just because i wanna finish this asap


“Go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!” trio [60%]

On a side note I wanted them all to smile and have their fist in the air but I’m not sure anymore what I want them to do haha… And since I just wanted to draw Shouto’s boots I’ll edit this to 3 fullbodies (I have no idea how i’ll deal with all 6 feet positions - R.I.P.). Yes, I went through all of this just cause I wanted to draw boots! (don’t even try to think why the heck…)

Also I apologize to all Bakugou’s fans but I draw from left to the right, even though I’m left handed (and on a side note I can hardly deal with his spiky hair and I have no idea what he should do with his arms)… T wT
I wanna be done asap but I’m really struggling because my old laptop can’t deal with the real size of this monster (Image Size 24.5 MB -Resolution 5236×7165).

I will be adding an individual version for each once this is done, as well as an edited wallpaper version~
If you want real size of these you can ask and if it’s for use you shall ask for my permission as well thank you~

My playlist for this fanart:

This is how i feel about finishing this fanart cause i just started it on a whim and i actually sacrifice some sleep time for it <_>