just because i love this scene

you know what i love about oswald? i love that he’s such a nervous, panicking boy when he’s in love. he’s such a shaky teenager. the way his expression just lightens up when he sees ed, like his eyes are SPARKLING guys and he’s such a sweet little peng. i mean in that one scene he literally slaps his own head with his papers once ed’s looking away because he thinks he EMBARRASSED himself. oswald = small birb crushing and blushing on and around everyone who shows him genuine affection. he is BRUTAL and he should get some help but he is also a tender little egg


“I’m done fighting. I just want to go home.”

“You can’t go home, Julie. I’m sorry. We can go anywhere else in the whole universe, but we can’t go home. I need you to know, whatever happens, wherever you go, you’re not gonna do it alone.”

You know what keeps killing me?

Growing up watching Aaron, who he used to be and how difficult his life has been, it was difficult to think he’d want or enjoy being a husband and being married. He was always so dismissive of the idea and obviously we all knew why - his internalised homophobia, his lack of belief in love, the hurt he’d experienced before, seeing his family being terrible at love…

But when he found Robert, it was like that was it. Robert was his person despite all the crap they did to each other. He realised he could fall in love and pretty quickly too but I still didn’t really think he’d ever want to be someone’s husband

Then watching them properly and reasonably stably fall in love and gradually develop into sharing this insane connection and love for each other, making them both better people and so much happier than we’ve ever seen them… well, that changed him and I couldn’t believe that HE clearly was thinking about marriage before Robert!

Then we had the engagement and I still sometimes thought it’d be weird seeing Aaron Dingle as a husband until we started to see him talk about he wedding and his excitement over Vegas. He was clearly keen - they both were - but there was this part of him you could start to see that needed that clarity and commitment.

Then this week happened. At no point did Aaron saying the word “husband” feel weird and it was because the enormous smile is caused every single time, even today during what is possibly one of the hardest days of his life. You can see he cherishes that commitment and the promise they have with each other. It obviously brings him a lot of comfort and happiness and that’s why it hurts so badly.

Aaron never ever felt like someone who would wish for a husband or be into all of that but you can see how much of his actual desires he buried all these years. It took meeting the person he found that connection with to turn it all into something so significant, so comforting and so important to him that the mere presence of his wedding ring and the word ‘husband’ calms him and makes him so happy.

That’s why this all hurts so much because never has Aaron ever EVER seemed more settled and comfortable and at ease with himself.


Keep It Simple - A Series Of Malec One-Shots - AO3

When You Say It Like That (Got Me Falling Right Back) [1/1 | 1,362 | English]

Basically a short extension of the scene where Alec is on Magnus’ fire escape because it’s the only place he wants to be when he’s hurting.

I’m Not On Drugs, I’m Just In Love (You’re High Enough For Me) [1/1 | 1,633 | English]

Basically set after Jocelyn’s funeral when Alec is hurting and all he wants is to be with Magnus.

Maybe There’s Hunger In My Blood (Screaming Out Loud For What I Want) [1/1 |  1,786 | English]

Basically an extension of the scene where Alec kisses Magnus after their date, that doesn’t result in Jace walking in on them and ‘killing the mood’.

All I See Is You And I (But We Ain’t Gonna Live Forever) [1/1 | 2,522 | English]

Basically an extension of the scene where Alec wants to have sex with Magnus and they disappear around the corner and no one got to see what happened next.

You Were The Only One Who Was On My Side (The Only One Who Kept Me Alive) [1/1 | 1,619 | English]

Basically an alternate version of the scene where Alec is about to jump off the building but instead of Clary being there, it’s just Magnus, and it’s Magnus that continues to save him.

And I Love You (Despite All) [1/1 | 1,504 | English]

Basically an extended version of the scene where Magnus and Alec are kissing on Magnus’ balcony in 2x07.

These are my works, but I do not own the gifs so all credit goes to the original creators.


Dana Andrews trying to keep it together and not succeeding in Laura (1944)


From the show at The Wilbur in Boston last night (February 22, 2017)

@thethirstisoutthere - please note photos of “supporting cast” members. Chose to focus on Jeff because I fell in love with his dorky corduroy blazer and beard. Though the others were also nice to look at ;)

Thanks again to @damselindistressmya and @snowvitamins for planning this night since November. I had a fucking blast. Meeting @startwreck @xfiles-behind-the-scenes @myassbrokethefall and @thattimetheykissed was just a crazy added bonus.

This crazy site has helped me find so many cool people over the last 14 months. It’s ridiculous. And astounding, to be honest.

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fav happy stelena scene from each season and why? :)

1x10 for season 1, after their love scene

I just think it’s a really feel-good moment and they’re both purely content and I always loved that Elena was wearing Stefan’s shirt and cuddled with Stefan at the same time, like she’s completely enveloped in him and there’s such a warm and happy intimacy between them and it makes me thinks of the Cinderella lyrics, so this is love, mmm mmm, so this is love…

2x16 for season 2, morning make out

I grew to love this scene even more when an anon pointed out to me that Elena is only wearing one shoe:

Because I have a headcanon that Stefan went to himself, “I’m not letting her put on the other shoe…” and it was a very quick scene but it was short and sweet, like they’re just being in love, there isn’t anything particularly special about what’s happening, they’re getting ready for school but they also can’t keep their hands off each other because they’re quite simply in love. I also really enjoyed how it’s as if Elena lives with Stefan, like she acts as if they live in the same house and I never quite got that with Damon.

3x14 for season 3, the dance

I love this entire dance sequence but I enjoyed this smile particularly because it really substantiated the lyrics of “Give Me Love”, it’s been a while but I still feel the same, because so much has happened between Stefan and Elena by this point, so much angst and carnage and pain, and when she bumps into him there’s this intensity and an instant connection but then she’s a little bit nervous and tries to put up a sort of defence but Stefan cracks a joke and she can’t help but smile and everything comes rushing back and there’s an ease now and a relief.

4x04 for season 4, training

It’s a simple gesture but this shows how much they love each other, how much they want each other and trust each other, it’s an endearing forehead touch and Elena has to wrap her arms around him to enclose him, it’s little details like this that made season 4 infuriating because then 3 episodes later she’s sleeping with Damon? HOW?

5x18 for season 5, fireplace

Because this solidified for me that they will never be able to connect to anyone the way they connect to each other. There’s a natural intimacy here and Elena is so at ease with Stefan that she’s able to lean on his shoulder and then she asks if she and Damon will ever get to this level of connection and even though Stefan has to say the transparent and ridiculous “I think you can be friends with someone or in love with them” line, the fact of the matter is, he said no.

6x04 for season 6, the proposal scene

Because they were both so giddy and they were just having fun, living, and those vows felt like real vows.

lmao okay guys I know what we should call the LGBT+ community:

“the family” okay here me out

This used to be prominent slang within the community, and I don’t hear it much any more, at least not in my corner of the world. I remember times in which I was approached in public and someone asked, “are you in the family?” And proceeded to ask me about the local gay scene when I said yes

My coworker just reminded me of this. He’s an older gay man that is often afraid to be himself because of homophobia, but we’re getting close so he’s pretty open around me, as a fellow “member of the family”. Another gay guy we work with did something pretty flamboyant, so my coworker looked at me and said, “that’s family”

I mean I just love it it was definitely a term used during a time when homophobia was pretty severe, but you were safe around your “family” you could be yourself with family

Plus can you imagine how much “”“family values”“” conservatives would lose their minds it’s a win win

Jemma: That’s the first time you’ve mentioned it… getting married. 

LMD!Fitz: I mean, I thought about it. I was afraid to bring it up, you know? I thought I knew your answer, but no one’s ever a hundred percent. 

Jemma: I’ll tell Fitz when I see him. 

I’m going to hold you to this, AOS writers. I’m serious. Normally, I try not to get my hopes up because I know how much you love to rip my heart out, but they’re up now and you’d better deliver. You can’t just do a scene like this and not follow up on it. If there isn’t a proposal before the end of the season, I’m going to be mighty pissed.  

I guess they didn’t have much time to rest. :v

Yesss. I love that kind of destructiveness. 

Wait, is that Grimm exploding because of that guy’s semblance or inflating to death is just a thing they do? :v

This has to be a Scott Pilgrim reference, right?

The second years are not kidding around. 

Aw, Velvet is the only one who hasn’t gotten a cool fighting scene.

This. is. amazing.

Damn. They good.

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You write Magnus kicking ass and killing in such a wonderfully sensual way. It's like a seduction and you put in such a way that makes it life like and real and I got that just one of your Ao3 stories now all I can think about is wanting a scene where Alec is showing Magnus how to defend himself with a sword or dagger cause he doesn't know Magnus is that much of a badass and Magnus playing along. Until they bet on either sex or where to go for a dinner date, then Magnus beats him in seconds.

damn this is such a compliment thank you so much!

i love writing magnus fighting because he is so damn fluid and preceptive, and i definitely see it like a seduction, and with all of his training and how much time he’s had to hone every skill it would be something to behold

i wrote something like this about alec “teaching” magnus archery

i started writing something with daggers but it got out of hand so here it is


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No, I was hoping that you would give example and signs of him loving her romantically, treating her like no other. I used to be a Caryl shipper but lost hope when they stopped giving them scenes together and then I just kind of thought "okay well I guess if anything was going to happen, they would have done something by now or at least built up their characters" so I, very sadly, lost hope. Everything I saw as romantic wasn't any longer because it had been so long since a Caryl interaction.

It’s not my job to convince you. And if that’s what you WANTED then you should have asked that, instead of that garbage you previously sent.

I’m not going to spend my time finding “proof” for you. it’s all out there. If you watched New Best Friends and can’t see that Carol was being shown to be the single most important person in the world to Daryl, then there’s nothing I can say to help you.

just a quickie! because the episodes came out <3 I also sketched those scene’s when they where only books xD I love them <3 I wish I had more time to make like better art or even a doujinshi for them. But no…. at least I did something :’D this is how I think things will go for a while haha. I hope to see even more of them in the anime then the books have done!

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For the scene where Viktor was chasing after Yuuri I was actually half expecting him to fall flat on his face since he was only looking at Yuuri, like when he tripped over his suitcase. Mainly because I'm an incredibly clumsy person myself, so I would've definitely fallen in that scenario. I'd imagine Viktor falling could go either the tragic drama route or like an NG shot, but that would've broken up the narrative flow of that gorgeously desperate scene. I love the way you convey emotion!

It would certainly chance the tone of that scene if he just decked it!

Looks like I’m the only person on the internet who didn’t unequivocally love The Scream™.

I realise I’m going to need witness protection for saying this but I don’t think it was in character and it didn’t seem quite right. I don’t feel it’s a Bob thing, because I can’t think of any instance in which Bob hasn’t nailed Bellamy 100% so coupled with some of the weird dialogue and shooting choices in that scene I’m going to say I think it’s a script or direction or editing failure because it did not resonate with me at all.

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How do u feel about ppl saying Zutara shippers are crazy?I disagree look at us we're not crazy and we ship Zutara!And there are many Kataang shippers who are crazy 2!I think they're just talking about the Zutara fans back when the show ended and they talked bad about Bryke and etc all that was fine(death threats were too far imo),but Bryke didn't handle it well like professionals,they lashed back at them instead of ignoring it this got more ppl angry,I thought that fans were just upset not crazy

Yeah I definitely see nothing crazy about Zutara shippers. Zuko was Katara’s original love interest, after all. I think that it would have been a great relationship if Ehasz was in charge of it. The story was building up to Zutara and the only reason it didn’t happen is because the story got messed up. Ever since their scene in Ba Sing Se, I thought they would have made a good couple and I was frustrated by how the story went. I always felt like Katara had more chemistry and she seemed way more attracted to Zuko in the cave; far more than she ever seemed attracted to Aang. I always felt that the only reason she ended up with Aang was because Zuko betrayed her and Aang was the default choice. Aang was lucky that Zuko had such a random lapse in morality, am I right? It felt like the story “cheated” so I always preferred Zutara to Kataang. This was long before I ever heard of Book 4. 

Back when the show was airing, I’m sure there were more crazies, but nowadays the Zutara community is far more rational than the Kataang community, from what I’ve seen. Many (not all) Kataang fans are smug and act like they have superior taste for preferring Kataang to Zutara. They have similar attitudes to Bryke, who think Zutara fans will have doomed relationships. I have seen them say that Zutara is like 50 Shades of Grey…


White Tiger: A Hero’s Compulsion
White Tiger
(2007) #5 (of 6)

Jackass! I’m tailing a suspect!”

Okay, this no joke has a lot of special meaning for me personally because this was my introduction to Deadpool. Like I’m not even kidding. it was just so off the wall and so unexpected in the middle of this chase scene that when I read it as a kid I literally went “wait what” and immediately had to google Deadpool and look him up. 

And I’ve been a Wade fan ever since. 

So it’s so random and such a weird way to have Angela lose her trail on the suspects, but I love it and it led me to read more comics I may never have had in my formative years.

For good or ill XD

So I'm more convinced after the Rob/Liv scene (which I loved!) in tonight’s episode that they’re building into a storyline where Robert has a battle on his hands to keep Liv in the village? So there would be yet more heartbreak because despite all his grit and tenacity, he has no legal rights :( Anyone else feel this? Do we know anything about this / Liv’s storyline yet? This storyline is just the worst, I want Roblivion in Mill please!