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sebastian and you are co-stars on a press tour. you’re the best of friends, but when sebastian finds something suspicious in your luggage, that may change everything. (based on this request.)

word count: ~6K

pairing: sebastian stan x reader

warnings: smut 18+ ONLY (light dom/sub, anal play, dirty talk, dom-ish!seb, etc. it’s filthy.) 

a/n: pls blame google translate on my incorrect romanian. english translations are at the bottom. i don’t know why all of my seb AU’s are dom!seb. i will fix that eventually. anyway, here’s some sex. 

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theother-fiftyone  asked:

ok um i'm trash but um can i have a fic where like michael is really protective of jeremy (for whatever reason) and just everyone is gay and it's great

Ay, back at it again with the late replies to asks I should have done ages ago (IM SORRY). Hope this will suffice, thank you for the prompt!


The plan was for Jeremy to get out of hospital, ask out Christine and live a normal high school life as a normal high school teenager - now with a few more friends. What Jeremy wasn’t anticipating was Michael’s change in attitude when he got back.

Michael, his best friend for twelve years, had suddenly become very… attached to Jeremy. He hadn’t noticed at first, focusing more on his plan to ask out Christine or catching up on any work that The Squip had previously deemed ‘uncool’ or ‘useless’. But as the days went by Jeremy began to notice Michael’s presence more and more. Sure, it wasn’t uncommon for Michael to have his bad days and follow Jeremy around for the majority of the school day but by the end of the week Jeremy couldn’t think of one instance where Michael had left his side.

When Monday came, Jeremy found Michael waiting outside his house to walk to school. The two stood side by side as Michael hopped along the pavement with his headphones around his neck, looking around as if he was expecting someone to pop out behind the passing houses. As he began to calm down, Jeremy took a closer look at his best friend. He noticed that his eyes were slightly more droopy than normal, little bags had begun to form underneath them. His hair was ruffled and he was wearing the wrong shoes, as if he was in a hurry to leave the house. Despite this, Michael still wore his generic giddy smile on his face, the look which made Jeremy’s heart melt slightly on the inside.

At lunch time, Rich and Jake approached the two, asking if they wanted to join them at their table in the far corner of the cafeteria. There sat the rest of the group - Brooke, Chloe, Jenna and Christine - eagerly waving at the best friends. Before Jeremy could reply with some cheap excuse as to why he wasn’t feeling well all of a sudden, Michael jumped in between them, turning to Jeremy.

“Come on dude, lets go sit with them! It’ll- It’ll be fun,” he stammered out the last past, suddenly dragging his best friend across the hall before he had a chance to protest. Under his breath, Jeremy heard him mutter “no harm done yeah? Yeah…”

Jeremy, naive Jeremy, brushed off the encounter as Michael just acting up as he sometimes did. But a few days later Jeremy was walking down the hallway on the way to his next class when he heard Michael catch up to him, skidding to a stop once he reached his best friend.

“How was math?” He small talked, slurping the remains of his slushie.

“It was fine, I guess. I wish Mr David would ease up on the homework though, I’m starting to get-” before Jeremy could continue, he was stopped in his tracks by Michael. He turned to see a mixture of anger and fright on his face, a look that really didn’t suit him. Jeremy tried to follow his line of sight but was cut off by Christine shouting his name from down the hallway. He looked back and waved, but when he returned to his best friend’s gaze it was gone, replaced with what looked to be a sympathetic smile as he saw Christine.

“I’ll… uh- catch up with you later Jer,” he mumbled before setting off in the opposite direction without letting Jeremy say a word.

Jeremy tried to give Christine a decent conversation but it was clear he was distracted by something else. He kept turning to look down the hallway in which Michael had seen something, making him stop dead in his tracks. He couldn’t help but wonder what he had seen. Jeremy briefly heard Christine asking if he was alright, to which he replied some rehearsed nonsense about being tired from schoolwork while he continued to focus on the hallway.

It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that he discovered what Michael had been so frightened of.

Jeremy had just finished play rehearsal with the gang and was making his way through the school hallways to go home. Just as the doors came into sight, he spotted a group of - maybe two or three - boys hanging around the doorway, blocking the entrance. They seemed to be waiting for someone, so Jeremy naturally assumed they were one of the many friends of Jake or Chloe. However, as he began to approach, one of the boys spotted him coming and alerted the other two of his arrival. Confused, Jeremy stopped walking and spoke up;

“Um hi… could I get past please? You’re kind of blocking the door,” he stuttered, trying not to mess up his wording in front of the intimidating boys. But neither moved an inch. Instead, the main boy came forward, speaking slowly and articulating his words so precisely it sent a shiver down Jeremy’s spine.

“That was kind of the point mate,” he chuckled and the other two joined in. “We were just waiting for someone…”

“Oh…” said Jeremy, slowly shifting his feet. “W-who?”

Deep down, he already knew the answer.


Now, Jeremy had dealt with bullies before, being a loser and all. He was used to the unoriginal insults and the occasional shove. But these guys were clearly not messing around, going out of their way to wait for him after school and everything. Jeremy took a step backwards in fear.

“You’re the guy that possessed my brother yeah?” The main boy snarled. Jeremy’s face twitched for a second, taking another step back.


“He told me bout it. Said some dude in his drama rehearsal tried to take over the whole cast. Course, the guy doesn’t care now. He’s way too forgiving for his own good my brother,” the boy continued, slowly inching forwards. His friends had now joined his march a few feet behind him. “Fortunately for you, I’m nothing like the guy. I’m a solid believer that you deserve what’s coming to you buddy.”

Jeremy wasn’t entirely sure what to do. He couldn’t keep retreating forever, the gang would eventually catch up to him, and there was no way he was going to slip past these three boys. Caught up in his thinking, he stopped retreating. Jeremy realised his mistake too late as he felt his whole body smash up against a locker. His head smacked the metal plating behind him, causing an immediate headache to rush into his head. He blinked and locked eyes with the bully.

“Or maybe, I just want an excuse to beat up a nerd,” he smirked, lifting his fist to the air. His two friends stood back, watching the whole ordeal go down without interfering. Jeremy shut his eyes closed and tensed up, preparing himself for a blow to the face at any moment.

Instead, he felt his body suddenly drop the ground as a loud grunt came from the boy. Confused, he peeled his eyes open to see the previously menacing boy sprawled across the floor with a bloody nose. His two friends had stepped back in fear at the cause of the punch. The guy responsible stepped forward and glared at the two, signalling - or warning - for them to leave. They did as instructed, picking up the brother and rushing out the door without saying a word.

Jeremy’s head had began to ease up just enough for him to start to process what had just happened when his arm was flown over a shoulder and he was heaved up onto his feat. The familiar smell of weed and slushie suddenly hit him and he knew exactly who had come to him rescue.

“Michael?” He spat out, turning to face the boy. Now that he was fully standing on his own, he could focus on the boy. Michael’s face was covered in sweat. His eyes glimmered with a hint of fear and relief at the sight of his best friend and a large bruise had begun to form on his knuckle from where he had punched the bully.

“Michael,” he said again, this time more definite. It was at that point where Michael’s intimidating persona faded as his eyes began to well up with tears. He flung himself onto Jeremy and dug his head in his neck as he began to sob.

“I’m- I’m sorry I just…” he muttered through his tears, “I heard them… when you came back to school- they were talking about what they were going to do to you- and I just… I just wanted to make sure that you were ok-”

“Thank you Michael,” was all Jeremy could muster before his eyes too began to fill up with tears. The boys sat there, in the school hallway, for about ten minutes silently crying until Jeremy sat up and pulled Michael up with him as they slowly made their way out of the building.


“Morning!” Jeremy greeted his friends by the school entrance. By his side was Michael with his bandaged knuckle and huge smile on his face.

“Morning bro!” Replied Jake. The group shared a quick conversation before entering the school and as they walked down the hallway Michael stood proudly by Jeremy’s side.

“Oh my gosh Michael,” exclaimed Christine as she noticed the white bandages across his hand, “what happened? Are you hurt?”

“Don’t worry Chris,” replied Jeremy, putting a hand on his best friend’s shoulder, “he’s got it under control.”

Just up ahead, a brief conversation between Rich and Jake could be heard.

“Now that I think about it, my bro was acting a little strange last night. He came home with a broken nose and started ranting on about this dude in a hoodie.”

“No way!” Rich cried, “your bro got beat up by some kid in a jacket?”

“Yeah yeash,” replied Jake who appeared to be pondering the thought. “He said someone about him being utterly terrifying, looming over him and protecting his lanky best-”

Slowly, the two boys locked eyes and turned to find Michael’s hand bruised after Christine insisted on changing the bandage. He looked up to see the boys staring and smirked. Turning to Jeremy, he flew an arm around his shoulder and paraded forward, passing the two as he went. Turning round, Michael brought his damaged hand up to his eyes and returned the glare, signalling NOT to touch his best friend in case they also wanted a piece of what he could do.

Deep down, Michael just wanted his hand to heal quicker. He couldn’t press the buttons on the controller properly with a bruised knuckle, but the image of being a type of bodyguard for Jeremy - it made it all worthwhile.

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hahaha, vax's face in that jealousy comic is great! especially when it's not in focus and he's just panicking in the corner of the frame? you're art is so good!

this is what he gots for being against the idea of leli becoming a divine heh

thank you! you’re very sweet, nonny <3

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So I see you are doing drawing or writing prompts* screams internally cause I love your art!!* And I wanted to ask if you could draw Tarkin at a festival type place? Or just a party of some sorts. Cause it be funny to see Tarkin in a place that's not a working environment because he is such a strict an straight forward man. And one more thing what are your thoughts on with Tarkin in a sombrero? And sorry for the randomness 😀 have a amazing day/night

thank you for this prompt!!  <3 <3 

Tarkin in a sombrero?  HE IS SO ON IT.  

i mean, he’s got to keep up troop morale <3  IT’S HIS DUTY 

also, Vader is totally force choking Pinata Krennic

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so i just discovered your fic list and oh gawd u don't know how happy i am with this discovery. thank u for this. anyway i just finished reading ur alternate meets canon fic and. i want to roll and jump and. oh my gawd i really wanna know what happened next?? do u have some other headcanons/ideas for this? is it ok with u to divulge them? no pressure if u don't want to though! just really wanted to thank u for it! i adore alternates meeting with canons so it was really a joy to read. thank u!


Oh anon, thank you <3 I loved the idea for that fic, had plans for it floating in my head for months before the ask got me to write it down. It was going to be this huge epic, like 100k words probably, switching between Derek and alt!Stiles in the canon universe and Stiles trying to make sense of the warped landscape of the alternate world he’d been thrown into. 

Derek’s just standing there in his bedroom doorway, looking softer than Stiles has ever seen him: his hair loose and ungelled, hanging over his forehead.

“Hey Derek,” he says, trying to blink his way back from the visual. “You look…”

“What?” He seems totally lost on what’s making Stiles stare, and after a few seconds Stiles decides not to even try explaining it. You look nice keeps running through his head, but that’s not close enough. It’s not that Derek never looks nice. (Hell, Derek always looks nice, but that’s a whole other issue.) He looks happy sometimes too, and that’s the only other word Stiles can pull up that edges close to accurate. You’re in my bedroom is the third, half-formed option, but that’s happened before too. It’s just something about the combination of those things right now, and the comfortable way he’s standing in the space  –– hands not in his pockets, shoulders not slumping in like he’s offended by the general pressure of someone else’s air –– that’s catching Stiles up. And there’s no way to fit any of that into words.

“You’ve got flour on your shirt,” he says instead, and Derek glances down with a soft laugh. Brushes the powder off so it wafts out in a soft cloud between them. The open smile he’s wearing when he looks up again is enough to make Stiles heart tug with how devastatingly dreamlike this all is.

“I was making breakfast,” he answers, and Stiles blinks. Ok, yeah. So, definitely a dream.

I had an entire timeline listed out for the alternate universe –– how things had all gone differently, in a chain reaction starting with Laura surviving Peter’s attack (link to that scene, if you’re interested) and just cascading outward, through the fracturing of Scott and Stiles’ friendship when a very human Scott was lured into the Argent side of the divide (via his interest in Allison and, ironically, concern for Stiles and the dangers of “vicious werewolves”) and Stiles sided with Laura and Derek. 

“Wait… I still got with Allison, even if I wasn’t…”

“You two are so together it’s disgusting, alright? Apparently she hit a dog with her car and you guys got to know each other at the animal clinic and right after that you two were like, destined. A week in I could see like… wedding bells and white picket fences going on in your head. It was obnoxious and I was thrilled for you, dude. And then all the hunter crap happened.”

How Laura being alive kept Derek from being quite as dark and broken as he was in the first few seasons, how she made the executive decision to bring the Sheriff in early to earn his trust and support against hunters and supernatural threats alike, and how the town more or less broke down into a cold war zone between the werewolf and hunter sides of the conflict.

The tragedy is that somewhere in all that planning and preparation my detailed notes and timeline completely vanished. I have no idea how. Pages of details and alt!character development and plot planning… and all I have left is a page or so of scenes and stray quote segments, and I just don’t remember enough about the details to make it the way it originally would have. I can tell you a few details, though, and maybe throw in a few of the excerpts too.

I know that it still took a long time for Stiles and Derek to come together. Stiles had sided with the werewolves mainly because Laura had come to the Sheriff (and the Sheriff, remembering the fire and the lost kids the Hales had been when he’d told them the news, and appreciating finally being handed answers to all the mysteries that don’t quite add up in this town, agreed to work with them at least to stop Peter… and then the bond just built from there), and because it had been the right thing to do. And Derek wasn’t shattered the way he was in canon season one maybe, but he was still Derek. Laura’s skeptical, snarky, and untrusting little brother, the cynic to her careful optimism. And Stiles is sarcastic and blunt and, in this version of reality, also hurt and bitter from losing his best friend to the enemy, so he wasn’t exactly super open to bonding with one of the reasons Scott wasn’t around anymore. (It was easier to forgive Laura, who was more sympathetic, but Derek’s general if he sided with hunters he’s not worth having around anyway attitude did not help relations early on.) Stiles and Derek butted heads and snarked constantly at first but their alliance against Peter and the hunters, various life-or-death situations, and Laura’s friendship with the Sheriff (especially when he took her on as a deputy), kept them close, and eventually they fell together just like they’re always going to.

Beacon Hills is a constant danger zone, though, because the hunter threat still hasn’t died. Scott reaches out to Stiles from time to time, earnestly believing every Argent lie that wolves are dangerous monsters and that Stiles is going to get himself killed for being with them. But he’s basically a hunter at this point, believes their philosophy because he’s been on the Argents’ side in every showdown, and honestly thinks Stiles and the Sheriff have been seduced by the Hales’ supernatural wiles (Kate has indoctrinated Scott and Allison with a very different version of her history with Derek) and he needs to do whatever he can to save his former best friend from them.

“Scott’s not a werewolf?”

“What?” Stiles starts to laugh, before his brows arch sharply. “Oh my god, you’re serious. No. No, Scott’s practically married in with the Argents; he’d probably kill himself if he got the bite.” Bitterness floods his features; he fights and fails to smooth it away.

And Stiles is wounded and bitter and cuts off any attempt at contact from his old friend because they’ve both chosen their sides, there’s too much bad blood, and thinking about Scott as anything more than the enemy or the creep who’s allied with killers is too painful at this point.

Lydia’s also in with the Argents, from virtue of being Allison’s best friend and having been smart enough to catch on after a couple months that something decidedly supernatural was going on. She’s a very different Lydia, though, having never had her banshee powers awakened (she was never bitten by Alpha!Peter because… well, there was no Alpha!Peter) and is likely still more similar to her pre-Peter-possession self. I had a lot more details about all of the side characters and how they fit into the developing arc, but most of it’s sadly lost now.

& i was JUST leveling up, exercise-wise. everyone is running & biking past our apartment all happy & enjoying the weather n shite & playing in the park across the streeeeeet

this reminds me of when i got chicken pox in the middle of the summer, a scorcher, & our house had no AC so i sat out on the back porch watching my family & neighborhood kids playing in the pool for what felt like an eternity

thank you babes for all the love & well-wishessss ❤️

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Hey have you seen the interview where J-hope ask Jungkook what he wants when he becomes an adult and he first replies with driving then he later makes a click sound and points to Jimin after he ask? I literally died at that moment and wasn't even sure if it was edited or not. What are your thoughts? And it was just IDAHOBIT day the other day and I can't help but wonder about jikook and if they're going to publisize their relationship(that is if it exist) thank you! :)

THIS HAPPENS TO BE ONE OF MY FAVORITE JIKOOK MOMENTS LOLOL. THE WHOLE VIDEO WAS ACTUAL GOLD, LIKE WE GOT THE 20+ SECOND HAND HOLDING AND THIS ICONIC MOMENT IN WHICH JUNGKOOK BASICALLY SAID HE WANTED JIMIN ONCE HE BECAME AN ADULT LOL OKAY. but okay for real, i think that moment is real 🤔 bc ik lots of ppl are saying he wants to drink, but why would he point at jimin and why would jimin react by giggling and pushing jk away like 🤔 if its as innocent as drinking he wouldn’t have reacted like that 🤔🤔🤔 im not saying jk meant sex, but he definitely meant something deeper than just getting drunk 👀

Originally posted by mintsugakookies

as for the second part of ur ask: i honestly doubt jikook will out themselves anytime soon if theyre real. south korea is still largely homophobic, even though younger people are more open to it. the media is especially homophobic, and jikook and bts’ career would be ruined if they did decide to come out right now or in the near future. the only time i can really see jikook admitting to dating is once gay marriage is legalized in south korea or when being gay is more accepted. aka in like 2025.

Angelina’s Best of May

This month was a little rough on me work wise, so if I missed something, I am so sorry! As I get busier at work, this may evolve into something else, but we will see what happens (I am open to suggestions via ask).  Thank you to all the amazing writings that grace us each and every day with their talents! 

Feel free to tag me in your works, but please be aware that I do not rec everything I read and sometimes the tags just don’t work.  I am trying something a little new this month and that is a spotlight, meaning if I could only rec one or two fics this month for y’all to read, what would it be - catch it at the end.  Sorry this got a little long! Not really sorry ;)



Iron Heart (link to masterlist) @kittenofdoomage (Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader ABO)

Invisible (link to masterlist) @just-another-busy-fangirl (Dean x Reader)

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              *****SPOTLIGHT: If I could rec only ONE fic this month…******

The Spark Next Door @iwantthedean (Jensen x Reader) 

If you follow her and have read anything Nicole has written, you already know she has a beautiful gift for fluff, among other things. Although I love 99.99% of what she has written, this piece really took me back to why I fell in love with her writing in the first place and is probably the best piece I have read all year. Do yourself a favor and go read it. If you are not following her, do that too; stalk her master list (totally worth calling in sick for!) and let yourself get pulled into the world she creates through her words. 

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~yeah, I know, I couldn’t decide one just one!

Into The Mystic (series - link to masterlist) @tankcupcakes (Dean x Evelyn OC)

My dear @tankcupcakes has written much Supernatural Fanfiction, but her first series, Thunder Road, blew me away. I have been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with this amazing woman outside of Tumblr and was humbled (and very giddy) when she asked for some feedback for the sequel, Into The Mystic. If I thought Thunder Road was good, this sequel is fucking amazing! I absolutely cannot wait for more chapters. If you are not following this gem, go do it; she is totally worth it. If you have not read Thunder Road and Into The Mystic, what are you doing with your time? I know there are a ton of blogs out there for you to follow and before you know it, you are following more than 300 blogs, but add @tankcupcakes to your list; you won’t regret it!

hamelin-born  asked:

I've been following your works on AO3 and just discovered your blog; I had an absolute blast reading through all of the 'In the Interest of Justice' side-stories, speculation, and AUs posted here! Thank you so much for coming up with this 'verse! ...if you don't mind me ask, I'm just curious - what, exactly, would/did it take for Law to accept/regard Kitsune as a parental figure? And what was Garp's reaction when his little girl got married? (At least it was to an (ex) marine...)

Forgive me I haven’t quite figured out how Law’s going to accept her yet, I’m leaving that to figure out later.

At first Garp’s reaction was relief (”Thank god, she’s married a marine, a good man.”) because given her interactions with Shanks and later Marco, he’d been worried. He’s quite pleased that he and Sengoku are in-laws now, much to the other man’s horror. 

Then he realises what married actually means and proceeds to attempt hunting the elusive Rosinante down for threats & shovel talk. 

anonymous asked:

i didn't even read the manga properly. my eyes just flew through it. i guess this is what happens when i absolutely lose respect for a person. (just to be sure: don't hate kubo. really don't. but the distaste's just too strong. also, from what my eyes saw, i had a feeling like it's some broken shojo manga). p.s. sorry for such a negative ask. have sum hug pls (sending sum chocolate too) <3

Thank you for the hug and the chocolate, dear anon, you are too kind! ❤

I don’t hate Kubo as a person. I know tumblr/fandom kinda works with those extremes where you either worship someone or hate their guts but yeah, me losing respect and trust in Kubo as a creator doesn’t mean I hate her.

It’s ok anon, I’ve got you covered. Here’s all the really important parts of the manga!

Yuuri looking beautiful.

Yakov calling Yurio out on his bratty behaviour. 

Otabek being hyper aware of Yurio’s age and being responsible about it for once.

Sara almost having Emil toss Yurio in a pool because Yurio was being rude to everyone.

Mila being the voice of reason.

Seung Gil’s dream.


And of course, the lift of love.

Anonymous asked:

Which one is better? Revision or rewrite the whole chapter? Thanks^^

Re-writes are really only necessary when you’ve got to do a really big overhaul on what’s already there. If you’re going to keep at least 50% of what’s there already, you can just revise, changing what needs to be changed as you go. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited topics: portrayal of diverse characters, emotions, specialist knowledge questions (medical, etc.), “how to portray/describe,” asking for tropes/cliches; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

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Mm! Just because Fairy tails Adventure is coming to an End that doesn't mean Fairy tail artists will stop drawing them! They will Live on and May pick up on other Animes or Mangas but I Know Fairy Tail Shall always live in there hearts! So I find it odd when people ask what artists will do after a certain Manga ends. They will be Greatful and happy they got to Join the adventure along with other amazing artists ✨ qwq So Thank you for Drawing Fairy tail and Fairy tail Ships! Thank you so much! ✨

FT is a very important fandom for me, was my very first manga shonen I’ve read, spended almost 7 years of my life. Gruvia is my favourite OTP, the otp who changed my whole life, the very first one I drew a fanart of, how I can just stop drawing them? Is impossible,  I plan to draw them forever ;_;

Originally posted by usedpimpa

New York- Brendon adn Sarah Urie (poly) Part two

Request- wait so are you doing a part 2 for that Brendon and Sarah fic that’s about his broadway show? if you are can you make it like just really sweet, but with more Brendon than Sarah. thank you love your writing.

You got back home early that next morning. You had already felt the difference you desperately needed to feel. You felt at home even though Brendon and Sarah were across the country. You missed them terribly, but you knew what you needed and that was space.

As soon as you got home you called Brendon and Sarah. It was 8 am in New York, so they didn’t care. They were happy to hear from you and told you that you sounded happier already.

You went to your room you usually share with Brendon and Sarah and you plopped down on the big bed. You were so tired you feel asleep and didn’t wake up until noon. It was 3 in new York and Brendon would have been just getting out of rehearsal. Even though you weren’t there you knew what was going on. That’s something you didn’t miss about being in New York, it was too busy and scheduled for your liking.

The next few days you were constantly talking to Sarah and Brendon via text and facetime. Brendon’s opening night of Kinkny boot was tomorrow and they didn’t know you were coming back for it. You had spent a total of 12 days away from them and that’s all you needed to be back to your normal self.

“I still don’t think I’m ready to come back. I’m sorry Bren, I wish I was there to see you on opening night.” you lied over facetime.

“It’s okay. Don’t feel bad. I know you’ll be cheering me on from across the country. I hope you can come back soon though.” he said.

“Me too.” Sarah said from beside him, both making puppy dog faces.

“But I don’t want you back here until you are 100% happy you hear me Y/N. I always want you both to be as happy as possible and if Califonia makes you happy then I’ll see you when I get back.” Brendon explained and he sounded so caring.

“Thanks for understanding, but look I have to go. I love you guys so so much.” you said realizing it was almost midnight and you had to leave in the next hour.

“Love you beautiful.” Sarah said.

“Love you Y/N. Miss you.” Brendon said blowing a kiss.

“Miss you too. Bye.” you said and ended the call.

You finished cleaning up the house before saying goodbye to California again. You were going to be landing in New York around 7 am, then you were going to stay at a hotel and surprise both Sarah and Brendon after his performance. The only thing was you were going to have to stay out of the way of fans, so they didn’t ruin the surprise.

You made it to the hotel by 9 safely and you never thought you would say this, but you missed the loud city.

You decided to pass the time by ordering some food. You got ready at 5:30, knowing you should get there a little early because it was going to be so packed.

Once at the theater everything became so real. This was Brendon’s dream and you loved being there to support him, even though it wasn’t ever step of the way, he knew you were supporting him.

You saw Sarah sitting in the front row with some close family and friends. You had to do everything you could to not go up there and hug her and tell her how much you missed her.

You found your seat near the back and a few people recognized you.

“Are you Y/N Urie?” one girl asked.

“Yeah I am. Can you guys do me a favor and not tell anyone I’m here though, it’s a surprise.” you told them and they understood.

You carried on conversation with them for a while when your phone started buzzing.

You excused yourself and went to the lobby where you answered Brendon’s facetime call.

“Hey babe. I just wanted to show you how great I looked before I go on.” Brendon said turning the camera so you could see him in the mirror.

“You look amazing Bren. I love you so much. Good luck out there. You know how much I wish I could have been there tonight, right?” you said making sure he couldn’t see the background of where you stood.

“I know, but remember I want the best for you and I don’t want to see you until you are feeling better.” you smiled at him. “I have to go we’re starting in about 20 minutes. I love you to the moon Y/N.”

“I love you too Brendon. Give Sarah and the puppies kisses for me. Break a leg.” you said and the call ended soon after.

You went back to your seat and waited for the show to begin. When Brendon finally came out on stage you thought you were going to cry tears of happiness.

After an amazing performance from the cast you knew it was almost time to go see Brendon and Sarah.

You started making your way to the backstage where Brendon’s dressing room was. The crew knew you so you had no problems getting back there. You phone started to ring as you turned down the hall where the room was located. It was Sarah.

“Hey beautiful. How was the show?” you asked her.

“It was truly amazing. Brendon is getting out of costume right now and we wanted to talk to our love.” she explained.

“That’s amazing. Look I’ll call you back in a minute but I have to do something really quick.” you said as you approached the closed door with Brendon’s name on it.

“Ok. Talk to you soon.” she said then hung up.

You knocked on the door after a few seconds.

“One minute.” you heard Brendon say.

You waited for a few seconds before the door swung open and Brendon’s eye widened at the sight of you.

“Y/N.” he said lifting you into a hug.

“Surprise.” you squeaked out between the tight hold Brendon had on you.

“Brendon share her.” you heard Sarah say next to you.

Brendon put you down and Sarah took you in for a hug.

“I knew you were acting suspicious on the phone. I’m glad you’re here.” he said.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world. You did amazing and you looked hot in those heels.” you told Brendon.

“You’re such a sneaky bitch. Why didn’t you at least tell me?” Sarah asked faking being insulted.

You laughed for a second before sitting down on the couch with her.

“I wanted it to be a total surprise for both of you.” you said leaning your head on Sarah’s shoulder.

You stayed like that while Brendon finished getting ready to leave.

“So what do you say we go home?” Brendon offered and you quickly stood.

“Sounds good with me. I wanna see the dogs.” you said standing.

Brendon wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you close to him.

“They’ve been missing you, but not as much as me.” he whispered then kissed the top of your head.

When you finally reached home it was pretty late. You three were sitting on the couch together Sarah passed out and Brendon playing with your hair.

“I’m so happy you’re again. We missed you terribly.” Brendon said softly.

“I know, but I had to sort so things out for myself. I think I was just really missing California and how different things are back home.” you explained.

“Well as long as you’re happy I’m happy, and if that means you need to go back to California, we understand. I want the best for you Y/N.” he said.

“Thank you Brendon. You and Sarah mean the world to me. I’m so lucky to have you guys.”

“No, we’re lucky to have you.” Brendon placed a kiss you your head. “I’m going to get Sarah to bed then we can get to bed.” he said when you yawned.

He stood and carried Sarah into the room. You wen tot stand up and go to the room, but Brendon already had you in his arms.

“I have legs you know.” you said.

“And so do I.” he said and put you into the bed.

“I’m aware. Did I tell you how great they looked in those heels?” you said.

“You mentioned it a few times. Good night Y/N, I love you.” he said closing his eyes.

“I love you too.” you said and finally after almost 2 weeks you were happy to be in bed with the ones you loved.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering how many items tend to be in the 10 and 15 dollar mystery boxes?? I just wanted a bit of a better idea of what I'm spending my money on I suppose, thanks!!!

Well it’s mostly supposed to be a mystery haha!

And it depends on what you choose. For example: tumbled stones tend to be $1-$2 so you’d be getting something like 8-15 pieces for the $10 and $15 boxes.

When we had these in the past, we often got told that customers are surprised with how much they get for the price of their box! 😊

However if you don’t particularly like the mystery aspect of it, you might be interested in the discounted mineral lots we post here on Tumblr about once a month ☺

ulteren  asked:

This is out of nowhere?? but it makes me really happy how accepting you are of other ships despite not being a fan of them yourself!! We need more ppl like u in the fandom honestly..

shdgjakdalhsajkd thank you <3333 this really makes me happy hahaha 

I’m gonna be 100% honest in my early days in the snk fandom I was a lot less accepting of other ships, would get bothered by them and what not…and boi I’m really glad that’s not the case anymore, even just for my own sake lol. It’s just…really healthier? like back then my emotional connection to EM was much stronger and I actually got some positive feels out of that, which has really dialed down compared to nowadays…but at the same time I don’t feel bad seeing ships I once considered notp’s anymore, I made lots of friends who highkey ship stuff I used to literally feel offended by…and having reached this much more neutral, accepting state of mind is probably my greatest achievement over the last year or so lmao. bc honestly spreading positivity is much better than having wank all over the place, for everyone involved, really.  

anonymous asked:

I love how smart and articulate you are , you're not some over-obsessed 14 year old fan girl. You really think about things and don't really jump to conclusions and your really have Shawn's best interest at heart. Understanding what's wrong/right vs what's common sense seems to be hard for so many people but not you. I hope Shawn has a so like you.

Thank you so much! Trust me, I used to be an over-obsessed 14 year old fan girl (the day Taylor Hanson got married was the WORST DAY of my life), but as with most people, I grew up and I moved on and I started to get the hang of this thing called life.

I just want Shawn to be happy and safe. I want him to be surrounded by the people that will positively influence his life and decisions. I don’t have any tolerance for “fans” that think it’s okay to mob him and bombard him when he’s trying to make a flight or get to his hotel room or is just trying to have some quality time with his friends and family. Not even I did any of that when I was a teenager.

I think it does get to him sometimes and I hope his future SO can be the one to calm him and make him feel as normal as possible when he’s completely overwhelmed.