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Authenticity is for textbooks.

Steven Moffat in Sherlock Holmes On Screen Foreword

Mofftisson don’t care about being “true to ACD.” So if that’s your argument against any theories - TJLC, Jim being alive, Mary being Moran, etc - it’s a bad one.

Let’s list the huge deviations from ACD canon they’ve done already:

  • Mycroft is a major character (in ACD, he’s in 2 stories, and only a bit in those)
  • Jim is a major character (in ACD, he’s only in 1 story, plus mentioned in another one)
  • Sherlock and Mycroft have parents (in ACD, they’re never mentioned)
  • Totally rewritten John’s character – and they admit it
  • Totally rewritten Jim’s character (in ACD, he was basically just motivated by money and was much calmer and less amusing and less crazy, more like CAM)
  • John’s wife shot and (temporarily) killed Sherlock – this is not a 21st century update; they could’ve made Mary a major character without having her shoot Sherlock
  • Jim is obsessed with Sherlock (in ACD, he’s only angry because Holmes is foiling his operation)

These are not updates for the 21st century or little twists on canon; these are fundamental changes. Having Sherlock text instead of sending telegrams is an update for the 21st century. Having Mary be a major character is an update for the 21st century. Having Sherlock and Mycroft’s relationship be a major feature is not. It’s an artistic choice Mofftisson made simply because they wanted to. They didn’t have to do that. They wanted to do that. And it’s a big change from ACD. You don’t have to like the fact that they change things from ACD, but that doesn’t change the fact that they do.

Jim being alive, Mary being Moran, or Johnlock happening are no bigger deviations from ACD than the bullet points above, which they’ve already done.

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you ichiruki shippers need to let it go anyway if any ship will be canon it IS ichihime because ichigo will realize who loved him all along and that's not rukia. everything between ichigo and rukia is platonic anyway so accept it already

Lol you went on anon just to try and talk shit? Are you that scared?

IchiHime is utterly fucking disgusting, I gag everytime time you shitheads try and defend it.

Ichigo ain’t some fucking prize to be won you stupid fucks, how about think about his fucking feelings for once. Oh wait, you don’t because you know damn well his feelings ain’t for Ori.

Also do your research, platonic can mean of love or friendship, it’s an intimate and affectionate relationship that’s non-sexual.

Kubo never said Ichigo and Rukia are just platonic either, he literally said that they were more than fucking friends, but at the time they weren’t lovers, which is true. Cause if you haven’t fucking notice they’re not dating yet.

So please go back to your one-sided trash.

detectivegeekshin said: I don’t think he was going to propose either! I dunno, it seems a little… too much? Asking her out? Confessing his feelings towards her? MAYBE. Proposing to her!? I don’t think so.

exactly!! like this is Shinichi we are talking about… it took him, what? 13 years to confess to Ran that he liked/loved her?? were people expecting a proposal in episode 191 without a confession first?? the woman had to practically force him into confessing lbr and if he was already that nervous in the restaurant to just tell her “hey i’ve been in love with your since i was 4 (THIS IS NOW CANON OMG) how do you feel about this sudden and surprising turn of events” even when he knew exactly how she felt about him (EPISODE TWO SHINICHI FOR THE LOVE OF GOD) i don’t think he was even considering proposing?? ?

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Question 1) How's them ships coming along? Question 2) Speaking in terms of canon, do you see Connor ever holding back from a relationship with a woman because of the sheer number of people he's loved and lost? Could he become jaded and/or closed off in that sense?

Answer 1) Ehhh… I planned on filling some more out today. I NEED to finish them. The fact that I haven’t already; its starting to get obnoxious now.

Answer 2) Holding back? Hmm… The thing about Connor is, he’s very trusting until you’ve given him reason to be otherwise. He’s got a big heart and likes to give a lot of it out. He’s very warm, caring, and open with all the people he brought onto the homestead… And I doubt he’d be much different with a lady.

So in terms of a relationship; I think Connor would be cautious. I think all the assassins are cautious when it comes to their relationships. But aside from Arno, I’ve never seen one become jaded or bitter or just closed off.

That’s not Connor. I think he’d be very hesitant to BE in a relationship because of the life he leads and because he’s lost people. There could be some angsty-regret there after all the crap that went down with Haytham. 

Reserved, cautious, and hesitant, especially if she kept trying to get to know him a little better… But not closed off or jaded. At the very most, I think he’d keep her at an arms length until he figured out what he wanted and decided to jump in.

I assume you ask because you are writing a fanfiction?


I wanted to lift the cat to the table like right now… I’ve seen many roleplayers outside and inside different fandoms sexualizing canon characters females and males, but mostly females who aren’t too sexually active or are almost asexuals. 

I understand that it’s funny to give your canon character a personality which is totally out of their daily to do list, but over sexualizing canon characters who aren’t something that you want them to be isn’t cool mate… It’s not cool to edit canon characers to be something they’re not, because you’ve already given them a name, characters, personality, looks and the list goes on. If your character hates pink, don’t make them wear something pink if it’s far and out of their interest list.

If your character is an OC that’s pretty much up to you to decide if she/he is a total douchebag, but still acts friendly towards all, but if it’s a canon character, just please don’t change their personality to something else their totally not.

I don’t say that’s illegal to do it, but please if a canon character for example loves dogs don’t make her/him a dog lover and if they’re total murderers don’t make them blush like a little girl and so on…

Thank you, hope you guys understand what I’m trying to say here…

Gem Homeworld/ Fusion Theory

Okay, so the last episode of Steven Bomb 3.0, Friend Ship had me thinking about Homeworld and it’s views on fusion. We already know that they disapprove of it as a whole:

“Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger.”- Jasper

The homeworld even has gem destabilizers in order to separate fusions manually. 

So, that being said we’ve all agreed that Peridot is a modern gem. She has many technology based abilities and even her physical body seems starkly different than older more ancient gems. That’s what sticks out to me: her body.

At first, I thought she was just your average gem with a modern design, but after that episode I feel like there’s more to her. Now, in my opinion, if one of the Crystal Gems lost their foot or any other limb that would most certainly lead to them poofing in order to regenerate from their injured form. I mean, their bodies are just illusions of light projected from their gems, right?

But consider this:

Peridot’s physical body and detached foot remain intact after she escapes from the gems. She also seems to be emitting some type of exhaust?

So, here’s my theory: in order to decrease rebellions and possible fusions trying to overthrow the diamond authority, modern gems were created with metal and robotic parts in order to keep their bodies from fusing! They still get power from their gems, however their bodies aren’t hard projections of light. Their gems power their bodies kinda similar to how Lapis Lazuli’s gem powered the mirror. Modern Gems are still sentient, but they can’t fuse!

And for all the older gems on Homeworld who still have the ability to fuse, authorities have this to keep them in line (as mentioned above):

So, yeah that’s my theory. Homeworld has been known to do cruel things, experiment on gems, and deny them of their rights in the past, so I can totally see them doing something like this to preserve the Diamond Authority’s power/status. 


Peridot’s gem could be separated from her pre-constructed body vessel similar to the way Steven freed Lapis Lazuli:

Once freed, Peridot could retreat to her gem and focus on herself, reflect on herself, and think about who she wants to be. For the first time in her life get to CHOOSE how she looks. She could design her own form and no longer be restricted by the body Homeworld designed for her…so yeah that’s something to think about for your Peridot redemption arcs!!!

Just simple fan theories in my own opinion, but I’m willing to discuss opposing views!

I want to know about the little things. Tell me about Sam and Dean buying supplies for the bathroom. What kind of shaving cream, what kind of razor. “Shouldn’t we buy an electric one and be done with it?” 

Tell me about “I will not buy shampoo that smells like coconut, not in this lifetime Sam”, and tell me about “FINE, for fuck sake just pick one already it’s just goddamn shampoo” and tell me about the two weeks later “Get the same one we used, it makes my hair softer and it smells good, yes the coconut one, shut the fuck up” 

I want to hear about shopping for clothes. “What do you think, what tie makes me look more approachable?”. Tell me about Sam wondering if brown is better than black for his shoes. Talk to me about dressing rooms. “No Dean, I don’t think horizontal stripes make you look like an accountant”. 

Tell me about the snacks they buy in gas stations, about how Sam grabs M&M’s from the bag and then eats them so that there’s always the same number for each color left in his hand. Tell me about how he thinks Dean doesn’t know. 

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Harley and Joker have been together since day 1! You can’t just split them up bc Harley suddenly likes Ivy now! They’re old canon! No one wants to see two women in a relationship anyway their just put together so peple can see them makeout

Um, lmao, okay but here’s the thing




Literally from the first episode they’re in together, they’re already at the point of wearing no pants, putting pictures on the fridge, and basically being domestic and already married.

(Hawt face there, Ives)

Why can’t they be canon?

Kindly get out of here with your homophobia, pal. Let the big kids read their comics.

i have never wanted to rescue a ship and a show from its own dumbass writers more than i want to rescue ichabbie and sleepy hollow

“Quick drawing” art challenge / #22 I Almost Lost You

Alright, the game already did a great job with this one, so well… I just sticked to the canon, heart-melting hug after the final battle <3

1 hour and a half, reference used for the bodies.

You can check the rest of the art challenge here :3

Inspired by 'Even My Dad Does Sometimes' by Ed Sheeran

When Ron Weasley stands in the Great Hall after the battle and Hermione Granger turns to him and says, ‘It’s alright to cry,’ something breaks inside of him; tears something from his stomach and twists his heart until he thinks he might stop breathing.  When Hermione rests the pad of her thumb against his cheeks and smoothes the skin just under his eyes, he knows he already has. When she looks him straight in the eye and tells him, ‘Tears mean you’re still alive, you know,’ he knows he’ll stick by this girl for as long as he lives.

When Hermione’s eyes flicker past him to the hall itself, Ron stares hard at the once bewitched ceiling, noting faintly of its resemblance to the static on a muggle television. He grips Hermione’s hand like she’s the only reality he has.

When Ron breaks down beside his brother, Hermione holds him to her chest and tries to absorb all his pain. At Fred’s funeral, Ron is red eyed and distant but his hand remains firmly anchored to Hermione’s, and it’s clear to everyone that it’s only when he looks at her does his world truly come back into colour again.

When Ron’s voice shakes after too many questions, Hermione tells him it’s alright because she’s there to hold him together. When ink blotches merge with tears on her parchment, Ron smiles faintly and murmurs a charm to wipe it all away, thinking hazily of late night conversations beside the fire.

And later, when Hermione tells him she loves him, Ron knows exactly why he held on for all those years.