just bc he got there first

I think I’m actually going to be pretty pissed if sjm doesn’t up her diversity game in the next books.

There are a lot of opportunities for her to do this - she has in no way written herself into a corner where diversity is no longer possible (this may have to do with world-building holes, but, anyway…).

There are Courts we haven’t seen yet, characters, Chaol is going to whatever in the hell place he is going that could have diverse people, I’m sure there will be more relationships developing that don’t at all need to be hetero or even monogamous, tbh. There is just… a lot of potential for this.

(edit to move some of my tags to the post bc… my tags got ridiculous…) If I knew before what I know now about these books, I may not have read them in the first place. But I did, and now I’m here, stuck in this fandom dumpster of smut and meta and so-called theories, and I like living in this damn dumpster. I just wish it weren’t filled with white hetero monogamous couples all the time.

And so I’m… going to be quite disappointed if some things don’t change. I don’t know what I’ll actually do. But I know I won’t be happy.

Sleep Deprived

Anon said:   I just woke up from a nap so: Human Disaster™️ Moritz Stiefel falls asleep waiting to leave to meet Melchi bc he barely slept the night before and got ready way too early bc he was nervous af and as a result accidentally sleeps through what should’ve been their first date

i wrote all of this completely exhausted so imma pull a moritz and pass out lmao

words: 896

Moritz couldn’t help but stare at the digital clock above his television.  He had turned it on to watch something to distract himself from how long he had to wait. But he was yet to even try to focus on the screen. He just stared at the blaring red letters. One hour before he was supposed to leave.

He hated himself for getting ready so fast. He was always so late to everything he just assumed that getting dressed early would stop that.

How the hell did he get ready so quickly.

For a few moments, he thought back to last night, or rather, earlier this morning. He recalled lying in bed half asleep all night, checking his phone every other minute to see if Melchior would reply. The last thing Melchior had said was at 12 am saying: ‘Hey, wanna get together on tomorrow? Maybe for dinner or something?’

Moritz replied almost immediately saying: ‘yeah sure, sounds cool. where?’

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i keep thinking about that “end of the line” thing and where it came from, like. 

what if when they were kids, it was the first time bucky saw steve really sick. and he was worried bc steve was coughing a lot and steve’s ma went and got the preacher and bucky knows what that means he’s almost ten after all. so what if one day he’s just sitting with steve and keeps checkin on him to make sure he’s still breathing and he’s like, “you’re my best friend” and it’s not really a question but steve nods anyway cause he’s tired and he’s usin his mouth to breathe bc his nose is too stuffy. and small bucky just climbs on to bed next to him and he’s like, “are you scared?” and steve nods again bc yeah of course he knows what getting the preacher means too. and bucky just takes his hand and says with all the fierceness his 8yo self can muster, “well, you don’t have to be bc i’m with you to the end of the line, pal.” and steve’s just like “even in heaven?” and bucky’s like “of course in heaven. the good lord himself’s gonna have to kick me out.” and that’s good enough and they go to sleep and steve’s fever breaks the next day

Okay so like. Half Galra Keith. But instead of having a Galra form he is just. In between. And always has been.

Like he’s got little not human things about him that he’s always either ignored, hidden or never noticed in the first place.

Like his nails totally grow into claws if he doesnt trim them, and trimming them is a bitch because they’re really really tough and about the only thing that can cut them is his dagger.

His eyes definitely do that creepy glowing light reflecting thing like a cats, Keith sneaking up on you in the dark is terrifying bc if you shine a flashlight on him he looks like a demon holy shit.

Hes got real good night vision and heightened senses + his kinda extrasensory perception deal that let him fell the blue lion. Can probably always just sorta tell where people are but has never really thought about it like, why wouldn’t he know where Shiro is and what he’s feeling half way across the castle? Shiro’s his friend.

But the biggest one. Is his teeth. He has shark teeth.

Its not just that they are fangs, it’s that a new set grows in about every six years.

It doesnt come up right away, because obviously the last two times it happened his foster families took him to the dentist Right fucking away to get that shit fixed, so it seems like he just has normal teeth. Maybe with some extra pointy incisors but yeah theyre normal looking.

But then a couple months in they start falling out so a new set can grow in.

The weirdest part for everyone else is how much Keith isnt freakin out.

Like he looses five teeth in a training session and he’s just like. “>:( this again?? so thats why my mouth has been hurting so much”

And of course he’s got no clue why everyone’s insisting he go rushing to the med bay and see if a pod can fix it because “Calm down guys its just a new set coming in.”

And theyre like “Does Keith really not know how the whole baby teeth thing works that only happens once bro”

And naturally Shiro goes all mother hen and makes him open his mouth to check the damage and. Theres little fangs?? Poking through his gums? And Keith is just “Yeah this is normal, like I wasnt expecting it for a few months yet but its normal” and No. No Keith, this is absolutely not normal what the fuck.

I am just very attached to the Alien Keith idea and I want him to have fangs dammit. Boy deserves to bite people. 

Star Wars is so reflective of our real world. You got creepy evil nazis, fascism, science, and Jyn plagiarizing Cassian like she’s Melania and it’s debate season

But guys, Jack dressing up as his dad for Halloween would be so fucking funny. He’d get Bitty to paint a black eye on his face and make it look like he got a tooth knocked out (alternatively, he takes out his own fake tooth bc there’s a good chance he already has a fake). He’d throw on an old pens or habs jersey and go around and ham it the fuck up. He’d smile charmingly and tell people to call him Bobby and just start spouting all these inspirational quotes that Bob keeps stealing from his uncles.

Alicia absolutely LOST IT when she sees him, and she only laughs harder when Bob spends the first part of the night pouting cause his son is making fun of him. (But secretly he’s teary and flattered that his son chose to dress up as him for Halloween the same way he was when 6yo Jack did it the first time.) Both the Zimmerparents and Bitty have the picture of Jack and Bob on display somewhere and Shitty keeps one in his wallet that he pulls out for stars at sometimes. It’s a family classic.

s(QUAD) intro post part 1: #shomajesty

onwards to: s(quad) intro part 2: dj boyang, s(quad) intro part 3: #slaythan

i…really don’t have time to be doing this lmao but i couldn’t resist. since i’ve gained some new followers lately and the grand prix is about to start, here’s another intro post about one of the bright young stars of figure skating and my favorite current men’s skater, shoma uno!

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What I love about each B.A.P member


  • His airport fashion looks like he just rolled out of bed. So soft and fluffy.
  • Actually most of his fashion is him being a comfy bunny
  • How his hands are usually balled up in fists
  • Like is he cold or nervous or what
  • It reminds me of a toddler
  • Sassy!Jae
  • Trolls his friends
  • No one is safe
  • How he gets emotional about B.A.P & BABYz
  • When Youngjae starts to get choked up, you betcha you’re gonna cry too
  • When he couldn’t sing his first part in 1004 during their Matrix showcase bc he got so emotionally overwhelmed T-T
  • He’s considerate of those close to him
  • Remember when he gave his shoes to Jongup in 1004 so he wouldn’t slip during his dance
  • And how he stayed up to talk to Himchan during One Shot promos
  • He bought his mom hand cream bc he thought she would like it
  • Open-minded
  • Little ball of sunshine
  • Always looks so soft
  • Such a soothing speaking voice
  • Extremely caring of the other members
  • Tenderheart baby
  • Bubble Tea song
  • Ice Cream song
  • How he’s so competitive
  • But if he knows he won’t win, he won’t play
  • That’s not how games work, sir
  • Floofy hair
  • Cute smile
  • His reoccurring problem of getting confetti in his mouth
  • Help him pls
  • Apple cheeks
  • Never ages
  • Apparently, if you push him he’ll either fly away or break
  • Cuteness is over 9,000
  • He always looks great in a sweater
  • AKA that one he wore in Coffee Shop
  • He’s totally Boy Next Door/Boyfriend Material
  • Really likes to wear hoodies
  • His extremely soft heart
  • Give him lots of love please
  • The way he gets so animated when talking/telling a story
  • …chokers…
  • He’s a tease during concerts
  • You think he’ll grab your hand but sike
  • He didn’t let anything stop him from taking singing lessons and following his dream
  • Dorks around with Dae all the time
  • He’s loud…sometimes louder than Daehyun
  • Rip to the audio guys
  • He’s always yelling in excitement but its so cute
  • Like I want to be that excited about things
  • He’s an actual bunny bc he’s always jumping up and down
  • When he hits whoever is next to him when he laughs
  • I just really love how excited he gets okay
  • But seriously, who let him get ahold of chokers
  • That time he and Zelo controlled the crowd in Chicago through the V app
  • That face he made when Zelo beat him in arm wrestling and drove his watch into the table
  • Any time he sings randomly/dances randomly
  • He’s the best at aegyo
  • He’s confident in being himself
  • No one loves Yoo Youngjae more than Yoo Youngjae 
  • He speaks Japanese very well
  • He gave Zelo kisses all the time
  • That one time he wouldn’t let Jongup go to sleep when they were playing a game bc he couldn’t beat Uppie
  • So Jongup lost on purpose
  • You gotta learn to admit defeat dude
  • Named his car “Blue Dragon”
  • Overall squishiness 

Feel free to add some of your favorite Youngjae things! This got really long oops.

YG | HC | DH | YJ | JU | ZL

ok but i think out of the frogs nursey is the one who keeps like,, a really up to date calendar

except it doesnt really have anything that revolves around him? 

its just a detailed list of dates that are important to his family and friends

like of course there’s birthdays and anniversaries and stuff 

but then there is also the day of chowder’s first shutout, and when his ma’s first book was published and when dex first fixed betsy 

just derek nurse is a sentimental selfless person who really loves the people he loves

okay please don’t make me be the one to write an omgcp fic where it’s a dirty game and someone goes flying into the goalie net and pushes chowder into the back and nursey and dex just kind of “thats our fucking goalie” and start a fight and nursey is there first and the crease just dissolves into mayhem. nursey gets his time in the sin bin and when he gets out he plays hard af and they win, but the moment they get to the locker room chowder grabs nursey to make sure he’s okay bc he’s got a busted lip and his cheekbone looks pretty bruised already and nursey prides himself on being calm and collected, proving himself with his stick instead of his fists, and nursey just smiles and grabs chowder, says he’s fine and asks how chowder is and chowders fine and nursey just jostles him, promises the next time he’ll get the shutout and chowder just pushes him back and promises next time he can fight his own fights and they’re both smiling and laughing and like idk some good pure chowder/nursey interaction

Angst idea:

When applying to high schools, Okinawa and Iwaizumi made the agreement that they would go to high school together. They both applied to Seijoh together, as well as a handful of other schools. Including Shiratorizawa. Iwaizumi got his letter first, and waited for Oikawa to get his results to open it.

So fast forward a seek, and Oikawa gets his and – whoops– opens it before Iwaizumi gets to his house. And he’s so hyped. “Iwa-Chan if you get in we’ll be going to the same school as Ushijima Wakatoshi! Isn’t that cool?! He’s so powerful!! Open your letter already damn it!!!”

At this point, Iwaizumi is feeling like. The biggest amount of dread bc he’s just Now realizing that if they go to Shiratorizawa then Oikawa will have a new, better, stronger ace, someone who can take him to nationals like he deserves, but then he’ll also leave Iwaizumi behind. So he opens his letter, nerves flying around his stomach, and…he doesn’t really remember what happens next.

He knows he got in. He knows. But he panics. He says he didn’t get in. He lies straight to Oikawa’s face and he hates that he does but it’s too late.

When he hears Ushijima say “You would have done better at Shiratorizawa” or “your potential is lost where you are now” Iwaizumi knows he’s right. And he absolutely hates himself for holding Oikawa back but he couldn’t lose his best friend. He pretends his hatred is for Ushijima, for being a prick. He knows it’s not. Ushijima probably knows it too.

Oikawa still doesn’t know the truth.

Boyfriend Jimin

Originally posted by itschiminie

  • chimchim is an asshole, let’s just get this straight
  • he KNOWS he’s cute and sexy and squishy and uses that to his advantage >:(
  • you’re usually late to work/school and if he eats your food or something, you don’t even get the joy of being mad at him because he smiles that beautiful asshole smile of his and giggles and cuddles you until you forget what you’re supposed to be mad at
  • hobi is the one who set you both up btw
  • he invited you to a party when they first debuted and you didn’t notice, but apparently jimin was checking you out all night and was too shy to approach you. as you both got closer and he gained some muscle, his confidence grew and one day he just randomly asked you out
  • hobi claims that’s only bc he was pushing for it
  • but jimin disagrees so who knows?? what the truth is??
  • jungkook always tell you what to get jimin for christmas/his bday so you never need to worry about that. even no presents is enough for him, all he really wants is love
  • this boy has such a big heart and wants to make everyone happy and smile, to the point where sometimes it impacts his health
  • he could spend all day at taehyung’s, trying to cheer him up if he’s having a bad day then go to practice and work hard for hours on end before coming home to devote all his attention on you
  • his stomach is growling, he’s stinky and he hasn’t slept in hours but he swears he’s fine, asks you how your day was, if you want him to cook dinner or order it in
  • so you need to look out for him!!! cherish this precious man with all your heart!! don’t let him overwork himself!! show him the care he shows others!! and don’t let his thoughts get to him!!
  • bc while he knows he can sing/rap/dance and looks good on top of it all … sometimes it’s easy to forget
  • when he’s down and the anti’s get to him or when his past insecurities come to the surface, he just feels so small and sad :(
  • and that’s all he wants in life
  • makes cheesy comments like “I’m hungry for your love” :) or “I’m hungry for you” ;)
  • hardcore cuddler
  • never looses his grip on you, no matter how much you both twist and turn at night
  • likes having you in the studio to sit on his lap while he works or just hangs out with company friends
  • brags that “yes, this is the person I’m in love with, I bet you’re all jealous” when you show up at BigHit or social gatherings
  • aesthetic couple pics
  • leaves his cool clothes at yours so naturally they’re yours now >:) and they smell like him too so, yeah, he’s never seeing those again
  • I bet he smells so good tho fuukk
  • his family gets concerned, knowing how selfless and hardworking jimin is, so they text you often to see how he’s really doing
  • sometimes he gets annoyed by this, like if he’s hiding a dance injury to not make them worry and you tell them
  • so he’s pouty and sulking and might even blow you off for a few hours
  • but as his parents concerned phone calls pierce his heart, he realises that not telling them was worse, even if he was just trying to protect them
  • and now he regrets being annoyed and doesn’t understand how he was so dumb
  • sometimes worries that these stupid little things will make you leave him so if you even just fight about the toilet seat being left up, he’ll come home with chocolate, offering kisses and hugs and puppy dog eyes
  • “you won’t leave me, right?”
  • “jimin, you literally just left the seat up - I’m not going to leave just bc of that”
  • but he just treasures you so much and doesn’t want you to ever think he doesn’t care. he does. he makes a point to always check up on you, or get his cousin that lives nearby to visit and keep you company, as way of always showing his love. you’re number one in his life, tied with his family and career and ARMY’s bc he could never class or prioritize such important things to him
  • “I’ll always love you, no matter how many years pass or how many miles away I am, you will always be my first and last thought of every day”
Be careful what you order

Jikook, 1k, 100% crack but also 70% based on real life

In which Jungkook misunderstands a lot of things as usual.

A/N: Because date nights with @jikook-love tend to inspire things (also bc I’m just as embarrassing as Jeon omfg and she got to finally witness that then proceeded to respond “you’re so awkward” THANKS)

“Hi, welcome to Tea Palace! What can I get for you?” Jungkook tried not to sound too nervous. It was his first official day at work and although he’d been training for a week, he’d never had the chance to be at the cash register taking orders. His face was angled downward, ready to type in the order on the small screen beneath his fingers.

But what could possibly be difficult about taking orders anyway, right? He should be glad that all he had to do was listen to the order and type it in the machine. Oh and do some mental math occasionally, when the customer was paying by cash and needed change. But it still seemed much easier than the multitasking behind the counter, when he was trying to shove all the ingredients of the bubble teas together without something exploding.

“Can I get a hot three guys?”

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Living Togethers hcs

Okay, but since Ty and Ethan have confirmed that they live seperate from Mark and together, I’ve had way too hcs to not share.

- okay but hear me out: sleepy mornings
- Ethan, who stayed up all night the night before, asleep on the couch with an empty cup of coffee in his hand
- Tyler catching him in the morning and just
• “he’s so beautiful”
- literally Ty staring at Ethan until Ethan wakes up
- “coffee please”
- literally both of them knowing how the other prefers their coffee

- or fighting over who gets the shower first
-“you got it last time, no fair!!” “snooze you lose.”
- brushing their teeth together
- *psa they fought over the design of the shower curtain
- Ethan won (only bc he has the lil blu boi eyes)

- they don’t do laundry until they know they absolutely have to (or when Ty tells Ethan to)
- “is that my sweater?” “no, its mine.” “Eth, its practically a dress on you.” “iTS CLEAN OKAY??”
- also like Eth color sorting everything while Ty goes by who the clothing belongs to (by this point, they’re guessing)

Can we like talk about them cooking together
- Ethan who is accustomed to a gymnasts diet and refuses to eat anything, like too greasy
- and Ty who has to be careful with certain foods cuz of his kidney
- so they either completely agree on something or have two seperate meals
- but they love cooking together
- feeding each other a piece of food while the other is busy stirring or smth
- i just ??

I love that they live together (might do pt 2?? i dunno, u tell me)

i can’t stop laughing bc this poster

is the one yuuri keeps the closest to his bed and i just keeping thinking of him when he first got it and wondering where the fuck he was going to put it and then he sees the space near his bed and his immediate thought is ‘it’s going here fucking stop me viktor nikiforov’ and that night, before he goes to sleep, he grins like a loser and pictures himself as the one on the floor, kneeling before this victorious prince, kissing his boot. 

best purchase of the year. yuuri’s been blessed

ok so I can honestly just imagine pidge getting REALLY UPSET that shiro isn’t taking care of himself like

  • shiro gets sinus infections and shit pretTy often bc he’s got a huge lump of scar tissue hanging out in his nasal cavity, and the first time it happens with team voltron he tries to hide it until he FUCKING PASSES OUT LIKE A DINGUS
    • hunks like “woah pidge chill” but pidge is just: (ง °`Д´°)ง
  • pidge makes shiro PROMISE that if he starts to feel sick again he HAS to tell them–and they tear up a little bit–and shiro’s just like OH GOD I’M SO SORRY PLS DON’T CRY I’M SORRY
    • and pidge is just: (ಥ﹏ಥ) “…ok”
  • so a few months pass and shiro DOES get sick again and he’s like “…shit I gotta tell them but I don’t want them to worry ahhhhhhh fuck”
  • so he DOES tell pidge but really downplays ALL of his symptoms and pidge side eyes him SO FUCKING HARD like
    • (¬ ¬) “…ok. I trust you shiro. but you GOTTA tell me if it gets worse, ok? like if you develop a fever. ok?” and shiro’s like yeah sure no problem
    • (but he’s ALREADY got a fever, like a JACKASS)
  • and later that day pidge calls him down to their workspace all “shiro I want to test the levels of brain wave compatibility between paladins and their lions to better understand blah blah blah you’re most connected to your lion blah blah let me put these things on your head”
    • shiro’s sick and spaced out so he’s like “uh sure, that’s fine”
    • but PSYCH it’s a fucking THERMOMETER and the screen lights up “102.47″ and pidge just SCREECHES
    • and shiro’s stunned and apologizing, but also chuckling cuz it’s funny how upset pidge is getting about a little cold and saying, “pidge, really, it’s not that big of a deal, I just didn’t want you to worry over nothing.”
    • and pidge stops screaming really suddenly, almost crying, still obviously furious, just staring at shiro in silence. then just shouts “HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TRUST YOU?!” and storms off

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I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of 3x9 was the part where Ed was wrapped up in his Sadness Burrito.

Specifically, the part where Oswald called his behavior scary and Ed mistook his meaning and assumed that he was calling him scary.

This season of Got Ham has been hammier than usual when it comes to these two, but I love that they still have these subtle moments. That one little moment said so much.

I think that was the first time Oswald realized that something he said could hurt Ed. Oswald is the type who never says die. He doesn’t account for failure. The reason he thought it would be fine to straight-up murder Isabella is because he assumed that Ed would use his shoulder to cry on. (And Ed has never said or done anything to indicate to Oswald that he thinks of him as anything less than his perfect hero.) But here’s Ed… Looking depressed, very out of sorts. And that’s scary to Oswald. That’s not as planned.

He must have been thinking of Ed’s affection as just another thing he could grab for himself. It means more to him than that, of course, but Oswald only knows one way to get what he wants - by stealing, be it by murder or manipulation. As Ed tried to show him already when he took the money out of Oswald’s mayoral campaign, love is something you should receive without effort, but that message failed to fully deliver to the Oswald who’s had to fight his entire life for things like validation and acceptance.

I just love the sort of surprise and genuine dismay that crossed Oswald’s face when he realized that he said something he shouldn’t have, even if it was accidental. It’s the teeniest, tiniest bit of development, barely even a step forward, but I saw it as the beginning of Oswald’s evolution. He realized that he can hurt Ed, and he honestly wants to see him being happy, but he doesn’t know what to do because it’s out of his control. This is bound to hit him on a much larger scale once he’s confronted about Isabella’s murder. He made a massive mistake and he’s going to need to figure out how to fix it.

Nnnn, it won’t be easy, but I believe in this bird.

Taeyong as a Teacher

Originally posted by taeyongd

I’m not crying just becUSE I DON’T HAVE THIS AMAZING TEAHCEr

  • The idealistic teacher
  •  At first didn’t talk much
  • Cold af
  • But with time he got easier and
  • You all realised he’s actually very sweet and sensitive
  • Always takes special care of his students
  • Knows every student personally
  • And everything about them
  • Almost creepy bc you’d think he stalks them all
  • He lowkey does
  • “Hey Bob your dog had caught the flu right how’s he doing”
  • “Hey kate your biology teacher told me you missed out the point about trunks being used for looping in hydra you gotta review that chapter again”
  • He? He’s a Home Economics teacher.
  • He knows everything he teaches and even more
  • And it is your worst subject because you never saw the point of studying it???? Like???
  • Taeyong is v worried about you and even went to one of his older teachers to ask for advice
  • “Why yo want yo student to listen to yo when yo never listened to me yoself”
  • ^Lowkey the reason he’s working so hard as a teacher
  • Cried himself to sleep that night
  • And realised he didn’t want you, the student who’s actually bright and cute, to end up like him
  • So he prepped up a surprise quiz question especially designed to make you fail
  • And forced you to study after school with him
  • “Listen y/n ik you don’t see why we have this subject but we all will need it someday”
  • “You’re so passionate I can’t”
  • “It ain’t my only passion tho”
  •  “???”
  • You won’t deny your curiosity got the best o fyou
  • And he offered to ‘show’ you only if you studied hard and passed the next test with flying colours
  •  And you did because everyone was curious about the seemingly cold but warm teacher
  • But you’ll be the only one with the secret about the mysterious teacher
  • “I guess Home Economics isn’t bad???”
  • The next day instead of a study session you both went to the dance club room of your school which was empty
  • And to which he actually had a key???
  • And then showed off his dancing
  • His sleek, smooth, staggering moves
  • And staggering looks
  • You were blown away by this new discovery
  • “You just look like this boring teacher who only has students for a life???”
  •  “How do you dance so well?”
  • From then on you guys became close and shared little secrets
  • Without letting others know because you didn’t want people to
  • Either get a wrong idea or call you a teacher’s pet
  • Taeyong is very secretive too and no one in class can tell you both are such good friends
  • You are thankful you have him as your teacher
  • And everyone in the class actually is they just don’t realise it yet
  • He’s like an older caring brother to the students and everyone knows they can go to him when time calls for it
  •  All in all Taeyong is this amazing teacher who’d cry if any of his students had a broken arm

apparently rough-sketching scenes from disney aus is my ~thing now, so here’s a snapshot of cinderella, based on the 2015 movie. maybe this will become a series, who knows!

(with proper capitalization for reading ease bc this got wayyy longer than i meant for it to, whoops)

The first time Isak meets the prince, he doesn’t know he’s meeting the prince.

This is probably for the better, seeing as he doesn’t so much meet the prince as nearly run the prince down with his horse. Which is mostly Isak’s fault, since he isn’t watching where he is riding as well as he should be, but there are—reasons, if he were pressed to give them. The morning had been crueler than usual and the ride to the market had been an all-too-appealing promise of escape, even just temporarily. And so Isak had left the breakfast dishes still dripping dry and bolted as fast as he was able, gratefully giving his thoughts and tears to the wind and trusting the horse to guide them both clear.

Maybe not the safest plan, but it has worked fairly well, up until he almost runs into another rider. It happens so quickly—a startled shout, the high cry of another horse, a blur of color suddenly veering to his left—that Isak has little time to do anything but shout “Sorry!” over his shoulder and hope the wind carries it back. He thinks that will be it, until he registers a voice calling behind him, and then a second rhythm of hoofbeats pounding into the forest floor and catching him up.

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