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Based off the song Oops by Little Mix feat. Charlie Puth

Word Count: 568

Warnings: Implied smut kinda. Fluff

A/N: This kinda turned into one of those drabbles where I didn’t actually define the pairing. So you can decide who you want this to be with. Dean, Sam, Cas, someone from another fandom, whoever you’re crushing on at the moment… All I know is that this song is absolutely adorable!!

Version en Español: Oops

Y/N and I are just friends.

Yeah. Friends.

That’s it. We tried the dating thing and both decided that we were better off as friends.

So yeah. Friends.

Then why do I keep waking up in her bed?

But we’re still just friends.

You know, the kind of friends who sometimes, maybe, every once in a while, no big deal, might backslide.

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Space, Dude

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Prompt: The odd challenge, my number was 6. Post explaining more thoroughly can be found here.

Words: 720

Warnings: Fluff and just a giggly, drunk reader. Be responsible when you drink. 

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Beautiful, Just The Way You Are

Characters: Castiel x Reader, Sam (mentioned), Dean (mentioned)

Word Count: 939 (Is that a drabble? Whoops)

Warnings: Self hate so please read with caution

Request:  Can you do a Cas drabble with. “Please don’t do that again, you’re perfectly beautiful how you are.”

The quote is highlighted in the fic.

Author’s Note: Please, send in requests because I love reading them and I love writing them! If you would like to be tagged in my future fics and my Series Rewrite that is coming soon, let me know and I’ll add you!

Feedback is always appreciated

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Life wasn’t fair. Sam and Dean had everything they wanted.

They had good looks.

They were flirtatious and charming.

They were tall.

They were built.

They were special.

They were badass hunters.

What were you?

You were average, maybe a bit below it.

You were shy and clumsy.

You were short and chubby.

You weren’t he best hunter around. You didn’t know why Sam or Dean even wanted you to join them in the first place. But they did and so here you were.

You met Castiel, yet another gorgeous specimen that you couldn’t have. Not that you wanted Sam or Dean in that way but it would be nice to know they wanted you a little bit.

Whenever you four went out, girls would throw themselves at them when guys wouldn’t turn heads for you. At first, you didn’t care because they were assholes and you didn’t deserve them but it built and built up inside of you. It got to a point where you craved affection, even if it was from the Winchesters or the Angel.

Of course, they didn’t know what was going on with you or the demons that were inside your mind. You didn’t think even Cas knew and he was a fucking Angel of the Lord. You tried not letting the demons win but sometimes, you just sat in your room until your eyes were empty of water; until you couldn’t cry no more.

You weren’t anything special and each and everyday proved that. You tried losing the weight you had but nothing seemed to be working. Sam tried to get you to work out with him and for a while, you did. But you couldn’t do it like he did.

You tried eating healthy like Sam but you couldn’t control the crave you had for Dean’s amazing cooking. You even tried starving yourself but even then, you would go back to eating. You didn’t have the motivation for anything and you didn’t want to ask for help because you hated feeling weak in front of the men you lived with. You didn’t want them to think any less of you if you asked for help.

So, you didn’t.

You never asked once.

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okay so during one of the comic streams, the super gay stream team and I decided that GotG was just the Avengers doing tabletop RP

Bucky’s the DM (its a sci-fi setting, of course its Bucky’s idea)

Tony is Peter (because Tony only knows how to play himself)

Natasha is Drax (because she’s a fucking troll)

Clint is Gamora (because he wants to be someone as cool as Natasha)

Steve is Rocket (because fuck you Steve would be a little shit and also Rocket is a fuckin’ spoof of Bucky)

and Sam is Groot (because he got bribed into playing, he doesn’t even know how to play so fuck you, he is gonna play a god-modey talking tree with the voice of Vin Diesel and y'all will just have to deal)

and now I wanna rewatch the movie with the super gay stream team so we can decide how the Avengers are reacting and why they’re being such dicks

Sometimes I think about Castiel being conflicted about having romantic feelings for both of the Winchesters.

Castiel getting sweaty palms and butterflies when he’s studying lore with Sam and being in awe of how brilliant the younger Winchester is and/or watching some kind of documentary with him about space and feeling his cheeks grow hot when Sam casually stretches out and rests his head on his shoulder.

Or Cas sitting out in the garage with Dean while he works on the Impala, passing him the tools he needs while listening to Dean singing out of key to whatever classic rock song he’s got playing on the radio. And if he has to excuse himself because the sight of Dean all sweaty and breathless gets him hard well…that’s his business.

But the Winchesters aren’t conflicted at all.

Besides, Castiel’s always been their angel and it all comes to a head one morning when Cas sleepily makes his way to the kitchen, lured out of his blanket nest by the smell of hot coffee and both Winchester brothers greet him with a kiss to each of his cheeks before settling at the table and waiting for him to process what just happened.

When he realizes that he doesn’t have to choose, that he can have this with them, he just kinda stands there with this dopey grin on his face.

“We love you, too, Cas, but your breakfast is getting cold,” Sam grins.
Castiel nods and takes his rightful place between both of the Winchesters.

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Hello! I really love your blog, and I noticed you do really good fic-recs. I wanted to ask you if you know some gen fics where one of the brothers is hurt or sad and the other helps and comforts him. Even if it's not exactly this it's okay. Thank you really much! ♥

hi nonnie, well like I said I mostly read slash fics but I have a few Gen/ brotherly that I love, I hope you can find something here. Have a nice Monday! ~Aeren

Welcome Back by: morgana07   1-shot to 10x03 Soul Survivor that shows what might’ve happened between Dean waking up and the next scene as Dean’s guilt & emotions react to the cure in an unexpected manner & Sam’s unable to do anything but hope. *Hurt/limp/tired/angsty/guilty!Dean & Worried/protective/upset!Sam* 

Soulless to Remember by: morgana07   1-shot. Spoilers! After finding Sam hurt & in trouble, Dean deals with the threat only to find that it’s brought back nightmares for Sam that neither Winchester wanted to face again. *Hurt/confused/guilty!Sam & Angry/concerned/Big brother!Dean* SPOILERS for 09x17 Mother’s Helper.

Scar Tissue by: dragonflybeach   Coda/fixit to s09e17 Mother’s Little Helper. The tension in the bunker has to break at some point. Language and mentions of canon violence.

Memento Vivere by: KCS   After the events of #THINMAN, Sam finally decides to extend an olive branch of sorts to his “hunting partner.” In the process, he finds that both he and Dean have old wounds that need to begin healing before they can fix what’s broken between them now. Spoilers, as it’s a jump onto the S9 fix-it bandwagon. Full warnings inside.

Everything No One Else Was by: Super Vanilla Bear   Set after 9.13 “The Purge.” From bathing him as a toddler, to going to his spelling bees, to being the ten year old that knew what kind of laundry detergent works best. He’s the one who stayed up with him all night when he was sick, reading him stories, feeding him soup, sleeping with him because he felt too icky. Features a headcold!Sam and a sick!Dean.

The Sound of Silence  by: LaueHime   After Sam freed Lucifer, Dean says he can’t trust him anymore. Tension rises as the brothers find out about their role in the Apocalypse. Sam really wants to regain Dean’s trust so when he gets hurt, he doesn’t tell him in fear of breaking their already fragile bond. But the consequences might make him lose more than his brother’s trust. S5, Limp!Hurt!Sam, LittleLimp!Angst!Dean

I Love This Road by smalltrolven Dean’s looking worse for wear after a hunt and several people assume that Sam must be abusing him. And Dean’s singing a song that he doesn’t know but that is in Sam’s brain.(WINCEST, but so good, I love this author and their work to pieces, non explicit tho, maybe you can give it a shot?)

Not Just a River in Egypt by: Disasteriffic Kaz   Tag to 10x15 “The Things They Carried” Dean wonders why Sam never once objected to Cole calling him ‘Sammy’. Angst-fest and some lovely bro-ments because… it’s me.

He’s In Trouble by: morgana07   Sam’s POV. Sam’s thoughts as he ponders what happened with Dean and how things will go for them now as he knows the struggle his brother has is just beginning. *Thoughtful/worried/concerned!Sam* SPOILERS! 10x14 Executioner’s Song

Finding Normal by annie46 Sam finds out that there is something else Ruby was hiding from him.  Can he & Dean make a home for the child he never knew he had?   He might have cured his brother once but the Mark of Cain still haunts the Winchesters and it’s dark shadow hangs over every move they make.  Sam wants to keep his daughter but, deep down, he knows he will never ‘Find Normal’

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do your icarly otp ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m writing this out of pure spite and also because I asked you Johnlock lmfao

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy? I would say Freddie BUT I bet Sam sends straight white boy texts just because she knows Mrs. Benson probably screens his texts and wants to troll her.
  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie? Oh god. Freddie. 100% Freddie. 
  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave? Sam. She knew what she was doing, and she did it anyway. When Freddie asked her way, she shrugged and said, “Meh. Just because.” 
  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? Freddie did and Sam was so surprised she nearly socked him in the gut before she realized it was him. 
  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner? Sam does but she’s really obnoxious because she’ll take her feet and put it right at Freddie’s face instead of just on his lap or something.
  • Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon? Freddie is super into reality tv but Sam will watch it with him because she’s lowkey into it. They have weird reality tv shows that they watch: Finding Bigfoot, Doomsday Preppers, and Amish Mafia are their favorites (these are honest to god tv shows btw). 
  • WHO IS THE LITTLE SPOON? Freddie if he can get Sam to cuddle
Ten Characters I Would Kiss

I was tagged by @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell, thanks! 

1. Lucifer (because of course)

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2. Michael. Hell. Fucking. Yes. I would say yes to you anytime ;))

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3. Sam Winchester. LOOK AT HIM. LOOK. AT. HIM.

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4. Dean Winchester. JESUS.

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5. Charlie Bradbury, this angel who combines being the most ridiculously adorable bean, with just…so much beauty

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6. Rowena. How can you NOT??

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7. Abaddon. UMM…Yes. Yes Please.

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8. Diana Prince. Princess of Themiscrya, queen of my heart.

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9. Evelyn Carnahan from the Mummy: my first ever female fictional crush. Rachel Weisz is gorgeous, and Evy is the best. 10/10 would happily rescue and ride off into the sunset on a camel with her.

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10. Nyota Uhura: Star Trek TOS.

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“#hes gay #straights arent allowed to marry him or like him so uhh just jot that down!

I can’t tell if these tags are directed at me, but I’m laughing either way.

a) because the drawing of Sebastian is a wip picture, taken from a drawing of him and Sam holding hands, so yes, he is gay, b) I have multiple pieces of art and fanfiction dedicated to shipping him with Sam, not women, and c) I’m not even straight.

also lol @ people marriage policing stardew valley, sorry, that’s not what inclusivity is about.

make it. 11x04 coda. (ao3)

Somewhere along the way, Dean lost control of his facial expressions.

He realizes it on the drive back, blood caking on his face and neck, glass shards sliding across the floor every time he brakes, both his body and his baby’s making occasional noises of protest. They’ve been driving through the night to get back to the bunker, and they’re still not quite there come morning.

As Dean reaches to switch to a different tape, Sam wakes just enough to complain about it.

“Dude, c’mon,” Sam says, swatting blearily at Dean’s hand. “I’ve heard every one of these a million times. Can’t we turn on the radio?”

Dean must be pretty damn tired, because he rolls his eyes and says, “Fine.”

Problem is, there’s nothing on, the only music they can pick up here in the middle of Nowhere, Nebraska faint and statickey. Which is how they end up listening to NPR at the crack of freaking dawn.

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Okay, I’ve seen many people upset about Dean’s lack of internet knowledge and they way he (or, you say ‘the writers’) plays it. 

And here is my two cents, and it’s totally open for discussion. 

(also consider my take of OOC and 'lazy writing- which I don’t believe is the case)   

We know Dean is smart. Sam knows Dean is smart. 

The only person who doesn’t know that, and doesn’t accept that about himself is Dean. This is why he makes a joke out of it and distance himself from it. In his mind, he is a soldier, that’s why he takes the lead on the huts, that’s why he drives, that’s why he gets first to a battle scene, this is his intelligence, as far as he’s concerned. 

He is clever, he is observant, he has a very VERY sharp mind and eyes, and his instincts are supernatural. real talk. 

He is also in a constant state of PTSD ever since hell (and even before, being constantly on life threatening situations) , which means, that while he’s on a hunt, in a life threatening situations, his senses are sharp and his mind is quick and he can see miles away, this flood of chemical in the brain means that when he’s not on a hunt, he can experience the opposite, it can be dull senses and even depression (you can read a well written post about it here, by the amazing honeysweetsam

This means that when he’s not on a hunt, he is resting from this high, even unknowingly. he can indulge huge amounts of food to contradict this 'low’, he can drink alcohol, and among other things, he is just not 'on his best’. he is on his best when he is 'on the road next to my brother hunting monsters’

So for me, it makes total sense to see him that way. 

And the joke thing? 

that’s Dean joking on himself, maybe a little too much because of how he feels awful and hopeless with the mark. 

(and about the way he eats, I think it’s just something he allows himself to do infront of Sam. when he was with Cas in the resturant it wasn’t like that, and I don’t recall him eating like that near other people. he just feels comfortable with Sam and acts a bit childish. I find it adorable) 

Hi there. I know you’re a big Sam fan, so I was wondering if you might have any advice along the lines of what fic writers tend to miss when writing him or stuff that makes his voice seem off in fic. I don’t read a lot of fic that has his perspective extensively so I haven’t picked up on anything yet myself, but I’m sure there are things. Thanks!

First of all, thanks for asking this. The only way to prevent the spread of the plague of Sam Abuse is to talk about it like it actually is a fucking communicable disease because that’s really how badly it can take over.

Second, I’m going to direct you to a tag on my blog, #Sam Winchester is BEST Winchester.

Now, this isn’t just so you can reblog literally everything there because I know you want to (he’s so perfect????). Rather, in answer to your question, I think it might be easier to use the posts in that tag as a reference than to say “WELP maybe watch each of the episodes 26 times like I have and you’ll get a better idea.”

(I haven’t watched every episode 26 times.)

And I’m sure I write Sam badly sometimes, so, just, bottom line? I’m not an authority but if you’re gonna give me the opportunity to gently guide you to good Sam writing, I’mma do my best to gently guide the fuck out of you.


Sam Winchester Died For Us.

First and foremost every. single. fucking. time. I will scream about it until I’m dead and gone. Sam chose to throw himself in a hole with the one creature we’re all supposed to fear and as if it weren’t enough to save us from the Devil himself, he also grabbed the second angriest archangel and dragged him with so these two pricks could pick on each other for the rest of time, knowing full well he’d likely be their greatest fucking chew toy in that cage.

And Sam did these things to keep his brother safe, yes. But he also did these things to save all the lives on. the. planet.

One of the main reasons that Sam does things is

Sam Winchester Loves His Brother and Wants Him to Be Happy.

And a lot of what you need to know about Sam comes from the way he was raised – thus a lot of what you need to know about Sam is what kind of man raised him. And we ain’t talkin about John.

The man who raised Sam didn’t know how to raise a kid because he was a kid himself. So he just clung on and did his best and that means he loved too much and too close and so Sam’s formative idea of love is intense. Too much. Too close.

A sad fact is that

Sam Winchester Thinks He is a Dirty Infection.

Even before he knew he was fed demon blood, he suspected something was wrong. And we learn toward the end of Season Gr8 that he actually boxed away and hid a lot of serious sadness and self-loathing and held deep a very toxic belief that he was unclean and impure.

Now as far as writing Sam goes, these are the three blocks of foundation that I find most contribute to standing him on his own and telling a story about him.

If fics don’t remember these things, I usually put the fic down.

Sam feels dirty, Sam loves his brother, and he wants humanity to be free of infections like himself and he wants his brother not to have to deal with his bullshit.

So he saved all. of. us.


Sam is also heavily susceptible to being the absolute King of Best Intentions.

In order to shove monsters and mean freaks off the planet, in order to save people and preserve human life and keep his brother safe, he has done bad things with the best of intentions. That doesn’t mean that his intentions have never gone sour.

Because he’s a fucking human being.

So what I really need from writers is to allow Sam Winchester to be complex and flawed. The way he really is.

He is drawn to power and he has noticed this about himself and tried to check his behavior. He is quick to anger and he has noticed this about himself and tried to check his behavior. He is naturally big and intimidating and so he slouches in his clothes and hangs off his pockets and smiles like a big, cute dope when he looms accepts hugs from short people. Being tall isn’t something he can help, but he knows how to use it by now. He has learned how to make it mean safety and make it mean murder.

So now go back through some eps or through that tag with me.

Watch gifs or watch Sam on mute sometimes. Notice the way he moves.

He can’t help but be sure of where his feet go, and he doesn’t always restrain his physical movements, but he is dorky and hesitant sometimes, the way people are when they’re overjoyed to meet a new dog or something. Like, “I’m bigger than you, so let’s not make this scary, let’s find out how kind we can be to each other.”

Sam bites back words. He stops himself from going in certain directions sometimes and others he just kind of rattles stuff off because he just didn’t engage his filter.

Sam isn’t a people person!!

Sam doesn’t actually play well with others. He was raised to fit in with the normies – he was raised to act. But he’s not wild about hanging out with them. He sits hunched into himself or makes goofy, stilted, comedic movements.

Sam doesn’t understand family dynamics!! It’s something he’s read about in novels and watched on TV and something he thinks he gets and he’s just kind of annoyed by it? Sam is the kind of person who would choose who to love. If he had graduated with his people at Stanford, they probably all would have backpacked Europe together, after, and moved into the same apartment complex and tried to make every week of their lives a Friends rerun. He would want to choose his family.

That’s not to say that the family he has – Dean – is someone he would not choose.

At this point, however, his family relationship with his brother is a pretty unhealthy attachment that he can no longer function without.

This is something that the show doesn’t seem to want to fix, so, frankly, the more fanfic tackles the issue, the better. Because LAWD knows that Sam likes to keep his body healthy. If he could only care that he wasn’t keeping his mind healthy, he’d be in superb shape.

Sam encourages children!!

Sam Winchester grew up raised by another kid. They had tantrum hissy fits when dad wanted them to practice their shotguns and hand-to-hand combat. Guaran-fucking-teed. So Sam doesn’t get the whole innocent children thing. From afar? Maybe yeah. Protecting innocents? Yes, okay.

But when kids are all set to do evil, anyway, he’s like, could you at least grow up doing evil correctly??? Please.

I know I’m skipping around a bit.

But there’s just so much to cover.


You need to remember that this nerd is FUKKEN’ RIPPED. Sam exercises on top of running around and ganking things for a living. He pushes his body to the limit but it’s also likely that he gets up and jogs real early like some absolute fucking fruitbat. STOP SAM WE WANT YOU TO GET MORE SLEEP.

On that note: SAM DOES NOT GET ENOUGH SLEEP. I can basically guarantee that. And it feels too normal to him so someone really ought to shake him out of the habit of only sleeping two hours in a 72-hour period.

Sam eats well. He probably doesn’t keep snacks around to mindlessly eat or pick up candy whenever it’s offered. He probably has two reasonable meals and one Really Good Super Healthy Meal every day. He doesn’t consider hamburgers toxic, but he’s not gonna have a soda if he also eats his fries. That kind of thing. Then, one meal per day? QUINOA WITH GOAT CHEESE ON SPINACH AND KALE WITH A LEMON VINAIGRETTE. Bam. Somewhere Dean is shifting uncomfortably just knowing that sentence exists in the world.

Sam sprawls.

Please make sure that when you apply your Sam Winchester to your scenery, you hit italics on that motherfucker and let him sprawl. He is too long for conventional chairs and I imagine his knees are continually bruised. His back is probably achy.

Sam sprawls on furniture and leans back in chairs and he looks weird and squished when he’s on couches. Please remember this just for my enjoyment, thanks. Please remember, also, that his toesies hang off his bed and that’s really sad and he needs proper accommodations. (I love him so much, I’m heartbroken.)


You guys. I have had Sam-length hair for most my life. Mine is agonizingly curly, though, not a silken wave of bliss.

But I need you to remember that, when he settles down, he tosses his head a little to get it off his neck or away from his face. He pushes it behind his ears and there is ABSOLUTELY a secret length at which it drives him nuts and he has to get it cut. He’s got great boring white boy hair, though, so probably anyone can do it (probably he doesn’t have to rely on one person WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO IT RIGHT AND PAY HER A LOT OF MONEY I JUST DID THIS IT’S VERY IMPORTANT).

Please remember the heaving-bosom thing he does for maximum Samness.

Please remember that Sam is full of cringe-worthy moments of hilarity. He goofs up all the time just like that one time you fell down the entire second half of the Hall 100 stairwell on your ass and literally everyone who has ever hated your guts was watching and got the opportunity to laugh heartily.

He tries to laugh it off but he could proBABLY USE A DAMN HUG AFTERWARD I’M JUST SAYING.

Sam is very, very, intimately familiar with pain, ache, anguish, agony, failure, and desperation. He is suicidal. He is depressed. He does a very good job being functional and trying his best to be happy and there for the people who need him. He does an incredibly good job staying alive under those circumstances. But, again, we circle back around to the fact that Sam blames himself for the evil that was fed into him as a child. Blames himself for the predestined, cattle-prodded, bullshit fate he fulfilled in letting Lucifer out of the cage. And he blames himself every subsequent time there’s been an opportunity to save the world that didn’t quite pan out.

Sam didn’t finish school. If you think this doesn’t bug him, this is understandable because the show kicks this fact around maybe once a year like a deflated soccer ball. If you think this wouldn’t bug someone, then that might mean you haven’t had to pause school for any reason and you don’t know what an absolute joke that can make you feel like. When you’ve proven you’re smart but life doesn’t let you have the stupid fucking paper. So people look at you a certain way and tell you for the rest of time that “employers will think this way about you” and then list the 92 ways in which you are, I GUESSED IT, I WIN, a total failure.

Sam is smart. But he didn’t get the stupid paper. Didn’t get to go be a lawyer. Probably worries that he’s actually just a meathead hunter. He has a passion for being the first to LEARN why some phenomenon is going on. But we don’t reward a passion for learning in this country unless that’s a fakeass line you shove on your scholarship application.

Now, here are some things from fics that need to stop:

  • STOP calling Sam selfish
  • STOP sending Sam to the library
  • STOP making Sam and Cas out to be in opposition (they are LITERALLY friends and PROBABLY brothers-in-law so STOP)
  • STOP calling Sam moose non-fucking-stop
  • STOP writing him as if he looks down on Dean and thinks of him as lesser
  • STOP assuming he wants to make babies unless you write a good fucking reason for a change of attitude because the show as a whole ACTUALLY does not support the six seconds in S08 when he thought he wanted to maybe, possibly, some day reproduce
  • STOP making him super-serious 100% of the time, hello, he is a fucking goofball, it’s adorable

And finally, fanfic is largely about FIXING the inane crap that the show has been pounding down our throats, so feel free to explore the ways that Sam can find what he does not have in canon and what has not been offered to him. I will repeat myself from here:

  • a best friend
  • a life
  • meaningful relationships outside his brother
  • relationships without mourning at their center
  • relationships based on health and happiness
  • romantic attraction and some dates at least ffs
  • a texting buddy
  • a hobby or something i mean goddamn
  • i don’t even care about dogs and i recognize that Sam needs a dog
  • a fucking vacation

One final point:

Sam is powerful, he is so so pretty when he smiles, and, bottom line, he puts other people before himself.

Sam loves us and wants us to be happy.

Hope, Part 1 (Dark&Twisted!Cas)

Author: castielohcastiel

Characters: Reader, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Relationships: Castiel x Reader

Warning :angst

Word Count :1669

A/N: Not sure how I feel about this first part, might rewrite it, but wanted to get a feel for what you all think.Fair warning, I might delete later.

Summary:  You wake up one morning, to find that Dean has kicked out Castiel out of the bunker. Castiel who has just had his grace stolen. Can you get to the love of your life, before someone else does?

Also I took some liberties to go with the story. 

Originally posted by castiel-for-king

Driving on the road, a cigarette pressed between your lips, the ac blasted, along with the music of the Descendents. You drove fast, you drove onward, away from the bunker. Away from the damn Winchesters. Tears threatened to escape, but you willed yourself. Fucking begged yourself, to not be weak. Not now. You only had one thing on your mind. The fallen angel with the sad blue eyes. You needed to find him. Slamming your hands against the steering wheel, you inhale the tobacco, letting it fill your lungs. And one thing is certain, if you can’t find him. If you can’t get to him, before someone else does. If you can’t get to him and tell him you love him. Tell him that it didn’t matter if  his grace was gone, that the two of you could disappear. Fall off the face of the earth and be together. If you didn’t get that chance. You were going to kill Dean Winchester.

The music buzzed in your ears, the words of the song, came out in a scream , flowing out of your mouth. Nothing but the road ahead of you. The road was your best friend,  has been the constant in your life since you were 8 years old. When your mother had died of cancer, your Dad did not have the heart to leave you with relatives, when he had to go on a hunt. You had looked at him, determination in your small pupils, “ Dad, I’m going to be hunter one day” He smiled kindly at you, “I know, my little warrior.” He took you in his arms and for the next 15 years, he trained you. He was a kind man, but a tough teacher, making the best hunter you could be. Fighting along side him for years, until he passed too. Leaving you alone. An orphan in the world, until one day, you met the Winchesters. You both were on the same case, two fresh faced boys back then, you laughed at their fake FBI badges, telling them they were too young looking for the Feds. Dean was cocky back then, always flashing that damn smile. But Sam, he was sweet , the two of you became best friends fast, nearly the same age, it was easier for the two of you. But after years traveling with them, Dean softened up, letting you into his little world. You went along the ride, going through everything with the boys, nearly dying plenty of times, but in the end, the three of you walked away. Damaged a little more each time,  sure, but you walked away.  The three of you gradually turned into a family unit, filling the whole in your heart that was empty.

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Don’t Forget About Me

Characters: Dean x Reader x Sam (siblings)
Words: 1252
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: The reader is jealous of Sam’s new lady friend.

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          “Hey, Dean,” you walked into the main room and saw your oldest brother sitting on the couch.

           “Hey, Kiddo,” he smiled up at you.

           You collapsed next to him, “Where’s Sam?” you asked, not seeing your other brother around the house.

           “He’s got a date.”

           “Another one?” you asked.

           Dean laughed, “Same girl though. I think he’s starting to get serious.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Hunters don’t get serious.”

           “Maybe Sam can. One day you might be able to too,” Dean shrugged, “Prove them wrong all wrong.”

           “I don’t think that’s gonna happen,” you shook your head, “I’m not planning to settle down or anything.”

           “You’ll meet the right guy.”

           “Whatever you say.”

           Dean chuckled, “You’re stubborn.”

           “I’m a Winchester.”

           “That you are.”

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Okay so I was making some serious edits tonight and started making caps of the Sam and Rumlow stand-off and this is the last cap of that scene. . can we just appreciate Frank Grillo’s butt for a second????? look at it???? how??? seriously, you’ll all join me and become Rumlow trash just you wait and see. + yes this is a butt appreciation post. ⁎⁺˳✧༚(̿▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)̄.


“I don’t need your dreadful matchmaking skills, Gabriel!”

I was browsing my archive and came across this silly thing which I drew a year ago. I assumed that a photoset with the card and Bella’s question would make it easier to understand!

Here’s just the card and here’s just the Gabriel comic!

(I think the reason I drew this is because I can never decide who to ship Sam with in my verses.)

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Imagine Bucky attaching himself to Sam with the same ferocity as he's attached to Steve, becoming as violently protective of Sam as he is of Steve, because while recovering post-Winter Soldier Sam was the only one who looked at him and saw him entirely for what he is, and not the man who he used to be.

sam is different than the others

he doesn’t expect bucky to be anyone but himself - not who he was before the war, not who he was after zola’s experiments (but before the fall), not who he was in the cold of russia while teaching a young woman how to be a weapon - sam doesn’t expect any of that. sam is selfless and generous and kind and bucky is terrified for him because he knows, just as he knows how to kill a target with a nail file, that people will take advantage of him and use him and hurt him and bucky won’t let that happen. yeah, maybe he’s a bit too aggressive sometimes, but isn’t it better to scare an innocent civilian than risk sam getting injured? and he never attacks them physically, just growls at them or stares them down until they back off, so it’s not even that bad really

sam lets this go on for two weeks before he says anything, but when bucky rumbles menacingly at a group of teenagers that are walking too close to sam on the sidewalk he decides he has to say something

“bucky, i know you’re just doing this whole ‘big, bad wolf thing’ thing to protect me, and i appreciate it, i really do, but you’ve gotta stop. for one thing, i can take care of myself, and if i need backup i promise i’ll let you know. and for another thing, you keep scaring away my neighbors! people that i actually wanna talk to are too nervous to come up and say hello in the damn grocery story because you keep growling at them! maybe instead of assuming everyone’s a threat you could just say hello first? then decide if they’re evil?”

bucky nods his head grudgingly and sam just grins at him

remember how Dean’s siren was a dude when for all the other guys it was a pretty stripper lady

remember how Dean was under the control of the siren telling him to kill Sam and Sam said, ‘Dean this isn’t you, you can fight this’ but Dean tried to kill him anyways, so not even Sam, the most important person to him could break the connection between them

all that in mind do you remember how when Cas was controlled by Naomi who had trained him how to specifically kill Dean, over and over again, and then when Dean said, “Cas this isn’t you, we need you, I need you’ Cas broke the connection and didn’t kill Dean and healed his face instead

how Dean could break the hold Naomi had on Cas

when not even Sam could break the hold the siren had on Dean

when obviously Naomi’s would be much stronger because she is an angel, as is Cas

and how Dean’s perfect, "every thing he wants”, was a man who trusts him and shares secrets with him, rather than a beautiful women

so to summarize, all Dean Winchester wanted at that time, was a guy who he could talk to without feeling like there were secrets, and that want was obviously much stronger than any pretty lady he could think up, right? and, the hold the siren had on Dean couldn’t be broken by Sam, probably the most important person in his life, but the angelic, “kill Dean Winchester” Naomi-hold was broken because Dean told Cas that he needed him.

yes, Dean is straight as heck though right

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Hey! Okay i don't hate Sam but I lately have an indifference for him. Can you tell me why you like Sam so much? (this isnt having a go, i just want to relate to Sam but idk) thankyou! -can you tag me in this if you answer it?-<3

OH of course I can, asssbuttofthelord! I would love to tell you why I love him. I was just thinking about this this morning. 

The short answer is: I love Sam Winchester because he is so good, right down to his core. Because he is constantly selfless. Because even after the life he’s had and all of the horrible things that have happened to him, he still has the ability to have faith and hope in others. And that ability also shows how incredibly strong he is. I love Sam Winchester because he believes it’s not what you are born with or born into but what you do that makes you who you are. You can always choose to be better than your situations and experiences (and Sam has steadfastly done this). 

The long answer is here at my Sammy Appreciation tag, but if you don’t have time to browse it, here are some highlights:

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So, I have this headcanon that Sam accidentally befriended some of the 'non-becky' type sam girls online when he looked into the fanbase. He met them when he wrote out a case as fanfiction to help him get it off his mind, obviously under a pseudonym. Except he paints himself very negatively in the fic, and that's how he befriends them, when they constructively criticize his fic for how it paints Sam.

OH MY GOD can you imagine? Sam posting one of those fics that depict Sam as one of those really whiny helpless third wheel types??? and getting so much shit for it?????????

Reviews/tags/comments like “Good plot, but your characterization needs work.” “I really wish Sam wasn’t so helpless in this. It’s cool to have Dean save the day sometimes, but Sam can take care of himself. He’s a hero too. :/” “Have you ever read the books?”

And Sam just getting so damn emotional over borderline hate because they’re all, like, defending his honour or something.

And when he talks to these online friends, he always puts down his own writing like “ugh sorry this sucks,” but his friends are so encouraging. “It doesn’t suck! Sam’s still a little ooc, but you’re getting better!” And it begins to show in his real life confidence.

Ugh, I’m emotional