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bouncing off the previous reblog, if you want to create a chromatic aberration effect in clip studio paint, the steps are the same but the layer mode you want is darken as opposed to ‘shade’.

I just made a little auto action which will set up the layers for you:

You can download it here, to use it open the auto actions window (window > auto actions), and right click > import set…

alternatively you can drag the file into the auto actions window.

and while on the subject of auto actions, you can create a shortcut for them by going to file > shortcut settings…, then choosing auto action from the dropdown

100 Kisses

Read it on Archives: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11318667

(I had this fic pre-written for when I hit 100 followers and, while I wasn’t playing attention, I went like 30+ followers over that. So I’ll post it now to thank all of my wonderful followers, even if I’m a little late on thanking you guys. I thought to do a weight gain fic and a stuffing fic with the theme 100 also, so if you guys want that, let me know and I’ll write something up for those too. Thanks for all of the support guys. ♡♡♡)

The first thing that usually wakes Tooru up in the morning is the little gap in their curtains where the sunlight filters through just right, enough that a beam of light can shine directly through and across his face.

His first thought typically: it’s too bright.

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I’m a shitty shit. I don’t know why being on Betty has been so difficulty lately, but I think it’s because I’ve come to rely too singularly on the show verse, so that without it I feel a bit lost. Before the show aired, I had been rping Betty since like… August or July last year, and I was very active! So I think I need to just reconnect with my own interpretation of Betty and detach from the show a bit more. 

Anyways, long story short, I’m hoping to be on some more during this week after I reread some comics, so consider this a Comics!Betty STARTER CALL. They’ll be short and sweet, but they’ll get the job done. 

  • me: ugh i wasted my two days off and didn't draw the next part of CP like i wANTED
  • coworker: hey, let me work for you on thursday or friday to make up for you working my wednesday last week
  • me: !!!!!

anyone else have the burning desire to deactivate all their social media accounts and book a flight somewhere and just disappear and live a totally anonymous existence where no one bothers you and you don’t bother anyone