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Do we ever get to learn more about Saizo's past? Like his parents or why he is a ninja? I saw that Saizo might not even be his real name?

Okay, first of all I’m so sorry nonnie, I JUST saw this message. Since this is my sideblog my messages sometimes get buried  (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)

Putting some under a cut because spoilers. 

First of all. I’m not sure about the Saizo not being his real name thing. I have never seen anything like that. The only thing I can equate it to is the fact that it could come from the talk that he isn’t believed to be a real person–historically. It’s debatable. Really, most ninja stories and prominent shinobi tales are topics of debate but I digress. 

Why he was a ninja? Well, during the time we had some prominent ninja clans. Iga-ryu and their lower counterparts Koga-ryu (koka). 

From what I know, they never say why exactly he is a ninja or how he came about being one. But knowing enough about shinobi, we can kind of assume. I’ll try to keep it short because I can ramble about this stuff haha. 

From what I have read–Clans like the Koga and Iga had their main clan in the shadows kind of hidden, and then they would have upwards of 53 different smaller ninja families/clans spread out through the country (even some fake clans to throw off anyone who wanted to attack them). This way, during the fighting, they had people working for all sides (which brings in more money). 

I’m assuming the Kirigakures are set up in slbp to be one of the more prominent families in the Iga clan (sort of like the Fujibayashis perhaps?). You’re born into it and you die in it sort of thing. So Saizo has no choice, it’s all he knows. 

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sabrina and i were talking about this earlier but i just want to say. i know that gay unrequited in love with your best friend plots are a) overdone and b) not helpful at all but i do have such a strong emotional response to them every fucking time because i LIVED it and that experience genuinely shaped me as a person, it shaped everything about me and my sexuality and who i love so part of me likes seeing those stories because it makes me feel something, even if its a shitty feeling, and part of me is furious that something that’s such a common and traumatic experience for queer kids is an easy sell


Berry: “I can help you if you let me.”

Marigold: “How…”

Berry: “I remember when just us talking would make you smile.  But you shut me out.”

I felt guilty.  Even after all these months of me ignoring his calls and refusing to see him, Berry was still here.  I’d refused to see him because he reminded me so much of Rhubarb and the time we had together.

Marigold: “I’m so sorry, Berry.  I just - “

Berry: “I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to make you feel guilty.  How about we go sit and talk with Rhubarb?  I think he’d like that.”

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Do you like historical fiction?Do you have any favorites?

Like period dramas or fictions ABOUT history? Because if we’re talking FILMS about HISTORY *everyone who knows me groans*


that’s probably not what you meant, but I needed to yell about that movie for a second 

-Caitlin (Ravenclaw) 

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most underrated riverpants dynamic? romantic, sexual, platonic or otherwise

all of them because nobody ever gets any damn screen time, especially together and the fandom, while there are a few beautiful exceptions, generally does fuck all content wise so we’re all just left out to like….die, i guess (if you are invested in literally any parent pairing you literally have to just go out and make content yourself because no ones gonna do it for you and thats the real struggle of this fandom). i will explore the pairings i think are worth mentioning in bullet points:

  • obviously fred and fp like….duh. i could literally do an entire TED talk about how this show and fandom are sleeping on this iconic duo and id probably cry 17 times in the process and have to take breaks
  • alice and hermione would be such a FUCKING DUO like they can be friends, you can make it romantic, they can be frenemies….the possibilities are endless and yet…..nothing
  • alice and penelope should honest to god have so many scenes together because 1. theyre fucking related now and 2. madchen and nathalie are so good together like have you see them on social media? i cant believe the show does absolutely nothing with them
  • i NEED fred hiram and fp scenes. and im not holding my breath because lol this show sucks but god DAMMIT thats a dynamic that needs to be explored. the show will probably give like fred and hiram scenes and hiram and fp, but i need the three of them together in some convoluted plot that preferably involves fp working for hiram only to end up betraying him and reveal he was only doing this to help fred out all along. this season should have an entire plot about fred and fp teaming up to get the construction company back from the lodges but will the writers give it to me? nOPE!
  • alice and fred need to be in scenes together all the time theyre hilarious and i love them
  • hiram and hal? that friendship needs to happen
  • if mary was around i would LOVE for her to have scenes with fp like i have so many questions about their dynamic i need to know what it was like
  • speaking of mary…. mary and hermione? thats gay shit and we need to talk about it more
  • alice fred and fp???? the ot3 i need. also the only time i will actually be excited about shipping alice and fp
  • now that i think about it i also miss fp fred and hermione that was some good shit that just fell by the wayside

aaaaaand i think thats it. those are all the relationships that i think about on the daily and have headcanons over and feel like arent paid enough attention to outside of the like the 3 people i talk to lmao

I’m sorry but as a parent you shouldn’t make your child feel like shit. It doesn’t make them more productive or do more it makes them want to sit in their room, because they know nothing will be good enough for you. My mother has told me “you need to work on your legs don’t you?”, and then when I actually lost weight she would call me disgusting, and she yells at me for not wanting to have friends over but every time someone does she has to yell at me and talk about personal subjects in front of them. And just today she told me “You ruin everything, when I was you’re age I wasn’t so negative,” when all this woman does is put me down about everything and you know whenever I have been really depressed or suicidal it hasn’t been because of a boy it’s been because of her constantly bullying me about everything, or screaming at me for doing absolutely nothing

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“Elena being empathetic and compassionate doesn’t really work that well when she’s dating the man who single-handedly terrorized each and every one of her friends “ I’m still side-eying that they didn’t give her some sort of intervention when de started dating 🤔

Again, in BTVS, when everyone finds out she’s still seeing Angel — and this was the other thing too, Buffy lied about Angel being back and that she was seeing him because yeah, the last time they saw Angel he was Angelus and killing people/terrorizing them, you don’t just start seeing the guy who did that to your friends with absolutely no shame — and then they’re like so we need to talk about this and all of them handle the situation differently. Willow tries to be supportive and uses “I” statements saying “I feel that when it come to Angel you don’t think straight” and Oz who is dating Willow and a part of the Scooby Gang by extension only points out that Buffy lied about seeing Angel and then Xander is pissed and he’s yelling about how Buffy lied about seeing Angel and is willing to forget that he killed Ms. Calendar so she can see her boyfriend again and people get angry at him for his delivery but he’s also not wrong and Cordelia is on his side. Giles defends Buffy to Xander and to the group but then in private tells Buffy that she doesn’t respect him because she’s willingly seeing the person who took pleasure in torturing him and politely asks her to leave but he’s deeply hurt and she’s hurt too. EVERYONE gets a say about how Buffy’s actions have hurt them. DE needed that. 

righto tumblr. lets talk.

sit down cause i am about to talk about something that is very unacceptable.

Never, in the amount of time i have been on tumblr, have i ever gotten disgusting anons like this. and i NEVER want to see anything like this again, or see anyone else get them. because IF it DOES happen again, I officiallymaevis will fly all around the world, just to find you, to kick you in the head and i don’t care who sees.

do i make myself clear.


Never let me get invested in a voting gauntlet again.

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How’d you learn to draw mechas? I’ve been wanting to try that myself for a while, and I know as an artist that the only way to learn is to just Do it, but it’s so daunting! I have no idea where to begin. Do you have any advice or tips? Thank you for your time!

Okay first of all, sorry to take so long to answer. I really wanted to draw some pics for this, and the last weeks have been quite busy. 

1. Draw from the reference

Drawing is like learning a new language: You can’t say you wanna learn English and then just start making up your own words because you think that finding words in the dictionary is cheating - It doesn’t make sense. Find a super cool robot picture and try to copy it. These are called “studies” for a good reason. You’re studying the vocabulary of those drawings. Many times people don’t share their studies since it’s only for the practice. But don’t study just one person. You don’t want to become that person - you want to become better! And if you post your study online, don’t forget to credit the original artist!

2. Try different techniques

One of my favorite techniques is something I call color blocking - I’m not sure if it’s an actual term or just something I came up with. I kind of carve the silhouette of the robot with one color and then I add a second color and carve the details in. I do this also if I have a picture with lots of characters and I want to make sure everything reads correctly. But these are all personal matters. Try different techniques until you find a one that works for you. And remember to flip your canvas!!

3. Try different brushes

My favorite brushes vary, but these three are the ones I keep using more than the others. Kyle’s brush I got used to while I was working on my freelance work - it just feels good to draw with. The square one is really fun to work with in mecha designs, and the basic one also feels surprisingly good while drawing. Sometimes I just grab a new brush, start doodling, and end up with a decent piece.

4. Symmetry vs. asymmetry

This one I included especially because I’m talking about robots. Breaking up the machines with asymmetrical parts gives them more character BUT it’s important to keep the symmetry in mind. If I do a robot that has a one big arm and one small arm, I later make sure that most of the other parts are symmetrical. This way the asymmetry is the choice rather than a mistake.

5. Draw from the reference (!!!)

Yes, I added this the second time because I really feel it’s important! I use Pinterest all the time - I have a board with over 1000 pins of robots! There are paintings from my favorite robot artists, 3D models of super cool robot designs, and even photos of real robots all collected in one place. And for anyone who feels “wrong” doing this: Finding reference DOESN’T mean copying - it can be just an idea or inspiration: It’s finding the language you want to use. Sure you won’t need  the reference as much later on as you build your own “shape-vocabulary” - just like you won’t need your dictionary after you have learned the words you use.

6. It doesn’t have to be perfect

I’m never 100% happy with my work. But I have learned to say “oh well” and move on. Next time I’ll do better.


Don’t talk down your own work no matter how much you’d like to. If you’re not standing behind your drawings, who will? Sure you do see the mistakes, but it’s still a great piece of art you made!

steve falling for you [headcanon]

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Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

Summary: Steve finally meets you after dropping off Dustin after the Snow Ball.

  • Dustin talked about you
  • a lot
  • you were his role model to be honest.
  • Steve never believed anything Dustin says
  • you’ll like her dude! she’s amazing!”
  • how come I’ve never even seen this ‘so-called’ sister, dickwad?
  • I dunno.”
  • you know everything there is to know about the events involving Upside-Down.
  • (you were the kids’ home base)
  • So you’re a bit shaken up due to the events that have just happened (#season2)
  • (you were Hopper’s second-in-command this time)
  • but you feel okay letting Dustin go out because you know how Steve was involved and you know that he’ll protect that dipshit
  • anyways
  • you open the door, mouth full of mashed potatoes
  • in one hand is a fork
  • in the other, a bowl of KFC mashed potatoes d o u s e d in gravy.
  • Steve has a hand on Dustin’s shoulder
  • and that dork is hardcore staring at you
  • (like jaw dropped, wide-eyed staring)
  • and he leans down and whispers in Dustin’s ear: “damn”
  • Dustin’s all like: “dude, chill. that’s my sister.”
  • he then proceeds to thank Steve for all the help and the ride before walking inside
  • you ruffle his hair and smile
  • and Steve swears his heart does some weird jumpy thing.
  • you then turn back to the door, arching an eyebrow
  • “…yes?”
  • Steve stutters.
  • homeboy actually stutters.
  • u-u-uh I see you have KFC! I uh- I love KFC. best chicken ever right?”
  • you stare at him for a while, before…
  • yeah, I guess. I don’t know, I’m a vegetarian.”
  • and you promptly shut the door in his face.
  • Steve stands there for a few minutes
  • (more like ten)
  • he just can’t understand why he’s so awestruck by you
  • the next day at school, he notices you
  • and of course, you’re friends with Jonathan Byers
  • Steve quietly curses him out before approaching him
  • hey Byers!”
  • Uh, what’s up…steve?”
  • meanwhile, Steve is just staring at you
  • jonathan notices, obviously
  • Nancy notices too
  • and they hatch a plan
  • they start to subtly bring up Steve a lot
  • so does Dustin
  • Jonathan and Nancy have roped him in to their plan
  • (he’s all for it, I mean, his sister and his mentor??? yes!)
  • you ignore them at first
  • but then you begin to notice how soft Steve’s hair looks
  • and how his eyes really do seem to sparkle in the dull, unflattering cafeteria lights.
  • and have his lips always looked that soft???
  • you start to realize that you may have a tiny, miniscule crush on Steve Harrington.
  • so you do the only logical thing
  • you act completely indifferent towards him
  • there’s no way you’re going to change the way you act towards him
  • if he likes you, its gonna be for you.
  • soon enough, Mike, Lucas, and Will also join in
  • they always want the two of you to babysit during their campaigns
  • (mostly because you’ll join in)
  • and Steve will just watch bc
  • aw you’re such a dork and he can’t believe that he likes you this much
  • eventually the night winds down to a juvenile game of truth or dare
  • (you’re dared to mess up Steve’s hair)
  • so he has to lean in towards you in order for you to be able to reach
  • and the kids are in awe
  • like, he’s willingly letting you mess with his hair.
  • you and Steve are pretty close together
  • and you kind of stop running your hands through his hair
  • you both subconsciously start leaning in closer
  • Steve’s eyes are drawn to your lips
  • it about to happen
  • until
  • just kiss already, god!”
  • you spring apart
  • shut up dipshit!”
  • cue the kids all slapping Dustin for ruining the moment
  • it starts getting pretty late
  • so you and Dustin gots to go
  • the kids (except Mike) are getting their bikes
  • Steve comes up to you at the doorway and grabs your wrist gently
  • hey (Y/N)?”
  • “yeah?”
  • I just…I uh- well you see…I just wanted to-”
  • you’re kind of just standing there, waiting for him to get to the point.
  • well uh- its better if I just show you.”
  • so Steve pulls you in and captures your lips with his, kissing you slowly
  • (you waste no time in kissing back)
  • you pull away at the same time bc y’know…
  • air
  • y’all need air.
  • and you guys are just smiling at each other so dorkily
  • (awwwww)
  • Steve leans down for another kiss
  • you break apart because the kids start cheering too loudly
  • “finally!”
  • thank god you finally grew some balls!”
  • “at least we won’t have to hear him talk about her all the time anymore.”
  • hey Harrington! stop sucking face with my sister!”

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Y’all help me out pls. What should I post next: a Bill Denbrough story, a Beverly Marsh one, a Jonathan Byers one, or a Mike Wheeler fic???



I was too busy writing comments, so I only got to write down about some topics he talked about:

- Most important: his mixtape is still in the process. He asked for everyone to please be patient as his mixtape has not reached its full potential. He wishes he can give us a release date, but he is quite far from that. The process is very tedious. Hoseok is treating his mixtape as an album. Many songs have been made, but at the same time many have been deleted. Just send him luck and support!
- Hoseok mentioned for European ARMYs to not worry because they are going to visit them soon! You all are not forgotten and are in discussion.
- He talked about the outfits their stylist packed for their America. He finds them to be extremely cool. As a dancer, he feels it is important to wear the perfect outfit in order for everything to flow well.
- “The last time I came on VLIVE, 1000 people had joined, but now there’s 260,000+ watching! I’m in complete shock. Thank you everyone for watching. It’s really cool.”
- Then he spoke about MIC DROP remix for a few minutes. “I think it came out extremely well. Steve Aoki was impressive to learn from while we did the acting part. We will meet and talk soon.”
- He took off his beanie because everyone kept talking about his red hair. Then he said he’s been trying out different styles and thinks he looks good.
- A fan asked whose fart smells the worst in which he laughed, “that’s too weird to answer”.
- Hoseok requested that fans start calling Namjoon by RM. He understands many are attached to Rap Monster, but Namjoon struggled a lot when deciding whether he wanted to change to RM or not.
- Slight mention about Jungkook’s studio. Apparently he is working hard at creating new beats. Jungkook keeps growing in every way possible.
- If they reach 10M followers on VLIVE, he promises to show his abs.
- Then he shared a book he has been reading, “Living, Loving, Learning” (?) It’s about the importance of loving yourself. He said he truly does love himself.
- Is practicing hard on learning new languages. His goal is to be able to fluently speak to international ARMYs.
- LOTS OF SMILES WHILE READING COMMENTS. I joined the VLIVE since he started it and let me tell you.. everyone was so nice in the comments. No one was talking about other members and only about Hoseok. Just saying, we all kept him smiling.

I was thinking about @squigglydigg ‘s Henry and I was kinda playing around with his character in my mind, having conversations with him and I remember him giving me a sorta tough love pep talk. You see I have depression and have a hard time with unwanted thoughts, low self esteem, and making decisions. I was talking about this with him and was going on and on with all the fears and self criticisms I have and he just basically cut through my bullshit. He basically said “Doesn’t matter about your intent. Well, it does and it doesn’t, it depends. But the point is just do something. You don’t have to wait until you’re perfect. Because if you do you’ll never start.”

And that really got to me. I’ve heard a variation of that line of thought before but hearing it in my mind come from Henry seemed to click with me.

So @squigglydigg thank you for your Henry. He’s an awesome guy and is a great character.

BTS REACTION : another member complaining about how the two of you were “loud”


-”Jungkook ? Y/n ? We need to talk…” said Yoongi, approaching the two of you.

*Jungkook already guessed what Yoongi was going to say and started laughing*

-”Jungkook, this isn’t funny, I couldn’t sleep last night because of you two!” Yoongi added before turning around to face you “ The only thing I could hear were your moans, all night long… I’m not saying you guys shouldn’t have some fun, but keep it quiet next time !”

*Jungkook just kept laughing, clearly not giving a single fuck*


Namjoon was complaining about how he didn’t get enough sleep. As soon as Yoongi heard that, I small smirk appeared on his lips.

-”Why didn’t you sleep ?” asked Jimin

-”I don’t know… You should ask Yoongi and Y/n…” replied Namjoon in a sarcastic tone.

As soon as he said that, Yoongi got up and raised his hand as a warning that he was going to hit Namjoon.


The boys were filming a behind the scenes of the Highlight Reels. Jimin was being filmed and explained that his eyes were puffy due to him having  a hard time falling asleep last night because of the “noise” Hoseok and you were making last night. Hoseok just nervously laughed.


The next morning, all of you were around the dining room table, eating breakfast.

-”Hyung ? What did you guys do last night?” Taehyung innocently asked to Namjoon and you.

-”Trust me Tae, you don’t want to know…” Jin answered

- “Were you hitting Y/n? She kept screaming your name… You shouldn’t hit women you know?” Taehyung added

*All of the members started laughing, except for Taehyung. You and Namjoon were embarrassed*


You and Seokjin were just talking, alone. Jungkook walked by the two of you.

-”Hyung ! Be less rough to her next time ! I could hear you guys all night long !” Jungkook shouted before coming closer to the two of you “Honestly though, how do you guys have this much energy? You literally went for like 2 hours!”

*acts like nothing happened*


You were just chilling with Jimin. The two of you receive a notification on your phones, at the same time : It was Hoseok, sending a message in the groupchat.

Hoseok : Was Y/n being murdered or was she just having fun with Jimin ?”

*Jimin looks at you*


You were all just chilling in the living room.

-”What did you guys do last night ?” asked Seokjin

Taehyung innocently replied

-”Then why was the bed making so much noise? Why were you two moaning? Taehyung, don’t lie to me, it literally felt like the two of you were fucking in my room” Seokjin boldly added

Taehyung shouted, shocked by the oldest member’s statement

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hi your andriel 'I hate Neil Josten and his pretty face' headcanon is beautiful and pure and wholesome and has healed my soul and i was hoping you'd be open to expanding on Neil's 'revenge' calling out Andrew and being dorky in the process?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much and, sure, here you go!

  • Andrew is waiting for it
  • he knows Josten’s too much of an actual child to let go of the video
    • no matter that he solved the coming-out problem
    • and made Renee and Reynolds a tonshit of money
    • fucker never knows when to back down, does he?
  • so really
  • he’s not that surprised when Nicky sends him a link to some live streaming website
  • there’s 10-reasons-to-hate-Andrew-Minyard-by-Neil-Josten in the page name so it’s not hard to guess what’s going to happen

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The sides as conversations I had/heard in biology part 3

Virgil: Every time I wake up I’m like “oh great, it’s this again.”


Logan: Who gave Virgil scissors?

Roman: Me, unfortunately.

Logan: Why would you do that???

Roman: Haven’t we already established that I’m an idiot.

Patton: While that is true, stop talking bad about yourself!


Logan: and that’s when cells just say “this is it” and explode.

Virgil: Same!


Virgil: I hate all of you except Patton.

Roman: uH rude I am greatly offended by that!

Virgil: good, that’s what I was shooting for.


Virgil: I do care! Just not that much.

Logan: Well, atleast you’re being honest.


Virgil: I thought you hated me because I was so much like you.

Logan: I can’t deny nor confirm that claim.


Roman: Like listen here, I forgot how to spell my own name yesterday; You think I know how to understand love yet??


Logan: For example, what’s 1 times 6?

Patton: 4!

Logan: Great guess Patton… but no the answer is 6.

Patton: Darn it! I was so close!

Logan: You really were not- sure Patton, I’m proud of you.


Virgil: That would be terrible! Almost as terrible as my personality.


Roman: Do you have a problem with me?

Virgil: Yes and it’s that you are still here.

Patton: THAT WAS SAVAGE but, stop being mean you two.


Logan: Did he just hiss?

Virgil: Yes I did, several times actually.


Virgil: How can we look alive if we are all dead inside??


Virgil: So why’d you become a teacher then?

Logan: I thought I could make a difference in the educational system but the only difference I made was to my mental health and my pay check.


so I love @arieryn ‘s nic so much

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The second that Lance said “I’d recognize that mullet anywhere!” And continued to rant to Keith about why he should remember him



It’s just incredible. It was dark, Keith was far away from him, Lance had never seen Keith out of his Garrison uniform, he hadn’t seen him in half a year, Keith wore a bandana that covered half of his face, the spyglasses he used weren’t even on full zoom and he still recognized Keith within seconds. Because of his hair. It is insane, Keith didn’t even remember him but Lance must have spent a lot of time staring at him.