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Sojiro Shimada headcanons
  • he has an older sister who ran off with a lover when they were young. She visits sometimes to give his kids too much sugar and encourage them to do wild shit like express themselves. Of course you can finger paint on the walls Genji.
  • He liked sweets he kept a stash in his office.
  • God damn he loved his wife
  • it was a kind of business marriage, probably arranged for him, but they were lucky and fell in love. She was super funny?? It surprised him she seemed so quiet and reserved in meetings between their families he was not expecting dick jokes on the first date
  • They worked wonderfully together, he was a practical businessman and she was ruthlessly clever and charismatic. A perfect team the family had never done better. 
  • She died having Genji. His father never blamed him though. 
  • God damn he loved his kids!
  • He was always busy but still a damn good dad. He never ignored his kids and tried not to tell them “not now” if he could help it. He took every opportunity he possibly could to go out and do fun kid stuff with them. He’d do Hanzo’s hair for him and help him with his homework. He’d let Genji paint his nails and scribble on papers he didn’t need, just please, not the walls again.(Hanzo’s responsible attitude developed quite early. Think like, 4 years old following Genji while he crawls around, just kinda herding him away from things he shouldn’t touch. Probably making a face and sighing like he’s too old and tired for this, even tho he is doing it completely by his own will.This was helpful for poor busy dad.)
  • He told his kids stories before bed almost every night. Even when it was just Hanzo. When they were a little older and he pulled that “once there were two dragons who were grounded because they stayed out past curfew” Genji told him he should have ditched the family and written children’s stories. He low key liked the idea. 
  • There’s a picture of his wife on his nightstand and he talks to her sometimes. About things that are stressing him out, about how smart Hanzo is or how Genji looks exactly like her. 
  • He tried not to put excessive pressure on Hanzo, but Hanzo would just make up for it by putting pressure on himself. This is a little bit frustrating, he doesn’t wanna say, “maybe you shouldn’t aim so high”, but he hates to see Hanzo so stressed out trying to reach the bars he set for himself. He appreciates that Genji seems to take care of and support his brother, tho. 
  • He never pushed Genji to accept his role as heir to the family, but he did try to convince his son that there was a nobility in what they did. Even if they dealt in weapons and drugs and death, they provided jobs and second chances to unfortunate people, they were fair with their justice and they protected their city. 
  • He was constantly at odds with his wife’s older and younger brothers, who joined the family’s council of elders when they married into the family. The pair of them were greedy and underhanded and blamed Genji for the death of their sister. They went behind his back and gave the poor kid shit all the time.
  • He always has been and would still be very proud of his kids.

*getting one tank*

Mmmmmm okay its better than nothing

*getting two tanks*

Hell yes we are SET

*three tanks*

wait wait no hold on I’m the only healer and we don’t need three tanks–

*four tanks*


*five tanks*


whenever I’m super super sad I go to my safe space. My safe space, specifically, is a world on minecraft in peaceful mode. In this place I tend a tiny flock of sheep and build a small cabin next to their field. I am neither an architect nor very good at building things, but nevertheless it calms me. Sometimes I sit in my cabin and look at my sheep through the window and think about how fluffy and good they are.
I am not allowed to have negative thoughts while in this place. I am only allowed to listen to the calming music and my sheepies’ baa’s, and quietly build.

More VLD Theories/Headcanon

Dave (hubby) is dragging his feet to watch VLD season 2 (we both agree it feels rushed), so I told him about the Slav prison break episode and Lance voicing his insecurities.  And how he voiced them several times.  That’s when the theories started.  We ended up writing out the majority of Season 3, Jen and Dave style.

What if the Black Lion accepts Keith just fine and the Blue Lion accepts Allura, but Lance can’t connect with Red.

  • The poor kid is already questioning his place on the team and now Red Lion is proving his insecurities
  • There’s an entire episode with Lance trying to be accepted; Red stays silent
  • Keith tries to “help” by giving Lance advice
  • It makes him feel worse (Obviously. Really, Keith?  Really?)
  • Allura is stressed because they can’t form Voltron and they’ve gotten word from the resistance of a new Galra leader.  She doesn’t have time for this shit.
  • They’re all really on edge because Shiro’s missing and they had JUST gotten used to their roles when they lost Space Dad and had to play musical lions.
  • Keith and Lance have an all-out fist fight.  Lance fights with all he has and looses.  Like, dude, you’re fighting a guy that lives for battle.  His solution to every problem is to stab it.  Keith wasn’t even trying, really.  Red is not impressed
  • Cue Lance becoming really depressed.
  • Coran takes Lance out on a Wacky Space Adventure™ to get his mind off things, and subtly reminds him that he wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Lance.  
  • They have to be rescued from their Wacky Space Adventure™.  Oops?
  • Allura starts lecturing Lance on being more responsible and Lance just breaks down.
  • She’s like “screw this” and brings him on board Blue with her for the ride home. 
  • Cue Blue (and Allura) reminding him of all the awesome stuff he’s done.
  • Lance and Allura bond, because they’re really more alike than Allura cares to admit.  
  • Lance: “Why don’t you pilot the Red Lion?”
  • Allura: “I was close to it’s former Paladin. I couldn’t handle it emotionally.”
  • Lance sees Allura’s insecurities and Allura sees past the boisterous, flirty personality Lance uses to hide his own.  
  • The four lions (Red’s still in the castle) are attacked by a Robeast and are forced to land on an unoccupied planet.
  • It’s not unoccupied.  The Galra (Lotor) set up a trap and hid a fleet on the planet.  The Robeast was just meant to herd them there.
  • The lions are separated and systematically hunted down and attacked.
  • They can’t form Voltron minus one lion.  The castle ship has arrived and is helping the best it can.
  • Lance is feeling completely useless, completely helpless and doesn’t want to loose his family.
  • He ends up outside of Blue (Allura kicks him out when she decides to go on a suicide mission to attack a big-ass Galra ship on her own).
  • He sees an army of Galra soldiers marching past and decides “FUCK IT” and goes out to fight on foot, guns blazing.
  • RED LION NOTICES and comes to the rescue of her reckless blue son.
  • They form Voltron and win the day.  The End.


Consider this:
- Mermaids that keep flocks of marine wildlife

- Jock-type merboys forced to look after their mermothers flock of turtles
- Tiny merbabies inheriting squadrons of seahorses
- The sweetest most unassuming mermaid introducing their datemate her huge shoal of sharks
- Wise old mermen ending up looking like their pack of walruses
- Pods of dolphins protecting their merherders when they can tell they’re upset
- Squad of squid flooping around after their herders
- Babies riding on the backs of domesticated manta rays
- Fights between tribes of mermaids with their flocks protecting them, the shark herd enclosing around the unassuming manatee flock who strayed too far from their territory
- and then it turns out
- the manatee mermaids have recruited a blue whale


I Swear I’m Not Crazy: Carl Grimes x Reader

“(Y/N)! Are you crazy?” Carl shouts angrily. “You could have gotten us killed.”

You roll your eyes at him, holstering your gun back in it’s rightful place. “I swear I’m not crazy, just a bit of an adrenaline junkie. And how could I have gotten us killed? I literally shot all of the walkers down.”

You may or may not have just openly fired at a herd of walkers making their way towards you on an open road, causing Carl to be a little startled. It was just the two of you scouring the roads for any working vehicles or supplies left in them, so it was a little surprising to hear gunshots.

“You could have alerted more to where we are,” Carl says, stomping his way ahead of you. You jog a bit to catch up with him and stayed silent for a little before you have to say something.

“Why don’t you just live a little, Carl?” You ask, starting to walk backwards down the gravel road. “It makes life a lot more fun considering we could die at literally any moment.”

“This is living for me; trying not to die,” Carl retorts.

“But life shouldn’t be about trying not to die, it should be about getting as much happiness as you can out of it,” you answer, now skipping forwards and away from Carl.

“Fine, you want me to live a little?” Carl says, catching up to you. He grabs your shoulders and spins you around before planting a harsh kiss on your lips. “There, happy now?”

He walks on ahead as you just stare blankly at him, a fiery-red blush creeping up your cheeks. “Yeah, definitely.”

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[FIC] On Your Mother’s Grave

Title: On Your Mother’s Grave
Fandom: Critical Role
Characters: Grog & Keyleth

Summary:  “Been a lot of talking about moms, lately. Felt kinda left out.”

Grog and Keyleth, Vessyra and memories of a mother.


Keyleth was always real emotional. She let her feelings get to her head, all the time, good or bad. It made her Keyleth. It made her real annoying some days, but it made her Keyleth all the same.

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Jack doesn’t think he has ever been this tired in his life. He knew his first NHL season would be tough, but the reality is starting to sink in. He loves that he gets to do this for a living, don’t get him wrong, but it’s been a hard adjustment. It’s his first day off in what feels like forever and he and Bittle had been watching a movie when he dozed off on the couch. 

The next thing he knows, most of the lights and the TV are off and Bitty is gently shaking him awake. Jack mumbles something that his boyfriend doesn’t quite catch, he just herds him toward the bedroom with a smile. Jack barely manages a sleepy “Love you, Bits” before sleep reclaims him.


Natalie: Finding Family 

Sometimes it takes a while to feel like you are home — especially if the first few tries didn’t work.

A very tiny cow named Natalie had a rough start finding her way. First of all, she was taken away from her mother and transported, along with other young cattle, to a farm in Massachusetts.  

Harris Ranch feedlot in California. The feedlot that Natalie and her friends escaped from was not this large, but it was a stopover, as this one is (and as all feedlots are) — a place to fatten up cattle so they are ready for sale.

She and two other calves were being transported to be raised in a feedlot. (These are farms, or even just buildings, where cattle are fattened up to be sold for slaughter.) On this feedlot, the tiny little family made a break for it and took off during a snowstorm just over a year ago.

Natalie on the run in a photo by Jenn Ferreira. Very sad and very lonely.

This family was going to be split up no matter what, because they were on a feedlot — but they were the only family Natalie currently had. So the three runaways, for a short time, were free and together.

Sadly, this ended when the other calves were hit by vehicles and perished. Natalie was definitely alone, very frightened, and in need of rescue. 

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doodooDOOdoo doodoo-doodoodoo doodooDOOdoo doodoo-doodoodoodoodoo etc etc

Everyone’s congregating at Domino Stadium, which is (a) half-built and (b) owned by Kaiba. I am frankly astonished it’s not called the SETO KAIBA BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON STADIUM BROUGHT TO YOU BY KAIBACORP but maybe it will be once he finishes building it and adding the requisite dragon statues.

Malik and Rishid are hiding out in the stands.

Well one would hope so, he literally owns the place.

The Yugi-tachi arrive, and the three duelists present their Puzzle Cards in exchange for a Battle City ID card.

GUESS WHO MADE HIMSELF FINALIST 0001? I’m also willing to bet these TOs were under strict instruction that Yugi/Yami gets to be 0002 as well. 

Malik sneaks out and back around to enter as ~Namu~ complete with Reason Why They Didn’t Kidnap Me

“The only POSSIBLE motive for kidnapping!”

Jounouchi’s halfway through puzzling out that Namu’s actions don’t make sense and line up too coincidentally with the move the Ghouls made but…

… the thought fizzles out in the inhospitable environment that is Jounouchi’s brain.

Yugi is delighted to meet any new friend, no matter how suspicious.

“Ha ha, yes, I personally used dark magic, kidnappings, brainwashings, and the tireless toil of my personal slave/brother. You?”

“Angry gay ghost living in my necklace.”

They’re distracted by the arrival of Ryou “Shouldn’t You Be In The Hospital” Bakura and his surprising decision to show up to a duel tournament with a Duel Disk, prompting a chorus of “Why do you have a Duel Disk, Ryou?”

“No I was going to fucking brush my teeth with it.”

pictured: group of duel-obsessed teenagers react to duel-obsessed teenager declaring intention to duel

I mean, I know, in OUR universe, dragging yourself from being in critical arm-stabbery in the hospital to the tournament finals over like, a two-hour period, is completely unreasonable and very shocking and suspicious. But LITERALLY ANY OF THESE PEOPLE would claw themselves out of a hospital bed for the sake of a card game so I find their shock, frankly, appallingly hypocritical.

honestly I just screencapped this for his ADORABLE FACE

(he’s worried Yami Bakura is back)

Then Rishid sneaks back around to enter as Malik. I like to imagine he psyched himself up for this, this critically important moment, this one chance to pull off a flawless deceit, all their scrutiny, all their suspicion will be no match for his meticulously-prepared introduction and well-rehearsed answers to any possible question they might have that might reveal him as an imposter…

“… yes.”

(Mokuba is copying Nii-sama’s bad-boy attitude!! CUTENESSSSSS)

“Also, uh, welcome to the tournament finals.”

Now that the only two people Kaiba cares about have arrived - Yugi/Yami and the-person-he-thinks-is-Malik - it’s time to reveal that the tournament finals will not, in fact, be held in a half-built stadium…

LOOK AT MOKUBA’S FACE also Kaiba isn’t even looking up, he’s playing like he’s too cool to think blimps are cool even though the blimp was 100% his idea

Actually maybe it was Mokuba’s idea, Mokuba COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED and Kaiba even lets him introduce it…


Yugi is delightfully optimistic about the whole affair

“After all, it’s not like the leader of the Ghouls, the known murderer, bomb aficionado and probable sociopath, capable of brainwashing even the staunchest of my allies into attempts against my life, will ALSO be in the sky on the same flimsy gondola tethered to an enormous flammable balloon!”

Oh and then we go through this again #soDuelistKingdom

“For that matter, neither do you. Or the pilot. Or the doctors we’ll inevitably need when the comas start setting in.”

And Kaiba’s even nice and backs Mokuba’s call.

pictured: Kaiba being nice

Kaiba tells the TOs it’s time to set off. They ask if they should wait for the last duelist to arrive. Kaiba literally couldn’t care less once Yugi/Yami and the-person-he-thinks-is-Malik are on board and in possession of their God Cards. Luckily, the last person is a ~mysterious woman~ who has ~preternaturally perfect timing~ #whocoulditbe so the TOs don’t have to figure out who gets a bye if there’s only 7 finalists.

So off we go!

(some really cute music plays as they take off, I wanted to give you all the experience of the cute music)

Once in the air, everyone loses their goddamn minds.


Kaiba’s giant inflated orb filled with hot air … can barely fit on his blimp, he’s so pleased with himself. Although I think the sleep-deprivation might be getting to him, he looks VERY TIRED.

(Yugi: I somehow expected better from you, Seto.)

Seto stops in front of Yugi and look who immediately makes his first appearance in a few episodes:

someone has a crush

someone else has a crush too  I’m just saying  teenage boy with a crush  overblown poetry  that whole connection there

Then for once, the writers actually manage to pull a genuinely moving scene with Shizuka and Jounouchi out of somewhere, instead of just having them repeatedly declare meaningless platitudes about their respective courageousness.

</3 #thisBplotdeservedbetter

I mean, Jounouchi does IMMEDIATELY start thinking about Yugi again, and the moment doesn’t last long, but still!

Prrrrrrrobably because you left the door wide open and they’re your friends?

Anyway, you’ll need friends over to share your unreasonably large stockpile of “NAXIM” mouthwash, speckled sandwiches, and cheese from Serbia and Montenegro!

Wildcard - Simon x Reader

Summary: Reader steals from the Sanctuary and faces the consequences after an encounter with Simon.

Warnings: NSFW, smut, strong language, mentions of suicide, alcohol usage, cunnilingus, spanking, orgasm delay, dubcon, bondage

Words: 2777

Tags: @simons-thirst-squad@redisunamused 

A/N: Written for the ABC’s of Simon Challenge. Unbeta’ed. Feel free to let me know if you’d like to be tagged in my future fics.

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Magician!Magnus and Zookeeper!Alec

I’ve never been to Disneyland but apparently they have a petting zoo there and I imagine throwing in a magician isn’t too much of a stretch of the imagination. And of course, Malec AU. 

  • So Magnus decides to take a break from being glittery and glamorous at his magic show (all the kids are freaking entranced by him and even the parents who thought it would just be some card tricks and maybe a few doves out of sleeves but it’s breathtaking and really brings the Disney magic to life for them too) and feels like taking a walk through the Animal Kingdom section for a while to explore or just get a change of scenery
  • Alec works at the petting zoo as an animal handler and feeder and the first time he sees Magnus, he thinks he’s just passing through (although really he starts comparing Magnus to the peacocks in his mind, all beautifully colorful and fabulous)
  • Magnus sees this absolute lamp-post of a man (especially compared to all the tiny children that are swarming all over the place) stepping into an enclosure and just a herd of rabbits immediately clustering around his feet. Magnus thinks he might have a heart attack when Alec scrunches down and starts making sure each bunny gets some of the food and maybe even murmuring/talking to them.
  • “You know, I pull those out of my hat all day.” Magnus doesn’t know why he’s leaning on the fence, but he wants to say something to the guy who looks like a modern day disney prince up to his elbows in floppy-eared bunnies.
  • “So that’s where they keep disappearing off to” and Alec doesn’t know why someone like Magnus is gracing the hay-and-fur-covered petting zoo with his presence and his shining eyes but he doesn’t want him to leave
  • After a while Magnus starts spending his breaks in the petting zoo talking to Alec and watching him take care of the animals (he’s starting to think he might have a weakness for tall men holding tiny chicks and even a baby lamb once, that one was a sight to remember) 
  • On the other hand, Alec goes to some of Magnus’ shows to see him absolutely owning the stage during his performances and Alec’s jaw never fails to drop cause there’s always some new trick when it comes to Magnus’ acts
  • And Magnus would totally find a way to get Alec up there as a “volunteer” once he notices him in the audience, even though Alec never raises his hand. “You with the dashing green sweater” “How about tall, dark and handsome in front?” and of course it’s along the same line as Magnus’ usual flare of humor and teasing throughout the show, but Alec knows just what Magnus’ really doing and has to fight to keep his smile from getting too wide every time.
  • Once they get to the point of living together, they each end up (totally on accident) surprising each other with a Christmas gift of a kitten and just end up keeping them both because the more the merrier.

(Note to self: when you get back to a keyboard with ctrl+F ability, check if the name was supposed to be Dancing Shade or Dancing Shadow. It’s the same in Finnish, and I forget which translation I was supposed to be using. Might have actually be Dancing Shade instead, so I’ve been using the wrong one.)