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Oh! 38. “I just wanted an easy day with my girlfriend/boyfriend. What’s so wrong with that?” Pretty please!!

Here we go with yet another fluffy piece. Set somewhere in season 7, maybe. 

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This is exactly the kind of family gathering Mulder is used to. Yelled accusations. Past missteps. Oh yes, he knows this. Except it’s not his family. And no one, for once, is yelling at him. He’s outside on the porch, the sun trying to hide, too, disappearing quickly, going to sleep. Under him the wood creaks softly. No one but him hears it. They’re in the kitchen, Scully and her brother Bill. Mulder was in there with them moments ago. He doubts either of them even noticed when he slipped outside. Out here, their voices are muffled, but he can still hear them, word for word.

“He has no right being here!”

“I want him here, Bill!”

“Dana, you work with him I get it. You don’t invite colleagues to spend time with your family.”

“I wanted an easy day with my boyfriend. What’s wrong with that?” A pause. Mulder outside, out of sight, swallows. Boyfriend. Scully has called him many, many things. Never her boyfriend, though.

“Your boyfriend?” Bill’s voice is squeaky high and Mulder can almost see the surprised shock on the other man’s face. His own expression, he figures, is probably not much different. Boyfriend. The word makes him chuckle deep inside. Boyfriend. Warmth spreads through him, spreads joy inside his stomach. He is Scully’s boyfriend - she just confirmed it. There is a stupid grin on his face; he feels it in the pull of his cheek, in the way his lips curl upwards. Too bad there’s no here to see it. 

“Fox?” Mulder turns around, startled. There in the door stands Mrs. Scully. She is surrounded by the light streaming out from inside. The voices of her children boast loudly through the open door. With a sigh, she closes it behind her and joins him.

“I’m sorry.” He says and she throws him a look, her eyes open wide.

“What are you sorry for, dear? I came out here to apologize for my children. Bill and Dana have always been like this. She’s his baby sister and he thinks he knows what’s best for her.” Mulder nods. He doesn’t know what that’s like, can only guess, as he’s only ever had a taste of being a big brother. 

“I brought you pie, Fox. Just because these two can’t behave doesn’t mean you should miss out on dessert.” She hands him a plate with a big, mout-watering piece of pie. With whipped cream on top. Mulder licks his lips. Mrs. Scully hands him a napkin and a fork and Mulder, unable to speak, mouths his thank you and digs in. He eats greedily, stifles a moan, and forgets everything for a moment.

“Just so you know, Fox,” she waits until he faces her, still chewing. He swallows hard, the distant voices - how are they not hoarse yet? - of Bill and Scully ringing in his ear, “just because my son doesn’t understand what a wonderful man you are and how much you love Dana, doesn’t mean I feel the same.” Then Mrs. Scully does something he never thought he’d see: she winks at him. Love, she said. Mrs. Scully knows he loves her daughter. They haven’t said the words yet. Hell, up until earlier there had been no definition to their relationship period. Until Scully called him her boyfriend in front of her brother. Not even to him, no. That’s not how they communicate. It makes him smile now; no matter how their relationship changes, forms new shapes, they’re still the same people. Still Mulder and Scully. As dysfunctional as they’ve always been.

“Thank you.” The words crumble out of his mouth. 

“You’re very welcome, Fox.” Mrs. Scully leans forward and kisses his cheek. Mulder finds himself blushing. When she turns to go back inside, she doesn’t seem surprised to see her daughter standing in the door. Scully has her arms across her chest, still in defense and still ready to fight.

“You two done?” There is amusement in Mrs. Scully’s voice. How often has she had to break these two up? Mulder wonders watching mother and daughter. Scully visibly relaxes as her mother touches her arm. She nods. 

“Good. Now go be with your boyfriend.”

“Mom!” Scully blushes deeply, but so does Mulder, and giggles uncomfortably. She waits until her mother has disappeared inside before she closes the distance between them. Scully falls into his arms and leans heavily against him. She’s warm, smells like pie, and looks just as delicious. Her smile is tired yet genuine. 

“Regretting that you brought me?” She claps her hands behind him, holding him tightly against her. Either for warmth or because she likes him. Either way, he enjoys her closeness.

“Never, Mulder. I wanted you here. I wanted to spend time with you outside of work. Like a normal couple.”

“Boyfriend and girlfriend, huh?” He can’t keep the shy grin off his face. 

“You heard us fighting.” It’s not a question. “Bill was not… he’ll grow to love- like you, Mulder. You probably have a lot in common. He just needs a little time.“ 

"You think I would have been like Bill? If Samantha brought home a… boyfriend?” Mulder asks quietly. He shivers as a cool wind whiffs past them and Scully tightens her grip on him. 

“I don’t know, Mulder,” she answers honestly, “I think you’d be protective. You are.”

“I would want - would have wanted to trust her judgment.” Scully gives him a sad smile and puts one hand on his cheek.

“You might have thrown him dirty looks, Mulder. But you would have accepted the man your sister loved.”


"Definitely love.” Scully whispers and before he can reply, or react in any way, she gets on tiptoes and plants her mouth over his. 

“Dana!” A voice hollers. Mulder startles and breaks the kiss, realizing it’s Bill. And he’s just seen them kissing. Yeah, Scully’s brother is definitely going to like him. Never. “Come inside.” Scully doesn’t move and stays in Mulder’s arms. “You too, Mulder.” Bill finishes grudgingly, stomping back inside.

“Did he just invite me in?" 

"He did. Now come on. It’s getting cold out here.” He lets Scully lead him back inside the house, but even while still outside, he’s never felt this warm before in his life.

Walking briskly, Draco headed towards the quidditch pitch. The Gryffindor practice had started a few minutes ago. He was normally never late but he had valiantly attempted to curb his addiction to watching Potter train. Unfortunately it seemed as though he lived to torture himself. He sighed as he hefted his too heavy bag onto his shoulder. He needed his books after all, to keep up appearances.

Harry looked around and was shocked by the depth of his disappointment. They finished their warm up lap and landed again to stretch. Harry landed sullenly and half heartedly joined in the team stretch. He wasn’t really paying attention to what anyone was saying, but he heard snickering and looked up. Fred and George were whispering behind their hands and pointing at the stands. Harry’s head whipped towards the stands, his heart racing when he spotted white blonde hair gleaming in the sunlight.

Fred shook his head as Harry whipped off his shirt, stretching extravagantly. George made a gagging noise that had Fred snorting. “Could they be any more obvious?” He asked.
“They could be as obvious as they were oblivious.” George quipped.
Fred laughed. “Right you are.”
“Hey, Fred?”
“Yes, George?”
“Should we help them along?”
Fred grinned wickedly. “It would be the kind thing to do, I think.”
George’s expression mirrored his own. “Lovely.”

Harry had put his shirt back on to fly, it was chilly otherwise. Wood had just finished yelling at him for losing focus, which happened pretty often when Malfoy happened to be studying when they had practice.
“Hiya, Harry.” Fred grinned as he pulled up next to Harry.
“Hello, Fred. How’s it going?” He asked.
“Good, wish we didn’t have to practice on such a lovely day though.” He said looking around at the perfect summer day.
“Yeah- hey why is George going to talk to Malfoy?” Harry asked, alarmed. What if George was going to ask him to stop coming to watch the practices?
“Ah, a shame really.” Fred said with sympathy. “We heard him having a fight with his ex boyfriend. Seems like a messy break up. George is probably just checking on him.” Fred shook his head sadly, unaware of the turmoil that had been unleashed. “Right nasty piece of work he was. I hope Malfoy keeps an eye open. He deserves a better guy than that.” And with that he flew away.

Draco very nearly dropped his book when one of the Weasley twins flew to a stop several feet from where he was sitting. “Hiya, Malfoy.” He said with a smile.
Draco inclined his head. “Weasley.”
“Are you enjoying the view?” Weasley asked him innocently.
“What?” Draco sputtered.
“Lovely day, isn’t it? Perfect day to be outside and view nature at its best.” He answered.
“Oh, yes.” Draco replied, relieved. “Very, um, sunny.”
Weasley laughed and came closer. “So, Draco. Why don’t you just tell Harry you like him?”
“What?!” Draco asked again, indignant. He could feel his face getting warmer. Weasley just smiled knowingly. “I came here to study. That’s all.”
“Mm. And studying with the book upside down helps, because..?” He taunted. Draco did drop the book then. He groaned and buried his face in his hands.
Weasley laughed, not unkindly. “Look, don’t feel bad Malfoy. He never acts like a prat until you show up.” Draco looked up questioningly. Weasley rolled his eyes. “You know, taking off his shirt and all the posing.” Draco could only gape at him. Weasley smiled. “He was having a right sulk until you showed up today.”
“So what should I do?” He asked.
“Something, Malfoy. Please just do something.”

The next day Harry was walking alone to the library. He paused at the entrance, seeing a white blonde head bowed low over a book alone at a table. He let out a heavy breath and made his way over. “Hi, Malfoy. Do you mind if I sit here?”
Draco’s head jerked up and he dropped his quill. “Um, okay.” He frowned and got busy cleaning the mess his quill had made. He kept shooting furtive glances Harry’s way. “Actually, Potter. I wanted to ask if you’d be interested in a one on one seeker game tomorrow.” He said without making eye contact.
Surprised, Harry answered. “Yeah, that sounds cool.”
Draco smiled.

Draco made sure to get there early, so that when Harry got there landed after a warm up lap.
“Hi.” Harry smiled at him shyly.
Draco was glad that he had the excuse of the wind for the pink on his cheeks. “Hey, Potter.” He cleared his throat. “I’m just warming up.” And with a fortifying breath, he whipped his shirt off.

There was so much pale, creamy skin. Malfoy was lean, with muscle definition that had Harry’s eyes traveling all over. He leaned back to stretch his back and Harry’s eyes dipped lower..
with a jerk Harry tore his gaze up to Malfoy’s amused grey eyes. He shut his mouth with an audible snap that had Malfoy smirking.
Narrowing his eyes he said, “I should warm up too.” And promptly removed his shirt. He watched as Malfoy’s eyes greedily flitted over his exposed chest and arms. He grinned in satisfaction as he saw how hard it was for Malfoy to tear his gaze away. When he eventually looked up and saw Harry grinning he blushed.
“You know, Harry.” He started. “I have a better way we could warm up.”

Fred and George were hunkered down in the hufflepuff stands breathless with silent laughter. Having heard the exchange, they couldn’t stop laughing after the two boys quickly pulled their shirts on and walked hand in hand to a thicket of trees near the forbidden forest.
Eventually they caught their breath and wiped away their tears.
Fred said. “A pair of posturing fools. Standing on the quidditch pitch with their shirts off.” He sighed a laugh.
George snickered.
“Hey, George?”
“Yes, Fred?”
“Let’s go find Ron and send him that way.”
They were howling with laughter as they stumbled towards the castle.

Inspired by a post by @rosalyfart!

I am late to the party as I just found the blog today, so here is Day 1 and Day 2 of @keithsbirthday‘s countdown prompts:

Day 1: Favourite Keith moment in the series so far? (What stands out about it to you? Why is it important?) 

This is a hard one because there are so many great Keith moments. I fell in love with Keith the moment he came onto the screen with that handkerchief around his face and kicking ass. Just look at how beautiful he is:

but I don’t think beyond my awe of him it is a significant scene though. 

I think my favourite moment was Season 3′s The Hunted when Keith drops his walls and admits he fucked up.

Even though at first glance, his confession is a moment of weakness, he owned it and I think that was a very brave thing to do.  He didn’t make excuses, he didn’t avoid blame, or take his insecurities out on anyone. He was raw and vulnerable and he let Lance help him and realized how much better the team is when they work as a team and that he can rely on them. 

I think this was an important moment for Keith, for those reasons. 

Day 2: Favourite Keith quote? (Why is it your favourite? What does it say to you about Keith

From a pure entertainment level Keith’s

kiss me every time. Such confidence and sass. He isn’t going to explain himself. He has a plan and/or the instincts to get the job done. 

I also really enjoy the scene where he says,  “So, that means we’re all related. This ship, those stars, the Olkari, even the Galra.” and Hunk says Keith is blowing his own mind. 

I can’t remember what episode it was to screen cap it. However, I loved how excited he was. I think he was started to realize he was part Galra at that point and it made him feel even more like an outsider but realizing that everything and everyone is connected and part of the same cosmic dust made him feel a part of something bigger. It is also interesting that he used the word related, which is privy to his need for family. 

Anyhoo, I love Keith!

Ask for a Devitt one-shot and you shall receive.

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“Fuck, lass! Are you almost done fucking my shit up?” Devitt growled. He sat on the small black couch, me standing over him. Every few moments or so I could tell he was checking out my chest. I didn’t expect much less from him.

“Actually, yes. And I think I un-fucked your shit.” I laughed softly.

“Good thing chicks dig scars,” he winked, rubbing the bandaid on his forehead.

“Don’t worry, Devitt,” I rubbed his arm. “Women do love guys with scars.”

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Reveling in Richonne

#91: The Package Deal (7x15)

So the next time we see Rick and Michonne was in 7x15. Their moments were brief in this episode but when you’re the GOAT even small moments still standout. 👌🏽

(Side note: I know these posts are dedicated to Richonne, but I just have to say that Lennie James is also such a brilliant actor and he completely knocked it out of the park in 7x13. 👏🏽👏🏽 Ok back to our regularly scheduled program 😋)

First, we see Rick and Michonne in the RV. And our Homegirl is driving cuz of course. 😊 I love that even in this quick little clip, and in pretty much all their scenes this episode, we still get to see that Rick and Michonne are pretty much inseparable and legitimately a package deal.

And then we see them rowing a boat on their way to Oceanside. I love that it’s the two of them rowing. Teamwork on point. 👌 

🏽They just looked so clearly like the leaders of this group. And all those men in that boat, but Michonne is the one rowing because she’s a boss. 👸 🏾She can push, she can row, she can do it all, y’all. 👏🏽😋

Plus, it makes sense that it would be the two of them rowing, cuz considering how in sync Rick and Michonne are all the time, they would be the best duo to row in tandem without even having to try. Logic. 💁🏾

And then we get this cute moment of Rick helping Michonne up a tree. This small moment is so sweet. Once again it just gives off such husband and wife vibes. 

One of the reasons I love this moment is because think about all the stuff TF was doing to prep for this plan. Like everyone seemed to have a task to do, but I love that Rick made it his personal assignment to not just help Michonne up this tree but to then watch her and make sure she got up safe. 😋

Like she is always a priority no matter what else is going on. And R&M would be the ones to pair off as everyone goes and does their thing because magnets. 😊

I love this too cuz at first they’re just sort of talking about the logistics of what’s about to go down but then Rick asks, “You good?” cuz this isn’t just his work wife no more, y’all. 😂

Like you can tell he’s talking to her as his woman and as a concerned caring husband and I’m here for it. And I love that this also demonstrates yet again that Rick couldn’t turn off his “protect Michonne” mode if he tried. 😋

Then Michonne tells him, “I’m good enough” and I still don’t know if she was just referring to climbing or her shooting skills or what but either way I just remember randomly thinking I don’t even think Rick knows how to see Michonne as just good enough lol. She’s always the best to him. 💯😊

And the scene doesn’t end with Rick walking away once she starts climbing. Like this man is staying until he knows she’s fully secure, the rest of the plan can wait lol. 👌🏽

Basically I just love that they’ve paired off as everyone does these tasks and that his concern and protection of her is fully on display. And just the framing of him looking up at his queen. 😍 It was all super sweet.

I could just tell from this quick scene that after 7x12 their bond and love has grown even more than before and I didn’t even know that was possible.

And then the last Richonne moment we get is when they are talking behind Tara. Now, if you don’t quite recall this moment it’s understandable because it was literally in the background of a scene that was supposed to be focused on Tara and Cyndie. 😂 

But for me, and I’m sure many of you, the minute I saw R&M together that’s all I saw lol.

In my humble opinion, Rick and Michonne talking was the most important thing to happen in that scene and I was like confused as to why these other characters were blocking the real scene? 😂

So yeah it’s just a visual moment since we don’t see what R&M are talking about but it again confirms what I mentioned in the 6x12 post and that’s that Rick and Michonne talk and consult with each other right away.

They haven’t even left Oceanside yet but they’re talking and it’s just another great reminder of what a unit they are. And then Michonne walks off and Rick of course follows the leader. 😋

One of the reasons I cherished 7x12 so much is because I had a feeling it’d be awhile before we got that same type of attention to Richonne. And 7x15 sort of confirmed my suspicions about Richonne having to take a slight backseat. But truly the reason Richonne is so great is that even small moments or background moments can be meaningful and mesmerizing lol. 💯😋

And after this episode, I knew that we always get some type of iconic Richonne scene in the finale so I was looking forward to that. And just as I suspected, the finale gave us some pretty unforgettable Richonne moments. 👌🏽😊

I just wanna say that taehyung is doing so well in discovering his artsy side like especially in photography, he really has potential!! He’s passionate about those things and that’s way more important than ‘talent’ whatever that means because it’s so subjective you know? And learning how to draw right takes skills but most of all years of practice so?? He’s enjoying what he’s doing and he’s having a blast and my heart, my artist heart, feels so warm and full seeing him experiment and appreciate the classic artists from back in the day because same, boy has good taste and I chose my bias well I just LOVE how he’s growing into this cultured person and he actually cares about art even though he’s not a visual arts expert himself and I’m gonna stop here before I ramble on and on and o-

What I love about the inclusion of Matt is that they aren’t making it awkward. They didn’t have a giant announcement. They aren’t trying to profit off of the story that honestly could have been a reality show. I love that they are just letting him sing Avi’s parts, not just the bass parts, but the solos. I was nervous, because he was new, that they were going to have Scott sing the solos, but Matt is fitting in so nicely. This is exactly the right move for them! And if you haven’t seen it, HERE’S (almost) their whole performance from OKC the other day!

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kamisero proposal/wedding day headcanons? OR kirikami perhaps

I’m just gonna do this for KamiSero!!


  • Sero probably takes them to some little cafe that’s obv Kami’s favorite
  • Kami thinks its some normal date and just rambles on like he does
  • Sero lets him because he loves him and loves hearing him talk
  • And they have a really goofy conversation and it’s fun
  • Sero makes some stupid joke, like an inside joke or something
  • Kami’s over here dying, like full blown giggles that let off little sparks
  • And Sero’s just looking at him like. Holy shit I love him
  • Sero thinks this is like the best time so while Kaminari’s distracted he gets down on one knee in front of him
  • And does this whole goofy speech about Kaminari and how much he loves him and there’s little jokes thrown here and there to make it personal and his
  • And Kaminari’s wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes and then he sees Sero in front of him and he just like. Freaks out for a second because oh my god are you proposing???
  • And of COURSE he says yes are you kidding me??? He’s super excited about it and he pulls Sero up so he can kiss him and it’s. So soft.

Wedding Day:

  • Oh boy Kaminari has SUPER bad anxiety so this day is hell for him but he also loves it because he’s such a hopeless romantic?? Mixed feelings to the max
  • Sero’s also nervous because he wants to make this as best as possible for Kaminari
  • And he KNOWS Kaminari’s nervous he can just feel it at this point and he wants to go comfort him but now is not the time
  • So Kirishima takes over and helps Kaminari out and tries to calm him down as his best bro
  • And it works a little, like Kaminari isn’t actively freaking out anymore
  • But Sero definitely is worrying still because he wants to see Kaminari so bad to make sure he’s okay
  • And they get out there and surprisingly it’s not Kaminari that’s crying it’s most definitely Sero
  • And halfway through he just like. Starts bawling because he’s so happy and Kami’s so pretty and OOF
  • Which in turn makes Kaminari start crying too and by the time they’re saying “I do,” they’re both sobbing
  • And everyone’s like “awwww” but they’re suffering
  • It’s still a happy day though!! Kaminari gets cake smashed on his face and Sero gets cake stains on his shirt

When we first met, he was like the spring. Beautiful, getting warmer everyday and he was new at this love thing, it reminded me of all the new flowers you could see in the spring. Then he became summer. Hot, adventures, sunny, made everyone (including me) happy. He was just perfect. Then he started to get colder, he began to push me away just like the trees would do to the old, used leaves. He became autumn By the time he was getting colder, I was trying to do everything in my power to warm him up, trying to remind him that I’m still here and that I was hurting a lot because of his change in his behavior. But then he changed again. He turned ice cold, yet he was still beautiful. He left me, being just as cold as the winter.

- he was like the seasons and I loved him all the time, yet summer loved me more (it cannot’ be summer forever)

So like...apparently people are hating on Choro??

I’ve only seen it on a certain website *cough*. But anyways here’s my two cents.

Choro’s a fappy loser but overall one of the best tsukkomis I’ve ever witnessed. Why? Because he’s not just a tsukkomi: he’s versatile. He goes beyond your typical straight man tropes at times because he often becomes hypocritical when he’s trying to play his tsukkomi role. It gives other characters the chance at times to play the straight man instead and bounce off of Choro’s shittyness. Anyways that’s why I love him thanks for listening

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listen being with someone with different beliefs is one thing but loving a nazi and considering their hatred of muslims a “difference of opinion” just makes you a nazi apologist. its not a difference of opinion. its a belief that costs lives. and you’re over here supporting it.

i mean  like,, what do you want me to do?? just stop loving him?? I’m not gonna just throw him away like trash because of what he thinks. He is his own person, I am my own person. I love him, he loves me.

I’m not anything just becuase he is, i don’t support things because he does. I am not defined by what my boyfriend is okay? I really dont know what you want from me here, but im really feeling a bit upset that you automatically assumed that just becuase he belives thse things that i do.

i dont support hatred of muslims, i support my boyfriend. I support the man thats helped me through lots of tough shit in my life and im sorry he doesn’t live up to your anonymous standards.

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Good thing you like writing him because I like sending asks about him. How would Fresh react to, on a bad day, walking in the house only to be immediately pounced by S/O who says, "Raaawrr I'm the affection monster! Fear my affection-filled kisses!" Before preceding to cover his face in a shower of merciless kisses? When asked why they did that S/o just shrugs and says, "I don't have to have a reason for loving you do I?" Or something equally mushy.

Look here buddy, this. This right here, is adorable. You are adorable as well o3o

Freshy boi:

He’s already getting flustered from the kisses and getting suddenly pounced on, and as soon as you say that, he’s a nightlight at that point. He’s really grateful for the kisses, so he tries his best to return them to you to pay you back for the sweet gesture. He’s feeling a lot better than he was before, he’s really grateful to have such a sweet and perfect S/O like you! He’s gonna try to make it up to you with a day to spoil you as much as you’d let him, he just really wants to return the favor for getting to have such a perfect sweetheart like you

@trashmouth-and-wheezy asked who my favorite loser is and my favorite scene by them!!

okay this is a complicated question because i love the book, 2017 movie, and the miniseries and i love different things about all of them so here we go!

IT (2017): My favorite Loser from this movie is definitely either Eddie or Richie, I’m leaning towards Eddie though. My favorite Eddie scene is “That’s basically piss and shit, so I’m just telling you.” He’s so sassy. My fav Richie scene? All of them. Okay but my absolute favorite is the one where IT (disguised as Eddie) lures him into the room full of clowns because honestly my son is so brave and ugh I’d die for him in a heartbeat.

IT (1990): My favorite character in this version is DEFINITELY Richie (kid Richie) because his little red hair and glasses my GOD. My favorite scene is the iconic one where he dumps his soda all over the Bowers gang and hauls ass out of the theater 😂

IT (novel): It’s nearly impossible for me to pick a favorite loser in the novel because they’re all so important and incredible and ugh. But, if I absolutely have to pick one, Mike. He’s the backbone of everything and there are so many things to love about Mike and it’s really upsetting how he was treated in the 2017 movie and the 1990 miniseries. Neither of them addressed just how crucial he is to the group. My favorite Mike scene? Any time he speaks or is at all present.


So, about that scene with Branch singing to his coffee in the morning… Does anyone else think that this is nothing new for him?  We’ve discussed this before, that the reason Branch’s singing voice is so well tuned after 20 years, is that he sang to himself in the bunker.  Maybe while cleaning…cooking…in the shower.. or into his morning coffee…? :)  <3<3<3  I love this idea!

Calm down loud fans🙂

i know what’s going on is really bad but don’t think one bit that the show is getting cancelled of what Chris did ok yes what he did is bad and sick but that’s just him as for the show and all the workers they have nothing to do with this and nick loves the loud house very much ok even if Chris is gone the show can still go on without him and i know nick will continue it without him and for us fans don’t be scared ok nick loves the show so don’t cry and don’t leave the fanbase or anything else because of what’s been happening ok this don’t mean you liking these show makes. you a bad person or anything else by the matter ok because we are just fans we are here to love a show and talk about it ok we are the loud fans and we love Lincoln and all his sisters at the very end of the day ok if Lincoln saw us fans like this upset and saying we dont want to be fans of he’s show anyone he will be sad and heartbroken and he will say to us fans he won’t want us to be upset and everything and stop loving his great show he will say to us fans that he is upset and everything but what’s going on has nothing to do with him or the show and the workers because they love us and we love them ok so calm down take a chill pill guys LOL lest go back to what we love doing best and that’s loving the show,

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Hey hey! Its a fellow Sin Muffin here! How would Jinho and Junghoon be in a relationship with someone their height or smaller? Feel free to make it sinful too 😉😉

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Im Junghoon (B.I.G)

  • Let’s be honest here
  • He’d fucking love that
  • Not just because to him you’d be the most adorable little bean on the planet, but also because, you know, we all know how he feels about people taller than him (rip their souls)
  • He’d probably tease you about it too
  • He never gets to do it with his members so once the opportunity comes to him he’ll straight up jump on the occasion
  • If he’s tall enough he will use your head or your shoulder as an armrest
  • If you guys fight over stupid things he will bring up the fact that he’s the taller one as if it’s a good argument for whatever you’re arguing over
  • But he does it in a playful way and you know he’s just being dumb so you laugh and suddenly you forget what you were arguing about
  • His favourite thing to do is picking you up in the air to kiss you, with your legs around his waist, because you just look even tinier and even if he never really says it out loud he thinks it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen
  • Will want to f i t e everyone who comments about your height though. He’s very protective. His members will probably have to old him back or else he will slap a bitch
  • But sometimes he’ll just look at you and his heart will melt at how cute you are and how much he loves you
  • Therefore there will be moments where he’ll have random spikes of affection for you out of nowhere
  • You’re confused but you also feel warm and loved and despite all the teasing you know at the end of the day that he does truly love you
  • I need to stop with the fluff dammit I’m giving myself feels again

Jo Jinho (Pentagon)

  • Like he is pretty small himself but he’d feel super protective over you like
  • “Square up imma fight anyone who upsets you”
  • But also
  • “No one is allowed to make fun of their height but me”
  • He does it in a fun way though and you know this so you don’t get mad
  • I mean how could you get mad at this angel unless you’re Satan himself
  • Always gets the urge to hug you and show you off to people like “look at them they’re my tiny s/o and I love them”
  • I mean tbh I definitely see Jinho dating a shorter person, there’s just something about them that makes him feel warm and fuzzy and protective
  • And he loves that
  • Not saying he lowkey has a saviour prince complex
  • But he’d love to know he can protect you when you need it even if he knows you can defend yourself
  • He thinks it’s easier to pull off with a shorter s/o
  • You would be the cutest couple ever though trust
  • Making all hearts swoon when you two pass by like
  • Goals
  • Overall Jinho would just be really soft with you and cherish you like you’re the most precious thing on Earth
  • Very soft

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ok I was looking for Sam’s middle name and a picture of him for a playlist I was making. the first thing I did was look through my Sam Holland tag to see if I can find either of them. Couldn’t find anything so, my immediate second option was to look through your Sam Holland tag. Didn’t even Google it, just went straight here, because I know how much you love Sam. (and yes I found exactly what I was looking for, so thank you!) sorry this is long and annoying but I just thought you should know :)

If ur looking for Sam Anthony Holland content u have come to the right place I have more sam content than google and Sam’s family combined lmao


Alright I just gotta say, while I’m a heavy supporter of Supercorp and I’m all for this Lena being Karas boss and working together and having more cute, clearly gay moments and becoming closer, and while I’m not on board the Lena and James ship (that’s not to say they’d actually be bad for each other, if they stop sidelining James so much then the idea might be better, I just don’t ship it because lack of chemistry and zero build up or anything) but I am not here for my girls excluding James from things at catco, he ran that business for a year, while I understand Lena wanted to know the ins and outs and stuff but wouldn’t it have made sense to include James as much as possible considering he ran the place for a year? Instead of fobbing him off when he tries to help, like Lena I love you girl but that was wrong, James acting salty at the beginning was momentarily irritable but ffs this is James Olsen, so for all the all a sudden James haters out there, shut up, literally nobody is getting in the way of our ship except the writers.

You certain bunch of Supercorp shippers need to chill and stop making the rest of us look bad honestly, just stop, you shout about “James deserves better” and “give James more plot” and then as soon as it looks like he has a potential interest in Lena you’re all suddenly anti James, why? James is still James, it’s the writers forcing this on us, be mad at them, geez.



All other husbands have to step up their game.

Because this is what Werepenguin just gave me. He saw the commission that the amazingly-sweet and wonderfully-talented @yliseryn did for me of Allura in my wedding dress, and this idea began to form in his mind.

And this? This isn’t just Allura in my wedding dress. It’s Shiro in Werepenguin’s suit & tie. That’s OUR cake with OUR cake topper. And then Louise, being the utter sweetheart she is, added the b&w images. And then Werepenguin asked her for color versions of THOSE.

And, on top of all of this, I now have a 20x30 METAL PRINT of that top image that I can hang in our home so everyone can see it. Because this is how happy the memory of our wedding day makes him, even 8 years out. (Well, almost 8 years; he gave this to me as an early anniversary present because he couldn’t stand to sit on it any longer.)

I cried when he gave it to me. I’m crying a bit now. I married the most wonderful man and he is absolutely the best thing in my life and if there’s anything that proves that it’s that I cannot come up with the words to describe how I feel.

@joshkeaton @thebestlaurenmontgomery @bext-k

I’ve been waiting to post this for ages so it could go up with the chapter it’s from and AT LAST!!! Happy Friday the 13th! (at least it is for me here)

My 2nd commissioned piece from @bev-nap who is a literal goddess among mortals. Look at this. Look at my grumpy son, isn’t he gorgeous?! I’m still squealing internally and externally over this and I don’t think I’ll be done anytime soon ^_^