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acowar reaction ask - spoilers

In the same vein as my acowar prediction ask, I thought it would be fun to give people a way to vent their feelings! These questions are going under the cut because of course they are SPOILERS. And please, if you reblog, tag your reblog as having spoiler content!!!

Send each other questions, and enjoy!

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to summarise: jon taking the name targaryen makes no sense and is ultimately sexist. 

his mother was a stark and his upbringing is stark, his cousins siblings are starks, the man who was his father in all but biology was a stark, his mannerism is stark, his beliefs are stark (old gods, ‘he who passes the sentence must swing the sword’), his wolf represents the starks (both literally in the banners, and that he has the stark warg abilities), he even looks like a stark.

jon. is. a. stark. in. all. but. name. saying he will be a targaryen simply because rhaegar was, and saying that is more important than all of the above, is at the end of the day sexist - because lyanna was a stark, yet because she was a woman to some people that disregards all of the above argument.

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I like how your drawings of the boys have different things that make them unique. like kook's eyes and jimin's wing thingys. can you tell us all the detail for the boys :0


  •  I guess Jungkook’s design is pretty easy to get ahah. Irl he has really big eyes and bunny teeth so it wasn’t difficult for me to come up with! Then for the sparkles: I really wanted to accentuate this “innocent” or “clueless” vibe. His eyes are expressive, you can really see his passion in his eyes when he sings! Not saying that the others aren’t passionate, it’s just that his eyes are so expressive like he doesn’t even need to speak, you can directly see what’s going on (in my opinion ofc). So I just thought that sparkles would be a great representation of that! Also Jungkook isn’t 100% innocent, he loooves to tease his big bros. I know that I didn’t really have the chance to show this side of Jungkook, but since he’s such a tease, the gap between this and his BIG SPARKLY EYES is funny :^DD. At first he only had two “white bubbles” in his eyes, but then I said fuck it and added an entire galaxy. ALSO THE NOSE YES, I removed the nose. I want people to concentrate on his eyes, so I thought that the nose took too much place and was kinda useless? for his design. Actually a lot of people don’t even notice that he doesn’t have a nose ahah. And I think he looks so funny with his mouth on the nose area.
  • Tae’s design was also easy for me to come up with! He has amaaaaazing eyes, big and elongate, and ofc THE LASHES DAMN. Also he is really playful and that’s what I wanted to accentuate. So I mixed these ideas and bam I created his eyes. I really like it because it looks like he has something in mind like “ha ha ha :^DDD how am i gonna tease ma bros”. ALSO his iris aren’t round, it’s like two straight lines. I think it goes well with the playful side and the “blank tae” side lol. I also draw his amazing brows and his squared smile, he’s so cute ;;;
  • JIMIN. There’s two Jimin: normal sized and smol. For the normal sized Jimin I just try to replicate his natural eye shape, he kinda has puppy eyes! So nothing big. Of course the lil wings because he’s really sweet and just an angel in general. NOW THE MOST INTERRESTING PART: smol Jimin. Because some people always tell me “WHY DO U DRAW JIMIN SMOL, HES NOT THAT SMOL PLUS YOONGI IS ALSO SMOL, 0/100″, listen I’ll explain. The thing with Jimin is that he’s really cute but at the same time he really wants to give this “manly” vibe if you know what I mean. You know the “IM DA MAN IN DIS HOUSE”. So I just thought “ok, there’s cute Jimin, and manly Jimin but still cute, ok let’s create two Jimin”. Smol Jimin always wants to fite everyone and he’s fierce (like in my “not today what really happened”). That’s why I draw smol Jimin: because it’s funny af. Jimin likes to appear manly, but the fact that he is 30 cm in my comics makes everything pretty funny. This is the reason why I don’t often draw smol Yoongi, because he doesn’t give a fuck. 
  • Namnam ayyy!!! I recently changed his design so it’s a great occasion to talk about it! This man is S O F T, 100 % soft. He’s just cute ok, like look at his smile, I’m sure he’s sad when he walks on flowers. So I wanted him so have big iris (kinda) and also squared ish eyes. Because with this I can do two different things: softysoft Namnam and istg i’m done with everyone Namnam (like  in the last panel of the BS&T jpn ver comic), very easy to make :^DD And I added a white bubble inside because cute ok. He’s cute fite me. And finaly the flower on his head. He loves nature so so much so I just thought “why not adding a flower”. And ofc I never forget the dimples.
  • Hoseok’s turn :^DDD!! I just wanted him to be a sun ok, so that’s why I did. He has sunlight all around him, he’s like a walking sun. His eyes always look like he’s smiling even when he’s not. I also add a slight aegyo sal. THE NOOSE. So Hoseok is the only one with a different nose (i mean Jungkook doesn’t have one so it doesnt count). It’s simply because I personally think that he has an interresting nose shape and I just wanted to draw that! His mouth is basically a heart when he’s smiling and sometimes I add the dimples (i love dimples).
  • I talked about Gigi’s design here!
  • FINALLY SEOKJIN. I just l o v e his design. I love to draw him so much. Irl his eyes are really big and he kinda has cat eyes so I just drew that. His eyes are pretty round but yeah not like Jungkook. I like this eye shape because it makes him look sometimes playful and sometimes sassy depending on what I want to draw! Also he has two lashes because he’s pretty. And, the, sparkles. He’s just pretty so he needs his sparkles around him that’s all :^DDD

DONE holy shit it was long to write, I can talk about this forever I’m not even joking

The cutest bunny, @ask-bts-stuff !

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I'm getting fed up with the ACOTAR fandom. People have continued to try and police everyone's thoughts (regarding ships/characters/etc) and I'm just tired of it.

Nonnie, love, you have no idea how hard I feel you on this right now. I am so, so tired of the “yeah, but…. #PROBLEMATIC UR HOMOPHOBE EW THAT CHARACTER IS BAD™“

Yeah, well, Fangirl With the Opinions, I give zero fucks at this point. It’s a ship. Of fictional characters. I’m going to smush them together in any which way I feel like, and ya know, if I feel like shipping Amren with goats (it’s a thing) or Lucien with only his firedick, that’s what I’m going to do, ok?

I’m soooo tempted to ship/write only non-canon ships just as a form of not-so-silent rebellion.

And I wanted to write about this anyway, but I’m sorta… I’m getting the impression that people are going to have to whip out their own sexualities at some point in order to prove the validity of their feelings, and that’s NOT COOL. As a bi woman who has not come out to her family yet, I really don’t appreciate the feeling that I need to explain myself by sharing that fact with total strangers. I mean I share a lot of things with y’all, don’t get me wrong. But I really, really don’t think that there should be some kind of test for “ok your opinion about this ship is valid then”. And I’ve already seen so, so many people have to qualify their statements with “I’m bi” or “as a lesbian”, etc.

I get that this gives particular people a different, valuable experience, in light of some of these spoilers. What I don’t like is the idea that people are being forced to disclose this information in order to validate their thoughts.

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SARAHHHHHHHHH YOUR BI FLAG POST. I'M CRYING EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I got some of the nastiest messages last week when I said I wanted to bring one from people who were saying his concerts "weren't for hets/half-hets" and I was so fucking saaaaaadddd all week so seeing SOOOOOOOOO many notes on that post of people being all excited makes me want to bring it even more!

You should absolutely bring one! Even if Harry doesn’t grab it, seeing other people with pride flags at the show is amazing :’) I remember at my show so many people had flags wrapped around them and seeing their pride and support for the fans around them was so sweet!

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Hey Gorgeous! I was just wondering if you'd ever done anything like drawing your bias wearing your clothes challenge? Those are so cute, and I know yours would be too if you felt like doing that? I'm sorry I'm so awkward, I just liked the idea, and thought you might too!! Love you!

tadaaaa, I never made that so yeaaaaah, tbh Sugamon wearing my clothes is the best thing ever I’m crying

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I don't understand how you can shit on acotar in your thesis when 80% of the people who will read or even purchase your book are from the acotar fandom ... you got your notoriety from acowas now you find it the worst series ?

1) It’s not my thesis.

2) I was critical of ACOTAR even when I was a fan, before ACOMAF came out, and before I even got a name in the fandom. (Exhibit A, dated March 2016.)

3) I exited the SJM fandom months ago, and my present feelings on her work should come as no surprise to anyone. I’ve been very transparent about my changed feelings.

4) Academic scholarship is not “shitting on” things. It’s critical analysis designed to uncover patterns in larger bodies of literature, societal movements, and analytical categories. I have been studying folklore and literature as academic fields for years longer than I’ve even known the name Sarah J. Maas. It’s how I make my living. I’m an academic first, a writer second, and a fan third. 

5) My proposal isn’t even complete in the screenshot, nor is it 100% critical, so calm down. I say outright it’s an “admirable attempt at a retelling.” And it is. Otherwise I would have never joined the fandom in the first place. 

6) The paper isn’t even written, I’ve blacked out my real name, and I didn’t even say which conference it’s for. Odds are you will never see the outcome of this proposal. This is for my academic, real-life career. 

7) ACOWAS was absolutely a wonderful experience and I am so grateful for all of it and all of the followers and friends that came along the way. But as a writer, I cannot in good conscience just allow myself to ride SJM’s coattails or attach myself to a ball-and-chain of a “fandom persona” that prevents me from speaking my mind. I hope my novel speaks for itself, and while I do think that SJM fans might like it, I don’t want to walk on eggshells for the next year trying not to upset SJM stans because they’re a potential audience. Can you imagine the kind of burden that would be? You all are free to love what you love, and I’m not trying to take that away from anybody. But a hint of criticism in a venue that’s entirely disconnected from fandom should not break your heart. 

For those who are wondering, anon is referring to a tweet that featured this screenshot of a proposal I’m submitting to a conference:

Anyway, anyone who has followed me for any substantial length of time should not in the least be surprised by this. And like I said, this is separate from fandom. No one get their knickers in a bunch. I can’t apologize to every stranger on the internet for like, actually have a career in literary analysis. That’s just not gonna happen.

issues with acowar

ok so far my discussion has been limited to pretty much Mor’s coming out and some misc. scenes that people have asked me about. And it may seem like I 100% loved this book with no reservations, no problems in sight, all is well in Leslie Land.

But that’s not really accurate. I’ve always been critical of these books, and so here is a list of issues I had that I will probably write about at length in the future:

  • I still think Rhysand has some issues dealing with his leadership role appropriately. I’m going to write an updated version of my post regarding him, feminism, and his position as High Lord
  • The mating bond. It was somewhat explained. sjm tried to say it was up to the people mated, but I’m still getting some real heteronormative lack of agency vibes from it.
  • The magic system. Nope. I had a few questions answered, but ended up with more than I started with.
  • So many story lines were just left… hanging. Important ones. Like Lucien and Ianthe. And yes, this was Feyre’s story, but… if you can’t deal with a thing, maybe don’t bring it up? She had too much to do in this book, and then kept introducing new things. Like. Just stop.
  • Ianthe. Just… Ianthe. Those of you who have seen my posts on her or listened to the podcasts know - I was not happy with her characterization. I’m still super not happy.
  • Outside of Mor’s own confusion about her sexuality, I may have some issues with the other context - the society sjm has created that has led Mor to being uncomfortable for other reasons. This is a problem for me.
  • The writing style. COULD SHE GET MORE HYPERBOLIC. When Feyre was in the Spring Court she reminded me of Aelin because she just kept reminding us of what a badass she was. Calm down, lady! We get it! This was reminiscent of the same writing style that drove me nuts in Empire of Storms.
  • Ok I love Cassian, but the boy doesn’t have any flaws?
  • I don’t know how I feel about the whole Eris/Jurian getting backstory redemption type things. This is maybe not something I disliked, but something I’m not sure how I feel about it.
  • Feyre’s dad (sorry @study-read-repeat your ask just now reminded me and so I’m stealing it) was also part of this weird last-minute redemption thing and I’m #unconvinced.

Like 95% of the asks/comments I’ve received have been people reacting positively, but I don’t mind getting negative ones, either. I’ll probably meta on all of these things eventually, but I’m curious if other people had the same issues.

I’m just saaayyingg

I just wanna a see *couple* ya’ll know which one reject the mating bond……


like we know that mates are not always compatible and good together….

soooo how do you go about rejecting it *if* you do truly love another….. 

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Apparently NRJ talked about BTS at the radio? Can you please translate what they are saying?


i didnt even watch the entire video bc i was too mad lmao

basically they said that armys attacked them on twt bc of the bad post they made. Then they passed DNA because “we don’t know how they sound” like they didnt even listen to the song before. After that they complained a second time that ARMYs are attacking them because “apparently we sound condescending”. And let me tell you they sounded condescending.

Then an ARMY called. And they said one of the stupidest thing ever. They compared the popularity of a french artist in France to BTS’s popularity, a korean group, in France. Ofc they aren’t that popular in France THEY ARENT FRENCH. Whats the point of comparing a french artist to BTS? Whats amazing about BTS is that they are still known around the world. While the french artist is only known in France.

At this point I stopped the video bc it was too much for me lmao.

But let’s not forget the “BTS is a korean kpop group”. 

A korean kpop group…

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how would america, italy and denmark react to their s/o being cast in a broadway show?

Ooooh I love Broadway asks! Send more! -Admin Jay

America: “Oh my god!! Congratulations! I’ll buy tickets to every show!”
Alfred would be ecstatic for his s/o! He would buy a ticket for every show they were in and always bring them flowers and applaud the loudest. He would love to see them on the stage and would watch the show every time like it was his first. Alfred wouldn’t be able to stop gushing about how proud and lucky he was to have them as his s/o.

Italy: “Yay! I will be there! With flowers!”
Feli would be clapping excitedly for about 5 minutes as he squeals before hugging them tightly. He would love to go to the show and would be there at least an hour early just bouncing with excitement. He would watch his s/o so intently, it would be the only time in his life he would focus for longer than 5 seconds. At the end of the show, he would stand and applaud as he whistles for his s/o. Feli would treat them to the best dinner ever after their show and would be gushing about them all night long. 

Denmark: “Whoa! You got it?! I’ll be there!”
Matthias wouldn’t miss it for the world! He would be there as early as he could be and would be waiting and he grabs two playbills…one to doodle around his s/o’s name with hearts and smiley faces, the other to keep. He would be so proud of them and would watch them like a hawk as he smiles brightly the entire time. Though if anything sad happened to his s/o’s character he would be sobbing…and then later that night hold them as he cries again. Though, Matthias would be so proud of them and would sweep them off their feet with a hug after every show. 

acowar ships

I was thinking the other day about how we’ve all been so concerned with how the ships will turn out in acowar - who will end up with whom, who will get to see their ship doin’ it, who will have babies or get married or whatever.

But basically, at this point I’m over here just like…. please don’t die?

Because being in a ship/couple/marriage is great and whatever, but it’s pretty much the same thing as babies - people don’t need babies to be complete. And people don’t need to be in a couple or have a significant other to be complete, either.

But they sure do need to be alive!