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So my brother and I realized that you can divide just about any Jrpg protag into one of two groups which we decided to call Sora and Riku

Riku: The reserved, “cool” guy. Usually this is accomplished by the character being either quiet, brooding, an asshole or some combination of those things. Whether or not they actually are cool is irrelevant Ie wannabes count

Sora: The outgoing, happy-go-lucky. The always smiling do goer who never lets anything get them down. Makes friends super easily and may or may not be a goofball. 

I mean granted Sora and Riku aren’t the epitome of these archetypes but damn if they aren’t good examples. 

  • brain: ur not borderline
  • me: i literally had a breakdown today abt my relationship with others
  • brain: yea but it wasnt the right kind of breakdown

re: this post, @birlcholtz said  #now im wondering about that one kegster where he and holster wore togas and laurels#how did holster stay conscious in that case?????

Ransom didn’t actually wear a toga at Epikegster!

I assume it’s because he changed after Holster fainted for the second time.


I just started watching this show because I kept seeing blogs about it on my ‘recommended’ list.

All I can say is that I feeakin’ love this show! OMG why have I not watched this sooner?!

That’s all. Back to binge watching.

Libra: *gets someone’s number* *asks them out* *woos them* *dates them* *introduces them to the friends* *sleeps with them* *whispers sweet nothings into their ear* *introduces them to the parents* *calls them every term of endearment in the book* *introduces them to the entire extended family* *gives them family heirlooms as gifts* *celebrates first year anniversary* *makes plans to move in together*

Significant other: I love you




(Headcanon that Lance ends up talking about memes during his conversations with Coran about their home cultures… turning Coran into a fellow memer…)