just bad owners

Marauders + Story of Tonight

Raise a glass to freedom
Something they can never take away
No matter what they tell you
Raise a glass to the four of us
Tomorrow there’ll be more of us
Telling the story of tonight

yesterday was the release date anniversary of Rune Factory: Frontier, which is probably my favorite farming (+dungeons) game! There’s not a lot of fanart for it, but I love it sooooo much ;c
The later Rune Factory games improved some of the game mechanics, but none have quite the same charm for me. The house models?? are also so cute??
anyway here are some sketches of my faves, in celebration.
boy do i wish you could’ve been gay in this game, i would date the heck out of the terrible store-owner.

It makes me sad when people see me with my dog and start telling me about heelers they used to own or know of that ended up becoming super aggressive or neurotic as they got older. If you’re interested in adopting a highly intelligent working dog, you need to make sure you can put the time in. Straight up. They are life partners, and I would be nothing without my girl Caroline.