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describe 10 of your friends and tag them! have fun and stay positive~


@k0fta is fellow desert baby, comes up with the BEST shiro headcanons, makes me laugh a lot, bilingual??? how the FUCK, gonna do his best in school n beat the crap the world throws at him

@pancakemisery SHE GAY SHE SO FUCKING GAY WATCH HER GAY lmfao was half the reason we bought six dozen eggs once

@the-backspin-alchemist HEY LIAM 

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….lol anyway.  sanic fan, he’s a fellow cremlin and is gonna go places.  in music probably.  check him out.

@punkpuppydragon  literally their url, ur cute idk why anyone would be mean to you ever, LOVES PUPPERS, has blue hair (COLORFUL HAIR SQUAD YOOOO), always crying because no one will play DnD with them, sorry bro

@supersx5  THE ELUSIVE ONE.  hasn’t been on tumblr except to message me in like… years.  BUT HEY, HE’S COMING TO VISIT ME!

@lazerzes  I…. am really tempted to just call them a bottom and then like… walk away from my computer.  forever.  BUT HEY, PINK AND GOOD MUSIC AND yeah i’m done.  someone throw me into the pit.

@anythingelsebutthat  fucking chill dude, except by chill i mean constantly in existential crisis.  really cool, is in portugal right now being really cool, keeps sending me funny posts lmfao.

@zelda-and-princess-hyrule young bean, CHECK OUT THAT ART, lmfao kind of a living meme but we’ll let them slide, sorry you’re back in school already bro, but hey!  you got a bright future, i believe in you

@endragoneel  we cry over watercolor videos together, has a pretty face, LOVE THAT VOLTRON ANGST BRO, i just have a feeling that you’re going places honestly, ART BRO

@c3-pyo dark and moody but that’s what we love about her, fully willing to sacrifice a goat for me, i made her use color in her art once and i think she almost cried



Made myself a new icon (for my main blog) because I just love Zenyatta and Junkrat too much.

They could bond over pranks, I swear. ;///w///;

Nonbinary people with unsupportive family members are so strong and valid! I admire them every day. It’s hard not to have your family behind you, but their lack of understanding, their disapproval, in no way diminishes the validity of your identity, and you still and always will deserve for that identity to be respected.

i wish i had a real-life astrology friend with whom I can joke around with and be like: his sag sun tries to be a fuckboy but his cancer moon is weak af or things like: he says he’s loyal but his Venus is opposite Uranus and we’d just laugh all day at other people’s placements and ugh I can’t be the only one here

what makes just a little bit of your heart so painful is the fact that, since the song was going to ariana, a presumed straight girl, the pronouns didn’t have to change at all. like harry poured his heart and soul into that song and gave us just a tiny glimpse into his life and you can hear the raw vulnerability in the lyrics and i know lots of people who don’t know about harrys sexuality automatically assume they changed the pronouns and it’s actually about some girl or maybe he just made it up but i just !! don’t see how that’s possible because when you listen to the song you can practically see the tear drops on the page in his tattered leather journal where he wrote the lyrics and i just. when you listen to 1d’s Gay Songs you have to go through and mentally change the pronouns throughout the whole thing but in this? there were no unnecessary pronoun changes and i think it definitely hits home for a lot of people and it makes me so sad for him i just want to cuddle him :(

It’s okay
I understand
I knew it
From the beginning
You’d be my friend
At the beginning
But you’d find someone
Who is more
Interesting than I
More fun than I
More happier than I
And you will
Replace me with ease
It’s okay
I understand
I knew it
From the beginning
That I was destined
To be alone
—  Me

Uzumaki Naruto || Over The Years 
Congrats On yours +500 Follower to my precious @uzurume ♡

tbh i kind of want a plot based around two celebs whose characters are a ship in the show they’re on and the’ve always been really close friends, always goofing off behind the scenes and having a grand old time, and are crazy comfortable aroud each other but then the time comes where they have to do a sex scene and it’s like a revelation of “wow they’re really good looking… their hands feel so nice on my skin like this…their lips are so warm and soft… they’re good at kissing….i wonder what this would be like if it were real” and it gets really awkward/cute and they always get flustered around each other because they can’t stop thinking about it and PLEASE

whenever marginalized groups complain about the lack of content highlighting their stories and issues, they are told to “create their own content, then.” however, when they do, they are faced with overwhelming critique, overwhelming ignorance, or a mixture of both.

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