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I don’t know that!… or i don’t know if i believe that, because the way you all talk about him it’s, like, you think he’s some horrible person, but i know him… and i love him and… i don’t think it’s okay that we’re just sitting around here waiting for him to get hurt
—  Oliver Hampton

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if you're still accepting prompts, can i request tony and cats?? not kittens, but like, older, semi-feral, mean, disabled and/or black cats that are less likely to be adopted? tony being super cute and amazing and loving the cats that nobody else likes (maybe he identifies with them or something??) and his partner (bucky or tchalla) watching with heart eyes

Aw, I love Tony with cats! Sorry, I just had to sneak a kitten in here. But only one! And she’s black! Which is why he has her! Because Tony makes poor choices! Also don’t worry about T’Challa being the voice of reason. He will eventually get heart eyes. Watch out for under the cut!

It started when he found an ugly cat with a flat face and a snaggletooth. It was mean and spit at him when he tried to get close. He had to get stitches for the scratches he got getting it into a pet carrier to take it to the vet.

Tony named her Griselda.

Griselda did not like being an indoor cat. Tony did not like having to see her limp around after fights. There was no compromise—only screaming from both sides.

Tony thought getting her a friend might help her adjust, so he went to the shelter. He chose a black cat, because the receptionist had said they didn’t get adopted often, and brought it home. His name was Leonard.

Griselda did not like Leonard.

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“Not exactly what I meant..” Sam grumbled under his breath but decided not to argue with Edgar on the subject matter anymore. ‘Destroy all Lycans’, well, if it is anything like the other comic then there must be some facts in here. So Sam would just have to bite his tongue and study.

A Sam Emerson sketch that came to me while thinking up that concept idea of him eventually teaming up with the duo to fight more monsters. In that regard, I believe the brothers would hand over more knowledgeable reading material in which Sam would still be queasy about since he can’t handle his horror.

Anyways, I absolutely love this style for Sam and hope to keep it when I draw him more. I’m not used to it but something worth practicing because I think it suits him~ and may suit the Frog brothers too. 

Time: roughly two hours, almost three.
Program: paint tool sai 

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I miss Jacob with long hair. I wish it never effected the length of his fur.

SAME HERE man i loved the long hair so much it suited him so well (the wig in the first movie was horrible let’s not even discuss it) and it just makes me nostalgic because long hair jacob was the real jacob u feel me

Kyle: Yesterday I found out Eric started to date Wendy…

Ike: Just for the record, yes he was dating the fat ass

Kyle: Ike!

Ike: yeah, yeah, sorry…

Kyle: So I got kinda depressed,then stan arrived early from his part-time job. 

Ike: The drama…

Kyle: agh! Ike!

Ike: sorry…continue:

Kyle: -sigh- He saw me and I was kinda devastaded then he giot mad and yelled at me.

Ike: Wait what?

Kyle: Yeah, he said “I hate to see you like this just because of that fucking asshole, He didn’t deserved you Kyle!”

Kyle: I yelled at him of course and everything got worse…

Ike: And?

Kyle: at the end he kissed me and told me he loves me…

Ike:Did you just described a soap opera or It was real?

Kyle: -sigh deeply- That’s why I’m here..I don’t know what to do now.

-awkard silence-

-phone rings-

Kyle: Anyways, I’m gonna stay here just for a few days. Gotta figure some things out.

Ike: everything’s gonna be fine bro -smiles-

Kyle: -smiles back- Thanks…you can read your message in peace now.

Ike: It’s from Firkle!

Kyle: good luck. Bye -gets out-

Ike: Wait what?

Ike & Kyle are offline

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Hi! Could you please do 1p! Iceland and Norway, and 2p! Norway finding out their children can see magical creatures too? Like, maybe they're playing with a fairy or something lol. ^w^

Hello Anon! 

I would love to say that I even know how to tackle the 2P!s but sadly I do not,  BUT HERE is 1P! Norway’s reaction. 

As for Iceland…

Icey would just stand there in utter shock as he realized what was happening with his Son/Daughter. His eye would twitch and he would get out of sorts because he knew that he would have to talk to his “Big Brother” about this. But aside knowing Norge would poke at him and want to be around his son/daughter more, he would actually be pretty proud and be happy even though it went against what he would normally feel, that a piece of Norge was there so. Making him love his baby a little more, but he wouldn’t be able to explain why it pleased him so. He’d love them and hug them, excited that they could do something he couldn’t. And embrace them for it in full daddy support. 

reasons why i will probably never have a sith verse: the struggle is too real. this man is just doing the best he can. also, because of this line: RIGHT HERE.

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Is it too soon to start talking about how a certain character is (if the tv show continues of course) going to be seen again and to look forward to it....Because I'm ready to start talking about it tbh. I mean why should we all play along for the sake of the people who haven't read the books...I really love that character and I'm happy we'll see him again and I can't wait.


I mean, I still think we should tag so people can avoid spoilers because I am nothing if not an avid tag supporter. And it’s just the fucking courteous thing to do.

But I have a playlist started, I have theories about what the authors could do (but won’t) in the last three books, I am INVESTED. 

I am invested in the program melding with it’s source. Wanting a cold beer and then remembering it has no passions. For thinking of the seed crystal with fondness. I am invested in it scaring the crap out of Holden and then proceeding to ANNOY him into figuring out what is going on. I am here for reaching out reaching out reaching out reaching out at the speed of sound. One hundred and thirteen times per second at 113hz. 

I am here for ALL of it.


looks like i have enough of these twitter doodles for another roundup! this time its chris as everyones favorite city correspondent stefon and phichit appreciation!! because i love phichit!!! and i saw art of him as cinderella somewhere on here and was just like yessss!!!!!!

Okay, but what I love most about this scene is how Victor’s reaction has only one interpretation. It is unambiguous and agreed upon by 99.9% of the fandom.

Victor doesn’t say anything in the scene but just by his expression, his blush and his gasp we all understand what is happening within him.

Because the only thing that he can be experiencing at that moment is love. Whether it is infatuation or attraction or a crush or just an incredible awareness of Yuuri’s cuteness, there is love involved.

And literally nothing else makes sense here.

Some people can deny many things in this show but this one scene, this emotion that appears in Victor’s face is real and undeniable.

That’s what I love most about that scene. It shows something so profound and true in under five seconds and it is clear to the viewer without any additional explanations.

And that is not only beautiful. That shows mastery in the art of direction.


“I wish you’d never retire.” This actually made it for me, because that phrase alone just sums up how much this man loves Yuuri. We’ve all been talking about Victor’s future plans, what he might want to do after the Grand Prix is over, will he return to the world of skating? Is he planning on retiring? But the thing is Victor knows his time is up, HE KNOWS IT MAY BE TIME FOR HIM TO LET GO OF THIS WORLD, so he is not worried about himself. ALL THIS TIME, he has been thinking about Yuuri alone, AND THIS HERE, it’s him telling the boy, “I love watching you skate, and I wish you’d never stop doing it, I wish you’d never had to retire.” And the beautiful thing is that Victor’s seen from first seat what kind of skater Yuuri is, what he is capable of, he just wants the boy he loves to keep on doing what they both adore, skating. Even if they know it’s “almost time”, either if Yuuri continues skating for a few more years, we know their time in a competitive rink is comming to an end, but the difference is that now they know they’ll face that together. Yuuri asking Victor to be his coach until he retires, is just like saying, “please stand by me, until this journey ends”, and after it’s all over they’ll have each other, they will have another story to write, and they’ll remain together no matter what comes their way.


o shit waddup the character designs are here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’ll be posting the actual tattoo designs later on. Here’s just the general idea. 

So, as promised, more on my Sun/Moon Spirit AU!

  • Adrien wears a lot of clothes due to him being the sun spirit, he is constantly exposed to the heat.
  • And onto that, another reason he wears a lot of clothes aka the giant robe is because he has a lot of scars and all sorts from battles, the heat and just general angsty shit (more to come on this next time)
  • I’ll give you this though; because Mari has rejected him for…decades, sometimes he gets lonely which is why out of the two, he is more likely to go to his human version so he can to interact with people.
  • But, their human forms have restrictions. 
  • To transform into their human versions, they have to take off their respective earrings. 
  • They have a limited amount of time in their human versions, as the time passes, their tattoos begin to fade and they cannot, at all costs, have their tattoos fully faded and gone. 
  • If the tattoos fully fade, they become mortals, and as much as Adrien does want to become a mortal, the balance of basically everything in the universe goes to the shits and basically we might die.
  • Due to his excessive use of his human version, he is often scolded by gods. Adrien has never gotten his tattoo fully faded but he’s had some very close calls. 
  • Mari has every constellation on her back as tattoos and as time passes for her in her human form, the constellations disappear one by one. 
  • Both Adrien and Mari are saddened about their losing connection to humans. They were once actively interactive with the people way back then but during the heavy times of industrialisation and of course, environmental issues, sometimes it’s hard for both to reach out. And this has definitely affected both physically…
  • Mari fell in love with Human Adrien in the time of the French Revolution when he fought as a soldier. 
  • In their spirit forms, only animals and chosen humans can sense Adrien and Mari.
  • Birds love Adrien and can sense him more strongly than any other animals and tend to follow him around in his spirit form. 
  • Spirit Adrien has seen Human Mari….more to come on this later. 
  • I’m not going to reveal all of this yet but here’s the thing; the spirits don’t just watch over the people for decades without doing anything…
  • And Mari and Adrien are definitely not the only spirits around. 
  • That’s it for now but yeah….def some more soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

so i actually really love this scene and i think it’s an important Lance moment that should not be brushed off as him merely being cocky, selfish, pouty, etc..  here’s why:

Lance disagrees with Shiro. and not only is he being vocal about it, he’s firmly standing his ground on the issue. and he’s not just disagreeing with his leader, he’s disagreeing with someone who’s bigger, older, and more experienced; and let’s not forget, he’s also disagreeing with his hero, his inspiration, someone he really looks up to.

but that doesn’t stop Lance. he gets right in Shiro’s face (enough to make Shiro lean back), looks him directly in the eyes, and stands there for a good 10 seconds, not moving until Shiro has to gently push him away. he never breaks eye contact either.

it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your friend and your hero like that.


idk if someone’s written on this thing before but im p sure someone has bc GODDAMN WHO WOULDNT

I just?? I love the context of the necktie-pull. I love that it’s because Viktor’s attention was caught by the audience and Yuuri wanted to remind him that “hey, you’re here to watch me, remember?” When he says that the performance has begun (and oh boy, look at those bedroom eyes lmfao), it adds emphasis to the fact that for every performance, ever since the first time he skated for Viktor, Yuuri wants Viktor’s eyes to be on him and only him.

ep 3:

[additional thing: someone made translation notes on this, saying that the actual translation is closer to “Please keep your eyes on me and only me.”]

ep 6: 


I love the consistency of it? I love how it evolved- from a hug to clasped hands + forehead-to-forehead contact, to necktie-pulling….god only knows what we’re getting next. Yuuri went from half-shy, still somewhat embarrassed “Watch me, okay?” to 98% confident & sure “Hey, keep your eyes on me, Viktor.” It’s not just an evolution of their relationship- it’s an evolution of Yuuri himself, as he’s getting more and more comfortable in his skin, enough to be able to tell Viktor that hey, you’re my coach and you’re here for me.

i’m just. so damn proud of my boys. SO DAMN PROUD.

Like I’m here for all the headcanons about Percy being flustered about Annabeth, and how much he loves her but I’m also here for all the posts about Annabeth loving Percy and being flustered by him, and looking at him with heart eyes and just being happy because Percy makes her happy and it’s fucking canon and it’s barely discussed. Annabeth Chase is as in love with Percy like he is in love with her. 

Newt Scamander and my Favourite Moments

I’ve realised I’ve reblogged a lot about the film ‘Fantastic Beast and Where to Find them’ and particularly about Newt Scamander who is literally an innocent cinnamon bun so, I decided to write about some of my favourite moments (Feel free to add more!) 

*Warning this contains spoilers* 

*Also I do not own any of the gifs used, credit goes to people who made them*

-First off him being a Hufflepuff just made me love him 100% more than I already do

-“Mummy’s here.”

-Newt crying when he hands over Pickett even though it’s only a trick.

-Just simply Newt and Pickett’s relationship

-Newt being protective over his animals because they are harmless and the ones that are cruel are the humans.

- “Nothing in there is dangerous!” (and with that my heart shattered)

-Newt knowing the erumpent mating dance, (just imagine him learning it though!)

- His expressions/reactions towards the Niffler! 

-Also him tickling the Niffler!

-Him making sure it’s okay with Credence for him to come closer before he does

-Newt just being a tall bean and looking adorable and awkward in this scene

-Newt and Tina

-His friendship with Jacob

(Please feel free to add more because there are loads that I either can’t remember or can’t find the correct gif :P) 


1x02 // 1x07

yoonbum isn’t crying out of fear in this frame like we have seen him do before. He just sits on the ground after rejection. This frame breaks me, because i relate. 

This type of crying is reflecting years of loneliness, being and outcast, depression, mental illness, little to no self love. Bum crying here, is after rejection, of being treated like he is unworthy, and for people to not care. He is blatantly pushed to the ground like he is some underserving creep. This kind of crying i have experienced a lot in my life. Of course bum is in a worse situation so his crying is probably more stress filled.

But in this frame i see myself a lot: The lonely outkast kid, who so desperately wants to be part of something with someone, so much that people being kind once can make love appear in their head out of the blue. The child who is rejected again and again, constantly and forever reaffirmed that he is not welcome, that he is gross and disgusting and wrong. His tiredness, his stress, his hopelessness. He is in this frame sensing that there might not be another alternative outcome; nobody wants to save the loner with poor social skills.

It’s no explosive crying, but it’s the rawest most heartfelt of them. There he sits, rejected again. I see myself in that and it breaks my fucking heart to at any point acknowledge these feelings myself. 

What an amazing artist koogi is, to convey this exact emotion of hopelessness and real raw sadness.