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*whispers* homophobia, susan

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws love taking in new information and that doesn’t always mean reading. Sometimes they like listening to other people’s opinions and thoughts. Other times they want to try something new, and learn in a hands on way. Sometimes it’s just them finding joy in observing the world around them.

me, days after seeing black panther, still thinking about the brilliance of having Erik criticize the British museum because all the artifacts were stolen during imperial conquests AND THEN later in the movie having Erik say “the sun will never set on the Wakandan empire”, echoing a phrase commonly used by the British Empire, demonstrating how it’s not only the tragedy of being left behind that has made him into Killmonger, but also how growing up in a world that was shaped by and is STILL controlled by imperialism and colonial legacies has affected his whole worldview and the contrast of those two lines being so genius:

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A bunch of fans told Felix that they love his freckles during the hi touch, so afterwards when the boys came back to the audience, Felix started aggressively wiping his makeup away to show his freckles and uwu

He’s the most precious angel ever


SU-47 aerosaur sketchdump!

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Some choni + serpents Snapchat au because why not

(I didn’t even had to edit the first two because mads and Vanessa are already giving us more content than the cw do,,)


I’ve drawn Bruce being carried by Diana and Clark, so it’s high time he returns the favor!

Poses based on references by @mh-presents

Tonight’s mood: I love Saeran Choi with all my heart and soul

My contribution to the discussion is this:

My friend who was forced into conversion therapy at 17 decided to go home because his Southern Mom™ told him she “wanted him home” and they’d “figure it out.”


do kyung seok: [squees internally]

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More bucky and peter being friends headcanons??? They help me Live.

they help me live too i love my winterspider boys (yes i call them WinterSpider that’s their name now it’s done)

  • Bucky hasn’t had the time to catch up on all the new pop culture
  • you know, too busy clearing Hydra out of his head, making a new identity for himself, all that
  • thankfully, Peter is all up in his shit about the newest pop culture
  • “You’re like the Terminator”
  • “What the hell is the Terminator”
  • “*gasp* YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE- ok movie time”

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Only a few days before the digital download of Love, Simon is available and we’ll finally get blessed by HD gifs & can spend the rest of our lives by basically re-watching the movie in loop! :’)))