just because im in love with her legs

  • adena loves sunflowers
  • okay listen to me she /adores/ sunflowers theyre so vibrant and pretty and strong
  • like she loves all flowers but sunflowers are special to her okay
  • when she was younger she would never pluck them out of the ground because that would be killing them and she wants them to live forever
  • when kat finds out she really buys a bunch of sunflowers (and other plants) and put them on different window sills in their apartment
  • and there is one on her desk because kat edison is quite possibly the biggest sap of all time im euirheaiuh
  • also i firmly believe that when they move in together kat and adena turn one corner of their room into a nook, somewhere to relax on
    • like im talking beanbags galore. theyre two year olds at heart okay
    • and im talking books because theyre nerds and its by a window too so sunlight is streaming thru all the time and kat’ll return home from work to find adena already curled up there reading something with a soft smile and kats heart does that thing where it melts and ohgod i hate myself
  • adena loves her family and listen. listen shes muslim so i know for a fact that her family is big because we dont just consider our family to be blood relations we take in our entire community to the point where other people we know just become ‘aunts’ ‘uncles’ etc. like eiruheauihraui adena loves them all. 
    • also im tired of the trope where muslims apparently have broken family lives like shut up 
  • kat is really good at baking!
  • adena never really thought about it too much but she sometimes helps kat bake
  • they design the apartment together! both have similar tastes but with their own flair and take on it so it works really well
  • their home is really just vibrant and full of life, with both light and dark colors and it flows so well and its so homey and i love it
  • they really just share their closet space but also wear each others clothes sometimes because they might not have the same exact size but some things work
  • like im talking adena shows up to work in one of kats strapless dresses but its paired with leggings and a jacket 
  • likewise kat wears one of adenas shirts and a hat to work looking amazing
  • adenas favorite colour is blue because it reminds her of the ocean,sea, and also the stars and open sky and god there are so many mysteries in the world so many things existing and she firmly believes that Allah made it for a reason and loves all of it, loves the idea of everything existing for a reason, loves life so much
  • while kat might not necessarily convert to Islam she makes an effort to understand it because its important to adena and they have a lot of talks about it
  • see because thats the thing the two of them can have such serious mature talks where they understand each other or at least try to but can also be such goofballs and its such a healthy relationship
  • erhea i have to go but i really love these two so much i would die for them

hobile  asked:

mom i love u and i just read ur jungkook overwatch au??? im dying??? if u could, can u please do the same thing with hoseok? :)

sure ^^ find pro player!jungkook (here

  • mains tracer for most competitive games so he’s considered dps
  • technically when he streams he loVES to play lucio because the character just vibes with him so much,,,,,like when he gets to say LETS BREAK IT DOWN he always gets sO giddy 
  • but also just loves tracer too and as a gift for the fans he wore her jacket and goggles to a fansign event (everyone also wanted to see him in the tight legging but manager namjoon made sure that didn’t happen. bummer.)
  • “cheers love, hoseok is here~ ;)”
  • talks so much in the booth but the team really likes it because he keeps the energy high even if they lose maps like hoseok gets up and dances around the booth and gets yoongi to laugh and taehyung to relax like,,,,he’s the teams spirit tbh
  • but also their downfall. uses their twitter to post embarrassing pics of them sleeping on the plane and stuff
  • you’re actually one of the commentators for a season long competition and so ,,, you and hoseok see a lot of each other
  • and it’s not like you mean to catch each others eye or anything,,,,you know him of course because of his fame but,,,,,,,
  • somehow there seems to be some kind of mutual interest
  • and when the first couple of rounds are over,,,,the commentators get to invite a player up to talk about the victory and ofc the team sends hoseok because who better to talk about their win 
  • and as you’re getting ready,,,,,hoseok mumbles that he’s having trouble with the mic so you go over and help him
  • but you have to fasten it onto the collar of his shirt so you’re quite close and you can basically feel hoseok’s breathing
  • and when you finally clip the mic on you hear him whisper “even prettier up close~” and you blush because,,,,w,,what??? is he talking about you
  • and hoseok catches the tint of red on your skin and he shoots you a grin
  • and as you sit down to start the interview with the other caster you can’t help but keep seeing how hoseok never directly looks at them
  • but keeps nodding and smiling at you
  • and one of the questions is ‘say something to your fans’ and hoseok is like hmmm ok 
  • and he makes finger guns and points it at your heart and goes “he shoots,,,,,he scores~” which is a line of tracers as well
  • and the other caster cracks a joke about how it should have been for the fans and not you and hoseok is like “they’re my fan too, right?”
  • and you’re so embarrassed that you can only nod,,,,using a hand to cover a bit of your face
  • and with the interview over hoseok stands up and makes his way to you and he’s like “i think i need help with my mic again?” and you know he’s lying 
  • but you help him anyway and hoseok before you drop your hands from the mic takes them in his and is like 
  • “did my fanservice work on you?” and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,what if it did? and he’s like wELL then that means i can take you out to dinner after the next round?
  • you pretend to think about it but all hoseok has to do is wink and you’re melted so you’re like ok,,,,,,but wear the tracer jacket
  • and hoseok is like oh? really? and ur like no no hehe but you did look cute
  • and for the first time mister suave jung hoseok is the one blushing hehe

ehy1  asked:

Could you do the internal thoughts or reaction, (whatever you think is more cute 😉) of the guys to their crush smiling at them for the first time? THANKS!!!

(I am only going to do the Sakamaki’s because I keep typing this up and if I leave my laptop for a few seconds it deletes itself. If you want me to do the Mukami please ask again specifying that you want me to do them.)

Shuu: *wakes up* Oh, who is that gorgeous woman playing the piano. Did she just smile at me? Do I have any drool in my mouth, is that why she’s smiling? To make fun of me. But her smile looks so genuine and pure. I must get to know this amazing woman more.

Reiji: Is that a smile that curled on her lips? Why would she be smiling at me, I thought she didn’t know of my existence? She has such perfect, straight, white teeth. She the teeth of the perfect lady, even if she does have braces. Okay, Reiji, just smile back. Who am I kidding I look like an idiot. But she doesn’t see to mind.

Laito: *blushes* My little macaron just looked at me, why am I getting so nervous. Was that a smile that came from those juicy lips that I want to kiss so badly. She doesn’t even need to smile, she is ones of those few people that can smile with there eyes. They can just look at you and you know that they are happy. Does that mean I made her happy? I wonder if she knows that she makes me happy too.

Kanato: Look Teddy, do you see that pretty girl over there, smiling at us. Isn’t she amazing. I bet you would love her, she even thinks you’re cute. Teddy, are you blushing at the complement she gave you? I don’t blame you, when she said that I am a really good singer I went as red as the cherry’s on our ice cream.

Ayato: Who’s that girl playing basketball all by herself? Shit, it’s Chichinashi, I never knew she played basketball. I got to admit she’s pretty good at it, not as good as ore-sama but still… Did she just smile at me? I can feel my face heating up, am I blushing. Who am I kidding, ore-sama doesn’t blush. Is she coming towards me, quick act cool *pulls pant leg up*.

Subaru: She looks stunning sitting next to the rose bushes. She always comes here to think and I love watching her eyes soften when she is deep in though. What? I’m not a stalker! Sure, sometimes I do follow her around but that is only to make sure she is safe. Because i-i I love her. Did she just smile at me or to one of my brothers? Nope, it’s defiantly at me. What should I do? Should I smile back? *grins at her* Did she just giggle and call me adorable? What has this amazing woman gotten me into.

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do you have any critrole fic author recs? i'll read anything tbh

oh gosh ok so this would be a really long list but im just gonna throw out a handful and let you go from there???

  • @curriebelle is lovely and is writing what’s considered percy/vex’s flagship fic and i suggest you take a look at her work, even the shorter stuff, because it’s gorgeous and worth it [ao3]
  • @griffables has some of the most memorable fics i’ve read in a LONG time and sometimes i go back to reread them just because i can. mostly percy/vex [ao3]
  • @teammompike i would give up an arm and leg to be able to channel even half of ari’s prose like it’s so good. she writes a variety of things so you can probably find a fic you like! [ao3] [writing tag]
  • @mischief7manager i can read nearly anything mischief writes regardless of whether or not i ship what she’s writing like her fic is THAT good and also?? she wrote the very first fic for percy/vex i ever read so rlly she’s to blame for how much i love them [ao3]
  • @buckysleftarm i love kris i love everything kris writes i would die for kris her darker fic is especially good 10/10 [ao3]
  • @infanttreenotebook cara writes mostly shorter things on her writing blog/stuff from out discord that show up there after and they’re all very very very good [ao3] [writing tag]
  • @pagerunner-j does mostly percy/vex and i’ve loved everything i’ve read!! [ao3]
  • @inadistantworld does explicit percy/vex Very Well and i love his dialogue and i suggest you check out his college au trilogy because it is Good [ao3]
  • @shukitasoftboys asia doesn’t write for cr much anymore but her backlog of fics for it is Good she’s done some really nice perc/vex stuff but her shining stars are her perc/vax fics [ao3]

im literally missing so many good writers but these were some of the people that came to mind right away so aklfjlasjfl YEAH

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so for rosemary, even years into the relationship, kanaya sometimes has moments where she's like "I Can't Believe My Wife Doesn't Have Horns" because she just grew up surrounded by people who, y'know, had horns. And so sometimes she'll hold rose's head in her lap and just feel through her hair the parts that SHOULD have horns but don't. Rose loves it because it's another example of her wife's little eccentricities and she just adores her s;ffasfg


*kanaya puts her hands on roses head*

How Do You Live Like This

Oh, you know, I get out of bed one leg at a time.

Rose I See How You Wake Up In The Morning It Involves Me Dragging You Out Of Bed Because You Refuse To Get Up Furthermore-

and I’m sorry I wouldn’t fuck you hard enough the night I was wasted
the truth is i just wanted to hold your hand longer
i want the simple sweet things that i never got in the past
or maybe i did
maybe they just feel better with you
maybe the reason your eyes hit me like two bolts of lightning is because you’re the angel I’ve been searching for
but that can’t be, angels dont like to be choked
maybe the reason i dont want to fuck you all the time is because i want to make love to you instead
have you ever thought of that?
no. no. no she hasn’t.
because girls like her, dont crave girls like me gently, tragically, romantically.
and im sorry i let you fall asleep sad that night
the words were stuck in my throat just like the girl with the meaningless brown eyes’ arms were pinning me down while i screamed no
maybe i do love you because ever since you told me you loved me, the words I love you too keep floating in my mind
maybe im just too timid to admit it
no. that can’t be it.
love for me was hitting my head against the wall while she said “do it, kill yourself”
it was sitting in the tub because my legs were too bloody to use my moms towels, oh lord would she be concerned if she saw the stains.
love as i know it was the arguments ending in fists, and I’m not talking rough sex.
it was my dad beating my mom till blood came out of her nose
it was the kid with no name who held me against my will telling me to “keep quiet or they’ll hear us”
it was her telling me she loved me only out loneliness
love for me wasn’t sunshine, it was those one stormy nights where I’d hold my dalmatian as a child tightly because I thought the world was ending.

thats it, maybe you’re my sunshine.

SVT Cute Jobs; Minghao !!

Originally posted by lunarjun

how is this fluffy child so CUTe im crying inside 


-this duuuuuuude

-okay so he’s probably the best dancer i’ve ever seen in my whole life wOWOWOW

-so when he was little he took up martial arts but he was then like

-nah little thughao is gonna learn how to dance like a god damn prO


-so after a while of practising he became really good at freestyling and breakdancing and stuff

-so good that he was asked to  join a street dance group

-like a really famous one

-he got really confident about his dancing so he recorded himself dancing on weibo

-i love a man that promotes himself

-the leader was so shook that he messaged him like straight away aking him about the group and stuff

-his nickname in the group was first infinity because that how many times he can do head spins

-an infinite amount of times

-can you believe he doesn’t get dizzy at all over that

-but he then changed his name to The8

-it suited him better tbh

-good choice

-when he joined he got a shirt with his name on it and the groups name too awwwWWW 

-he was so excited about this too

-his group are like his second family

-only bigger

-the whole group meets up on saturdays (maybe sundays) and other days too whenever anyone is free

-they also goes to the leader’s house sometimes for food and just to hang out until the early hours of the morning its such a nice feeling 

-he loves his family

-speaking of family

-and the leader


-younger sister

-you’re not that keen on dancing yourself but you’re supportive af of your brother and his group and you see his group as a sort of backbone to his career

-you’re also considered family to them since you’re close with a couple of people in the group cause they’re in your college

-and everytime they come over to hang out with the leader they include you in whatever plans they have for the next week

-cause as i said

-you fam

-one day your mum asked you to buy and take snacks down for your bro because he forgot them

-so you go to the local supermarket

-hop on a bus and a train and call him from outside the station

-he gets the call and picks up straight away knowing its you

-he could be so stern and moody when someone or something isn’t doing the right thing

-and then his whole face lights up when you call him

-and little minghao is just like what

-he’s never seen his face switch so quickly

-”y/n!! what’s up?”

-”mum wanted me to get out the house. i have snacks??”

-”i’m getting you right now! oh yeah there’s someone i want you to meet!! hes a new member and he’s really good at dancing!!”

-poor little minghao hes so cONFUSED BLESS

-he puts the phone down and just grabs minghao’s hand and heads to the station

-like is he playing match-oh

-”where are we going??”

-”i want you to meet someone shes close to everyone in the group”

-hes just rushing minghao to meet you

-and you’re just standing at the station waiting for him

-until you hear your name being called in the distance

-and you just turn around to see your brother and a random kid

-but this random kid???




-like ho W

-he gave you a head pat and took the snacks

-you fuck e r

-”yeah…minghao y/n y/n minghao”

-you smile to him and he smiles back and you’re crying on the inside becuase hes just so cute

-and he’s thinkin that too!

-”he’s really good at dancing remember that video i shared of that kid who mixed that tumble with the popping and the spinning?”

-”oh yeah! that was pretty cool”

-”thanks..you’re pretty.”

-both you and your bro look to him like just repeated the declaration of independence in perfect hungarian 

-w h a t

-”what was that minghao?”

-”i-i-i mean that she’s prett… cool. i mean i’ve only met you for like 10 minutes but you’re cool!!”

-and that was how you two started off your friendship

-it was so sweet at the start 

-but really limited

-he felt like he couldn’t talk to you in a group unless he was next you you

-and your bro designated him to picking you up every time the group met up

-so he asked for your number and you gave it to him


-in a couple weeks there was going to be a big showcase in the underground dance community

-and it was held every couple months

-so you being you

-you wanted to support everyone 

-but mostly


-you were his friend

-but you…..wait for it

-also liked him

-and a lot


-your brother knew the second you called him the night before

-”lemme guess you’re gonna call me about how minghao’s doing”

-”no wait yes wait no wait yes–”

-”i know he wants to impress you and you wanna tell him that you like him and stuff but you need to slEEP”


-but yeah

-minghao was clueless about you liking him

-because….wait for it

-he liked you back!!

-wait why were you lot not surprised wha t

-he liked you too much to think of anything else

-in the morning you ask your mum if you can go to see them perform

-but for some odd reason your mum doesn’t let you go and youre like 3 emotions

-1. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

-2. ಥ_ಥ

-3. ᕕ(╯°□°)ᕗ

-the third one meant that you were gonna sneak out

-your mum normally goes out to a weekly book club on this night so you were gonna sneak out during the time she was out

-so she doesn’t freak the fuck out 

-you leave a note on the door explaining why you were gone

-and off you went

-you just wore jeans and a t-shirt with converse and a denim jacket since it wasnt that cold outside

-hop on a bus a train then another bus

-and you see your brother outside the tunnel to the club

-”bro what are you doing??”

-”waiting for–wait i thought mum said you couldn’t go”

-ah, but the art of being a re-”

-”you snuck out didn’t you?”

-”yes sir”

-”i’ll make up an excuse”

-”no need to i put a letter on the door!”

-”the one in your hand?”

-”oh god”

-”ill make up that excuse and just text her”

-”thank you”

-you mumbled before heading inside but not before putting the letter in the bin

-thumping music and sweaty people surrounded the walls

-yep its definitely an underground club

-”what’s the competition for again??”

-”trophy and bragging rights to other groups”

-”nice bro you better win”

-”we got this”

-your brother goes backstage while you’re standing in the crowd looking to the stage

-while you’re lookin at the stage you see your bro on the sidelines with minghao and you just smile so much cause it’s nice to see what they’re relationship is like

-narrator voice; MEANWHILE

-minghaos just worrying his ass off cause he can’t see you in the crowd

-and he then sees you

-the glint in your eye helped him find you

-and he just has the cutest smile on


-so the competition gets underway

-and it’s minghao’s solo

-wait solo

-you were shook to find this out



-he did so well and the music fit perfectly to what he was doing on stage

-when he finished he looked for you in the crowd again

-and when he found you he just put a finger heart up to you and you could of sworn that there was a tear on your cheek 


-that was so cuTE


-the whole group did really well and no brainer they won!! 

-you were so happy about it

-you were able to go backstage to find them

-and once you did

-idk why but you got so emotional!! you’re so cute aw

-you say the group who were also in tears too

-but then you couldn’t find minghao

-which kinda upset you a little

-maybe he was- oh never mind he was just behind you the whole damn time

-you turn around and just launch yourself into his arms

-”you did it i’m so proud of you!!! and i like you….a lot!!”

-it was so loud back there so you had to shout it in his ear

-he thought you said something else

-hmmmmmm like

-”you do?! i like food too!”

-and you’re there like

-wait wHAt 


- h u h 

-you two escape outside where you’re still huggin and shit like awwwww but seriously just confess to each other already we’VE BEEN WAITING

-”you did amazing out there i can’t believe it!”

-”i can’t believe it ei-”

-”okay so i like you a lot but i couldn’t find the time to say it because you’re too cool and cute at the same time how does that work anyways i just wanted to say i really like you that’s it that all i’ve wanted to say”

-he just broke 



-”ooooOOOOOh so that’s what you said back there! i thought you said you like food!”

-”what?? no!”

-”good cause i got confused. and…i like you too.”

-then in his mind he just goes fuck it and kisses your cheek because nothing bad can happen right

-just at that time



-”y/N WHERE ARE YOU-oh there you are- wait”


-and he shouts

-”f i N A L L Y    D O    Y O U    K N O W     H O W    L O N G     W E    W E R E    W A I T I N G     F O R    T H  I  S     T O    H A P P E N”

-you and minghao laugh at what he said because A you dont give a fuck and B y’all love each other a lot 


-you two support each other like crutches supporting a leg and you’re just so happy for him like wow

-”where have you two been?”

-”oh..you forgot to text her…didn’t you?”

-”yeah…..we got bragging rights!”

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i love the idea of p3dmn akiham having a pair dance and hamuko dips akihiko so low and hes just fucking dazed and struck stupid from how much he loves her and in his eyes shes this glittering golden gilded thing lit up by the stage lights and meanwhile in reality hamuko is frantically whispering 'aki help me please im going to drop you im so sorry' because she underestimated how heavy he was and all her strength is in her legs not her arms


sailor-waluigi  asked:

A little nitpick here but I hate how they show fusions can have a strange appearance when they first form, |Garnet in the Answer and Rhodonite| but also have fusions that form for the first time and have no impurities? |Malachite, ironically. Stevonnie, Smoky Quartz|

Yeah you’re right when Garnet first formed her outfit seemed all over the place one shoe on one barefoot and you know the rest but Stevonnie and Smokey look perfectly okay maybe one reason for this is because Steven knew both Connie and Amethyst prior and Ruby and Sapphire didnt really know each other that much but its still a first time experience for both of them. Garnet even had trouble walking properly but Smokey Quartz was ready to FUCK. SHIT. UP. Another reason is maybe because Sapphire was new to fusion whilst Amethyst and Steven both were not I don’t know. In terms of Malachite her outfit is also on point she just got them leg arms at the back. I guess they just wanted to make the Answer so sweet and pure (which they did well im not going to lie and I loved it) but when it comes to others bish bash bosh.

i forgot abt this cute t4t symbol i did way back in march. just sharing bc its cute and i love my gf and i moved in today (which meant cleaning and organizing *our* room, because that’s like, how i function) and cried and we’ve been spending a lot of time in bed but she’s diligently doing her school work right now and i’m really comfortable and probably going to try to draw her fursona again and im wearing her favorite hoodie and she wore my favorite leggings to class and our clothes are all in the same places and i met her parents yesterday and “and” and “and "and” and"… ✨

what she says: im fine
what she means: how did donkey and dragon have sex? they have a bunch of children but they arent even the same species? did he just climb inside her and jack off? how do dragons even have sex? if donkey takes the happily ever after potion in shrek 2 isnt it supposed to also affect his true love? why does it never mention what happened to dragon? something mustve happened to her because shes donkeys true love and it worked with shrek and fiona? also how did gingy get his legs back? they got cut off in the first movie but somehow he has legs in shrek 2? hes a cookie how did that happen? also how do ogres have sex? do female ogres have vaginas and males have dicks? or is there a whole different ogre genital system? do female orges have periods? how does the ogre organ system work? also why does nobody act shocked when harold turns into a frog at the end of shrek 2? everyones just okay with it, his wife barely questions it? does this make fiona half human half frog? is she part frog because her father was once a frog? how did a frog like howard even manage to meet fairy godmother and somehow convince her to turn him into a human? he was an irrelevant frog and fairy godmother doesnt care about lowly creatures like him? shrek really owes me some answers

Revealing the Goddess in You – The Pack Drabble

Prompt: If you are still taking requests can you write one where like the girl finally shaves her legs and is so proud. So she goes out to where all the pack is sitting around and hanging out and she’s just like goes around to every single person saying things “feel feel so soft so smooth no prickle feEL” and she just continues her crazy antics and walks out of the room still talking about her legs. The packs just laughs and iM SORRY I KNOW ITS WEIRD BUT I THOUGHT ITD BE FUNNY. Btw I love your writing

Author’s (LONG) Note: First of all, I turned this prompt into a drabble. I hope you don’t mind. I only did it this way because I didn’t see this prompt as imagine. There’s not much to give a backstory or a lot of description. Drabble seemed like a better fit.

Secondly, the reader is the same age as Liam, but Scott and Stiles have known the reader their entire lives, so let’s pretend she’s neighbors with one of them, or a family member of some sort. Pick your preference.

Lastly, I found this prompt HILARIOUS! I can be funny, but I felt like this wasn’t funny enough. So, to whoever requested it, I’m sorry if I failed to meet your expectations. Without further ado, enjoy this drabble!


Liam looked up at the same time Y/N exited the double doors that led to the courtyard. His eyes widen as he realized what she was wearing.

“Umm… Guys?” He said, not taking off his eyes from Y/N. 

“What?” Scott looked up from his AP biology textbook.

Liam was unable to talk all of a sudden and Stiles noticed. “Speak!”

Scott looked towards the same direction Liam was looking at and the second his eyes landed on Y/N, his jaw slightly dropped. Stiles noticed the two boys and looked back, only to see Y/N walking towards them with a huge smile on her face 

“There’s, uh, something different w-with, umm, Y/N.” Stiles slightly stammered.

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Sam Winchester Fluff- Little People

Prompt- Anon- “Hey , could you do a Sam x short!reader? She is inlove with him but she’s scared to tell him her feelings because she hates her height? Ps, I love your writing ❤”

A/N- you don’t even know how much I relate to this. I’m only 5 foot .-. [Credit to GIF owner]  This is short and i apologize, but im short. So i mean. That was a terrible joke ;-;

     “Sammmm” you grunted from the kitchen, trying to reach the top cupboard. Your legs were sore from the case you finished yesterday or you would just climb to the shelf. Listening, you heard a familiar sigh. 

      “You’re so petite.” Sam said, handing you the glass from the cupboard. “ha-ha.” you mocked, filling it with water. “What? It’s cute. Don’t be defensive.” Sam leaned on the counter, his legs crossed at the ankle. “Not cute.” You said, sitting on the table in the corner. “It’s adorable.” Sam said, pushing himself off the corner. You almost choked on your water when you saw him remove his shirt and throw it on his bed. “I think it’s cute. That’s why you’re mine.” Sam said, turning to you.

    “I’m yours?” You asked, setting the glass on the table and cocking your head. “Very much so.” Sam said, walking over, then parting your legs with his hips. Standing there, he held your face in his large hands. 

     “I mean-” You tried to protest, finding yourself speechless as what was happening. For a Hunter, Sam had soft hands, and his touch was warm and welcoming. “You’ll always be mine.” Sam said, leaning in and kissing you. 

a bioluminescent love

this is just a cute lil story for olivia basil, one of the best friends i have ever had the fortune of meeting n talking to n hugging n stuff, because it is the anniversary of the day she first blessed the world with her existence <3 <3 <3 @messymermer


Tanya couldn’t feel their legs. Really, there had to be a better spot for them to sit than on the rough rocks hanging over the lake. And there had to be a better thing for them to be doing with their Thursday night than sitting on the rough rocks hanging over the lake playing their banjo to the turtles in the water.

They stopped playing for a second to dig in their backpack, where they had packed a Ziploc bag of Lucky Charms. It was about dinner time, they reckoned. This was sufficient. They stuffed their cheeks with cereal and pulled their fuzzy hoodie closer to their body. And for the umpteenth time that night, they wished they weren’t so small, or that it wasn’t so cold. They could see their breath misting in the air, and muscle memory was the only guide for them to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. And it fit, the song. The night was so clear, Tanya could see all the stars. (Well. A lot of them.) It felt like they were winking, so Tanya made a wish.

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Shadowhunters S02E04: Day of Wrath

This is a very special show. Here are my favorite parts from it


  • Clary: What can i do to help? Jace: “You can stay away from me. No matter what happens, never come near me again.” O FUK where the shades at because this bitch just got burnt
  • “We’re done here” he said to his sister, who he wanted to touch like a girl who is definitely not his sister. Then he watched as a giant man with sewn shut eyes dragged her away, her protests echoing off the prison walls as he faded into the darkness of his cell, which was a metaphor for him retreating into the darkness of his soul–his demon soul that made him want to inappropriately touch his sister. That’s an excerpt from my fanfic “Dojo Valentine", tell ur friends they’ll def want 2 check it out it’s steamy
  • wow Raj really came out of no where and is already a frontrunner for my least favorite character 
  • “He’s locked up in the city of bones how do you think he’s doing?” the subtext of this is: MOM stop asking about the welfare of your son it makes me LASH OUT to cover up my DEEP DESIRE to touch his dick 

‘move to Idris with me’ 

the Clave is stepping up their torture game

the next step is to get some sharks to go with the frickin laser beams

  • Luke deciding to leave his pack behind at the drop of a hat. he really is like the worst pack leader possible, honestly worse than teen wolf. omg that just make me think what if Stiles was on this show? and all he did was constantly point out how uncomfortable it is when Jace and Clary stare at each other too long? I’m taking this one to the writers 

the many faces of women having to listen to Raj

  • “My mom wants me to go with her. We went through so much to get her back, but I just don’t know…” when ur loyalty to ur mom who you just rescued from being kidnapped is tested at the prospect of leaving your brother/dream man behind #Shadowhunterproblems
  • “No wonder Alec ditched you for a warlock” of course the demon is a sexist dick. or maybe that is just Raj and he’s not really possessed? besides the black eyes i really can’t tell tbh
  • Alec shooting Raj in the leg instead of the head is the first time he’s really disappointed me

ALdertree: “Do you love her the way a brother loves a sister?” Me: o SHIT Jace:

  • how the fuck does everyone know this falcon story
  • life in prison just because he doesn’t agree with the government? somebody make sure Trump never sees this show and gets any ideas
  • i know this is like a teen soap on freeform and all but Jace actually tried to commit suicide over the prospect of facing life in prison this shit is dark af
  • you guys im pretty sure no one can do anything on this show without Magnus’s help. seriously half the characters would be dead already if he wasn’t around 

‘what did i do’

I certainly hope it was ‘kill Raj’

oh sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

now Clary doesn’t have to go to Idris i guess

“just watching my mom get murdered” “just watching myself murder Clary’s mom”


  • Camille is such an asshole how could Magnus ever love her even 200 years ago honestly
  • lol Valentine is mad Jace isn’t impressed with how hard it was for him to break into the prison to rescue him. I’m not sure if ‘perfect dad’ or ‘best dad’ is better here
  • Clary killing a smoke demon with a sword..for when the episode is over in 2 minutes and she’s already holding a sword

Clary needs to be consoled


lol Simon has to get what he can take

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Are there any pictures of Calista and Liam you like or think are cute?

ok so originally I was gonna say that I was only gonna include a couple because I feel creepier about the liam pictures because he’s a kid and didn’t sign up for paparazzi photos like harrison and calista did (not that they really did either but I think you know what I mean) but then I tried to stop at two and it didn’t work. so the answer is yesssssssss. below the cut bc of my lack of self control

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I would really love to hear your fat Lardo and Jack headcanons, if you want to share.

yo dude im down!!! imma focus on fat!lardo tho

  • lmao so like. strategic clothing is Totally A Thing. like i am totally for anyone wearing what they want but sometimes the anxiety of wearing a certain piece of clothing just gets too much. like maybe lardo is a bit nervous to wear literally any form of short sleeves bc it’ll show her huge arms or crop tops without any high waist leggings because the tummy juts out and completely just avoids waistless dresses bc that just doesnt look flattering :s
    • i totally have outfit combos that, frankly, make me look as hour-glass as possible and i try to wear those as much as possible
    • lardo 100% tries to avod going shopping with skinnier people and seeing how they’re able to rock the clothes she can’t. it’s not a great experience
    • honestly like after a while tho when u start to learn to love ur body u find yourself not caring more and experimenting with clothes that you don’t usually wear tho
  • listen… lardo unashamedly loves food and she will eat as much food as she wants no matter how fried or unhealthy it is
    • she is completely comfortable with eating with her close friends (i’m guessing her art friends or friends she’s made in cultural clubs) because they, too love food and are a bit fat around the edges 
    • but when it comes to eating with strangers or the hockey team she’s just a little more careful? because the hockey team has a reason to pack on carbs and protein and other strangers actually watch what they eat and put in like vegetables and shit
      • some ransom person: i love boba but i try not to drink a lot bc the tapioca balls have so much sugar content in it ://// lardo (drinking her 3rd boba of the week): ??????lol w/e
      • she’s learned to not care around the hockey team tho bc they still love her no matter what!!!!!
  • lardo only takes selfies from the front angle because it’s her best angle 
    • she’s super nervous when other people take pictures of her because her round stomach makes things look super awkward and uGH double chins are so awkward 
  • sometimes she just fuckgin… grabs her tummy rolls… and squishes them. it’s super fun ok. squish ur rolls like a stressball i higly recommend it
    • she also likes to pat her stomach like a drum bc it makes a nice hollow noise u should try it it’s fun
    • and she is ok with super close friends using her as a pillow
  • jack, as a former fat kid, would be so so supportive of lardo tho bc he understands
    • he honestly almost punched someone because heard a few guys shit on fat girls
    • lardo will go on rants about how someone was shitting on fat people or feeding into the idea that “fat = ugly” and he would be the only one that understands
    • everyone thinks theyve hooked up before but honestly they would just spend an afternoon in the reading room poking at each other’s stretch marks 
    • jack is the only one lardo would go to if she’s not feeling great about her body like lardo would storm into his room and he would take one look at her and kno that she needs a cuddle and a shoulder to cry on or a distraction (in which case he puts on a documentary or something)

this got super long lmao 

As always I must focus on the Garnet part of the episodes so here are some great parts and by great parts, I mean every scene she was in

-Garnet and Steven doing the thing where he sits inbetween her legs is the cutest continuity thing ever omfg

-I totally believe Garnet loves video games but never plays them herself because its like the Arcade mania incident 



-Speaking of the ‘power couple’ comment, they have just explicitly stated that they were a COUPLE, so ima just show all those naysayers this (and yes, there ARE some people who deny this fact) 

-The affronted little gasp Garnet does d e s t r o y  m e

-’Your Ruby is showing’ D E S T R O Y  M E

-Garnet canonically took on 3 battalions and won, can my thirst get any worse, the answer is YES


-Just how like, touchy and cuddly Pearl, Garnet, and Bismuth were with eachother was so cute


i love hanging out with mal. i love seeing her when shes almost asleep and she only sorta watches whatevers on tv. she’ll be really still and quiet for a while, and ill think shes asleep, and then shes start rubbing circles on my stomach. i love when we ride in my car, because she always pulls her legs into the seat and she never sings along and she only holds my hand if i flip it a certain way. she always laughs when i sing too loud or rap something i dont actually know the words to. “thats not even the right line!” and she’ll grin, because we both know shes right. “well then what is it?” ill say, leaving the volume up really loud. and then she’ll tell me what it actually says. ive found that mal knows every lyric to every song ive ever heard. ill turn the music down, or even press pause on my phone if i feel like i have a lot to say. “that sounds stupid, im gonna keep saying it my way.” and she’ll laugh at me again. i love when she laughs. if we’re in public she’ll just roll her eyes and smile at me, but when we’re alone it’s completely different. she doesnt even cover her mouth when she laughs most of the time!! she squints her eyes and throws her head back and its so beautiful. she is so beautiful. i dont tell her that, though. instead i hang my legs off her bed because i know she hates it and i make fun of her when her arms shake when she holds herself up because she always says shes weak and we both know she is. i love when mal says my name. most of the time she’s groaning, or complaining, and she’ll say, “han, please stop watching that it’s an infomercial about a watch!” or “han will you please stop hiding under my blanket??” but other times, she’ll look at me and say “han, you’re not even funny!!” or “oh my god han, thats so homo” and then i’ll roll my eyes because i know she’s kidding. sometimes when im driving, ill lean over and kiss her and she always says “youre gonna die dude” but i always see her smile after she looks away.