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Have you guys heard about the newest adventure race craze? It’s called the Tough Mulder. Obstacles include:

  • Running through cornfields shouting “SCULLAAAAAY!” as you try to avoid helicopter searchlights
  • Programming speed dial on a several generations-old cell phone before a soda machine detonates
  • Riding a rising UFO bareback for a minimum of 8 seconds
  • Lying in a coffin for an undetermined amount of time
  • Choosing a terrible tie and tying it properly
  • Following your boo down a massive hole in the forest
  • Building a tower of dead bodies
  • Jumping on to a moving train
  • Impregnating an infertile woman
  • Outrunning a horse
  • Driving a stake through a vampire
  • Finding your sister’s clone
  • Commandeering a Sno-Cat® across the Antarctic
  • …and more!

Credit to race organizers @crossedbeams, @dangerscully, @defnotmeyo, @kateyes224, @damselindistressmya for the above (and way more, but I limited it to just the ones that made me pee myself.)

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Could you do a RFA+V+Saeran Wrap reacting to MC having a panic attack in public? I hope this is descriptive enough! Thank you! <3

A/N: Panic attacks are never easy, whether they’re in public or not, so please try your hardest to take care of yourself if you suffer from one! I know in the moment it’s hard to remember that, but remember to try your hardest! ^^ ~Admin 404

(Also hey guys just a soft reminder that requests /are/ closed, I’m working on the ones I still currently have, okay? ^^)


               The poor baby actually panics over /you/ panicking and it’s a whole mess. Isn’t quite sure what to do, so he’s running back and forth, trying to shoo anyone who may be around you away. He’s up, he’s down, he’s running in circles around you trying to figure out what to do. Constant cooing and not so quiet whispers telling you that you’ll be okay. Tries to hold you to him and pet your hair but is confused when you push him away- what was he supposed to do?! He’s not sure how to help because he’s never felt something this extreme? Sure there’s been a few instances where he’s panicked but never something like this- and when he’s panicked it was a lot of high pitched screaming and he knows it isn’t going to really help you… So he studies up for the next time, so he can do more for you!!!


               Physically pushing everyone away from you because he must!! Protect you!! Has to remember to stop barking at everyone so he can actually help you through it. Soft coos that you’ll be okay, reminders to breathe, and he holds your hands in his own so they don’t curl up. If you need to squeeze his hand, you can- no matter how hard. He’s doing the breathing exercises with you, and for once in his life he isn’t overdramatic. He just wants you to be okay! He asks you what he can do for you from now on when it happens because he can’t imagine seeing you in that much distress again without a way to help you! He’s supposed to protect his beloved at all costs, even if it’s from your own body!


               I’m sure she’s read up on it if you’ve told her before, so she can probably tell when one is coming on. She’ll pull you aside to somewhere quiet with a significantly less amount of people. Doing all she can do to help you calm down before it comes on, but if she can’t then she holds you (if you let her). Makes sure there’s something you can hold onto so your nails don’t dig in the palm of your hands, like a cushion or she just carries two little bean bags or stress relief toys in her purse! Helps to distract you from whatever seemed to trigger your panic- she’ll make you think hard about something else and hope that the topic change can at least slow the actual panic process. If it doesn’t then she’s there until the end, reminding you that she’s there, and that you aren’t alone!


               I feel like he’s been through a few pretty bad attacks and just hides it from everybody because he’s supposed to be viewed as calm, collected, and stand-offish. His body guards will form a barricade and make sure /no one/ gets even remotely close to the two of you. He’s rubbing up and down your arms gently, giving you forehead kisses and whispering as soft as he possibly can to you. He walks you through the 5 senses to ground you, and has you hold your hand to his own heart so you can hopefully settle your breathing and eventually your heart rate. Makes sure that you look into his eyes often so you know that you aren’t going through this alone. He wants to be there for you and let you know that it’ll be okay- like he wanted someone to do for him. Never got the support so he vows to be there as yours.


               10/10 also has panic attacks. They aren’t as often as they were when he was alone, but he still remembers what he wish people would’ve done to help him. Always has headphones on him, so he makes you a playlist full of songs that he hopes can distract you, calm you down, or songs that are simply your favourites. He makes his movements very obvious so he doesn’t startle you, as he holds you to his chest. Likes to tap his fingers somewhere on your body (where it’s noticeable to you) in the rhythm of a steady heartbeat so you can subconsciously lower yours. Always hiding you in his jacket so you’re protected from the world and any prying eyes. The last thing you need right now is to feel self conscious about panicking. He’s there with dumb jokes, funny faces, and cute nose kisses once it’s all over so you can quickly forget about it and feel great again~


               He’s taken off guard and is honestly panicking on the inside. Outside he is calm and trying to shield you with his body away from anyone passing by. Constantly petting your hair, holding you close, and whispering things like “you’ll be okay” and “I love you” in your ear. Draws soft circles on your cheek bones with his thumbs because he’s cupping your face to remind you there’s a warm, living, breathing person in front of you. Wishes he knew a little bit more about it, but he doesn’t. He’s gone through similar things with Rika but every person is different and he knows that. He attempts to do the 5 senses exercise that he’s learned from Jumin but he fumbles and mixes up which senses go to which number. Hopefully it makes you laugh and he is slightly relieved, but if it doesn’t then he just continuously apologizes and tries to fix himself.


               You /always/ help him with his so he is right there ready to help you with your own. At the slightest sign of one, he’s pushing you into a secluded place, whether it’s an alleyway, behind a tree, he doesn’t care- he just needs to get you out of there. Makes you grab onto his shirt as he holds you because he doesn’t want you hurting yourself. Pulls your head straight to his chest so you can hear his heartbeat and feel his breathing. Tells you to mimic to the best of your ability while simultaneously walking you through the 5 senses exercise like you walk him through it every time. Hands constantly running through your hair, and he mumbles sweet things against the top of your head that he’ll deny he said later on.  Will wipe away tears and kiss your forehead every time a tear slips down your cheek. He is literally /so/ cute, he’ll kiss all around your face when you start to calm down just so you’ll laugh and he’ll know that you’re okay. Again, completely denies that it /ever/ happened later on.


a list of important shiro things in no particular order now with visual evidence:

- you know how keith stans my chemical romance? shiro stans fall out boy with the same fierce intensity;
- he also likes ambient noises, whale calls, classical music and in his weakest moments some ol’ good sad screamo, of course, but fob satisfy his emotional void like no one else can, what with their long incomprehensible string of words that he can warble when he’s really feeling it without being guilty - you can’t pull out azlyrics for everything, now, can you, winging it is understandable and encouraged (this vine definitely made him snort juice out of his nose, keith has caught it on camera and password protected it, there’s no use denying it happened)
- shiro sings fob songs under the shower like it’s his duty: he uses the shower head as mic and dances along with all he’s got. he also makes guitar/bass motions during solos, has gotten really good at pete wentz-ing with his imaginary fender. he’s not even embarrassed when he discovers someone had been listening/watching all along, he’s not ashamed, every fob song is a bop and he’s a just dance master anyway, he’s got moves (he’s only been beaten at just dance once in his life, by matt, but they all know he somehow cheated so,,)
-  sorry but imagine him bellowing I’m a nervous wreck, I’m a n-n-nervous wreck too loud for comfort, soaping himself up; “patrick just gets me,” he tells very seriously to the tiles of the castle’s bathroom. they do not reply.
- it’s only natural that he has a fob shirt he bought at one of their concerts (why is merch so damn expensive, the hell). it sadly had to be deemed as a ratty pajamas??? he used to wear it daily but he flexed in it too hard (lmao) so it’s gotten a little stretched at the seams and it’s well used so the cotton has gotten thin bc it’s his favorite ever?

so get me: shiro with boxers/sweatpants and the ratty fob shirt, still warm from bed, scruffed with a shadow of beard because he hasn’t had the time/physical motivation to shave yet, brushing his teeth with one hand while with the other he scratches his tummy (eight pack?? whatever). he’s squinting his eyes at the mirror, because the alien coffee he snorted right after waking up hasn’t still properly done its job; he’s humming under his breath a tuneless melody, foamy mouth and everything. he blinks owlishly at himself as the notes start to take shape in his head, gargles some tap water a little before spitting it out and padding in the castle’s living room’s direction, his black lion slippers on. his humming doesn’t stop, raises a little in volume instead, and soon he’s mumbling bits and pieces of made up lyrics, shuffling his feet in time.
when he gets to the living room, the others are flopped in various states of disarray on the couches, still sleep ridden and lazy. he smiles to himself, keeps his humming steady, thinks he can make it another ten minutes till he demands they go to have breakfast and then training. waits for them pick up on what he’s doing.
keith’s the first. he makes a face, but pitches in and matches his tempo. soon enough, lance joins in too, drumming his fingers on the arm of the couch with a sleepy smile. pidge and hunk are next, and they harmonize perfectly, random words thrown around between them as their singing gets louder, as they get to the choir and give it their all.
when the song ends, they all have matching grins. shiro flops down on a random couch, too, and gives two thumbs up at everyone, even at allura and coran, who just seem very confused.
he’ll explain, he vows, but not now. now, he throws his head back in a laugh and tells his space family “great job, team!” only to be met with delighted expressions. sugar we’re going down is a classic, he tells himself, quite gleefully, but next time he’ll go with something a little more challenging. maybe he’ll ask pidge to set up a weekly karaoke session.

you know, I just realized what bothers me so much about even just the thought of jon kneeling, of giving the north to dany

it’s not the bad writing or the forced romance; it’s not even that sansa would be hated and ridiculed for such a decision, even though she would be

it’s that sansa went through everything for the dream of home - of the north. She was abused and tormented and tortured, physically and emotionally, and all she wanted was to go home

she was told over and over and over that her sole purpose, from the moment her father died, was to be the way another gained entry into the north

that she was just a tool to be used, for someone else to control her home

and here’s jon, giving it to someone. Giving away her home, her freedom, her safety

everything she’s worked for, every soldier she’s welcomed into her home for him; every northern lord she’s convinced to follow jon in his absence; every fire she’s put out, literally and figuratively; every time she’s refused to crown, because it belongs to jon

and he just gives it away

more than that, Robb died trying to free the north from the south; catelyn died trying to free the north from the south. Their blood runs through the country; their sacrifice made it possible for the north to be it’s own, independent kingdom

and there’s jon, just giving it away

Woot woot

I’m extremely excited to be seeing some new packs out!! But I think it’s important that people are respecting each others opinions. I’m slightly frustrated by some of the comments I’ve seen. : ( And basically some target people like me because we wanted something else and I don’t like that.

For example, I’m not a dog or cat person (I don’t plan on caring for one in my lifetime even though I love them) I love the small pet community!! Especially RABBITS, hamsters, guinea pigs (etc) and tbh I at least expected ONE of these three. But there wasn’t and that’s okay even though I’m bit sad about it.

Some people wanted horses (I hated them in ts3 LOL. They made me wanna 🤛🏾) but that’s okay if they did, I respect that. I don’t think they are ungrateful. Just please be cool with each other okay? Don’t bully gurus (& etc) because you are mad about what you didn’t get, It’s okay. Same to people who didn’t get what they want like me. We got some progress and I’m happy to see that. Just be respectful alright?


My two new Magia Record daughters are Sword Girl & Chef Girl (still trying to figure out the names, I’m sure there’s a working database out there) so I hafta show them off


*Denki voice* the only fast thing about those two is their speed during fights


The great thing about what we do, any art, is anybody can read into it what they want to take from it. - Katie McGrath

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you know so much about bruce, please tell us some less know traits about him or just random facts or even headcanons please i love it when you talk about bruce!!!

oh my gosh, i love this ask. i’m glad you like it when i talk about bruce because i love talking about bruce and am always looking for the excuse to. ~just vengeance things~ include:

  • he is, actually, very sweet to civilians. he would sacrifice his identity if it meant saving a single person, and yes i can confirm his weakness is actually babies the ratio of times batman has held a baby compared to other characters is absolutely insane. and in BTAS, there’s an episode where he rescues a little girl and comes back to visit her just to make sure she’s okay. and in the BTAS tie-in comics, he rescued people’s pets, kept kids out of traffic, helped put out fires, the works. and also he went out of his way to find dick’s teddy bear
  • he has a sense of humor! i promise you! he just saves it for when no one’s looking, which is what he does with every trait someone might possibly misconstrue as cute. gotham knights made it canon that he talks to the bats in the batcave. he probably talks to them about cases when nobody else is around to bounce ideas off of
  • bruce paid for a class field trip after jason died because helping kids made the loss more bearable - he also visits troubled kids in canon and takes an active role in their life, to the point where one time he was concerned about kids he sponsored getting in a bad way and showed up literally at their house, because despite having 708983 responsibilities as batman he still makes time for that
  • this fucker has protocols in place for contacting him. the JL have to go through a goddamn system to get 5 minutes with him, and you just know it’s an excuse so bruce has to talk to people less, you just know it. also, this is in the same comic where plastic man recruits bruce to scare his wayward son straight, bruce is nervous about scaring a kid, and gives patrick an actual compliment (“of all of us, even clark, i thought you would make the best father. because i thought you would be the kind of father that would show his children that he loved them, instead of just telling them. i thought you would make them laugh all of the time.”) and encourages patrick to reconnect with his son
  • once put on enough make-up to trick people into thinking he was a guy dressed as bruce wayne who might possibly be batman, while he was actually bruce wayne who is actually batman. he disguised himself….. as himself. i fucking hate him. when oliver queen found out his identity how much do you wanna bet he was beyond pissed
  • i’m not kidding about the justice snuggle thing. he does actually do that, where he perches on something and puts his chin on his knees. he does it in front of gordon, and also the justice league. someone who refuses to show people he has 1 iota of personality is totally comfortable curling up like a small child. what even is this man
  • when tired and injured sometimes he just collapses wherever. in knightfall, he passes out by a dumpster, and a roof, and on the stairs. in the batman and robin 2011 run he makes it to a hallway and alfred finds him just like crashed on the ground. in batman: year one, he literally just sits in a chair casually bleeding all over everything until a bat crashes through his window
  • tries to tell people he cares for them in a really roundabout way filled with metaphors and lots of grand gestures. the only person who usually understands them is dick, and even then it’s like 75% of the time. if he actually says the word ‘love’, the vulnerability of the moment will cause him to keel over and die
  • master of the uncomfortable invasion of privacy. i cannot stress this enough. if you bought purple listerine instead of blue this week, he’s watching you. he has your number. he has a file on everything that breathes, and also he writes everything down. he has like 400 some files on hugo strange alone, he knows whether the man prefers coke or pepsi. also, three words: brother eye satellite 
  • whenever something emotionally traumatic happens he locks himself in the batcave for a while because he is a turtle (of justice) and the batcave is his shell
  • now, this one is mostly a headcanon i was talking with audrey about earlier (i say mostly because i’m 65% sure there’s a panel somewhere that made it canon that bruce helped train kyle, but my receipts folder is 5 miles long) but i do solidly believe bruce is one of the people who teaches inexperienced league members, along with other expertly trained league members like diana and dinah. not only because of his expertise in martial arts, but also because he’s had more experience than other heroes training individuals to be the best they possibly can. he is absolutely the tough love coach. he is the AP teacher that knocked off points for every little mistake and made you cry three times a week, but it was worth it when you got a 5 on that exam and were so far ahead of the curve in college the class was a breeze
  • summary: i love batman
  • a lot
  • like a whole lot
  • he’s trying his best

he is my very favorite