just bad owners

OKAY but just think about Saeran retouching his roots every 4 weeks to maintain his white and pink hair and when he has to cut it he has to redye the tips pink, think about how the first thing he does every morning is put on his stylish mint green contacts and then complete the look with some eyeliner, think about how he takes the time to wear his choker and spiky bracELET, THINK ABOUT HOW HE WEARS HIS JACKET SUCH THAT YOU CAN SEE HIS MINT EYE TATTOO. THIS BOY IS SO HIGH MAINTENANCE AND EXTRA FOR THE SAKE OF BEING EDGY AND I CAN’T EVEN COMPLAIN BECAUSE I AM THE SAME

yesterday was the release date anniversary of Rune Factory: Frontier, which is probably my favorite farming (+dungeons) game! There’s not a lot of fanart for it, but I love it sooooo much ;c
The later Rune Factory games improved some of the game mechanics, but none have quite the same charm for me. The house models?? are also so cute??
anyway here are some sketches of my faves, in celebration.
boy do i wish you could’ve been gay in this game, i would date the heck out of the terrible store-owner.

Marauders + Story of Tonight

Raise a glass to freedom
Something they can never take away
No matter what they tell you
Raise a glass to the four of us
Tomorrow there’ll be more of us
Telling the story of tonight

Things veterinary technicians hate to hear

1. Wow, your job is so easy.
2. Did you become a vet tech because you couldn’t get into a real nursing school?
3. No muzzle! (While dog is trying to bite and acting extremely aggressive).
4. Getting asked for veterinary advice anywhere other than the veterinary clinic.
5. Any interruptions during discharge instructions… Unless they are expanding on what info we are currently going over.
6. Telling us a different “story” while taking history…then giving a completely different one to the doctor.
7. The groomer/breeder/internet said….
8. National pet dental month is coming.
9. Doctor Always Running Late is running an hour behind.
10. Having the veterinarian change their treatment plan three times…after you have set up everything and/or gotten drugs together.
11. Pug toenail trim.
12. Staff meeting next week… bring your own lunch.
13. A certain client has requested that you not be their technician.
14. “We can trim his nails. No problem. Let us be the bad guy.” Just after owner says just how much the animal loathes a nail trim.
15. Can I borrow your pen?
16. What is on your scrubs?
17. We are short staffed today…and over scheduled.
18. I think Doctor Always Sick is sick again. Get ready for the flu to run through the clinic…again.
19. All the drugs we usually prescribe are on backorder. We have alternatives…but no one will remember.
20. We can only use room one because room two and three are closed for kennel cough and ringworm. So check ins are being done in the lobby.

It makes me sad when people see me with my dog and start telling me about heelers they used to own or know of that ended up becoming super aggressive or neurotic as they got older. If you’re interested in adopting a highly intelligent working dog, you need to make sure you can put the time in. Straight up. They are life partners, and I would be nothing without my girl Caroline.

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what do you think about cities that ban pitbulls?

as someone who currently lives in a city where pitbulls are banned (although I believe they’re considering lifting the ban), I think it’s really unfair. I think that things like this collectively add to the mentality that “pitbulls are evil”, and that’s really bad.

I fundamentally believe that there aren’t any bad dogs, just bad owners, but pitbull bans make it hard for some people to realize that. a lot of people in my area really don’t care about the ban, though. it’s not really enforced, but you still can’t have a “registered” pitbull. it’s mostly older generations that care. I remember once bringing my pibble to the dog park and receiving the dirtiest look from this older woman, who proceeded to take her little dog and leave.

my dog was almost killed before my brother brought him home, solely because of the fact that he’s half pitbull. his family abandoned him and left him at a vet, who wasn’t allowed to publicly advertise him (since pitbulls are illegal). if someone wasn’t ready to take him home within a few days of being dropped off, they would have had to put him down. my pibble is one of the sweetest, well-behaved dogs I’ve ever met, and he was very close to being dead before reaching his first birthday. luckily, things turned out different and he’s currently cuddled up next to me in bed, receiving his morning belly rubs

I know I’ve said a lot yeah pitbull bans are really unfair and definitely do a lot of harm to the breed as a whole

The Ball Python groups on Facebook are the worst

“Get small enclosures because they don’t need a lot of room and they’ll get scared. Cramming them in small enclosures are okay.
If you get big ones you’re a bad snake owner”
Okay. Ooorrrrr you could just give them a bigger enclosure and put lots of stuff in there for them to hide under…?

“Bioactive enclosures are unnecessary and dangerous. If you build one you’re being selfish and only doing what you want”
Alright then. It may not necessary, but it looks nice, and a lot of people prefer it. And please tell me how it is dangerous to the snakes health?

“If you give your snake things to climb you’re and animal abuser because they can’t climb and they’ll fall every time. Even falling 2 inches off the ground will likely kill them.”
So I guess I’m an animal abuser then because my snake likes to climb her branch and her vine. But guess what, she’s fine! It’s been said the Ball Pythons are semi arboreal and will climb if given the chance, but I guess that’s just a load of crap.

“The bare minimum is totally fine. Just put them in a tiny enclosure with paper as substrate, one hide, and a water bowl and nothing else. Also enrichment is unnecessary”
No no no no no

These people claim to be here for new owners, but they’re just feeding them crap and knocking down and insulting the people who do anything differently.

I guess I don’t belong in those groups because I plan on giving my snakes lots of room(filled with no empty spaces and lots of cover), eventually a cool bioactive enclosure, things to climb, and lots of enrichment. My snakes will never have the bare minimum, tiny crammed spaces, or nothing to enrich them.

I guess I’m just a bad snake owner.

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Some asshole actually said to me that me being intolerant of the intolerant is hypocritical, and it makes me some how just as bad as them for saying racist shit. This is so stupid on so many levels. When people say we should be tolerant, they don't mean it in the absolute sense of the word. If I follow the racists logic, we should also allow people the freedom to enslave, or else we're just as bad as slave owners. Seriously, the stupidity of racists knows no bounds.

It’s our greatest renewable resource.

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I think businesses in general are a lot more evil than you give them credit for. A little govt intervention to ensure best practices is just common sense democracy.

Ooh, the scary evil businesses. 

Businesses are not evil. Maybe the occassional business owner is less than reputable or a complete jerk or just a bad business owner, but businesses rely on customers for a profit. They don’t just murder people or poison them or do “evil” things to them. That would be a remarkably bad business plan. 

Evil though? 

The businesses themselves are evil?