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Always respect yourself as a woman. You attract what you are so be mindful of how you represent yourself. If you want respect, you must learn to respect yourself first. Attracting negative attention is never a good thing. Be a woman of substance. Be a woman both men and women admire and respect. Don’t disrespect yourself by lowering your standards and accepting anything that comes your way. After all, who you choose to represent you, should not only compliment but elevate your position. You can’t keep entertaining people and things that mean you no good.

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Oohh I have an ask. How does the Underswap bros, UF Sans, and Fellswap Papyrus react if someone hands their S/O a baby and they just gently set them on the ground like "No thanks Im good"

(Lmao, that me. Babys are scary, they always just stare at me, completely frozen no matter what I do. :’) )

US Sans: Lovepal, please don’t place the baby on the floor. Somebody could step on it. Even though the floor is supposed to be one of the safest places for a baby, so that’s pretty good.

He is alright with babies, he raised Papyrus after all, but that doesn’t mean he adores them, especially if they are strangers. They always stick their hands into his eye sockets too, why would they do that?

He will pick the baby up, and give them back to whoever handed you the child. Then he will hug you. If you don’t want to hold the baby, then he has something far better for you to hold. You can see a mischievous smile on his face, only partly hidden trough your clothes.

US Papyrus: Pffhehe. That’s one way to handle a baby. Clean up on aisle three, there's a baby on the floor.

He isn’t too much of a baby guy, he is too lazy to take care of children, and they also always look at him so weirdly. Why do they do that? He even smiles back at them, sometimes, and they still just look spooked.

He will pick you up. Hey, if you don’t want to hold the baby, hope you don’t mind being held yourself. Not like a baby though, just bridal style. And not for long, his arms are already giving away and…

You’re both on the floor. Good job Papyrus.

UF Sans: Ugh, babies. Loud, slobbering, crying, grabbing, tiny people. He honestly would react the same. Alright, he would probably hurl that child back at the person who handed it to him. Their own fault for giving him one in the first place. 

But he can’t help but laugh at your reaction anyway. You look so horrified at that tiny human in your hands. And hey, the kid seems pretty surprise about being on the floor, eyes huge and frozen in their motion, that’s pretty funny too. 

Guess you floored the kid, hehe.

SF Papyrus: Hehe. He has no opinions on babies himself, but that’s a pretty hilarious reaction, honey.

He doesn’t really care about babies, and that’s no different with this one. So he just lets it lie on the floor, stepping around it and patting you on the head. Don’t look so spooked, it’s just a heap of flesh and bones like yourself…just more compressed.

If he asked you to hold him, would you do that? What? Ouch, stop swatting him.

The actual track names of reputation

1. *Clears throat*



4. The note at 3:08

5. Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it?


7. one, two, three

8. *DING*

9. go, gO, GO!!!

10. jag-you-ares

11. the beat in the chorus

12. aah aah aah

13. *cackle*

14. the dolphin body roll song

15. the notes trailing off

Sure, Adrien a.k.a. "alternatively"
  • Adrien: Marinette is sometimes clumsy, but she is honest and nice, cheating is not like her. And today was her first time fencing.
  • Kagami "knows it all" Tsurugi: You like her, don’t you?
  • Adrien "she's just a friend" Agreste: Marinette? Yeah, of course! She’s a... very good friend! And once you’ll know her, you’ll appreciate her as well!
  • Adrien "quick change the topic" Agreste: Take it, please.
  • Kagami "imma take IT thx" Tsurugi: I would be really happy to meet your friend Marinette ...that being said, she's single, right?
  • Adrien "what's the world's longest river again" Agreste: ...
  • Kagami "BOI" Tsurugi: ...
  • Adrien "deNIAL" Agreste: ...I wouldn't say THAT exactly...

white irish-americans who claim other americans appropriate “their culture” on saint patrick’s day and use ireland’s long history of oppression as a way to dismiss poc and claim reverse racism is real are the worst kind of people and let me tell you ireland does not claim you. as a country that has faced oppression at the hands of british colonialism and the catholic church we more than anyone should be using our White Privelage to help raise the voices of people of colour who are still to this day facing similar oppression to what our ancestors did not long ago. the fact that your great great grandparents suffered xenophobia doesn’t give you a get out of racism free card, if anything it gives you a reason to speak up and use your voice. Ní neart go cur le chéile bitch

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a few days before thor ragnarok came out i had this really vivid dream that loki and the grandmaster made out in the movie. like a graphic make out scene that just went on for like 2 solid minutes

still holding out for those deleted scenes……… …….

Eat less, you’re too fat.
Don’t you want to be pretty?

Eat more, you’re too skinny.
Are you starving yourself?

Stop being so prude, expose your body.
Don’t you want guys to notice you?

Stop being so slutty, cover up.
What are you, a whore?

Wear some makeup, cover your blemishes.
Don’t you want to be beautiful?

Take off that makeup, you look fake.
Don’t you love your natural beauty?

Study more, get better grades.
Don’t you want to be successful?

Study less, stop over-achieving.
What are you, a show-off?

Stop complaining.
Aren’t you greatful?

Voice your opinion more.
Don’t you want to stand up for yourself?

Stop being so shy and antisocial.
Don’t you want to make friends?

Stop talking, you talk too much.
Don’t you want people to like you?

You need to work out more, you have no muscle.
Don’t you want to be strong?

Stop working out, women shouldn’t have muscle.
Don’t you want to look like a girl?

Cut your hair, it looks cute short.
Don’t you want to look cute?

Don’t cut your hair, women are supposed to have long hair.
Don’t you want to be pretty?

Be yourself.
Don’t you want people to love you for who you are?

Stop acting like that.
Don’t you want to be loved?

Nobody will love you when you’re like that…

- contradictions of society (L.L.)

the hours i spent on this shitty thing is not worth it tbh. Click if you can’t read!

now there’s no need for that, is there

[my take on my favOURITE comic of all time by @lucky-tarts < Original here - note to the original artist you mAKE ME LAUGH SO HARD WITH THAT GODDAMN COMIC I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF]

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This might be really specific but you know how sports people play other sports for charity? I had a vision of everyone playing a charity football game, only Yuuri’s like “Where’s Victor?” And there he is with Phichit and Minami (who’s fangirling) in full cheerleader gear cheering on Yuuri. I also like the idea of Yuri and JJ attacking eachother in the background (with Otabek like “What”) even though their on the same team.