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So my mom, my sister, and I were just at Starbucks and we were wearing ‘March on Asheville’ shirts because we are going today and there was this guy there and he asked us “are you girls going to the march today?” And my sister and I were like “yeah! :)” and he was like “good for you!!!” And we were like Awh :,) and then just when my mom was gonna pay for the coffee he was like “no I got this!” And swiped his card and we are all like “!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ oh my god?!” Like this nice man paid for our coffee just because he saw our shirts like that is amazing I love him so much :,)

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HI I HEARD YOU LIKE WINTERIRON have you thought about tony designing Bucky a new arm that looks like an iron man arm so they can match? and tony could design a repulsor in it. and Bucky pretends to be annoyed like "you're such a sap stark" but he actually loves it cause it's like tony is always there to protect him


Omg Tony would do it as a joke. He likes to be a bit obnoxious but the arm turns out so nice and yep, he’d definitely put a Repulsor into it, because… Repulsors. Neat as Heck.

And Bucky just kinda rolls his eyes because “Seriously, Stark? An Iron man themed arm? Gotta be kidding me”

but he loves it. He loves it very much. 

((Imagine a few days later Bucky walks about with the arm - and other Iron Man themed merch. One day it’s a shirt with little Iron man masks printed all over it. One day it’s black jogging pants that just say IRON MAN down the leg, One day he’s wearing a “Property of Stark Industries” shirt and Tony might have a little heart attack at that))

Dean Drabble #13

Submitted By: @jkqueenly
You giggled as you watched your boyfriend drum on the steering wheel and jam out. It was a Metallica song that he loved. You enjoyed watching him as he freely did his thing because it was just the two of you.
“Come on princess sing with me!”
“I don’t think so Dean.”
“Come on baby it’ll make you feel better”
You laugh, “You make me feel better.”
He grins, “I hunt therefore I am.” He belts out the lyrics to “Of Wolf and Man”
He looks expectantly at you “harvest the land” you sing as he grins and kisses you.
“Yea thanks babe” you grin kissing him again glad you had him to care for you.

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The bros and drinking!

(Just a reminder that requests are open and my ask box is empty! Go ahead if you have something you wanna request!)

Noctis - I get the feeling that, because of his noble upbringing, he would be able to hold his alcohol quite well. A prince would need to be able to stay civilized through social events, and probably wouldn’t drink much at all if he could help it. But, when truly smashed, he would be a lovey-dovey, hug everyone, tell them how much they mean to him drunk. He would just sit on the sofa with one of the bros, grabbing their hand, mumbling “Y'know… you’ve been such a good friend, man, I love you???” Before passing out. But also, he would probably black out if he’s had enough. His favoured drink would probably be something like vodka and coke, but I could see him enjoying a nice beer. What he never drinks? Jaegerbombs. After an incident involving tabloid magazines, the Regalia, a stolen potted plant and a random plumber that almost ruined the family reputation, he steers clear of the bad idea that is a Jaegerbomb. His favourite drinking game would be beer pong because of his competitive streak, and he would 100% hit someone in the face with the ball to slow them down.

Prompto - This guy. He would probably have 0 alcohol tolerance, like he’s out cold with a few glasses. But, of course, he’d have to at least try and keep up with the boys, leading to severe hangovers. He’d be the type of drunk to be so unbearably annoying due to his incessant singing and crying over tiny things (“oh my gOOOOOD LOOK AT THAT LITTLE KID HE JUST DROPPED HIS LOLIPOP NOOOOOOO”). He probably wouldn’t have a favourite drink, just anything the bar had, but I could see him enjoying cider. His never ever again, no way in hell drink? Absinthe. He once got really drunk and a tipsy Ignis, who had some in a cupboard, gave him a large glass of it, unprepared, not watered down or with sugar as it’s meant to be drunk (unless you’re drinking small amounts neat) as a joke. He took a massive drink and had to go throw up. The boys were pissing themselves laughing, but Prompto was just moaning and yelling at Ignis for doing that to him. But lemme say, this boy loves his drinking games. He’s a force to be reckoned with when you’re doing a shot contest. Even though he can’t hold his liquor well, he can take shots till the chocobos come home.

Ignis - He would definately be reasonable with how much he drank (because who else is gonna take care of these children), but he would be surprisingly bad at holding his booze. So, during official events, he would just refrain from drinking. But, when he lets himself go, he’s one of those drunks who finds everything absolutely hilarious. He would be a giggling wreck, no matter what. Noct hiccuping? Funny. Someone recounting yesterday evening? Wet-yourself levels of funny. His favoured drink would be (and he gets teased about it by the guys but that doesn’t stop him) rosé wine. His least favourite drink would be cheap, bottom of the shelf liquor, because it just burns, and doesn’t really have any proper taste. He probably wouldn’t have a preference in drinking games, but would take part in any that the boys were playing and, somehow, be extremely good. Paranoia? Good. Dirty Pint? Great. Caps? Awesome. Beer pong? Master.
Gladio - Let’s be real, this man is built like a brick shithouse. He’s gonna hold his alcohol the best. When drunk, though, he’d be an angry yet uncoordinated. He’d fight a lamppost for looking at him the wrong way, but he’d trip over his own feet and land on his face before he managed to throw the first punch. And he’d definately be a blackout drunk. He’d have so many evenings where he’d wake up in his apartment with an angry text from Ignis about his windows and a blinding headache and have absolutely no idea what happened. His drink of choice would probably be beer, and he would love finding little breweries and buying souvenirs to drink later as a reminder of the places the boys had been. However, he’d love taking Prompto on in shot contests (liquor tolerance vs. sheer willpower which will prevail). His least favourite drink would be Baileys, because I don’t see him and the sort of guy who would like creamy liqueurs. His favourite drinking game? I imagine him as a fan of British drinking games, like one called save the queen where you drop a coin into a pint of beer and have to chug it until you get the coin, rinse and repeat. A whole load of fun, but not with a bunch of lightweights.

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Re: Hanzo loves to be watched... They'll flip it the other way, too, because we KNOW Jesse loves to put on a show for his man. He always tries to get Hanzo caught up in it, but: a.) Hanzo has a fantastic poker face, and b.) Jesse ends up completely losing himself in what he's doing...

That’s what I’m sayin man. Hanzo is too patient and strong willed to break from that. He’d just sit with head cocked and an almost bored look on his face just to tear Jesse up. And it does, man, Jesse tries his damnedest to be even more sexy, he moans louder and works himself harder, anything to try and make Hanzo break. Of course he makes himself break first, and undoes himself all too quickly, without Hanzo having even made a noise.

Jesse can’t see the huge erection pressing against Hanzo’s thigh but I mean the image of the cool collected Hanzo Shimada was maintained.

Girl power is my superpower
That’s why I stand in the street
As tall as a skyscraper
Making sure to scream
“I hate the Trump tower”
Sharing how girls
Deserve to be free
And that girls are more
Than just trash on a street
We are our own worlds
And we pave our own streets
No one should be a leader
Leaving us all in defeat
Wanting us to cry at their feet
But they shall know
Not only girls will raise for change
But boys will too
Protesting what they need
A man can love a man
Like he loves his power
Girl power is my superpower
And I will not cower
Because you got selected to power
You are not my leader
I’ll march in these streets


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Hell yes. He just sleeps like a normal old man. Although, the most canon ship of all is Levi x Sleeping in His Chair Because the Dumb-Ass Goblin King Overworks Himself to the Point of Exhaustion. As such, I need to know if you ship this quality canon™ relationship. There’s also Levi x Quit Putting Him in Promo Art with the Goddamn Children He’s 34 let the Goblin King be, and I would love your thoughts on this one too.

{do i ship it?}

Levi/Sleeping in His Chair Bc the Dumbass Goblin King Overworks Himself to the Point of Exhaustion is definitely a canon pairing. Gotta ship it. Though to be unfairly meta about this for a second, I think Levi is the sort of person whose mind stays so busy all of the time that he honestly can’t sleep well until he crashes. It makes sense when you consider his life; growing up in a place he can’t feel safe, fighting in a military unit where you’re liable to have a lot of sleepless nights… While some people cope with terrible things by adhering to a solid schedule (and tricking their body into believing 8pm is Bedtime, Bitch), which enables them to get the rest they need, Levi probably can’t do that, not with the way he grew up, probably more than a little paranoid about letting himself sleep deeply because it might mean the end of him.

Levi/Quit Putting Him in Promo Art with children is also a ship I can get behind. I wouldn’t mind if he was shown in this art acting like a leader/figurehead, but of course that never fucking happens. It’s always him chillin’ with the wrong squad. Not that he can’t be a mentor of some sort to these kids, but let’s be fuckin’ real here. Hardly any time has passed in this series. These kids barely know Levi. They might feel a little bit bound to him, but I doubt that feeling is mutual. Put Levi in promo art with the veterans. Plz. Literally any of them. I’ll take Levi having tea with Moblit or sparring against Mike or playing Tic-Tac-Toe with Nifa just…let him hang around people closer to his own age and rank and level of experience lmao.

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how do you think carrie felt about harrison by the time she passed?

I think she remembered him as the love of her life, to be completely honest. Since her book came out, I just can’t help but think that Harrison influenced her a lot, even more than she hoped he would. I think that at the time she passed away she wanted to be with a man like Harrison (not necessarily him, because he’s married, but with a strong, level headed man like him). I do think she loved him, maybe not the all-consuming, time-stopping love she felt when she was nineteen, but a more mature, we-have-history kind of love. I think she tried to pick up the phone  countless times to call him and check up on him but she was too scared to face his reaction to the book. 

That’s all I can think of right now, but thanks for asking!

Ask me about Carrison (could be carrie, harrison, carrison or the fandom itself)

Okay the best Hollywood Bromance/friendship is RDJ/Chris Evans and I am not just saying that because I am SteveTony trash.

They honestly care about each other very much. So much that RDJ gives Evans the most kisses on set out of anybody (Chris, Seb and Anthony admitted that at Philly Con 2016). They are constantly talking love about each other to reporters and fans. All they ever have to say about each other is great, good and lovable things. 

Chris Evans’ man crush on Robert Downey Jr is visable from miles away, even sneaking little touches and he constantly holds onto him while they are in interviews together (Chris touched RDJ on the thigh at Jimmy Kimmel and then immediately realized what he was doing and pulled it off. If you wanna see him do it, watch it here it starts at about 0:40 in and of course it wasn’t like him knowing he did that he kinda just touched it and took his hand off but I can only dream!). 

They deserve the best and only the best of love and support!

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I feel inferior to cis gay guys a lot because so many of them would never want a trans man. I feel like I'm disgusting to them. I'm scared that I'll never be loved. Even my little sister doesn't want to be seen in public with me. Should I become a prostitute or pretend to be a cis girl or something? I don't know any other way of getting people to love me, I've tried everything and everyone thinks I'm a freak.

No and no.

There are plenty of cis gays willing to date you and your sister is just being a cunt.

PLEASE don’t enter sex work that can be so dangerous these days and your dysphoria would kill you if you pretended to be a cis girl.

Sometimes bunny you just gotta wait. Be patient. Love takes time and some people don’t ever find it but I’ve heard of so many cases of trans guys finding love. It’ll come.

Definitely look into cis bi guys. They often tend to be much more comfortable with this sort of thing.

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Oh man Aaron asking him if he ever loved him was one of the more painful parts of that episode :( Do you think Aaron actually believes that or was it just in the moment (angry) that he said it

No Aaron knows Robert loves him but in that moment I think he felt he didn’t because to Aaron it was something else that he had good in his life that was being ripped away from him. Aaron sat there and watched Robert take his ring off and then asked him if he’s really doing this. In Aaron’s head it was just another person not loving him and leaving him because when he is like this he doesn’t anyone does.

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what's ur fav mickey hair look? he's such a darling i love him

OH MAN WHAT A LOADED QUESTION!!! Because his hair looks slightly different each season? lmao. My favorite OVERALL hair season would probably be season five….it just looked so soft and relaxed and he didn’t completely suffocate it in products like in season four (which was a great hair season too). 

BUT MY FAVORITE???? Sleepy bed head with that rogue piece always flopping down.


All of their reactions are pure gold

Poor Pidge gets blown away because, just, such a smol baby! 

Keith never changes his face. Like at all. 

Shiro is loving all of this. Bath time is Shiro time. 

Lance is typical lance but man is he super at home in the water. Like between last episode and this I think his blue lion was totally right to pick him.

Hunk is so along for the ride. Not a fan of the jet sprays but once it’s started he’s fine with it.

u know what i will forever be #shook by? that line in English Love Affair - “princess getting naked’ bc… dude… man… i will forever just sit in silence contemplating my existence when i hear that song because of that one god d a mn lin e

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I met Bobby Flay when I was about six, and it was pretty much a room full of people watching him cook and talk. There was a mic up front to ask questions, and I /obviously/ had to do so. So, I asked him how long he had been preparing the dish. I remember being so proud of how mature I sounded. He said "fifteen minutes". This upset me a great deal, because what I really wanted to know was how long he had known the recipe. I was so pissed that I hated him until I was about 10.

oh my god….. thank you for sharing this story, i always love tales of the horror that Robert Flavor has inflicted on younglings.…. i’m just worried bc you said you hated him until you were 10 and yet there are still so many reasons to despise that goblin man

I’m not scared anymore


Prompt 147: Young Iolaus is in trouble. He’s held prisoner in a galley, condemned to row to exhaustion every day. Next to him, a wild mysterious brunet is also chained. Will they be able to team up and escape?

 Pairing: Young Iolaus/Luke Garroway

 Going for digital and physical prizes.

Living as a galley slave is no fun. I tried to keep this as non-graphic as possible. There is some angst, and there is also a pointer at dub-con, although that happens completely off-screen.

Read it on AO3 (might be better because this is long)

When I’m lying in the arms of the man I love
I’m completely at peace with the world
And the dark clouds around me that often surround me
Just fall away into the night, I’m not scared anymore^

When I can’t sleep at night and I just stare at the moon
Listening to your beating heart
To know that you’re with me, and the love that you give me
Keeps me from falling apart, I’m not scared anymore

When I think about the ways of the other world
And all the ones who’ve gone before
Well I believe they can see us, believe they are with us
Hear every word that we speak, I’m not scared anymore

The water splashed into his face, cold and merciless, but before he could even utter a sound of protest, another load of ice cold water washed over him. Quite a bit of it ended up in his already open mouth, and he almost choked on the ice-cold brine. He coughed and gasped, and the salty water also burned in his eyes when he tried to open them. He blinked into a bright sun and could make out some shadowed forms outlined against the sharp light.

Then several other sensations reached his still somewhat addled brain. He was lying on his back. The figures were looking down at him. There was wood under him. And he knew that because he could feel the coarse wood grain against the skin of his back.

But the worst feeling was that his hands were shackled together.

Keep reading

Commanders.” He raised his little finger. “Good ones, people with a knack for it, like, say, the queen, or Buri, or young Dom, they’re as rare as heroes. Commanders have an eye not just for what they do, but for what those around them do. Commanders size up people’s strengths and weaknesses. They know where someone will shine and where they will collapse. Other warriors will obey a true commander because they can tell that the commander knows what he—or she—is doing.” Raoul picked up a quill and toyed with it. “You’ve shown flashes of being a commander. I’ve seen it. So has Qasim, your friend Neal, even Wyldon, though it would be like pulling teeth to get him to admit it. My job is to see if you will do more than flash, with the right training. The realm needs commanders….If you have what it takes the Crown will use you. We’re too desperate for good commanders to let one slip away, even a female one.
—  Tamora Pierce. Squire: Book 3 of the Protector of the Small quartet