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Hey so uhhhh I might have come back from Puerto Rico with a touch of ringworm, and as someone who doesn’t have health insurance, some money to spot the doctors visit bill + meds would be greatly appreciated. (ntm the inevitable vet bills cuz my dumbass probably gave it to my dog and cat too)

So heres all the ways you can pay me (commissions, etc)

or if you just wanna donate my paypal is jasminepdcgomez@gmail.com

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“No your cat cannot be fed a vegan diet.”

I’ve been vegan for 6 years, and my aunt has been vegan for 30 years. I am poor af and I know I am contributing to the unnatural slaughter of factory farmed animals,but I buy meat kibble for my cat. When I can afford it, maybe 3 or 4 times a year, I buy a small bag of the vegan formula. My cat loves it. She actually tore the bag open once and spilled it all over the floor. I was concerned as well, but 2 vets both said her bloodwork is 100% healthy and normal.

Here’s an example of a vegan looking at scientific fact, ignoring it in order to force their own morals and ethics onto a pet. This follows the age old vegan check list: 

  • your classic anthropomorphism. “My cat/dogs loves eating vegan! They beg for it!” 
  • taking their pets behaviour and signs of malnutrition (begging for food, eating eagerly, ripping into the pet food) as them “loving eating vegan food!”  
  • classic “My vet says it’s fine!” - This is often a straight out lie or twisted truth. They often don’t tell their vet they are feeding a pet a vegan diet or if they do, the vet reluctantly has to stop trying to convince them otherwise due to the stubborn ignorance of the vegan owner. Vets don’t want to keep pushing, incase the vegan owner takes their pet somewhere else (or just stop taking them to a vet altogether) which can result in health issues and death for the pet. 
  • No understanding what blood work tests for
  • also attack on pet foods and how they contain “no nutrition” and or just “left over bones! there’s no real meat! It’s just filled with filler meal!” (doesn’t know what offal is) before, in complete irony go on to talk about how much nutrition is in vegan pet food (despite the lack of tests and scientific evidence that says the exact opposite).  
  • using their own personal experience with their pet as “proof” vegan diets work for pets

This is really just textbook bad vegan pet owner. This is animal cruelty. If you can’t stand to care for a pet properly (this includes feeding them the correct diet) then you shouldn’t have that pet.

I honestly hope someone takes this animal away from @firephox 

The founding fathers weren’t “pure”

The founding fathers weren’t “pure”

The founding fathers weren’t “pure”

The founding fathers weren’t “pure”

The founding fathers weren’t “pure”

The founding fathers weren’t “pure”

  • The founding fathers weren’t “pure”
  1. The founding fathers weren’t “pure”

Yes, pitbulls are oh so terrifying… just look at this monster dog. You can see the ill intent shining in his eyes. Ready to rip that slumbering baby to pieces.

Pfft get the fuck outta here. There are no bad dogs. Just some bad owners.

What a sweetie 😍

i just finished my first week at my new job!!

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woooo!!! it’s much different than the other preschool i was in, a good different, but i still need to get the hang of the schedule and other things. so i hope there are bright days ahead!


Went to the store to get something for my car and saw this poor neglected beta and I literally started crying and didn’t stop till I got to my car. I got him, a small tank for him and some gravel and took him home, I already have a beta fish so I didn’t need any food.

His name is shiro cuz he deserves better than he’s gotten out of his life and he’s already getting his color back and he’s happily swimming around his new home!!! I don’t care if he’s just a fish he deserves to be happy and healthy no matter what and I hate to see any animal neglected. His cup was filled with dirty water that he could barely move around in and I had to tap the cup to keep him from going belly up. I was so worried that he’d die before I got him home.

If you ever see a fish like this please do something. Tell a worker, buy it, get it some damn food and feed it yourself. Pet stores and retail stores that don’t take care of fish are just as bad as owners who don’t take care of them.

So please do something if you see a poor baby like this.

yesterday was the release date anniversary of Rune Factory: Frontier, which is probably my favorite farming (+dungeons) game! There’s not a lot of fanart for it, but I love it sooooo much ;c
The later Rune Factory games improved some of the game mechanics, but none have quite the same charm for me. The house models?? are also so cute??
anyway here are some sketches of my faves, in celebration.
boy do i wish you could’ve been gay in this game, i would date the heck out of the terrible store-owner.

A frequent thing I’ve been seeing lately is the phrase “There are no bad dogs, just bad owners” which is… really inaccurate tbh. While yes, owners do have a large part to play in a dog’s behavior, aggressive traits sometimes are just a part of their genes. Just like herding and retrieving behaviors, aggression is a trait that can be carried throughout a dog breed and inherited, and sometimes there’s really nothing you can do about it. Don’t always blame owners for the way a dog behaves.

Marauders + Story of Tonight

Raise a glass to freedom
Something they can never take away
No matter what they tell you
Raise a glass to the four of us
Tomorrow there’ll be more of us
Telling the story of tonight

The Ball Python groups on Facebook are the worst

“Get small enclosures because they don’t need a lot of room and they’ll get scared. Cramming them in small enclosures are okay.
If you get big ones you’re a bad snake owner”
Okay. Ooorrrrr you could just give them a bigger enclosure and put lots of stuff in there for them to hide under…?

“Bioactive enclosures are unnecessary and dangerous. If you build one you’re being selfish and only doing what you want”
Alright then. It may not necessary, but it looks nice, and a lot of people prefer it. And please tell me how it is dangerous to the snakes health?

“If you give your snake things to climb you’re and animal abuser because they can’t climb and they’ll fall every time. Even falling 2 inches off the ground will likely kill them.”
So I guess I’m an animal abuser then because my snake likes to climb her branch and her vine. But guess what, she’s fine! It’s been said the Ball Pythons are semi arboreal and will climb if given the chance, but I guess that’s just a load of crap.

“The bare minimum is totally fine. Just put them in a tiny enclosure with paper as substrate, one hide, and a water bowl and nothing else. Also enrichment is unnecessary”
No no no no no

These people claim to be here for new owners, but they’re just feeding them crap and knocking down and insulting the people who do anything differently.

I guess I don’t belong in those groups because I plan on giving my snakes lots of room(filled with no empty spaces and lots of cover), eventually a cool bioactive enclosure, things to climb, and lots of enrichment. My snakes will never have the bare minimum, tiny crammed spaces, or nothing to enrich them.

I guess I’m just a bad snake owner.

Things veterinary technicians hate to hear

1. Wow, your job is so easy.
2. Did you become a vet tech because you couldn’t get into a real nursing school?
3. No muzzle! (While dog is trying to bite and acting extremely aggressive).
4. Getting asked for veterinary advice anywhere other than the veterinary clinic.
5. Any interruptions during discharge instructions… Unless they are expanding on what info we are currently going over.
6. Telling us a different “story” while taking history…then giving a completely different one to the doctor.
7. The groomer/breeder/internet said….
8. National pet dental month is coming.
9. Doctor Always Running Late is running an hour behind.
10. Having the veterinarian change their treatment plan three times…after you have set up everything and/or gotten drugs together.
11. Pug toenail trim.
12. Staff meeting next week… bring your own lunch.
13. A certain client has requested that you not be their technician.
14. “We can trim his nails. No problem. Let us be the bad guy.” Just after owner says just how much the animal loathes a nail trim.
15. Can I borrow your pen?
16. What is on your scrubs?
17. We are short staffed today…and over scheduled.
18. I think Doctor Always Sick is sick again. Get ready for the flu to run through the clinic…again.
19. All the drugs we usually prescribe are on backorder. We have alternatives…but no one will remember.
20. We can only use room one because room two and three are closed for kennel cough and ringworm. So check ins are being done in the lobby.