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I also haven’t made anything monsuno related for half a year. So here’s sketches of @herpalerp-derpin’s newest OC’s.
(Who may or may not be inspired by other monsuno fanartists @glowypop and @aiskuriimuneko )

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ugh i'm so glad i don't do twitter, this shit just reminds me that lgbt couples have to put twice as much work in(and interracial couples even more so) as str8 ones to be seen as an actual couple and even then ppl will keep moving the goalposts (i'm getting flashbacks to an f/f otp of mine who got the same bs thrown towards them DESPITE being clearly shown as a couple for years and getting married at the end of the show. but sure, just gals being pals right? they got married PLATONICALLY)

twitter is certainly a mess rn, the problem lies as well in the absolute lack of thought ppl put into their own opinions lmao literally all of them are quoting a single thread that completely disregarded all previous relationship development malec went through bc they want ‘normal moments’

i mean i agree that some of the interaction between magnus and alec should be less plot-driven, but id rather their conversations be meaningful than meaningless. (the actual problem has always been the lack of physical intimacy but we ought not forget that the 207 backlash came up when they were filming 215 so they couldnt change anything before that)

i think one thing that i find extremely infuriating is that stupid “i dont know why they love each other!!!” bs bc it shows, just as you said, how much more work lgbtq couples and especially!! interracial ones have to do to be seen as in love. like.. if you want to know why they love each other: watch the show. its there. dont disregard the conversations they had about mental health, about their insecurities esp those pertaining to romance, the absolutely sweet way they behave around each other..
(little wonder woman spoilers for emphasis!!) steve told diana he loved her at the end of the movie, theyd known each other for.. who knows???? no one cares. they went through a lot of shit together so they love each other.
magnus and alec know each other for approx. 6 months (i think it was alberto who said that 2a is about 5/6 months long? but even if it wasnt its enough time emotions dont work like we want them to), tell each other they’re in love after going through a life or death experience and ppl are saying it was rushed.
……idk what to tell you its pretty obvious whats happening here.

we should focus on the actual problems of their rep and not make others up

Eat less, you’re too fat.
Don’t you want to be pretty?

Eat more, you’re too skinny.
Are you starving yourself?

Stop being so prude, expose your body.
Don’t you want guys to notice you?

Stop being so slutty, cover up.
What are you, a whore?

Wear some makeup, cover your blemishes.
Don’t you want to be beautiful?

Take off that makeup, you look fake.
Don’t you love your natural beauty?

Study more, get better grades.
Don’t you want to be successful?

Study less, stop over-achieving.
What are you, a show-off?

Stop complaining.
Aren’t you greatful?

Voice your opinion more.
Don’t you want to stand up for yourself?

Stop being so shy and antisocial.
Don’t you want to make friends?

Stop talking, you talk too much.
Don’t you want people to like you?

You need to work out more, you have no muscle.
Don’t you want to be strong?

Stop working out, women shouldn’t have muscle.
Don’t you want to look like a girl?

Cut your hair, it looks cute short.
Don’t you want to look cute?

Don’t cut your hair, women are supposed to have long hair.
Don’t you want to be pretty?

Be yourself.
Don’t you want people to love you for who you are?

Stop acting like that.
Don’t you want to be loved?

Nobody will love you when you’re like that…

- contradictions of society (L.L.)

( Jee belongs/drawn by @blesstale! )
( Adre @me! )

How can we “be ourselves” while also embracing who God has called us to be?

The first and most important thing is knowing who we are in Him: “‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’” - Acts 17:28

When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are given access to God and Eternal Life in Him, which we could not have possibly attained before. We can walk with a renewed hope and a renewed mind, knowing that no matter the darkness and uncertainty that tries to fill our being, our hearts are already secured in Jesus’ name. We can have confidence no matter what comes our way, because we know Who is with us.

This is what it means to have confidence in Christ. This is what it means to know who you are in Him. And now that you know who you, you can began to embrace what God has called you to be.

So more than we worry about which career or city or ministry God has called us to, we must wake up every morning knowing that we have already been called to be His children. We have already been called out of darkness and into His light. We have already been called to share that light with others.

On a practical level, when it comes to being ourselves, this is who we must focus on being, because in Christ, this is who we are. Our careers, where we live, what we’re passionate about, and even our relationships are apart of our lives, but it is Christ that shapes our identity.

And as we learn this more and more on a daily basis, we can pray and ask the Lord to show us how to be ourselves, even when we don’t have all of the other things we feel are apart of our identity, because in Christ now we know that ultimately, our identity is in Him.

And God is faithful in showing you these things! You can only see your life from the angle in which you stand, but He sees every dimension of you, in the past, present and future. So talk to Him daily, more than just once in the morning or evening. Get to know Him more and He will show you more, so that you can focus more on being who He has called you to be.

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

لَو كَان رأي الأكثريّة مُقدّماً 🔝
لَكان قوم لُوط أَولى مِنْ لوط، و فِرعَون أَولى مِنْ مُوسى، و أبو جَهل أَولى مِنْ مُحمّد !
الأكثريّة مُعتَبرة لكن إذا كانت ضِد الحَق أصبَحتْ صِفراً.