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He's a hungry boy danny what are you feeding him

He’s not hungry!
He just eats weird shit because he’s curious about how they taste like


“Cards on the table?”

Error: Are lobsters mermaids to scorpions?
Blueberry: Error its four in the fucking morning.

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Watson’s Unspoken Choice in “The Sign of Four”

Um, so I just watched “The Sign of Four,” and if you know anyone who somehow isn’t convinced that Granada totally intended for a queer reading of their Sherlock Holmes, have them watch the last two minutes of this episode, when Mary Morstan leaves 221B. Seriously. TWO MINUTES, and they are so laden with meaning that I was stunned.

After the case is solved, Ms. Morstan is with them at 221B and she talks about how tired they both must be. Holmes says something to the affirmative while walking into another room, basically dismissing her. Ms. Morstan and Watson share some extended eye contact more than once, like they have been throughout the episode, and she leaves. Then Watson and Holmes have an incredibly loaded conversation about what Holmes gets out of a case where he gets no credit, and Watson goes to sit and watch from the window as Ms. Morstan gets in her carriage.

I can’t get over it. I may write another entire meta on the double meaning in Holmes’ and Watson’s conversation about the case and the visual choices in the scene, cuz it’s all great, but I NEED to talk about the last few moments.

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[Rhodey becomes unbelievably and understandably jealous after seeing Tony and Steve kiss on television]

Rhodey: Just tell me, Tony, because I’m curious - why do you think he’s interested, huh? Do you think, for one minute, that he would even be WITH you if you weren’t the rich and famous Iron Man?

Pepper: [trying to intervene] Awww, you guys, please don’t fight…

Rhodey: Are you that blind?

Tony: At least he treats me like I’m somebody!

Rhodey: Yeah, well would he love you if you were nobody?

Tony: NOBODY loved me when I was nobody!

Rhodey: I DID!

Woozi Soulmate!AU

I took so long to make this fkjgkndfkjgnd i ‘ m  s o  s o r r y ,,,,,, ;; But here it is! I hope it’s good enough so that the wait was worth it! I’m glad I could finally finish this and I ended up liking the result!! I think it’s very cute. I really like this AU and I wish I get more ideas to write more about it with the other members!

Soulmate!AU where you can only see Black and White and can’t see any other color until you meet your soulmate

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  • Jihoon looked up at the sky. Since he was busy working, he rarely had time to go out and appreciate certain things
  • Such as the warm feeling of the sun hitting his exposed skin in such a sunny day
  • And also the soft breeze that made the hot weather perfectly bearable
  • But the thing he appreciated the most, was colors
  • Most of his memories were in black and white, just as the entire world used to be
  • It wasn’t that bad. Black and white was his world, and after growing up surrounded by said colors, he was used to it
  • He almost didn’t feel the need of changing that. He could live just seeing those two colors
  • But he did feel curiosity
  • For the person that Fate knew would make his heart beat faster, and would make everything shine around him
  • Even though he had somewhere to go, he was early, so he took the liberty of sitting on the bench that was closest to him and reminiscing the moment he met you,
  • as he looked at the world that, after meeting you and being fully colored, looked like a different world than the one he had been living in
  • but was much more beautiful
  • “Hey, Jihoon, can you do me a favor?”
  • The voice of his friend Joshua distracted him while he was playing a game on his phone at the dining hall
  • He looked away from his phone screen to look at his friend, raising his eyebrows as if waiting for him to continue and tell him what favor would he have to do
  • “Wonwoo has been sick for a week, and I promised him I would give him my notes so he could copy them, but I can’t do it today. Could you go to his dorm and give it to him?”
  • He looked back at his phone for a second. The game was getting boring, so why not. 
  • He didn’t have classes for the next two hours, so he had more than enough free time to go to the college’s dorms, give wonwoo Joshua’s notes, and go back to the dining hall and keep playing that game while drinking another coffee
  • “Sure” After saying that, he took the notebook from Joshua’s hands
  • “Thank you” The older one responded with a kind smile before leaving for his next class. Jihoon just waved his hand at him as a goodbye before he left to go Wonwoo’s dorm
  • As he walked out of the dining hall, he took his headphones out of his bag and plugged them in his phone before playing one of his favorite playlists
  • The music blocked the noise of the cars passing by, and the voices of the people in the streets, and he found that relaxing
  • He was kind of thankful that, in the world, the things lacking until you met the person you were supposed to be with for the rest of your life were colors
  • Because if he had to live without, for example, not being able to listen to music, he just wouldn’t be able to live, or at least not happily
  • Music was of the most important things in his life
  • Which made him want to pursue a career that could let him become a professional producer in the future
  • Or who knows, maybe even an artist himself, he wasn’t again that idea
  • As he arrived to the dorms, he stopped in front of the crystal door and looked at his reflection for a second
  • His clothes, his hair, his eyes. He could just guess the tone of it
  • He was sure his hair was a dark color, maybe just black
  • He had hear of people who dyed their hair in different colors when they met their soulmate, just because they were curious to see how the change would look
  • And he must admit that, even if he didn’t dislike black, white and other shades of gray, someday he’d like to dye his hair in a different color
  • Maybe blonde? Pink? Brown?
  • He walked into the building, thinking that he’d have more time to think about that later
  • He took the elevator to the third floor, where his friend’s dorm was, and once he was in front of the door he knocked on it
  • Wonwoo opened half a minute later, but Woozi understood that he was probably still sick, and felt too weak to get up from the bed quickly and open the door
  • “Oh, hello Jihoon” the boy said, and gave him a small smile
  • “Hi, Joshua gave me this” He handed him the notebook, and Wonwoo took a look at the first few pages leaving it inside his house
  • “Thank you, do you want to come in?”
  • It wasn’t a bad idea, but probably it wasn’t the best idea either, what if he got sick too?
  • he had never missed a class, and he wanted it to stay like that
  • but probably wonwoo was a little lonely
  • he liked to read books in his free time, but not going to class for a week was enough free time 
  • and also being sick didn’t probably make the free time very enjoyable
  • so he was probably tired of it
  • Maybe instead of going back to the dining hall and playing a game on his phone by himself, if Wonwoo didn’t feel too bad, they could play videogames together
  • So he nodded his head and entered his friend’s house, taking a seat next to him on the couch
  • As if he had read his mind, Wonwoo asked Jihoon if he wanted to play any of the videogames he had
  • And when they had been playing for just 15 minutes, they were already having a lot of fun
  • Jihoon was even worried that Wonwoo would get a headache from laughing so much, since it happened to him when he laughed too much at his friends’ jokes
  • and after 15 minutes more, their laughters were interrupted and silenced by the doorbell of wonwoo’s door ringing
  • could it be another student that wanted to complain about the noise they were making?
  • they weren’t really screaming (maybe a little, but they were too much into the game to realize that)
  • but maybe if someone next door was trying to study, it be bothersome
  • Wonwoo was going to get up, but Jihoon got up first
  • “Stay here, I’ll open”
  • “Ah, it might be (Y/N)!!” As he walked to the door, he asked Wonwoo who (Y/N) was
  • “She lives next door. She’s studying the same career as Seungcheol”
  • Jihoon nodded and once he was finally at the door, since Wonwoo seemed sure that the person ringing the doorbell was that girl, he didn’t even look through the peephole on the door before opening
  • But when he did
  • He found himself facing the most beautiful girl he had ever met. Before even saying anything, he took a look at her (hair color) hair, and her pretty (eye color) eyes. She had the prettiest eyes he had ever seen
  • He was mesmerized, and she was mesmerized while looking at him too
  • And then realization hit him
  • Behind her, he could see the pale brown color of the walls
  • the entire hallway being illuminated with a yellowish light, even though it was early, the lights were on
  • and he knew why when he looked at one of the windows at the end of the hallway, letting him see the sky fully covered in gray clouds, and the green leaves of the trees outside shaking from the wind
  • After he had admired everything around him, he looked back at her
  • The person who allowed him to see all that for the first time
  • She was also looking around, and after a few seconds, she looked back at him and their eyes met
  • And then, she smiled 
  • “Hi, I’m (Y/N). You must be one of Wonwoo’s friends?”
  • Again mesmerised by her and her smile, he took a few seconds to answer
  • “Mm- yeah, I’m Lee Jihoon. I’m- um- yeah, I’m Wonwoo’s friend” he was getting nervous, and he was also blushing
  • He could guess that much, because he felt his face getting hot
  • He wondered if his cheeks looked slightly pink, as it happened to the characters in the romance scenes of some novels he had read
  • And she would probably notice it, now that she could see colors too
  • But she didn’t say anything about it, and her pretty smile was still there
  • “I came to tell him that I’ve made warm soup and he can come to my dorm to eat it. Yesterday he said his throat hurts so I made it.”
  • ‘She’s a caring person’ it’s what he thought after hearing that, and it gave him a warm feeling on his chest
  • Even though he was already feeling warm, even in the cold weather
  • He was about to tell her that he would call Wonwoo and tell him to come and greet her, and maybe eat that soup at her dorm
  • But the boy had already walked towards the door, wondering what was taking his friend so long at the door and why he didn’t even say anything
  • “Ah, (Y/N)!”
  • “Hi! I’ve made you some soup, since you said that your throat hurts.”
  • Wonwoo thanked her with a smile, but then mentioned how happy she looked
  • “You look very happy, did something happen?”
  • Then, he looked at Jihoon, who was looking away from her, and seemed a little embarrassed, maybe even nervous
  • I met my soulmate” She said
  • “Is that so? I’m happy for you!” He said, and Jihoon could tell that he was genuinely happy for her, and that they probably were good friends since she was also inviting him over to her dorm to eat some soup
  • Then, Wonwoo looked at him and saw him looking away from her, looking slightly embarrassed, and maybe even nervous
  • “Jihoon? Are you okay?”
  • “A-Ah, yeah”
  • Then, he put two and two together
  • (Y/N) was a happy girl, but she looked even happier than usual because she had met his soulmate that day
  • And Jihoon looked shy and couldn’t even look at her
  • “Jihoon? Did something happen?” He asked him, with the same words he used to ask (Y/N)
  • “I…..
  • I met my soulmate” He said
  • He chuckled a little as he remembered how he felt after meeting her
  • He didn’t have many girl friends,
  • actually, he had no girl friends,
  • but now, he had one, he was more than a friend, and even more than a girlfriend
  • She was his soulmate
  • Suddenly, his phone started ringing
  • His favorite song started playing and the screen of his mobile phone lightened showing a picture of (Y/N) wearing a blue and white outfit that he really liked, and him next to her, both smiling to the camera for the picture
  • He answered the call, and heard her voice ask him where he was, and that she was waiting for him at her house
  • “Ah, I’m sorry, I got a little distracted” He said, smiling, and the fact that he was smiling and happy was evident in his voice, so it was natural that she’d notice
  • “You sound happy! Did something happen?” She asked, catching a little of his enthusiasm
  • I met my soulmate

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Red Wine and Malay (Bucky x Reader) - Valentine’s Day Special

Summary: Your usual girl’s night is cancelled last minute and you’re certain that it’s going to be the shittiest Valentine’s Day yet… That is, until Bucky realizes that the two of you are the only one’s left in the tower dateless  and that the feelings he’s harboured towards you for months now just might be reciprocated.

Words: 3500 - it’s a long one oh boY
Warnings: none

A/N: a little choppy bc i wrote it all today but HVD you guys and enjoy! <3

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You stared silently at the two girls in front of you, trying desperately to not let your disappointment show. But hiding your emotions from not only your closest friends but also the world’s greatest spy and a telepath is pretty much impossible, and within seconds both Nat and Wanda were letting out a whole new wave of apologies.

You sighed, shaking your head as you tried to interrupt them. “Guys,” you began. “guys. It’s okay. Go enjoy yourselves, I’ll be fine on my own. It’s just another Tuesday, right?”

They stopped trying to speak over one another, two guilty smiles beginning to appear on their faces before they moved forward to embraced you tightly.

Usually you would spend Valentine’s Day curled up on the couch with them, cheesy chick flicks playing on the large TV, a bottle or two of wine, Chinese take out, and copious amounts of ice cream and chocolate being shared amongst you. 

This year, however, the two of them were busy with their respective dates (Vision and Bruce, of course) and you found yourself spending Valentine’s Day for the very first time alone. But as Natasha pulled away from your body, you could practically see the light bulb go off above her head.

“What?” you asked her, amused by how obviously excited she was over her idea.

“You know who else probably doesn’t have a date tonight?” she asked slyly.
Your smile dropped and your face flushed red as you shook your head, knowing exactly who she was thinking of.

“Oh come on, Y/N!” she complained, “Why not?” 

Wanda stood by her side, looking just as curious.

“Because we’re friends!” you exclaimed. “That’s all he sees me as and I’m not about to spend Valentine’s Day with him like that.”

“We’re just friends and you usually spend it with us.” Wanda chimed in and you threw her a glare. “What? It’s true.”

“Yeah but you guys know how I feel about Bucky.” You argued, voice lowered despite your bedroom being empty.

“All the more reason to spend it with him, then.” And that was Natasha.

“No.” you insisted. “That’s like the ultimate friend zone, you guys. I’d rather spend it alone with a bottle of wine and bad TV than wallow in the self pity of being ‘just friends’ with Barnes.”

“You don’t know that. You could have a great time.” Wanda countered but you only shrugged, refusing to comment anymore.

The two of them sighed, knowing that the conversation was over.

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Imagine Peter Keeps Trying To Flirt With You

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There She Is

Requested By httpstarlords

Summary: You’re shy and used to minding your own business- and then Peter Quill starts to take an interest in you, and you feel pressured to break free of your very tight shell. 

Warnings: none– there may be some language.

A/N: This one took me a little while to complete, considering that I’ve been at my sisters apartment. Also, this was really funny to listen to when I accidentally did that thing on Pages where you can have the robot read it to you. Just thought you should know. Just cuz.

Peter Quill was the type of man to get what he wanted, so you ignoring and scurrying away from his little comments seemed to only draw him in. You weren’t sure if it was because he was just curious as to why you had turned him down, or if he had just wanted to bother you. Either way, you were very uncomfortable.
It’s not like he makes you feel that way- you just always have, around people in general. You were shy and anxious, used to keeping to the shadows and watching beautiful people like him score with other beautiful people like that Gamora girl.
You sat on a messy old chair in Knowhere, frantically bouncing your knee and biting your lip. There were a lot of people around- and your friend had left you to go off and make some deal with someone who may or may not want to kill her.
It was then when you saw Peter staring at you from a distance- you had visited Knowhere many times before, and he always seemed to know where to find you. You curled up on yourself, trying to become as small as possible. But it was too late, the damage was done. He was approaching you- you, all alone, with no one but yourself to help you through this. Your heart was already racing.
“Funny running into you here, again,” he said, pulling up a chair besides you. You looked down, glancing up at him momentarily as he grew silent. You really just wanted to go home. “You know I’m not gonna stop.”
You jumped at his suddenly serious tone, looking up at him. “Stop what?”
He smirked, leaning against the back of the chair and folding his hands together on his stomach, “trying to get you to go out with me. Come on, one date?”
You squirmed, completely sure that his definition of date was different than yours. You looked down again, sighing. You wished you had the guts to tell him to go away, or, at the very least, that you didn’t want just a fling. You wanted something- something- you wanted something. You weren’t entirely sure what that was, but really, who ever does?
“Alright, fine, have it your way,” he said, biting on his lower lip, “just wondering, is there a reason you’re always so quiet?”
You clamped your lips shut, using your hair to create a curtain between the both of you. You hoped your friend wouldn’t end up dead, because, god, you really needed her.
Peter reached over gently, pushing the curtain of hair behind your ear, leaving his hand on your head for longer than what you deemed sociably acceptable. You shifted in your seat, clenching your jaw and sitting on your hands.
“Are you scared of something?” he asked, scooting closer to you, “scared of me?
You rolled your eyes, glancing up at him again. The smirk on his face made you surprisingly angry, and you huffed, turning away quickly. You would stand up and walk away had your friend been very clear that if you weren’t there when she got back, she’d be leaving without you.
“Come on, tell me something.” Peter begged, sticking out his lower lip, “your name? Where you’re from?”
You weighed your options in your head: ignore him until he goes away, or maybe just humor him. You picked the latter, hoping that your voice didn’t shake as you spoke. “I’m Y/n-“ you said, but stopped once you realized how unstable you sounded. You squeezed your eyes shut tight, holding your breath, nearly devastated.
He chuckled, tilting his head and staring at you with tired eyes, “I’ll take it you’re not from around here, then. But I see you’re here a lot. There a reason for that?”
You pressed your lips into a straight line, focusing your attention on your feet. A wave of insecurity washed over you, making you bite you’re lip a little too hard. You tasted the sweet blood in your mouth, wincing as the embarrassment overcame you.
His smile faded, and watched you curiously, leaning in as you shuddered. “Hey, Y/n? You alright-“
You caught a glimpse of your friend walking towards you in the corner of your eye and stood, hurrying over to her, nearly tripping over yourself the entire time. By the time you reached her, your eyes were bathed in tears, and your breathing was rapid and unsteady.
“What’s going on?” she asked, looking around.
You shook your head, “I don’t know what to say- he just came up-“
“Who did?” she asked, calmly reaching her hand behind her coat, to the gun she had concealed.
“That Peter guy!” you whisper-yelled, calming down only slightly.
She stared at you for a long moment, and then bursted out laughing, her hands falling to her knees. You cringed, shrinking in on yourself. “Him? Why don’t you just say yes already! I’ll bet there are girls and guys lined up to be with him!”
You looked to the floor as if you were getting scolded by a parent, slowly moving your foot back and forth, “I was trying to talk, really I was. But I couldn’t. I’m too-“
She sighed, reaching an arm out and draping it over your shoulder, “it’s okay. You’ll be able to say something eventually. We’ll be back, anyway- stupid guy wasn’t even here.”
You groaned, “great.”


The next day you tried your best to hide, but that doesn’t really work when the person you’re hiding from is Starlord.
You bit your lip anxiously as he parted from his pet raccoon and made his way over to you, a determined set to his eyes, and a smirk on his lips.
No, no, no, no, no, please…” you whispered, turning away and hurrying in the other direction. Maybe he’d take the hint. Maybe he’d walk a different way.
You made your way out to a little balcony like thing, standing with your back towards the archway, watching the stars. The twinkling lights sprinkled amongst the backdrop of black always calmed you; perhaps someday you’d shine as much as they do.
“So close,” said a voice from behind you, rapidly approaching, “but you can’t escape a legendary outlaw.”
You sighed, turning slowly towards him, trying to hide the dark blush that spread across your cheeks. “H- hi-“ you struggled.
He smiled, stopping in front of you and leaning down slightly, tilting his head. “Now tell me, what’s a pretty girl like you so afraid of?”
You paled, taking in deep breaths and staring down. You felt his fingers fold around your chin, forcing your gaze upwards and into his eyes. You forgot about your breathing, about your shaking, about control. You gave up these things for the well-known but always agonizing panic that claimed ownership of your mind.
He seemed to notice, his flirty stature dying away, his hands falling, “really, Y/n. God, I hope thats your name. It’d be pretty bad if it isn’t.”
You felt yourself smile a little bit, glancing up at him. You nodded, “it is…”
He smiled a little, “so how about it? How about I show you my ship- it’s pretty sweet.”
You shuddered, unsure of how that situation would really go, because while you were very conservative, you didn’t have the best sense of self-control. And you’d hate to live through the embarrassment of that. And you had a valid excuse- you were probably about to be called to go save your friends ass.
“I-“ he began, just as the little phone in your pocket started buzzing. You clicked it off, looking up and sighing at him.
“Gotta run,” you whispered, your voice cracking, and took off in the direction of your friend. You heard him following you, to see where you were off to, and decided to let him. Maybe he’d get shot- and then you really would never need to worry about him again.
You saw your friend holding her hands up in surrender, three big guys coming in on her. You sighed, Quill coming up behind you and whistling. You pulled out the guns you had hidden on both sides of your belt, moving quickly to your friends side.
“Alright,” she said, “I suggest you let me go, or get your heads blown off by the best shot in the galaxy!”
You paled at the exaggeration, but held your strong stance as they continued advancing. You charged up the lasers, clenching your jaw and listening for Peter behind you. You could feel his eyes boring holes into your back, but you kept staring forward, avoiding eye contact with the giants.
“Fine, then! Have it your way!” she shouted, drawing a crowd. “Fire!
You finished charging up the lasers with a satisfying buzz, shooting one guy as the others began to scramble. You avoided a shot with a roll in one direction, landing on one knee and firing towards the source of the laser. You found the other guy standing firm with a giant gun trained on you, and took a deep breath as you charged up your phasers one final time.
And then something happened- Peter jumped in front of you, a strange mask covering his face, guns blazing. The man fell down within a few hits, his gun hitting the floor with a very loud bang. It was almost comical.
“Ah,” your friend said, squeezing your shoulder, “those weren’t event the guys I needed.”
You sighed, tucking your weapons away and glancing at her, “nice.” You turned to walk away, your fists clenching and unclenching. You heard Peter following you again.
“Hey!” he said, hurrying to your side, “that was amazing- what are you, some kind of ninja or assassin or something?”
You bit your lip, turning to look at him, “no.”
He stared down at you, raising his eyebrows and nodding. “Oh- okay- so, about coming along with me-“
You shook your head, hurrying up onto your friends ship, closing the door behind you and sinking to the ground. You wanted to say yes. But you were too afraid.
Sure, take a few lives, no problem. Save your best friend, no problem. Say yes to a date with the guy who was easily the hottest in the universe- don’t even try.


You stayed on the ship for longer than you had to the next day. Your friend had dragged you out of bed, saying that today was probably the last day you’d be stuck here, getting chased around by Peter.
“I wanna say yes, but-”
She groaned, pulling you up and out of bed angrily, “then just say yes! So you’re a little quiet when he takes you out, but you’ll get used to him eventually!”
You shifted uncomfortably, sighing, “I wish it were that easy, but every time I look at him, I can’t breathe, and I get so nervous I start to shake and sweat and run and-“
She laughed, shaking you by the shoulders, “because you like him, you idiot! So go out there today, and when he finds you, because he will find you, just go with him to the ship!”
You bit your lip, nodding shamefully, “okay, I guess…”
So you sat in wait for two hours, watching people pass by, losing your confidence by the second. Then finally, in the corner of your eye, you saw that red jacket, and jumped up. You didn’t want to approach him, but you weren’t sure he noticed you there. You decided you’d walk past; maybe he’d try and get your attention. You stuffed your hands in your pockets, putting your head down, and trying your best to blend in with the crowd while still being visible to him.
Come on, Star-idiot.” you whispered, furrowing your eyebrows. You weren’t entirely sure where you were going, just that you were going to keep walking straight until you ran into something or got beat up by a gang of intergalactic thugs.
“Hey! Y/n!” he yelled, and you sighed, stopping short just as you neared a suspicious looking group of men and women.
You turned on your heel, trying to smile. “Yes?” you asked lightly, almost inaudibly.
“I’ve been looking for you- about yesterday- wow.” he said, shaking his head and laughing, “I wouldn’t’ve pegged you as that kind of girl.”
You shrugged, someone bumping into you and pushing you forward. You struggled to get your hands out of your pockets, landing hard against Peter’s chest. You winced, hurrying to back away, “sorry, sorry, I-“
He smiled, reaching out and holding onto you as you tried to steady yourself, “I think thats the most I’ve ever heard your voice before. Do it again.”
You sighed, wishing he would just ask you out already. You were dreading saying yes and following him back to his ship. “I don’t… know what to say?”
He smiled wider, winking at you, “there she is.”
You bit your lip, turning your eyes away from his face.
“Come on,” he said, and you sighed in relief, “let me show you my ship. Please.”
You nodded, reaching a hand out to grab his arm so you wouldn’t get separated in the sudden rush around you. Halfway there, a man resembling one of the ones from the previous day came out of nowhere, hurrying towards you and pushing you away from Peter.
“Hey!” he shouted, hurrying after you.
The mans hands were wrapped firmly around your neck, pushing you back further still, until you were out of the crowd of people. “Let- me- go-” you choked, pulling down on his thumbs, struggling to keep your feet under you.
He growled, tightening his grip. And then, all of a sudden, a hand appeared on his beefy shoulder, spinning him around and punching him.
“Peter!” you shrieked, backing away to catch your breath. You reached under your jacket to get your gun, but quickly stopped as the man stalked away, grumbling about something in a different language.
Peter smiled, offering you his arm again, “now we have a real reason to get back to my ship. Let’s clean you up a little, yeah?”
You blushed, wrapping one hand around his bicep while the other wiped at the blood gathered by your lips. “Okay.”


The ship was a decent size- had a little ladder for different levels, a nice control pannel, decent sitting, though it was kind of a mess.
“This baby has been with me through thick and thin,” he said happily, patting the wall. You smiled, looking around with wide eyes.
“It’s kind of messy…” you said gently, trailing your fingers along different drawers.
He smiled, “yeah, and if I had a-“
“Well look who Peter finally brought home.” someone said, and when you turned to look around you were surprised to see no one there. “Down here, kid.”
You blushed, looking down at the small raccoon.
“Rocket- man- come on-“ Peter tried, sighing and rolling his eyes.
Rocket held up a hand- or… paw- and winked at you, “I thought you’d never do it, Quill. Congratulations.”
You clenched your jaw, trying to steady your breathing. “Wh.. what?
Rocket nodded to you, “looks like Groot won that pool.”
Peter’s expression sunk, and he shook his head, “Rocket, go.”
You shook your head angrily, tears welling up in your eyes. So it was a game. You pushed past Peter and Rocket, making your way outside and back into the crowds. Hurt spread through you, even though you knew you had hardly any reason to be upset at all. You barely knew him- so why did get yourself so worked up about it?
You hadn’t realized that you stopped walking once you reached the outside of the ship, just standing there and staring into the crowd mindlessly.
Peter followed after you, turning you towards him and staring into your eyes angrily, “nothing he said was true, and if it was, I had no part in it. Any of it.”
Your lips fell agape, and you wanted so desperately to turn and run away. You looked at him, feeling as though there was steam coming from your ears. “This is what I was afraid of!” you yelled, overcome with anger.
He raised his eyebrows, taken aback by your sudden unexpected outburst. “Hey- hey-“ he reached out to you, raising one hand in surrender.
“Don’t touch me!” you cried, slapping his hand away, “you should’ve just left me alone!” You turned to move away, your eyes stinging. You were beginning to make a scene.
He sighed, following after you, “come on, give me one more chance. One more.”
You turned back to him, wiping your cheeks with the backs of your hands, “for what? I barely gave you a first chance and you messed it up!”
“I didn’t mess it up! It was them- them!
You let out a quiet sob, looking back down to the ground. “Yeah,” you said in a whisper.
He frowned, placing his fingers under your chin and lifting your head up, locking his eyes with yours, “what they did- that’s not me. Well, not in situations like these… Listen, I like you, Y/n, I really do. And seeing you sitting there, alone, I don’t know, something came over me, and I just… It was like I-“
You laughed a little, seeing as he tried to come up with a corny way to explain himself. “Okay,” you said, staring up at him, placing one hand on his chest, “I guess I could… give you another chance…”
He smiled, “re- really?”
You nodded, and stood on your toes, placing a gentle kiss to his lips before turning back to his ship, “well, come on, then. Show me around?” Your voice was still low, but you were getting better at forcing the words out now.
“Yeah-“ he said, “yeah! Come on.” He locked his hand with yours- warm, calloused, him. You smiled.
Peter Quill was the type of man to get what he wanted, but apparently, he didn’t get everything handed to him on a silver platter.
At least, that’s not how he got you.

ashashmishiel  asked:

First I do want to say I love ur blog and ur theory!!... Secondly, I want to ask you something. you know that dee and vincent has been friend since they were school, am i right? And UT says that the one knows about Vincent more than him just Dee. This is the question, did dee knows that vincent has two childs? since we know that dee sometimes come to phantomhive's manor. and why he always calls our!ciel with 'son' not with his name? i think he knows about it.

Thank you!!

Yes, Diederich definitely knew that Vincent had twins because from what we know so far it seems Vincent never made a secret of the twins to begin with! xD He took both of them to Earl Barton’s party (Circus arc flashback), planned to go on a boat trip with both of them (That butler, nursing) and most of all, we actually saw in the flashback in ch101 that both twins met Diederich when they were children! :D

This is our!Ciel hiding behind the curtain, shy as always and totally scared of uncle Dee:

and then there’s real!Ciel who isn’t scared at all of Dee and just climbs up on his dad’s laps because he was a “mischevious”, “curious” child (as Mr. Pitt stated in ch124)

It’s even clearer that there are two of them in this scene if you read the Japanese version because Vincent says to real!Ciel:

“Should ‘anything’ happen to me, he (Dee) will be of assistance to you (plural)

which YenPress unfortunately (mis)translated to

“.. will be of assistance to him” x(

[Note: In this case I’d call this ‘mistranslation’ and not ‘inaccurate translation’ because in the original text, it’s clearly, undoubtedly plural!]

Start a Fire - Part 2

[Part 1] [Part 3]

The stranger bit her earlobe. Actually bit her, after talking to her for two whole minutes, like some animal claim ou territorial bullshit. Aelin was a foreigner in this country, but she was pretty sure that any biting should come at least after some kisses.

But, if Aelin wasn’t feeling so outraged, she would admit to herself that it wasn’t a bad feeling, having his teeth on her skin. Or smelling his scent, which made her remember Christmas nights, pine and snow and something else. For a moment, she considered grabbing him by his shirt and pulling him close enough so that she could bury her face in his neck, and maybe give him a bite there in return.

Too bad her blood was boiling so much.

He had just let go of her ear when Aelin shoved him. Which was a good thing, because he would’ve taken a piece of it if he was still bitting her.

Aelin raised her hand, pointing her index finger to his face.

“Do that again, you bastard, and you will spend the rest of your life eating baby food from a straw,” she snarled, baring her teeth at him.

Aelin thought she saw something like surprise in his expression, but whatever it was it was quickly replaced for a smirk and raised eyebrowns.

“There you are,” he said. “Guess the princess is not so cool and composed after all.”

Aelin took a step forward, forgetting that she was the one who imposed the distance in the first place, her hands now clenched in tight fists beside her. What’s up with this guy and this determination to piss her off?

“You shouldn’t try me like this. You have no idea how not composed I can be.”

He didn’t backup. If only, he bent towards her, looking down to her, his expression now a mist of irritation and mockery. “Do you think you scare me, princess? Go ahead and be bad, and cruel and mean. I can assure you, I’ve been ten times worse.”

Aelin doubted that. But she couldn’t tell him what, exactly, she was. Dammit, she didn’t even wanted to. She was in this damned place to forget about it, not to be reminded by some gorgeous silver-haired guy about the monster underneath her skin. Aelin wasn’t drunk enough for this, and would never be.

“Get out of my way,” she said. She was calling the night off.

Rowan didn’t intend to things to go this way. His plan was to talk smoothly, maybe even throw a compliment or two, and then invite her to his hotel room so that they could get a little more privacy and maybe be a little – or a lot – more intimate. And then he would get up at dawn, go to work, and only get back to the hotel when he was sure she was gone. He didn’t plan to bit her in the middle of a club, or start a snarling contest with this angry girl.

Yet, here he was.

What had happened with his cold self? Why this girl made him act this way? Sure, maybe seeing her eyes flash with such anger was just as impressive as he imagined they would be beaming with joy, but that wasn’t an excuse. Her slender neck and shining hair wasn’t an excuse. Her wonderful scent wasn’t an excuse. He had bit her, for fucks sake, without exchanging more than twenty words. Just because he got curious to see how she would react, and to see what was hiding behind that careless and seductive facade .

What was next? Feelings? He couldn’t afford something like that.

So he should’ve been glad when she put a hand on his chest, trying to shove him aside. He should’ve, but instead he was pissed, like she was calling off a unspoken agreement between them.

“Quitting after a little bite? I thought you would’ve appreciated the challenge.”

“I feel really sorry for you if you think biting people you barely know is good flirting.”

Sorry. He hated this word.

“I guess I’ve made a poor judgment. You are just a coward.”

He was hoping to fuel her rage, but instead she flinched, as if Rowan had hit her in a very painful spot. That made him even more angry, with her and with himself.

She withdrew her hand and started to move in the opposite direction, turning her back to him.

“It was an utterly displeasure meeting you,” she said, turning her head towards him, but without any feeling into her words.

Well, Rowan thought, following her with his eyes, still inhaling her scent, what the fuck was that?

Coward. Aelin hated that word. Hated so much because it was true, because every passing minute the scar in her palm got more painful to look at, because every moment she wasted in the club that word just turned to be more and more true.

She speeded up her pace, elbowing everyone who was in her way without a second glance and, most importantly, never looking back. When Aelin finally reached the exit door, she considered calling a cab, but her money was getting short after two weeks going out in a row. Walking it is, she thought bitterly.

It was chilly outside, enough to make her curse herself for not bringing a jacket. Since she had called the night off earlier than the usual, it couldn’t be more than 2 a.m. It wasn’t a long walk, especially if she went through the maze instead of picking the main road. Maybe she would be able to get around four hours of sleep when she got to her room. What a luxury. That, of course, if the nightmares let her.

The problem with walking, she thought, is that it’s too easy to the mind to start wander. And when Aelin’s mind wandered, it usually met with unpleasant thoughts.

It was really stupid for her to think that that arrogant bastard would be able to help her in any way. She was better off alone. Actually, Aelin thought, entering in a narrower street, walking with her head down, it’s what I deserve. So she had to fulfill her promisse as soon as possible, and go far, far away. Far from a certain brown-haired boy, far from a certain bad smelling city, far from a certain guild and his leader, and, most of all, far from a country with green mountains and snow.

She was five minutes away from her rented place when she heard footsteps behind her. She didn’t stop walking, but took a turn in the opposite direction, going deeper into the neighborhood. She took five lefts turns, but the footsteps persisted behind her, now closer. Five people, if she wasn’t mistaken. Shit. Aelin stopped in the middle of the street, but didn’t turn back just yet.

If that blouse got ruined, she thought, picking the hidden dagger under her skirt, someone would suffer.


Void Stiles x Reader

Requested By Anon

Part Two

When you over heard Mellissa’s son talking about Kitsune you panicked, had they caught onto you, even with all your hard work to keep your secret. To make it worse the next time they gathered at the hospital they were talking about Nogitsunes’.


“Please, what’s going on?” A woman asked and you smiled as you tried to stay calm.


“There’s a storm so we’re just trying to keep on top of things, nothing to worry about.” You smiled and she seemed a little relived.


“Thank you nurse (Y/N).” She smiled and you nodded as you left her room.


You sighed with relief as your next room was filled with a grieving family. You could feed from them, making them feel better in the progress, avoiding having to hurt anyone so you could survive.


“Well, what’s this?” A voice said as you finally left the room and turned to see Stiles smirking at you.

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Voltron Headcanons:

-Lance can speak Gaelic (with a last name like McClain I would not be surprised if he was taught it by one of his relatives just because he was curious) and he can speak Spanish, English and French fluently. In fact, he’s exceptionally amazing at languages and picks them up easily. As such, Pidge is learning to read Altean, but Lance learns quickly how to speak it (he picked up quiznak quickly after all). So he can’t read it because he didn’t take the time, but he can understand them when they speak it or when Pidge makes a reference. Lance is so good at languages that he starts to pick them up really easily so when he’s on a planet with a new language, he asks his lion not to translate so he can figure out some common phrases. Eventually down the road if the Paladins’ lions are out of range, he’ll be their goto translator.

-Shiro can play the violin and he’s rusty but he loves the instrument.

-When Keith sneezes it’s like listening to a kitten sneeze and it’s ridiculously adorable.

anonymous asked:

In your Monsters au, how old is Tony when he gets with Steve and bucky? Also how old are Your monsters? Have they always Haunted that house or do they just go wherever there is a kid? Do they know alor of other Monsters? What is Peggy? Sorry about all the questions you don't have to answer them all if you don't want to.

Tony is twenty-four, almost twenty-five when he gets with Steve and Bucky.

The monsters are… old. Aside from Thor and Loki, Clint is definitely the oldest. He was born in the sixteen-hundreds. Thor and Loki are, of course, super ancient; any monster that has Old Magic clinging to them is (besides the Hulk, of course). Sometimes Loki and Thor reference things that Tony thinks would be impossible for them to have witnessed and he’s always a little terrified at how old they are. Bruce is definitely around ninety to a hundred years old. Natasha remembers a little before WWII and Steve and Bucky remember before WWI, though they can’t give a specific event beforehand to tell how old they might be. Sam will remember bits and pieces of WWII but he remembers the civil unrest in the south more vividly.

They have not always haunted the house! Honestly monsters typically move around until they find someplace they can stay for a long time.

  • Steve and Bucky arrived first, because they could sense a darkness in the house (Howard’s demons) and they were curious. When they saw Tony and how he was ignored by Maria that first time they scared him they kind of imprinted on him. They took care of the demon causing Maria’s postpartum depression and then cast out the other demons Howard was drawing in.
  • Natasha actually has no interest in scaring children (it’s a preference just like anything else) and actually only stopped into the mansion because she could sense a huge meal inside (demons still came around to test how determined Steve and Bucky were. And also if demons stopped coming she could just eat Steve and Bucky. She’s not picky.). She decided to stay because Tony’s a huge goober who offered her soup and access to the cheese fridge.
  • Clint was fleeing hunters from the circus and chose the Stark estate to hide in because hunters were wary of large estates; typically the owners were powerful and doubtful, and would never believe a monster was in their home if the monster laid low. Then he just never left.
  • The Hulk arrived because he worried about whether Tony and the Spider-Lady made it out safely and whether Tony was okay, and then he just stayed because Bruce would be accepted there. There seems to be a split where he’s more often the Hulk than Bruce but Bruce often feels uncomfortable because he’s lost sixty years of his life. When he’s Bruce, he spends a lot of time reading up on what happened (he is horrified when he sees all the wars that have gone on in his absence).
  • Loki arrived because he could sense Old Magic on Bruce and he was curious, and then just never left because he found Tony interesting. He likes Tony’s inventions even if he doesn’t understand them all the time and he’s very fond of Tony’s “golems” even if it’s in a “how quaint” way rather than an honestly impressed way.
  •  Thor is going to show up and he’ll come and go but he always comes back because of his brother, whom he adores, to Loki’s mortification. And also Steve and Bucky are always ready to brawl. (”OUTSIDE!” Tony shouts the first time they take down a load-bearing wall because how the fuck is he supposed to explain to contractors that his monster roommates took out a wall play-wrestling?!)
  • Sam is going to show up because he senses another bird monster and after Riley sacrificing himself to make sure Sam could escape hunters, he really just wants to roost with someone (avian monsters always seem to be able to find each other when they’re upset. Sam’s presence helps with Clint’s anxiety as well, so he’s welcomed into the fold.). And then he stays because Tony asks him to.

They know other monsters but in a vague way. Aside from avian monsters, they typically pass like ships in the night, and are pretty aware of where the other monsters are if only to be able to avoid running into each other and possible fights. Steve and Bucky are definitely outside the norm in that Steve would typically be solitary because he’s a snake. But Bucky’s a lupine monster and they’re pretty social when they meet other lupines, and Steve’s not lupine but he’s friendly. (Okay, Bucky found a scrappy little snake monster being beaten up by crows and just said “Okay this is mine” and scared the crows off. But don’t tell Tony, because he’d never stop laughing. Steve is way bigger than he was back then now and can definitely take on crows anyway.)

Peggy’s a human! She knows something’s going on in Tony’s mansion but it doesn’t seem to be hurting him (on the contrary, he seems to do quite well), so she lets it go. (Steve sees her during a visit one time and is smitten. “She’s married and she’ll shoot you,” Tony says. Steve’s still smitten but less likely to do something stupid. Like show himself to her. And get shot.)

Lol it’s fine! I like answering questions about my aus. :3

Nightmare Fuel

Also on AO3
Chronologically follows “Date Night” but can stand on its own.

“So what would you do if I got akumatized?” Marinette asked, snuggling into Chat’s side.  They were on her bed, waiting out another summer storm, and had passed the time asking each other random questions.  She felt his chest lurch and his breath caught.

“That’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever heard, and trust me, I’ve heard some awful stuff,” he whispered, no hint at amusement in his voice.  His arms slipped further around her, pulling her closer.

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