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The cost of canon reylo...

I swear IF reylo becomes a full on epic, era defining, romance in ep ix only for rey or kylo or even both of them to die imma be pissed thats all I’m saying. Screw that “better to have loved and lost” bantha fodder. I’d rather they never fall in love and both survive rather than the torment that would plague my soul for all eternity if I have to see a single (not already dead character) force ghost just before the credits roll for the final movie- but who am I kidding though? Their destinies are intertwined- they are connected- they are both going to suffer, I am going to suffer,   we   are   all   going   to   suffer. Maybe I’d be okay with a bitter sweet ending, it’s most likely, but to know that they could have had anything closely resembling a happily ever after with each other and have it snatched away at the last second… I don’t think I could handle that.

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You realize that Daryl was wearing denim/same clothes in episode 9, not just 10. If the romance novel that Carol was reading had any significance regarding denim, they would have had different denim clothes versus the same ones that they were already wearing for a few episodes. It's just play. Scott Gimple is just giving a nod to Caryl shippers but he's not going to make them canon. He doesn't want to. Nobody wants Caryl.

Tons of people want Caryl.

I guess good point about the denim clothes though. I guess if it was supposed to be “ canon hint ”, they would have been wearing different denim clothes.

I’ve just read “The Players”, and I don’t know what to think of it. Does this mean that they are admitting that they’ve miscalculated our reaction? Does it mean they understand how much we suffer and suffer themselves of the consequences of the subtext they have created themselves? Does it mean that the bomb will go off, but not the way we expect it to? Does it mean that it doesn’t matter if we do anything? Rosie was really stillborn? Does the case of The Inexplicable Matchbox mean that Johnlock is already canon?

And did I get it right: The Lost Special is out there, but it won’t be shown officially? Do they want us to not spoil their “surprise”, like they didn’t want the audience to know of the bomb? But John informed them, so what is the right thing to do? HELP.

I’m so confused and have so many questions. But I also feel more than ever that we’re right, since:

It was early in the year, in middle of that span of relative peace between the last war and the next, that my dear friend of many adventures and I found ourselves suddenly upon the queerest mystery we had ever faced.

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somehow sheith is heteronormative while they're out there making lance into this really gross "camp gay man" stereotype and pretending that they're so morally superior for doing so

tbh i will never understand them? like what use is bringing ‘’seme/uke’’ dynamics for sheith when tbh, ur the one pointing out that keith is automatically ‘bottom’ simply because of his appearance. isn’t that stereotyping already to being with? 

least to say, why comment stuff like that when u so adamantly hate the pairing and have never stepped into the fandom for it ??? like you don’t know what’s going on ??? in the fandom ??? so stop assuming ??? then on the lance topic, it’s really hard to say, fandom makes him so strange and totally ignores his canon personality / demeanor in favor of headcanons which isn’t horrible - it just makes him seem like he’s not even lance l o l 

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Your reblog about the opposites attract thing with the main girls and how the writers and Miles specifically said they work together perfectly is making me remember and gush over how, when asked about their favorite ships on a Volume 3 livestream, Kerry immediately said Bumbleby.

I’m honestly in a constant state of “I want to believe” with Bumblebee.

Like, they have the narrative foundation for it already. They, and Arryn and Barbara, have expressed interest and support for it. Other RT shows have had lesbians so clearly upper management (?) isn’t going to block them on this.

Now they just need to follow through with it and it’s like. Listen. I am putting my trust in you guys, do not make me regret it. Do not put me through this shit when I never believed they had a chance until Burning the Candle and its unnecessary romantic subtext. I was ready to suffer with my non-canon gay ship but then y’all gave me hope, so take responsibility for this.

The greatest unsolved mystery about Mystic Messenger is


is the party????

so damn important??????


what if



Most of the benefits of the party are “it gives us something to do”. Boys, you are doing things. YOU’VE WAITED TWO YEARS


ALL THAT THE PARTY PLANNER DOES IS LIE TO THE GUESTS TO GET THEM TO GO. Jumin is canonically able to do this and does it all the time for his contracts. I’m sure Jaehee and Zen are capable of it, and 707 is a compulsive liar.

There’s actually no need for the MC, because while she has ‘the information’, all the guests she invites are actually ones the rest of the RFA finds, and they could literally just set up another email address like Rika did originally.


There’s actually no reason for the party to happen in ‘a week’ or ‘ten days’ - V just suggests they have a smaller ‘test’ party for the MC instead of whatever ‘full scale’ one would be that would require longer. So it’s not even like the party HAD to happen soon, the implication I got  was that it would take months for a normal party. The world would not end if they delayed the party like LITERALLY A FEW DAYS.


this mystery

will it ever be solved

what’s so gosh darn important about the party? and don’t tell me it’s Rika’s dream because MC has better things to do than fulfill the dream of a dead girl. Especially when it’s risking her own life to do it.

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I really liked Juvia from the moment she was introduced but it would have been better if she was extremly overprotective of her new (and propably first) friend instead of just a stalker fangirl of gray. Juvia going berserk because someone hurt her beloved friends sounds better than a Juvia who is jealous of every girl who interacts with gray. Mashima wasted her entire character by making her into a creepy stalker. I know many people have already talked about that but I like to hear your opinion

that DEFINITELY sounds a lot better than what we have in canon.

a girl who has been pulled out of a constant state of depression by newly found friends & due to it is protective of them is a much more compelling & interesting character than an girl going from depression to being a stalker (the problems of being a stalker aside, slapping that onto a mentally ill character is…not at all appropriate & sends negative messages abt neurodivergent ppl).

what i would’ve loved to see is like…juvia gets very over protective of her new friends. however, her character arc mainly centers around learning when it’s going too far. there’s a difference between being concerned for your friends, and being protective to the point of controlling them. she slowly learns how to control her feelings and becomes more sensitive & caring due to it- part of depression is feeling numb & mood swings after all, so learning to control her feeings would be perfect for her character.

but of course, i’d like to see her still struggle with her depression every now and then. depression never really goes away, it just sorta has a smaller impact on you. and with ft being read by younger readers, mashima could’ve used her character as a way to show young people how to cope if they think they have depression as well. she could’ve been a highly relatable, in depth, and powerful character, but it was….arguably the biggest wasted potential in ft. there’s so many things that could’ve been done with her but now she’s basically fan service incarnated. 

smth that also is bothering me about all the reboot makeup designs is that they seem to be just different enough from the originals so as to not like… copyright infringe???

like everyone save for vulcans is. different. klingons frankly inexcusably so, but gaila? when orions have only been seen with dark hair and dark lips? (the red hair is because “she looked hot” with it lmao wHY)

romulans without their bowlcuts and forehead modeling and tattoos that weren’t. fucking. explained??? 

and just a lack of recognizable canon species in general especially when the federation is already well established between humans, vulcans, ANDORIANS, and TELLARITES.

i’m just seriously wondering if cbs/paramount didn’t give the reboot shit full rights to their own goddamn character designs, which would frankly explain a whole lot.

i know everything’s not a conspiracy but between enterprise and 2009 it’s like the entire franchise is a pair of headphones that got tangled in someone’s pocket and i’m still trying to figure out what the fuck happened

so like its canon that when padme’s handmaidens were in handmaiden bootcamp before she was coronated as queen (but presumably after she was elected) that padme snuck in and joined them? but like, what if she didnt sneak in? what if its like, The Thing for the queen-elect to join her handmaidens in handmaid bootcamp. like. what if. 

amidala seems to be a reigning name taken by padme to conceal her true identity- we already know that the naboo are very fond of shit like that due to the handmaidens/decoys etc. 

so like padme went into handmaid bootcamp as padme naberrie, and all the handmaidens were like, heyy padme! wanna join in on our betting pool as to which one of us is secretly the queen? padme bets its dorme, corde bets its teckla, teckla and dorme think its padme, yane bets on herself being the queen because shes a shithead and wants to fuck with everyone, and so on. idk where im going with this, but like. bootcamp shenanigans. 

and then when padme is actually coronated and the bond between her and the handmaidens is so much stronger than just ruler and subordinates, which is what was supposed to happen, because the naboo are wily motherfucker- and in the end the queen of naboo is, and always has been, more than just one person. 

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Berserk is fucking amazing. I can't leave a review since I don't have a full account, but seriously some of the best fiction I've read so far. I've already read chapter 4 about 6 times, not exaggerating at all. I was wondering how many chapters you anticipated it to be? It's a seriously epic fantasy story, in my opinion in a league of its own. Really, keep up the amazing work


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(sidenote: I think you can leave a review since I allow guest reviews! You don’t need an account that way :D)

I’m just really surprised that people like it that much??? I’ve noticed that most readers gravitate towards canon-verse or fluffy modern!AUs. Fantasy has always been kind of on the backburner lol

But holy crap I could actually cry about this I’m so surprised and happy.

Currently, I have the first “arc” of Berserk outlined and it’s sitting at 10-15 chapters (depending on how much nalu development I want to get in before major plot stuff happens). Of course, I don’t want things to feel like they’re dragging on, but I also don’t want to skip over nearly a month in the story and miss out on all of that character development/world building.

So far, I have 6-7 arcs loosely planned, each at about ten chapters. So Berserk is probably going to be anywhere between 60-100 chapters. Which is kind of ridiculous, but theoretically this would be a high fantasy novel series of between 5 and 8 books. (And I would adore turning Berserk into a full-length series at some point!)

Anyway! Thank you for saying this :) It really means a lot to me!

No, Yuri!!! on Ice isn't a yaoi

It’s not even a shounen ai.
It’s a sports anime with a canon gay couple.

Please please please, I don’t want to alienate LGBT representation in anime any further than it already has by placing YOI in the yaoi category just because of Victuuri. Rarely do we see gay representation outside of yaoi (if you even consider that representative…) so I want to keep this intact.


Opened up Critical Role-based art prompts on twitter and got “Gilmore gets a pet” and “Gilmore has a baby dragon” so I combined the two! I wasn’t sure which colour I preferred so here are both! 

gentle reminder that even though yuri on ice isn’t listed as a ‘shounen-ai anime’ victuri can still become a legit canon couple since no.6 wasn’t either .. and bruh that was gay af

Kara answers the door one morning without thinking because the person knocking is just so insistent and she’s still half asleep and wearing boxers and a tank top and oh hey its a coworker from CatCo and why are they looking at her like she’s a ghost -

“Oh my god, Supergirl???”

- oh, it’s because she isn’t wearing her glasses. She tries to stutter out an excuse but they’re flapping their arms and backing away saying, “I’m so sorry to interrupt, Supergirl! I didn’t know you and Kara were-” and they stumble away all giddy and excited before Kara can even fully process what they mean.

And that’s how the rumor that Kara Danvers is totally banging Supergirl came out.


A: Honestly, after everything that’s happened the past few months, I could use a vacation.
K: Let’s do it. Let’s go on a vacation, just the two of us, anywhere you want.
A: Really? Okay. I’ve always wanted to see what the Spirit World’s like.
K: Sounds perfect.

Happy Two Year Anniversary, Korrasami fandom! (Dec 19th) °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °