just because he is the most wonderful human being!

what she says: im fine
what she means: it’s so wonderful that phil lester dyes his hair black because he wants it to stand out, just like his personality. it’s truly beautiful that dan howell encourages this and loves phil the way he is despite his quirks. phil lester is the most unique human being on earth. he just shines so brightly in the middle of a bland world, everything about him being so distinct. his blue eyes and pale skin and black hair and red lips make him look like snow white, and just like said comparison, he is kind to everyone, as well as attracting animals and uncommon people left and right. phil lester is a genuinely creative, lovely, and so, so unique person. and i would die for him without a second thought.

A new take on what Lance can ‘contribute’ to the team!

Alteans have magic.

No one said humans didn’t have magic as well, or that they aren’t compatible with Altean spells.

Consider: Lance finding a way to learn magic. Maybe as everyone is too busy looking for Shiro, or when they found Shiro and everyone is busy with the Blade of Marmora and Lotor and only calling on Lance when he’s needed on a mission, Lance uses his much too free time to explore the castle. Maybe he decides to learn the Altean language to feel a little more useful. Maybe he gets an idea once the program offers him a word for a magic spell to spell out (hah!). Maybe he asks the AI if there’s a program for learning magic. Maybe the AI even has aids for those Alteans who have not yet accessed their magic core, like a magical battery artefact that runs out after a few spells but can be recharged. Maybe he starts learning some spells with those aids, carries a few artefacts around and does small spells on missions to help others. He may or may not be keeping it secret, depending on how Coran and Allura react when he casually asks about the consequences of humans using Altean magic. Maybe after some time he stops needing the aids, possibly drawing on Blue’s quintessence or his own instead, which increases as he keeps ‘flexing’ and ‘training’ it by using magic.

Just… adaptable humans. Humans who can use Altean magic too, because there a boatload of myths about humans using magic and there might just be truth in that. Humans who may be more adept at magic than other humans. Lance being the most magically suited of the team.

Lance, the long-range sharpshooter/magical support.

Lance with Altean magic.




Meeting Iain and Elizabeth - My Weekend at C2E2

I don’t really know how to start this because this weekend was such an experience, and I had to the most wonderful time. I know a lot of you have been asking about my time there, so here’s a full rundown of my weekend. Most is under the cut because IT’S A LOT.

I’ll start with what you really want to hear. As most of you already know, Iain and Elizabeth were both the kindest human beings on the planet. Iain was just so nice and thoughtful, and he genuinely enjoyed meeting everyone at the con. You could just tell he was having a lovely time, which made the whole experience even better. And of course, Elizabeth was a complete angel, running a guy down to return his pen, and was completely sweet throughout the whole weekend.

Now, onto my Saturday experience!

First off, I have to thank @eclecticmuses​ for letting me follow her around like a lost puppy all day Saturday. Honestly, I had no idea where to go, so thank you for being so kind and leading the way. You were a lifesaver, and so much fun to hang with all day!

After meeting up with some of her cosplay friends, we went directly to Iain’s autograph line. We were about 15th? in line, so we didn’t have to wait that long, but let me tell you. Once Iain came out and sat down, the f-bombs were flying amongst our group bc we were losing our shit. After about a minute of everyone having a little excited panic, we calmed ourselves (as much as possible) and waited for our autographs.

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Do a McKirk HC out of the last movie you watched (or enjoyed watching).

Passengers AU, with some necessary changes to make it less cringe (can’t say I enjoyed it a lot, but… McKirk, ok)

  • Being abruptly woken up is terrifying. Jim is disoriented; struggling to breathe properly and have his eyes adjust to the light around him. “Welcome, Jim Kirk,” the hologram of a woman rings in his ears, “we hope you’ve slept well. When you’re ready, please find your room on the upper decks. A crew member will be there to assist you, if necessary.” Jim barely takes any of that in. He’s finally awake, though it feels like he went to sleep only a few minutes ago. He steps out of his cryobed and looks around; the other passengers still seemingly asleep, but he doesn’t think about it and instead finds his way to his room. It’s huge, luxurious, with a kingsize bed bigger than he’s ever seen. He’s definitely not complaining, and resists the urge for an immediate nap after having been asleep for so long already. So rather, he showers and gets dressed into something comfortable, then makes his way to the bar.
  • “Where is everybody?” he asks the bartender. “Around, surely,” the bartender replies, “whiskey?” “Yes, please,” Jim says, looking around curiously. When the bartender serves him his drink, Jim takes an eager sip. He’s neither hungry nor thirsty, yet it feels like he hasn’t eaten in years. Which, technically, is true. “So how long until we arrive?” Jim asks curiously. “Oh, 90 years, 2 weeks, and 3 days,” the bartender replies. Jim sips his drink, again, and only then realizes what the bartender is saying. “What?” “90 years, 2 weeks-” “No, I heard,” Jim says, “but what?
  • Initially, being alone isn’t so bad. Jim gets to explore the areas of the ship that are otherwise off limits even to gold members such as himself. But after a few days, it gets boring. The only one he can talk to is his bartender, Scotty, and Scotty’s a robot. After weeks, or months (who knows at this point?), Jim stops caring about his appearance, because he’s alone, anyway. Often walking around naked or in pajamas because it’s comfortable. Often eating in Scotty’s presence so that he has someone to talk to. Stops shaving until he’s got a decent beard. But then, when he wanders around aimlessly in his pajamas, Jim suddenly becomes very aware of a continuous banging on one of the crew doors. And when he peaks through the small window, there’s another guy there. Awake. “Holy shit,” Jim mutters to himself, then tries to open the door from the outside, but to no avail. Not without any proper tools, anyway. So he breaks into the engineering rooms, finding whatever tools he deems useful, and after hours, the door finally breaks. “Oh, thank God,” he hears the other man say, and Jim finds himself pulled into a brief hug, “I thought I was going to starve to death.” “Are you okay?” “No,” the other says, “I woke up way too early. The door to the rest of the ship was locked, I had to live on whatever emergency rations were stashed here just in case, and I ran out nearly 4 days ago.” “Jesus,” Jim says, grabbing the stranger’s arm, “let me take you the canteen, then.”
  • Leonard McCoy, or Bones, is fascinating. A doctor, whose cryobed somehow also malfunctioned, a month or so after Jim’s did. Jim makes sure he’s properly fed, and then just doesn’t leave the guy alone, because Jim’s attention starved. No matter how much he likes Scotty, it doesn’t beat a real human being. And after Bones has showered and slept, and eaten properly, he looks damn handsome, too. Jim starts making an effort again, and takes Bones out on the ship to explore it together. Bones loves the swimming pool and the cinema, and, of course, the bar. He spends a lot of time in the med bay, too, catching up on crew profiles and any recent Earth studies they’ve received.
  • Jim is just completely smitten and doesn’t even know what to do with himself around Bones. Normally, flirting isn’t such a problem, but he feels a bit rusty after so long. So rather, he decides to take him on some romantic date idea. “C'mon,” he says, dragging Bones out of his research on how to put both of them back to sleep. That can wait, after all. He takes Bones to a special airlock, pointing at the astronaut suits. “They have these specially build, with a safety cord,” Jim says, “I went floating outside once to check it out.” “Are you insane?” Bones replies, and that’s… not quite what Jim was expecting. “It’s safe, Bones.” “You’re floating. In space. In a suit with limited oxygen,” Bones stresses, “only connected to the ship with a measly safety cord? Are you crazy?” “I thought it’d be fun,” Jim says. “That’s your definition of fun?!”
  • So, that didn’t work as expected. Jim is a little disappointed Bones doesn’t even want to try it out; and instead has to listen to the other list the dangers of space for what feels like hours. No matter, though, because when they arrive in the bar, Bones’ mood is considerably better. And afterwards, Jim walks him back to his room. He’s never actually been there, and when he does, he knows why. The crew cabins are considerably smaller, and Bones’ room contains at least 4 beds where otherwise other crew members would have slept. “Why are you staying here, man?” Jim asks, “you can have whatever room you want. Come check out mine, maybe it’ll change your mind.” And so he brings Bones to his room. His spacious, split level room with his own bar and cleaning robot. Despite that, though, it’s still incredibly messy, and he can feel Bones’ eyes judge him while Jim hastily cleans up some of his clothes from the floor. “Why do you even need all this space?” Bones asks, and Jim shrugs. “Y'know, to impress a handsome guest coming over,” he says. Bones’ expression softens, and Jim instantly feels more relaxed knowing Bones hasn’t rejected that comment. “Yeah? You always leave your room so messy for your handsome guests to see?” Bones asks, and Jim shrugs lightly. “Only you.” “Oh, I feel so special,” Bones replies. “You should be, because you are,” Jim says. And that works. Because Bones leans in to kiss him, and it’s the most wonderful thing in the world. Or, the second most wonderful thing, because Bones’ hands sneaking under his shirt while they find their way to Jim’s bed is even better.
  • Things get so much better from then on. Because no one is around, that means no one stops them from having sex pretty much anywhere. Jim falls rapidly more in love with this grumpy doctor. But then the ship malfunctions. Apparently, being hit by a meteoroid caused the ship to malfunction, waking Jim and Bones up sooner than expected, and the ship continues to shut down in several places. Lights flicker repeatedly, and after a blaring alarm, they find out the engine is close to overheating.
  • Consulting the engineering manuals, they find out there’s a safety latch outside the ship that can help the engine from overheating, but that requires actually going out there. Bones is already panicking about that before Jim suggests putting on the suit and going out there. The prospect of the whole ship potentially overheating and blowing up is enough of a reason for Bones to let Jim go outside, but only barely so.
  • “Are you okay?” Bones asks into the communication system when he hears Jim struggling outside. “Yeah, zero gravity’s a little difficult to work with,” Jim replies, “the latch is stuck.” “I’m near the engine room,” Bones says, “it doesn’t look good, Jim.” “Way to put more pressure on me. I’m trying my best here,” Jim replies. “Try harder,” Bones says, and Jim huffs. He tugs and pulls at that stupid latch, until it finally opens - and the sudden blast of hot air shooting outside sweeps Jim off his feet. The cord keeping him attached to the ship tightens around his waist, and then snaps. “Bones,” Jim calls out while he’s spinning uncontrollably through space, “Bones, I’m in trouble.” “You did it!” Bones calls out. “Bones,” Jim stresses, “the cord broke, I can’t get back.” “What?” “I can’t get back inside.” “Are you joking?” Bones says. Jim’s quietly panicking, though he tries not to make it sound like he is. “It’s okay,” he says, “I’m almost out of oxygen, I can’t get back. It won’t take long-” “Shut up,” Bones replies, “you’re gonna get back to the ship, okay?” Jim nods, though of course, Bones can’t see that. “Just know that if I can’t– I mean, Bones, you should know–” “Save it,” Bones replies, “no need to mention it. Just get back to the damn ship.” It gets harder to breathe rather quickly, and the constant tumbling around is dizzying, so it doesn’t take long for Jim to just pass out completely.
  • Jim must be dead. Has to be, right? His suit ran out of oxygen. His cord broke. He has to be dead. But when he opens his eyes, he’s back inside the ship. Bones is asleep on a chair next to his bed, though when Jim grunts, Bones instantly wakes up. “How did I get here?” Jim asks, sitting up straight with Bones’ help, who checks out his eyes, takes his temperature - but most importantly, kisses him breathless for a while. “Did you float out into space to save me?” Jim asks, and Bones shrugs. “t Was no big deal. I save your stupid ass all the time.” Jim laughs, cupping Bones’ cheeks and kissing him again. “I love you,” he says. Because it’s true. It’s not because he was on the brink of death. It’s because Bones is the most wonderful human being he’s ever met.
  • “These bio beds,” Bones says, “they have the ability to freeze you and put you back to sleep.” “Seriously?” Jim asks, and Bones nods. “I can put us back under, Jim.” “Both of us, are you sure?” Jim asks carefully, and Bones nods. “I can put us back to sleep, and we should wake up just before our arrival,” Bones says, and so Jim smiles. “Okay,” he says. He watches Bones as he initializes the program on two medical beds (– after all, there would be more than one bed on a ship with over 5000 passengers). Once he’s done, Jim leans in to kiss him. “See you in 89 years?” he asks, and Bones laughs. “Yes, see you soon,” he says, before Jim nods back to sleep in his new bed.
  • Being abruptly woken up is terrifying. Jim is disoriented; again. He feels dizzy when he sits up straight. “Welcome, Mr. Kirk,” a female voice rings again. This time, though, it’s an actual woman talking to him. “My name is Christine Chapel,” she says, “I’ve read in Leonard’s journal that you two’ve had quite a journey. Are you feeling okay?” “Leonard,” Jim says, looking around at the other bed, though it’s empty, “where is he?” For some reason, his mind wanders to their last encounter. What if Bones had put him under and couldn’t get back to sleep himself? What if Bones had to spend all those years alone, and– “Good morning, darlin’,” Bones’ voice calls out to him. Bones is dressed in a white doctor’s outfit, and Jim lets out a relieved sigh. “They wake up crew a month beforehand, figured I’d let you sleep a little longer,” Bones says, leaning in to kiss Jim’s lips softly. Jim lets him linger a little longer, arms around Bones’ shoulders to keep him close. “Are we almost there, then?” Jim asks as Bones helps him up on his feet, and Bones nods. “We’re actually already there. Tomorrow, we’ll descend to the planet.” “A day away from planet Vulcan,” Jim sighs, staring out the giant window in medbay to look at the looming red planet in front of them, “sure beats 89 years.” “Yeah,” Bones says, “though I’d happily do 89 years on a stupid ship with you.”

Y’know guys, Mark inspires me so much. His perseverance, his kindness, his positivity, his diligence, his leadership, his selflessness, his care, his heart, his attitude, his love, his strength–just him. I think of Mark and I just feel like I should be a better person because such a wonderful human being lives on this Earth. He’s been through so much and he’s worked so hard, yet he still has one of the brightest most beautiful smiles on his face everyday, and it’s honestly so admirable. I respect him so much, and this has probably been said so much by so many people because there’s so much to admire about him, and I’ll add myself to that group of people.

Mark Lee deserves the world and everything more, and as much as a fan can, I love him with all of my heart <3

sun bleached ➵ 1

Originally posted by dezuechelon

summary: it was the summer of ‘07 when 16 year old park jimin and kim taehyung had met- falling in love; promising that in 10 years time, they would meet again at the botanical garden that had once called home.

genre: fluff, ANGST and implied smut

words: 3.1k

a/n: this will be a three chaptered fic y’all!!!! get ready!!!!! welcome to angst ‘r’ us.. enjoy ur stay

There was something that whispered in the quiet, Jimin had recalled. A wistful tone that called out his name, airy, light. In the solitude of his bedroom, dark and desolate, he had made up his mind that the voice was something he was not very fond of. It held something akin to hope.

“Jimin?” It called. “I told you, didn’t I? That I would love you forever?”

Yes, Jimin thought. You did.

And the voice was back, closer now. Murmuring quietly into his ear, tickling the cusp of his ear; like a bird’s song. “So why did you leave me?”

I don’t know, Taehyung.

I don’t know.

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Do you think Furuta could befriend anybody or become emotional ? Not with rize ,but with some one else. Do you think he could unmask his fake self/mask? Do you think he will die just a clown or a human with a grand goal ?


There’s nothing behind his mask that’s the point. As I’ve said before this is the most Furuta panel to me. “It hurts ever so slightly” Furuta says, while putting on a ridiculous smile. 

If Furuta ever feels anything it’s this, a tiny amount of fondness, a tiny amount of affection, but nothing to ever sway him. You can’t repress yourself fully after all, no matter how much you wish it. There are small moments where Furuta acts unnecessarily, for a person who only exists to embody the system he was born into. Furuta put a blanket on Kijima after all.

However these moments are almost always followed by Furuta’s extreme acts of coldness. He’s shown later deliberately stepping over Kijima’s corpse.

He makes Kaneki coffee in the omakes too to cheer him up (with limited success) 

And then later on confronted Kaneki personally and tried to kill him in the Cochlea outbreak, and later framed him for the murder of the entire Washuu family and suggested he just die taking all the credit while grabbing at his neck.

In the most recent omake he even wonders if he’s going to be invited to Kuroiwa and Yoriko’s wedding. 

My point being even Furuta can’t be Furuta all the time. There are even times where he’s alone and acts like a normal person, rather than the self proclaimed clown he’s made himself out to be. However, he usually towards those same individuals he shows a more human side, often overcompensates with violence or indifference directed at them. It’s a contradiction, because Furuta is made up of those. 

As for what Furuta’s true face would look like, there are two prevailing ones. One is that Furuta’s wild and off the wall behavior when he’s in front of people like Eto is his true face. In front of her, the embodiment of the destruction of the system Furuta has no system anymore to adhere to and therefore he just throws every emotion across the wall and sees what sticks. 

The second one is an observation I picked up from 101, that it seems that the more honest he’s being, the less of his face is shown. Times when he’s really approaching sincerity and seriousness, he’s shown from the side. 

It makes sense in a way, for a person so dependent on wearing masks he can only be honest when his face is only barely shown, or not shown at all.

As for Furuta and Ui, it’s more than likely Furuta will repeat the pattern he did above. He might show some small fondness towards Ui, but in the end that would only make him that much more indifference when he steps over Ui’s corpse. Their relationship I think can best be summoned in this panel from 104.

Neither Ui nor Furuta really want to ascend the power structure of the CCG. They’re doing it because they have nothing left to protect. Furuta who was born with nothing in the first place, except for Rize who he destroyed himself and Ui whose lost every close attachment over the course of this manga. The reason Ui attaches himself to Furuta is not because out of any fondness towards Furuta (at least not initially, Ui is a soft person so he does go above and beyond a business relationship with Furuta yet again) is because climbing the CCG is all he has left. He wants to believe the lie that Furuta is selling him, as much as Furuta wants to sell it to him, that the CCG can still be saved and still fights for something good. That’s what makes him especially vulnerable. 

So from the start it’s a very broken friendship more akin to two people with nothing left clinging to each other, Furuta being a manipulative person who likes to throw away and step over his pawns is just more kindling to that fire.

However at the very least, Ui has been shown with a major connection to every important garden child we’ve been introduced to so far, Arima, Hairu, then Furut, (hsiao doesn’t count because she’s not important). That seems to be an important parallel and I doubt it will amount to nothing. Furuta might be the one to share with Ui where he and Arima are really from, and the fate of all garden children before finally doing off with him. 

sometimes I’m just really overwhelmed with my love for exo. like, they bring me so much joy??? like not just them as a group, but them as individuals as well. kyungsoo is literally the squishiest, most adorable man ever and although he doesn’t like to be called cute, he definitly is and his voice is so soothing and calming and i love him so much!!!! and chanyeol is literally the smollest giant ever and an actual saint like he feeds homeless kittens and make music and he’s a giant ball of fun and make my best friend so happy and im just so greatful for his existence and his voice is literally the best thing known to mankind i just love him som much!!! jongdae’s vocals is actually god like and I want to fcking cuddle him because that’s how cute he is and his laugh can cure cancer and his whining is iconic i just really fcking love jongdae!!! and suho is so fcking gorgeous like dont fight me this is the most beautiful man i have ever seen in my life and he loves everyone so much and he is funny!!!!!!!!! like honestly i want to thank suho for existing because it makes my life so much easier like i love him so much!!! kai is an actual ball of fluff and will laugh 10/10 times of everything and he just really just love his dogs and dancing and exo and it makes me so happy that he always go 110% in to everything he does he’s actually so amazing kai is literal sunshine i just love him!!!! lay is actually such a wonderful person because he just is and he’s the actual king and i want to cry because he’s so cute like he’s such a precious little thing and i want to protect him against evil and his dancing is sinful and just i lov lay!!!!!! xiumin is the fake maknae and actual oldest but i actually dont believe he is real at all like he is an anime character there is no way in hell anyone can look so perfect in real life i want to fcking kiss him like wtf he’s ethereal like can we sit down for a minute and talk about fcking kim minseok like jfc he’s amazing and wonderful and his voice is like velvet and i just love him so much wtf!!!!! oh sehun the one and only, the tower, the most amazing man who actually is the cutests lille boy who loves vivi more than vivi loves him :((( and he’s so precious and just loves all his older members and fans and is actually so deep and smart but still adorable and he loves dancing and i just really love sehun so much!!!! baekhyun… the love of my life and the most precious human being on earth, lay and aeri’s #1 fanboy and actual owner of my heart he always make sure everyone is okay and care so much for everyone, his personality is wonderful his voice is fcking the most amazing his dancing is also so fcking fantastic and i could watch him perform for days he’s the cutest and he’s sinful and ethereal and i want to cry because of how perfect he is please i actually am so in love with him it hurts… he just lights up my world like no one can and i just am so grateful for him .. guys I just really love exo :((

 Jean paul Sartre (21st june 1905 - 15th April 1980)

I’ve already covered Kierkegaard, nietzsche and dostoyevsky it would be a disgrace not to cover Sartre. A French commie with a wandering eye. Who became a household name in the US and his native France and embedding himself in history. 

Born in Paris, in 1905 his father died when he was very young and he grew up attached to his mother. They moved back to his mothers home in Meudon where he was raised by his grandfather. His mother remarried much to his regret and they relocated to La rochelle where he was bullied for his strabismus and his thick heavy glasses. He was very short and when he reached adulthood he only stood at 5′3 inches. He frequently described himself as “ugly”. 

Sartre met his lifelong friend and ocasionally sexual partner. Simone de Beauvoir while studying at the École Normale Supérieure. After he graduated he was drafted into the French army to fight in world war 2. His forced conscription would contribute to sartres feeling of freedom and purpose. 

When he returned to paris in May 1941 he and ecole founded an underground socialist group called Socialisme et liberté (Socialism and liberty) which was anything but dangerous in Nazi occupied France. During this time he wrote the book that made his name. Being and nothingness. 

He became famous not becuase people could logically decipher what he was saying. But because they couldn’t quite. His book was based on the idea of existentialism and revolved around 4 main principles. 

1. Things are weirder than we think. Pay close attention to the world around you and things appear more strange. Realising that a chair is just a piece of wood and wondering what use does it have, suddenly the word chair becomes loose from your tounge, as only a string of letters. Sartre described this as peering into the “Absurdity of the world”.

2. We are free. Sartre described the anguish of life. Life is scary because nothing has any premade purpose. A chair is made to be sat on. But humans have no such design. Realising that every eventuallity in your head is possible. Terrifies us. 

3. We shouldn’t live in bad faith. Sartre believed nothing is out of our limits. We shouldn’t live in just accepting the fact that “Things have to be this way”. In being and nothingness satre describes a waiter. Every step is quick. Every movement is too precise. Every word is too devoid of emotion. As if he was firstly a waiter and secondly a human being.

4. We are free to dismantle capitalism. Sartre believed the one thing stopping from us being free is money. Most of us want to experience the world and its wonders. But we don’t make enough money. Capitalism enraged satre he thought it was a machine that created nessecity that didn’t really exist. It was because of these views Sartre became heavily involved in marxism because it removed the value of material gains. 

Becuase of his some would say “Radical” philosophy the CIA kept a large file on Sartre and he was arrested in 1968. But was pardoned by the president of France charles de Gaulle who said “You don’t arrest voltaire”. He was offered the nobel prize for literature but refused it stating “a writer should not allow himself to be turned into an institution”

Sartre still inspires to this today urging us to tap into our unfufilled potential as free human beings. 

“Better to die on ones feet than to live on ones knees”

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What would make the chocobros cry? Or how often do they cry? Or both?

Aww this makes me emotional ;A;

Noctis strikes me as someone who would cry pretty often, but he’d try to hide it (and fail) because he’s such a shy and awkward lil baby. In terms of what would make him cry, obviously his father *cue sobbing* and all the nightmares he has. He wakes up a lot in the middle of the night crying, but his s/o is always there to comfort him and hold him until he falls back asleep. 9 times out of 10 he’s open to talking to his s/o about it later, but there are some things he’s not sure how to talk about or he doesn’t want to unload all of it on them.

Prompto also seems like he would cry a lot, but unlike Noctis he wouldn’t try to hide it. He’s very open with his emotions like when he was on the roof with Noct kill me and (most times) he’s quick to confess to his s/o or any of the other chocobros what’s bothering him. He’d cry over aLL THE THINGS. Like cute animals, or his cute s/o. He’d cry at the memories of him being experimented on as an MT, and feeling inferior to the rest of the group make it stoooop.

Gladio barely cries, but when he does it’s a big deal. Not that he’s not human and he doesn’t have emotions, it’s just he controls them better than most people. Things that would make him cry would be seeing his s/o or one of the chocobros dying fuck my life I kinda hate this question I’m sorry or (if it had happened) his s/o at their wedding because they looked so damn beautiful and he was wondering how he got so lucky????

Ignis is about the same as Gladio, but when he cries I feel like it’s more personal like when he lost his vision. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuccccckkkkkk. That’s one of the only things I can really imagine him crying about, because he’d feel so guilty that the chocobros and his s/o would have to take care of him so much from then on. Although I can see him crying about his s/o in general if they were extremely sick, or were unwell physically or mentally. He’d want nothing but the best for his s/o and anything short of that would make him tear up.

Okay we’re done here I’m so sorry *sobbing for 100 years* - Admin Mary

The Inner Thoughts of an AoS Fangirl - 4x18

Got to watch AoS after all (thanks to @bioforensics)…

Thoughts while watching (not in perfect order):

  • yes hair is the real priority here completely agree *eye roll*
  • Leopold freakin’ Fitz has Jemma bloody Simmons on his mind and no matter what he tells himself and no matter what his crappy trash of a father tells him, he can’t stop thinking about her.
  • hell Fitz apologize to her you just slapped your bff good god
  • ummm Ward go away vs. Ward I love you can they make you an LMD in reality
  • I think we can all agree that telling Mace is a bad idea Simmons
  • Radcliffe is my spirit animal even though he’s the very reason they’re in this mess
  • so like Simmons and Fitz both corrected someone that they were doctors
  • psychically linked even in a vitural reality and one has no idea the other is psychically linked to them
  • Please be Tripp please be Tripp
  • Coulson you’re so presh –
  • TRIP.
  • can Tripp trip on his shoe just because its funny don’t actually hurt him because TRIPP
  • i feel i forgot to mention Tripp
  • “that’s because I am troubled” “A woman?” Yeah her names Jemma Anne Simmons she screamed at him from across a field and now he can’t stop thinking about her and old Fitz is coming out because he killed an innocent woman in cold blood and Jemma made him feel guilty for something that normally would never bother him but her voice and eyes he just CAN’T “Is it that obvious?” Yes.
  • oh his dad seems nice maybe he’ll give Fitz good advice
  • Well you can put Fitz’s dad on my list of fictional characters I intend on murdering in every fanfic
  • “oh golly who knows what kind of man i’d be without you dad i might be an actual nice person like who the hell needs that”
  • Side note: TRIPP
  • did Fitz just
  • It wasn’t him it wasn’t him it wasn’t him it wasn’t him i hate AIDA and dad fitz it wasn’t him it wasn’t him
  • the fact that our presh Fitz still is Fitz but is basically forced to be an evil, twisted murderer because of AIDA and his dad peer pressuring and emotionally abusing and manipulating him kills me slowly
  • Holy crap did that work
  • Holy crap it worked
  • does this mean that we just need Simmons to look at Fitz and nonchalant just be like “UGH FITZ just snap out of it”
  • #hating everything right now
  • deah of characters that never reach their full potential in their character arc is my reason for crying on a regular basis
  • that and fitzsimmons
  • oh look what a nice sinister smile AIDA has as Fitz bonds with his abusive creep of a dad heyyy i mean murder am i right
  • “did you watch Days of Our Lives the other day son” “no dad I missed it (cause Jemma Simmons was screaming at me “no”)” “well it was a good one cause Raph killed Pheobe” “That’s awful” “…” “I mean wow what a great thing to fill your mind with and tell yourself its okay”
  • radcliffe was a better father figure even after he freakin betrayed him
  • #pretending Mace didn’t die by Fitz’s hands and he’ll forever have to live with Mace AND Agens’s blood on his hands for all eternity
  • im chill im totally chill as a dead body because i’m dead inside
  • Mother and Daughter Goals
  • Radcliffe totes heard this whole thing
  • this is what dreams are made of
  • If Daisy gets her powers then its only appropriate for Tripp to be in the episode right (just a little morbid there Whedon)
  • next episodes gonna be LEGIT
The Big Seven Headcanons: Luna Lovegood
  • Luna believed in nargles, and other very different creatures because she wanted to believe that anything is possible, even when the whole world says that it isn’t. 
  • Neville Longbottom was fascinated with Luna. Not because she was odd, but because she didn’t seem to mind. 
  • The thing that fascinated Luna most about Draco Malfoy was that he had a beezlebum floating near his heart. A beezlebum appears when someone is lying about how they feel or act. When someone’s feet is aching, but they say that they’re fine, a red beezlebum will appear near his feet. When someone is hurting, but they say that they are fine, a blue beezlebum will appear near their heart. 
  • Luna was convinced that he had one of the bluest beezlebums she’s ever seen - just as bright as Harry’s. 
  • Luna Lovegood, with every bit of her willpower, tried her best to see the good in people - even those that hurt her. She always, always succeeded. 
  • Luna saw beauty where there seemed to be none. She found beauty in her bullies, beauty in the weeds along the riverbed, beauty in the trees during winter. Although it seemed that the only place where she could find none was in herself. 
  • Luna didn’t seem to be bothered by anything because she believed that her problems were not worth mentioning - they were not worth being indulged in. 
  • Luna did not see Harry Potter as a hero, as the Boy Who Lived. She saw him as a boy who needed a friend - not a fan. 
  • Harry Potter did not see Luna as Looney. He saw her for what she was - a girl who believed. 
  • Luna spent every day of her life trying to thank her father - who, despite losing the woman he loved the most in the world, raised her and loved her. 
  • There were nights when her father would be crying in his bedroom, and she would sit outside his door until morning, apologizing to him every single second that passed. 
  • She believed that it was her fault, and that guilt made her believe that the people she loved most would never find happiness in someone as useless and as foolish as her.
  • Luna has nights when she constantly asks herself what she could have done to save her mother’s life. Most times, she asks herself why it couldn’t have been her instead. 
  • Luna heard people’s constant whispers about her. She wasn’t stupid, she just had to believe that she was more than what they make of her - some days make it harder for her to do so. 
  • Luna was just as broken, hurt and pained as anybody else was. 
  • There are times, honest to goodness times, that she believed that when her mother died, she buried her father alongside of her. 
  • At the night of Fred’s death, she prayed to her mother, asking her to keep him safe because he and his family kept her safe, and she was thankful - so, so thankful. 
  • The Weasley Family was Luna’s favorite family, too. 
  • Harry Potter named Lily Luna after her because he wanted her daughter to be as strong and as wonderful as Luna presented herself to be. She cried when she found out and absolutely loved the girl. .
  • Luna Lovegood is one of the most beautiful human beings in the world - it’s just a known fact that the world often destroys the best of us. With Luna, it almost did. It almost, honestly did. 

Can you do a danisnotonfire imagine about a shy chubby reader who is insecure with their body but Dan assures them that he loves them for who they are


Every Year, when the days are getting shorter and the nights colder ,for a few people the happiest time of the year is about to start. And they start to decorate their windows and flats with golden and eye-catching things.

In every street is at least one old man dressed up as Santa, and many children are standing in front of the windows of Toy Stores, telling their parents what they’re wish for Christmas.

But not everyone enjoys the smell of cinnamon and for some people Christmas is just as boring as every other day of the week.

Y/N, is one of these people.
The only thing she enjoys about this time is that she can wear clothes twice her size.

Thats the reason she hates Summer, it’s hot and she has to wear skirts, or short clothes.
Otherwise she would die of a heatstroke.

Y/N, who’s fighting her way through the snow to her flat she share’s with her boyfriend and his best friend, looks up into the sky and sees that the light starts to fade away and some stars are already able to be seen.

Her boyfriend, Dan, loves Christmas.
And she loves him, so she has to deal with the fact that he want to spend weekend cuddling with her.

Not that she didn’t enjoys his company, she loves it.
But her insecurities are a big problem..

She opens the door to their flat and is welcomed by the smell of gingerbread, and cinnamon.
“Darling?”,the voice of her boyfriend asks:“Is that you?”

Y/N walks up to the kitchen and sees Dan.
His Brown eyes are eyeing her, and a smile is on his beautiful face:“I missed you!”,he takes a few steps up to her and gives her a kiss.

Oh god.
She loves him.
More than anything else in this entire universe.

But why?
But why was he in a relationship with her, when he could have anyone, anybody.

“Dan?”,she whispers and he looks her into the eyes:“Why are you in a relationship with me?”

For a few seconds he just stares at her.
He knows about her insecurities, her dark thoughts, but still he couldn’t believe it.

“Because you’re the most beautiful woman in this entire world.’

For Y/N these words are nothing but lies, not true not real:“This is not true..I mean look at you.”

Dan laughs soft and gives her a sad smile:“Yeah I look at me everyday when I’m in the bathroom and I wonder why you’re in a relationship with me.”

Y/N just stares at her boyfriend, how could he say that:“Because I love you and I appreciate you.Youre the most important thing in my life,Dan.”

“Do you understand me now?”, Dan asks and pulls her into a hug:“For me you are the most incredible and amazing human being, and I love you.”

“I love you too,Dan.”

I just found an interesting parallel

I was a bit surprised when Victor said that Yuuri is selfish because I though he should know Yuuri wants to retire for him and it didn’t sound like Victor at all to blame Yuuri so much even if he was angry and disappointed. 

But then you know who’s the only other person called selfish in this story?

Yep, it’s Victor himself in the second episode when he decides to go to Japan. When I watched this first time I was sure Yakov is mad because he’s losing his fame as being Victor’s coach but actually Yakov still has the strongest team in the world with Mila, Georgi and Yuri so I don’t think it’s really about Yakov the coach. As we learn in the next episodes Victor trained under Yakov most of his career and that in some way they were close (just notice that Yakov is the only person apart Yuuri and eventually Yuri that Victor hugs). So what I think is happening here is Yakov being hurt and angry that Victor wants to leave him, not just competitive skating, for the sake of some drunk Japanese boy. He’s an old grumpy Russian so obviously he won’t admit his feelings but he doesn’t want Victor to retire because he cares for him and believes that he still has the potential to get better the next season. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

It’s said that Victor shows his love by being demanding coach and that Victor’s coaching style is very similar to Yakov’s (quite natural as Yakov was “the best coach he ever had”). So for them to be rejected as coaches mean also to be rejected as persons. No wonder Victor is so devasted when Yuuri wants to retire - he doesn’t know how to express his feelings in another way, just as Yakov, with whom he spent most of his life, ignores him after he stops skating. But then he recognises that Yuuri needs to make his own decision just as Victor wouldn’t listen to Yakov when he decided to go to Japan and he lets Yuuri decide as independent human being. 

So I don’t think I have a brilliant conclusion to this but I suppose that because Yakov and Victor seem very different at first many people forget how close they were and how many things did Victor learn from Yakov.

Genji/Mercy Dynamics

So if Genji is 35 and Mercy is 37, considering the amount and time-consuming nature of the events in Genji’s past between the present day and the fight with Hanzo that nearly killed him, it was likely that Hanzo and Genji’s father died when they were quite young- and the fight and injury happened when Genji, Hanzo, and Mercy (who canonically found and rescued Genji) were just teenagers or even younger. 

This got pretty fuckin long so I’ll put it under a read more, but with that in mind, consider the following:

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Caring For The King. Crowley x Reader

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Warnings: None… maybe like one swear word.


You knew you shouldn’t do what you were about to do but it just felt right. You carried the bowl of water and small bag of items down the hall, trying you best to be quite as not to alert the Winchesters, knowing they would probably kick you out for what you were about to do.

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Worth It (a klance family reunion au)

(Idk what this is but I hope you like it??) ————————————

It’s Labor Day weekend, and the McClain family is having a huge family reunion. Lance is excited, but also lowkey horrified to have 145 (146 if you count Paulie, but nobody counts Paulie) of his family members crammed into his mom’s little house in the middle of nowhere. Parents, grandparents, grandkids, estranged aunts and uncles, wild cousins of all ages, and siblings all running around a rickety 21 year old house: Lance can already imagine the headache. As he travels back to his hometown, he can already hear the questions he’ll be getting: “So Lance, do you have a girlfriend yet?” or “ay, Lance I bet you’re popular with the ladies, eh buddy?” or “I know you’re waiting for a good [lance’s heritage] girl to be your girlfriend.” when he’s really, really not and he’s actually been more popular with the boys than girls lately but he’d die before he tells his family that.

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Just had 2nd viewing of TSOT

And really, I was fine for most of the episode.  But I legit teared up right after Sherlock tells John and Mary about the baby.  Sherlock and John are just laughing and then Sherlock stops smiling and just gives John this look and he just seems so hurt and sad and miserable, and John catches it.  He sees Sherlock looking that way and he freezes, and he gives this small sad smile, and looks away.  And my heart just sank.

And then Sherlock just stands there in the crowd.  And it hits you that he threw all of his energy into this day for John, that he has been spending weeks being busy planning things and writing speeches and folding bazillions of serviettes, and this is when it all sinks in for him that things will emphatically not be the same and that the man he loves just got married to someone else.  He is alone.  He sees Hudson and Molly and Janine in the room but he doesn’t go over to them, because they are not John and they will never be his friend the way John is.  They won’t make him feel not alone.  They don’t understand him the way John does.  And Sherlock just stands there looking like the saddest, most lost human being.  We, the viewer, are finally struck with how human Sherlock really is.  We see finally just how hard he hurts when he’s sad.  We begin to wonder what on Earth his childhood was like to cause him to try so hard to shut down his emotions when he clearly is capable of feeling very strong sentiment.

My feels are just off the charts right now.  I wasn’t expecting to be hit with this much emotion from a seemingly simple scene from a television program.  This show is the most high quality.

(if anyone has a gif of that look between John and Sherlock to share, I’d love to see.  I haven’t managed to find one.)

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Jaehyun from NCT U, Vampire (smut if possible) 😳😁

hehe smut def happened oops. hope you enjoyed! thank you for the request ♡

Perks of Being a Vampire (SMUT)
Vampire AU-Drabble

Pairing: Jaehyun (NCT U) x Reader
Genre: SmUt
Word Count: 794

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WARNING: hi. this is smut. just wanted to let ya know even though i already did twice up there. anyway. ENJOY :))

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Some of the reason are more serious than others; others just plain fun but they are mine and some my own head canon why I think Clark and Diana are the best comic pairing or has the potential to become one of the greatest comic couples in history. 

1. They are each other’s equal in every way. Intellectually, emotionally and physically. If I want a relationship of equals then this is what I want to see. A man and woman relating to each other on an equal footing and no beta-ing or weaking of one so the other can be superior.

2 She can fight along side him, watch his back and kick his ass if need be. There is something profound in being each other’s Kryptonite.

3  He is a farmer’s son with a galactic inheritance and she a Queen’s daughter from a matriarchal warrior society. Culturally this sets for a colliding of worlds and philosophies but more importantly it creates a greater opportunity for challenging each other, understanding, learning, growing and bridging differences.

3. Their temperaments complement each other. They both really good hearted people with strong beliefs and wills.They don’t fall into the lazy cliches of good/bad girl/boy dynamic to change each other. Basically they do not have to be jerks to each other nor be damaged and dysfunctional to have a story.

4. They are who they are and they respect that in each other even if they have disagreements. They stand up to each other if they have to. 

5. They do not take each other for granted. They have both made sacrifces for each other which is what defines unconditional love. They actually reciprocate as a couple and as allies.They would literally go to the ends of the earth for each other. 

6. Clark is not ashamed of his love for Diana. He’s come to value it and her. He doesn’t see her as some obstacle to his mission but as a partner capable of helping him fulfill his own. ie bettering the world. Diana struggled initially with her Amazon upbringing and having to be vulnerable when falling in love with a man..but she learned that love was not weakness no matter how it manifestes itself but strengthening and that they were better together.

7. They often turned to each other for comfort and to reflect on moral and ethical issues because only each other could truly emphatize with the cares, burdens they face as Superman and wonder Woman.

8. Neither needs each other to be relevant as evidenced by the fact they headline their own comics. 

9. The fandom does not mash up their names. They keep them as individuals because they see them as individuals. Superwonder is the only mishmash the fandom might use.

10.Their stories do not stop  if they are apart because they have roles to fulfill eg him a reporter, her an amazon queen or ambassador. Whether they are dating or besties they will always be Superman and Wonder Woman. 

11. They share a similar outlook on how they see the world.They rule by trust, not fear.

12. Clark is intrigued by her animal empathy and Krypto just loves her because she understands him. Clark gets a kick out of hearing her and Krypto “talk.”

13. The well being of the world comes first. She does not stand by while he tries to saves it, she races him to it.

 14. She is the more pragmatic of the two while he is the more idealistic. 

15. The innate loneliness they feel ( yes they would feel alone even though they had a good upbringing and trying to adapt as normal etc fact is they are different and they are reminded of it every day)  is eased when they meet each other or are together. They are kindred spirits and twin flames which is way different  than the soulmate connection. It’s rarer and unique and more challenging.

16. Truth defines their relationship.He’s never hidden who he is from her and she’s always told him what is in her heart.

17. Date night can be normal and or downright fantastical from breakfast at a diner to hanging on a different planet enjoying twin moons with strange plants and creatures around them. They enjoy both. 

18. He can get her to laugh and relax. She loves when he cooks for her or they go to taste different kinds of ice cream around the world. Diana can get Clark to loosen up on the dance floor. He is the only one who got her to tearup during a movie when he rented E.T.

19. She gets him to see his self worth and challenges him to see the leader in himself because as a princess raised as a potential heir to the throne and Queen herself in some stories…Diana understands issues of sovereignty and having to inspire a people. She knows the best leaders are those who are not power hungry and don’t see themselves as such.

20. She looks wonderful in his cape, he looks super in her lasso.

21.  They do not define each other’s morality. It’s one of my pet peeves, some writers trying to make love interests more relevant that they are they try to make the heroes’ goodness tied into whether they with them or not. That is short changing the hero and basically saying if x died y can’t remain heroic. Heroism isn’t about having fair weather and if that is the case as with some other pairings …x turns evil because y dies or x can only care for humanity or have humanity because of y then said hero is not a hero at all. 

22. They have to be strong and serious for everyone but with each other they can relax  and just be a couple .With each other you see them truly vulnerable because trimmings and titles and costumes are just that to them…they are just a man and woman really. 

23. When they spar…it’s real sparring. Diana gives no quarter. She is a real opponent and wants to win and brings out a competitive side in Clark he never knew he had.

24. When they make love it is with real passion and freedom. No holding back. 

25. Their mutual friends, allies and family think they belong together. Kara always looked upon Diana as an older sister. Conner even had a little crush on her. Donna looked  to Clark as an older bother. Bruce their best friend’s destiny is to becomes the Godfather to their children.

26. She’s never been in awe nor fear of him. eg While people go gaga for Superman to Diana at first he’s just another strong individual. She’s a warrior a daughter of Zeus, she knows and seen power. It’s his nobility, compassion, kindness, humbleness, standing up for the weak and oppressed that makes her fall for him. She enjoys when he reads his work to her and asks her opinion. She especially loves his human interest stories because it allows her to understand the world she is adjusting to better. She’s been encouraging him to write that novel he’s been wanting to write for a while now.

27. Clark might be one the most idealistic heroes and a sharp reporter but through Diana he sees the wonders of the world. Because her eyes are fresh just by being someone from another world/time and her speech is  honest and her heart empathetic. He offers hope, she offers second chances.

28. He loves how fierce she is. She is regal and genteel but no pushover. She treats people from all walks of life with dignity and he especially admires how she who could be a privileged  princess chooses to fight instead to better the world and advance social causes. Clark enjoys nothing more than seeing Diana addressing the UN, trying to get attention for social causes and womens’ and childrens’ rights and spending time with orphans and refugees and offering comfort where she can.

29 The potential for exanding the verse of Superman and Wonder Woman is a minefield.   Sci-fi meld with myth and magic. Wider scope, epic stories, a chance to really create, be it new villains, and characters, off world adventures, time travel etc. The idea of these two having children…new legacy characters and not just another superboy or wondergirl…a combination of two heritages has always had most of fandom intrigued.

30. The Superwonder fandom is fun and generally most seem to spend time celebrating what they have. Many have been shipping before the new 52 so they know what is is like to long for something and as a result their creativity came to the fore and created instead of bitching. We have some of the best fan artists and fan fiction writers imo. They often faced ridiculed by other rival fandoms who got stuff in cartoons and tv shows and movies, bu they still persevered. Maybe DC saw this and acted upon it, we don’t know. But patience and fair play has its own reward. Superwonder fans are not self entitled and are just glad to have a chance finally to say we are canon. I am proud to be part of this community. I hope DC gives us a chance for at least the time they gave the other pairing last canon.