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Come Back to Me (Part Eight)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes
Genre: Neutral
Warnings: None??

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You were much more aware of your surroundings now than you had been before. You checked every ally while walking, you kept your earbuds in your pocket as you rode the bus, and you hadn’t taken any more late-night trips anywhere. 

And whenever you went out, you made sure to call Peter as you walked to your destination and back. He stayed on the phone with you, distracting you to keep you out of your worries but not too much so that you could still stay aware of your surroundings. It comforted you, and it stayed true to his words.

“I’ll protect you.”

You smiled whenever you remembered it, and the look on his face as he said so. And maybe you were getting too caught up in that other world where Peter was in love with you, but you could handle it. It was nice to imagine.

But still, it became harder and harder to pull yourself out of it each day. When you saw Peter in the hallways, walking towards you with a smile, you forced yourself to remember he wouldn’t be wrapping his hand around your waist and kissing you on the cheek. He wouldn’t hold your hand as you walked to your classes together, and he wouldn’t walk you home while holding you close to him to protect you from any hidden villains.

“Hey, (Y/N),” you heard Peter’s voice from next to you. You turned, looking at him with a smile to see him smiling at you back.

You’re not together. You’re not together. You’re not together.

“Hey, Pete. Ready for lunch?” You asked, shutting your locker and beginning to walk. He followed next to you.

“Yeah,” he said, and you noticed him look down at his feet nervously. “So, uh-”

“(Y/N)!” A voice yelled from in front of you guys and you looked from Peter to see Ned frantically walking towards you.

“Hey, Ned,” you said, a confused tilt to your head. “What’s up?”

“I need to talk to you, now,” he said, looking between you and Peter. You looked to your side to see Peter’s eyebrows furrowed. He was biting his lip, and he too was looking between you and Ned.

“Okay,” you said slowly, and now you were looking between the two. “I’ll meet you at the lunch table, Peter. Don’t wait up.”

His head snapped to you, a slightly betrayed expression on his face and you weren’t sure what it was doing there. “Yeah, okay,” he said, before walking past you and Ned quickly. You stared after him as he rushed through the many people in the hallway, not looking back at you or Ned.

“What do you want, Ned,” you looked back at him, slightly annoyed that he interrupted your time with Peter. 

“I need to talk to you,” he said, grabbing your arm and dragging you into a nearby supply closet. 

“Yeah, you mentioned,” you grumbled as he closed the door with a slam.

“You need to tell Peter you like him,” he said when he turned around, and your jaw dropped.

“What? No!”

“You need to,” Ned practically begged, putting his hands on your shoulders and shaking you lightly. “Please.”

“Why do you want me to so badly?” You asked curiously, pushing his arms away from you. You wouldn’t do it even if he gave you a reason, but it didn’t make sense for Ned to be so invested in this.

“I need him to stop talking about you. It’s driving me ins- oh no.”

When your eyes widened after he spoke the words, so did Ned’s as he realized what he had revealed. “He talks about me?” You said, voice high and airy.

He talked about you? What did he say?

Ned stayed silent, and this time it was your turn to grab his shoulders. “Ned, what does he say about me?”

“He, I, uh,” Ned stumbled over his words, and you weren’t sure whether it was because he didn’t want to reveal his friend’s secrets or because of the barely-any space between you two. “I, can’t, really, say?”

You groaned loudly and let your hands fall to rest on your hips as you glared at him. You were about to speak when he began again.

“But if I’m telling you to ask him out, then,” he paused for dramatic effect, moving backwards towards the door. “Do with that information what you will,” he finished and then opened the supply closet door, moving into the hallway.

You stood there by yourself for a few seconds, thinking about his words, about what they could mean. And you knew what they were implying, you knew, but you didn’t want to get stuck in that world again. You might never come out of it if you did.

“Wait, Ned,” you said, following him out into the hallway. You grabbed the bottom of his shirt and tugged at it for him to turn around. “Are you saying Peter likes me?”

And you wouldn’t get your hopes up, you didn’t want to, but when Ned turned around and said, “You know I can’t tell you the answer to that,” you felt them slowly built up on their own. 

You turned around and closed the closet door, taking a moment to close your eyes and breathe deeply when Ned couldn’t see your face. You turned back around and said, “Come on, let’s get to lunch.”

He nodded in response and the two of you walked side by side to the cafeteria silently, you being trapped in your own thoughts.

You had dreamt about it for what seemed like so long, for Peter to want you back, and you had been stuck in that imaginary world where he did so often recently, but now. Now that world could actually be the one you were living in.

Maybe you would ask him out, you thought. You hoped you would soon gain the guts to do so.

As you felt yourself grow excited to see Peter in just a few minutes at lunch, you were unaware of his presence a few yards behind you and Ned, watching you guys exit the closet together and walk down the hall together with angry eyes.

I’ve had such a block on this part because I know where I want to go with this story but this part got me stuck. But I hope you guys like it!! Let me know what you think. Only two parts left after this one, guys! Requests are open :)


RFA + V with an MC who can sleep anywhere

I lied, I need to keep writing to keep my creativity for work up oops
But ye, I thought this would be cute and lo and behold, it somewhat was. I’m thinking I might just do Jaehee when she gets requested because I truly get stuck on her a lot (considering I only did her route once and it wasn’t my fave tbh) and I didn’t do Saeran bc I got somewhat lazy lol

-he’d been wanting to give you a tour of his university for a while and that day has finally come
-you expected him to just show you where his classes were
-But instead, this boy drags you all over the campus
-showing you the library, cafeteria, laboratories, black box, the corner he cries in during exam week, etc.
-he had so much energy in him, so much excitement to show you around
-yet you felt yourself getting exhausted halfway through the tour
-when he stopped to go to the bathroom, you found some nice stairs to just lay across for a few minutes while you waited
-when he got out, he couldn’t immediately find you and assumed you also went to the bathroom
-so he waited
-and waited for a good 10 minutes
-then he got worried and went looking for you
-only to find you passed out on some stairs about 20 minutes later
-you had slept on those stairs for half an hour
-he immediately took you home to let you rest properly
-now knows not to keep you out for extended periods of time
-starts having dates at home now so you don’t have to resort to sleeping on what looks seemingly comfortable in public
-but whenever it happens, he carries you home

-he had finally taken a day off from his busy schedule to spend the day with you
-and it really could not have been more perfect
-he had the whole day planned out to the minute
-took you to brunch, ballroom dancing lessons, an aviary (“All these butterflies, but I’m still the most beautiful of all”)
-he noticed that throughout the whole day, you were leaning on things with your eyes shut
-you assured him that you had plenty of energy the whole day and were fine
-at the end of it, he took you to an overlook of the whole city
-and he wanted to surprise you with a couple photo shoot when you got up there
-but on the small hike up, you saw a big enough rock to rest on
-and as soon as he turned his back, you leaned on it to take a breather
-ended up knocking tf out
-as soon as he saw you, he knew he had to take you home
-was half worried, half impressed with your ability
-next time he has a day off with you, he schedules nap times

-he wanted to take you along to work with him
-thought it’d be good for you to go to some meetings with him
-one, to get to be with you and two, to show you off around the office
-although he had to bribe you by taking you out to eat after
-and possibly eat you out afterwards amirite
-you had sat through meeting after meeting and it all started to sound like the same to your ears
-at some points you started to lean on Jumin during meetings and felt yourself drifting off
-he found it adorable, but also worried whether you were okay
-at the end of one meeting, he decided to let you rest in his office for a bit
-but it still wasn’t enough to not doze off afterwards
-when you were both getting ready to leave for the day, he had to carry you to the car cause you were too sleepy to function
-he still had to get you food
-and now whenever he takes you to the office, he makes sure to let you nap in his office periodically

-this boi never sleeps
-but when he does, it’s usually after seeing you slumped over somewhere in the house (like on the counter, tables, floor etc.)
-cause he’ll just cuddle up next to you and pass out wherever you are
-you both just wake up in the weirdest places around the house and it annoys saeran
-you both wonder why you ever invested in a bed when you never sleep in it
-he has a little more self control in public
-you, on the other hand, are accidentally taking naps anywhere
-grocery shopping with you is so difficult because you have to be in the cart or you’ll nap everywhere else
-made a device to let him know when its either time to get you home or nudge you awake when you’re too sleepy to tell him
-real talk, will take pictures of you sleeping in the weirdest places and post them in the group chat
-starts a bingo in the group of weird places they catch MC sleeping at

-he took you to an art exhibit
-all sorts of expensive sculptures everywhere
-but he really wanted you to tag along because he wanted to show you some of his work that was going to be up
-after an hour of looking through the exhibit, you started to feel a bit drowsy
-you saw a particularly empty bench so you went to sit on it for a bit while V chatted up with other artists
-you ended up taking a quick nap on it while waiting for him
-after he finished, he went looking for you and found you napping on what turned out to be an expensive sculpture
-when you woke up, noticing a lot of people eyeing you irritatingly, he couldn’t help but laugh
-you assured him you wouldn’t sleep on another art piece, but you were leaning on him the rest of the time you were there
-when you almost fell leaning on him at one point, he decided to take you home so you could get some rest
-has learned to let you just rest on his shoulder cause it makes for some cute pictures

new yorker min yoongi

◦ pairing: reader x yoongi

◦ rating: pg

◦ word count: 1.2k

◦ requestCan you make a Fluff with Yoongi, i don’t know what kind of fluff story but anything because i’m feeling for lovely yoongi this month. 

◦ a/n: Yoongi’s V Live got me emo. He just wants to wander SoHo with a coffee in hand 😫 LET HIM LIVE. Anyway, maybe he didn’t get to when he was in NY this time, but if there’s anything I can do, it’s this. (It just so happened to fill an earlier request I got, so two birds in one stone!!)

m a s t e r l i s t

The smell of rain stuck to the damp cobblestone ground as you practically dragged your boyfriend behind you. He hid under the brim of his hat, looking down as he worried about who might see him. “Jagi…” he started, his voice was raspy and worn from the night before. All the growling and rapping two nights in a row plus all the travelling and lack of sleep prior had really taken a toll on his voice.

“Babe, can you just open your eyes for a second,” you huffed impatiently. You had gone through all the trouble of sneaking him out of the hotel and you weren’t even sure if he even looked up from the ground yet. You knew New York might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially for a Daegu boy, but you knew that Yoongi had wanted to see SoHo and you had at least hoped that this would pry him out of his ball cap. “I know it’s no Seoul, but this is my home! It’s where I live and where I have fun. Can you just be here with me for a minute?”

Yoongi locked his eyes with you. “That’s not it at all. I love being here with you, you know that.” He took his hat off and looked around cautiously before readjusting it on his head. You knew he was right. It wasn’t every day that he was the one in your city. It was usually you who went to him, but with the tour stopping in Newark, you were swimming in the bliss of having him right beside you in public. “We just have to be careful is all,” he shrugged, but finally looking up from the ground, you could see the smile play at the corners of his lips. He squeezed your hand in his, and with the same lips that he heeded caution about being seen, he planted a soft kiss on your lips.

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Request: Can you do a cute imagine involving cuddling with Dan and that freaking fluffy blanket he has? I hope that’s not too broad of a request, hahaha.

Well of course…Also I don’t know why I’m on this beach kick recently, I just want summer to come. Also I’m sick as hell and this made the pain subside slightly.

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anonymous asked:

oooooo, any yuri on ice headcanons? for whichever characters you want

i love creating headcanons for things yall can request headcanons for the goddamn ball that got stuck in the tree at the beginning of haikyuu and i would jump at the chance!

  • yurios grandfather bought him his cat (PUMA TIGER SCORPION ) so he wouldn’t be lonely whenever they were separated (they don’t live in the same place right??? am i wrong??? probably lets be real its me)
  • the only dog yurio admits to liking is makkachin and that’s only because he’s very gentle with his cat (PUMA TIGER SCORPION I’M SORRY ITS JUST SO EXTRA)
  • jj knows how to play hockey (fucking canadian stereotypes dammit why are so many of them true)
  • all otabeks fans are so worried about him and his motorcycle bc if he gets into an accident what will happen to his career omg what if he dies whAT THEN
  • when seung gil dresses himself a part of jj dies
  • yurio: fIGHT ME
  • otabek: someday someone is going to take you up on that offer and i will not save you
  • victor used to bite his nails until yakov practically glued gloves to his hands until he stopped
  • yuuri could read twenty books in one day if he didn’t have to train
  • “death is inevitable and therefore it does not matter if i eat my weight in cupcakes.” - guang hong before shoving three into his mouth at the same time
  • no one can agree on who the mom friend is but they all agree that yurio is the angsty child who needs to be StoppedTMT before someone literally steps on his face
  • victor decidedly Does Not like seung gil after he outright said his dog was cuter than makkachin

thank you for asking me these i really do adore making headcanons so i had a lot of fun with these!


i didn’t know that i was starving til i tasted you; a mileven fic

*kicks your door down* I’m baaaaack did ya miss me?

okay so there’s a story behind this fic. I reblogged this date a boy suggestion with the following tags:

#listen i’m not promising this will be in a fic #i’m just saying I really want to put it in one #can you imagine that tho #mike get down I have powers #no i’m already up here i can get the thing #please get down you’re going to get stuck #that’s what you’re here for #el: i’m breaking up with you

posted the reblog, put my phone down and went to the kitchen. Come back, and three people have requested a fic for it.

so for this is for the lovely @reedstrangerthings​, @beautifullyflawed25@hallowheeler​.  I hope you enjoy it, because it got really out of hand. it’s like 6k words.

also shout out to the lovely cinnamon roll @elevenperalta​ because she did the beta work for this and gave me ideas. and also because i love her so much.

Date a boy who’ll climb up the shelf at the grocery store to get you that thing you wanted from the top shelf, even though he’s the same height as you

“Okay, okay, wait, please- please just start over. From the, the top, please.”

“Ha, the top. Kinda like where Mike got stuck.”

“You know what, Will?”

“Mike- just- Will, honey, please stay out of this.”

Under the wide, frustrated gaze of her surrogate mother, El wanted nothing more than to disappear, to sink out of the chair she’d been sat down in the minute she ran through the screen door. Joyce paced nervously, back and forth and back and forth, her fingers twitching and reaching for her pocket every few minutes for a cigarette that wasn’t there. Will sat cross legged on the kitchen counter, a devilish grin that matched his brother’s, who was lounging near the refrigerator. In the chair next to her own, Mike’s leg brushed against hers as he bounced it, a nervous habit he hadn’t had when she had first met him. El looked over to see he was biting his thumb nail too. Clenching her fingers in a small fist, El swallowed the urge to put her hand on his legs to calm him and take his hand in her own, because she was still kind of mad it at him. No, scratch that. She was still very mad at him. This was his fault.

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Hold On - Ray Palmer

- Y/n = Your Name

- Y/L/N = Your Last Name

Prompt- Ray Palmer imagine where he and the reader are madly in love in the future, and he has to come back in time but don’t want to leave her, even knowing you will meet again in two years -anon  //  "Ray Palmer imagine. I don’t have a prompt exactly, but fluff. A lot of fluff because Ray is a little ball of cuteness. Please. Sorry if there is anything wrong with the request, i’m not a native speaker.-anon

Word count - 1,245


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Requested by anonymous

“She’s going to die” Noah said as he ate a piece of liquorice. Two seconds later his prediction was confirmed because the hot blonde in the horror movie you were watched got stabbed by the killer.

“Seriously Noah” you said glaring at him “how am I suppose to enjoy the movie if you keep spoiling it?”.

“It’s just so obvious” Noah stated “its simple horror movie logic”.

“Of course you’d say that, you horror movie freak” you grumbled. The only time this information would be helpful is if you two happen to get stuck in a scary movie yourselves.


Cake- Phillip x Reader

Reader Gender- Not mentioned

Warnings- None

AU- Modern

A/N- I’m sorry this one is so short I just wanted to make sure I got something out for you guys. Because I got a request, I’ll now have two Lucifer x Readers after this followed by Jealousy in Laf’s POV so look forward to that!

You were sitting, bored, in the living room of your dorm, rewatching the first season of Orange is the New Black. It was a regular Saturday night and you were stuck at home, doing nothing. Despite your complaining though, you were much happier here than at the club your friends had invited you to.

In the midst of an episode, you got a text which was something you weren’t expecting to receive this evening.

‘I just bought 50 boxes of cake mix we need to start making cakes ASAP. Where are u?’ It read. You didn’t recognize the number but you were too intrigued to ignore it.

‘I think you have the wrong number but you can count me in.’  You replied.

‘Georges?’ They asked.

‘Nope. Y/N.’

‘Oh. Well do you happen to go to Harvard?’


‘Cool. My dorm number is 185. I’m so desperate pls help me.’

You laughed at his ability to trust you so easily. He must be desperate.

You slipped out of your sweatpants and pulled on a pair of black leggings so that you could look at least somewhat presentable. Deciding your shirt was good enough, you slipped on a pair of shoes and headed out.

Checking the map on your phone, you saw that 185 was located in Perkins Hall, the same dorm you were in. You went upstairs to where this person’s dorm was. Reaching the door quickly, you knocked three times.

The door opened to reveal a boy with wild curls tucked into a ponytail. Hundreds of freckles dotted his face and his wide smile lit up his hazel eyes.

“Y/n? Oh hey don’t we have theater together?” He asked.

“Oh yeah, we do, don’t we? Phillip, right?” You lightly remembered him from your majoring class.

“That’s me. Come in, come in, we have cakes to make.” He held the door open wider for you.

“Shouldn’t we go to one of the kitchens?” You answered your own question when you looked around and saw an oven in the corner of the open flat. “Oh nevermind, you have an oven. Wait how the hell did you get that up here? You live on the third floor.”

“My dad’s friend is really strong. His name is Hercules for christ’s sake.” He laughed, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Ah. So where’s the person you were actually trying to text?”

“Oh, yeah. He forgot and went off to a club with his girlfriend. He’s probably already drunk so I just let him be.”

“Alright, just you and me then. Let’s make some cakes.”


After spending a good hour and a half making cakes, you had four in the oven while the rest of the batter sat in the fridge. While waiting, you and Phillip sat on the couch, listening to music and playing stupid games to get to know each other better.

“Never have I ever…” you thought for a moment, thinking of the best question to beat Phillip, who only had one finger remaining, “kissed someone.” You finished.

He blushed lightly, moving his eyes to his feet whilst keeping his one finger in the air.

“Seriously? How?” You exclaimed.

“I don’t know, I’ve just never been with a person I really liked before. Most just aren’t like me.” He shrugged.

“Yeah but you’re attractive and sweet and funny! I’m sure you could have any girl- or guy- you want! Man some people must be really idiotic if they can’t see how awesome you are.” You shyly stopped talking, realizing what you had just said.

“You really think that about me?” He said it so quietly, you almost missed it.

“Yeah of course. I should, um, go check on the cakes.” You stood up and briskly walked to the kitchen.

You slid on an oven mitt and pulled out one of the cakes, poking it with a toothpick to test it. When it came out clean you pulled them all out and turned to yell for Phillip.

To your surprise, you found him already standing just inches away from you. Before you could say a word, he took your face in his hands and pulled you even closer to him, locking your lips with his. Lost in hundreds of different thoughts, Phillip pulled away before you could respond.

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed any-” you cut him off by doing the same thing he had done only seconds ago.

He responded next to immediately, melting into the kiss. After a while, you started to feel self conscious and broke away.

“Sorry.” You breathed.

He laughed loudly, “I thought I made it clear that I don’t really mind.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess you did.” You laughed lightly.

“It’s getting kind of late, and we have a lot of cake batter left. Do you want to stay the night?” He asked nervously.

“I’d love to.”

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It’s Easier Not to Fall in Love in the First Place

@waywardtimemachinejellyfish requested: I know you probably have a lot of requests right now, so feel no pressure to get this one done! Can you do an imagine where the reader is newts good friend, and has a crush on him, but sits back and watches him get close to Tina? And the reader feels insecure and thinks he likes Tina, when Newt actually likes the reader?

A/N: wowza guess who’s bakc after like two weeks. i was on a decently long car trip and got in the mood to write and this request stuck out to me. maybe it’s because im actually quite a jealous person so i just relate a lot to the reader?? idk. also,,, does this remind anyone else of ‘ballet shoeos’ (the movie version not the book) when mr. simpson gets advice from thea on how to ask sylvia out???? i haven’t seen that movie in a while but that was like my childhood. requests are temporarily closed but feedback and messages are always welcome

Warnings: none (i don’t think)

You hurried down the street excitedly, imagining Newt’s expression when he heard the news. He knew you had wanted this promotion for months and you were sure he would be thrilled for you. Also probably a little glad because it meant you would stop talking about it constantly. You barely noticed the cold as you broke into a run as you saw the apartment in the distance.

You were breathless by the time you arrived at the door and you took a moment to slow down and breathe. Once your heart had calmed down and your face returned to a more normal color, you tried the the door.

You spent most evenings talking to your best friend and knew he didn’t bother to lock the door until you left. The living room was empty and you looked around in confusion for Newt. You spotted his case on the sofa and knew he had to be home. He wouldn’t have left without his creatures.

You were about to call out to him when you heard voices coming from his room. You crept towards the closed door and the voices became distinguishable.

“Don’t be stupid, Newt!” A female laughed. Tina. “You’re so likeable!”

“I’m not su-” Newt began to retort but he was cut off.

“You are! What’s not to like?”

You couldn’t hear the conversation anymore. A dull ache had appeared somewhere in your chest and you felt your knees weakening. You hadn’t been foolish enough to think that Newt liked you, but you had been foolish enough to like him. Scratch that. Love him. And know it sounded like he and Tina were a thing. You felt tears prick your eyes and carefully you fled from the room and out of the apartment building in the direction of home.


“Are you feeling okay, sweetie?” Queenie asked in concern taking in your pale complexion and the bags under your eyes.

“I’m fine,” you brushed her off. “Just haven’t gotten that much sleep recently.” You tried hard to keep your mind off of Newt, aware that the woman next to you would know if he so much as flashed across your mind. She looked imploringly at you for a better answer but gave up when she knew she wasn’t going to get one.

A cheerful ring announced the opening of the front door and was closely followed by Tina calling, “QUEENIE!”

“I’m being summoned,” Queenie giggled, hopping up and give you a last squeeze on the arm before crossing the living room. Tina poked her head in followed by, you felt your heart miss a beat, Newt. He was flushed from the winter night and his hair had gotten swept up in the wind.

“Y/N!” Tina greeted happily. “If I’d known you were coming…”

“Don’t worry about it!” You put on a smiling facade. “Queenie convinced me to come only an hour ago.”

“I was just on a walk with Newt. It would have been lovely to have you with us.” She replied forlornly.

“I’m sure you still had a wonderful time?” You beckoned her to join you on the couch. Newt followed her into the room and sat in the chair next to the couch. “Tell me about it before I go help Queenie prepare some dinner.”

You tried to focus on the story, but all you could see in your head was the mental image of Newt and Tina laughing and holding hands as they strolled through the darkening park. You imagined Newt pressing himself to Tina for warmth, used to his frequent complains about being cold.

You had never been a terribly jealous person. You remembered when you were at school and all your roommates would complain about some girl or guy that had stolen the ‘future love of their life.’ You had laughed along with them, helping them come up with plots to break up the couple, none of which were ever actually put into action. You had never really felt that. Of course, you’d had crushes. Quite a lot of them, in fact. But you had never really gotten mad when someone else was dating them. You knew realistically that you didn’t have much chance with them so you weren’t that worried about them dating someone else.

It was different with Newt. You had grown close to him. Even though you had told yourself countless times that he didn’t like you, there were those times when you’d catch him staring at you and smiling. And you would blush and look away and, no matter what you did, you couldn’t stop the flicker of hope that lit up inside you. You had someone let yourself believe that there was a chance. How could you have been so stupid?

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Newt’s voice forced you out of your thoughts and you shot up quickly.

“I’m sorry, what?” You apologized, shaking your head to clear it. “I’m just tired.” You responded to the concerned looks on your friends’ faces.

“Queenie was calling you from the kitchen,” Newt explained, still studying you intently.

“I’d better go then.” You stood up hurriedly before you allowed yourself to get lost in those breathtaking eyes of his.


“We have to put it up!” Tina’s excited voice drifted in from the kitchen. You looked up from the book you had been reading curiously. You were over at the Goldsteins as they decorated for Christmas; although, you had to admit that you weren’t doing that much helping.

“Are you sure?” Queenie asked uncertainly. “I don’t want it to cause anyone uncomfortable feelings.”

“You can have Jacob over,” Tina bribed, her voice getting higher as it did when she was trying to talk Queenie into something.

“…Okay,” Queenie gave in.

You put the book down and pulled yourself off the sofa. The kitchen was the only room that had gotten decorated so far. Tinsel and lights were strung up all over the small space making it seem even cozier than it already was. You looked for the decoration that the sisters had been discussing.

You found the incriminating plant in the hands of Tina. The mistletoe was clutched in her hands, probably to make sure her sister wouldn’t grab it. You felt your heart drop into your stomach. That had been happening quite often since the conversation between Newt and Tina that oyu had overheard a fortnight ago.

“Where do you think we should put it?” Tina asked holding her the mistletoe up to the top of the doorframe and eyeing it scrutinizingly.

“It looks great there, Tina,” you encouraged. “It’ll be the quite the attraction.” Your throat closed up as you said that. Queenie gave you a queer look and you realized that your emotions must have been pretty glaringly obvious to her. “I’m gonna go back to my book,” you finished lamely desperate to avoid the conversation you were sure Queenie was about to start.

You turned around and shrieked as you nearly ran straight into Newt. You pulled back just in time to keep from actually hitting him. You grabbed onto the doorframe to right yourself.

“I-I’m sorry,” you apologized shakily. “I didn’t see you there.”

“It’s my fault,” Newt interjected. “I shouldn’t have snuck up on you. I was wondering if we could talk, though?” His tone was pleading. “Alone, maybe?”

“Say no more!” Queenie trilled, grabbing Tina by the arm and dragging her out of the room.

Newt waited until he was sure they couldn’t hear before beginning.

“These last two weeks, you’ve been a little off.” His tone was light like he was worried about setting you off.

“Just tired,” you answered. It wasn’t even a total lie. You were exhausted. That just wasn’t the only problem.

“There’s something else though,” Newt said insightfully. “Can you tell me what has been bothering you?”

“It’s nothing, really!” You promised, looking around for something to use as a distraction.

“If I tell you what’s been bothering me, will you tell me?” He asked. You were so shocked that something had been troubling him that you didn’t even think when you nodded. “Good.” He nodded encouragingly. “I’ll go first.”

You waited for him to begin but, even though his mouth was open, nothing was coming out of it. You remained that way for a few minutes before he took a deep breath and actually began. “What’s been bothering me is that… I’ve found someone who I like quite a lot.” The sinking feeling had returned. “And I-”

You couldn’t hear him go on and on about his crush on Tina. You had to interrupt. “Tina? How wonderful! I’m almost positive she shares your feelings! Shall I go get her then?”

“Not Tina, Y/N,” Newt sighed. Those words were enough to keep you from leaving.

“Not Tina?” You repeated quietly. “But then who? Maybe…” You cycled through the names of his female friends in your head.

“Oh for god’s sake! It’s you, Y/N! I’m so madly in love with you and I haven’t been brave enough to tell you.” You stood frozen at his words, shock expressed clearly across your face.

You pulled yourself out of your frozen state as you saw the crestfallen look on Newt’s face.

You couldn’t help it. You threw yourself at him. Your hands found his hair, winding themselves into it. Your lips pressed firmly against the soft warmth of his own. He took it in stride. Wrapping his arms around your waist and smashing your body into him. The desperation and tension of the last two weeks coming out in the fierce, intense, passionate moment.

You pulled away breathing heavily, adoring eyes fixed on the beautiful panting creature that was Newt Scamander. “I thought you like Tina.”

“Why’d you think that? She said I was being too obvious.”

“You were spending so much time together..” You trailed off, not wanting to sound creepy.

“She was helping me figure out how to admit my feelings.” Newt blushed at this. You felt your heart flutter in pure happiness. You closed the distance between you again, this kiss softer and more intimate. Newt was the one to pull away this time and you moaned in complaint, trying to move back towards him.

He laughed at your neediness. “I told you what’s been bothering me these past few weeks; it’s your turn.”

“Well, prepare yourself because it’s quite a story.”

Okay so this took a lot longer than usual because I got very stuck with finding the plot. It is currently twenty to one in the morning and I’ve just finished so I’m feeling very sleep-deprived but accomplished. This turned out to be quite like “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime” which is a book I’ve read recently. However I should pologise to the person who made the request because there’s a lot less hugs and a lot more angst than I was going for. Also it ended up being really long. Big thanks to sherlock-yer and connor-say-what for helping me over the hurdle that is writer’s block and an even bigger thank you to theunlikelyavenger for requesting the first Bucky x Reader one shot. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to- *collapses onto keyboard, snoring fiercely*.

Prompt:  In light of recent events I would like to request a Bucky one shot. I don’t even care about the situation as long as he’s happy and receiving lots of hugs. (Maybe he’d flinch upon touch at first, but eventually finds comfort in it?) I am a mess right now. Soothe me.

“Instinct” (Part 1)

Warning: Angst, Swearing

Today was the day.

The Avengers lined up in the training room, biting lips, clenching jaws or drumming their fingers nervously. Anxieties were high and the air was thick with tension because today the team was being introduced to the Winter Soldier. Steve had spent months tracking him down and, after finally doing so, was able to convince him of his identity. You’d received word last week that he was intending to bring the Winter Soldier back to the tower for the first time and since then, everyone had been on edge.

Naturally, Natasha was holding a grudge. Her hand grazed thoughtlessly over her hip where a scar resided and every now and then you could see her mind wandering, presumably to the day that SHIELD fell. Aside from Steve, she had gotten close and personal with the man – though not on the friendliest of terms.

You were also particularly nervous about meeting The Winter Soldier. Frankly, you didn’t think you deserved to be here. You’d only been in the Avengers for a few months and didn’t feel as though you were important enough to be included in such a huge event. Worse still, you were first in line, wringing your hands together. What if you did something wrong? What if you said something that hurt him or made him violent? What if-

The door slid open. You could hear everyone’s breath hitch – including your own. Steve walked in slowly and gave everybody a solemn nod.

Then he walked in.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. This is by no means hate, but I saw your post on prompts that break the rules and how most of them broke the no gender thing. I totally understand why you'd only write gender neutral prompts, but with most of the asks if you replaced a gender specific noun with 'person' , the intention of the prompt request wouldn't change. It just seems kinda unnecessary to ask people to resend the asks with slight changes that wouldn't likely alter what your prompt fills would be. Just a thought

//Hopefully you take this with a grain of salt, but I don’t want to change things up just because people a) tell me to or b) think that it’s unnecessary. 

I’m tired of prompt blogs not being inclusive, which takes me back to a year ago when I got the nicest most genuine of compliments from an anon who was so happy that I used gender neutral pronouns for my blog, that it’s stuck with me even up until this point.

I’ll admit that there had even been a time where I was open to accepting she/he requests, but that was only because people kept ignoring my rules. Up until I got that nice ask I mentioned in the above paragraph, I was actually contemplating closing down requests, because it was making me unhappy.

Sure the pronouns thing doesn’t really change a darn thing, but if there’s even the slightest possibility that someone only follows my blog for the inclusiveness, I’m not going to spurn them by changing it. 

(also; that one post of people ignoring/breaking that specific rule isn’t a third of how many times it happens to me).

I do appreciate the criticism, and I don’t find it rude/hateful, so I hope you don’t mind my reply. I don’t mean to be rude, either (and know that my tone can be hard to decipher at times)! 


He was so busy. You’d come with him all the way to some town in the Netherlands nobody had even heard of, but you hardly got to see him. It obviously wasn’t his fault, you’d seen his tight schedule before you agreed to come and knew you would have limited time with him. But, you thought it would be better than sitting at home missing him. And it was, it definitely was. However, only getting to see him for a few hours before bed was constantly contributing to the feeling of loneliness that had been aching inside you since the day he started filming.

You absolutely loved being here with him and being able to hear about his day when he came home- whether you celebrated something amazing that had happened or let him rant about something that was bothering him. He always made a point to ask about your day, but you had the same answer for him every time:

“I sat around here watching television all day.” It was starting to get old.

There was no place you’d rather be than here with Harry, but homesickness was starting to take over. Due to the time difference, there was hardly ever a good time to have a conversation with friends or family back home. Not to mention that Harry didn’t want you leaving the rented apartment without him, due to the fans he was greeted with on a daily basis. It just wasn’t safe, and he wasn’t going to risk you getting hurt while he was busy filming. You were starting to feel like you had no contact whatsoever with the outside world.

Before you even noticed your eyes were welling up, there were tears streaming down your face. You missed everyone. Your family, friends, pets, you even missed Harry and he was living with you.

At any other moment, the sound of the door opening would’ve been met with you running to it excitedly, but not today. You sat up straighter and tried to look like you hadn’t just had a complete breakdown on the couch.

“I’m home early! Where’d you go, love?” He called, his footsteps heavy as he started to approach the room where you sat. You knew your face was tear stained and red, and it was only a matter of time before he saw you, so there was no use in hiding it. Turning around to look at him, you managed to smile sadly.

“Oh no, baby what’s wrong?” His voice was soft, not wanting to set off any more tears. What you needed right now was comfort and reassurance, and he was fully prepared to help you with whatever had you so upset. It was safe to say that watching you cry was his least favorite thing in the world.

His knees softly hit the ground in front of the couch, and two large hands were placed on your legs as his concerned gaze bore into you.

“What’s bothering you, my love?” His thumbs rubbed gentle circles on your thighs, soothing you enough to make your breathing steady.

“I don’t even know anymore. I guess… Everything.” He frowned at your confession, his eyebrows narrowing as he became even more concerned. How had he not noticed? How long had you been feeling like this? He thought you seemed a little quiet lately, but he had dismissed it as you being tired. Now, he was beating himself up for not questioning you sooner, because maybe you wouldn’t be crying if he had. He didn’t say anything, just continued the comforting gesture of pressing his warm hands into your thighs, in hopes you’d talk when you were ready.

“I just feel really lonely.” You admitted quietly. If he hadn’t been listening so closely, he wouldn’t have heard you. He swore his heart had shattered right there on the hard wood floors. His girl should never be lonely- it was his job to keep her happy. And here you were admitting your loneliness, and he felt as if he had failed.

“Sweetheart.” The word was spoken in a breath, tilting your head up to meet his eyes. Tears were starting to overflow again, and you cursed yourself for being so emotional all the time.

“I don’t know what to say… Besides that I love you so much, and I’m sorry I’ve let you feel this way.” He whispered, his head tilting down now as if he was ashamed. And he was, in a way.

“No, this isn’t your fault. Not at all. I knew how busy you’d be when I agreed to come; I just didn’t realize how hard this was.” You sighed, reaching a shaky hand up to wipe the tears off your cheeks. He caught your wrists before you could reach your face, taking the task of wiping the steady stream of tears. He smiled sadly as the wetness hit his thumbs and he swiped it to the side, letting your eyes fall closed to release even more tears. You felt like they just wouldn’t stop.

“Can you tell me why you feel so lonely? Is it because I’m always gone? Because I need to know how to help, gosh, I can’t… I can’t have you crying like this. You shouldn’t have to feel this way.” He sighed.

“Do not blame yourself for this, Harry,” You sniffled, grabbing his hand from your thigh and pressing your chapped lips to it. “Come sit by me.” Scooting over to make room for him, you patted the space next to you. He slowly stood up, his knees cracking as he did so, and cautiously sat next to you. You leaned into him and he was quick to tuck an arm under your legs, the other supporting your back as he pulled you on top of his lap.

It was a comforting gesture, but there was so much more to it in his eyes. He wanted to shake this lonely feeling you had, and he figured that the closer you were to him, the less lonely you’d feel.

“Tell me what’s got you like this, please love.” His request was soft, making you melt even further into his chest.

“It’s just… A combination of everything. I left home; all my friends and family are having fun without me and I feel so left out. There’s never a good time to call because of stupid time zones. You’re gone all the time and I’m stuck in this unfamiliar apartment all alone, with literally nothing to entertain myself with. I miss you all day and by the time you come home, neither one of us want to go out. Do you realize, in the two weeks we’ve been here, I haven’t left the house once?” You ranted. He looked so disappointed. He couldn’t believe you’d felt this way for so long, and he hadn’t noticed.

“I’m going to make this better, I promise. I’m sure we can set up a time to Skype your family, and if you want to go home I can arrange it. But if you stay here with me, I promise I’ll try harder, I promise baby. We’ll have dinner dates, or I’ll take you shopping so you get to see the town. Maybe you can come on set during my lunch breaks or something… You could even sit in my trailer, I’m in and out of there all day. I know it’s not the ideal situation but at least we can see eachother a bit more, and it would certainly brighten up my day, what do you think?” He was rambling on and on, but your smile grew wider as he kept talking. You slowly nodded as he finished and you leaned up to kiss his little dimple.

“I would love that Harry, as long as I’m not causing trouble.” He chuckled and squeezed you closer to him.

“You’re not any trouble, I promise. I’m sure everyone would love to meet you.” He smiled and let you nuzzle your head into the crook of his neck, goosebumps forming when you pressed your lips to it softly.

He was so relieved. This life was hard, and seeing it take a toll on someone he loved so much had killed him. But overall, he loved that he was able to fix it. After everything you’d sacrificed to be with him, you still stayed, and it meant the world.

Bundle of Joy

Requested by @satanicedition

Hey babes. I was wondering if you’d write a fic where Bucky really wants kids and (y/n) isn’t sure yet. So they move in together and set up their lives. Then (y/n) finally caves in and they try for a baby. Then they get invited over to see the avengers because they haven’t seen them in a while and everyone’s really shocked to see (y/n)’s pregnancy belly. And the avengers are just really shocked because they didn’t announce the pregnancy, they just showed up. Please and thanks xoxoxox.

Bucky x Reader. SUPER FLUFFY WITH SOME SMUT. Word count: 4.1K (I liked this request and got a little carried away)

TW: sex, childbirth

“Bucky, I just don’t know, okay? I love you, it’s just that kids don’t really seem like a good idea. Not considering your line of work,” you said, washing the dishes as Bucky dried them. It was Sunday, which meant ‘family dinner’ with the team, and the two of you got stuck on dish duty.

“I know, which is why I’ve been thinking…” said Bucky, his sentence trailing off as he paused and turned to you.

“Thinking about what?” you asked.

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New Fics Tonight.

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

Ain’t In No Hurry Pt.2 (Sam x Reader, Smut) - Request: I was wondering if you could do a fic based off the song “Body Like A Backroad” by Sam Hunt for Sammy, kinda like a lazy day in bed?? Pretty please and thank you!!! ❤❤

Father Time (Dean x Reader) - Request: Imagine Dean and the readers future daughter got stuck in their present because of a case and meets their parents but they aren’t together now yet.

If you want to be added to my tag lists, just ask :) be sure to let me know if you want to be tagged in all fics I post or just a certain character, kind, etc. I love y’all! 

“I Would Sacrifice the World “ (1/2) - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Word Count: 2,604

Warnings: A lil angst? 

Request: Hi! Love your writing and just wanted to know if I could request a little somethin’. Could you do a Pietro x reader where the reader dies saving the little Russian sass-master in Sokovia and he gets all sad? (You don’t have to if you don’t wanna btw)

Hi! Can I have a request with Pietro where the reader has force field powers and they try to reenact that scene from the incredibles with Violet and Dash? 

Author’s Note: I know I originally said that I was going to make this one long imagine, but I changed my mind because I kinda got stuck. SOOO here’s part one. I hope you don’t mind, but I mixed these two requests :)

**follows the plot of Avengers: Age of Ultron**


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I was tagged by @nerdybitchybread​ :)

This is a nice way to get to know me, so I thought why not?

Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 people, but I am just gonna tag whoever wants to do this!

Nickname: I don’t really have any that goes with my name, other than the usual dude, bro, etc. 

Zodiac: Libra

Height: 154 cm

Last thing I googled: How to write a blowjob (I am writing a request atm, k?)

Favorite music artist: Damon Albarn, The 1975, SAVEUS

Song stuck in my head: Unfortunately, it is Niall Horan’s ‘Slow Hands’ 

Last movie I saw: Superbad

What am I wearing right now: Pyjama bottoms with a black t-shirt that says ‘Who needs a boyfriend when you got WiFi?’ 

Why did I choose my URL: It just came up in my head, mostly because it is what I am – actual trash

Do you have any other blogs: I had a blog about BBC Sherlock and memes
What did your last relationship teach you: Sometimes people just aren’t compatible 

Religious or spiritual: Neither

Favorite colour: Mint green and neon-pink

Average hours of sleep: Depends if I am getting up early or late, early is approximately six hours whereas late is nine hours.

Lucky Number: 4

Favourite characters: Sherlock Holmes and his Watson, Ray from GIRLS, all of the Gorillaz characters

How many blankets I sleep with: One duvet

Dream job: Sexologist or boss of some big company

Like I WANT to create content I’m trying so hard to find my purpose and no one is giving me anything here like… idk it’s hard to explain how I feel. With my other blog before I moved I had so much to do, people requested things when I had it open, people read my stuff, I got notes, people interacted with me, I gained followers and it was just so nice and I switched blogs to be better accessible and offer you guys more and y'all don’t want it!!!! It’s so hurtful and tiring because I’m really trying so hard to do all these things and I can’t get anywhere I’m just stuck like I’m in quicksand

Matt Espinosa - Hero

Request:  Your Matt’s Girlfriend and you get mobbed and Cameron or one of guys help you get out of the Crowd of the girls and MATT Feels bad that he wasn’t there for you


I hated crowded places. Especially when I was stuck with a bunch of girls that are screaming my boyfriend’s name.

I loved to support Matt, because his happiness was the most important for me, and I always tried to be by his side, but sometimes things got pretty bad and even scary. It was just like that this time.

Matt, Cam and Aaron had a ‘little’ event at a mall. The building was literally full with screaming girls and they were all crazy about the boys. I had my spot behind the scenes, but you are nowhere in safe.

I was sitting at a chair, waiting for this whole thing to end, I just wanted to go home and cuddle with Matt, but I also understood that this was his job.

I chatted with the security guards, they were always so fun, I loved hanging out with them.

“You want some donuts, little girl?” Tom, one of the guards asked me.

“Nah, I’m good,” I said smiling at him.

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” he winked at me and then left. Not much later Cam appeared with a bottle of water in his hands.

“Hey Y/N, what’s up?” he asked stepping from one foot to the other. He was nervous and excited, he was always like that before their gigs, it was adorable. I had a great friendship with the guys, since Matt spent a lot of time with them. They were like brothers to me.

“Not much, when are you going to start?” I asked looking up at him.

“Shortly, Matt is still getting ready.”

“I’m sure he is doing his hair,” I said laughing. I always gave him space before these events, and besides, we weren’t that annoying kind of couple that was stuck together in every minute of the day.

Cam had to check out some technical things, so I continued doing nothing. But then my phone rang, it was my mom.

“Hey ma’,” I said picking it up. I stood up from the chair and started to walk around, like I always did when I was talking on the phone.

“Hey sweetie, is Matt coming over for dinner?” she asked happily. She loved Matt, she always told me how he is my best boyfriend ever. They had a great relationship, and I was glad they got along so well. She let him sleep over when he was in town, even though she didn’t let things like that with my other boyfriends. And she was totally okay with me travelling through the country to see him.

“I guess, but we are still at the mall.” I walked towards the cordon that separated us from the crowd.

“Okay, no problem honey, I was just wondering. And of course he can stay for the night, if he wants.”

“Okay, thank mom!”

As I was about to put my phone away I felt someone drag me and a moment later I was literally in the crowd. There was a gap between two cordons and a girl must have grabbed me dragging me to the crowd.

“Oh my God!” I whimpered as the girls all went crazy. They started to ask me questions while I just wanted to get out. They started to push me around and I started to panic. “Someone please help me!” I shouted hoping one of the guards would recognize me and help me out of the crowd. It was the craziest thing ever. Like they didn’t even care that I was having a panic attack because of them. They just kept screaming at me and I felt them push me to every direction, when finally someone grabbed me by the arm and pulled be out of the crowd.

“Back off, girls, and stay away from the people in backstage!” I heard one of the guards shout. My savior was Cameron.

“Are you alright?” he asked looking at me worried.

“I guess,” I said taking some deep breaths. “Thanks for saving me, I thought they will tear me apart.”

“They can be pretty scary. Just don’t go near the cordon, they would do anything, I swear,” he said laughing.

“Who would do anything?” I heard Matt’s voice from behind. He stepped next to me putting an arm around my waist, kissing my head.

“The fans. They dragged me into the crowd, it was scary.”

“They did what?” Matt asked with wide eyes and I felt him tense up.

“It’s okay, Cam helped me out,” I said waving in dismiss.

“No, it’s not okay! I should have been there, I am your boyfriend and you have been dragged because of me! And I wasn’t even there!” he said furrowing his eyebrows at me.

“Matt, calm down, I’m okay now,” I said trying to smooth him.

“Thanks to not me!” he sarcastically responded.

“Don’t talk like that! That was not your fault, okay? You don’t have to be by my side all day, you know it would be stupid. It happened, but it was nothing, so let’s just forget about it, you have to perform now!”

He smiled at me kissing my forehead sweetly.

“You know I love you, right?” he asked leaning closer to me.

“Yes,” I nodded grinning at him. Our noses were now touching. “And I love you too.”

We kissed not even caring about the people around us. He held me close and it seemed like he had trouble with pulling away. So I slowly pushed him away gently.

“I think you have to go,” I whispered smiling at him.

“If you get into trouble, I will save you this time, okay?” He smirked at me.

“Okay, my hero. Now, go!” I said pushing him towards the stage. He winked at me last time and then disappeared.