just avengers assemble!


The mechanics are the same hell, the crate makes me want to become a Hulk and disappointment is something I’m used by now! So let’s go to the few positives!

The All-Mother is finally here! She is already my queen! And Falcon’s outfit looks AMAZING!

Bruce… Sigh…

The Hydra arena… is back… I hear Crossbones excitement.

They made Mass production in the Weaponry a thing, Lemurians are still a thing, and you need to fight them to make items to fight Hydra thugs… More confusion! And the ship is still very much there, if you want more Golden Torpedos for Odin or Pym, you very much have to fight it… yay…

Who asked for more complicated steps? Well… We certainly got more!

My Very Special Avengers Assemble S4 Wishlist:

- They get Tony back and have a group hug, even Hulk
- SteveTony hug while in their everyday forms (none of deaging/bodyswap please, one real hug!!)
- Tower is repaired, Tony carries Steve over the threshold
- That Peggy episode to be full of Peggy feels mainly, Howard can twiddle his thumbs in the background :P
- More Avengers’ Dads SteveTony feels (you can never have enough of those)
- But I would love Steve and Tony in suits, or tuxedos!!
- Another SteveTony undercover thing!!! Maybe in SUITS or TUXEDOS, like James Bond!!
- Even more Team Nights like the Game Night and Movie Night we found out about in S3
- Team going together to a concert, or a team outing! A TEAM VACATION!!
- So much more but I think the list is long enough, for now.

A Whole New World

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Spencer Reid x Reader

For Anon who requested - “ could you write something with Reid and the reader going to disneyland? Maybe include the team too? Just pure fluff. :) Thank you!” I didn’t include the team but I hope you like it anyways!

Spencer had been waiting for a week like this one his whole life. A week with no phone calls or text messages from Garcia. No Avengers assembling. Just a week of absolute relaxation with Y/N. He had already told the people he was closest with that this week was when he would take the plunge. He went shopping with JJ for the perfect ring. He had everything all planned out.

Spencer and Y/N were absolutely perfect for another. They had met at the park where Y/N had beaten him at chess. He was flabbergasted the second she uttered the words “checkmate”. That moment was when he knew that he had to get to know her. And ever since then their lives had been absolutely perfect. Y/N was as sarcastic as he was awkward. She had as many tattoos as he had degrees. She was as abnormally clumsy as he was shy. On the other hand the two were both so selfless. They both were so caring and loving that they often times forgot to take care of themselves. They both loved each other wholeheartedly. They both wore their hearts on their sleeves. They both loved reading. They both had given themselves ulcers from drinking too much coffee while working on their dissertations. They were totally different people but they worked.

The two had been planning a week long trip to Disney World, ever since Y/N found out that Spencer hadn’t been to her absolute favorite place on earth. She couldn’t wait to take cheesy pictures with Mickey Mouse and the Princesses. She longed to show him her favorite ride, the Mad Tea Party. She wanted to create memories with Spencer that would last them a lifetime.

Y/N was ecstatic for the trip while Spencer was more nervous than he was when he had Anthrax poisoning and gotten shot combined. He had decided to propose on the first day there. They had just gotten to the hotel,  Disney’s Polynesian Villas and Bungalows, and dropped off their luggage before heading to the bus which would take them to Magic Kingdom.

Spencer happily took pictures of Y/N with Mickey Mouse and Pluto. They went on Space Mountain while Spencer pointed out the flaws in the science. Spencer and Y/N walked around Sleeping Beauty’s cottage where Y/N was excitedly telling him about Aurora and Phillip. Spencer just held her hand and listened not bothering to attempt to tell Y/N that he knew the fairy tale. He would do anything to see her smile, her eyes shining with happiness and excitement. They got matching Mickey and Minnie ears at a gift shop. They took pictures with the Genie, one of Y/N’s favorite Disney characters. They got a caricature taken with Y/N being Jasmine and Spencer being Aladdin. Spencer and Y/N managed to do everything they wanted to. Spencer, although he didn’t tell her then, just did whatever Y/N wanted. Seeing her happy was all he needed to make this trip memorable.

That night Spencer had a dessert cruise on the Seven Seas Lagoon booked for the two. It had just gotten dark when the ship had set sail. As the ship left the port the pianist started to play Bella Note, a Disney classic, and coincidentally Y/N’s favorite song.

“Spencer, you didn’t have to do this” exclaimed Y/N, her voice oozing with glee.

“Yes I did Y/N. I would do anything to see you smile” said Spencer smiling at his hopefully future wife.

The two sat at the table they were seated to before the waiter brought them champagne and a massive slice of cheesecake.

“What’s this for?” asked Y/N. The waiter just smiled knowingly before leaving.

“What was that? Wait, why are your hands shaking?” questioned Y/N, her thoughts now directed to Spencer.

“Y/N, you know I love you right?” asked Spencer.

“Of course I know that Spencer, I love you too” replied Y/N looking at Spencer with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Dammit, I had this entire speech prepared but I can’t remember it now. Y/N, the day we met was one of the best days of my life and each day after that with you has been a dream. I love everything about you. How you read to me when I’ve come back from a difficult case. How you get along with my friends and my mom. How you straighten my ties every morning before I leave. I love how you wake up to say goodbye to me even if it’s 3 in the morning. The one thing that would make me happier is if you would be my wife so that we can start a whole new world together” said Spencer as he got down on one knee and took out the ring.

Y/N with tears streaming down her face nodded before saying, “Yes, of course I’ll marry you”.

Spencer took the ring out of the box and slid it onto her left hand ring finger as people in the background cheered. Y/N, with her converse clad feet, stood on her toes to press her tear stained lips to Spencer’s. As their lips eagerly collided, their cheeks flushed and their breaths deepened. Spencer and Y/N could see camera’s flash in their peripheral views and fireworks sparkling in the night sky but none of that mattered to the two, one entangled in the loving arms of the other.

A/N I hope you like this anon! I finish Final’s on the 23rd so after that I will be free to write more! Send in any requests you have and I hope ya’ll enjoy!

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In that last post, what was that gift from? Looks really cute :D

It’s from the Marvel Cartoon Series Avengers Assemble! it’s good silly fun like this lol

But I swear the writers do like to throw in some stony or are wearing slash goggles too or know about the popular stony fanfic tropes like the de-aged tony in the previous ask XD

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Can I just point out that in "Savages", when Tony has pretty much destroyed Hammer's plan, Hammer's loses it and takes up his canon in order to get some payback but aims at Steve instead of Tony. Like, what was the point in that? It was Tony who wrecked everything! Unless, of course, losing Steve would hurt Tony way more and Hammer knows it. :(

I think you may have answered your own question, nonny! But let’s take a closer look:

I don’t really think Hammer had a specific target in mind when he aimed his cannon—if anything, he was probably so blinded by anger in the moment that he was just aiming at the Avengers’ general vicinity (since they were all standing in close proximity anyway). It just so happens that Steve was in the direct line of fire, causing Tony to “take the bullet” for him…..because you’re exactly right: losing Steve would hurt Tony way more than if Tony got hurt himself.

(though, to be fair, I’d be surprised if Hammer didn’t already know about how willing Steve and Tony were to throw themselves in the line of fire to protect each other considering the events of “Super-Adaptoid”……)

(yeah, remember that time Steve Rogers jumped like ten feet in the air to shield Tony from one of Hammer’s Adaptoid robot blasts, all while yelling Tony’s name at the top of his lungs? i sure do)

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I was aware of the controversy surrounding Nick Spencer, but I had never actually cracked open one of his issues, but GOD DAMN WHAT?? What in God's name is even happening in his story??

Well. He decided to turn cap into a secret Nazi. And he tried to back peddle by saying
a) Hydra aren’t Nazis (they are)
B) attacking Nazis in real life “Is bad we should be civil. No one deserves a hit :(”
C) “trust me I’m going somewhere”

But now turns out the story of cap being a Nazi just made him EXTRA Nazi by saying the Allies altered the TRUE timeline wth a Cosmic Cube where the Axis powers won WW2, Cap was always a Hydra agent so the Steve we knew and loved was a fake (yknow the Steve created by two Jewish men).
(Also the writing in general is kinda crappy and he has big gaping plotholes and thinhs that don’t even make sense like how does Nazi Steve remember real Steve when its not a brain wash itsa compete alteration of time? )
I’d say to maybe avoid main titles post 2012 and read Squirrel Girl or the Star Wars comics. Or just watch Avengers Assemble.