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i seem to be making a number of call-out posts at the CritRole fandom recently, i am apparently That Binch™, why does this keep happening

OKAY L O O K. i get that vax is not perfect, that he has said and done some fucked up shit, that he is emo af and dramatic to a fault, but gOOD FRIGGIN’ GAWD stop telling him to just get over percy being the main cause of vex’s death.

i get that you want him to like percy again and be friends with him again, i get that canon stuff about the way he reacts to percy is blowing a few holes in the perc’ildan ship for a few people, i understand that. but also holy shit you guys his sister d i e d. that’s not something that people just get over, especially people who care for their family as much as vax does vex. the relationship between vex and vax is already far from ordinary because they’ve been through and seen each other through a fuckton of shit that most siblings that grow up together don’t go through in their lifetime. for most of their lives, all they had was each other. of course vax would be absolutely fucking torn up about vex dying, even if she DID come back. because HEY JUST LIKE I SAID BEFORE the ability to bring people back from the dead in this universe does not diminish the significance of death and dying, especially because resurrection spells aren’t always guaranteed to work. it has been two months in-story since the Chroma Conclave first attacked, but take it from someone with experience, aka me, there is never enough time before you stop hurting over the loss of someone you love as much as vax loves vex.

and look, the fact that percy was one of the two main causes for vex’s death is a Big Fucking Deal™ and it always will be because percy is vax’s friend. vax knows him, vax hangs out with him, vax considers him family, and up to a certain point, vax trusted him. if it had been just some random hostile during a battle, it might not be so bad, but this was a friend we’re talking about. it’s not like percy accidentally broke a toy and repaired it and then returned it to vax. and if y’all think vax is still not 100% cool with percy JUST for the sake of hating on percy, then idek what to tell y’all other than that is a shitty way of thinking.

and let’s just very quickly touch upon the latent hypocrisy of telling vax to get over percy causing vex’s death when literally all of us were behind percy during his revenge on the briarwoods. that’s LITERALLY the same concept - percy caused the death of vax’s family, the briarwoods caused the death of percy’s family - and it’s safe to say that majority of us were eager to see the briarwoods get their asses kicked, ground, buried in sacred ground and set fire to because of the trauma to percy. y’all don’t think vax is experiencing trauma from seeing vex dead, from holding vex’s lifeless body in his arms, from being unsure of just how much of his offer the Raven Queen took him up on? we weren’t telling percy to get over the briarwoods killing his family, we shouldn’t be telling vax to get over percy causing vex to die. 

we’re not telling the twins to get over the fact that at least one of the Chroma Conclave killed their mother. we’re not telling scanlan to get over the fact that goblins killed his mother. we’re not telling pike to get over the fact that craven edge literally killed grog (and we’re also not telling pike to not blame percy for that, she’s just too nice and has never said it out loud so we don’t even know if she’s even thinking it). we’re not telling keyleth to get over raishan effectively annihilating the fire ashari. don’t tell vax to get over percy being a cause of vex’s death. 

“I’m not gay.

I mean, I don’t think I am, but I don’t think I’m straight, either.

I don’t know what I am. I think I might be nothing.”

“Oh. Well, that’s okay.”


“Yeah, of course.”

I absolutely loved this scene in the recent season of Bojack. I was honestly just speechless to see a character I already loved so much speak so clearly about what my orientation feels like. I can’t wait to see what comes next for Todd! 


“Well…not in canon at least mon x3″


“Jus’ take ya present.”

Eez a certain Archiweede’s ( @wethatkindoforc ) birthday today!

Normally I’d do a proper lined prezzie, but nowadays has been hectic with me already havin four WIPs to do + writing, so I figured mini chibi comic should do as well!

Damn Jade, 5 years of rolling this chimney and you both remain awesome and chill! And to think like two years ago I used to call u Ms. Jade cuz I wuz THAT nervous hehe xD Hope u have 5 more prosperous and fun years to come and just do you!

((for wut’s in the box just look under the cut ^ ^’’))

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hydramun  asked:

I don't particularly like soriel, nor do I like this "papygore"(?). But I can't just go up to people and say "don't draw that because I dislike it", especially if it is already drawn to be at least semi-canon But what I do like is the other bits.

((Hey that’s fine too! It’s okay to not like a ship. I’m just a boring person who has no ships.))

starfighting-nerd  asked:

Any Halloween hcs? Unless you've already done some? Have a great week everybody!

I am a living, breathing, Halloween head canon shit post.

  • Shura dresses up as a witch, with a pretty velvet dress, a beautiful witch hat, and a hand made broom. She goes all out.
  • Shima, being the hoe he is, probably is in like some Tarzan costume. Just the loin cloth, showing off his awesome bod. Everyone groans.
  • Shiemi, bless her soul, has never participated in Halloween. She always stayed home. She gets talked in to doing Poison Ivy by both Shima and Izumo.
  • Izumo goes as a Marionette doll, with a light pink frilly dress, has a control stick with actual strings attached to it.
  • Bon was just going to stay home and watch horror movies. Bon was roped in to going out to a party, and probably just puts on a little witch hat head ban one of the girls (Izumo) forces on his head. Gets smashed and somehow gets lured in to Christmas bunny lingerie.
  • Like Bon, Koneko was gonna stay home to. He was also reigned in to a party. He however dresses up as a black cat, able to make a beautiful wire tail and everything, and also has soft cat ears. People kinda make fun of the poor bby at the party, but he’s to drunk to care. Takes it in earnest and decides to kill them with kindness, by complimenting them in an underhanded way. He gets called a furry for months tho.
  • Yukio, lets be honest, would stay home and hand out candy. That is until he gets a call from someone saying that demons were spotted in one of the older dorms that no one used anymore. It turns out he was lured there for a night of spooky games when the other exwires + Shura were done with the schools party. Probably gets the shit scared out of him while they’re playing those games where you’re playing hide and seek with ghosts and shit. The only sober one among a bunch of giggling, yet scared drunks.

Just did some concept art tonight. It’s not really refined, but I’m attempting to design a cool dragon for Yuichi. Designing monsters are hard, but fun. I spent a while fighting with this. It also doesn’t help designs for the canon shows are getting more and more complex. Still not sure about the wings lol 

Anyway, this is for my card games in space thing, calling it Gamma Burst Dragon unless there is already one or I think of a better name. I’ve been kind of beat the last couple days, so I haven’t felt like doing too much but watch tv and read manga. I am hoping to work on my comics later in the week thou.

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Looking at Urahara's Bankai, Benihime looks like a ball-jointed doll. Even her face looks pretty doll-like... Do you think this could be related to bankai mechanics, or is it just a reflection of Urahara's manipulative personality traits?

When we first saw Bankai Benihime, my initial impression was that she also bore a great resemblance to Shutara’s mechanical arms.

(analysis under the cut)

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genderbinaryisforlosers  asked:

hey lauren! as it's asexual awareness week, i was wondering if you could clarify (sorry if youve already been asked!) whether Caleb is canonically demisexual? thanks! loved the new episode :)

Hey! First of all, I didn’t realize it was asexual awareness week! That’s awesome! Secondly, I didn’t realize that demisexual was considered part of the asexual spectrum - I learn something new every day. 

Thirdly, no, sorry, I can neither confirm nor deny that Caleb is canonically demisexual. I’ve talked a little bit about this here and here but what it comes down to is that Caleb himself has not identified with any particular label at this point. As such, I would feel weird attaching a sexuality to him when he hasn’t really determined the terminology for himself. 

That being said, happy asexual awareness week (if that’s not a weird thing to say)! And if you’re looking for some really awesome, canonical asexual representation in podcasts, check out @arsparadoxica!

Of course they wouldn’t throw Nygmobblepot down the drain, so eventually her and the kristen kringle look alike will  break up or she isn’t who she says she is or blah blah. It’ll  make Ed realize who he really loves!!! Who is Oswald! I think we all should be patient I mean Oswald saying he loves Ed means it’s canon already so let’s all sit back and enjoy the ride!!

just kidding, fuck patience I want a Nygmobblepot kiss,  it fucking hurts me that she’s in the way UGH and Oswald couldn’t tell Ed he loves him 

gay-ghost-terezi  asked:

(not asking a kid) hey uh, i see that johnroxy is one of your current 'canon' ships, but i was just wondering if you will be changing that, as its no longer canon. i dont mean to fight you over ships or anything, i was just wondering

mmmMM o no worries at all! yeah ive been thinking about that for the majority of the day, actually, among other things- shit man..  im conflicted but i know i probably have to… things aint looking to good for the ship right now which is surprising because it seemed to  be heading in that direction! im not like, super obsessed with said ship, and im okay i guess if its never endgame but ive already answered a number of asks implying johnroxy so im hesitant to suddenly change,, same with alot of other things i had planned in this little au! . but… signs point to yes… when i get around this obstacle of previous content…hh.. owo’ ill try to work around it and update! thanks for reminding me btw!

lovetoall20  asked:

Aww snap! We just got the Credits! Well, then comes more canon content! How do you think this will modify what you have so far?

Not much, if at all! Nothing we’ve seen thus far in the credits has taken what’s planned for the Act Omega storyline any further from canon than it already is. Not entirely sure what the epilogue might do in that regard, but Act Omega wasn’t and never will be strictly canon. 

However, the approach I’ve taken is that whether or not Act Omega strictly adheres to every little canon tidbit that occurs after Act 7, it will at least try to stay true to the sentiment of the ending. :)

emigotchi  asked:

Oh and sorry for the spam, but Zenri (huehuehuehue~) or Namin (huehuehuehue~). I think I know the answer, but I still want to ask. xD

(That’s no trouble. Nor spam. Flood me more ♡ )





That’s a hard choice because I don’t know NaMin interactions at all! It could be cool and work but Nathan is trolling Minmin most of the time. So..? How would he behave romantically? It’s hard to know. I would rather have Bythan :v I’m sure ~le King~ would tone down the ZOEIRA spirit within Nathaniel’s body (just a tiny bit. When they are alone. Maybe?). And it would be really romantic. And beautiful. Sparkly. And night whispery. Because Byron is also an owl.

ZENri on the other hand is… almost.. canon orz
I can picture them together already. And I cri. CRIIII tears of blood andsometimesjoy. It would be nice to see ZEN overcoming his prejudices for a change. And I think the troll spirit could actually help ZEN get over his narcissism. And they would look good together. Jaehee’s fujoshi spirit would be awakened and dckkdfbnlkklefklg it would be nice.

But I choose Nanri >:V 

bwahaha! give me 5 for the bromance~! Best interactiong ever.

you know when there’s a character you somehow find comfort, a sort of, in seeing them struggle your struggles and depicting them in pain seeing yourself and all, and then, THEN, you have characters where you couldn’t even consider seeing them in pain because either canon is already WAY TOO HARSH and it becomes impossible in your mind and it’s just as uplifting

zaxal replied to your post:Okay, I misspoke, I called it too soon. This isn’t…

in what universe is edward nigma straight

Look Gotham already made Johnathan Crane on good enough terms with his father to take up his mantle as he ages, turned Jervis Tetch into an incestuous pedophile, made Pamela Isley’s name ‘Ivy Pepper’ then popped her ten year old ass into the body of a grown woman and I live in fucking horror for where THAT’S gonna lead, they clearly have NO respect for established canon, they’re just doing their own nonsense.

I was going to say of course they won’t make Eddie the mean little bi boy I know he is in my soul but the truth is I think we all know Eddie isn’t bi he’s a fucking sapiosexual, I know it, you know it, everyone in the theater knows that’s how he secretly identifies himself, the man can’t come unless there’s a rubix cube present and we just have to learn to accept that.


The Other Side - the spin off