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Tyler Seguin  Ft. Andre Burakovsky - beautiful

Can you do an imagine about dating Tyler Seguin and you go to the game (they are playing against the capitals) and he catches andre burakovsky hitting on you

Author’s Note: I’m not making this too mean, only because it Andre and I just feel like he couldn’t be mean. -Julianne

“Does this look okay?” You asked looking in the mirror. You were going to Tyler game tonight against the Caps, and had no clue what you wanted to wear. So here you stood in a pair of jeans and a long fluffy sweater that ran past your knees.

“I love it babe!” Tyler said wrapping his arms around you from behind and placing his head on your shoulder.

You turned around to fix his tie. He looked down at you as you fixed his tie “I love when you do that.” He smiled.

“Do what?” You said looking up the tie still in your hands.

“Sticking your tongue out when you fix my tie.” He said bending down to place a kiss on your head.

You could feel your cheeks turn red.

“Okay tie is do, are you ready?” You asked patting his chest.

Tyler said nothing but kept his eyes on you. He loved looking at you, there were times you would wake up in the middle of the night to find him staring. Or when you made dinner you could feel his eyes on you. Even just watching t.v.

“What?” You said

“Nothing….I just love you.” He said picking his bag up and walking to the car.

Damn that boy you thought. Smiling you made your way out to his car.

It only took about 20 minutes to get to American Airlines Center. Once you two got into the Center you walked Tyler to the locker room.

“Good luck tonight! I love you.” You said standing on your tippy toes to kiss his lips.

Tyler bend down so it was easier for you to reach his lips. Placing his hand on your back and his other hand holding his bag.

“Thank you dear. I love you too. I’ll met you here after the game.” He said pulling away smiling.

“Okay, now go kick so butt.” You said slapping his ass. Tyler giggled and went into the locker room.

The game kept you on your toes the whole time. The Stars would score then the Caps would score and so on. The Stars ended up winning by on point. Once the game was over you made your way to the Stars locker room.

As you were walking down the hall you collide with a strong chest. Looking up you saw a tall, brown curly short hair man, who smelled of sweat and locker room.

“I’m sorry I have a habit of not looking up when I walk.” You said

“No worries. Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you.” You said looking down.

“I’m Andre by the way.”

“I’m Y/N” You said looking up. Your eyes were met with his.

“I’m sorry for staring, you’re just really beautiful. SORRY, I tend to word vomit.” He said running his hand through his hair.

“Thank you, I’m sure my boyfriend would agree with you on that.” You giggled.

“Who’s your boyfriend?” Andre looked puzzled.

“Tyler Seguin.” You said smiling.

“Well Tyler Seguin is very lucky to have a girl like you.” He said

You could feel the blush on you face.

“I am very lucky.” You heard Tyler’s voice.

“I better get to the shower before my coach yells at me, It was nice meeting you Y/N.” Andre said before disappearing into the showers.

“I can’t leave you alone for ten seconds before someone hits on you.” Tyler joked. He placed a kiss to your lips.

“At least he was nice about it, unlike some people I know.” You said rolling your eyes.

“Hey that was one time” You heard Jamie yell from down the hall.

That sent you and Tyler into a fit of laughter.

“Are you ready to go home baby girl?” Tyler said.

“With you…always.” You said smiling up at him.  

God you loved him.


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Imagine this. Every time Leo calls Kurapika and he doesn't answer, he leaves Kurpika messages. Pika will never tell anyone but listening to those messages makes him feel better, it reminds him of the good days with his friends. LeO doesn't know that he listens "He probably just deletes them all anyway". so every time he leaves a message, it gets more random and more personal. "Have I told you about this asshole today? HE WAS TELLING ME MY GLASSES MAKE ME LOOK LIKE ANIME CHARACTERS FROM 90S."(1)

Kurapika always whisperes back something mocking or sarcasting at his phone, smiling because he still get to have that much! But then suddenly, the phone calls stop for a few days! “What happened to him? Is he okay? Is he hurt or is he just giving up on trying to reach me? : And he doesn’t even know which one is worse! So when Leorio calls after a few days he almost answers, almost. (2)

Then he waits until he can hear the message. He closes his eyes and sighs as he leans his head toward the phone. "Hey, I don’t know how much longer is this going to take or what you’re up to, just remember I’ll smash your pretty face if you get yourself in trouble before answering your god damn phone and talking to me. I’m not going to give up on reaching you so you better remember that and answer already.” Someone who wouldn’t give up on him, it was worth smiling for ;w; (end)



Thank you so much Bahare omggg that’s adorable

it seems that some people can’t make sense of the moment in which jaha drinks by jaspers side (it’s an unsual duo, for sure), but given the first scene they have shared together in the beginning it actually makes absolute sense? because if you look at things from the point in which jasper quotes Dr. Seuss and then leaves - smiling - you get a sense of how his mindset is affecting jaha. that’s how he ends up in the bar. he starts to embrace the “way” jasper has found for himself, so he sticks close to the one person who has given him that chance.

the thing is that the scene with jasper and jaha (both outside and inside of arkadia) didn’t surprise me at all, because this is nothing new.

remember when jaha had to tell the ark citizens in 1x12 how they have only 51 hours left on the ark before they would all die? how he told one of the women who asked him “what do we do now?” to “look inside, find your peace” because he had been so sure that this is their end and wanted them to embrace peace before they would all be gone? how he basically wanted to release all available resources because again, they would all die anyway? I love that entire scene, because when jaha dismisses the people, kane stays in the room and tells him that he still wants to find a solution to which jaha simply responds:

which then leads us to this scene

i always thought that “the baton” is a nice little detail in this moment, because you know that when jaha drinks, he has given up. it shows you how completely resigned he his to his own fate now. he makes the active choice to stop trying and decides to be with wells and drink for the last remaining hours in order to find a sense of peace and embrace that before he dies and can rest for good.

so, as heavy as it sounds, there is absolutely something liberating about the entire scene when you look at things from jaha’s perspective, because now he can just lay back and “be”, after trying so hard to do good by his people.

but here is my deal with the entire scene overall: the bottle creates a very great contrast to the home movie that he watches. the fascinating thing about all this is that “the baton” distracts you from the big twist that will happen in this moment, which is that he will find something in the home movie that will change the entire game. i think of the bottle as a metaphor in which jaha has bottled up all the faith and hope he once had, but lost after he found out about his son’s death and now wants to drink away, unlike kane who still wants to re-run simulations because he still believes there is a chance. the home movie of clarke and wells in contrast though (two characters who are heavily tied to the theme of hope) is what catapults jaha to find the bits and pieces of hope he thought he had lost.

its the home movie of wells “alive” that creates a clear cut from the bottle, because it gives jaha something to hold onto that could save the people on the ark. in many ways, and i’m kind of drifting here, its a very intense moment in which the writers show us that jaha has always, deep down, believed in the legacy of the 100, because its these kids (his son); these kids who have shown resilience like no one else that stop his act of emotional disclosure and make him stand up again. now the ball is in his court, with regards to him too, and he needs to decide what to do with the information he literally just got slapped with.

and we see something similar happen in 4x06

this time it’s monty who shakes him out of it. and i know, some people think that monty mentioning wells came out of nowhere, but i honestly love every bit of this moment because it’s monty who reminds jaha of the palpable force that his son is to him (grace note: monty was there when murphy got blamed for wells’s death and he says “your son would be ashamed” while jaha drinks - he almost chokes). wells, the one person in jaha’s life who has always repesented the quicksilver of hope that he was able to find in the masses of a chaotic audience. every bit of this interaction is so incisive, nuanced and coherent - it makes things fit together into a meaningful and rich whole in jaha’s arc in my opinion.

so, while jasper on some fundamental level represents what “the baton” represented for jaha back in season 1 - embracing life until the end comes - it’s monty who functions as something similar to the home video - finding another way. that’s one of the many things you can take out of this scene: the clear contradicting mindsets in how to deal with doomsday. on another note, i literally heard wells say “our people still need you” in this scene, because if there is one person who actually understands the nature of his people it is jaha. that’s why monty came to him in the first place, because (as he has experienced in 4x04) jaha understands something about humanity that some others don’t.

that is essentially why his last scene is immense too, because he doesn’t only help ilian from dying, but also stops his people from becoming murderers. (also, the fact that he repeats the line “from the ashes we will rise” says a lot too).

so all in all, i think the connection made between jasper and jaha here creates something that we are all too familiar with and therefore can easily connect.

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Can I have some headcannons where Jerome gets mad at lil sis CP because she keeps interuppting his dates, and when he confronts her she just looks at him and goes: "I love you and I don't want to lose you." And runs away? This makes no sense whatsoever, but that's okay. Love you, peaches.

Jerome hunts her down throughout the city and gives her a joker like lecture on how dangerous that is, she just smiles knowing he fell right into her trap.

Jerome introduces his dates to his little sister from now on to make her feel better and pretend that he cares about her approval.

Jerome explains that the two relationships are completely different and he needs both, so therefore no one can replace any member of the clown family in his heart. 

okay but like imagine watching a movie with michael and you’re cuddled into his side and your hand is just resting on his tummy and you feel him shift. so you look up and he’s got this look on his face and when he notices you staring, his expression changes and he just smiles at you and says “feeling up my rock hard abs, babe?” but you knew that he was insecure so you’d just kiss his cheek and rest your head on his tummy and mumble “i love your tummy” and he’d just smile really big and look down at you with a fond look in his eyes

So I’ve seen people GIFing the Riarkle moment before this with the “I know” and “Okay” but never this part

and I feel like this moment is just as important as the interaction before it

Riley gets that confused look on her face again

Then she literally scans his whole body

It’s almost as if she has a tiny realization because she unfurrows her brows and she gives him that small smile that seems to be reserved only for Farkle

NCT 127 reaction to helping babysit their crushes niece and she says his crush likes him.

Yuta: I honestly don’t know I just feel like he would sit there smiling awkwardly and giggling because you like him back. Idk

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WinWin: okay I think he would just be like wut r u serious for realz. Ya know? 

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Haechan: i can only imagine that he would ask your niece exactly what you talk about and possibly use it as blackmail after he freaks out over that fact that you like him back. 

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Taeyong/Taeil: they would be the same, just stop in the middle of the conversation and just look at your niece and internally scream. 

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Jaehyun: I don’t need to explain much, he would get all squishy 

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Mark: he would blush a bit and talk to your niece about it but not mention it around you when you came back from the kitchen.

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Connor’s staring at him from across the table - again. It’s the thirteenth time in the past fifteen minutes, and while Oliver was happy to ignore the other twelve, he’s too self-conscious now.

He drops his fork down to his plate and asks, “What?”

Connor bites his bottom lip but that devilish smile is too strong to be contained.

“Oh, no,” Oliver says because he’s seen that look before. That’s Connor’s I feel like being bad face. Oliver braces himself for another one of his wild suggestions like Let’s have sex in the elevator. Oliver’s back still hurts from that adventure, and Mrs. Miller across the hall still hasn’t look him in the eye. “What’s going on?”

Connor glances at Oliver’s half-eaten salisbury steak, growing cold on his plate. “Are you done?“

“I… guess?” Just get this over with.

“Okay.” Connor jumps to his feet so fast, he knocks his chair over. Oliver starts to rise too, but Connor quickly holds out a hand. “No, no. You have to stay sitting. I mean - okay. You don’t have to, but that’s how I practiced, and I don’t want to mess it up.”


Connor reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a small ring box. 

Oliver looks at it, then up at Connor, whose eyes are definitely wild but not in a way Oliver’s used to - not the way he thought. Maybe this isn’t a sex thing, after all.

But if it isn’t a sex thing…

This can’t be what it seems like.

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Okay so I’ve been obsessed with Calvin’s smile in his latest facecam video and I just realized why; it’s because it’s a genuine smile and he looks so genuinely happy and it melts my heart and makes me so happy knowing that he’s happy because he deserves to be happy and I worry all the time about him not being happy or healthy and seeing him smile like that really makes me feel better

I just watched the new episode and askjdhlkdfhgsdjfkghdagf



so this week on things that made me freak out

  • David’s look of weary resignation when Dopey starts turning into a tree
  • Regina still struggling with the lure of the Dark Side even while trying to help Emma with hers… sorry dear but really you’re playing with fire, in several ways. Emma won’t thank you for that. Well, okay, she did just there, but you know.
  • … oh look, Emma’s very emphatically not thanking you for it now.
  • Charming giving Henry dating advice is the cutest thing ever (and I’m really glad it was him and not Hook because while I adore Captain Cobra I’m not sure I trust Killian to keep it PG)
  • actually Charming in this episode, period. He’s really being his best smiling big-hearted charming self here and I feel like we didn’t see enough of that lately and I love it
  • Captain Swan have gone from antagonistic flirting and arguing in front of Emma’s parents to full-on making out in front of Emma’s parents and no one batting an eyelid
  • I like how a guy gets killed at a ball and everyone’s just kinda “ah well”. Happens every other week, probably. Those silly knights and their swords.
  • nooooo Emma this is not who you are, stop it
  • Killian walking away from Emma, yes it’s kind of heartbreaking but mostly I AM SO PROUD OF OUR BOY
  • don’t anyone ever tell me again he’s only after the booty
  • because he could have had it right there and then
  • Furies and the underworld and the ferryman SIGN ME UP
  • HENRY, a second first meeting with your lady already, you are your mother’s son aren’t you
  • Emma love stay away from the dagger and this cleaving-yourself nonsense, it never ends well
  • … see? That was a warning shot.


what i imagine 5sos’s hugs to be like

ok but like this is just based on what i’ve seen and what i personally tHINk 

lukes hugs are so warm and fullfilling and he just hugs on tight and makes sure you feel comforted and everything and i feel like if you ask to be held on long enough he’ll do it for a lil longer and stuff. like, he’d be smiling a lot and hug you the best he can and then saying ‘ it’s going to be okay, beautiful ‘ because tears could shed ( this varies with people ) and he’d just smile and make sure you’re really okay before anything else. 

ok so i feel like michaels hugs would be like hugging a giant teddy bear that’s all soft and cuddly and i love to feel someones like lil belly against mine bc its all soft as a cussion and he’d hold on and if youre crying or something his hand lightly goes through the har and he’s all smily and kitten like and he’d probably look at you and cant his head like ‘ thank you for your entire support we couldn’t have done this without you ‘ 

nOW i feel like ashton’s hugs would probably be great and he’s hug you really tight or something and he gives you like one of those hugs that you just need?? like you know how you’re having a bad day and a friend hugs you and you hug back and it feels good bc it’s just what you needed? it’s like that and it’s meaningful and he’d tell you to stay strong and to keep going bc you’re going to be amazing in the future

and calums hugs would feel like you’re cuddling into a lil puppy because that’s what he is and it’s one of those hugs that isn’t too awkward or forced and it’d be all natural and he’d laugh every so often if you said i love you a lot and everything and then he’d asking if you’re okay and everything and stuff k 

So Aomine just walked in and then there is this shot… and I was thinking, IS KAGAMI SMILING AT HIS AOMINEEEEEEEE?! oh my god someone hold me now because the Aokaga feels are coming…


And then you see Kagami look away. I’m here like  YES AOKAGA YEEEE- oh… oh they weren’t looking at each other… :| i feel kinda awkward now… oh.. uhm.. okay.. :| yeah… 

please excuse my awkward self k bye

art major!calum would work part time at a tattoo parlor up at the front desk while sketching out people’s tattoos that they want, just for fun; not the final sketch. his colorful hand would whisk beautifully on the huge sketch pad of his as his tongue would stick out over his lip piercing, fully focused and content with his work. his hand would stop immediately once you’d ask for an appointment. he’d look up and immediately smile at you, speechless because of your, as cliche as it seems, beauty. his heart then would begin to pound once you complimented on his sketching. “could you…could you draw my tattoo?” you’d ask him, making him get all nervous which is not normal for “bad boy” Calum. he’d stutter through his way of saying that he’s just in charge of the front desk and just sketches for play. “I still wanna see you sketch mine though, if that’s okay” you’d smile, making him feel even more like jelly. “of course, babe” he’d smile, making you blush, as his shaky hand would get a note pad and pen, getting ready for your request while mentally telling himself that he’s gotta buckle down and draw the best tattoo for the angel in front of him

art major!5sos blurb night with peacetealuke :-)

I don’t know. I whine a lot and I’m too much sometimes in general, but he loves me anyway. And we say the weirdest things but it never feels weird and we can (and do) talk about everything and anything and sometimes I have bad days and then he’s there and everything’s just better. He has an interest in all kinds of things and he walks into people because something interesting distracts him and when he smiles and tells me about his day I’m just like, yes. I found my home. Idk. I cry a lot over literally nothing but it’s okay because he doesn’t mind and he knows how to calm me down during a panic attack or how cute puppy videos will always cheer me up. Like. I look at him and it just feels right. It feels like a less scary future. Like sunday morning kisses. I’m very in love.