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the only thing that makes me feel anything anymore is when it’s cold and dark and rainy outside and I can stand outside in short sleeves and feel the cold prick my skin

Eärendel and Elwing love one another as boy and girl.
Great love of Eärendel and Tuor. Tuor ages, and Ulmo’s conches far out west over the sea call him louder and louder, till one evening he sets sail in his twilit boat with purple sails, Swanwing, Alquarámë. Idril sees him too late. Her song on the beach of Sirion.
When he does not return grief of Eärendel and Idril. Eärendel (urged also by Idril who is immortal) desires to set sail and search even to Mandos.
—  From the notes [Scheme C] of J.R.R. Tolkien, The Book of Lost Tales II, “The Tale of Eärendel”

eternally reminded at how luck can be on our side sometimes in life! will be off for a few days to stay with my dad, but when he’s ready to come home, I’ll be back to posting xx

lucysaionji replied to your post “Hating yaoi isn’t homophobic, quite the opposite. Yaoi itself is…”

I am laughing so much at anon. Idk about others, but in knb we ship them cz they have chemistry???? Have u heard of it??? Also a huge part of fandom is non nsfw? Lol what do u mean by getting it off. Please get off your high horse.

Yah exactly. At least 90% of the people who ship yaoi/gay shit aren’t doing it just because “OOH GAY GUYS SO HOT” but because the characters just WORK together. And yeah, most of my KnB ships are gay, bUT THAT’S TO BE EXPECTED IN A SERIES WITH 100 MALE CHARACTERS AND LITERALLY 4 FEMALE CHARACTERS (two of which are in their 30s so yah not really giving us much to choose from here)

To quote a post I saw: “Realizing it’s not romance that I hate but overdone straight relationships with zero chemistry built on a slew of misogynistic tropes was like a huge revelation for me.”

I do tend to avoid most mainstream media because of this. I’ll complain “ugh another romance movie” but it’s not that I hate straight romance, it’s that I’m literally just sick of these forced straight relationships that aren’t even good. 

Like me, an aroace, and my bisexual female friend, came out of the Miss Peregrine movie thinking “well yeah it was good but that romance subplot….yeesh” LIKE THE GUY KNEW HER FOR THREE FUCKING DAYS (I counted as soon as they started getting flirty - which was p much immediately) AND HE GAVE UP HIS WHOLE LIFE AND HIS FAMILY FOR HER???? NO NO NO STOP (and that was TAME)

But that doesn’t mean I’m against all straight people and straight ships.

ffs I ship Hyuuga and Riko they’re ADORABLE??????? I prefer Hyuuga with Riko far more than I like him with Kiyoshi. Why? Because he works better with Riko

And then look at Kagakuro for example. They started off fighting all the time and beating each other up, and look where they are now. Breaking down into tears because they don’t want to leave each other, telling each other they’ll always be the best partner they ever had. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

It doesn’t matter what sex they are, IT’S THE CHEMISTRY THAT MATTERS

And even if people do prefer gay ships over straight ones, literally why does that matter? Why is it suddenly a problem to like gay couples (especially if you’re LGBT yourself)? Straight couples are everywhere. If I wanted to see them make out I’d go sit in my sister’s room with her and her boyfriend. Literally why is it a problem to think it’s cute when guys are together? I also think it’s cute when girls are together ya know. KnB is a problem for me because I rlly don’t like Momoi at all (soz) and therefore don’t really like her with Riko, BUT LESBIANS IN GENERAL ARE FUCKING GREAT. WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO SEE TWO CUTE GIRLS SNUGGLING TOGETHER???? It’s literally the same with guys. LGBT people are awesome and it’s real disappointing that people are trying to tell us not to appreciate them (especially when half of us are LGBT anyway?????) 

And jesus even if some straight girl just really does think gay guys are the bee’s knees and doesn’t give a fuck about straight or lesbian couples, tbh as long as she is accepting and supportive of real gay people then i don’t fuckin care????

And you’re absolutely right, it’s not always smutty things. Plenty of fanfics and fanart are cute n fluffy (I’ve written a bunch of v fluffy fics about characters of KnB being asexual for eg)

And even if it IS smutty, WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH?????????

I’m gonna link to a particularly good post that I reblogged on my personal a while back. Here. It does start going into the pedophilia issue which doesn’t apply to us rn (I hope. I’m watchin u anons so don’t get any ideas because I WILL ROAST YOU) but the beginning of the post is very relevant, so I encourage you to take a look (maybe look at it on the dashboard, my theme is a little iffy for reading long text posts).

Lol now you guys know why I avoid the dashboard. Because shit like this is always going down there. This is exactly the kind of crap I want to avoid. My life is stressful enough, I don’t need ignorant idiots flapping their mouths about things they LITERALLY DO NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND. I just want to enjoy my damn gay ships (and straight ones, and lesbian ones) in peace. 

So this will be the end of the discourse. If anyone ESPECIALLY ANONS sends anything more about this, I will delete it. 

There are too many things happening today in South Korea. I’m kinda exhausted. I’m going to watch Hanbin and Rose in Busan and then stare at Tae until I fall asleep.

to this day, i still wonder how exactly the production for the 2012 lorax really went down. there’s not much record about it, at least that i could find, but honestly, looking at the earlier concepts, you can see that it was originally intended to be pretty different than what ended up on screen.

which by itself it’s pretty normal, of course. movies often change greatly from their original concept during production, sometimes retaining only the most basic set-up of what once was, but what i truly mean is that we know for sure that the lorax was, at one point, a movie that seriously considered including a rock opera villain ballad such as this

yet somehow the song intended for this exact same sequence ended up being. well. this 

and i just want to know what was lost in the transition there because in my opinion, there is no way that the cutesy and sickeningly cheery lorax that we know could have even intended to include a song like the first one in it. this belongs to a very different movie.


Vegas truly ain’t taking shit from anyone


Hey guys, I don’t know how many of you live in the Manchester/Goffstown area of New Hampshire(I don’t know if anyone that follows me outside of my friends lives there) but just in case, I’d just like to ask that if any of you DO live in the area, could you keep your eyes out for a big black cat with short fur? Currently he’s wearing a white flea collar. He answers to the name Heinrich, and the nickname Heiny. He’s very affectionate, and a big sweetheart. And he’s been gone for over 24 hours now, and we’re really freaking out. We’re gonna call the nearby shelters once they open for the day, and if he’s not there then we’re gonna make posters, but just in case there’s anyone nearby that follows me, can you keep your eyes out? Thank you