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Belladonna, or deadly nightshade,… has a long history of use as medicine, cosmetic, and poison. Before the Middle Ages, it was used as an anesthetic for surgery, the ancient Romans used it as a poison (the wife of Emperor Augustus and the wife of Claudius both were rumored to have used it for murder); and, predating this, it was to make poison-tipped arrows… The name bella donna is derived from Italian and means "pretty woman” because the herb was used in eye-drops by women to dilate the pupils of the eyes to make them appear seductive.“

“Bella Donna was really all about the love story of a songwriter and a producer. It’s not just a record. It’s a beautiful tale.” - Stevie Nicks

Don’t Blame It On Me

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Summary: Sam saved the reader’s life and keeps in touch with her throughout the years
Word Count: 4333
Tags: Fluff, Smut, Angst
A/N: Written for @ilostmyshoe-79‘s 20K fic Challenge. Based on the song prompt Wild Heart by Stevie Nicks. This idea just came to me and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Wrote more angst than I anticipated, oopsie.


You eventually blamed yourself.

If only you didn’t have a stubborn dreamlike hope in your heart.
If only you moved on like any sensible person would.
If only you never answered your phone.

But they were your life choices and through it all you’d do it all over again.

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Rumours Explained

Second Hand News: Y’all need to get outta my face

Dreams: Like it’s been rough but overall it’s been a cleansing experience

Never Going Back Again: We ain’t never getting back together

Don’t Stop: Guys it’s okay, let’s all get out of bed and make some toast

Go Your Own Way: It’s been fucking terrible and you can fuck off 

Songbird: I hope the birds will always sing for you John

The Chain: Come on guys lets be friends 

You Make Loving Fun: Like I love you John but I prefer the other one

I Don’t Want To Know: I couldn’t give a flying fuck

Oh Daddy: I just want someone to love me 

Gold Dust Woman: I’m my own woman, I don’t need no man

Here’s one thing that gets me:

You have a character who loves gentle things, who just wants to read and play Stevie Nicks. A woman who goes into battle shaking because even if she CAN fight, she doesn’t want to. Someone who’s trying so hard to comfort those around her and make them feel heard.

And yet…

Because she’s tall, funny and black, she’s regulated to being a device. To be sassy and strong because that’s all you want to see. Nevermind the mountain of evidence that the woman is the definition of a cinnamon roll. No, because she’s not small and white, she’s denied the ability to be seen as soft, awkward and terrified.