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Credence trying to make tea for Newt when the wizard gets ill. And Obscurus cuddling ( I think those art posts showing Credence as that simple dark ‘cloud’ look damn adorable every time I see them )  🌱✨

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The word “stop” echoed through the hills. Soldiers froze, weapons weakly falling from their hands, their eyes paralyzed with fear.

A young woman elegantly wove her way through the crowd, emerging from the ranks without a single piece of armor. Her eyes shimmering darkly, the colors swirling almost threateningly.

“Down.” She commanded, and the soldiers fell to their knees without so much as a second thought.

“You’ve lost.” She said, almost apologetic, “Accept your defeat graciously.”

The soldiers slowly shed their helmets and chest plates. They bowed their heads in surrender.

The woman turned to her own army, not looking nearly as ferocious or victorious as she had just moments before, “My name is Piper McLean, and this war is over. We’ve won.”

REYLO would be a smart move by Disney (Part 2/2)

Part 1 is here.

Like I said in Part 1, I’m studying economics, so I wanted to logically explain and analyze why Disney will be doing a Reylo storyline. I am not 100% sure, but I am 99% sure it will happen :)

The facts that we know about Ep. 7/8/9

1) It will not be a traditional love story like Han/Leia or Anakin/Padme

2) Kylo Ren is like a “Dark Prince”

3) It will be about the Skywalker family (like usual)

Based on the info from Part 1, we can assume that Disney will be doing something like Beauty and the Beast since it is a story line that makes a lot of money. I know that many people have already compared Reylo to Beauty and the Beast, which are all amazing posts, but I want to go more into how Beauty and the Beast helps us predict what The Last Jedi and Ep. 9 may be like. And how exactly Disney will be making money off of it. Because I want to remind everyone that Disney is a business, and their end goal is to make the most money with the least amount of backlash from fans.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast came out in March this year. I went to go see it the first weekend it came out. The theaters were packed, little girls were dressed as Belle, and everyone was humming along to the songs. The animated version came out in 1991, so a lot of people have seen the original one already. Like I said in Part 1, it made a lot of money. Not just from ticket sales, but from selling merchandise like dolls, toys, and shirts. Their target audience was young girls, but they also wanted teens and adults to see it in order to make more money.

Here is the general layout of how the story between Belle and the Beast went:

Belle’s perspective: At the beginning of the movie Belle hated him, thought of him as a monster, and tried to escape. Near the middle she started to warm up to him and got to see the humanity in him. At the end she saved his life, was heads over heels in love with him, and did not want to live without him.

Beasts perspective: At the beginning he was curious about the girl, but did not want her to see the real him yet so he still acted angry. In the middle he started showing her who he really was on the inside and started to fall in love with her. At the end he was so in love with her that he gave up his chance of a normal life for her to be happy.

Disney had to do the original and new version separated into three parts for a reason. The consumers would be furious if Belle fell in love with the Beast right after he locked her up. Imagine the parents complaining, they would say “you are teaching my daughter to fall in love with her abuser?!” It wouldn’t end well for Disney, which is why they separated it the way they did. They had to spend quite a bit of time to convince the audience that the Beast is really just a sweet little cinnamon roll on the inside. Once the audience knows that the beast is really nice on the inside, they automatically fall in love with the idea of Belle and the Beast ending up together. That middle part of the story is critical for the plot to develop correctly.

The Force Awakens

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In the Force Awakens, the average viewer hated Kylo Ren. He killed that man in the beginning, he abducted Rey and ‘tortured’ her, he killed his own father, and then tried to ‘kill’ Rey. To the average viewer, Kylo Ren is abusive and irredeemable. The Reylo fandom thinks it is a different story though. They noticed the clues that the average viewer was supposed to overlook. They are clues that will be obvious to everyone once the whole story is complete. Those clues include when Kylo bridal carries Rey, a Romeo and Juliet theme plays in the background, he is handsome when he takes his mask off, he is nice to her in their interrogation, their interrogation gave off some sexual vibes (50 shades of grey), their intense eye contact, and the fact that he asks her if he could be his teacher. Like I said in Part 1, Disney knows their customer base, and they will do anything to appeal to them. Once all three movies are complete, and it’s known that Kylo/Rey end up together, these clues will be obvious to everyone.

Compared to Beauty and the Beast, we know that Kylo Ren is being set up to be redeemed in The Last Jedi. Like when Mrs. Potts says there is still good in the Beast, General Leia says there is still good in Ben/Kylo. The Beast comes off as being creepy and rude when keeping her as a prisoner and asking her to eat dinner with him, when really he is just curious and fascinated by Belle. Just like how Kylo may appear to be creepy and rude during the abduction, interrogation, and fight in the woods, but he was really just curious and fascinated by Rey. Belle eventually runs away into the woods, the Beast finds her and ends up getting wounded. After this scene in Beauty and the Beast, it transitions into the middle of the movie, where they start to get to know each other better while Belle heals him. In TFA, Rey and Finn go out into the woods, and Kylo follows them, resulting in Kylo getting wounded (by Rey). This will then transition over into the Last Jedi, where Rey and Kylo may get to know each other better.

The Last Jedi

Since we know that Disney will probably be making Ep. 7/8/9 to be like Beauty and the Beast, we can predict that TLJ will be like the middle of the Beauty and the Beast. The Beast just got wounded (because of Belle), and Belle feels bad so she helps him. They get to know each other in the process. The Beast starts to show his humanity, and Belle starts to learn his little quirks, like eating soup straight from the bowl. She slowly begins to fall for him, without consciously realizing it. From the Beasts perspective, he is done with pretending to be the ‘mean beast’. He allows Belle to help him, and eventually opens up, allowing her see the real him. The don’t officially fall in love yet or anything, just a gradual burning.

We can predict something similar in The Last Jedi. I’m not going to predict any specifics, but I can say that I don’t think Kylo and Rey will be kissing or anything. Disney will still want that element of surprise for Episode 9. TLJ will be a movie that will allow the audience to see the real Ben Solo, not Kylo Ren. We will see the humanity in him, and see how well he works with Rey. This is the only way Disney will not spoil their ending while also making sure that people won’t lash out about the pairing. If they appeal to Kylo Ren’s humanity, more people will subconsciously open to Reylo, but will not be expecting it if they end up together. After TLJ, there will be a lot more Reylo shippers, but it still won’t be mainstream.

Episode 9

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Based on The Beauty and the Beast, we can predict that Episode 9 will be more like the end of the movie, where Belle and the Beast fall in love. They dance together, acknowledging that they are in love without actually saying it. Then Belle has to leave the Beast, and the Beast loves her so much that he lets her. He agrees to live a horrible life in order for Belle to live happily. Gaston tries to attack the Beast, causing Belle to come back and save the day. The Beast is on his death bed when Belle finally kisses him, professing her love for him. He awakens, they kiss, and they live happily ever after.

Kids, teens, and adults, loved the Beauty and the Beast story. Little girls wanted to be just like Belle, and parents bought their kids toys and dolls. Disney wants Star Wars to be received the same way, but with more violence and outer space stuff. I’m not saying Rey and Ben Solo will get married or anything, but they will make it obvious that they are in love. It will be a huge surprise to the average viewer, and everyone will be talking about it. The word will spread and more people will want to watch it. Little girls will want to dress up like Rey, and will want to learn how to fight and use the force, all the little boys would want to dress up like Kylo Ren and use his light saber. More kids would want to go Disney world to see the ‘real’ Rey and Kylo together. It’s all about reception and money. Based on how other movies/shows have done with this nontraditional route, this would be the most lucrative way for Disney to do Star Wars.


When people hear that the bad guy fell in love with the good girl, average people will start to become interested in the story. They become curious and end up renting/buying Ep. 7/8/9. They end up loving it, and then they are curious about their back stories, so they buy all the original and prequel movies. It is a huge money opportunity for Disney, and they know that. Looking at Rey and Kylo’s spotify playlists and how they are marketing the Last Jedi toys, Disney knows exactly what they are doing, and I think they are doing it amazingly. This was all way longer than I anticipated, but hopefully it was worth it! Thanks for reading!

Her Struggling to Walk After a Night of Rough Sex: GOT7


His eyes would be shining like a child’s since he knew that this was because of him and he also relished in the fact that your cheeks would redden when someone would ask whether you were feeling fine because of the way you walked. In the end he would manage to talk you into going home and rest instead.


He wouldn’t at all feel cocky, proud or anything else- instead he would wish that he could turn back time and do things differently- JaeBum didn’t like seeing you in pain and the fact that he cause that, even through pleasure, didn’t sit well with him.


Kinda proud and cocky because `wow I’m a beast` but then he would just feel sorry for what he did- even if it wasn’t intentional- you were in pain and he didn’t like that so he would apologize a lot.


Will cuddle you for that whole day while you were in pain and might sign himself up for the `I’m your slave` campaign but as soon as you were feeling fine the fact that he was slaved by you would be forgotten on `mutual terms`.


He would honestly feel so apologetic and instantly would just ask you to stay in bed for the whole day and let him take care for you and your body.


Well, if he’d manage to ignore the fact that he would be beat up by you for putting you through that pain, then he would be more or less cocky- though a little and it would be pretty `low-key`.


He’d be very much proud and cocky of his handiwork, staring at your shaking thighs as you tried to walk as if nothing was wrong at all and that your thighs were perfectly fine, not bruised with his hickeys and not in pain.

we gay posting in the morning but im literally always thinking about how dreamy and handsome ko’ is and i wanna touch his handsome face 24/7, 369…

everything she does is a huge butch dyke mood like i could see him sit on a bench and i’ll wish i was that bench. cuz i AM that bench. we’re both huge butch dyke moods and im so fucking enamored with him…


This is inspired by the anon suggestion to @sirussly saying Howl by Florence and the Machine is a Wolfstar song. Thank you for this anon, really. The first part is Sirius POV and the rest is Remus’ POV, I mean you could tell but nevertheless.

Sirius was never one to be jealous, especially not of his best mate. The way Remus talked to the Ravenclaw fourth year in the corner, whispering and smiling occasionally made his insides clench. He wanted to punch the living hell out of the older boy but no, Sirius Black didn’t get jealous of his friends. However the way Remus’ amber eyes shined as he laughed at something the other boy said made Sirius get up slowly walk and calmly take Remus by the wrist away from the other boy. 

“What the hell Sirius?” protested Remus.

“I didn’t like the way he looks at you, like– like you are a piece of meat” answered Sirius nonchalantly.

“You don’t own me Sirius,” said Remus his eyes burning with fury.

“No but at least I care for you. Go do whatever the fuck you want to” Sirius turned on his heels and left for the dorm without another word. He went straight to his bed and tried to calm his heart beats. Why was he so angry, why did his blood didn’t want to be contained in his veins?

Sirius felt like attacking everything that moved, he hadn’t felt this angry since his family made Regulus suffer for his mistakes. He could feel his hands shaking and going colder than usual even though he was under blankets. 


Sirius didn’t make a sound, he didn’t want Remus to know he was up, trying to control his unreasonable anger.

“I know you are not sleeping, you move when you sleep you idiot” said Remus, Sirius could hear his smile.

“What is it?” asked Sirius turning suddenly, still under the blanket.

“What the bloody hell is wrong with you?”

“I don’t know, okay? I don’t know” he whispered angrily. “I just can’t take it when people take you for granted. You don’t deserve that, you deserve to be loved Rem–”

“You are jealous? Of me?” 

“Well, I am shocked, too” teased Sirius.

“Get out of the bed” ordered Remus.

“What- Why?”

“I said get out Sirius” repeated Remus. As soon as he got out of the bed he was pinned against the wall behind him, Remus’ lips against his. At first he was shocked but he got used to it pretty quickly, it was everything he had dreamed of and more. The chocolate taste just as he had imagined, Remus’ long fingers in his hair. 

Sirius could feel his fingers trying to get under Remus’ skin, he had wanted this for so long and now, he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to. He was so warm, all over his body like he radiated sun light. He was stronger than the sun though.

“The moon to my stars” said Sirius breaking the kiss apart.

“That’s so cheesy” smiled Remus.

“I’m gonna call you Moony from now on” replied Sirius his eyebrow raised.

“Ugh” exclaimed Remus and resumed from where they left off.

The moon to his stars.

It had started after the Marauders started running in the forest with Remus during full moons. Remus remembered perfectly because James wouldn’t stop talking about it. How the wolf was interested in nothing but Padfoot. Remus tried explaining it was because they were both canine descendants but James wouldn’t have it. He thought that it was because the wolf felt whatever Remus felt for Sirius, which didn’t make sense to Remus because that beast didn’t love it just attacked. 

Remus could feel it though, a few days before the full moon he wanted to have Sirius more than anything. Sirius didn’t complain but Remus was afraid of hurting him. He saw Sirius leaving the Great Hall as he was going to the library and caught him by the wrist to pull him behind a big sculpture, one of the best places to hide. Remus could feel the wolf trying to get out to get a playful bite of Padfoot, it was the scent, his scent was so captivating, Remus licked his lips hungrily. He suddenly changed positions by gripping Sirius by the waist, now Sirius’ back was against the wall and Remus was pushing him down. He could hear every part of his body howling for Sirius. 

Remus’ eyes focused on the skin on Sirius’ perfect collarbone. He just wanted to tear every part of fabric off of Sirius’ body and just go for it right now, right there. His pulse was rising with every movement of Sirius’ eyes, he was focused on Remus’ lips. Sirius was never one to hold back, he actually enjoyed Remus’ hungriness before full moons. Remus pushed Sirius down a little bit more, his hand on Sirius’ waist, he kissed his boyfriend as slowly as he could begging for Sirius to not bite his lower lip because Remus knew he’d lose control. Remus always forgot how relentless Sirius was, his teeth slowly closed around Remus’ lower lip and it was just too much. Remus pulled Sirius from the waist rigorously and he could feel him against his thigh. 

Remus felt a small shiver down his spine, a small warning for him to slow down but he didn’t care. He gripped Sirius’ hair slowly to expose his neck, his skin looked like porcelain. Remus wanted to leave marks on it, just to make sure everyone knew Sirius was his. The wolf wanted to make sure no one came close to his Padfoot. As Remus made his way slowly to Sirius’ collarbone with small bites, a moan escaped Sirius’ mouth. Remus couldn’t care less about the Potions class in about five minutes, he wanted to be in their dorm. He took Sirius’ hand and started dragging him towards the staircase that led to the towers only to be stopped by McGonagall. Remus’ hand shook out of impatience but they made their way to the dungeons. Remus had to control the impulse two hours more and them Sirius was his. Sirius was his. 

Remus couldn’t keep his eyes away from Sirius’ skin for two hours. He looked so pure. He was everything his surname was not, white and perfect in every aspect. Remus wanted to tangle his long fingers in Sirius’ long hair. He wanted him on his chest sleeping to the rhythm of Remus’ heart. He wanted to wrap his arms around Sirius’ naked body and feel his cold skin against his warm one. 

The wolf ached for Padfoot and Remus ached for Sirius. They howled for them.

It had been exactly 10 days since– Remus took a deep breath before he confessed to himself that what happened on October 31st had actually happened. It had been ten torturous days. Without James, Lily, Peter who were all six feet under now, well, not Peter. Sirius made sure of that. Remus’ insides clenched at the thought of Sirius. They had it all, it wasn’t much of course, they were still miserable for most people’s standards but they had everything they wanted, damn it. Remus could feel the moon’s glow in his veins, for the first time in so many years, he was alone tomorrow. 

Remus couldn’t bring himself to accept that Sirius sold Lily and James to Voldemort and then slaughtered Peter in the middle of an alley. His Sirius. 

They were so good, a miracle for someone to love Remus the way Sirius did. Remus knew he was cursed but Sirius loved him despite all that. Remus remembered the way he smelled, the way his hair felt on his bare chest, he remembered every excruciating detail about him. The cold blue shades in his grey eyes, the way his skin glowed under the moon light, he might have actually liked moon for once because it looked so good on him. The way they snuck in hallways to steal kisses, the way they got lost under the blankets, in classrooms, the way he knew just the spot to make him weak in the knees, the scratches on his back as a small reminder that Sirius was his and he was Sirius’. It was too good to be true, after all Remus was cursed. He had tried so hard to make up for it, he tried to be everything the wolf was not. He really tried and he never got anything in return, so what was the point of trying anymore? He had nothing to fight for, nothing.

Remus could feel the wolf in his bloods begging to come out, it wasn’t long now, he would feel his bones breaking in just minutes. He looked around to the deserted forest around him, if only he had them back, if only he wasn’t alone. He was lost in thoughts when he felt his spine shiver, the autumn moon’s glow illuminated the amber of his eyes just before he got lost in the pain running through every part of his already fragile body. He let out a strong howl before he started looking for the traces of his long gone pack.

The wolf remembered them and it remembered Padfoot’s betrayal. Remus always tried to keep himself conscious and somehow control the wolf but this time he let it take over. The wolf was stronger than him and he had kept in so much for the past eleven days, he was hurting and he needed to let some of the anger and disappointment in him go, so he let the wolf hunt.

It was looking for something that it couldn’t find, it was looking for Padfoot, it was hunting the big black dog who tore it’s pack apart. The wolf was burning with anger and despair as Remus did. For once, Remus felt what the beast felt and he wouldn’t have ever thought it possible to feel so angry and so full of vengeance. Before the wolf took over Remus thought, this is his fault.

Remus woke up on the damp forest floor completely naked with smaller gashes than usual. He expected deep gashes and broken bones as the one’s he had before the Marauders were animagi. He had no idea of what happened but when he looked to his hands and feet he saw that they were bloody and had massive scars on them. The wolf had run around all night, it didn’t have time to fight with other animals because it was after his hunt, it wanted Padfoot not as it did before, this time it wanted its teeth in his neck, blood dripping from its mouth. It wanted revenge.

Can I voice my concern here?

For everyone who is suggesting ingredients for the Will It Hot Pocket, please, please, please suggest edible things. One of these days the guys are going to try to eat something inedible and it’s going to make them really sick. At least that’s my worry.

I can kill you all with my finger you know! Don’t run, I’ll show you cute and friendly! I’ll show you cute and friendly till you’re black and blue all over!
—  Yusuke Urameshi, who is most definitely not softhearted and cuddly just because his Spirit Beast, the physical manifestation of his true feelings and inner self, is a small squishy blue penguin, really (episode 43)
Raise your hand if you love Rumbelle because they are Rumbelle and not just because they're Beauty and the Beast?

I feel like most people would have loved Rumbelle no matter what because of the movie, so I’m probably in the minority in that I love them primarily because of who they are. Yes they are B&B, but that’s not all, and I fell in love with them as a couple on their own; more than that, their love story has it’s own wonderful, psychological twist that separates it from the movie and other versions. Plus, and most importantly, it has Bobby and Em. I probably won’t see the live action movie (I’m not particularly excited by it as it’s not Rumbelle) and I’m not sure I even ever want to watch the animated film. Don’t get me wrong; whatever reasons people have for loving Rumbelle are valid.I just really want to know how many love them for themselves also …