just because i can't get enough of his face

MORE Seungchuchu stuffs bc I can't get enough of this ship!

-What if Seung’s laugh is like,,, really cute and dorky, like he’s snorting and hiccuping and he’s wiping tears from his eyes because Phichit whispered some meme to him
-On dates, (as opposed to when they’re just texting) Seung-gil doesn’t speak much, but he notices Phichit staring at him and pouting into his drink
“Something on my face?”
“Hmm~ I’m just wondering if you answer to my texts with that deadpan expression”
And Seung-gil goes silent, “oh, was I doing it again? People tell me I glare”
And Phichit goes into OhNoHe'sCute mode “it’s okay! Just take a selfie with me and we’ll be fine!”
“No!” Seung-gil covers his face
-But after a while of struggling he takes the phone from Phichit and snaps a picture of him kissing his boyfriend’s cheek, it’s a lil blurry and the position is awkward because it was a spur of the moment thing, but he managed to capture Phichit’s surprised expression at just the right moment so Seung-gil does something like a smile and gives Phichit back his phone, “here, you can post that all over your social media”
Phichit squeals
-although not exactly into pda, because they rarely get to see each other, you’ll always see one of Seung-Gil’s hands on Phichit when they’re together. Finger on the hook of his belt, hand clutching Phichit’s jacket, you name it. It’s just reassuring to both of them
-however!! When they are alone, there’s no way to keep Seung-gil’s *anything* away from Phichit. They find a place away from everyone else and they could make out for hours
-Celestino had the rest of the skaters looking everywhere for them
-Double dates with Yuuri and Victor!!!
-People are often like “why is this ray of sunshine dating a guy who never smiles” but Phichit pities them because people that have never seen the side of Seung-gil that he has don’t get to speak over their relationship
-anyway I’m in Seungchuchu hell

But… imagine Dean is a Kindergarten teacher

And Cas volunteers as a recess/lunch supervisor

And Dean has been crushing on him all along, and always brings him coffee - just how he likes it - when he’s outside in the cold, and bakes cookies for the days Cas is working (oatmeal raisin, because Cas once let slip they’re his favourite).

And then some of Dean’s class come up to him when they’re making Valentines cards, and ask if he’s going to give one to Mr Novak, “Because you like him, right?

And Dean stammers, trying to explain “it’s not like that” but the kids insist and drag him over to one of the tables to help him make one.

And at lunch time, Dean is towed across the yard by three very excited five-year-olds and blushes furiously when he sheepishly hands Cas an oversized card that is drowning in glitter and multi-coloured, cut-out paper hearts.

And the little ones tug at Cas’s hands, looking sad, and ask “Don’t you have a card for Mr Winchester?  Don’t you like him back?” and Dean tries to mouth that it’s okay; to let Cas know that he doesn’t mind, though he thinks actually his heart might be breaking a little, because he always hoped…

And Cas blushes, reaching into his pocket and bringing out a small envelope which he hands to Dean.

And when Dean opens it, he finds just a simple piece of paper, with the words “I like other food, besides cookies.  Want to get dinner with me some time?” with a tiny heart drawn next to it.

And when he looks up, Cas is beaming at him, and he just knows he has a stupid, goofy grin on his own face, but he doesn’t care.

And three five-year-olds skip off across the yard, giggling, to play on the jungle gym.  Because Mr Novak and Mr Winchester are being all weird and smiley, and “eww, that’s gross.”

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The one ask that was comparing the two stydia kisses was so right! Stiles becomes so calm and just at peace when they kiss. his whole face looks concentrated on the kiss but not because of nerves but cuz he's just like yes this feels so right. And Lydia was so frantic and showing so much more emotion than normal in both of their kisses. She becomes so passionate, a lot more than we've seen when she kisses other guys. She is finally feeling what real love feels like and she can't get enough!

I think you really hit the nail on the head with your last line– figuring out what love feels like, real life, made Lydia incredibly eager to discover it more. She wants it. It’s new and she’s… well… thirsty for it, so to speak. Stiles makes her burst into feeling. 

Whereas Stiles has known what it’s like to love like he’s on fire, so when she kisses him, in a way, he’s experiencing this intense calm of being right, being loved, being satisfied. I think you and nonnie are both right that they have these opposite reactions to each other, but it’s exactly what they need, you know? 

Lydia gets woken up by Stiles after she tried to tuck her feelings in a box for so long. And Stiles, who is always antsy and nervous and moving, just lets his brain shut off and his word slow down. 

My kids. 

tsukithewolf  asked:

I just wanted to let you know that I am so unbelievably emotionally attached to your comic from ABoT where Mob and Reigen meet. I adore the lighting and how the comic gradually becomes saturated with color. The emotional moment when Mob grabs onto Reigen and the stunned joy on his face blows me away every time. I just love everything about the comic. At this point if you redrew that comic like you did the Mogami scene, you may just destroy my heart. Just saying because I can't imagine it (1/2)

(2/2) any more astounding and lovely than it already is. I’ll never get my breath back. Thank you for the beautiful work, Joey, and I look forward to all for your future art pieces!! 

ahhh gosh thank you so much ;v; indeed a lot of heart went into it and i’m blushu

Funny enough though, the current comic is already a redraw ^^ Way back in January-ish, I had a whole other version fully drafted, which I took a solid look at and went: y’know what. i can do this better.

And so I did ! It went from 9 pages to 13, and basically every page is radically different from the page that preceded it. You even have Reigen without his Honker.

You can see the old drafts here!

ask-akira-natsumi  asked:

Ok so how about Eve hanging out with the turtles and they're watching a movie in their down time. And when it starts to get late enough that it's past Eve's 'bed time' she falls asleep leaned against Raph. And after a while she starts drooling on his arm and he wants to wake her or move her because of it but he can't bring himself to do it cuz she just looks so cute. With her face smooshed against his bicep and cuddled up against his side.

I couldn’t resist, that sounded so cute I just had to sketch it out real quick :’D

pigeon-mermaid  asked:

So Kazuichi is constantly attacked by Ko's luck right? How does that translate in the his-luck-is-a-sentient-being setting? Does it runs after him everytime he's nearby? He can't see it but does it have a tangible form? Like "What the fuck?? I can't move like there's something super heavy on top of me?? What the hell?? Komaeda!!! What did you do?! I don't know how but I know it's your fault somehow!!"

Kazuichi cannot see or feel its physical touch, but he’s more sensitive to it than others. Everyone feels off when it’s around, but he gets this really heavy pit in his stomach. 

As for the Luck itself it just…it really likes him. It smells him and it’s like dangling snacks in front of its face. It’s anyone’s guess as to why. Probably because he has enough bad luck naturally that it just….emanates off of him.

Yes he blames Nagito for it. Nagito has no idea what Kazuichi’s talking about. Nagito just knows his luck goes missing at random and he doesn’t know whether to be scared or relieved. The thing comes back eventually. He’s decided to not question it and take his free time.

Breath in. Breath out.

Jimin closes his eyes, letting his lungs stock up on a proper dose of oxygen before he places a heavy hand on a shiny doorknob.

There are muffled screams and sounds of chairs squeaking against the freshly polished floor coming from the inside making him cringe unintentionally. The fact that he went with Taehyung to grab exactly one beer yesterday but ended up getting beautifully smashed up after the sixth bottle doesn’t exactly help at all especially when he’s just about to face the loud mess behind the door. He counts from three to zero before he attemps (emphasis on attemps) to put a smile on his face and with an internal cry he opens the door.

“Good morning everyone”

Ladies and gentlemen. Park Jimin. Hungover as fuck. Is going to spend next two hours trying (emphisis on trying) to teach the bunch of spoiled, annoying, loud teenagers anything about calculus. Like he wasn’t fucked up enough. He receives a chorus of ‘good mornings’ and after giving them a work to do, it gets relatively quiet, only a few whispers here and there, mostly from the girls in the back eyeing Jimin from head to toes and coquettishly puffing their lips towards him. When he ignores them they fall silent so he opens a book pretending to read the next topic. Maybe he exaggerates with 'teenagers’. He himself is barely 26 but when you’re around people in their early twenties, you start feeling awfully old especially when you get to teach maths. It’s not that he doesn’t like his 'proteges’. It’s just- it isn’t his best day. And certainly it’s not the best one when the only person you don’t want to look at or even think of is staring right at you with an unreadable expression on their face.

Jung Hoseok is a- special person. It all started on Jimin’s first day when the said boy sent him a large smile, kind of encouragement closed in a sunshine-like gesture and honestly the whole nervousness left Jimin right away. Since that day, Hoseok has been observing him, complimenting him (even when they were surrounded by other students), telling him lame jokes and generally treating Jimin like a peer not a teacher thus completely pissing him off all the fucking time. Yes. Pissing him off. 

But sometimes, things would go pretty- intimate. Like when they were having a private lesson and Hoseok’s shoulder was pressed against Jimin’s shoulder blade while his hand wandered dangerously close to Jimin’s thigh. Or how Hoseok’s fingers would brush against Jimin’s knuckles when he hands him his test back, his eyes never leaving Jimin.

This is ridiculous Jimin thinks to himself watching Hoseok press his lips together. 

The boy’s popular, has good grades, he’s an amazing dancer (and Jimin feels a twingeof envy every time he sees him dancing because if he fought with his parents, if he were more stubborn, he would be a dancer himself now). Back to the topic. Hoseok is one of those guys who could just snap their fingers and hundreds of girls would kill each other for a chance to be with them. Hoseok is one of those people who other people love for their brightness, snarky comments, cool attitude, loudness and most of all- looks. But it’s ridiculous that it’s Jimin who can still taste Hoseok on his lips. It’s Jimin who can remember how Hoseok’s hands feel all over his body and how husky his voice becomes when he’s out of breath and turned on. But paradoxically, Jimin’s shouldn’t have been the one to know all of this.

He didn’t plan it though.

He just wanted a fucking beer with his best friend and he fucking didn’t plan meeting Hoseok at the bar yesterday. The boy wasn't alone but he was the only person Jimin could focus on. And it has nothing to do with the way Hoseok drank his beer, like a pro, like he was born to drink it like this just to drive Jimin crazy. But every time Hoseok raised the bottle to his lips he would look straight into Jimin’s eyes causing him to loose track of whatever Taehyung was blabbering about. That’s how Jimin found himself with his sixth beer beetwen his loosely clasped hands, mind dangerously fuzzing and the vision getting slightly blurred around the edges. 

They were laughing when Taehyung’s phone rang and his girlfriend’s name popped out and Jimin decided to give the other a moment to himself. He definitely was long past the stage of being 'slightly tipsy’ though he wasn’t drunk enough to not walk straight. He was standing with a cigarette between his fingers just outside the entrance but he never really got a chance to even light it up.

He didn’t scream in shock, didn’t even flinch at the sudden contact when someone caught his wrist and turned him around. He was expecting that after all. He wasn’t thinking straight when Hoseok smiled at him, that charming smile he’s been seeing from the first time he laid his eyes on the younger and he definitely wasn’t thinking straight when he smiled back pulling Hoseok closer. Ridiculously close. And when his eyes travelled to the alley just above the other’s shoulder, he knew he lost it.

Hoseok kissed him like it was the most normal thing in the world to kiss your teacher, as if the world was going to fall apart any moment and no matter how cliché it might sounds, it felt just like this. Jimin’s mind was buzzing but from the completely different reason, his thoughts running wild in his head while his hands melted into Hoseok’s body.

This is fucking ridiculous.

He watches how Hoseok’s eyes wander lower, down the buttons of his shirt and Jimin knows that if they were open, everybody could see bloody hickeys under his collarbones screaming 'Jung Hoseok was here’. Even though he’s the older one, he couldn’t help but feel like a clay in Hoseok’s hands, submit to him like a shy virgin letting him do whatever he wanted to his body.

He leans against the soft backrest of his chair, the feeling so different from the cold bricks digging into his skin when Hoseok pressed him to the bar’s wall just a few hours prior. His fingertips tingle when he spots pink scratches on the side of Hoseok’s neck, clear evidence of Jimin’s presence.

This is the most ridiculous situation ever.

It should have never happened. Jimin should have never fallen for Hoseok in the first place. This isn’t okay, there’s a five-year gap between them and Hoseok is his student, barely legal to buy alcohol but here he is- creeping over a teenager. Jimin feels sick to his stomach just thinking of the consequences if anyone finds out about them.

‘I want to do so much to you right now’ Hoseok’s breathless words ring in Jimin’s ears when the younger moves his eyes back to his, slightly parting his lips just like the last night.

The younger’s voice was hoarse, husky, desperate.


Jimin closes his eyes, massaging the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. He knows he will have to face it anyway, no matter how hard he wants to avoid talking about it. But Hoseok’s watching him expectantly and honestly if it he didn’t hear scribbling of pencils on the paper, Jimin would even forget that they’re not alone in the classroom.

'Stop calculating for once’

Jimin snorts. He’s been calculating all his life, always thinking thrice before doing anything. But in Hoseok’s presence he doesn’t think at all. He just lets it go.

'What are you scared of?' Many things.

'But you want it' More than anything.

Jimin gets startled when suddenly the bell starts ringing and he realises that he has spent the entire hour doing nothing but staring at Hoseok. Thinking about Hoseok. Like usual. He’s been dreaming about him, wanting to feel him, craving his touch every single day.

“You’re gonna get into trouble because of me” Jimin blurts out when everyone leaves for lunch, only two of them staying behind in the empty classroom. The soft buzzing of the lamps are driving Jimin insane.

“I’m not” Hoseok replies calmly, standing up and making his way towards Jimin’s desk. His hips sway from side to side, the sight making Jimin swallow slowly.

“I’m gonna get fired because of you” He shakes his head, furrowing his eyebrows but following every movement, evey step like it’s God getting closer to him and not his student.

“You’re not” Hoseok moves around the desk to spin Jimin’s chair around and stand between his spread legs. They look into each other’s eyes for what feels like an eternity before the younger opens his mouth. "Jimin" A pure strike of pleasure floods him when his name leaves Hoseok’s lips and he curls his fingers around the armrests in desperation.

“This isn’t okay” Jimin says weakly not able to resist him anymore. He stands up on shaky legs, chests touching, knees bumping against each other. "This is so not okay" He whispers locking his lips with Hoseok’s.

Right now, he doesn’t know that in a few months he’ll quit this job. He doesn’t know that he’ll start dancing again. That they’ll get married in a few years and move in together. That they’ll raise a child. He just doesn’t know it yet.

But the shaky breath leaving Hoseok’s lungs as Jimin cups his face pressing their foreheads together is enough to convince him that he’s not going to regret it.

And a few years later, holding Hoseok’s hand and watching their daughter splatter the water all around the bathroom, he still doesn't regret it.

Which economist should you fight?
  • Arrow: You can fight him, you can keep all ten of your fingers, or you can keep your life, but it's impossible to do all three at the same time.
  • Barro: Barro has enormous upper-body strength as a result of almost single-handedly carrying American conservatism on his back. Bad idea.
  • Becker: He's a snitch. He'll call the cops. Don't even talk to him.
  • Buchanan: Dress up like a government bureaucrat, punch him in the mouth, and he'll drop in one hit.
  • Clark: Each punch of his is marginally more painful than the last, so he'll kick your ass in any fight lasting longer than five minutes. Don't do it.
  • Coase: He'll try to avoid fighting you and settle the issue through the assignment of property rights. Don't let him. He's weak and you can take him.
  • Fama: Fight him. He thinks he's way smarter than he is. You can take him.
  • Fisher: Don't fucking kid yourself. Fisher's stats are legendary. You might as well fight a bear. Give me a break.
  • Friedman: Look, I get it, you want to fight Friedman. Everyone wants to fight Friedman. But he makes up for his lack of size with speed and understanding of monetary policy. You'll lose. Not worth it.
  • Galbraith: He's a great guy, but an absolute lightweight. If you're really looking for a fight, pick Galbraith.
  • Hayek: There has never lived a man who is angrier than Hayek. Fighting that is like fighting a hive of wasps. Just pure, unfiltered anger. Fucking terrifying.
  • Hicks: Hicks knows how to throw a curve. Don't fight him.
  • Kahneman: He looks weak on paper, but because of his exposure to prospect theory, his attack patterns and movements are a lot less predictable. Be cautious.
  • Keynes: John Maynard "Sticky Fists" Keynes gets up after being knocked down, every time. You can't face Keynes' pain. You aren't strong enough.
  • Krugman: Fight Krugman, steal his lunch money, and then spend it somewhere to boost aggregate demand. He'll probably thank you.
  • Lucas: Don't fight Lucas. He thinks too far ahead, gathers information, sets expectations accordingly. He cares more about beating you than you do about him.
  • Malthus: Look, I have no idea if you can actually beat him, just please fight Malthus. You practically have a moral duty to do so, given the chance. Kick his ass.
  • Mankiw: His strength is overrated. Go for it.
  • Marshall: Undefeated record so far. Stay away.
  • Marx: Conserve your energy right. Marx is known for dragging fights on for absurdly long amounts of time, but he eventually suffers from a long-term tendency for his rate of energy to fall.
  • Minsky: Total wildcard. Dude disappeared decades ago and just popped up out of nowhere again a few years ago. I don't know.
  • Nash: Could you beat Nash in a fight? Yeah, probably. But why would you want to? What has he honestly done to you? Leave him alone.
  • Pigou: He'll let you beat the shit out of him, but he charges you $5 for every hit. At a certain point, you'll just decide it isn't worth it anymore.
  • Ricardo: Everyone's beat Ricardo already. His ass is grass. Shit's old. Find someone else.
  • Robinson: Robinson is dangerous and extremely adaptable. She can thrive in England, she can thrive in North Korea, and she can thrive in a cage match with you. I wouldn't recommend fighting her.
  • Samuelson: You can't even touch Samuelson. He knows what you're thinking before you do. He will suplex your ass into another dimension.
  • Schumpeter: Your odds totally depend on how bad his day has been. If it's raining, he'll win. If he had his morning coffee, you'll win.
  • Smith: You can beat Smith. His "invisible hands" boxing technique was really impressive back in the day, but everyone's seen at by now, and they know how to dodge it. Easy.
  • Solow: You can beat Solow, he's too by-the-books. Keep it hand-to-hand, he's good with physical capital.
  • Sraffa: Who?
  • Stigler: The guy is just a lost soul, seeking knowledge and friendship. Don't fight Stigler, take him out to coffee sometime, talk about good books that you've read. Kiss him. Kiss Stigler.
  • Stiglitz: Stiglitz is known for his work on information asymmetry, his views on inequality, and his constant body building. Absurdly swole. Don't fight Stiglitz.
  • Veblen: Very weird. Seems like an easy fight, but also seems like the type of guy who carries knives with him. He might not play fair.
  • von Bawerk: Fight von Bawerk and then tell him that Menger is disappointed in him. Let him cry.

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Maybe some more poly roadrat baby/family headcanons? I absolutely love how you write them and I'm curious on how many kids they'd have and who'd they look or act like because omg I just can't get enough of your baby hcs!

Here’s the post with them having twins!

Okay so they like to space out the babies being born by like.. four years, and have like six kids, two sets of twins and two singles. they all have similar faces, but some get Junk’s eyes, some get Mako’s hair, some get all their s/o’s features, but they all have very different personalities. Two of them are responsible and kind like Roadrat’s s/o, one is a mix of Junk and Roadie, two are mini Junkrats, while one is a carbon copy of Mako, from his looks to his mannerisms.

All of them have sharp canine teeth, and two of them have Mako’s mini tusks. If any of them are bullied bc of their looks, the others are there and immediately destroying the bully. They all get in a lot of trouble for beating up the bullies, but their parents reward them (after their punishments) bc family is important. Three of them have some sort of hyperactive disorder, and one has OCD. Bc of an accident when she was younger, one of the mini Jamies is mute, and the one that’s Mako’s copy has a slight stutter. They have an even split of boys and girls, as well.

Boys: Alexander, Jamie Jr., Kai
Girls: Amelia, Sasha, Lorelei

BTS as Family Pt.3 "Shopping"
  • A/N: Other parts are on my masterlist.
  • Jin: Ok my sad-excuse-for-a-family, we're all going to spend quality time together. So we're going shopping!
  • BTS: *ignoring Jin*
  • Jin: Ahem... I said, we're going shopping!
  • BTS: *still ignoring Jin*
  • BTS: *scramble to car*
  • - @ the store -
  • JungKook: I want to sit in the cart mommy!
  • Jin: Ok baby *lifts up JungKook*
  • Jimin: I want to get in too mommy!
  • Jin: Boy you're 7 stfu.
  • Jimin: *crying, makes RM carry him*
  • Hobi: I'm going to the pharmacy section.
  • Jin: Why?
  • Hobi: So I can cure all the sick people with my godliness *heavenly lights shine on him* I'll also save them money on the medicine. *more heavenly lights*
  • Suga: Uh-huh, sure weido now stop people are staring.
  • Hobi: Let them stare for I am- *gets knocked out my Suga*
  • Suga: I SAID STOP!
  • Jin: *moves kids away* Ok children nothing to see here.
  • RM: Honey can we go down the condiment aisle?
  • Jin: Why we have enough condiments @ home.
  • RM: Yeah but Jimin says he wants to get some jams.
  • Jin: *stares narrow-eyed at Jimin*
  • Jimin: Daddy, mommy's scaring me again. *burries face into RM's shoulder*
  • Jin: Where's Taehyung?
  • JungKook: He said he was going down the ice cream aisle, because that's what his kind eat.
  • Jin: Namjoon go get your child.
  • RM: Don't you mean "our" child?
  • Jin: No I mean YOUR child. This is my baby *points @ JungKook*
  • - 5 mins later -
  • V: I don't understand why I can't just go and live on my home planet.
  • Jin: Because I said so, now JungKook baby get out the cart so I can-
  • JungKook: No.
  • Jin: What did you just say?
  • JungKook: I said no mommy. Are you deaf?
  • Jin: Boy you better-
  • Police: Ma'am is this your child? *holds up V* We found him in the dairy aisle eating ice cream without paying for it.
  • Jimin: Yeah we know him! That's my little bro-
  • Jin: NOPE! I have never seen that kid in my life.
  • V: But mommy I-
  • Jin: Maybe you should find his real parents.
  • Police: *drag V away*
  • RM: Why did you do that?
  • Jin: Because he's technically not my son, only JungKook is.
  • RM: *facepalm*

DAREDEVIL | S2 | Karen Page moments 18/50

Why do you always do this? Why do you put Matt in the driver’s seat when you can do this yourself?

Matt and I are partners for a reason. 

There’s some things that I’m better at, and there’s things that he’s better at.

Preference #41 - I'm Not The Only One (PART 1) *REQUESTED*



‘You and me, we made a vow, For better or for worse’

It was your wedding day and you were finally marrying Harry and you couldn’t be happier. You were sitting in the room of the church just trying to compose yourself when there was a knock on the door. “Come in.” You turned to the door to see Harry sneak in. “You’re not supposed to be here. I will be out in a minute.” You finally looked at Harry and he looked so handsome in his suit, you couldn’t wait to marry him but his face was so stressed. “I need to tell you something.” There was something dark in that statement. “Go on then.” He stopped in his tracks and stared at you. “You look so beautiful (Y/N), I love you so much and I am so sorry.” You were still confused. “What is it?” Harry took a deep breath. “I had sex with someone last night.” You couldn’t look at him. “With who?” Harry pulled at his curls. “It doesn’t matter who.” At this you screamed. “Get out!!” Harry shook his head and walked towards you and wrapped his arms around you to keep you still. You fought to get out of his grip but he wasn’t letting go so you just dropped to the floor your wedding dress puffing up everywhere. With everything you had you pushed Harry off of you and started yanking on the zip of the dress, you wanted the dress off. “Stop it, stop it.” Harry begged you. There was a knock on the door. “(Y/N) are you ready?” You just rolled your eyes. “I’m not getting married any more, tell everyone to go home or you know what they can go to the reception I mean it’s all been paid for anyway.” At that the door opened and in walked your best friend Tarsh, there was an awkwardness between both Harry and her and it all made sense now. “So you and Tarsh? Huh?” Harry started to cry. “It wasn’t supposed to happen but it did.” You stood up and headed to the door to leave. “For better or for worse, you always said that (Y/N).” You turned to him and saw the tears falling from his eyes. “Some things are just unforgivable.” You left the room and then the church, to many people calling your name for you to stop but you just had to keep going, leaving Harry in your past.


'But when you call me baby, I know I’m not the only one’

You had just walked into the front door after a day out with your family, you had to leave Liam at home because he was sick and had no energy to go anywhere but he was insistent that you still go and see your family. But you heard Liam murmuring from down the hall so you crept towards his voice. “…the hotel on Saturday baby… I will end it soon… She won’t be home… Of course baby, I love you…” You could feel your heart breaking but you weren’t in the right frame of mind to confront Liam about this so you went back to the front door and left the house. You started the car heading nowhere in particular, you just needed to think. A couple minutes into the drive your phone started ringing and it was Liam, you didn’t want him to think anything was wrong so you answered the call. “Hi.” there was a pause. “Hi baby.” You heart dropped at the term of endearment. “When are you going to be home?” You knew in your heart that Liam was cheating on you. “I’ll be home in about an hour, just going to the shops they have that kettle on sale so hopefully there are some left. Do you need me to get you anything while I’m out?” There was a pause. “No baby, it’s okay. I’ll see you when you get home. I love you very much.” You frowned. “I love you too.” You did go to the store and buy the kettle but you also came to the conclusion that you loved Liam too much to let him go, even if it meant that you only had a piece of Liam that was okay for now. You walked into your home an hour later and you were meet with rose petals leading from the front door down the hall to the rear of the house you followed the petals and was met with a romantic table for two with candles and rose petals everywhere and there was Liam at the stove cooking. You stood there for a moment until Liam noticed you. “Hey baby.” Liam walked over to you cupped your face and planted a kiss on you. For now you would pretend, hoping this doesn’t destroy you.


'Maybe I am just not enough’

The night before you had been at a club with Louis and you were just so tired and not really feeling it and that caused Louis to get annoyed at you. Apparently, you were bringing his mood down and he wanted nothing to do with you that night. You weren’t stupid enough to leave alone because you knew you would be faced with a wall of Paparazzi who would hound you as to why you were leaving alone and having the pictures spread over the next days papers would piss Louis off royally. So you sat in the corner of the club alone most of the night as you watched Louis dance with very attractive slim models, your heart just continued to break the entire night. Once you had made it home together many hours later in silence, Louis collapsed and passed out on the bed and you knew he wouldn’t be waking up any time soon. You walked into the bathroom, locked the door and just stared at yourself in the full-length mirror on the far wall and all you could see was every single imperfection you have. Your chunky things, your pudgy stomach, flabby arms that wave every time you move and the roundness of your face just made you cry. How you managed to gain the attention of Louis you never knew, he would never tell you and that just made you more suspicious. Louis never wanted to confirm your relationship to the world even though it was very clear by pictures that fans and paps had taken. Everyone knew how important Louis’ family was to him but every time he went to visit them you would be left behind wondering where your relationship was even heading. You knew that you loved Louis unconditionally but how are you supposed to face the man you love and ask him why he loves you when he should be telling you every day? Maybe you’re just not enough.


'I can’t believe you let me down, But the proof’s in the way it hurts’

Once again you are going to bed angry at your husband because he is god knows where doing god knows what and he forgot that you were supposed to go out to dinner with both his family and yours to tell them you were pregnant. He used to be so excited to get home to you after a busy day and he would hug you tight and pepper your face with kisses but now you were questioning where his heart actually lies. You let your hand sit on your slight bump. “Daddy loves us. Just sometimes he forgets to show it. But I promise… ” The tears started to trickle over your lids. “… I promise that you will always know that you are loved.” You wiped the tears from your eyes. “I remember that your daddy was so excited when your cousins were born and he was always so sad he never got to see them as they grew when they were little, but I know that he will do everything in his power to see you as much as he can. And you will be the apple of his eye.” The crying eventually tired you out but you kept your hand on your stomach protecting your little one. When Niall arrived home the house was dark except for a slight glow coming from the bedroom. He opened the door as quietly as he could and he found you curled up on your side of the bed still wearing the beautiful dress you bought just for the dinner, with your hand on your slight bump. Niall looked at your face and the tear tracks were still visible and Niall felt horrible, he hated the way he was letting you down. Niall knelt down by your side and kissed your little bump. “Hi bean, it’s daddy here. I’m sorry I wasn’t there tonight and I hate hurting your mummy. She means everything to me, so maybe you can help me make her smile and I can make her happier again. I love you bean and I love your mummy. Goodnight.” Niall kissed bean again and got behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist whispering in your ear. “Things will get better. I love you too much to keep hurting you.”


'You’ve made me realize my deepest fear, By lying and tearing us up’

For the last hour you had been packing your bags to leave, you needed to get away from the toxic environment that was Zayn and just re-evaluate everything in your life. You had just locked the front door and loaded your suitcase in the trunk of your car as Zayn pulled up next to you. Zayn’s face was very confused as you got into the car and locked your doors not even looking at him. He rushed out of his car and started taping on your window, you opened the window just a little bit. “Where are you going?” You just looked at him with a blank expression. “Away.” is eyes scrunched up and confusion was on his face. “Where?” You just shrug your shoulders and start the engine of the car. “You can’t leave. You can’t leave me (Y/N). This is not happening.” You were glad that you had locked the doors and only opened the window minutely because Zayn tried to get his hand through the gap to get to you. “If you just talked to me then I wouldn’t be leaving. Maybe if every word that came out of your mouth wasn’t a lie, maybe if you still looked at me as if I was the most important person in your life or maybe if you simply said that you loved me I may not feel the need to leave. But I do feel that way and unfortunately my love for you just isn’t enough to look past everything.” You put the car in reverse and left Zayn there crying on the ground. Zayn needed to wake up and stop hiding things from you and treating you as if you meant nothing to him, only time would tell if you would ever go back to Zayn but things weren’t looking promising.

A/N: Sorry this one is so beyond late. So this was based off the song 'I’m Not The Only One’ by Sam Smith. To the anon who requested this I hope this is alright and I am so sorry this is so late. Requests and feedback would be good.

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Prompt time! Skylox: Fluffy Skylox where Adam is recording and Ty hugs him from behind suddenly because his love for Adam was overwhelming. (takes place in TC house)

Shit, sorry I took so long! I’ve had this written out, just haven’t been able to type it :P
Hope you enjoy!
Also, tell me if you see a reference to another channel in there! There’s one in there!

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The first thing Killian registers when he wakes up is Emma pressing her toes against his calves.

“Bloody hell, Swan!”

“Sorry? My feet are cold.” He can see from her sleepy smile that she’s not sorry at all.

“That much is obvious.”

“Not my fault you’re like a human space heater.” She scoots over to her side of the bed, but the pout on her face has him reaching for her and pulling her back against him in seconds.

She buries her face in his neck and hums. “You snore. It’s only fair.”

“I most certainly do not snore.”

“Yes, you certainly do.” She giggles and sits up long enough to kiss his cheek before cuddling back against his chest. “It’s okay though. I still love you.”

He sighs. Look at what she had gone and turned Captain Hook into. “I love you, too. Cold toes and all.”