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what would it be like : highschool couple with ian

You two would be super duper low key at first.
He be kinda shy when asking you out and he’d be somewhat nervous to show you off to his friends. Not bc he’s ashamed of anything, he’s just nervous that you’ll think they’re idiots lmao.
He’d be so proud that you’re his gf tho.
Like, he’d think he got a great catch lmao.
Eventually, as things progress, he’d walk you to your classes and hold your hand. you’d steal his glasses and make fun of him (in a cute way). He’d bring you home to meet his parents and you honestly would get along with his family SO well.
He’d take you on cute dates. Some would just be at his house, playing video games and others would be taking you out to cute little food places.

Do you see this ghoul man. He loved the pre-war radio show Silver Shroud so much that he asks you to go get the silver shroud costume so he can complete his crime fighting detective cosplay and go dispense justice like his favorite TV hero. Even though you end up wearing the costume and becoming Silver Shroud, Kent does so much to help He runs a channel on the radio and basically does #callout posts and you go doxx the villains in their own territory. Then he gets captured and tortured (why would you hurt him first of all) and if you save him he sounds so upset bc he got more than he bargained for and he just wants to go home. You can use your best silver shroud voice and convince him to keep up the good work and then he gives you this dopey ass happy really-believes-in-you-as-a-person smile and it kills me I’m already crying looking at this picture

Kent is the reason dear hearts and gentle people plays on the radio. Kent is the reason I am going to make the wasteland a better place

Shiro/Allura things:

  • Allura is the big spoon (Shiro says it’s because all of her hair gets in his face but it’s mostly because he likes feeling Smol™ next to her)
  • They’re so painfully oblivious that the team has to get together and scheme to get them together bc they’re all sick of the pining and lovesick glances
  • Shiro blushes every time Allura kisses his cheek for the first month or two and everyone teases him relentlessly
  • Allura has to kill all the spiders for Shiro bc Altea doesn’t have them and she just??? Doesn’t understand??? What’s scary about them???
  • Shiro flirts kind of like a giant kitty, in that he often sees things on their adventures and thinks “oh Allura would like that” and brings her back random ass objects like shiny rocks and just goes “here… I got you this…” (tbh he doesn’t even realize he’s flirting but Allura has a growing collection of Shiro Gifts and literally everyone else can tell that he’s weirdly courting her)
  • They’re both scared of horror movies and when the team watches them together they cling to each other like their lives depend on it (Pidge is the one who likes them the most, followed by Lance)
  • Allura’s feet are always cold for some reason and sometimes she’ll just stick them on Shiro bc she likes the squeaky, indignant sound he makes when she does it 
  • Sometime when they’re intimate, Allura will kiss Shiro’s metal hand and Shiro’s heart will feel so full because he still hates that it’s a part of him sometimes, and he’s just so grateful that she loves all of him, including the scarred, broken parts that he can barely stand to look at sometimes

since i saw the krew’s wanted posters i was wondering how any of them had mugshots yet for hours (literally “are these from the FUTURE somehow or ?????”) before i remembered that all of them have already had criminal records since like book 1 anyway and it’s badass and adorable at the same time and im an idiot


idek man, he just looks so good.

[taps your character on the shoulder; he looks like this btw] You didn’t wind up the music box…

i heard that my death son got a sunshine bf, and this makes me very happy

bonus: percy is protective and annabeth is far past done with his shit

Characterisation in HoO

Formerly titled: because lili’s headcanons hurt my heart 

Okay so @lililibird did this and it made me emotional and we got chatting, and then she said this, because that first round of tags just wasn’t enough:

“Like it would start with everyone talking about Percy like he’s a god in TLH, and then Hazel and Frank and CJ acting like he’s basically the most amazing thing ever, and then the quest and everyone’s always screaming for Percy to save them bc he’s Percy and he can do anything and the DEVELOPMENT to make him seem human would have been stunning I’m not crying.”

And.. well… I got a bit carried away with my response and have decided to move the discussion to a place where word limits aren’t a thing. 

Because this idea is incredible. Just imagine it - rather than Percy’s character development just stalling and then completely flatlining over the course of HoO (imo anyway) this would be such a great chance for us to see him coping with the pressure of being ‘the most powerful demigod’, as Nico said.

  • Can you imagine Hazel completely idolizing him like the best big brother in the entire world?? Always thinking to herself,  “Percy promised I’d be okay, he’s gonna get us out of this.” Having absolute faith in him and not noticing how terrified for her safety he really is, because he did promise her that and he can’t imagine how he’d live with himself if she ever got hurt.
  • Frank thinking Percy’s what a ‘real man’ should be and trying to imitate him and wishing that he had cool powers like Percy before he masters shapeshifting.
  • Jason seeing Percy as a real threat??? Like this guy just came from nowhere and was nominated as Praetor, the Roman demigods saw him almost single handedly save their whole camp - So not only has Jason been listening to CHB gush about Percy and how they miss him terribly for months, he gets back home and discovers that he’s essentially replaced him at Camp Jupiter. This needs to be explored more!! I know Jason’s a good guy and yeah, he was wary of Percy at the start, but come on. Give me a proper emotional confrontation, not a fight where they’re both possessed.
  • Piper seeing the way everyone hangs on every word Percy says, how he can inspire people to fight and be strong and rally the troops almost effortlessly. So she practices her charmspeak by repeating his speeches to herself in the mirror, wondering how he’s so comfortable, how he became such a natural leader.
  • Leo just being so jealous of everything Percy is. Older, taller, better looking, a better fighter, popular, with an amazing girlfriend. Resenting him because he’s everything Leo so desperately wants to be and he doesn’t even try and how is that fair? (Not because of that bull with Calypso.)
  • Nico’s crush on Percy hitting him full force again when he’s rescued from the jar, because would you look at that, Percy Jackson rescues him again, but then his heart breaks when he follows Annabeth into Tartarus. Give me Nico absolutely pining over this guy he has idolised for years, simultaneously hating him and loving him. Give me Nico agonising over his promise to lead the others to the House of Hades because he’s bitter about how much Percy loves Annabeth but at the same time of course he’s going to do it because he promised Percy and he couldn’t break that promise even if he really wanted to. Give me Nico getting over his crush not because he randomly starts thinking of Percy as immature (?????) but because he finally gets close enough to Percy to see him as a real person, so his hero worship can finally fade. Give me a gradual lessening of his heartache as that crush turns into a genuine friendship.
  • AND ANNABETH glorious Annabeth omg. So everyone else looks up to her almost as much as they do Percy, because she’s so perfect how could they not? (More comments about people finding her intimidating and impressive and experienced and the best ever please.) And she’s taking it in stride a bit easier than Percy because she’s used to being head counsellor already. But Percy’s trying to be everything for everyone and he’s holding it together (barely) and he’s sO PROTECTIVE OF HER like ridiculously so, he’s always checking on her and he never wants her to go anywhere without him and it’s cute at first but then one night he gets in her way and she just SNAPS and is like, “Wth is wrong with you, Percy? I can take care of myself, have you forgotten the past five years??” 
  • And he’s like, “Oh thanks, Annabeth, nice word choice!!” and it turns into this massive fight and everything comes out, like how terrified he is at the prospect of losing her again, how he knows she can take care of herself but he can’t bring himself to risk it, how he’s already looking after everyone else on this gods damned ship so why shouldn’t he look after her too huh?? And he’s crying and she’s crying because she had no idea it was this bad and she just holds him and tells him he doesn’t have to take all this on himself because it’s not his responsibility, they’re a team and they have to work as a team.
  • “But annabeth,” he says, “every team needs a leader, a captain, someone in charge.”
  • “I am obviously captain, Seaweed Brain. You’re the first mate, and that’s only if you behave yourself.”
  • Things get a little better after that, but percy’s protectiveness still rears it head whenever there’s a conflict.

Oh man I could keep going with this forever, I’m so sorry this completely got away from me and turned into an incoherent rant. 

ok so I can honestly just imagine pidge getting REALLY UPSET that shiro isn’t taking care of himself like

  • shiro gets sinus infections and shit pretTy often bc he’s got a huge lump of scar tissue hanging out in his nasal cavity, and the first time it happens with team voltron he tries to hide it until he FUCKING PASSES OUT LIKE A DINGUS
    • hunks like “woah pidge chill” but pidge is just: (ง °`Д´°)ง
  • pidge makes shiro PROMISE that if he starts to feel sick again he HAS to tell them–and they tear up a little bit–and shiro’s just like OH GOD I’M SO SORRY PLS DON’T CRY I’M SORRY
    • and pidge is just: (ಥ﹏ಥ) “…ok”
  • so a few months pass and shiro DOES get sick again and he’s like “…shit I gotta tell them but I don’t want them to worry ahhhhhhh fuck”
  • so he DOES tell pidge but really downplays ALL of his symptoms and pidge side eyes him SO FUCKING HARD like
    • (¬ ¬) “…ok. I trust you shiro. but you GOTTA tell me if it gets worse, ok? like if you develop a fever. ok?” and shiro’s like yeah sure no problem
    • (but he’s ALREADY got a fever, like a JACKASS)
  • and later that day pidge calls him down to their workspace all “shiro I want to test the levels of brain wave compatibility between paladins and their lions to better understand blah blah blah you’re most connected to your lion blah blah let me put these things on your head”
    • shiro’s sick and spaced out so he’s like “uh sure, that’s fine”
    • but PSYCH it’s a fucking THERMOMETER and the screen lights up “102.47″ and pidge just SCREECHES
    • and shiro’s stunned and apologizing, but also chuckling cuz it’s funny how upset pidge is getting about a little cold and saying, “pidge, really, it’s not that big of a deal, I just didn’t want you to worry over nothing.”
    • and pidge stops screaming really suddenly, almost crying, still obviously furious, just staring at shiro in silence. then just shouts “HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TRUST YOU?!” and storms off

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Daddy's baby boy


Harry smiled and looked up at Sage. His daddy’s had just dressed him for his first day of work. “Do I look good?” He pulled his hair up into a bun. “Do you think I need my glasses? I can wear them if you want me to.” He looked at himself in the mirror for a moment. “Daddy, guess what I’ve got on under this suit.” He smirked a little and glanced at his daddy in the mirror. “I’m wearing your favorite thong.” He fixed himself up a bit before turning around to face him. “Because I know you love them so much.”

Harry was excited for his first day of work. He wanted today to go perfect, but that included teasing his daddy along the way. Not out for everyone to see, of course, but he can go visit his daddy in his office and tease him a little, right? Harry know that it would land him in trouble in the long run, he always knew that, but he couldn’t help it. He loved teasing his daddy. He always looked so sexy when Harry teased him.

Harry walked over to Sage and brushed some hair back. “You look so good today, daddy. So professional.” He leaned up to kiss his daddy. “Today is going to be a good day. I’ll be on my best behavior.” He grinned and stepped back. “I even made us lunch. I made your favorite.” He let out a small giggle as he handed Sage his brief case. “And I organized this for you while you were getting ready. I hope you don’t mind.” He blushed and slipped on his fancy shoes.

have you ever had one of those situations where you’re attracted to a person and they’re attracted to you and you both know it but you’re both so awkward that it still takes a bit of alcohol for stuff to happen

So my friend Becky, just took this screencap and sent it me on kik.
Right, why the fuck would people comment this? If you don’t like him, why don’t you /leave him alooooooone/ (I’m using / instead of italics bc mobile) there isn’t a point in putting these harsh things.

It will only hurt phil and maybe even dan if he saw it.

Yes, they not even be in he phandom but it still isn’t acceptable. These were the first 2 tweet replies on his tweet so he must have saw them, and guess how it would make /you/ feel seeing people saying things like this?

He isn’t a ‘low life price of shit’ and shouldn’t kill himself. Guess what he’s done? He got a radio show, a successful YouTube Chanel, amazing fans and friends.

Guess what the hater has? Nothing.

Don’t kill me for this rant I’m sorry I just or so mad bc I don’t get why people say such mean things an I just can’t even.
(I’m sorry it doesn’t make sense it’s 11:15pm and I’m half asleep ok.)

you know what both upsets me and warms my heart re: the character development side of things? fitz’s reaction to coulson doubting what he’d done to ward.

fitz the good, brave, pure heart, the only one on the team that still seemed to believe that redemption, and kindness, and good faith toward people would, eventually, make them better people. he was the one that believed in ward, and when jemma went after him, wanted to kill him, he was the one that told her that not doing something as bad as he would makes them better than him.

we all saw his face after coulson had killed ward. we all saw his face when jemma was hugging him. we all saw his face when he talked about killing will. was last night a fluke to try and make coulson feel better? no, i don’t think so. as out of character as i thought fitz admitting that what coulson did was, it’s not at all. not in the slightest.

fitz has been damaged. that good, pure, kind heart has been corrupted by the job, by what he’s seen, what he’s experienced. what was the turning point for him since he got back from maveth? was it ward’s return? seeing hive, seeing it, seeing everything that he’d fought so hard to keep from earth walking around in a dead man’s body? what did fitz decide that made coulson’s actions good?

was it a culmination of parts? of jemma’s torture. ward’s endless betrayal. the fact that, at the end of the day, he’d failed and broken his promise to jemma. or, just because he’s had the time to reflect on what happened and realises, at the end of the day, there’s nothing he can do but accept it and move on. but, agree with it? that’s another step entirely. i never expected coulson to be trying to convince fitz that what he did was bad – but, i think that it’s fitz who’s convinced himself that it was good. 

what i think triggered his change in heart the most was the other boomerang this episode: giyera. as fitz reminded the team (and us, the audience, in case we’d fogotten that harrowing episode), he’s a torturer. he tortured jemma. perhaps fitz is wrestling with himself. if push came to shove, with giyera in such close proximity, could be pull a coulson? could he seek revenge for what that man did to jemma? maybe that’s why he’s convinced himself that murdering a murderer for revenge isn’t such a bad idea. coulson had to. he was right to. ward deserved it.

fitz was so adamantly against jemma’s view of revenge, but he might’ve just fallen into that trap himself. ward hurt fitz, so jemma tries to kill him. giyera hurt jemma, so maybe fitz wants to kill him.

it’s a vicious cycle, and someone has to answer for it.

so like u know in the second toby maguire spiderman movie that scene on the train where he got his mask taken off and he’s unconscious and the people on the train all go like “hes just a kid…” and crowd around him to defend him from doc oc? okay u probably dont but that description is literally all u need 2 know about it lets go

Basically imagine that but like. Either marinette’s miraculous gets taken away completely or her transformation wears off and shes too weak to hide while she’s changing back (maybe the villain of the week is actually *surprise!* competent, maybe its hawkmoth idk) but anyway so she changes back at her school in the process of defending the kids? and the kids are like “holy,,, shit shes. i know her. shes in my english class. thats marinette. holy. holy cannoli. jesus christ.”

and the baddie is demanding that they hand her over but theyre like …no. They crowd around her and protect her and even somehow manage to fend them off until chat noir shows up. 

imagine even chloe standing up for her. 

imagine like, one scenario where shes not the biggest bitch possible.


So in the pilot we all know the sloppy joe thing okay? So farkle got both sloppy joe and chicken pot pie bc he likes both girls and lucas got sloppy joe (duh) so in 1x20 (girl meets first date) farkle and lucas are talking about how if lucas asks one of them out, farkle will get the other which kinda makes me think that riarkle and lucaya was the plan from the start

Also, in the pilot riley tries to be just like maya, and like how maya’s mom said when you pretend to be someone else you find something out that you may not have known before. so riley could have discovered not her feelings for lucas, but MAYA’S. (thanks @wildhartmaya)

So maybe the writers big clue is sloppy joe from the pilot, and maybe our endgame couples are riarkle and lucaya? what do you guys think?


Brendon Urie with fans in Sacramento -9/10/16 (via chadxoxobekapringlechelseabulosanartbymewjedi_shaina)

artbymew: Ok I didn’t wanna spam pictures so here’s them all together. Pretty much, the whole band is staying at the same hotel as us and the first time me and my friend met Brendon my OTHER friend wasn’t there (1st time is top picture, 2nd time is bottom) so we got to meet him twice bc my friend’s dad (seen in the top picture) SOMEHOw got him to come out a second time so she could get pictures and I got him to sign my uke and he gave me two guitar pics which I gave to my two friends and he was really just the nicest sweetest person in the world the whole thing was such a blur and actually I technically met him three times bc I said hi to him in the hallway…”


I feel like this is the only time when the phrase “realize your self worth” is appropriate. like babygirl you’re worth so much more than having to ask some basic ass white boy to go to prom with you for 300,000 RTs. first of all, he’s an asshole for telling you 300,000… not only is that unrealistic, but he ain’t that special. second of all, do you really want to go to prom with someone just bc you got a certain amount of RTs? wouldn’t you rather go with someone who actually wants to be there with you? idk I’m just really bothered by this whole thing and I wish black girls would stop idolizing these gross ass, paper-thin lipped white boys who don’t give a shit about us, ain’t that cute, and probably got weak dick. 🙄

friends with benefits w/ten
  • let’s start with the names he calls u it can range from kitten, princess to slut tbfh
  • it all depends on the mood and you don’t mind whatever he calls u bc it turns u on 
  • but anyway unlike the other boys ten kept things secretive (he wants this to be a secret bc he likes challenging both u and him to keep quiet when u two are doin it while the rest of the boys are in the dorm as well)
  • he likes taking that LV bandana of his and placing it over your mouth or tying your wrists together w/them and sometimes he lets u do the same for him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • you two actualy almost got caught bc of it 
  • someone wanted to borrow it and basically walked right into the room (ok knocked first so ten had time to push u into the closet) and strolled in lookin for it
  • but he couldn’t lend it to them bc it was holding ur wrists together ?? so he’d just be like “oh sorry i was plaNNiNG to usE it tomorrow or some dumb excuse to get them to leave) 
  • and it worked so u two went back to sexy time
  • anyway when the boys are gone tho sex=time to practice w/ur vocal cords
  • making u scream his name at the top of ur lungs as he pounded into you would make him weak
  • but most of the time he liked receiving (he can be kinda lazy but thats ok and he aLSO LOVES IT WHEN U TAKE OVER FOR THe DAY)
  • theres something about you crawling on top of him that made him want more and times like these made him forget you two were only just friends
  • he cherished every second even if you two were in a bathroom stall holding onto dear life as he fucked you
  • ten was the sweetest guy (or should i say charming i mean look at that smile) as we all know and sometimes he’d make fuck sessions romantic
  • he’d prep rose petals and scented candles but it would all be ruined as you two tried to strip each other before getting to the bed (it almost caused a fire once yikes)
  • sex with ten is usually vanilla except for when hes stressed he wants to take over he wants to forget about all his worries and focus on u focus on the moment instead
  • his favorites r ur boobs he loved them the most and burying himself in them, leaving marks etc etc
  • it was chill too bc most of the time ppl couldnt see and it made the secret even easier to keep
  • onto the next point: giving and receiving this boy is the whiniest brat ever 
  • if you dont give him what he wants he whines if it doesnt feel good enough he whines
  • it takes u a while to get the hang of it and adapt to what he wants but in the end u get it and those whines turn into loud moans and groans
  • giving tho he would be just as strict he would stop touching u if u looked away he loved eye contact more than anything else and loves how embarrassed u get
  • tbfh he’d also be into thigh riding he likes seeing u w/o anything on except ur underwear and riding his thigh 
  • if he was tired (super tired) it’s what he goes for @ first u were a bit iffy about it but he begged and who on earth can resist ten
  • he may seem super bossy when it comes to fwb sex but there are times where he’d ask “hey kitten are u feeling ok? is this ok? tell me when u get uncomfortable ok?” he’s caring alright
  • but being fwb with ten almost feels like ur in a secretive relationship
  • but u two were just friends and thats chill between u two
  • and as for the other members they’d only start questioning when they see u two come out from some place u two have been hiding with disheveled hair and wrinkled clothes

johnny ver. doyoung ver. taeyong ver.  jaehyun ver.