Cas doesn’t care about dying. He just doesn’t. He didn’t when he rebelled for Dean, and he didn’t after he was brought back, and he didn’t when his Grace was fading, and he still didn’t when he was human and Dean was so angry and desperate as to be almost insane and yet Cas went with it anyway.

It’s not death Cas can’t deal with - it’s pain.

And he can’t deal with it because angels were never supposed to feel anything. Unlike humans, who are born in pain and have to deal with pain, in its many forms, every day of their lives - unlike demons, whose humanity was burned out of them in the fires of Hell - angels simply don’t know how to do it, and how to bear it without going insane under the weight of it (look at Michael, who, unlike Lucifer, never took the time to get close to humanity and learn about this great weakness - this great strength - of ours: Michael was tortured and Michael went mad; Lucifer didn’t).

So when he became human and it all crashed down on him (hunger, loneliness, fear; love and longing), Cas very nearly killed himself to get away from it.

(”I just followed the sound of your pain. You have no idea how loud it is. I could hear you for miles.”)

The only reason Cas even fought against the Rit Zien was to protect the baby, and because Dean was with him, and Cas knows Dean gets upset at him for dying (remembers how Dean flat out ordered him never to die again, in fact). And when Cas was human in that future Dean saw, my bet is that his constant pain - his loneliness, his guilt, his homesickness, his inability to help Dean through his own desperation at losing Sam, his certainty he would never be able to save the world, and that it would be on him - all that pain - that’s the reason Cas was high all the time, and finding pleasure where he could find it.

But death - Cas doesn’t care.

(“You can’t save everyone, my friend.”)

So, I don’t know. What we missed in this episode was a conversation between Cas and Chuck, but it’s also true this subject has been dropped years ago. Cas has seemingly decided he’s okay with anything - with God abandoning them, with God being unwilling to come back (God brought him back, after all, and he must have had a reason for it, and it’s not Cas’ job to understand God’s reasons). Also, the more Cas stayed on Earth, the closest he wrapped his understanding of reality around Dean’s, and that’s precisely Dean’s attitude - if you can’t change it, let it the fuck go. What matters is to survive another day, and to help people. That’s it. Your own shit doesn’t matter. I don’t need it.

(And, frankly, what would Chuck even say to Cas? We’ve had the Why do you allow bad stuff to happen conversation, and we’ve had the I was your son and you abandoned me conversation, and what Cas wanted to know was something in between, so we’ve got our answer. My headcanon is that Cas could feel God’s presence when Chuck healed Lucifer - that in that moment he understood the fight was really going to happen, that he was needed. After all, Cas has known that God was alive and sort of on the board since Season 5, when God resurrected him despite the blasphemy Cas had just committed - despite him acting against his own brothers to side with humanity and stop the an apocalypse which had been long foretold. He knows God considers him a good soldier, because God keeps helping him. We - as humans - needed more than that - we needed the stares and the tears - but Cas is an angel, and he never had any personal connection to God either. It may be harsh on my part, but I think Lucifer - God’s firstborn, and the son God betrayed and left to die - needed to have that conversation with God. Cas did not.)

And finally - all the tragedy and heartbreak between Cas and Dean, in my opinion, come from the fact Dean doesn’t know how to show his love and Cas doesn’t expect any love. That is why he didn’t fight Lucifer when Dean asked him to. Because he doesn’t understand how important he is to Dean, and he doesn’t get it because, again, he’s not human and there are signs he can’t read and stuff he just doesn’t know and doesn’t realize and until Dean mans the fuck up and says it to his face - I don’t care if I can’t save everyone, I want to save you because I can’t live without you because I love you and that’s what happens when humans love someone and I’ll die if you leave me again - well, Cas won’t get it.

And what is almost as tragic, of course, is that right in this moment - after Purgatory, after almost losing Cas, after almost killing Cas - now that Dean was finally starting to acknowledge those feelings and say Fuck it, I’m not doing this without Cas - that’s the moment Sam chose to be all noble, the moment God shows up and all of a sudden ‘making the heart choice’ becomes a weakness.

Jesus - Dean has been forced to silence his own heart his whole life, and now he was ready to be selfish (and for the right reasons) - now he can’t.

No, now he has to shut up and take it - Sam willing to accept the Mark, and Cas determined to bear Lucifer’s weight upon himself even it if kills him - because it’s God’s plan, and who is he to go against God? Against his brother? Agains the love of his life?

(And this is not fair. This is killing me.)

No, Dean is a mess - we know he gets overwhelmed when things get too big, and we know he’s overwhelmed right now, and there are two people on this Earth he trusts - Sam and Cas - and they are both telling him his heart doesn’t matter - Cas, of course, by giving himself up (as if he doesn’t matter; as if Dean won’t literally die without him) and Sam by encouraging Dean to trust in God’s plan and be smart (because, well, Sam will always, always be Lucifer’s, and Lucifer got into his head once again: “You have to be ready to watch the people you love die. You have to be ready to die.”)

For what it’s worth, I think they are both wrong. I think Dean is the hero of this story, and the one who figured it out, and I think love is never a weakness.

But that’s for another meta.

In conclusion - yes, I know it all seems very harsh and we’ve all been burned before, but this season was completely coherent and the plot and motives were so loud I’ve been having headaches every bloody week so far - surely they won’t drop everything now? Guys, here’s to giving it one more week and see what happens next before losing faith and hating them.

anonymous asked:

Can we hear more about possessive! Sans and how he acts n stuff? I love possessiveness and with sans marking papyrus, it just adds to my sin pile. -w-

Woah, hey now, you’ve activated my trap card, bruh. How’d you know about the marking thing before I was able draw and post it, hehe?

But yeah, once Sans and Pap’s bond reaches its peak, which is Sans finally admitting to himself that yes he does now have a weakness and his name is Papyrus because fuck he loves him, Sans marks Papyrus as his by biting and clawing into his bones.

Demons are incredibly territorial(unless they’re together). If they see something another angel/demon has that they don’t, chances are they want it and are probably gonna try and take it. One way of trying to keep something theirs is marking it through scratches and teeth marks since the thing would be less desirable if it’s so visibly claimed. Because Sans at this point has had quite a few run ins with other demons trying to claim Papyrus as their own, he gets Pap’s permission for him to mark him(which Pap does to Sans later on too because it seemed really important to him). It hurts, of course, but Sans is a LOT more considerate as a lover at this point and doesn’t just tear into Papyrus like a present on Christmas morning.